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What would you do if you fall while alone, feel the onset of a heart attack or stroke? Immediate medical response can mean the difference between returning home or leaving your home.

Falls top the list of cause of injury and death for people over 65. Getting help in one hour after a fall improves survival rate by over 90%. EARLY INTERVENTION IMPROVES SURVIVAL RATE



Providing service to the Stateline area, Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

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Affordable one-time installation fee of $20 and only $25 per month Installed in 24-48 hours—even same day if required Community-based program by Beloit Health System Creating peace of mind for you and your family

PERSONAL RESPONSE SYSTEM A Life-Saving Link for Independent Living A Proven Home Safety System Help at Your Fingertips 24/7 Medical Monitoring

When seconds count,

AlertLine can make a vital difference. Our Response Monitors are highly trained and standing by 24/7, ready to help you with any situation at any time.

1969 West Hart Road Beloit, Wisconsin 53511-2230 ________ PERSONAL RESPONSE SYSTEM

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Office: (608) 364-5480 Toll Free: 800-637-2641, ext. 5480

3/19/12 2:45 PM

You or your loved one can

Skilled Monitoring Personnel coordinate a rapid response.

live confidently and PERSONAL RESPONSE SYSTEM


When you need help, press your personal activator.

independently at home.


The two-way voice console unit dials the 24-hour Response Center.

Your Easy Touch Activator can be worn

Dependable console unit with many safety

as a pendant or on a wrist band.

features and lifetime warranty. • Two-Way Voice • High Output Speaker • Extra Sensitive Microphone • Long-Term Battery Back-Up

The activator is both discreet and easy to

• Illuminated Help Button

wear . . . a breakthrough in personal safety:

• UL & FCC Approved


Center professionals speak with you over the console to get the help you need.

CONNECTED AND PROTECTED Recognizing that people rely upon us 24/7, the Response Center is built with the most advanced infrastructure of equipment to optimize response time and improve service reliability.

Even if you cannot speak or can’t be heard, the Response Center knows who you are, where you live and who to contact.

• Long Life Battery • Lightweight (less than .5 oz.) • Long-Range Activation • Safe for Use in Shower

When you enroll, a personalized file is

Make the Right Choice

created in our database containing all critical

• 24/7 Customer Support

information. This information is immediately

• Lifetime Warranty

displayed so that a trained operator can

• No Long-Term Contract

respond quickly to assist you.

• Cancel at Any Time Without Penalty

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AlertLine Personal Response Program  

Our AlertLine Program is a 24-hour response system that allows people to live independently in their homes receiving emergency assistance wh...