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Whether you’re a first time user or just nuts about Nando’s, here are some pointers for you... Flying solo or sharing & caring? Decide if it will be a meal for one or chicken to share. Choose the flavour you’ll savour. Select the basting that’s right for you from our PERi-ometer. Strut up to the counter, order your meal. If you’re having a meal for one, select an item and a side serving. Remember to take your Cockerel number. Sit down, relax and we will bring your meal to your table. Remember to help yourself to cutlery and condiments. Please be patient as PERi-PERi goodness can’t be rushed. The taste of your freshly grilled meal will be remembered long after the wait is forgotten. Bom Proveito (Enjoy!)

Flame-grilled chicken for one Fresh A-grade chicken, marinated for 24 hours & basted with Lemon & Herb or the PERi-PERi sauce of your choice.

Meal in c regular ludes regular side & drink.

Item only Meal

Quarter Chicken Small fraction, big reaction. Half Chicken Nothing half hearted here. 4 Grilled Tenderloins So tender you’ll feel it in your loins. Chicken Steak Prime cut, skinless breast & our PERi-PERi salsa. Espetada (Portuguese Chicken Skewer)* One skewer of thighs with capsicum & onion served over a regular side.


$10.50 $16.10 $8.70 $14.30 $11.00 $16.60 $13.50 $16.20

*selected restaurants only

Portuguese Paella Grilled chicken pieces combined with tomatoes, capsicum and onion, tossed over our spicy rice. Grilled Livers* Served with a Portuguese roll *selected restaurants only


$10.20 $10.50

Choice cuts, proudly presented with our BBQ sauce... 8 BBQ Ribs (G) $8.70 $14.30 Bite sized chicken on the bone. 5 BBQ Wings (G) $8.70 $14.30 Reach new heights of enjoyment. 4 BBQ Thigh Pieces (G) $8.70 $14.30 Get high on some thigh.

Flame-grilled chicken to share Sharing is caring & a great way to feed the whole gang. Peri-fic for 2-4 people... Whole Chicken Marinated, basted & flame-grilled to perfection. Fiesta Whole flame-grilled chicken & one large side of your choice. Mixed Platter 1/2 chicken, five wings (G) & four tenderloins. Espetada Grande (Portuguese Chicken Skewers)* Go vertical with 2 Espetadas & one large side.

$16.95 $21.75 $25.40 $25.50

*selected restaurants only

Parte Platter Whole chicken, six dinner rolls & one seriously large chips (G). Two’s A Party Two 1/4 chickens, two tenderloins, two thigh pieces (G) & two regular sides. Peri-fic for 6-8 people... Family Feast Two whole flame-grilled chickens & one seriously large chips (G). People Pleaser Two whole flame-grilled chickens, one seriously large chips (G), two large sides & two Perinaise chip dips (D).

Flavour-packed wraps Classic, Supremo or Vego - whichever way you go, you’ll be really rapt in our wraps. Meal includes regular side.

$25.95 $25.95

$39.95 $53.95

Meal in c regular ludes regular side & drink.

Item only Meal

Classic Chicken Wrap (G&D) Marinated & basted tenderloins, fresh lettuce, tomato & our special light mayo, nestled in a warm tortilla. Supremo Chicken Wrap (G&D) Wholemeal wrap hugging marinated & basted tenderloins, mixed lettuce, tomato, sweet chilli PERi-PERi sauce & light cream cheese. Classic Chicken Pita (G&D) Skinless marinated & basted chicken breast, fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato, with our special light mayo placed in a pita. Vego Pita (G,D&V) Our vege pattie is placed in a pita with fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber & our special light mayo.









Freshly grilled burgers Our freshly baked crusty Portuguese roll is now available in wholemeal too.

Meal in c regular ludes regular side & drink.

