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DECEMBER 2019 Edition 4


Nozzle control is the big issue ...out here




iscover how HARDI H-SELECT is able to take you past the limitations of conventional turn compensation systems on booms over 36 metres. Now available for HARDI RUBICON and SARITOR 62 Active sprayers, H-SELECT automatically controls up to four nozzles per nozzle body, to maintain a constant fluid

pressure, droplet size and application rate. Droplet size can even be adjusted on the move. Scan the QR codes to see H-SELECT in action, and to try the complementary Nozzle Finance Watch spray planning Available Windows® application.




What an end to the year it has been! Farmers surprise us every year with their ability to grow decent crops on such little rainfall. We forward plan stock in January to February for the upcoming hay and harvest season and I don’t think anyone expected the hay season to ramp up like it did this year. Availability of hay equipment was our limiting factor this year and we are very appreciative for all the support we received from our valued clients with machine purchases, spare parts and workshop servicing. We welcomed a new member to the sales team in October, Grant McNees is local to the area and comes to us with farming experience, and a can do attitude. Grant being an existing client of Belle-Vue Trading already owned and operated New Holland machinery and fitted into the team instantly. Service Technicians attended training on Silvan Airblast and over-row sprayers in Dandenong giving them extensive hands on lessons on both mechanical and electronic aspects of the Australian manufactured sprayers. With cropping next on the agenda with have ordered stock of Kuhn fertiliser spreaders and I encourage you to enquire early if you would like to take advantage of the price advantage associated with these units. Morris Industries have limited stock of Quantum Air Drills available for cropping 2020. If you would like a quotation on one of the remaining units please contact the sales team today. Miller Nitro and Hardi both have exceptional pricing on SP Sprayers with options to suit every application. As harvest closes in we will be enjoying a much needed break with friends and family over the Christmas and New Year period and we would like to wish you and your family’s all the very best over the festive season.

Welcome to our last edition for 2019. We are all very busy with the harvest and hay seasons so it’s great to see lots of produce coming in and commodity prices holding steady. The year thus far has thrown some significant challenges our way, tremendous rain fall in winter followed by a reasonably dry finish in some areas has brought crops in early. The team here in Warracknabeal have been very busy working with headers and balers. As they all fire up and get going there are always minor issues to be addressed but thankfully nothing major, here’s hoping it stays that way. Whilst talking about service, the team have been busy brainstorming ways we can improve our service provisions in order to stream line preseason servicing on all types of farm machinery. Details of our header pre-season offer will be released early in the new year, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. With harvest in full swing it’s now time to knuckle down and reap the rewards of a hard year’s work, however it’s also important to make sure we all stay safe. It’s easy to become complacent, especially when stressed and tired, so let’s all play it safe and not cut corners. With the year drawing to a close I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our valued customers the very best for the new year, I hope you all have a merry and safe Christmas. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all my valued colleagues here at Belle-Vue Trading for the hard work and tireless efforts they have put in throughout the year to ensure our customers most important assets are kept moving in the paddock. Thanks,

Justin Ward


Daniel Webster

FACES OF BELLE-VUE TRADING TIM RUWOLDT Senior Technician WARRACKNABEAL Tim Ruwoldt grew up in the small farming community of Brim, just north of Warracknabeal, where he spent most of his childhood with either a football or cricket bat in hand. After high school Tim relocated to Melbourne where he obtained employment as a roof tiler, however Tim quickly realised city life wasn’t for him so he made the decision to return to his home town of Brim where he worked in the CRT Shed for McPherson’s. The opportunity then presented itself for Tim to work for Carman’s in Horsham as a Windscreen Fitter. Tim excelled in his role with Carman’s and was promoted to Workshop Manager. After 7 years with Carman’s Tim felt ready for a new challenge which lead to the decision to begin an apprenticeship here at Belle-Vue Trading as a Diesel Mechanic in 2015. Tim completed his apprenticeship and became qualified in 2017 and is now one of our senior technicians, specialising in New Holland combines. Tim is incredibly passionate about, not only headers, but the New Holland Brand. Tim is a proud dad to 3 young kids, outside of work if he isn’t talking about CR Headers you’ll find him spending time with his family.

