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FALL 2015


Founders Fund Filling the Gap Together


At Home & Abroad

The BCS Service Experience


65 Anniversary TH


Messages To Our BCS Family

From Our Superintendent


ellevue Christian is doing great work to prepare young people to live fully for God. It has been a blessing for me to participate as Interim Superintendent these past two years with a great group of professionals who are committed to discipling students in Christ.

As I have worked with the school board and administrative team, we have agreed that there was work to do to enhance and improve some of the systems and structures that are integral to a well functioning school. For instance, one question that came up was, do our practices align with our policies? With this in mind, last year the school board undertook the task of reviewing and updating the board policy manual. You will see additional systems and structures work that the board and senior leadership have been engaged in on pages three and four of this issue of the Viking View. I am also pleased to report that BCS was recently reaccredited by Christian Schools International. As part of that process the administration and staff developed four school improvement goals. A key goal that we’ve started to work on is to create a culture of continuous growth. We know we can improve and want to create a system in which personal and professional growth is expected and anticipated. To this end, the leadership team and new Superintendent will continue to work with the staff and faculty toward these four accreditation driven school improvement goals. Please join with me in prayer as we continue to work on the school’s processes and practices in preparation for the new Superintendent. Grace and peace in Christ,

Tim Krell Interim Superintendent

Superintendent Search Update


he Superintendent Search process is off and running and the Committee is hard at work. We are pleased to announce the addition of two new members, Marisa Peterson, 2nd Grade Teacher at Three Points and a BCS alum, and Ruth Burnett, BCS Board Vice President, Parent and Educator. Marisa and Ruth join an outstanding group of individuals who bring diverse perspectives and experience, representing constituencies including faculty, administration, parents, alumni, board and corporation members. We would like to acknowledge Bob King and Kim Postma for their significant contributions to the Committee last year and also applaud Tim Krell for his continued excellent work as our Interim Superintendent. Our search advisor, JobfitMatters, is in active dialogue with many potential candidates and is encouraged by the quality of individuals they have met. JobfitMatters will continue to vet these individuals over the coming weeks, at which point the Committee will begin its evaluation of the candidates shared by JobfitMatters. The Committee and BCS Board continue to seek God’s direction as we evaluate and dialogue with potential candidates and as these individuals, in turn, discern God’s calling to join and lead the BCS community as its new Superintendent. Please keep the search process in your prayers. Joel Hussey Search Committee Chair


Board Update


Trusteeship & Strategic Planning Focus


he Board, Corporation and Interim Superintendent have been working together to assess their relative roles and responsibilities and tackle some current pressing issues. As a result of this evaluation, the Trusteeship Committee has been revitalized to aid in this effort. Members of the Trusteeship Committee are: Scott Lampe, Ruth Burnet, Tim Krell, Al Erisman, Amy Rogers, and Blake DeYoung.

This leadership group is working through how they can be strategically involved in defining, passing on, and communicating the distinctive nature of Bellevue Christian School. Sometimes, the challenge is not only finding the right vocabulary but also the wisdom and discernment to know when to remain silent and when speaking directly on an issue is necessary. Additionally the Board continues to focus time and energy on the following key priorities identified by our community. 1. Continue improving the academic performance of our students 2. Ongoing focus on strengthening the spiritual development of our students 3. Improving communication and collaboration among all constituencies 4. Developing and implementing a comprehensive facilities improvement plan The Board is focused on a Strategic Plan (summarized below) that will be further refined in collaboration with the new superintendent.

To prepare young people to live fully for God in a rapidly changing world with the ability to understand, evaluate, and transform their world from the foundation of God’s unchanging values

Educational Excellence • Faculty Hiring & Development • Instructional Assessment & Quality Measures • Curriculum Development • Class Schedule & Structure • Non-academic Programs (Athletics, Music, Performing Arts)

Spiritual Formation (Discipleship & Development)

• Spiritual Life Function & Coordinator • Curriculum Development & Integration • Faculty, Staff, & Parent Role • Service as Learning

Operational Effectiveness • Stewarship & Governance • Student Acquisition & Retention

Facilities & Infrastructure • Long-range Facilities & Usage Plan • Technology & Tools

• Endowment

• Transportation

• Fundraising

• Capital Campaign

• Marketing, Communications, & Community Involvement • Fiscal Management & Operating Efficiency




...in a rapidly changing world.

