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Bead Cro chet

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Bead crochet hello fromalice Crochetingwithbeadsis fun.You cän makea beautifulassortment ofprojects with a hookandstruDgbeads{nce you learn a fewbasictri€ks.The first row canbe a bit tricky.But onceyou've gottenstarted,you'llbethrilledwith howeasybeadcrochetis. In thisbooklet,we'veincludeda widevarietyofproje€tsthatusemany stitches. Youcanmakegreatiewelry fast with wireandb€aded chainstitch. Whenyou getthehangofbeadcrochet rope,try makingaprojectwith smaller seedbeadsor pendant-style p.essed glassbeadsfor a delicate or a dramatic effect.Ifyousliptwo beadsp€r stitch, ratherthanone,you'llgetan unusual sta€ked look.Or useavarietyofbead sizesfor excitingspiralingtexture. You'I alsolearnal-overbeadcrochet andspaced beadcrochetfor two purses. Thenhavetun crocheting a doll and embelishingit with personal symbols. With all thesestitchingtechniques, theskls the limit for yourfuturebead crochetwork.I'vealwayswantedto try bead-crocheted lacedoilies.what are yoursecretcrochetdreams?

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chain:Figurera: Makea loopin the thread,crossiDgthe ballendoverthe tail.Put thehookthroughtheloop, yarnoverthehook,anddrawit through thefirstloop.Figu.erb: Yarnoverthe hookanddrawthroughtheloop.Repeat for thedesirednumberofchainstitchesbeadciain stitch:Figüre2: Slidea pre-strungbeadagainstthebaseofthe loop on thehook.Worka €hainstitch. Thebeadis between thechains. singlecrochet:Figüre3a:Insertthe hookthroughthefront andbackofrhe nextstitch.Yarnoveranddrawthrough (2loopson thehook).Figur€3b:Yarn overanddrawthroughbothloops(l

beadsinglecrochet:Figur€s4a andb: Beforestartingasinglecfochet,slidea beadagainstthebaseofthe loop on rh€ normally.Thebeadswill be on thesidefacingaway from you. slipstitch:Figure5: Enterrhenextstitch asfor singlecrochet.Yarnover,and d.awthroughthestitchandthe loop.

Thes€ designs areloryourpeßonaluse. They arenotintended forresale. Thematerial inthisbo0klet haspß.r'iansly appearcd ntEead&Eutt1nMaga:l,ne.

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12:Leavinga wrappedloopsrFigDre l-in. (2.5cm)tail,placethetip ofa pliersagainstwherethe chainnose b€adwill be. Bendthe tail to form a rightangle. pliers,grasp Figüre13:With roundnose thetailjust pastthebendandpul it overthejaw to pointthe otherway. Figure14:Loosenthepliersgrip half-double crochet:Figüie7a:Yarn enoughto rotatethemso theemptyjaw ov€r. Insert th€ hook through the first is aboveth€partialloopandcontinue or se€ondstitch ftom the hook, )am pullingthetail aroundthebottomjaw over,anddrawthroushthestitch(3 to th€wir€. until it's perpendicular loopson thehook).Fipre 7b:Yarn Figurels: Pulla splitring,chain,et€., overanddrawthroughall3loopson into theloop.Figue 16:To keepthe the hook(l loopon the hook). loop round,graspit with roundnose orerhandknot:Figue 8: Makea loop in pli€rsin yournon dorninanthand th€cordandbringtheendthat crosses abovethecross.wrap thepliers'jaws to avoiddentingthe with maskingtape on top behindthe loop.Thenpull it wire.Figure17:Graspthetail with throughto thefront. pliersto pull itaround the chainnose Male the wire until it meetsthebead. squareknol:Figüre9: Bringthelefthandcordov€rtheright-handcordand firstwrapagainstthepliers;k€epwraps closetogether.OneMap will keepthe around.Figur€l0: Crossrightoverleft are loop from openin$additionalwraps andgo throughtheloop. de€orative. Clip.Pressthecut €ndin pliers. with chainnose sürgson'sknot:Theextrawrapmakes the top curl around th€ sidesfor a squarestilch:Figurel8: Stringth€ strongerknot. Fture I l: Beginasa requir€dnumberofbeadsfor thefirst squareknor ffgur€s9 and l0). Go row.Thenstringthefirstbeadofthe throughtheloopagain,thentighten. secondrowand go throughthelast

stitch from the hook, yarn over, and drawthroughthestitch(3loopson th€ hook).Figue 6b:Yarnoveranddraw through2 loopson thehook (2 loops on thehook).Figure6c:Yam overand dnw throughthe remaining2loopson thehook(l looprenains).

B e a d c r B u r o.nS e r dc r o c h . r

IiBurc2z beadofthe first row and th€ first bead ofthe secondrow in the samedir€€tion. Th€ n€w beadsitson top ofthe old bead and the holesarehorizontal.Figur€ 19: Stringthe secondbeadof row 2 and go throughthenext-tolastbeadofrow 1. Continuethrough the new beadof row 2. Repeatthis stepfor the €ntire row

Figur€ 20: even-coult llatpeyote Stringonebeadandloopthroughit againin the samedir€ction, leavinga 3'4-in. (8-locm)tail.Stdngbead!to total an evennumber.Thesebeads €omprisethe first two rows. (Remove the enra loop andweavethe tail into the work aftera few rows.)Figurc 2l: Every other beadFom ffgure 20 dropsdown to form row l. To b€ginrow halfaspace 3 (count rowsdiagonaly), pick up a b€adand stitch through th€ secondbead from the end.Pick up a beadand go through th€ fourth b€adfiom the end. Continuein thismanner.Endby going through the first b€adstrung.Figwe 22: To stan row 4 and aI other rows,pick up a beadandgo throughth€lastbead addedon the previousrow. weave through the work in a zigzng path to end thread.Begina thr€adthe sameway,exiting the lastbeadaddedin thesamedirectionto resume.

Easv croöhet bracelet stitch crocherb..celcl works up in i jifti with size80seedbeads.Oncc you masterthe techDique with larScseedbeads,nakc r dainty vcrsion with size I l! bcads.Usea coordinating shankbutton as.r clasp. A wristiul ofrhesc simpte braceletslooks grcnr.

