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AnesthesiA cArt

rOLe OF AnesthesiA Anesthesia is a main role in most operational procedures in modern day medical care. When performing anesthesia, chances are that surgeons or physician will demand the use of reliable, sterile and high performance tool and equipment that will aid in the process of administering anesthesia. We provide anesthesia machine service for GE Healthcare, Drager, Penlon, Data scope, Mindray and all older machines such as Aestiva, Excel, Mod SE machines from Ohmeda.

BeLL MedicAL AnesthesiA service • Preventative Maintenance Services • Annual Audits • Vaporizer Verification • Trace-Gas Monitoring and Testing • Reconditioning of your "tired and/or cosmetically challenged" Anesthesia Systems.

hOW AnesthesiA MAchine’s WOrK ? Anesthesia machines are an essential part of every hospital. In order to keep surgeries safe and painless for patients, reliable anesthesia machines are important in every operating room. If you’re searching for a specific anesthesia machine, give us a call. We may be able to accommodate your request. At Bell Medical, we strive to provide you with everything you need to provide safe, effective procedures to your patients.

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Anesthesia cart | Medical monitor | Eschmann catheter  
Anesthesia cart | Medical monitor | Eschmann catheter  

Bell medical has specialized in anesthesia machines sales and services, anesthesia supplies and general biomed services 1975. We are an excl...