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What do I do when I get off the plane in Berlin? Take this page with you in your carry-on bag! As soon as you arrive to Berlin Tegel International Airport (TXL) - Terminal D - Meet us after the Baggage claim/Custom, in the arrival area. 1.Proceed to the baggage claim area and pick up your bags. 2.Exit the baggage claim area, you will by the customs. 3.Belo Europe Staff will be waiting for you after customs in the exit hall. They will be holding signs and wearing red T-shirts so you can easily find them. DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT!

Belo Europe Travel

Terminal D

If your flight is delayed/cancelled or if you miss your flight…DON'T WORRY, WE WILL HELP! 1.If your flight is delayed, don't worry! Belo Staff will be checking the status of your flight periodically. When you do arrive, please proceed to the baggage claim area, get your bags and meet with Belo Europe Staff who will be waiting for you. 2.In the event your flight is cancelled or if you missed your original flight, please call your Trip Coordinator at the emergency number (+49 176 84 73 13 27) and inform us regarding your rescheduled flight.

If your bags get lost…DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT BEFORE YOU: 1.Inform your airline's baggage service office about your lost luggage and complete all the paperwork. 2.Be sure to tell the airline that you are part of a Belo Europe Travel tour group, and provide the name and address of the hotel where the group will be staying. 3. Finally, inform a Belo staff member that your bags are missing when you arrive at the hotel. 4. Don't forget to take your baggage receipt.

Emergency contact: + 49 176 84 73 13 27 (Trip Coordinator – 24 hours during trip dates)

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