crochelthebracelel O Thrcad i needleonro the cndofa spoolofNymoD. Do not cut the thread fronl

a lz-iD.lscm) O Strins patlern,mixinB 8! seed beads,2 3 trian8lebelds, and a crystal(photo a). Repeatyour pattern 6 times. then end with anoiher 3x in. ofseed and triangle beads.This lengthoistrutrg beadsmakesa 7r in.-lotrg (l9cm)bracelet. O Removethe needlcfrom

thc threadnnd usea crochet hook to maker chain sritch (scc"Basics,"p. l), lcaving a 1 4 - n r (- 3 6 € m )t a i l . O slide 3 beadsagiins hc hook and a beaded chain stitch (see"Basics nnd p h o t o b ) . C o n t i n u cm a k i n g -1-beadchain stirches(photo c ) u n t i l y o u r e a c ht h e f i r s t crystal.Thc last stitch beiore the cryslalcould haveeilh.r @ Secureyour work before the crystalby enlarghg the lasrloop and passiDgthe worked sectionthrough it ( p h o t o d ) . l h e n r i g h r e nt h e krop ncxt ro thc lasrchaiD s t i t c h .S l i d et h e . r y s t a l u pr o the worked sedioD-M,rkea loop nfter the crysralasfor ar overhandknot (see"Basics") and pnssthe worked sedioD through it (photoe). Slip rhe crochct hook into the loop beforc tighteDiDg. O Repeatsrcps4 5 untilyou havccrochctcdrhe entire


slrand. Cut the thrcad from lhe spool,leavinga 20 in. ( 5 l c m ) t a i l a n d p u l l r h et a i l through the last loop to

tinisiing on rhc O Threada needle cndingtail.Strin8an 8" or a crysta],I 2 seedbeads, the button,and l-2 seedbeads. Sewbackthroughthecrystal or 8'nnd I 2 bcadson the

rr.rd.'ß . ß..r1.rt\h.l


materials .350Seed beads, sie8" . 20-30Accent beads, idangle beads, linyleardrcps, elc. .8 5.6mm Bicone ofCzsch iirc-polished crystals . lg Seed beads, sizell" . I Spool l{ymoD .l ll in.(l.3cm)Shank button . Beadingneedles, f12 . GSHypo Cement . Steelcrochet hook, sizel1

lastchainstitch (photo 0. Repeatthe tlread path twicefor se.urity. O s€wback through th€ the bracel€t in a straightline, passingthrough l-2 of thc bead! in eachchain stit€h and everycr'ßtal. When you r€achthe other end,string an 8cor a crystal and testthe l€ngth of th€ bracelet.If it's

too long, gatherup the length slighdy. g strhg enoughI 1" s€edbeadsto makea loop th.t 6ts ov€r the button and s€wba€kthrough the €rtßtalor 8" t horo g). Tie th€ working threadto thc threadtail at th€ startingend with a "Dasics").Glue surSeon'sknot (s€e the knot.

@ Reinforcedrc loop and tic aooth€r surg€on'sknot with thc t ils. S€w through a f€w more beadswith eachtail More trimming drc thread.c - DianeDoi'

Creative bead cr0chet Ia

eadcroche!rope! mak€beautifirl


monochromaticcolor s.h€mesbut th€y canalsobe createdin just about any pattem you desire. For your fiIst project, us€larger beadsstrung in a stripe pattem----one wftite, oneblads for example.That way you'll alwaysknow which beadis next. After 'ou'v€ masteredth€ baric techniqu€s(s€ep. l8), usethe followirg procedur€to creat€your own pattems.

Simplycrochet l-2 inchesin plain white beads.Draw your pattem (diamonds,hearts,l€tters,etc.)onto the beadropewiih pemanett colored markers(photo a). Then unravelthe rope (photo b). Now you havethe


':3 .tl r?l

B..datBrxon . Croch.r

correctstringing order for the cntire pätt€m on your thr€ad (tthoto c). You canbeadwholestorieson a lope or u!. subd€shadesto fad€a rainbow acrossa Diec..a - LfirleMaic Cle.d

Fastandfabulous n thecommercial fishinsharborsnearmy homein Halrri't, fisherrneD workwith ners coveredin sparklingdrops ofwater.These neckla€es-withtheircrystals, pearls,and gemstones heldcaptiveby wjre-.em ind me ofthoseglist€ningfishingners. Thenecklaces work up quicuyandaretun to make.In no time at alt,you canadda highIasnronaccessory to youriewelryco ection.


Bepreparedto attractsomeatt€ntion, however. Strangers areboundto stopyou to admire With a crochetwife necktace, lightDess is essential; adda hearybeadandih,i droop. Tbefinerthewire,thelishterandmoreflexibte theneckiace. Youcanusefine-ßauqe srerline, gold-filled,andcopperwir. ", *.tirr,rni",";. wire, whichis available in manycolors.

serd cro.her

Fora choker styleDecklace,kcep a l l t h e s t r a r d st h e s a m el c n g t h .F o r a graduateddrape.cut eachstrand a lcw incheslonger thaDthe previousonc. working with crochethooks ofdiffe.cnt sizeschangesthe leDgtbofchaiD vou make from a given leDgthofwirc. Changingthe wire gaugeaffectsboth Ioop sizeand srrandlength.

crocheted strands O To determirrethe length ofthe crocheredstrands,subtractthe length ofthc con€sand clasparon the desired length ofyour finishedDeckh.e. FoL s l r a n d sa p p r o x i n r a t e l y1 i D .( 3 s c m ) l o n g ,c u t s i x 6 ' f t . ( l . 8 D r )l e D g t hos f w i r e . €) Startingabout 2 in. (sclll) rron ore end ofa wirc srrand,make I s t i t c h e (ss c c B . r s i c s p, . 3 ) w i t h l o o p s largecnough lo accommodatethe crochcrhook, but not much larger (photoa). Keepthe tensionaDd loop sizeevcnas you work. €) Stringa bc,rdon the of rvire and pushit closcto thc lastchain stitch. Cdtchthe wirc ibote thebeadwith the hook aDdpull it through the loop to makeanotherchainstitch,but don1pull the beadthrough the loop (photob). Make anothcr3 chnin stitches. () Repeatstep 3, stringing a rnndom mix ofpexrls and othcr bcads,until you haveabout 2 iD. ofi{ire left. (You crn enhancethe necklaccs airy, ireclbrm look by varying thc numbcr ofchain stitchesbe${eenbcnds.)whcn you ve madethe lxst chain stir.h, püllthe r{ire tail through the loop. @ Crochet5 nrxe strrnds to conrplerc the necklice.As you work, vary thc bcad placenrentto give the finishedpiccc a


pleasirgdistributnrnoicolors,shapcs, lic together. andsizeswheDthestraDds

andclasp attaching cones O cather the wires at oDeeDdofthe nccklace.Twist tbem togethe..Dd trim t o I i n . ( 2 . 5 c n r () p h o t o c ) . e o n o n e e n d o f a b e a dp i D o r 3 - i n . (7.6cm) pieceof22 g.uge \rire, make a wrappedloop (see Basi.s'). Put the lwistcd tvireshal6'aytlrrough the loop, bcnd rhcm in half, aDdhvist (photod). G) Pull thc headpin through the large opcning in the cone to hide tbe twisted wnc ends(photo e). @ Make the first halfofa wrapped loop rvith the wire that extendsabove t h e c o n e .( i f r h c c o n es s m a l lh o l ei s largerthan about l in./3mm, keepthe loop f.oDr bcing pulled back irrto the coDeby firsr stringinga beadslightly largerthan thc opcning.) Slip one part ofthc cltrspor a wire figure 8 (see 'inaknrg the clasp belor') onto the loop, theDcompletcthc wrappedloop. @ llepeat dresestcpsto finish the other



makingtheclasp My cldspcoDsistsoftwo wire figure'8s rnd a hook with a spiral ernbellishment (photo0. Q ro nrakea figure 8, useroundnosc p l i e r st o t u m a I i D -( 6 m m ) l o o p a t o n c end ofthe l8 gaugewire. Positionthe pliersabout N in. below that loop and makeaDotherloop in the oppositc direction. l rim the excesswirc. Thc c u t e n d ss h o u l db u t t u p . g i i n s t t h c .cntcr portior ofthe irire- Make a O F o r t h e h o o k .t u r n r t t i n . l o o p i t o n ee n d o f t h e l 8 g . u g ew i r c u s i n g rourdnose pliers.I'lold tbe loop with chuirnose pliersiDd r{nrd thc wirc tail around the loop 2! tiDes b ibnn a t l . r ts p i r n l r p p r o x i ' n . t e l !y n r . ( l . 3 c l n )