In the spring of 2013, the Superintendent began working together with the principals, district leadership and the parent groups to further strengthen our brand presence and financial partnerships. The following outlines our progress so far:

Where We Were Over the years, a variety of logos, communication vehicles and giving campaigns had become a part of Bellevue Christian School. By 2012-2013 it was felt that the school needed to create new branding, replace retired logos and coordinate the frequency and format of email communication. Similarly, the school had developed and adopted multiple ways for the community to partner financially with BCS and work ensued to shrink or consolidate the number of financial asks and create a more integrated financial partnership plan.

The Results . . . So Far •

Consistent frequency, content and branding of email communication

Coordination of funding sources led to the purchase of new buildings at Mack & Three Points Elementary campuses and the Edwards Gym renovations on Clyde Hill campus

New website

Restarting of the Greene Heritage Society

Creation of the all-community Founders Fund yearly financial partnership program

Expansion of the Business Sponsorship program

New logo and crest created and promotional pieces, official documents, sports and performing arts programs, school department or program informational brochures now hold consistent branding

Re-establishment of the Advancement Committee

New portable at Three Points Elementary & Preschool campus


New lockers in the women’s locker room at the Clyde Hill campus


New Preschool Facility


he new preschool building at our Mack Elementary and Preschool campus brings new opportunities and experiences for Preschool students!

There has been much prayer and work put into this new addition. After a long and tedious process of finalizing permitting and other municipal guidelines during the 2014-2015 school year, the preschool buildings are complete and being utilized this year. A key component to these new buildings is having running water connected, this allows the preschool program to fully meet a child’s needs at this age, and provide them with more programming opportunities.



The Greene Heritage Society was formed in 1994 as a recognition club for individuals who are committed to ensuring the financial stability and educational mission of Bellevue Christian School. Members of the Greene Heritage Society have indicated that Bellevue Christian School will be a recipient of a charitable gift through their estate plan and/or have made strategic financial contributions for capital projects or endowments. Interim Superintendent Tim Krell speaking at the most recent Greene Heritage Society Meeting on November 6.

Learn more about Greene Heritage Society membership and including BCS as a part of your planned giving at our next meeting on Wednesday, March 2, from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. RSVP to Nancy Erisman at nerisman@aol.com. FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 5

The Founders Fund Filling the Gap Together

As you will read in this issue of the Viking View, Bellevue Christian School students are being transformed as the teachers, staff, coaches and community direct their minds and hearts towards God and His word. This impact continues as Alumni make a difference across the street and around the globe. Go to www.bellevuechristian.org/founders-fund/ to hear more and thank you for prayerfully considering partnering financially with us in this ministry!

We believe the mission of discipleship and evangelism that goes on at Bellevue Christian School is a ministry worthy of your financial partnership. Help equip students to live out and practice their faith everyday. As we seek to advance the mission, 100% participation from the community is essential. $19,500.00 Level $1,950.00 Level $195.00 Level $19.50 Level

Make Your Donation Today! Thank you for praying about and then giving yearly at the level (see left) the Lord directs. Together, we can fill the yearly gap between tuition revenue and expenses and provide the teachers with the tools and resources they need to equip students to live fully for God.

Go online today to learn more and make your donation!


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of BCS students!


Join the Mission!

Businesses are an integral part of the financial stability of Bellevue Christian School. Your sponsorship supports students as they discover their gifts and talents while becoming the men and women God created them to be.

Sponsorship has its perks! Not only does every contribution count as a tax-deductible donation, but your business will be listed as a sponsor of BCS as outlined below. Thank you for partnering in our collective mission to prepare young people to live fully for God in a rapidly changing world with the ability to understand, evaluate, and transform their world from the foundation of God’s unchanging values.

Learn more about partnership with us. Contact the Bellevue Christian School Development Department to learn more about how your business can sustain the mission of Bellevue Christian School.

