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Environment — U.S. $9.95

—Belma Michael Johnson,

HGTV Host and author of Easy Green

(excerpted from Foreword)

“Individual action is critically important, as we can make decisions in our daily lives that can change the planet little by little.” — LEONARDO DICAPRIO, actor and activist (excerpt from the Introduction)

(excerpted from Introduction)

“I believe that a tipping point will occur when the environmental movement is no longer seen as a nag or a scold, but it is seen as a positive force in people’s lives.” — ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, California Governor (excerpt from Foreword) ISBN 978-0-9701527-0-1 5 0 9 9 5>

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The Absolute Easiest Ways to Preserve Your Earth

Belma Michael Johnson

“The future is not a gift — it is an achievement. By serving causes larger than yourself, you will not only enrich your life, you will help create a more hopeful future for us all.” — STEPHEN JOHNSON, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

easy green

The Absolute Easiest Ways to Preserve Your Earth

“Individual action from every American can add up to a tremendous collective effort.” — SAMUEL W. BODMAN, U.S. Secretary of Department of Energy

Belma Michael Johnson

easy green

“There are 110 million homes in America. If we all made even small improvements in our habits, we can literally change the world — if only we agreed to do our part. We can all agree on Easy Green.”

Chicago Host of HGTV’s Designed to Sell

Easy Green  

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