.36tt (llm)28-or 30-gauge Wre . Peas.assorted coloßand szes . Crystals beads, assoded cooß and/orglass andsizes O Ällow the tril to extendI in. beyoDd .2 Head p nsor6in.(l5cm)22-gaugew re thespirnl,dreDbeDdit into a .2 1 in (25cm)Cones U'shape.Firrishthe hook by m*nrg . Clasp l8-gauge w re a snrallloopat the $'ire s en.l. orI tt.(30cm) . Si?eJ hook orKcrochet @ Hanmer the rvirepiecesseveral pliers, diagona tincs to llitlen and strengthendreDr, Tools: roundandchainnose ifdcsircd. c - src I(; ivi/.nx lvrecutters. hammer(optional)


i t c l v ,f d s h i o nI n . r q i z i D . s , . l o t h i n g stores,ind citalogshlvc beentirll ofberutiful te\velrytb.rt is knntcd or cro.heted$'ith beids. \Vir. ind l a r c y , v r r n sr r e a l s op o p u h Li b r a d d i r r g tcxturrl d iDrel1sion. This iur Deckhce . o m b i n e st h e s cc l c I n c n t u ssingonlv thc sinplest techniqu.s. To recrertethis lerlur.d ld)k, crocheD r i n ec h u i n so f r v i r er n d b e l d s iDd thenr toqethcrrvith tinc\' y i r D .C o D c e r l r h e c n dosf t h c b r u i d s $'ith conesfor i clcin ilnish.

wire-crocheled chains W i r c d o . $ t s l i d co n c ei t s b c r t , s r v o u e . u r ' tc x s i l vt i g h t c o r k x ß . n r s t i t . h i l l . r i t ; s n r . d e . l . r vl o . o n l r ) l l h . s i r c o i t h c l ( r D b c l ( , r !l o u b e g i nt h c n c \ t s t i t . h ,b u t d o l r ' t l v o n , vi b o u t . n y i ü . g u h r s t i l . h c s ri h e vi { i l l h l c n di r r o n . . t h . c h u i r ) isn d n r i n d s o f v i n l .rrc brdirlecl()gcthef. s r, r i n gp c r r l s . r n dc r v s l u l s O l(xndo.r11 o D l h f s p o o lo l l i j - g i u g ew i r c .I ) ( ) I lt c u t thc r{ire tior)r thc sBr)l. € ) M i k c r h ei r s t . h r i n n , r c hI i n . ( ; . 6 c , r r )h o n r t h c . n d o f t h e \ ! i r c ( s . c


p. l). (lr.chcl l-3 Dredium

O slid. i bcdddown ro rhe hook iDd e i o . h c ri . h i i n s t i t c h( s c e B . r s i . i r n d p h o t o a ) . C o l ] r i n u cc r c c h e r i Dtgh c c h i i n r n d s l i d i n rb c t r d sd o w Db e t t ! e e n iu.rkethe chai about onc thitul long.f thrn the dc!ired firrish..l length o i t h c n c . k l . c e .l h e l c D g t ho f . h r r r ncccleds'illdepend on hoiv tighth you trr.ridthc chrins togcrbcr.Ifthe ch,rins .rretdr long,you crn lrin thenrlater. O o D c ct h e . h a i n i s d r c d e s i r c d

length,cut thewireftom thespool approximately 3 in. pastthelaststitch. Pullthetail throughthe lastchainstitch €t Repeatsteps2-4 to make9 beaded

thelirstthros braids 0 Car€fullystretchthewire chainsso thestrandsaremor€uniform.Cut a pieceofyarnabout6 in. (l5cm)longer thanthechains.Hold 3 €hainsandthe onehandandgentlytwistthem togetherat oneend(photo b). €) Tapetheh{istedchainsandnber strandto yourworksurfaceor use T pinsto holdthemon loamcore. Separate theI chainsandplacethefib€r strandoveroneofthen (photoc). together. wh€n G) Braidthe 3 sections you reachthebottomofthe braid,twist the endstogetherasbefore. O RepeatstepsI-3 "ith theremaining 6 chainsfor a totalof3 braids.

necklace construction O Twistthe3 braidstogetherat one thetvistedendto your end.Secure worksurfaceandbraidthe 3 braided together(photod).T€st-fitor sections thebraid.lf ne€essary, trim measure thebraidto thed€siredlength,leaving 3-in.tails.Endby hvistingthe ends togetherasbefore. O Cut a s in. (I3cm) lensthof wire andwrapit a.ound 2o'gauge onetwistedendofthe braidedchains a fewtimes(photoe). €) Trim theendofthe braidto about z in. (6mm)pastthewirewrap.Fold thetrimmedenddownnextto the wrapandcontinuewrappingthewire, leavingabouta 3 in. tail {photo0. pliersto squeeze the Usechainnose 20-gaugewire aroundthebraidedends. @ slidea coneon thewneandpush it overthewire-wrapped end.String a beadon thewire.(lfthe conehasa largehol€,stringa 4mm roundsilver beadbetween theconeandthebead.) Makethefirsthalfofa wrappedloop (see"Basicl'). O slideoneclasppartinto theloop (photog).Iinishthewrapandtrimthe

matedals .1 Spool 28-gaoge wire . l0 in.(25cm) 2()'gaogeWire . 200-325 peads 4-6mm Assorted and Auslancrystals orglass beads .24mmRound (oplional) silver beads .2 cones . 3-5yd.(2.7'4.5m) Fancyyarn . I Clasp . Crochei hook, sile7 pließ,wire To0ls: chainandrcündn0se (optional) Foamcore andT'pins cutteß;

(t Repeatstepsl-s on theotherendof th€ necklace.c - GloridFdrvdr B.!deIuro!