Sponsorship Levels

Mention on BCS Social Media Viking Classic Golf Tournament Sponsorship

Two tickets to one BCS home game and one performing arts event Sponsor spaces in: - District Newsletter - Campus Info Screens - Viking View - Yearbook - Event Programs Edwards Gymnasium Banner Mention on BCS Social Media Viking Classic Golf Tournament Sponsorship



BCS Auction catalog full-page sponsor Two tickets to one performing arts event OR one BCS home game Edwards Gymnasium Banner Mention on BCS Social Media Viking Classic Golf Tournament Sponsorship


BCS Auction catalog half-page sponsor

BCS Auction catalog business-card-size sponsor

Edwards Gymnasium Banner Mention on BCS Social Media Viking Classic Golf Tournament Meal Sponsorship

Viking Classic Golf Tournament Hole Sponsorship



Edwards Gymnasium Banner

BCS Auction catalog full-page sponsor and four reserved seats


Sponsor spaces in: - District Newsletter - Campus Info Screens - Viking View - Yearbook - Event Programs


Four season tickets to all BCS home games and performing arts events



BCS Auction catalog full-page sponsor and reserved table for 10



Three Points Elementary

Challenging Students to Achieve Their Potential!

Enrichment Program and Advanced Math at Three Points Elementary


Advanced Math

he Bellevue Christian School Enrichment Program serves the needs of academically talented students whose gifting is better served by opportunities that are aligned to their unique skills. Standardized test scores and teacher recommendations are used to identify students who will be involved in activities that further stretch their creative problem-solving, higherlevel thinking skills, and more in-depth integration of Christian worldview in each unit of study. Some of the units of study include The Art of Architecture, Forensics Lab, Inventions and Inventors, Strategy Games, and Bubble-ology. One of the most challenging units is teacher Kristina Valantine’s 6th grade “Bridge Building Challenge.” A student describes the project as follows, “We build a bridge out of wood glue and balsa sticks, without strengthening the wood in any way or laminating sticks together. After the bridge is completed, we carefully place a disk with a hook on the bridge deck and hang a large bucket from the hook. We scoop gravel into the bucket until the bridge breaks. Using an electronic scale we weigh the gravel and bucket and then calculate the strength-to-weight ratio.


In addition to weekly math enrichment, each elementary campus has a math specialist for students in third through sixth grade whose math comprehension and computation skills exceed grade level expectations. These students participate in a daily pull-out Advanced Math class where they are challenged with their peers into deeper and more complex mathematical thinking. Students are permitted to progress one or more grade levels through the curriculum, including completing the junior high curriculum when appropriate.

“I learned that you really have to be precise when building something like this.” “I learned a lot about engineering and symmetry.” “I learned that I should not think something will be too hard or too easy before trying.”

As outlined in Philippians 1:9-10, Bellevue Christian School desires to bring resources to appropriately challenge each unique student. Three Points math enrichment teacher Mrs. Joy Orona states, “My greatest pleasure has been in enabling students with an intrinsic love and aptitude for math to run with their gifting, by coordinating a semi-individualized program that seeks to let each student move at his or her own pace. Teamwork and cooperative learning are equally stressed, as student’s problemsolve and challenge one another with new concepts in an environment dependent on personal motivation and responsibility.”

Mack Elementary


Living faith in Jesus S ometimes school lessons have an impact on a student that stretches far beyond the classroom. For Lucy, a 6th grade student at Mack from Seoul, South Korea, a Bible lesson that began last year has had an impact for eternity.

The 6th grade teachers at Mack Elementary encourage their students to explore what it means to have a living faith in Jesus. They are asked to stretch beyond the Bible lessons, Chapel time and daily devotions. One avenue for such exploration is a student led Bible study, held at recess and led by the students, with teacher support. The boys meet with Mr. Tim Rothlisberger and the girls meet with Mrs. Carol Durst.

The girls Bible study was called a “40-Day Journey” and students were asked to reflect on how Christian worldview influences their choices, thoughts and actions. What started in the classroom soon expanded to the after-school English learning program (JLS School) for our Korean students. At JLS, one of our 6th graders repeated the weekly Bible study with her Korean friends in the 5th and 6th grades. Lucy joined the Bible study at JLS as a 5th grader. Fast forward a year and Lucy is now in 6th grade. She is eager and engaged in Bible study and attends a local church with her homestay family. Lucy has recently made a decision to both accept the Lord as her personal Lord and Savior and she wants to be baptized. The seed was planted in our 6th grade classroom’s lunch time and the JLS Bible study. Those seeds were watered by our teachers and students and homestay parents and the fruit will travel with Lucy back to Korea. FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 9


