Belle-Vue Trading Innovative Insights Edition 6

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JULY 2020 Edition 6




We have all experienced a different workplace environment at the Swan Hill branch with the current Covid-19 situation and we are very grateful to all staff and clients that have respected the rules and regulations to ensure that we limit the spread throughout the community. With instant tax right-offs and early rainfall in the district the Swan Hill branch has maintained exceptional sales of equipment in new and used. One of the big sellers this year have been Kuhn fertiliser spreaders, especially the top of the range 50.2 H-EMC-W which is extremely accurate with a best in class spread width, auto section control and rate adjustments from the Electronic Mass Control (EMC). The workshop has already pre-delivered and installed multiple New Holland 1290 Plus Large Square Balers this year and will be busy getting the remaining balers pre-delivered as they come in. At this stage we have not seen any major delays on the supply of balers & headers with the New Holland manufacturing plants remaining in full swing.

WARRACKNABEAL Hi and welcome all to the last half of the year, which signals tax time and the crop’s up and growing. It was great to see the ground moisture that most crops were sown into, as plentiful as it was to give them the best possible start we have seen in a long time, here’s hoping for lots more of what we have seen to date. With everything that has gone on in the world recently, it’s great to see the ag sector is in a very strong position to move forward into harvest, with confidence in markets and commodity’s forecasted to be in high demand, it would be great to think that a better than average winter crop is in sight. With that said we all know that nothing is as secure as money in the bank, so let us not get too ahead of our self’s.

In and around Belle-Vue Warracknabeal we have seen a major milestone reached, with Claire Voigt gaining her qualification as a heavy vehicle technician, her time with us so far has been productive to say the least, with her knowledge of repairing and diagnosing farm WeedSeeker2 sales and enquiries have been good and our workshop machinery growing every single day, well done Claire and here’s to have been able to setup & install cameras on a few different sprayers. many years of solid employment with Belle Vue Trading. The service technicians have found it extremely easy to work with and have all the necessary tools to update and program cameras and In regard to sales, it’s been great to see the uptake on the $150,000 controllers making it a lot easier to service. Please do not hesitate to instant asset write off, with lots of second-hand stock still available, contact the sales department for a on farm demonstration or quote to be sure to explore our stock to grab a bargain today. fit cameras to a self-propelled or trailing sprayer. With the Mallee Field Days being cancelled for this year we would like In closing, I would like to thank all our valued clients for their patients you to still make contact with the team at Swan Hill if you have any and understanding through the unprecedented times that have machinery enquiries and if we don’t have a machine in Swan Hill or passed, it’s great to know we can tackle something like that head-on Warracknabeal to show you we will most likely be able to track one and come out the other side relatively unscathed. down on farm to arrange an inspection. Let us hope we see continued rainfall throughout the district and reap Once again thanks to all our colleagues’ here at Belle-Vue Trading for their countless hours and super efforts over the seeding season. the benefits of a great start to the growing period. See you all soon. Regards,



Daniel Webster

Justin Ward



Claire joined the team at Belle-Vue Trading and completed her apprenticeship and today is a fully qualified Diesel Mechanic. Claire first developed a passion for becoming a mechanic started as child as both her Grandfather and father were mechanics, owning their own business in Horsham, known as Voigt’s Garage, where she spent much of her time. I guess you could say it was in her blood. Along with her keen interest in Agriculture it has led her to becoming a diesel mechanic. Claire grew up on a property just out of Horsham called Dooen, with a bit of land around her she developed an interest in Horse’s, and today spends much of her spare time with them. We congratulate Claire on completing her apprenticeship and look forward to her time with us.



Diesel Mechanic

Lucas recently joined the team at Belle-Vue Trading in Swan Hill he has come to us with 12 years of experience in the industry. He is experienced in servicing and repairing of all things New Holland. His experience also extends to Silvan sprayers and pumps. Lucas is a local boy from Lake Boga and in his spare time he loves spending time with his beautiful twin girls. His interests are in Football, Motorbikes and Car Racing. We welcome Lucas on board and look forward to his time with us.



Located 45 Minutes North-West of Swan Hill we came to speak to a young farmer from Kooloonong. Riley Murphy who has been farming there at Koorkab with his family on 12,000 acres. The crop being sown here are consisting mainly of Wheat, Barley, Vetch and Chickpea’s. Earlier this year the decision at Koorkab was made to upgrade their Tractor. Riley has always been a fan of the New Holland products. When weighing up what the needs of the farm are, the decision to purchase the New Holland T9.615 SmartTrax was made. This was a smooth sailing deal which all took place within weeks, and ready to hit the paddocks in time for cropping. The advantages of choosing the T9.615 SmartTrax was a big help this year, in the past the tractors wheels would slip in the sandy hills making cropping difficult at times. The SmartTrax systems key benefits are that it reduces soil compaction, enhances in-field traction, has increased stability and a decrease in overall transport width. All these advantages proved to save time spent cropping this season. Riley was overly impressed with the ATI track system and Camso track. “The track width being wider than other brands is not as aggressive when turning on headlands and did not leave any gutters or server marks.”