the thread in the direction ofthe twist to makeit tiSht€r and thinner. Continuetwisting until th€ polish is evenlydistributed and nearlydry. when it's dry, add a secondand possiblyathirdcoatifthe threadisnl stiffenough.Cut the endoffat a tap€r to producea needlelike point. For purse,string the 6rst side ofthe €) 5 strandsofbeads(about1,000),being caretulto ke€pthe thr€adftom snarling. You'll needto ke€pabout2 yd. (1.8m) ofthr€ad and someb€adsa\.ailableto work with, and you'I ke€ppushingthe restofthe beadstoward the bal asyou usethe thread. O Beginwith the knoblessstart (figure l) andchain2. Theloopformedinthe knoblessstart is the fißt chain;leaveit fairlylargewith a longtail (3-4in. / 7.6-l0cm)andletit turn soyoucan work overthe tail (ffgllre 2). (t Hold the tail againstthe loop and work 6 beadstitchesin the loop and ov€r the tail. To work a beadstitch, push a beadup and work a singl€ crochet(yarnoverthehookandpul a loop through th€ loop into which th€ hookis ins€(ed(photo.). Yarnover th€hookandpu[ throughbothloops on the hook (photo b). Gt PuUthe tail to clos€th€ loop partwaybut not yet tighdy. Pla€ea piece ofcontrastthreadoverth€work (the row marker) so that it will restbetween thelaststitch(st)ofth€firstrcund and stitchofthe secondround. Roll'd2r Work 2 beadsinglecroch€t (bdt in eachst (12stt. To work bds, pushup a bead,ins€rtthehookin the backloop of the stitch below,yarn over (photo c), and pull through the loop. Yarnoverandpull throughboth loops. At the eDdofeachround,flip th€long endofthe markingthreadoverth€ workandcontinue(photod). purseat a time.Dis€ardanyrnisshapen Rol/rd J: Work 2 bds in the tust st beads. After€rocheting bothsidesof the and I bdsin the second. Continu€ purse,iointhemandmaketh€strap aroundin thismanner(18stt. with thethreadfrom th€se€ondpie€e. Roürd 4: Work I bds in the firct st, *2 bdsin the nextst, 1 bdsin th€n€xt2 purse sides sts*.R€peatfrom * to * to th€ end of the fills round,€ndingwithI bds(24sts). Q rhe crochetcottoncompletely thebeads, soyoucan'tusea needleto Roündt 2 bdsin th€ first st * I bdsin threadthem.Instead, stiffenthelast the next 3 sts,2 bdsin th€ ner.tst*. 2 in. (scrn)ofthreadwith clea.nail Rep€atfiom * to ' around,endingwith polish.Whilethepolishis drying,twist I bdsin eachofthe lastthreests(30sts).

purse Beaded iscus,thepurseshownhere, is mucheasierto male than it looks.Eachsideis a single crochetbeaded spiral,andit closes se€urely with a snaphstener.It'sjust therightsizefor an eveningbag or a pursethatyoucancarry n€cessities insidea largerhandbas. Stitchsizeshouldequalbeadsizeso thework wil [€ nat.Transferbeadsto thecrochetcottonfor onesideofthe


. ü.!d Cro.h.r

Rorr,l6i I bds h thc first 2 sts '2 bds in the next st. I bds in the next.l sts'. ' 'i Itepentfrom to cnd I bds in the lasl 2 s t s( 1 6 s t s ) . n o ! ' , / Z 2 b d sn r t h e n r s ts t ' l b d s in the next 5 sts.2 bds in lhe next st'. R e p e aftr o m ' t o ' , e n d i n gw i t h I b d s in eachofthe last s sts (42 sls). Most ofthe beadsin round I will bc on the right side.Thrcad the startiDglJil in the tapcstryneedleand, after pushiDs allthe beadsto the beadedside,tighteD the begnrningloop (photo e). RUDthe star!iDgthreadthrough scveralstitches on the wrong side aDd iasrenit off. fioro,.ldr 1 bds nr thc first 3 sts '2 bds in the next n, I bds in the next 6 sts'. R e p e aftr o n 1 ' t o ' , e n d i n gw i l h I b d s i n t h e I a s tI s t s( 4 8 s t s ) 'l Ro!',d 9i 2 bds in the 6rst sr bds in the next 7 sts,2 bds in thc next st'. Repeatfron. to', eDdnrgivith I bds in eacbofthc last 7 sts (s4 sts). '2 R o r n Ai o i I b d s i n d r el i r s l . l s t s bds iD tbe next sl, I bds iD thc ncxt 8 sts'. Repeatfron] ' to ', ending ivith I bds iD the last,r sts (60 sts). R o r / , dl l i 2 b d s i n t h e f i r s ts t ' l b d s in the Dext9 sts,2 bds iD the ncxt st'. Repeatfrom ' to ', ending with I bds in the last 9 sts {66 sts). '2 Rorrr.?/2i I bds iD the 6rst s sts bds in the next st, I bds in the Dext l0 sts'. Repeatfrom ' to ', endnrgwith I bds in the läst s sts (72 sts). 'l R o r , , , dl J r 2 b d si n t h e f i r s ts t b d s iD thc next I I sts,2 bds in dre Dextst'. R e p c aftr o m ' t o ' , e n d i n gw i t h I b d s i r t h e l a s tI I s t s( 7 8 s t s ) . '2 Rou,rdl.1i I bds in the first 6 sts bds iD the next st, I bds in the Dext 12 sts'. RcpeatfroD * to ', ending witb I bds in the last6 sts (84 sts). R o ! , r dl 5 i 2 b d s i n t h e f i r s ts t ' l b d s i D t h e n e x t l 3 s t s , 2b d s i n t h e n e x ts t ' . Repeatfrom ' to ', ending with I bds i n t h e l a s tl 3 s t s( 9 0 s t s ) . I l o r n d i 6 i I b d s i D t h c f i r s t7 s l s ' 2 bds iD the next st. I bds in the Dext l'l s t s ' .R e p c aftr o n r" l o ' , c n d i r g w i t h I b d s i n r h el a s t7 s t s( 9 6 s t s ) . iaofln.lll work evcn (96 bds). Ar the eDdofthe rouDd, push uP a bead and slip stitch (bd sl st) iD thc first st o i t h e r o u D d .( T o b d s l s t ,p u s hu p a bead.hook through the ncxt stitch, y a r no v e r , : n d p u l l t h e y . r n t h r o u g ht h e

ffi^ figurc 1



sritchaDdthe loop oD thc hook-see "ßasics"and photo0. Leavca tailto weavein aDdpull it through the last stitchto end. Removedre nnrker düedd. @ rfore workilgthe sccondpiece, looselychain (ch) 8 be.ds (photo s). l e a v i D lgo n g t r i l s ( a b o u t6 - 8 i n . / l 5 - 2 0 c m )a t e a c he r d . Y o u l l a r t a c h rhis later to thc rest oftlre str.p (see ''finishing steps, slcp 1)@ Transferrhe rest oftbe hank of beadsto thc thrcrd aDdilork the second

I pieceasfor the 6rstthroughrouDd17, but DO NOT endthe thread.

linisfting steps $ To makea tasseled,beadedcord, userhc samethread and siart agaimt the last stitch ofround 17.Looselych 72 beads.Pushup l0 beadsand slip stitch (Do bcad) iüo the lnst ch. Repeatto

m d k el i v el 0 - b c . d l o o p 5( D h o t oh ) .

