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MARCH 2020 Edition 5






ARDI H-SELECT nozzle control technology overcomes the limits of turn compensation systems for booms over 36 m.


up to four nozzles per nozzle body, to maintain a constant fluid pressure, droplet size and application rate. Droplet size can even be adjusted on the move.

Now available for HARDI RUBICON and SARITOR 62 Active sprayers, H-SELECT automatically controls

Scan the QR codes to see H-SELECT in action or talk to the team from Belle-Vue Trading today.

HARDI Australia



We have had a busy quarter here in our Swan Hill Branch. Currently we are busy with delivery of new and used tractors, balers and sprayers. We are very grateful for the large number of clients that have taken advantage of the header service offer and in return we have made it a priority to have your machine inspected and serviced in a timely manner.

WARRACKNABEAL With all that is happening in the world at this point in time it feels good to be in the industry that we are in, it’s business as usual for us for now because at the end of the day the world has to eat!

Here at Warracknabeal our boys are very busy, pre-delivery assembly is in full swing and we are making sure all new machines are delivered I would like to recognise our success in introducing the New Holland on time and ready for the cropping season. BB1290 plus to our region with great interest and success. Due to this Belle-Vue Trading – Swan Hill was selected as one of the six leading Big With the current state of employment uncertainty for many in our Baler dealers in Australia with the experience and support required to community, we are lucky at this stage to be in a position to be able to handle the new Big Baler 1290 High Density Large Rectangular Baler. offer some temporary employment to help out where we can. If you or The BBHD is a huge game changer for New Holland with results that any you know is looking for work please get in contact with me ASAP. have surpassed original expectations. The team at Swan Hill have been lucky enough to obtain one of the six MY20 1290 HD balers for It is with great excitement that I can announce the commencement of this coming season and look forward to seeing it operate in our region. Jordan Hughes’ employment here in Warracknabeal. Jordan comes Most recently of course is our challenge navigating these uncertain times amidst the Covid-19 and the rapidly changing set of circumstances. Be rest assured all necessary pre-cautions are being carried out within our branch and externally on-farm to ensure both our staff and customer’s health and safety. Our team is working hard to bring you the same quality service whilst implementing all necessary precautions.

with great experience on combine harvesters and has a keen attitude to progress his career in the agricultural maintenance sector, so please join me in welcoming Jordan. With seeding about to start I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to be patient with each other and be understanding when it comes to supply and delivery of all things agriculture. We know that this is a very stressful time of the year and with all that is happening we are going to be caught out somewhere with something. When this happens, it’s going to take level heads and patience but I assure you the industry will prevail and we will come out the other side all the better for it.

We are fortunate enough to be in an industry that is fundamental to the national food production supply chain and therefore are deemed an essential service. We aim to keep your tyres turning but no doubt we will find ourselves at some stage with a supply and delivery challenge that will require patience and understanding at this unprecedented time. I join the Swan Hill team in wishing you all the best for the busy period ahead and being able to shake hands with you safely in the In closing I would like to wish one and all the best for the upcoming seeding season and I look forward to seeing everyone soon. near future.



Daniel Webster

Justin Ward


Sales Representative


Matt grew up in the small Mallee town of Hopetoun. Throughout his childhood Matt spent many hours helping his Dad around the family farm which he thoroughly enjoyed and this is where his interest in the agricultural industry began. As a child Matt’s other interests also included sport. It was Matt’s interest in sport that prompted him to move to Ballarat after completing year 12 to study PE teaching, however it wasn’t long before Matt realised his interest for the agricultural industry outweighed his interest in sport and he made the decision to move back to Hopetoun to work alongside his Dad on the family farm. Matt spent the next 5 years on the family farm working with his Dad. During this time Matt’s knowledge and passion for the agricultural industry grew, especially his knowledge and passion in relation to machinery, so when the opportunity to join the Belle-Vue team as a salesman arose Matt eagerly accepted. Matt is looking forward to settling into his new role with Belle-Vue, meeting our customers and is very excited for the challenges ahead. Outside of work Matt can be found spending time with his friends and family or his dog Molly. Matt is a very passionate Giants supporter and is hoping for a good season ahead.


