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March 2019 Edition 1

Innovative insights


Big difference From Australia’s largest self-propelled capacity to the country’s widest aluminium booms, nothing can touch RUBICON for broadacre productivty. And with expert local support from Belle-Vue Trading, you get big commitment too. Factor in superb handling, unrivalled boom ride, precise fluid control and full ISOBUS compatibility, and it’s easy to see how RUBICON also provides a big return on investment. It’s everything you need to cover more ground in less time, for big results from every spraying opportunity. Ask the Belle-Vue team for more details.



HARDI RUBICON isn’t just big, it’s the biggest.

Get FREE Full Machine Lighting with any new RUBICON from Belle-Vue Trading*

Hurry! Offer must end 30 April 2019 Offer Terms & Conditions: 1. Offer applies strictly to the end user. 2. Offer ends on 30 April 2019. 3. Offer is applicable to HARDI RUBICON 9000 and 6500 only. 4. Offer is only available through Belle-Vue Trading Pty Ltd. 5. Total value of the lighting offered as part of the promotion may not exceed $6,000 per machine. 6. Images are for illustration purposes only.


A Letter from the Director One of the most significant changes for both Belle-Vue Trading and myself personally in 2018 was the appointment of managers at both Branches. It is with great pleasure that I welcome Daniel Webster and Michael Everett to the management level in Swan Hill and Justin Ward at Warracknabeal. This has been a big step for me but one that I am very pleased with. These guys have a large amount of experience in this industry and the same passion I have for the growth and success of Belle-Vue Trading. While it can be hard to let go at times it has been a positive move for me personally and I sincerely look forward to working along side these guys as we move forward.

Since the establishment of Belle-Vue Trading in 2004 there has been many changes, massive growth and, as well as good times, some very testing times. 2018 proved to be one of the most testing years on record for many and the dry season put a strain on a large number of people right across Australia both financially and mentally. Fortunately, grain prices this year have somewhat soften the blow of poor yields and for those who are in areas across the Wimmera and Mallee that did not experience the dry to the same extent as others I hope a new tractor or header may be on the cards.

In closing I wish to say an enormous thank you to each and every member of my staff at Belle-Vue Trading. Without your dedication and hard work, it would not have been possible to survive the tough times and still achieve the growth we have in the last twelve months. It is an absolute pleasure to turn up each day and see the culture we have created within our team. It is never easy to keep staff long term, particularly in country areas where it can be remote for some to live, however a great environment generates good people and makes it a pleasure to come to work each day.


Over the last twelve months Belle-Vue Trading has witnessed some massive changes with sales heavily reduced due to the dry conditions. Our sales team has worked tirelessly to get sales on the board, and considering the year I am still very happy with their efforts. I understand that machinery purchases are a very difficult decision to make during tougher times and I really appreciate that our clients have continued to put their faith into Belle-Vue Trading by continuing to purchase quality new and used machinery.

We have an excellent Workshop team between our Swan Hill and Warracknabeal branches and the team has worked extremely hard to increase our client base while continuing to offer quality service to our existing clients. Over the last 12 months we have also dedicated a large amount of time towards extra training and support for our junior staff. This will ensure we can continue to provide the best service possible into the future as we are well aware of the importance of professional service to our customers. We understand if we can’t offer professional service we won’t survive in this industry. Along with the importance of professional service is parts supply and this is also another area we have worked very hard to improve. We have increased our parts holdings at both branches and also brought in new staff to assist in this area.

A very big thank you also to our loyal client base who continue to support us and work with our magnificent team. We clearly understand without you we wouldn’t have a business and wouldn’t survive long term. We aim continue to improve and grow our business to ensure we can give you the best service possible across machinery sales, parts and service. All the best to you all in 2019 and once again thank you. Regards, Chris Taylor


Faces of Belle-vue trading

Justin Ward Branch Manager – Warracknabeal Justin grew up in the small country town of Dimboola, just west of Horsham. Justin began his career as a mechanic in 2000 when he commenced his apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic. He joined the Belle-Vue Trading team in 2013 as a mechanic, in 2014 Justin was promoted to workshop manager and in 2017 Justin’s excellent leadership skills and passion for the company saw him promoted to Warracknabeal’s Branch Manager. Outside of work Justin enjoys water-skiing with his family and being an active member in his local football club.

Daniel webster Branch Manager – Swan Hill Daniel grew up in Swan Hill and is still a proud local. Daniel commenced his career in the agricultural industry in 1999 when he began employment as a Spare Parts Interpreter. In 2011 Daniel took on the role of Machinery Sales Representative and in 2018 Daniel’s hard work and enthusiasm for Belle-Vue Trading saw him promoted to the position of Branch Manager at our Swan Hill branch. While Daniel thoroughly enjoys his new role as Branch Manager, he is still keenly involved in machinery sales and in 2019 Daniel is aiming to improve and open a more extensive demonstration program. Daniel is also looking forward to working closely and strengthening the relationships we have with our valued clientele. In his spare time Daniel enjoys riding motorbikes and spending time with his family.