g wo,Lingrh,uugt' ih" iopnr t'".r loopofthe bendchain,looselybd sl sr in eachbd ch backro rhcbeeinnin*. wirhthes;e ihre,,l €) Continu,nB rightagainstthelastsiitch,hold thetwo sjdestogetherwiththebeadsiacing outward.Work throughthesl st ofboth pjeces. Thenbd sl st in thenexr66 p.irs (phoroi). otstitches with the @ To nake thestrap,coDrinue samethreadrightagainsühebeadwork

aDdlooselybd ch 124sts.pick up the 8 bd ch piecefron1srep6 of purse sidesandbd sl sr rh.oughits back loops.lvrap theshortpiecea.oundthe tasseled cord(thismakesthestrap adjusiable)and weavein theendswirh thetapcsrryneedle. Bdd st backro the stirt ofthe strap.EDdtheryork.Then threadthetaik on therapcsrry needle aDdweavethemin n$tly. €t Sewa snapro rhemiddteofrhe opening.o - DonaKnha"B.fljantin

materials . I BallDMCCebelia crochetcotton, süel0 . I HankS'seed beads,2-cut, orho(-cut . #3or4Steelüochd hook .12-18in.(30-46cm)Thead scfap in contrasting color . #22Tapestryneedle . Clear nailpolish . Snap set,oDtional


rochetedbagsarethe ragethese days.You seethemeverywhere, from Holln/ood to NewYork Add City to yourlocalcollege€ampus. bagforextra beadsto yourcrocheted purse,inspiredby pizazz. Th;sversatile vintagephotosof womenwith parasols handbags, canbeeither andbeaded basedon thebeadsyou dressyorcasual, It's easyto makeusingafew choose. but ifyou're not basiccrochetstitches, familiarwith them,readthroughthe instructions beforebeginningand practicethosethatarenewto you.


Iigure I

@ Cut thecord,leavinga lonStail to w€avein later.To block,orshape, thebase,pin it downtightlysoit l;es flat,moistenthofoughly, andlet it dryovernight. beadedbody O Threada Bi8-Eyeneedlewiih th€ crochetcord.String3-4ft. (.9-1.2m) ofbeads.Tie the€ordto thetail against

2 scin thedc.' Repeatfrom * to * to theendofthe round. -work 1 scin the firstscthen2 scin O the nextsc.*Repeatfrom ' to * to the O work I scin eachscforthe nexta rounds.w€avein thetails.

handbag Iase lO chain stitch(cb) a baserow 3x-in. (se€"Bas;cs," (8.8cm)long p.3). (sc) (see work a sinslec.ochet €) "Basics") in €achch untilyou reachthe 3 scin theendstitch(do not flat,rotateto tum). Keepingtbebase workscin eachstitchon theotherside ofthe chain.work3 scin theendstitch. "end"is (on subsequent rounds,the thesecondstitchofeachlsc cluster workedon thepreviousround.Each roundhas2 ends.) g Repeatstep2 four times. 'Sc in the next4 stitches. work 2 sc O in thefifth stitch.Scuntil you r€achthe fifth stitchfrom 2 scin thefifth stitch.Scto theend.Work 3 sc from * to * on in theendstitch.'Repeat theothersideofthe oval. steps2 and4 €) Alternatebetween approximately until thepiecerneasures size 6Xx3 in. (16.3x 7.6€m)orthe youprefer. O To makethepi€otdetailon the bottomedge,.sc in the nextI stitches, workinginto theoutsideloop only,ch 3.* Repeatfrom'to'around thebase. O S€in eachstitcharoundthebase, workinginto the insideloop only. €) sc in eachstitcharoundthebasefor

materials . 2-3Balls #5 opera crochet cotton, .1209Seed beads, sile8"or8"hex cuts . Cro.hd hook, size C .8igEye needle .Tapeslry ne€dle .48 in.(l-zm) fordßwst ng Decoralive cord (available inlabric slües)

srraI O strins 3 a ft. ofbeadson thecord. ch 8, turn, €) workinswithout beads, skipthe6rstch,ands€backto thestart (7 sc).workin s€for2%in. (6.3cm). O Ch l. Alte.nateI scand 1 bd sc threetimes,endingwithansc.Turn, ch I, andwork thenen row in s€. Repeatthese2 rows until the strap the edgeofthe basewith ä squareknot (see"Basics ). Endwith 2Yin. mensures 4l in. (1-02m). (6.3cm) I and I bead singl€ ofsc. Alternate sc €) "Basics")around crochet (bd sc) (see O To 6nishtheedsearoundthestrap, work in scalonsallfoursides.worka ihe base.CoDtinueuntil the bagt sides measure 6 - 7 ' n . ( 1 5 l S c m ) . S t r i n g m o r e secondroundin crabstitch(rev€rse singlecrochet). Forcrabstitch,with the your \c in the work at right, ente.thefirststitch workingwithout beads, G) on the right,yarnover,andpull next I I stitchesand decreasein the l2th through.Yarnove.andpull through stitch." Repeatfrom ' to ' fo. the next bothloops(6süresla-c). To decrease,enter the l2th stitch as €) Tie offthe cord,weavein the tail, andblockthestrap. for an sc,take the cord over the hook,


and pull the loop through thestitch only, leaving2 loops on the hook. Repeatin the 13th stitch. Yarn ove. againand pull through all 3loops.

drawstring andrutlle for the Q To createtheopenspaces dräwstring, ch s, "skip I sc,double crochet(dc) (see"Basict) in thenext stitch,ch l.' Repeatfrom ' to ". when you returnio thech 5, slipstitchinto thethird ch. (To slipstitch,insertthe hookthroughthechain,bringthe yarnoverthehook,andpull tbe hook backthroughthechainandloop see'Basics.") €) Stanthe rume..Make2 scin the by thech I, above,and spacecreated ßcadeB!tron. B.rd cro.h.

linishing Place lO Laythebasona nat surfac€. thestrap'sendsinsideat eachsideofthe bag.Alignthe strap'sendrowsofbeads loops.Makesur€ with thedrawstring the b€adsfaceoutward. €) Threada tapestryneedlewith cord ands€wthestrapendsonto thewrong sideofthebag.Sewalongthescedging andacrossa row ofsc (belowthe beadnork).Makesureyourstit€hes arenl visibleon the surface. throughthe @ weavea drawstring open spa.esbelowth€ ruflle, starting andendinginthecenterofone of the sides.Embellish thedrawstringsends wirh beads.c - Linlla Lehnan l3

