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Campaign to Advance Student Success Report to our Community

Campaign to Advance Student Success: Report to our Community

Donors to the Campaign to Advance Student Success targeted these objectives: „„student achievement and reten-

tion through academic support programs and scholarships to help students overcome barriers to completing their programs; „„teaching excellence by enabling

faculty to engage students in new ways, particularly via technology such as virtual reality software and new communications channels; and „„classrooms of tomorrow by

developing advanced learning environments and introducing new equipment and technologies into laboratories, research centers and workplaces.

Campaign to Advance Student Success: Report to our Community The Bellevue College Foundation successfully concluded its Campaign to Advance Student Success (CASS) by finishing more than $300,000 over goal. The campaign’s $7 million in achievement during the past three years sets the stage for an era of increased philanthropic and grant support for Bellevue College (BC) and affirms our community’s confidence in BC students and faculty. CASS received 1161 gifts and grants that help the college’s students learn better, our professors teach better and everyone in our community benefit through economic growth. The campaign’s success points to increased college engagement with our community partners. The majority of CASS funding comes from individual donors and institutions such as foundations and corporations, demonstrating that Bellevue College advances their values and the community’s aspirations. Our community’s increasing support, exemplified through CASS, will help ensure that BC’s quality, contributions and opportunities endure for everyone.

Beneficial outcomes in these areas are many, including these notable examples: „„Student Achievement and Retention zzScholarships. Since the beginning of the campaign,

donors have given $1,250,000 in spendable and endowment gifts for scholarships. In a crowning achievement of the campaign, the BC Foundation has awarded scholarships to more than 1,000 students. zzAl & Linda Courter Endowments: Athletic Scholarship

Endowment, $268,375 and Priority Athletic Needs Endowment, $138,700 zzThe “Elevate America” grant provides $200,000 for Project

Succeed, which helps veterans and their families transition to BC life and create strong supportive networks. Nearly 200 participants in the ongoing program have received training and services and as of October, 2011, 43 Project Succeed participants have been placed into jobs. „„Teaching Excellence: zzThe Stan and Michele Rosen Teaching and Learning Center.

A dedication and scholarship award ceremony in February, 2012 celebrated this innovative campus center supported by a $250,000 commitment from Stan and Michele Rosen and The Rita and Herbert Rosen Family Foundation.

zzInstruction Innovations: A Lockwood Foundation grant of

$25,000 is helping BC study the most effective teaching methods in key gateway classes to share across academic tracks so that all instructors and students benefit. „„ Classroom of Tomorrow: zz VERT. Multiple grants totaling $150,000

from regional health organizations enabled acquisition of VERT (Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training), revolutionary software that provides a “flight simulator” for cancer treatment. Students who don’t have access to human patients can practice with virtual patients. BC is one of only three programs nationwide to use the software. zzSim Man. Leadership from the Lockwood Foundation

provided this virtual patient that nursing and health-care students use to examine and take readings. Instructors program Sim Man with distinct symptoms, which then respond to treatment by the students. zzOpen Source Digital Textbooks: A $783,000 federal

grant from the Department of Education enabled BC to purchase 500 netbook computers and load them with electronic textbooks. The netbooks then rent for $35 a quarter and can save a full-time student up to $600 a year in textbook costs. In addition, through the Greatest Needs category donors are providing fiscal flexibility, which allows the college to react quickly and with great impact in areas of critical opportunity for students. For example, BC will be able to use proceeds from CASS to support some critical educational programs that can be hindered by the impending decline in state funding.

Endowment During the Campaign – from July 1, 2007 to July 1, 2011 — the foundation’s endowment increased 200%, from $1.7 million to more than $3.4 million, through designated gifts and solid financial management. A creative donor benefitted the college’s 4-year Interior Design program and its students through a trust arrangement valued in excess of $1.3M that will provide annual income in perpetuity for scholarships and other program enhancements.

BC responds flexibly and creatively to business and industry’s changing requirements. „„Other examples include: zzNelson Family Scholarship Endowment, $129,750; zzSwegle Family Scholarship Endowment, $32,465; and zzLee Kraft Scholarship for Hispanic Women Endowment,


Conclusion The Campaign to Advance Student Success was the largest comprehensive campaign in the foundation’s and college’s history. CASS engaged our community, broadened BC’s sources of financial support through the leadership of the BC Foundation, and thus pointed the way to a brighter future for Bellevue College and its students. The state funding picture for higher education may remain uncertain and challenging for students and their future contributions to Washington’s economy. With the generosity and continuing support of CASS donors, however, Bellevue College can take charge of its own destiny and the superior quality of higher education it provides.

Thank You. Top Private Donors to the Campaign

CASS Source of Donations

10% Foundation Grants

19% Bequests

The following individuals, foundations, and corporations were instrumental in CASS’ success through their leadership and composite generosity:

5% Corporate Grants

3. Stan and Michele Rosen and The Rita and Herbert Rosen Family Foundation, $250,000 (where needed most) 4. Microsoft Corporation, $200,000 (Workforce Development Initiative) 5. Robin and David Nelson, $150,000 (scholarship endowment) 6. Byron & Alice Lockwood Foundation, $115,000 ($40,000 Sim Man; $10,000 scholarship; $25,000 Student Success Initiative; $40,000 where needed most)

Government Grants

Individual Gifts including Current & Former Boardmember Gifts

1. Anonymous Estate, $1,320,722 (Interior Design endowments for scholarships & program) 2. Al and Linda Courter, $660,000 ($500,000 athletic scholarships & priority needs split between endowments and current needs; $160K where needed most)





Greatest Needs & Other Restrictions

Student Scholarships



The Classroom of Tomorrow

New Students, Veterans, Vulnerable Populations

New Funds by Purpose

$1.5 Faculty & Curriculum Development

7. Michael and Pam Kalian, $100,000 (where needed most)

$0.7 Ready for BC to Spend

8. UNIVAR, $90,000 (where needed most) 9. Dale and Nancy King, $75,000 (where needed most)

$1.0 Outstanding Pledges

$1.3 New Endowments


Putting Gifts to Work

3000 Landerholm Circle SE, A101 Bellevue, WA 98007

Already at Work Through the College

Dollar amounts are in millions.

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Bellevue College CASS Report 2012  

Bellevue College Campaign to Advance Student Success Report to the Community 2012