Let’s Go Play

Outside! A

sk most young children about their favorite part of the school day and you are likely to hear, RECESS! As early childhood educators, we know the importance of outdoor play but studies are reporting that many children are spending fewer than 30 minutes a day playing outside. At Bellevue Christian School preschool, we take outdoor play seriously. When children play outside they are learning to: • Run, climb, and jump

• Push and pull

• Dig and pour

• Take turns

• Work together

• Pay attention

In the mud kitchen, children are learning to take turns and work together as they pour, stir, and mix but they are also learning about the properties of water and sand. Tire swings, slides, and climbing equipment help children develop coordination and balance but they are also learning about speed, safety, taking turns, and helping others. When children dig in the sandbox they are developing those large arm and leg muscles, but they are also learning about depth and capacity as they dig and dump.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play IS serious learning.” Mister Rogers

When we play outside, we are giving children a chance to engage in the serious business of play and to celebrate and discover God’s beautiful creation.

To Learn More about the Healthy Benefits of Play, Visit: nwf.org/what-we-do/kids-and-nature/why-get-kids-outside/health-benefits.aspx

10 | VIKING VIEW | FALL 2015

Junior High


Waffles, sausages, eggs, and pancakes . . . oh my!


n Tuesday, September 29, the Junior High Student Council got up extra early, reported to school, and began cooking for the Junior High Faculty and Staff.

Eggs were scrambled, pancakes were made, waffles were formed, sausages cooked, and juice poured...all in the name of service! The Home Economics room quickly became a relaxing eatery, complete with Student Council teacher Trevor Nelson providing music and dance moves. Many thanks to the students for their work, and to Mr. Nelson for his leadership.


Junior High Outing at Camp Gilead


n Friday, September 11, the entire Junior High, including students and faculty, headed to Camp Gilead. Longtime BCS parents Jack and Sara Moyer opened up the camp to the Junior High for another fabulous outing. The morning consisted of coordinated group games designed to build unity and offer opportunities to not take one’s self too seriously. After a tasty lunch, free time activities included swimming, canoeing, basketball, soccer, socializing, and some old-fashioned tether ball. Special thanks to the Junior High Student Council, who arrived in Carnation at the crack of dawn to set up and prepare. Five hours, a dozen games, and one scraped knee later, everyone came back with great memories and it was a great start to the school year.

10 | VIKING VIEW | FALL 2015

FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 11

Our hist at a glance

1988: BOYS AND GIRLS BASKETBALL GOES TO STATE 1983: FIRST ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) COURSES OFFERED AT BCS 1950: OUR BEGINNING “Eastside Christian School” was held in the basement of Juanita Community Church


1953: OUR FIRST CAMPUS Known as“Building A”





1960 1950: TOTAL STUDENT POPULATION 16 students in Grades 1-8








12 | VIKING VIEW | FALL 2015


65 Anniversary TH

Our founding families












2015 & beyond 2015: OUR CLYDE HILL CAMPUS TODAY






FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 13

Senior High School

Welcome, Blake DeYoung! Going Back to His Roots

Sixty-five years ago, I imagine that Albert, Jr. and Joe Greene were filled with an emotional concoction of excitement, anticipation, wonder, and terror. The brothers, the philosophical and operational fathers of Bellevue Christian School, were about to open their new school in a church basement. I imagine their questions ranged from the deeply ponderous (What is our Educational Confession?) to the highly practical (We can build it – but will they come?). Thirty years later, in the late summer of 1980, BCS had found answers to many of those questions – and a toeheaded Kindergartener wandered into Sally Paulus’s classroom to begin his own lifelong relationship with the school and the legacy of Al, Jr. and Joe Greene. That child was me. And so here we are. As BCS celebrates a milestone anniversary, and as we look ahead to a new chapter of leadership, we affirm our gratitude for the Greene’s founding vision, the legacy of teachers and staff that have carried that vision forward, and our commitment to that vision moving ahead. I returned to BCS because of my own enthusiasm for a community of Christian learning and discipleship. BCS is looked at with envy by Christian schools across the country for its founding philosophy and its modern execution. What a gift it is for me to join in this work! I want to thank you for welcoming me back to BCS and I look forward to many years of partnership together. DeYoung most recently comes to BCS from The Bear Creek School in Redmond, WA where he served as the Middle School Division Head. He is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University where he received a BA in English in 1997 and an MA in Teaching in 2002. DeYoung is the first BCS alumni (1993) to become a principal in the school’s sixty-five year history.