Filisree Wacelet


l ) 1

h c s el r c y b r i . e l . r s l r . r c . r l i r t c n t i o n g . l t c r s .A l t h o u g h y o u . . r n m i k . t h c D r\ ! i t h . o n r c n r i o n r lm r t e r i i l s ,l i k c s t c r l i r r g sihrL, gol<i-lilled,rntl copptr s,irc, trr miknrg thc b celctsNith .olorlil .f.rli I f ) o u k n o $ h o $ n r c r o . h c t ,) , o ue r n c . $ i h e o n r t ) l e t cbr r i c c l c ti n i n . \ ' c ü i ü s . tlcginncr\ \!ill necdb l.rrn i 1.\! t)rsie stitchcsL)cft)rcgeltiDgst.ft.d. Th. lun p . r r ti s g c l t i n gt o t ) l . r r$ i t h t h . . n d l e $ ! i r r i o n so l b e r d \ i n d \ ! i r c . N h c n r o u . r { ) . h . r $ i t h r v n c ,i t \ inponinr ro corrtrolthe sizcofdrc loop bclore you begin thc n.xt stit.h. \ \ i t h f i t ) c r sv,o u . r n u s u i l l v . ü u s t d r c tensioDilicr d stil.h is conrplete.itut $,irc do.$ t slidconce it s bent.$ ) o u . i D t c . s i l ) t i g h l e no r l ( r ) s c n) u r stit.hcs.rli.r rhe.virc .rde.Iortunrtcl,v, rn) irr.guhrill irr lhe stitchesdddsto dlc o v r n l l h c n t e : so f t h c d t s i g n . O ltiDslcr rpprori rtel! 8i berds tli A C h . i n s t i t . h ( e h ) l s c c l l a s i c s ,p . 1 ) i s r r i pt h i t i s L i n . ( + . r r ) )l o n g e rt h . D e v c Dn u m L ) cor l s r i l . h c s (. - l h c9 . t r g . t i r r h . s . t r r i . e l e l si s l l e \ i b l e b , ut m)st of m i n c h i v c 6 - 7 \ r i r . h e sf e r i n . / l . 5 c D r . 'IN t o n . r t . h l h c s t i t c hs i / c n ) t h c b . r d s ) . u i t ' u s i D'l\rr g . ) S t r . r i g h r conl u t h e c h i i n . &rf I i n .!xl rvoLk a si|glc . r o . h e t ( s . ) ( s c c B i s i e \ " )i r t h c n ' . o n d c h t r o m t h c h o o k .s l c r b c u di n k ) plic. rgiinst thc s! un(l .rrkc r berd s i n g l e . ( ) . h . r ( b d s )( s e c l l u s i c sl i n r h e n e \ t . h . A l t c D r r r cb c l \ ! e e n\ . n n d L ) d si . f o s s t h . ( n ! . E n l \ ! i l h . r n t . Ild' -li'liulr,.h l, ind double c n r c h . tl d . ) l s . . B r s i e i ) i n r h c f i r n \ . 'Sl c.ibcid r i t h r s n o b c r dt ( p h o t ob ) . r g n i n n t h c l ( r p o n r h eh o o ku n d m i k e u L ) c r dc h r i n s t i t . h l b d . h ) ( s e c ''lh\i.i ) . l ) . i r l h . n . \ t s ( 1 n ob e . r d ) . ' I { e p c utrr o D r ' t o i . r o s s t h c r o v . R r r i : l l n r , . h l , . r n d ( 1 .i n t h c f i r s r d c . ' I l r k e 1 b d . h l n d ( 1 (i n l h c c \ t d e . ' I l c p . r t l i o n r ' t o ' r . f t ^ s ( h cn n L . & ( r r . l : l { c p . . r tr o \ ' 1 . n 0 ß , 5 :l u m . . h l , i n d s . i n e r e h s r i t c ht ' c n ) s rsh . n n ! . O I s l e , r do f t u r n i n g ,i s i n p r c v n N s ( N s , s cr o t h e n r i d p o i n to i t h e D r r ( n ! e n d . l { ) m i k . t h c . l . r s tl ( q , , $ o r k

i p p r o \ i r n a l e l ! l l 1 . 1 c ht . g o o l c r ) o u r . l o s u r ct r e i d .5 1 t pd i t c h ( s l s t l ( s e e ''llisics ) i ( N ü d r h cl o o t r o t c i n f o r . c i t ( p h o t oc ) . C d r l i n u c i n s . l o i n i d r t h en i n l n v c n d .\ b u l l b c r r l h e b r r . e l e ts s t d r t i D g p o i n t . h v i s l r h c \ l o r k i n g$ , i r ei D d t r i l k ) g c t h e (r p h o t od ) , t h c n t r i m t h e n rt o r b o u t i r . ( 1 . - 1 . ] n )U. \ c p l i e r st u . o i l t h er v i r c st i g h d ) ,l h l t c n l h e c o i l ,i n d h i d ci t o n t h e r q o n g s e o l t h c l ) n . e l e l . O ( l u r . r I t i . ( - l l ) e m l)c r g t l ro i $ i r . r n d s . c u r ci l r o e i t h e r . o r D e r o i t h . o t h c rn . r r o $ e n d .S cl o t h . m i d d l c o f r h i sc d g . ,r s r t ) o y c .l l e n u c t h c h o o k r n d p u l l t h c w i L ct h r o u g ht h e l o o p t < r S h i D gt h c . l . r s pb c r d r d u s n r i l l e r b c . d . D d g o b i c k t h . o u g ht h e . l i s p b e . d .\ \ ' r . r pl h c \ v i r cl r o u n d t h e b r s c o i t h e c h s p b c r < ig, o t h r L r u g thh e b e i d s rg.rin kr r.iDlbrec rhcnr.ihen \!ind thc w i r e r r o u n d t h e b r s es c y e r ul il n r , r sn ) f ü n r r s h r n k ( p h o t o0 . O I n \ c r t t l r . h o o k i n r o r l r cn e y ls t i t . h r l o n g t h cc d g ef,u l l r l o o t o l s i r c t h r o u g ht h € s t i t . hr n d . o n l i n u e

materials . I 30yd.{27m)Spool28-gaugewrre .80-90Class. 0rg0ldJ lled sterncsilver 8"lo6mm beads. anyszefron .110l4mm B e ai o drclasp . Steecrochet hook. sie 2 pließw recutteß Tools: chainnose rvorkilg in s. to firrishthis edge.Pull thc \!i.c ihiough the loop rnd werve thc t . i l i n r o r h c L ) r r c e l et ot h i d e t h ec n d . T r i m l h c e x c e sw s ire. O centl,vpushthe berdsto thc lionr. c

Beaded totem doll hisbeaded dollis r fün wry ro coDrbirre b.rds ivirhrraditionrl crocheto. beadcrocher.Usea snratldisk mirro. for thc f.ce and decorateyour doll in wh.tever colors a n d d e s i g n as p p c a l t ov o u . y o u D y b e surprisedat ihe dcep mcrDtrrgspeotle lnrd irr your doll. 'l h c b o d i e so f t h e s eb e a u t i i uIl i r t l c tiguresare crochetedrnd rhen decoratcdnilh ghss bcads.^ p.rtern o f t h e b i s i cd o l l s h l p ei s i n c l L r d eidf you prcter a scwDclorh dotl (figure l). E n h r g et h e p a [ c r D o n . p h o t o c o p i c r and add seamallorvances whcn vou cut

the two body Piecesand jojn rhenr. ^licr stuffiDgthe heid nd l,odv nnnly, sewthern togerhcr.rtthe Deck.For i c l o t hd o l l ,b h n k c r s t i t c hl r o u n d r h e m ' r r o r | o h o l d i t o n . S e wt h e f r o n t d n d L)ncktogether.righr sidesfaci'rg,lcaving o n c s r d eo p e nk r r u r Dt h c d o l l t h r o u g h . Srulfj thcn blindsrirchrhc side closed. Norv comesrhe fun: decor.ucyour dollwirhberds.