The T9.615 SmartTrax also comes standed with The Intelliview 4 screen which is currently the latest version and has been found to be very user friendly and the 10.4-inch screen is easy to read. Riley was pleased with his Belle-Vue experience the support and assistance to get everything paddock ready was pleasing. “I didn’t just get a machine, I got great service”. Grant McNees from the Swan Hill Branch assisted Riley through this purchase, and he was really impressed with Grants Knowledge and assistance throughout the sale. “At Belle-Vue we are here to build relationships with our customers”



Kuhn Axis 30.2D Spreader

Range of MacDon Fronts

New Hardi Rubicon 9000 SP Sprayer

New 2016 Demo NH Rigid Front

Kuhn 8731 Rotary Rake



K-Line Maxxripper

Miller SP 7380

Kuhn 50.2 Axis H-EMC-W

New Holland T9.560 4WD Tractor

$ 18,150









Matt Bellinger - 0 4 2 9

941 070 Tom McInerney – 0 4 0 8 8 2 6 2 6 5

Grant McNees – 0 4 8 8

324 551 Michael Kelly – 0 4 8 8 3 2 4 5 5 6 Daniel Webster – 0 4 2 8 3 2 4 5 5 7



Horwood Bagshaw 6000L Aircart $0 Inc GST

Alfarm 27Ft Airseeder $12,100 Inc GST

Morris Concept 2000 Air Seeder & Simplicity Air Cart $36,300 Inc GST

Ausplow 55ft DBS Bar & Multi-Stream 9000L Aircart $242,000Inc GST

Bourgault 8800 & Simplicity 5700 $55,000 Inc GST

Alfarm A550 & 630 Series Cultivator $38,500 Inc GST

Gason Scaritiller + 1880 Cart $ 71,500 Inc GST

Gason 5100 Cultivator + 4000 Simplicity $38,500 Inc GST

Case Patriot 4430 Command $396,000 Inc GST

Liquid Systems Fertilizer Cart $11,000 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 7036 Boomspray $55,000 Inc GST

2014 Miller Nitro 5365 SP Sprayer $330,000 Inc GST

2014 Hardi Saritor SP Sprayer $330,000 Inc GST

2005 Hardi Commander Series 2 Boomspray $27,500 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 6036 Boomspray $26,400 Inc GST

Matt Bellinger- Warracknabeal. 0 4 2 9 9 4 1 0 7 0 Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal. 0 4 0 8 8 2 6 2 6 5


Miller SP 7380

2012 John Deere S660 Combine Harvester $357,500 Inc GST

Agrowplow 27 Tyne $44,000 Inc GST

Morris Chisel Plough $7,150 Inc GST

Kuhn Disc Mower $11,000 Inc GST

Macey 50 Tonne Silo $2,200 Inc GST

Dunstan 50 Tonne Mother Bin $60,500 Inc GST

Dunmunkle Shifter $27,500 Inc GST

2001 Flexicoil 2320 Air Cart $27,500 Inc GST

Krone 1290HDP $99,000 Inc GST

1998 Case IH 8585 Big Square Baler $30,250 Inc GST

Case 2388 Combine & 1010 Front $55,000 Inc GST

Claas Lexion 600 Combine & FD70 MacDon Front $220,000 Inc GST

Lentil Reel $550 Inc GST

2016 New Holland CR8.90 & 2152 40ft Front $456,500 Inc GST


Daniel Webster – Swan Hill. 0 4 2 8 Michael Kelly – Swan Hill. 0 4 8 8 Grant McNees– Swan Hill. 0 4 8 8

324 557 324 556 324 551


2015 New Holland CR9.90 Header + 45ft MacDon D65 Front

2013 New Holland CR7090 $302,500 Inc GST

New Holland CR960 Header & 2052 Front $137,500 Inc GST

New Holland CR8.90 Header

Case 1010 Front with Smale Pea Plucker $5,500 Inc GST

Case 6140 Header & 3152 Front $275,000 Inc GST

Case 2016 Pickup Front

2011 New Holland CR9090 Elevation Combine $176,000 Inc GST

Massey Ferguson 9790 Header & Agco Fronts $104,500 Inc GST

$13,200 Inc GST


S Countrywide Pickup Front & Trailer $25,300 Inc GST

Gleaner R62 Combine & 30ft Flex Front $33,000 Inc GST

New Holland CR9070 Combine & 40ft Rigid MacDon Front on Leith Trailer $198,000 Inc GST

Case 2388 Extreme Combine & 2052 Front $99,000 Inc GST

2009 New Holland CR9080 Combine $203,500 Inc GST

New Holland T7050 $143,000 Inc GST

Matt Bellinger- Warracknabeal. 0 4 2 9 9 4 1 0 7 0 Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal. 0 4 0 8 8 2 6 2 6 5


Case 8120 + 40ft 2152 $269,500 Inc GST

John Deere 9760 STS & JD935F Front $99,000 Inc GST

Case 2016 Pick-Up $22,000 Inc GST

New Holland CR 970 + D60 MacDon $121,000 Inc GST

Case 2166 + 1020 $29,700 Inc GST

New Holland T7.270 Tractor $132,000


S New Holland 8770 $52,000 Inc GST

New Holland T8.390 $121,000 Inc GST

Case STX 450 $198,000 Inc GST

2015 New Holland T9.615 FWD Tractor $275,000 Inc GST

John Deere 8760 $27,500 Inc GST

2011 Western Star 4800 Prime Mover $71,500 Inc GST

Hamelex Pig Trailer $11,000 Inc GST

Cole Windrower $17,600 Inc GST

Agware Windrower $8,800 Inc GST


Daniel Webster – Swan Hill. 0 4 2 8 Michael Kelly – Swan Hill. 0 4 8 8 Grant McNees– Swan Hill. 0 4 8 8

324 557 324 556 324 551







Warracknabeal (03) 5394 1070 Swan Hill (03) 5023 1578 16