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Campus Technology Computer resources & wireless

Help Desk: 920-433-6666 | | Room: 106k

Accounts & Passwords All Bellin students are provided with a college network account that grants access to a variety of resources including email, Moodle, SonisWeb, network storage, campus computers, etc. A default username and password is created during the registration process. General Education students must contact IT services for initial activation of their account! Username: first name.last name Default Password: P@ssword (case-sensitive) Note: This password should be changed upon entering the college and attending orientation. Bellin College does require the use of complex passwords to comply with security standards. Complex Password Requirements Must be at least 8 characters in length Does not contain your account or full name Must contain at least three of the following four character groups 1) English uppercase characters (A through Z) English 2) Lowercase characters (a through z) 3) Numerals (0 through 9) 4) Non-alphabetic characters (such as !, $, #, %) Example: Bellin13!

Course Access (via Moodle) Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where students can access course information, materials, announcements, syllabi, assignments, join in discussion forums with other students, and contact their instructors and other students. Library resources and course reserve readings are also available in Moodle. The username and password used for accessing Moodle is the same as your network login account.

Bellin Badge (student ID card) The Bellin Badge is the official ID card for students, staff, and faculty. This card is used to gain access to buildings, print, copy, check out books/media, and receive discounts at establishments in the GreenBay area.

Visit the website for a student access portal to all of these service

Email (Via Outlook Web Access) Outlook Web Access (OWA) is the web based email system provided by the college that staff, faculty and students utilize. The username and password used for email is the same as your network login account. Student email addresses are: first name.last

SPAM Filtering (via Barracuda) Incoming email to the college is filtered to prevent inappropriate and virus infected messages from entering the college system. A spam quarantine summary is emailed to users each day they receive spam.

Software All submitted documentation for courses must be submitted in Microsoft Office format. Microsoft Office 2010 is the current version in use at Bellin and is available for purchase at a discounted student rate of $10 through the college IT help desk in room 106K. Mac or Windows versions are available.

Printing & Copying Printing and copying is provided to students in the library and computer

resource room at 8 cents per page. Student badges are preloaded with an allotment of free prints based on their academic program. General Education students can add money to their account through Student Services.

Schedules, Billing, Grades (via SonisWeb) SonisWeb provides students with access to grades, billing information, unofficial transcripts, schedules and more. You can also use this portal for changing your mailing address or phone number. The username and password used for accessing SonisWeb is the same as your network login account.

Mobile Devices College email may by synchronized to mobile devices with the following info: Type of Mail: Microsoft Exchange Email address: Server: | Domain: bcon Password: same as network account


Campus Technology Computing resources are located in several areas of the building. Thirty machines are available for use in the Computer Resources Center. The CRC can be reserved by Faculty for testing purposes, but is typically an open resource for students. Two machines are available for use in the student activities area and laptops are available for checkout in the library. The library laptops are only for use in the library at this time.

Campus Wireless Wireless Internet services are available anywhere in the building for those utilizing a laptop, PDA or other wireless device. Connect to the Bellin Guest network for wireless Internet access.

Internet Content Filter All Internet connections on campus are filtered for appropriate usage and content. This includes the Bellin Guest wireless network. If you receive an “Access Denied� screen for a website you believe to be an appropriate site, copy the site url and email it to Helpdesk staff will review and unblock where appropriate.

Getting Help The Help Desk is the single point of contact for questions and problems relating to technology. Help Desk staff can answer questions about software, reset your password, and more. You can reach the help desk by phone at 920-433-6620, email at, or in person in room 106K (located inside the One Stop office.

Visit for details on select topics in this guide. Help Desk: 920-433-6666 | | Room: 106k

New Student Technology Guide  

A brochure to assist Bellin College students as they work with available technology resources