Diesel Mechanic (specialising in combine harvesters)


Jordan ignited his passion for machinery and vehicles having grown up in the Sunrasia discrict starting off his teenage years cleaning up in truck mechanic workshops. In 1998 Jordan started his apprenticeship as a light vehicle mechanic before moving to Broken Hill where he was employed as a fitter/mechanic above ground in the South Mine. Jordan then went underground for 3 years working on agri-trucks and spray rigs for ground support. After working in the mines Jordan moved on farm to a large scale property between Hillston and Lake Cargelligo as a full time mechanic specialising in maintaining and servicing agricultural equipment. Now residing in the Wimmera Jordan enjoys spending his spare time fishing in the outdoors. We welcome Jordan as a member of the Belle-Vue Team and his strong passion for the Agricultural industry.



Smale & Daybreak Airseeder $110,000 Inc GST

Morris Contour 2 + Simplicity Air Cart $198,000 Inc GST

Horwood Bagshaw 6000L Air Cart

Alfarm 27ft Air Seeder $12,100 Inc GST

Morris Concept 2000 Air Seeder & Simplicity Air Cart $36,300 Inc GST

Ausplow 55ft DBS Bar & Multi-Stream 9000L Air Cart $242,000 Inc GST

Bourgault 8810 Air Seeder & 6450 TBT Air Cart $176,000 Inc GST

John Deere 4930 SP Sprayer $170,000 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 7036 Boomspray $55,000 Inc GST

Goldacres 5033 Boomspray $29,700 Inc GST

2014 Miller Nitro 5365 SP Sprayer $330,000 Inc GST

2014 Hardi Saritor SP Sprayer $330,000 Inc GST

2005 Hardi Commander Series 2 Boomspray $27,500 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 6036 Boomspray $26,400 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 4200L Trailing Boom Spray $9,900 Inc GST

Grant McNees– Swan Hill. Phone: 0488 324 551. Email: Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal. Phone: 0408 826 265. Email:


Hardi 5030 Navigator Boomspray $24,200 Inc GST

Case 48’ Cultivator $8,800 Inc GST

Agrowplow 27 Tyne $44,000 Inc GST

Morris Chizel Plough $7,150 Inc GST

Grizzly GL020 20 Plate Disc $6,600 Inc GST

2013 J&M GC24T-1 Chaser Bin $68,000 Inc GST

Macey 50 Tonne Silo $2,200 Inc GST

Dunstan 50 Tonne Mother Bin $60,500 Inc GST

Dunmunkle Shifter $27,500 Inc GST

Kuhn Disc Mower $11,000 Inc GST 25

1998 Case IH 8585 Big Square Baler $30,250 Inc GST

2006 BR740A Round Baler $36,300 Inc GST

2007 New Holland BB960 Baler $45,000 Inc GST

Case 2388 Combine & 1010 Front $55,000 Inc GST

Claas Lexion 600 Combine & FD70 MacDon Front $220,000 Inc GST

Daniel Webster – Swan Hill. Phone: 0428 324 557. Email: Michael Kelly – Swan Hill. Phone: 0488 324 556. Email: Matt Bellinger- Warracknabeal. Phone: 0429 941 070. Email:



2016 New Holland CR8.90 & 2152 40ft Front $456,500 Inc GST

2015 New Holland CR9.90 Header + 45ft MacDon D65 Front

2013 New Holland CR7090 $302,500 Inc GST

New Holland CR960 Header & 2052 Front $137,500 Inc GST

New Holland CR8.90 Header & MacDon FD75 Front $473,000 Inc GST

Case 2188 Header & 1010 Front $33,000 Inc GST

Case 1010 Front with Smale Pea Plucker $5,500 Inc GST

Case 6140 Header & 3152 Front $308,000 Inc GST

2011 New Holland CR9090 Elevation Combine $176,000 Inc GST

Massey Ferguson 9790 Header & Agco Fronts - $104,500 Inc GST

Gleaner R62 Combine & 30ft Flex Front $33,000 Inc GST

John Deere 9770 Combine & 640D Draper Front $165,000 Inc GST

New Holland CR9070 Combine & 40ft Rigid MacDon Front $198,000 Inc GST

Case 2388 Extreme Combine & 2052 Front $99,000 Inc GST

2009 New Holland CR9080 Combine $203,500 Inc GST

Grant McNees– Swan Hill. Phone: 0488 324 551. Email: Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal. Phone: 0408 826 265. Email:


MacDon 35ft Front with Trailer $60,500 Inc GST

Case 1660 Combine & Tine Reel Front on Leith Trailer $25,300 Inc GST

Case IH Quantum 95C $36,300 Inc GST

New Holland T7.270 Tractor

Case Magnum 340 Tractor $264,000 Inc GST

2015 Case Magnum 250 FWA Tractor $209,000 Inc GST

1997 New Holland M135 FWA Cab Tractor $37,400 Inc GST

John Deere 8300 Loader $60,500 Inc GST

2015 New Holland T9.615 FWD Tractor $275,000 Inc GST

2001 New Holland TJ275 Tractor $82,500 Inc GST

2011 Western Star 4800 Prime Mover $71,500 Inc GST

T401 Kenworth and Quad Dog $99,000 Inc GST

Hamelex Pig Trailer $11,000 Inc GST

1997 Freighter 12 Pallet A-Trailer $27,500 Inc GST

Cole Windrower $17,600 Inc GST

Daniel Webster – Swan Hill. Phone: 0428 324 557. Email: Michael Kelly – Swan Hill. Phone: 0488 324 556. Email: Matt Bellinger- Warracknabeal. Phone: 0429 941 070. Email:




Productivity is always front of mind for farmers and the rise of big self-propelled sprayers and their even bigger booms certainly helps you get more hectares sprayed per hour. Without accurate nozzle control, however, speed variations can cause patches of over- or under-dosage which will impact crop yield. Two of the most advanced nozzle control technologies currently available are Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and HARDI H-SELECT. “It’s a fairly common misunderstanding that H-SELECT is just HARDI’s PWM offering,” says HARDI Australia’s Product Manager Steve Lancaster, “but the two systems are actually very different.” A QUICK DEFINITION Steve explains that Pulse Width Modulation works by switching nozzles on and off several times per second. This reduces the amount of fluid leaving the nozzle, which maintains the target Set Rate where the boom is moving slowly. “H-SELECT takes another approach entirely,” he continues. “It automatically switches between nozzles to deliver the right rate with constant fluid flow.” “Because it uses an array of nozzles, it is called Multi-Step technology.” THE DEEPER DIVE ON PWM PWM systems are defined by two factors: Pulsing frequency and duty cycle. The pulses are driven by an electric solenoid with a fixed frequency. If the controller opens the nozzle for 80% of those pulses to meet the set rate, that’s a duty cycle of 80%. Steve Lancaster says best practice is to set up the sprayer for an 80% duty cycle at your normal forward speed. “In a turn, the speed at different points across a large boom will double between the inner and outer tips,” he continues, “so you need capacity for the duty cycle to increase at one end and slow down at the other.” “But it can’t get too low or it might leave gaps in the coverage,” he adds. On a 15Hz system an 80% duty cycle equates to 12 ‘opens’ per second (15 x 0.8 = 12). At 20 km/h, that means the nozzle will spray for 300mm and shut off for the other 70mm.

In fact, H-SELECT will work for virtually any speed and boom width. “We’ve got customers using it on 54 metre booms with great results,” says Steve. Changing nozzles rather than pressure or flow rates preserves the spray quality and means the pressure can be set to give Very Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse and Very Coarse droplets on demand – giving operators more versatility in changing conditions. Steve Lancaster points out that while HARDI’s H-SELECT is set up for four-nozzles system, not all Multi-Step systems use that many. “We like four because it appears to give the widest possible speed coverage and rate accuracy, especially for Australian spraying practices,” he says. “Or you can spray with three nozzles and save the fourth slot for a special purpose nozzle like a fertilizer jet.” MAKING THE CHOICE While high frequency solenoids and blending have made PWM installations more flexible, the constant on-off switching means they are unsuitable for air induction nozzles, and not ideal for producing very coarse droplets. The continual flow of a Multi-Step system avoids both of those issues. However, the number of no zzle configurations means a Multi-Step system needs careful planning. “Our free Nozzle Watch application does all that for you,” says Steve Lancaster. “Just enter your speed range and it will work out your optimum nozzle selection and rate accuracy for the job.” Whether you prefer PWM or a Multi-Step system like H-SELECT can depend on your sprayer setup, boom width and spraying speeds. “But just knowing they’re not the same thing,“ Steve points out, “is a good place to start.”