crochetä doll

H e a dR o r !l r C h n n r( c h ) 3 ( s e c B a s i c s , ' p . 3 ) , d o u b l ec L o c h e(td c ) l 2 ( s c e ''ll.sics,") ir thc third.h fronr hook, r o l o r n ra c i r c l e . C h2 ( d o D o tr u . D ) . Jo'r For the cro.heled doll, coDsrructtivo R o r r 2 j2 h r l f d o u l , l ec r o c h e (t h d c ) r o u n dh e r d p i e c e so, n e b u i t t i r o u n d {see Brsics ) nr euchdc srirchdrouDd i Drrrror,irndcrochct therl k)gethcr 2 1 h d c j o n r ,c h L n r o u n dt h e s i d c sr n d k ) P . f h c n c r o c h c t Iior,-lr Sin8lcüoeher (sc) (see ''Bdsics') i r e r c hh d ca r o u n d - 2 1 s c j o i n , . hL R o n , . 1' lr s . i n c n c ho f t h e n e x t2 s c n i t c h e s s, k i pt h e n c x ts c , I s co v c r r h e D e x ls . . ' C o D t i n u cn r c u n df r o m ' b ' , e r s i n gi D t h c D r i r r o r . l i s k( p h o t oa ) l8 s.-ioin. R o r , , 5 Ir s l j ps r i r c h( s ls r ) ( s e e ''Ilrsi.s ) i D c d c hs c . r o u n d .C u r t h e t h r c r d i n d p u l l l h r o u g hr h e l r s rl o o p . Other side of thc head Rcpextrows I j. R o ü . l i S ci n e a c hs c , l r r h es a m ct i m c cntchingthc loop i.on row 1 ofthe m i n ! r d i s k s i d e( n r i r r o rd i s ko u r ) f o r l 8 stit.hes.Six sk\4rcd stjtchcson rhc m i r o r d i s kb . s ea D dt h c h e a db a c k0 2 bt.l) renr.riDopcD for the Deck.Cur lhc t h f e i d i D d p u l l r h r o u g hr h et a s rl o o p . B o d y ( m a k e 2 ) - R n r / i C h 2 8 .S . i n r h e s e c o D cd h l i o m t h e h o o k . n d i n e . c h c h ir.(xs-27 sc.Ch t dnd tuür ll the end R o l r l i S ci n c i c h s c . c r o s s - 2 7 s c . l(nr5 -l .l; Ilcpeat row 2 (4 rcws o f l T s cl b r t h c r r D r s ) . l o ' r - 5 i S l s t r c r o s s8 s c ,c h l , s . r c ( x s

Iloli,6i Scacros tl srirches. 1?o$57 16.Repearrow 6 (12 rows o f l l s cf o r r h eb o d y ) . Row il Sc across5 stitches_ R o r r i/ 8 2 5 i l { e p e a r . o w1 7 1 9r o w s of5 sc for a lcg). Cut the rhreadand pull through the last loop. Oth€rlegA ach the thread to the 7rh sc ofthc lower body; rcpeatroivs l7-2s_ Finishing Scevenlyallthe wayaround eachdollbody p iecervithouüurning. 'Ihen s. or scw the front and backofrhe body togethcr,leavingrhe ne.k open. S t u i f t h eb o d y a r d h e a d T . h e ns e wr h e headoDto the Deckopening.

beading thedoll Let your imaginationbe yourguide is you decorateyour doll. Chooschot, bright colorsor soft pastelsor go monochronraric.TheDusebead emb.oidery srirchesand you. favorite ofi-botn techniqucsro clotheyoür doll. Covcr rhe figure wirh personal synrbolsor dressher may be surprisedat howshe rurns out. ror the lavendcrdoll (front above and at left), t sr.ung seedbcadson the y.rn bcfore crochetingand ndded thcm on many ofthe yarn oversas r crochetedrhe b.Ne(see"B.sics'for beddsinglecrochet).You can produce a snrilarcffect by sewingbeadson after thc dollis sruffed.Photo b shows

ligure 2

fi$rc 3

applyingthemto thebodywith halfcrossstitch, which you maykrow from astentstitch.Bringthe needl€point onecornerof thestitch, up in thread stringabead,andsewdownin the oppositecorner(ffgure2). diagonally Uselanestichfor thearm bandsand collar.To do lane seedbead/busle stitch,bringtheneedleup at thestart ofa lane(line),string3-s beads(no more),andgo downsotheläneis perfectly vertical.Takea horizontalhalf-

stitchon thebackandcome bead-wide up nextto whereyouwentdown String the3-5beadpatternandgo downnext to th€startofthe firstlane(Photoc and 6gure3).Keeplanesstraightandeven. beadappliqudfor Usebackstitch outliningappliqu6motifsor makirs linesor cncles.Bringtheneedleup at the line,'st.ing3 beads, beginningofthe thethirdbead andgodownrightagainst the backup betw€en Bringtheneedle first2 beadsstrungandgo throughbeads from - (Photod 2 and3 again.Repeat andffgüre4). To smoothlinesand run the cnclesafteraddingallthebeäds, Fill in threadthroughthebeadsagain. beadsor beads outlineswith interesting on oneai a time. backstit€hed I alsoliketo tackon a skirt(Photoe) or peyotestitch madewith squa.estitch (see"Basics"). to To addfrinsedangles thebottomoftheskirt,exitthroughthe bottomholeofanybeadat thehemof theskin andaddthreeor mo.eseedor Sewbackthroughall buglebeads. thebeadsbut theoneon theveryend. thison asmanyofthe edge Repeat a full beadsasyouwishto createeither or simplefringe.o - PatChiova e' ih KathlynMoss


lr.rd crochet

materials . l-in.(2.5cm) slore) Round mirü{crafts . 3Skeins pearl cotton {5 (i4ilyou . #5(1.9mm) Steel cochet hook crochetloosel, . Fiberlill . +12Shans orbeading needle . Nymo Bbeadinglhread . Varietyofglass beads: ll",8q,and6eseed bugles, 4-6mn semi-precious beads, 3mm charms, etc, stone beads,

r,(l\(' rt\\ I llr.lhrL.jrt i " . r \ . L I t r ( ' i r i t r , r r t f jr t r ( J r ' l l r r . r r t t ) , ) f Ll . l i r t t | ) r n l , ! , t ' . r / \ r . l l r . 1 i r \ rr i . r , t , , 1 r i j . l i , . Lr 1 j \ { p h o k ) c ) , , ,r h f l ) f . \ ] , \ , ) f L , t r . 1 r . r i g h\rr 1 h r r i , , rl r ( ' [ . \ ( ] 1 i r . L li , ! l l r l r r . r f , . , r , 1L l ( ' L j ! I r , r h t r , t \ l l ) i s r , r i \ r h . [ . 1 r ( )r h .

O | ] ! . i (: ti , . rn r i t . , r r , t ' h , { r l L l \. i,r1 ! , \, .r I L t $ r l r r l L iI ) , l ! l l r r r l h r , j i r h . n r i f . r . r r ^ \ \ \ \ 1 r r i r r \ f Lr f l ) l ) | l \ l l ( ) n , j j \ t J L1 , j, j r r \ , , t . , r , r l(Il lrr. (Jl rirlr( t,rth.\lrrl\ b f h \ \ . r , t r l t h r t h r . . i r t , i , .Lrll . ' . 1 r ' . , r ! . l r r l r ( | L ! , 1 .\ , i ( \ , , r r l , ! , 1 ,u n , l . r r i r . t , l . i l , . , r , l \ l j L l Ll h , r ) . \ h f . r l i r f r , t r f . r r ! l l , r J lr r f I j r . . ! r l | , , r ! h h 1 , 1 t| t ! , f \


cr0cnettng thetLlbe Q t iir ,* r,111,.5".,1,,,,,1.