GRANT Sales Representative


Grant has recently joined the team at Belle-Vue Trading in Swan Hill as a newly appointed Salesman. Grants passion for farming and the agriculture industry developed at an early age from his childhood upbringing on a dairy farm in Tooleybuc. This is where his wealth of knowledge in the dairy and dry land farming industries begun and lead his career path towards farming and agriculture. Grant later moved to Tyntynder where he made it his top priority to grow the family dairy. Starting with 100 head of dairy cattle, Grant’s hard work and determination paid off, expanding the family farm to 800 head of cattle whilst also maintaining a strong focus on Hay Contracting. Over the past 7 years Grant has also been an active member of the Murray Downs Golf and Country Club, where he now undertakes the role of Club Director. This position has helped Grant gain extensive experience in promoting both the club and the local community whilst also fulfilling his passion for golf and the outdoors. Grant furthered his involvement with the community by taking on the Chairman position of The Greens Committee. Grant is excited about his new role with Belle-Vue Trading and is eager to share his extensive knowledge in the farming sector. Grant is passionate about providing the best possible after sales service to all of his clients and representing the Belle-Vue brand.



World World class class grain grain handling handling products products






BELLE-VUE BELLE-VUE Swan Hill, Warracknabeal Swan Hill, Warracknabeal (03) 5032 1578 PH:PH: (03) 5032 1578

GRAIN2 LOGIC P +61 429 323 227 |

GRAIN LOGIC P +61 429 323 227 |

From humble beginnings in 2004 Belle-Vue Trading has grown to be a leading supplier of both New and Used Farm Machinery. The team at Belle-Vue Trading would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their ongoing support over the past 15 years, we look forward to continuing to work with farmers to provide the best possible parts, sales, and service for new and used farming




Agrowplow 27 Tyne $44,000 Inc GST

Case 48’ Cultivator $8,800 Inc GST

2002 Scaribar & Gason 2120 Air Cart $104,500 Inc GST

2018 Morris C2 & 9550 Air Cart $451,000 Inc GST

40ft Smale Multivator $121,000 Inc GST

Ausplow 55ft DBS Bar & Multi-Stream 9000L Aircart $242,000 Inc GST

Bourgault 8810 Air Seeder & 6450 TBT Air Cart $176,000 Inc GST

Flexicoil 2340 TBT Air Cart $49,500 Inc GST

Horwood Bagshaw 6000L Air Cart $22,000 Inc GST

$88,000 Inc GST

Morris 9000 & 7240 Air Cart

Morris Concept 2000 Air Seeder & Simplicity Air Cart $36,300 Inc GST

Morris Contour 2 & Simplicity Air Cart $198,000 Inc GST

New Holland/Flexicoil Air Cart $38,500 Inc GST

2005 Hardi Commander Series 2 Boomspray $27,500 Inc GST

2014 Hardi Saritor SP Sprayer $357,500 Inc GST

Daniel Webster – Swan Hill Phone: 0428 324 557. Email: Michael Kelly – Swan Hill Phone: 0488 324 556. Email: 4

2014 Miller Nitro 5365 SP Sprayer $363,000 Inc GST

Goldacres 5033 Boomspray $30,800 Inc GST

Hardi 5030 Navigator Boomspray $27,500 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 4200L Trailing Boom Spray $9,900 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 6036 Boomspray $26,400 Inc GST

Hardi Commander 7036 Boomspray $60,500 Inc GST

Hardi Explorer Boomspray

John Deere 4930 SP Sprayer

$16,500 Inc GST

$165,000 Inc GST

2013 J&M GC24T-1 Chaser Bin $77,000 Inc GST

Dunstan 50 Tonne Mother Bin $60,500 Inc GST

Macey 50 Tonne Silo $2,200 Inc GST

1998 Case IH 8585 Big Square Baler $30,250 Inc GST

2006 BR740A Round Baler

Kuhn Disc Mower

New Holland 851 Hay Roller

$36,300 Inc GST

$11,000 Inc GST

$3,300 Inc GST

Grant McNees– Swan Hill Phone: 0488 324 551. Email: Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal Phone: 0408 826 265. Email: 5


2011 New Holland CR9090 Elevation Combine $176,000 Inc GST

013 New Holland CR7090 $302,500 Inc GST

2015 New Holland CR9.90 Header & 45ft MacDon D65 Front

Case 2016 Pickup Front $16,500 Inc GST

Case 6140 Header & 3152 Front $308,000 Inc GST

Case 8230 Combine & D65 Front on Trailer

Gleaner R62 Combine & 30ft Flex Front $33,000 Inc GST

John Deere 9770 Combine & 640D Draper Front $165,000 Inc GST

John Deere CTS Combine & 936 Front $38,500 Inc GST

Massey Ferguson 9790 Header & Agco Fronts $104,500 Inc GST

New Holland CR8.90 & MacDon FD75 Front $473,000 Inc GST

New Holland CR9070 & 40ft Rigid MacDon Front $198,000 Inc GST

New Holland CR960 Header & 2052 Front $137,500 Inc GST

2016 New Holland CR8.90 & 2152 40ft Front $456,500 Inc GST

Case 2388 & 1010 Front $55,000 Inc GST

Daniel Webster – Swan Hill Phone: 0428 324 557. Email: Michael Kelly – Swan Hill Phone: 0488 324 556. Email: 6

