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IMPORTANT NOTICE BELLMORE RESIDENTS Landmarking - The Stevens Home 2396 Bellmore Avenue (just north of Merrick Road) The Town of Hempstead Landmark Commission Meeting Tuesday, January 31st, 4:30pm Stand together as a community that cares! Far too many homes have fallen pray to the wreaking ball. It time for change. Stan Stevens -Bellmore boating community leader, tugboat captain, active bayman and boat builder. He dredged the land for the building of “south” Bellmore, was involved in building of Wantagh Parkway, Jones Beach Water Tower, and building of Robert Moses Causeway. Stan’s father, Charles ran the Bellmore Ferry Service to High Hill Beach which stood on land near current-day Zach’s Bay prior to the development of Jones Beach. Stan’s mother, Pauline Annie ran the Breakers Hotel on High Hill Beach. Their contributions to the vitality of the Bellmore community should not go unrecognized. FOR MORE INFORMATION visit Those in support of Landmarking of the Stevens Home  Friends of the Stevens Family  Assemblyman Dave Denenberg  The Historical Society of the Bellmores  The Bellmore Preservation Group (BPG)  The Wantagh Preservations Society  Long Island Traditions Please add your support by mailing the request below to the TOH Hempstead Town Hall 350 Front Street, Hempstead, NY 11550 Feel free to write any personal statements of support. Thank You

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Town of Hempstead Historical Landmark Commission Board Members Town of Hempstead Board Members

As a resident of Bellmore NY, I request the Town of Hempstead Historical Landmark Commission and Board grant the Stevens House, 2396 Bellmore Avenue, Bellmore, historical landmark designation. The Stevens home signifies the growth of the Bellmore community. It is an amazing representation of Bellmore’s past and represents the best in what Bellmore wants to preserve for its future. Sincerely_______________________________________ Address


Bellmore NY 11710

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