Used Machines

1995 Case 2188 $35,200 inc GST

2016 Case 7240 & FD75 $462,000 inc GST


2000 Case 2388 & 1020 $49,500 inc GST

1999 Case 2366 & 1020 $49,500 inc GST

2008 Claas Lexion 600 & FD70

2011 New Holland CR9070 & FD70

1997 New Holland TR88 & 30ft Front

$275,000 inc GST

$35,200 inc GST


$330,000 inc GST

Midwest 40ft Front $55,000 inc GST

$275,000 inc GST

2009 Case 2152 $77,000 inc GST

d l o


2004 Midwest Front & Trailer $38,500 inc GST

d l o

S John Deere 8270R $132,000 inc GST

2009 New Holland CR9070 & D60

1985 John Deere 8650 4WD $18,700 inc GST

John Deere 9520 $121,000 inc GST

d l o


2015 Deutz Fahr 100 DT FWA $51,700 inc GST

Josh Warren – Warracknabeal Ph: 0429 941 070. E: Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal Ph: 0408 826 265. E: 2

2016 New Holland CR8.90 & 2152

New Holland T7050 FWA $88,000 inc GST

2001 Case IH STX440 $143,000 inc GST


$456,500 inc GST

2010 Croplands Pegasus 6036

$55,000 inc GST

Hardi 5030 Boom $23,100 inc GST

Hardi Commander 7036 $71,500 inc GST

Hardi 5033 Commander $22,000 inc GST

Tornado Air Blast Sprayer $11,000 inc GST


2008 John Deere 4930 $170,000 inc GST

d l o


Silvan G2e Airblast Sprayer $24,200 inc GST

2012 Bourgault 3320 QDA 60ft

$110,000 inc GST

1998 Flexicoil 820 & 1720 $58,000 inc GST

2014 Morris Contour 2 Simplicity

2016 Morris 9365 TBH VRT $154,000 inc GST

2017 Morris C2 & 9550 $352,000 inc GST

$214,500 inc GST

Daniel Webster – Swan Hill Ph: 0428 324 557. E: Michael Kelly – Swan Hill Ph: 0488 324 556. E: 3

Used Machines

d l o

S 2003 Horwood Bagshaw 6000L Aircart

Horwood Bagshaw Scaribar

$28,600 inc GST

Smale Multivator & Simplicity Aircart

$63,800 inc GST


$22,000 inc GST

2000 John Deere 1900 Air Cart TBH

2013 Finch 25 Tonne Chaser Bin

$275,000 inc GST

$33,000 inc GST

$96,800 inc GST

Heaslip Grouper $13,200 inc GST

40ft Smale Multivator $121,000 inc GST

2011 Amazone Spreader, ZAM Ultra


2004 AUSPLOW 55ft DBS Bar & Multi-Stream 9000L Aircart

$13,200 inc GST

2015 Easy Field Bin $44,000 inc GST

2009 Massey 2170 Baler $93,500

2007 New Holland BB960A Rotor Cutter Big Square Baler

Kuhn Twin Rotor Rake GA7301

Batco 85ft Shifter $33,000

2011 Western Star 4800 $82,500



Josh Warren – Warracknabeal Ph: 0429 941 070. E: Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal Ph: 0408 826 265. E: 4

d l o


1998 Horwood Bagshaw Aircart


2008 Lusty B-Double Trailers


2000 Freighter 45ft Drop Deck



Freightliner Prime Mover $29,700

1998 Flexicoil 820 & 1720 $58,300

New Holland 8970 & Challenge FEL

Case 48’ Cultivator $8,800

$71,500 inc GST


Yeoman Ripper $11,000

2016 Morris C2 & 9550 TBH $330,000

2000 Cole Windrower $22,000

New Holland 851 $3,300

2014 Kuhn Disc Mower $11,000

2001 Smale & Daybreak Seeder

Liquid Systems Fertiliser Cart

Bogballe L2 Spreader $5,500



Daniel Webster – Swan Hill Ph: 0428 324 557. E: Michael Kelly – Swan Hill Ph: 0488 324 556. E: 5

New & Demo Machines

New Holland

New Holland

T7.260 Tractor

New Holland T7.245 Tractor


T8.435 Tractor

New Holland

New Holland

LM7.42 Telehandler


T7.190 Tractor

New Holland

T4.105F Vineyard Tractor

Kuhn Axis

60ft Grain

New Holland

Kuhn Axis



30.2D Spreader

50.2W Spreader

Commander Auger

C2 & 9550 Air Cart


T9.615 HD 4WD

Agriculture Speedtiller

Precision productivity with HARDI H-SELECT The Sanford family have been farming their 5,260-hectare grain property on Victoria’s Mallee for four generations. The latest addition to the operation is a new 9,000 litre HARDI RUBICON Self Propelled Sprayer with the latest H-SELECT nozzle control technology.


“We were looking to increase capacity from our 6200 litre Case Patriot,” Tim Sanford explains. “The RUBICON 9000 had the capacity but we needed it to have droplet control too. H-SELECT was brand new when we started looking at the start of the year, but the more we learned the more it looked like the best solution for us.”