14 | VIKING VIEW | FALL 2015

High School Retreat at Lake Sammamish At 8:30 am on Friday, September 11, buses transported the entire high school student and faculty to Lake Sammamish State Park for a day of relationship building, fun, and memory-making. Student Senate organized the day’s activities and this event is one of many opportunities the school provides each year for students to build community with one another and their teachers. Student Senate arrived at the park early that morning to prepare for the day’s events. The first thing on the itinerary was a game of Capture the Flag involving all the students grades 9-12. Teachers stood by and cheered on students as they played. Once the game ended, students and teachers had time to just relax and have fun together. There was also a volleyball tournament which teachers are able to also participate in. After free time, the teachers cooked for the students and everyone enjoyed a meal together. At an event like this, often it is expected to have some sort of speaker or time of reflection. This was intentionally not the case for this event. “The message was to be in community with each other,” said one teacher. “We just spent time in fellowship with one another.” The community that exists at Bellevue Christian School is unique, and it’s because of moments like these that it continues to be strong. The closeness of the relationships formed is one of the hallmarks of the BCS experience.

Senior High School

The BCS Service Experience:

At Home & Abroad

Close to Home

Far Away

Senior Sara Catlett decided to complete her Service Experience locally, through her church. Since she loves working with kids and has plans to become a high school counselor someday, she knew that the opportunity to serve at a couple different camps over the summer would fit her passions well.

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, sophomore Bright Girmay and her family moved to Washington from Ethiopia in hopes of receiving better educational opportunities. After the school year ended her family made a trip back to Ethiopia to visit and Bright decided to complete her BCS Service Experience by volunteering in an orphanage while in Africa.

“I just really like helping people realize their full potential,” said Catlett. “If they’re struggling with a problem I like to help them overcome and it and learn from it.”

Sara served at two different camps: a day camp for elementary-age students, and an overnight middle school camp. Despite her challenge of relating to her group of mostly middle school boys, she enjoyed her experience and was able to know she was making a difference in their lives. The transformation in the students’ lives is what she enjoyed seeing the most. She reflected on the beginning of the summer, and how quiet and shy most of the students were, and compared that to the end of the summer, when the students had really come out of their shells and were telling their parents they didn’t want camp to end. With it being a local service experience through the church she attends, she is able to go a step further, above and beyond her BCS Service Experience requirement, and continue to be a part of the children’s lives.

“I always liked to help others, especially kids,” said Bright. She spent all day at the orphanage even though that meant less time with her family. Her experience was not without difficulties. She was challenged by the distance between the orphanage and where she was living and in trying to come up with entertaining and unique activities for the kids each day. To solve the second challenge, she utilized her skills in English to help improve the children’s grammar, spelling, and conversational English skills. The part she most enjoyed was being able to spend time with the kids that were her own age who were living at the orphanage. Close relationships formed as they would cook, play volleyball, go swimming, and hang out together. Bright’s heart for service is an encouragement to us all, and she reflects on her experience, “it seems small for us but for them it’s a big thing.”

“I see the kids all the time,” said Sara. “There’s a girl who was in my cabin for middle school camp, and now she always comes up to me and gives me a hug. I love being able to see how the kids blossom and how they change throughout the year...I find it so awesome to know that I am making a difference in these kids’ lives.” FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 15

Viking Athletics

Clyde Hill Edwards Gymnasium Gets A Fresh Look!


hanks in part to the generous donations of many given through last year’s Viking Classic Golf Tournament and Auction, the Edwards Gymnasium on the Clyde Hill campus underwent significant renovations.

“It was the first time we’ve done a complete re-do in 20 years,” said BCS Athletic Director Mark DeJonge. “It has been long overdue.” Locker rooms were updated, complete with new lockers, the gym floor was completely stripped, refinished, and given a fresh new paint job, new basketball hoops were installed, the siding on the exterior was replaced, and the interior will be receiving a fresh look and be repainted. “The improvements really bring a sense of pride to the BCS Athletic program,” said DeJonge.