Item only Meal

Classic Chicken Breast Burger (G&D) $8.10 Seeded roll, marinated & basted skinless chicken breast, fresh lettuce, tomato & our special light mayo. Classic Double Breast Burger (G&D) $11.50 Seeded roll, two basted skinless chicken breasts, fresh lettuce, tomato & our special light mayo. Supremo Chicken Breast Burger (G&D) $9.50 Crusty Portuguese roll, marinated & basted skinless chicken breast, mixed lettuce, tomato, our special light mayo & PERi-PERi chutney. Add Swiss cheese & onion $11.90 Add avocado & bacon $12.40 Supremo Steak Roll (G&D) $12.40 Crusty Portuguese roll, steak, caramelised onion, mixed lettuce, tomato, our special light mayo & PERi-PERi chutney. Portuguese BBQ Burger (G&D) $9.50 Portuguese roll, skinless marinated breast basted with our BBQ sauce, mixed lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion & our special light mayo. Tropico Burger $11.90 Portuguese roll, skinless breast basted with our BBQ sauce, pineapple, Swiss cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato & our light mayo. Supremo Vego Burger (G,D&V) $9.50 Crusty Portuguese wholemeal roll, vege pattie, mixed lettuce, carrot, tomato & our special light mayo.


$17.10 $15.10

$17.50 $18.00 $18.00



Meal in c regular ludes regular side & drink.

Cheeky little extras Cheddar Cheese (D), Swiss Cheese (D), Egg, Pineapple, Caramelised Onion & Avocado Spread (D) Bacon (selected restaurants only) Perinaise (D) Creamy Chip Dip (D)

$1.20 $1.70 $2.40 $2.40

Hatchling meals Especially for little chicks (under 12). 4 BBQ Wings (G) 3 BBQ Thigh Pieces 3 Grilled Tenderloins

$10.25 $10.25 $10.25

Sides on the Side Regular Large

Coleslaw (G,D&V) $3.95 Spicy Rice (V) $3.95 Grilled Corn (D&V) $3.95 Chips or PERi-PERi Chips (G&V) $3.95 Side Garden Salad (V) $3.95 Dinner Rolls (G&V) $0.95 Reg = 1 roll, Large = 6 rolls White Rice* (V) Cous Cous (G&V) $3.95

$5.70 $5.70 $5.70 $5.70

Seriously Large


$5.70 $3.95 $5.70

*Selected Nando’s restaurants only


Fresh salad Lettuce entice you. Nando’s tempting ‘Trio of Bell Peppers’ (D) & vinaigrette dressings (D&G) are served on the side, of course. Fresh Garden Salad (V) $8.80 Mixed lettuce, capsicum, carrot, cucumber, onion & tomato. Chicken Garden Salad $12.40 Add grilled chicken strips to your fresh garden salad. Mediterranean Salad (D&V) $10.40 Mixed lettuce, capsicum, carrot, olives, feta, cucumber, onion & tomato. Magnifico! Chicken Mediterranean Salad (D) $13.85 Add grilled chicken strips to your Mediterranean Salad.

Nando’s at home PERi-PERi Sauces, Marinades, Cooking Sauces, Perinaise & Condiments are available. Take a piece of Nando’s home & bring out the chef in you.

Drinks (cheers) Regular Soft Drinks 390ml Large Soft Drinks 600ml / Glass Coke Nestea Mount Franklin Water 600ml Mount Franklin Sparkling GLACÉAU Vitamin Water Juice 250ml Powerade Coffee/Tea* *Selected Nando’s restaurants only

$2.95 $3.65 $4.15 $2.95 $3.00 $4.15 $2.95 $4.50 $3.00

Delectable dessert Try to resist our tempting sweet treats. Chocolate Mousse (D) Crème Caramel (D) Seasonal Dessert (D & G)

$4.40 $4.40 $4.40

Allergen Information Key: (G) Contains Gluten (D) Contains Dairy. Menu items may contain traces of nuts. (V) Suitable for Vegetarians. Menu items and prices subject to change. For a full list of allergens please refer to the nutritional and allergen guide.