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1 n . , r. r f r . t j , , r , t I l , r A r , , . r L r . , , r . 1 tr. ., j , , j L , , , l , r L, r L ij ,i r ,i l i , r . , . , , i r ,i r t , ,) t ' ^ , 1 . 1 ) . , i | r, ,r h , . \ l O \il..r(t f,rLrfir) !,r,i. i , r 1 1 1 , , , , , ' ,'' r.'.i,. t, i r. \ l" .|l \ , , 1 l, i l , . b . t r. . 1 L r f r . r I i , ) i r L r L i. r r r i I r r i l i , , r \ l \ r . j L r n r , Li t tj i j L t r l t h i , , L L rLr rl r. \ L r . ) i r L , rf l t , , 1 1 . r l r f. l r . t r r l n ) \ f r , r t r ! r , l L l ,L l r ! , f , : r r i r n " 1 \ t r . l r l i , t , i , i l r l r rl i , j i r I i , \ r , , .l l,,r r. j , .t ,,,. t.r.i., . r ( 1 ,L l i ( h i l Ll \ . r ( l 1 t ) h r n oc ) . \ r L , I' r , r r J r ! r t r ,b . , r f . . \ L , L r i . 1 , , j t rt h r l , f . r t , . r i r , , r I r , * r r . l , ! . r Li 1t , t f r r . Ll r , l O ( I r r r , ,!L, r r \ , , 1 , r , r , . , , r, 1 , , r, t( r ) , , i r r . i j , \ \ L j r r ' L i r , f i , i 1 ' ! r . \l l i r . l , \ r1 L| - . r r r .l i r n . i L . i , , j r Lr , . i f . j , t l r , , ,r ) . rj r f . ] l r L i h .| | r , tL r . . 1 j 1 , ! n ,\ , , ' , t , L , ,L, I L I L ! . r r t . . , , ri ] t i , , I r \ LI r t r rt r , r , .r I . rr r r l ' ! r . \ r r L , j , L , , rj r , l r r r r L , t , , L r l r. 1r t r t )| \ , ) ! . O \ , , 1 ,, , , . . L r\ j , , rJ , , , L ) , rrL '\. llr! \.r\tit):llr! O \ k t . 1 , . ,, r \ . , , 1" , r . L r L , . r l ) i r t r i , r h r . r , L ),rr , r i i i ! 1 i 1 , r ir L i r f r r f r L jt r l . r \ l , , " ' , r r , ,r ] t , r i ] , , r r , i r , , . f . , ! .r , , j r r . 0 r . t , t n \ 1 , .

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starting thetulle @ r " , r t , r , , Lr,t:,r, r, r , r rL. r. t r i It , . , , , , , 1 , , , 1r r , l . i i , r , ' r i t ! , t ! . , , t t , , t r , O r , , . . , , ,L L r r L . j r r . L i r r j r . L l jr! \ 1 r i i \

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startingchain.Pullup the first bead.Then puu outthe inside part oftheloop,thepart thals closerto the next bead. Continueremovnrgbeadsthis way until you ve renroved the 'nessyrow(s)and havea tail thaCsatleast6 8in. (ls-20cm) long.As you look down on the tubeend,each b€3dwill seemto be anached to the tubecent€rby a single liDe(spoke)of thread.To al;gnthe first row properiy, you needto crochet a d st undereachspokein the oppositedirectionto your work (phoro g). Sl st once more uDderthe first spokei thenpull the threadthrough

sidefromoutside thestannrg thefirst to insideopposite stitcb.Finallygo throughthe beadandsewfromoutsideto insideunderthecrownnext to theothertail (photoh). O Nowjisslethebeadwork untilthethreadissnügandtie with a square thetaihtogether knot (seeBasics). tailto O Usetheth.eaded pul in anythreadshowingon thecrowns.Endrhisthreadby goingbackthroughtherope. Takea smallbackstitch arounda ropethread,go throughmoreofthe ropeand repeat. Backstitch theother tailintotherope.Do Dotsew throughanybeads.

thebracelet finishing

with clasped necklace centerPiece

O Sringthecenterpiece beadontooneendotthe €) with your handfoldedas (tuckthe narrowlyaspossible thumbuDderthemiddle tieorhavea triendtie fingers), thecoreco.dendsaroundthe widestpartofyourhandwith a surgeon s knot(see "Basics Besuretheknot ). is secure. Thecorecordwill be I to ll,rin. (1.33.8crn)longer thanthe crochetedrope,but youü closethissapbeginning core in step4,below.This limitshowmuchthebracelet canstretch,preventingit hom gettingsolooseit fallsoff O Usethebuttendofthe hookto openoneendofthe tubeandpulltheknotinside ro buryit. Trim therails. O Threadoneperlecotton needle tailontoa#10tapestry andgo underthechainrow fthecrown)ftomtheinsideto theoutside. Gothroughthe bead.Thengo centerpiece the underthecrownopposite tailFom outsideto insideand goba.kthrougbthebead. @ co underthecrownon

Make two crochetedrope sections.To determinethe leDgthof eachsection, subtractthe lengthofthe centerpiece beadand clasp lion the desired length ofthe necklaceand divideby 2. O After€ompletingthe 6rst ropepiecearound a long, doubledcorecord, stringthe

squareknot on onesideof the centerpiece beadon the core turn thework cord.Then crochetthe second corestrand, overandtie anoth€rsquare rope around the corecord. knoton theothersideof th€ Join the ropesthroughüe strand.Repeaton the first side beadasyou did in centerpiece "finishing the bracelet,"steps again.sealthe knot with c-s H}?o Cement.wlten dry, 4 7. Bury the cotton tailsat feedthecorestrandsbackinto O Thrcadboth corecordsat one end through a bead cap 6oD insideto outside,go throughthe claspring, and comebackthrough the cap. €) rie rhe coreendsin a

steps2-3on the @ R€peat otherendof the necklace, puuingthecorestrandtight befor€knotting (photo i). c

materials . #/ or6Shelcrochet hook #2 hook, Clover . #i Sutur€ oftwisted wißneedle needle, *i0lapestry n€edle, . 2Small pinsor etlover beads salety bracelet (halistriped, .30-359(l-lX0r.)6! Seed halfsolid or2coloß) beads . I BallorskeinS5Dl\lCpedecotton0requivalenttomatch beads .I centeryhce (2mm bead 0rlargerhole) .36 in.(.9m)Nylon bead cord+3orlarger necldace rülhclasp .75-809(3oz.)6o seedbeads l-2 colors .l Ball#5 perle cotton tomatch heads DMC . I Centerpiece (2mm orlargerhole) bead .2yd.(1.8m) Nylon bead cord#3 orkrger . 2 Bead caps, l0-l2mmdiameter .1 Clasp ngsorsplitrings \,vith 2 s0ldered . G-sHypo cement

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i:, IlrlurrilLrl pi(ccsil r(xlx\'sho(csln\lcs .r ]kkc ir\\clß in rn $cningof lc5s _ (if(rlfhr)rr)s ruxlua\10lir|)\ i slr'ucti(nrs

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Bead-weavinq Sltches

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