Viking Classic Golf Tournament


n Monday, September 21, golfers and non-golfers alike came out to Bear Creek Country Club in Woodinville, WA with one goal in mind – to support BCS Athletics!

Eighty-two golfers were off in their golf carts by 11am for a day of golf with their families and friends. They were provided lunch and had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets to win various prizes. The evening program included a reception dinner with more awards and prizes. Thanks to all the golfers, sponsors, and volunteers!




COMMUNITY CARNIVAL The entire BCS Community was invited to spend an evening at the Clyde Hill campus on Friday, October 23 to play games, win prizes, and have fun at the Community Carnival. Families from every corner of Bellevue Christian School came to enjoy the festivities.

Carnival events included: • Inflatable Obstacle Course • Inflatable Slides • Cotton candy & popcorn • Bean bag toss • Face Painting by BCS Art students • Photo booth • Spiritwear • Cake Walk • Basketball contest • Dunk tank with BCS Wrestling Team • Batting Cage

Students let their light shine!

The Jog-A-Thon is an annual event occuring at both of our elementary campuses, Three Points and Mack. Students are commissioned to raise per-lap or flat donations. On Friday, September 25, hundreds of Preschool-6th grade students participated, alongside their parents and teachers. The theme of the Jog-A-Thon is this year’s Viking Verse, which is Matthew 5:16.

“Let your light shine before others, so they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” - Matthew 5:16 Students wore t-shirts reflecting this verse as a reminder of why they run - to give glory to our Father in heaven! Thanks to the Three Points and Mack communities who came together to support the students and Bellevue Christian School!

FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 17

Visual & Performing Arts

Arts News Bellevue Christian School’s involvement in the Bellevue Festival of the Arts


uring the last full weekend of every July, you will find students and their parents from the Performing Arts Department and the National Honor Society working hard in the Cost Plus/Starbuck’s/Bergman Luggage parking lots. This is the weekend of the Bellevue Arts Festival and they work with the group known as the Bellevue Festival of the Arts. This is a juried arts and crafts fair produced by the Craft Cooperative of the Northwest and organized by artists who support a variety of nonprofits with proceeds from the festival. Former Bellevue Christian School teacher Joel Ulrich was approached years ago and asked if BCS would help with the nitty-gritty work of running the Fair. In return, our choir and band students could earn money for their Spring Break tour expenses. We have been involved ever since! Over the five-day event, parents and students do everything from marking where booths are set up, to helping artists load in and load out, emptying trash throughout the entire parking lot complex, keeping the food court area clean and booth-sitting when artists need to take a short break. Ann Sutherland, the current Fair Coordinator, and the artists themselves speak warmly of BCS students and comment that there is no way the Fair could run successfully without their service. We continue to be thankful for the opportunity to serve as evidenced by the number of repeat volunteers, even alumni! If you attend the Fair next summer be sure to stop by and say hello to these wonderful students/parents and if you choose to purchase a cold beverage we will gratefully serve you as well!


An Exciting Mystery Performed in November


fter many months of rehearsal and stage production, the cast, crew, and director Mark Ramquist performed The Mousetrap at the Clyde Hill campus theatre on the evenings of November 12-14.

“The Mousetrap is a play about hiding the facts, pretending not to know, and expressing ‘partial truth,’” said Ramquist. “From the opening scenes through to the end of the story, the characters do their utmost to avoid a full expression of the truth... the consequences of “partial truth” can be devastating, and you’ll see that in the show. It’s only when the full truth comes out that the story – and life itself – finds satisfaction and rest.” 18 | VIKING VIEW | FALL 2015

Visual & Performing Arts


Band and Choir Come Together To Retreat


he weather at Camp Casey was exceptional as the band and choir students gathered for their annual retreat. The highlight was the relationships that were built during rehearsals, meals, and playing volleyball. The weekend events were organized in part by the chaperones, Alva and Gregg Lissner. Gregg lead us in devotions on the beach on Saturday morning before breakfast. The theme was: “Are we fans or followers of Jesus?” It’s easy to be fans, and when the going gets hard, it’s easy to bail out (as the disciples did before the resurrection). It’s much harder to follow Jesus into the difficult times, but when we do the victory is that much sweeter! It was a great time of bonding musically, spiritually, and relationally. The retreat is always one of the events that creates a unified approach to our rehearsals and performances throughout the school year.