One way to reduce the gap and extend the speed range is a ‘blended’ system. This is basically two PWM installations with offset nozzles. The two cycles then overlap, “blending” the nozzle outputs for more complete coverage. HOW IS H-SELECT DIFFERENT? Multi-Step systems like H-SELECT combine up to four nozzles per nozzle body to maintain a set rate as the boom speed changes. “The nozzles are selected in whatever order and combination best suits the forward speed of the boom at that point,” Steve Lancaster says. This selection is continually updated against the speed of the boom, and switches instantaneously with micro-second blending to avoid coverage gaps. Steve points out that having up to 16 possible combinations makes four nozzles accurate over a very wide speed range – from starting out to long, fast runs in broadacre paddocks. “You could think of it as ‘tiered spraying on steroids’, he smiles, “with up 16 tiers instead of the usual three.”


J & K BALING Jade and Kate Clark own and operate J & K Baling, a contract bailing business located in the Dimboola – Gerang area of Western Victoria. J & K Baling has been operating for the past 15 years and over that period Jade and Kate have experienced continued growth and demand for their contracting services. As a result of this continued growth Jade and Kate recently decided to purchase a New Holland BB1290 Plus baler from the team at Belle-Vue Trading Warracknabeal. After considering other balers on the market Jade and Kate chose to purchase a New Holland BB1290 Plus baler for multiple reasons, they valued New Holland’s reputation for quality products and they also valued the benefits of dealing with a local team when it comes to sales, parts and after sales service. Consistent bale weight and shape are two key characteristics that are important to Jade and Kate, since taking delivery of their new BB1290 Plus baler Jade has been incredibly impressed with the balers ability to produce both while at the same time managing to exceed all output expectations. Jade believes the baler performed so well exceeded output expectations due to the MaxiSweep pick-up and its ability to feed so well. Jade has been impressed with the Intelliview, it provides a good, clear read out making it easy to use and he was also impressed by the active weigh feature. J & K Bailing’s BB1290 Plus baler was fitted with bale skiis and Jade has found these to be a valuable addition stating, “they are worth every cent and I wouldn’t have another baler without them.” Day to day maintenance of the BB1290 Plus baler is very simple and extremely straight forward, Jade describes it as, “a breeze, 10 minutes and it’s all done.” Due to Jade and Kate’s success with the BB1290 in the 2019 season they decided to expanded their operation and buy a second BB1290 Plus baler. When summing up the BB1290 Plus baler and his experience with Belle-Vue Trading Jade said, “I couldn’t fault the machine, so it all comes down to service and after sales support. The team at Belle-Vue Trading have been nothing short of fantastic”

Jade pictured centre with his two sons Harrison and Lenny



ü Strategic Tillage ü Efficient Residue Management ü Eliminate Chemical Resistant Weeds


ü Break Through your Hard Pans to Increase Yield Potential ü Allow Subsoil Water Storage ü Superior Root Development 1800 194 131







Deeper tilling Improved spacing options



3m controlled traffic Less parts & weldments

Brand new cab with luxury comfort

Large single flotation tyres


Boom options including powerful Spray-Air

Smaller • lighter • faSter • Smarter

The only spot sprayer with: ISOBUS compatibility Weed mapping Section control

Plus Intelligent, auto-calibrating sensors 50% lighter, 30% fewer sensors Double the resolution for targeting weeds


Enhanced driveline for optimum performance

0.44%* P.A. finance on t4 series tractors

Now you can enjoy 0.44%* P.A. finance on our T4, T4 Speciality, T T4 & T4S tractors. It’s an offer made 4 you. And since it’s the ultimate farmhand - as efficient, versatile and dependable as ever - it’s from a tractor made 4 you, too.

offer closes 28 february 2020 *Terms and conditions apply. Finance provided by CNH Industrial Capital Australia Pty Ltd to approved ABN business applicants and subject to credit approval. Finance rate of 0.44% p.a. subject to up to 60 month term and 25% deposit (as a % of customer invoice price) requirements. Monthly or annual repayments. GST payable month 4. No balloon or rate adjustments. Finance application must be received within 30 days of retail order. This offer is available only on New Holland T4, T4 Specialty, TT4 and T4S Tractor ranges purchased before 29 February 2020 or while stocks last. Contact New Holland Agriculture for further information.