Claas Lexion 600 & FD70 MacDon Front $220,000 Inc GST

John Deere 9600 & 930F Front $36,300 Inc GST

New Holland CR9070 & D60 Front $275,000 Inc GST

2001 New Holland TJ275 Tractor $82,500 Inc GST

2015 Case Magnum 250 FWA Tractor $209,000 Inc GST

2015 New Holland T9.615 FWD Tractor $275,000 Inc GST

Case IH Quantum 95C Tractor $36,300 Inc GST

Case Magnum 340 Tractor $264,000 Inc GST

New Holland T8.390 FWA Tractor $181,500 Inc GST

1997 Freighter 12 Pallet A-Trailer $27,500 Inc GST

Iveco Powerstar Prime Mover with Tri-Axle Tipper $71,500 Inc GST

2011 Western Star 4800 Prime Mover $77,000 Inc GST

Freightliner FL112 Water Tanker $66,000 Inc GST

T401 Kenworth and Quad Dog $115,500 Inc GST

Tipper Trailer

$11,000 Inc GST

Grant McNees– Swan Hill Phone: 0488 324 551. Email: Tom McInerney – Warracknabeal Phone: 0408 826 265. Email: 7


K-Line 2960 Speed Tiller

Hardi Rubicon 9000 SP Sprayer

Commander Ag-Quip Auger Bin

K-Line 2995P Powerflex Speedtiller

Morris Quantum Air Seeder

New Holland TT4.55 Tractor

Kuhn Axis 30.2D Spreader

New Holland T7.260 Tractor

Demo New Holland Rigid Front

New Holland TD5.110

New Holland T7.315 Tractor

Range of New MacDon Fronts

New Holland T6050 Tractor

Kuhn 30.2 Spreader

New Holland T9.560 Tractor


LARGE-SCALE PRECISION SPREADER AXIS 50.2 H-EMC-W Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader KUHN EMC (Electronic Mass Control) technology for automatic adaptation of the application rate Precise adjustment for separate left and right spreading Instantaneous detection and correction of flow rate variations Empty hopper & flow fault sensor Working width 18 to 50m


PARRY BROTHERS POWLETT New Holland T8.435 SmartTrax & Big Baler 1290 Plus

The Parry Family are now into their 4th generation of farming, Leigh and Helen, and now, Angus, Adam and Miles, in the Powlett Plains area. Moving away from a split operation of cropping and livestock a little over 5 years ago, now solely a broad acre cropping operation. Farming primarily cereal crops, (wheat, barley, oats and canola), but also planting the occasional legume crop, depending on rotations. As well as grain farming, they also cut a fair bit for hay, both small squares, which primarily go through their Stockfeed business, Sandhurst Stockfeeds, and now with the purchase of New Holland’s 1290 Plus, will move into big squares as well. What prompted you to go with the New Holland Big Baler? We’ve run New Holland equipment for quite a few years now and are yet to be disappointed. We’ve got 2 BC5070 New Holland small square balers, both purchased from Belle-Vue, which we’re happy with. Ultimately, New Holland hay equipment is a tried and test product. What prompted you to choose the SmartTrax? With the development of more irrigation, and being in the process of transitioning to a controlled traffic arrangement, a tracked machine is something we had been considering for a while. But ultimately not exactly sure what to go with. Soil compaction is something we’re thinking more and more about, and tracks of course are the best for floatation and traction. Furthermore, as the majority of this tractor’s life will be spent on irrigation, efficiency in getting power to the ground is also something which was at the top of our list as it would be pulling large 3-point linkage implements. I would say the SmartTrax have gone above our expectation, as we were expecting it to ride a little rough, as a lot of tracked machines do, but that certainly isn’t the case for the T8.435 half-track.

How have you found the team at Belle-Vue Trading to deal with? I was speaking to one of them about this just the other day. We’ve been dealing with Belle-Vue for a good while now. I don’t have a bad word to say about any of them. The entire team across the board have been great. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and their after sales service has been excellent. So, they’ve been great to deal with.

What are some of the stand out features of these two machines? Well the stand out feature for the SmartTrax is in the name, tracks can’t be beaten on floatation and compaction. Their ability to get power to the ground is also hard to beat. Having a good track record with Belle-Vue, and like I said earlier, New Holland’s hay equipment being a tried and tested product, were really the determining factors for purchasing the 1290 Plus Big Baler. Have you noticed any gain in productivity since upgrading to the New Holland Big Baler? We haven’t owned our own big square baler before, in the past we’ve used contractors. So therefore, I would say yes, our productivity has increased dramatically.