Band Concerts


n October 30, the bands performed a concert titled, “Prayer, Praise, and Dancing.” Inspired by Psalm 149:3, “Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!”

P rayer, P raise, and Dancing Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre! Psalm 149:3

High School Band Concert Friday, October 30, 2015 • 7:30 PM Performances by the Symphonic Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, & Jazz Ensemble

Clyde Hill Campus Greene Commons They performed the famous band piece by David Chance Barnes, Incantation and Dance. In addition, senior David Postma performed a beautiful rendition of God Bless the Child, originally sung by Billy Holliday. •

The Junior High band’s first concert of the year, Surge, was held on November 19 which also included the 6th grade elementary band students. There are also 44 Mack and Three Points students in the 5th grade elementary band program!



heir first concert of the year took place on October 27 and was titled, “Witness: An Evening of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.” It included the debut performance of the women’s choir, Aurora, and the men’s choir, Mannskor.

At the concert, the Concert Choir performed an arrangement of “Beautiful Savior” and “Who’ll Be a Witness for My Lord?” The choirs came together for a combined performance of “Deep River” by Matthew Culloton.

Band and Choir students having morning devotions.

FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 19

Extended Day

Extended Day: Encouraging


am Holderman loves teaching after-school iPad art to BCS students. This is her fourth year teaching this versatile medium. It is a wonderful way to explore creativity in this technological age. The class has experimented with many different apps, but keeps returning to the Brushes Redux and Brushes XP apps for their ability to replay each drawing from beginning to end. The students love watching how their drawings were made and it allows Pam to show students how to create a piece. These apps also allow the students to create and save their own brushes; so we get stars, triangles, clouds, heavy and thin lines, and shading. Just about any idea they want can be made into a brush.


They also have put their work on mugs and celebrated with hot chocolate. They studied famous artists and drew Wayne Thiebaud cupcakes and Vincent Van Gogh “Starry Nights”. In fairy tales, students studied different versions of these tales, photographed themselves so they became part of the adventure and finally printed these photos and turned them into accordion books. Students have made printed pop-up books and cards, again using the layers so each was printed separately. As you can see, while completing these engaging projects, students explore creativity, technology, and enjoyed their time together learning something new.

The theme for first trimester this year is “Bible”. The student’s first project is the story of “Creation”. So Pam is teaching the students how to do layers. Since God created the heavens and the earth in six days and then rested, we are creating six different layers for each day that God created. Next they will move on to Noah and his ark. The students are allowed to take a selfie and put themselves on the ark if they want. There are big arks and small ones, interior shots of animals in crates, and some very fun looking boats. Over the past years students have explored many different themes. They have made a collaborative story with illustrations and each student received a printed book. They have written their own story and printed it out.


Viking Parent Group (VPG) News


he Viking Parent Group (VPG) welcomes the new Principal Blake DeYoung to the Clyde Hill Campus! During the fall, the VPG held three “Meet and Greets” in BCS family homes as an opportunity to get to know Blake and hear his vision for the Junior and Senior High campus. Thank you to the hosting families, the Harrisons, Zylstras, and Bolds and all those who participated. The VPG continues to conduct regular meetings to volunteer for events, organize staff recognition, and create community. The VPG also hosts Parent/Principal meetings once a month. To find out about when and where VPG meetings, please see the school calendar or email vpg@ bellevuechristian.org 20 | VIKING VIEW | FALL 2015

PTF Winter Calendar

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Three Points Elementary

January 2016 January 11

PTF Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Three Points Elementary Campus

January 18

Parents in Prayer

8:30 a.m.

Three Points Elementary Campus

February 2016 February 8

PTF Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Three Points Elementary Campus

February 29

Parent Social

8:30 a.m.