The Sanford’s property has a mixture of soils and terrain, including some ‘quite rough’ areas, and there is currently a mix of Canola, Barley, Wheat and Lentils to spray. So, Tim uses H-SELECT’s flexible droplet control in a number of ways, including switching to a larger droplet when drift becomes an issue – along fence lines or if the wind comes up while he’s spraying. “You don’t always know what droplet size you’ll need until you get to the paddock,” Tim says, “and things can change once you start spraying.” “Being able to optimize your droplet to the conditions means you can finish the job.”

The extra-large capacity of the RUBICON 9000 helps there too, with fewer refill breaks and faster, computer-aided refilling when you do.


“27kph would be a fairly typical speed for us,” Sanford reports. “Even with refilling I’ve finished one of our 260-hectare paddocks in three hours. I was pretty happy with that.” The Sanfords prefer to spray at reasonably high water rates and, with their previous sprayer, forward speed would be limited by the maximum flow rate. “Now we can keep our speed up and H-SELECT just opens nozzles to provide the flow rate,” says Tim. “And you know the droplet size stays right.” Equally, when they need to slow down in difficult country, H-SELECT uses its nozzle matrix to reduce the rate – maintaining both application and droplet accuracy. On that kind of land, the HARDI PARAGON boom’s unique ride also comes into its own. “You can see it just balances better,” says Tim. “If a front wheel drops, the boom just floats up there for a second and that stops it hitting the ground.” “The RUBICON rides over the land very well,” Tim Sanford concludes, “and H-SELECT gives us the precise control we need.”


FASTER, HEAVIER & MORE RELIABLE HAY BALING ROB PRINCE CONTRACTING Rob Prince is the proud new owner and operator of a New Holland 1290 Plus Big Square Baler and we were lucky enough to squeeze a few moments of his time whilst he was in the middle of pressing up wheat straw left behind a rotary header. Rob has owned New Holland hay equipment for years but the BigBaler 1290 Plus has really improved productivity throughout his hay contracting operation.


The BigBaler 1290 Plus has launched the already well-known New Holland Big Baler to the top of most purchasers lists.

The biggest improvement made to the “Plus” series is the 800mm longer bale chamber compared to the previous model.

“It just keeps pushing out well shaped, heavy bales one after the other, day after day.” Rob mentioned. We also fitted the New Holland bale weighing system allowing Rob the ability to give his client a total weight baled and also average bale weight which is very helpful with marketing and transport of the produce. We asked Rob if he thought the scales were accurate and he said that “from reports coming back from the weigh bridges I would say it would definitely be under 2% variation and it has been really easy to log client jobs in the screen.” Upgrades to the BigBaler 1290 Plus also include improvements to the knotter cleaning system with a different shaped cover and more powerful fans which have been proven to keep the knotters functioning reliably even in very dry, dusty conditions. Rob was really happy with knotters stating he has “only had one miss tie issue for the season and that was probably due to a very tight bale.”


With up to 48 plunger strokes per minute and a heavier flywheel the BigBaler 1290 Plus has been a complete game changer to Rob’s contracting business. He has been able to gain a heavier bale and achieve a significant gain in the number of bales per hour he can form. Electronic Bale Length is standard on the “Plus” and gives the ability to command a bale length easily from the ISOBus monitor. Tandem Axle with Flotation tyres make for an excellent in field ride which helps the pick-up remain at a more consistent height reducing soil contamination. The Belle-Vue Trading service team installed the proven Gazeeka 870 moisture meter onto Rob’s baler. Gazeeka use microwave technology to monitor moisture through the entire bale and accuracy can be expected to be better than 1% on cured hay. The Gazeeka 870 also incorporates a paint system to mark high moisture bales to protect your investment. New Holland Twine has also become a very big seller throughout the country. Belle-Vue Trading are continually supplying our customers with bulk twine orders due to the excellent strength, quality & affordability. We really appreciate Rob Prince’s feedback and look forward to supporting him with his operation into the future. 8


Deeper tilling

Less parts & weldments

Improved spacing options

Large single flotation tyres


Stronger frame & openers








Brand new cab with luxury comfort

Boom options including powerful Spray-Air

Enhanced driveline for optimum performance







New Holland’s 2019 T-Series Range with 2.2% financing

THE T-SERIES RANGE JUST GOT BETTER. When you purchase a tractor from the

New Holland T-Series Range you’re choosing a tractor that is engineered to increase productivity, lower operating costs and provide greater operator comfort. And the newly added T9 SmartTrax TM II is no exception – this high horsepower tractor delivers on these three principles like never before. Now for a limited time we’re offering a low 2.2% finance across the entire T-Series Range*. So if you want the best machine for your operation, visit the team at Belle Vue Trading today to find out more about our extensive range of tractors.

* % 2.20 P.A. FINANCE

31st march OFFER CLOSES




*Terms and conditions apply. Finance rate subject to term (36 months) and deposit requirement (40%). Excludes Workmaster and Boomer tractors. Full 2-year Factory warranty across all tractors. Finance provided by CNH Industrial Capital Australia Pty Ltd AFS License No. 286664. Offer is available to business customers only and subject to credit approval. Offer ends 31st March 2019. Contact your local dealership for full details.