Follow the boys on Instagram @parrybrotherspowlett to see more footage of the T8.435 & Big Baler in action!


Right, behind you. HARDI COMMANDER gets everything right, from huge capacity to everyday ease of ownership. Flexible options include booms from 30 to 48.5 metres, AutoHeight or AutoTerrain; LED boom lights; a choice of fast fill systems; plus ‘plug and spray’ connection to your tractor’s ISOBUS controller. Add expert support from the team at Belle-Vue Trading, and COMMANDER is a clear leader in trailed sprayers.

    

6500, 8500 or 10,000 l capacity ISOBUS connectivity 30 m to 48.5 m boom choices, AutoHeight, AutoTerrain options ActivAir nozzle switching with continuous boom recirculation




Service: 0428 941 188

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Parts: 0456 941 010

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PROVES ITS WORTH OVER THE YEAR Almost 14 months ago, we interviewed the Sanford family of Beulah Victoria about their brand new HARDI RUBICON 9000 with 54m HARDI PARAGON Aluminium boom and H-SELECT technology. Now, after an estimated 800 hours of spraying, the Sanford family have used the big self-propelled sprayer through a full cropping cycle – so we were keen to hear how the machine had performed. “It’s an extra 3,000 litres compared to the CASE Patriot we used to have,” says Tim Sanford, who does most of the spraying on the farm, “…the machine’s just 50% bigger all around.” So despite have some 13,000 acres (5,260 ha) of their Victorian Mallee farm in wheat, barley and lentils last season, Tim found he didn’t need to put in any massive spraying sessions on the RUBICON. Keeping ahead of the seeders did mean some 12 hour days while they were sowing, but even then Tim was able to get over 2,000 acres sprayed with breaks to do other jobs on the farm. “It’s nice and quick to fill up,” he smiles, “so it gets round the paddocks quickly.” While the RUBICON’s capacity was a big advantage, the sprayer’s boom set-up also made all the difference. Its 54m coverage delivered a 150% productivity increase over the 36m boom, and Tim found it just as easy to handle. “The HARDI boom ride is just fantastic,” he reports. “I usually sit at around 25 kilometres an hour and everything we used to go over with the 36 metre boom we can cover at that same speed with our 54 metre boom.” What really set this big boom apart was having HARDI H-SELECT nozzle control technology installed. The computerised and air-activated H-SELECT manages up to four nozzles per nozzle body, to deliver consistent spray dosage and droplet size regardless of speed variations. “You always have those corners you wish weren’t getting quite so much chemical,” says Tim, “and the outside of the corners you wish got a bit more.” With H-SELECT compensating for turns automatically, the Sanfords have been free to focus on the day and the water rate. The way H-SELECT works also means they could adjust the droplet size from the cab, on the move. “Drift is a major concern with chemical use now,” Tim points out. “With H-SELECT we’re able to change our nozzles during spraying to better suit the wind conditions. “If you’re just going along and you can see it’s picking up a bit breezier, we can coarsen up those droplet sizes and it seems to help with our results there.” “I’d recommend H-SELECT to other farmers just because it does offer a lot more versatility,” Tim Sanford says. “You can speed up, slow down, and your droplet size remains the same.” In all, Tim reckons the HARDI RUBICON’s combination of capacity, boom size and H-SELECT technology is a real winner. “It really comes down to capacity and being able to go that bit further, that bit longer each day,” he concludes. “The capacity is great. You can get the spraying done and the H-SELECT helps with that immensely.”



3m controlled traffic

Deeper tilling

Less parts & weldments

Improved spacing options

Large single flotation tyres






Brand new cab with luxury comfort

Boom options including powerful Spray-Air

Enhanced driveline for optimum performance


Runout deals like 0.99% p.a.* financ e on selec t ed models. Check out the machinery shed at your New Holland Dealer. Like fine wine, our T-series tractors only get better with time. But don’t wait too long, because until 15 December 2019, they come with 0.99% p.a.* finance. So talk to your nearest New Holland Dealer today, and you could soon have every reason to raise a glass.

* % 0.99




* Terms and conditions apply. 0.99% finance rate subject to term (48 months) and deposit requirements (20%) on selected new New Holland tractors. Finance provided by CNH Industrial Capital Australia Pty Ltd. Offer available to business customers only and subject to credit approval. Offer ends 31st December 2019.