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the chair BEE Diamond,



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BEE D.P the chair Milk which is another version of COW type, is run by 3D printers. The color of the effect is milky. In order to strengthen legs of the chair, a cylindrical empty space with diameter of 20 mm is made in the legs during the printing process, which is fullfilled by an aluminium pipe with the same diameter. The idea of the effect goes back to 2013.

VACCA is my artwork for participating in this event

the idea of which was extracted based on Bee Body and Diamond patterns, was designed for the Lamborghini company products exhibition producing yellow and black productions (color of the bee body). The chair was designed in 2014 and the first sample was made to investigate possible bugs in form and dimensions. After the revision in 2018, it finnaly came up with its own steel material and executive performance technique. a 1.2 mm steel plate was cut by laser cutter machine and bended inward by CNC bending machine. The produced components finally assembled by hand using bolts in a way that there is 3 mm empty space between the layers.

COW The first idea of the chair COW, which is based on cow breast, was made at 2005, while the first sample was produced at 2015 using walnut wood. Regarding details, shortness of the back and front legs as well as a plastic material existing on the bottom of the legs cause the chair to be in category of rocking types. The seat angle can also be adjusted by the adjusting screw available under that.

VACCA SCULPTURE VACCA is the name of this sculpture. VACCA means cow. It is an original artwork, made of stainless steel plate(layer) with 1.2 m.m diameter which is cutt with laser machine and sandpaper is used for the final shape.It is included 1800 pieces . For calculation of layers and its design AutoCAD is used. The whole body of a bull was designed but because of the transport problems for presenting it is decided to make just the head (bust). It is designed with an individual method of its creator with 13 dimensions from different angles. Because of its material and special design method, the pictures are not enough clear to present its real character ŘŒThe only way to understand the spectacular features is see it directly by eyes and touch its dimensions . The whole process including design, calculation, readiness of pieces and installation took 5 months . It is not only an artwork but also an engineering project . The whole process is done by the artist . It is recorded in IRCRS office in Iran . There is the opportunity to make the whole body of this sculpture or other shapes. The pictures of "VACCA " is attached. SIZE 68 H x 37 W x 31 cm - 11 kg



I am Reza Rezaei Fakhr My artist name is Kaveh Vaali Khan I was born in the capital of Iran, Tehran. I studied in high school


in mathematic and physics major . I had a tendency to design and make objects, when I was 13 designed and made a Sleigh. My

the chair BEE Colony is made of unuseful pieces of BEE DIAMOUND

grandfather was a carpenter so I saw his works deeply to analyze

chair. The name is not irrelevant to colonies of bee! The ingredients of

them. When I finished my high school I took different courses to

the chairs are layers of stainless steel and plexiglass sheets. After final

be an strong artist in different majors. These courses took 4 years.

preparation, the sheets are placed in latex mold

Then I established my own company in designing and

and filled with transparent epoxy

performing different projects. After all my successful projects I immigrated to the Turkey. First of arrival I was hired as a company manager and after 5 years in different positions in different cities and companies I decided to focus on my ideas which were design of snail stairs, chairs, sculptures, and different artworks. I live in Istanbul but soon I will marry with my loved one ,Dayana, and move to Germany. we have lots of ideas to make new artworks together. I want you know , I have unique, perfect experiences and ideas but I have never had the opportunity to make them .I really need this opportunity to represent my real abilities and ideas. I wish to earn this chance to show my real one , real art. I need just someone who support me and maybe this event give me this chance.


H1 The chair H1 was designed based on the Hummer car's appearance. The original idea of the design was derived from the capital letter H that is based on names of the cars of the company; H1, H2, H3, and so on. The remarkable details of the effet refers to its high pedestals and short body height and the color in gray using aluminum, all of which are similar to the design of the cars of the company. The executive way of performing of the work is also remarkable and controversial.


The chair H 2 is another type of H1


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