Three Points Elementary Campus

PTF Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Three Points Elementary Campus

March 2016 March 14

Three Points PTF strives to encourage and support our staff, students, and families. Our desire is to glorify God— living to love and serve Him—and inspire other parents to join our mission, so that the greater community may see the grace and work of God and respond in praise to Him. God’s work and purposes are intended to be done in community, which is why we have designed Monday to be our Parent Connections day. Every Monday offers an opportunity for all parents to connect with each other, and concurrently support our staff and students. PTF continues to plan and facilitate our school events and we welcome all parents to be a part of our vision to support our staff and school community, and enrich the student experience. Our Parents in Prayer group meets twice monthly to pray for our Three Points community because we genuinely care about our staff and families, and believe that God is faithful to answer the prayers of His people. Our Parent Book Club is working through Ready to Launch, a study designed to encourage men and women in the journey of parenthood, preparing them to train and equip their children to live fully for God. We invite you to join us: to build community, support and encourage our students and staff, and together grow in our faith so that our light will shine for others, and our Father in heaven is given the glory and honor due His Name.

Mack Elementary

January 2016 January 8

E-Board Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Mack Elementary Campus

January 22

PTF Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Mack Elementary Campus

February 2016 February 5

E-Board Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Mack Elementary Campus

February 19

PTF Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Mack Elementary Campus

March 4

E-Board Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Mack Elementary Campus

March 18

PTF Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Mack Elementary Campus

March 2016

Come. Connect. Contribute. You are always welcome to join our monthly Parent Teacher Fellowship

(PTF) meetings which are held on Fridays at 8:30am in the Mack library. Our PTF meeting/Christmas social is December 11th. It’s a fun and casual way to connect with other Mack families, discover Mack community, and learn about volunteer opportunities. Additionally, we often have guest speakers who provide enriching parent education. Feel free to come late and/or leave early and children are always welcome! Contact Tonya Loving, PTF President at tonyaloving@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions. FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 21


Alumni Special Feature

Keeping A Tight-Knit Community Together Ryan VanderPol graduated from Bellevue Christian School in 2001 and as he left high school, he had no intention of losing the relationships he had made throughout his high school years. Many seniors have this same aspiration, but soon the reality sets in of going in different directions, making new friends, and somehow losing touch. But for Ryan, things would be different. He ventured to college, made some new friends, but as Ryan looks at his life today, he realizes that his closest friends are still those he had at BCS. In fact, he has standing plans to meet up with them (and now their families) once a month. “In that tight-knit community of BCS, we became really good friends and got really involved in each other’s lives and each other’s family’s lives...and now our own families...and that just kind of continued...” said Ryan. “We all stayed local and just kept those relationships going.” Not only is it a gift for this group of friends to continue to see each other regularly, but they have become a support system for each other as they encounter new stages of life together. “We are all beginning to be parents now,” said Ryan. He believes that a value of having a strong connection to a small group of friends is important. “...It’s people you can call up and talk to and understand and relate to and give you advice or criticism – pretty much anything you need support-wise, they’re going to be there for you.”

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! You have exciting things happening in your life and we want to share them! Did you get married, have a baby, get a new job, or move somewhere exciting? Or did a loved one with ties to BCS pass away?

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Ryan, his former classmates, and their families see each other once a month to continue in community with each other. 22 | VIKING VIEW | FALL 2015



Alumni News


Rebecca King (‘08) and Jonathan Brodin were married on May 31, 2015 at Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA. Rebecca is the daughter of Bob and Jeannie King and one of three siblings to attend BCS, along with her brother, James, and her sister, Alison. Jonathan is the son of Doug and Stephanie Brodin and grew up in Olympia, Washington, where he attended North Thurston High School. After graduating from BCS, Rebecca attended Scripps College where she played four years of softball and earned a double major in Religious Studies and Political Science. She currently handles marketing and event planning for Northwest Cadence, a Bellevuebased company that specializes in software process consulting and whose President also has kids that attend BCS. The newly married couple reside in Kirkland.


at Oxford University. Not only is he the youngest in the program but he is also the first student from Northwest University to ever be accepted for the full year at Oxford. Nathan Shiu (‘01) went to Whitman University and majored in music. He was a beloved member of the BCS musical community. He currently sings as tenor mentor for a high school aged choir, Cathedral Schola, at St. Marks and is the choir director at Salem Lutheran Church in Mount Vernon, WA.

Reunions Class of 1985

The class of 1995 celebrated their 20-year reunion with a weekend of festivities! “The reunion went great,” said Allison Orler, reunion coordinator. “We met at the Bar Code in Bellevue and had a fantastic time. We had a family picnic the next

The class of 1985 celebrated their 30-year reunion with an event at the new 13 Coins Restaurant in downtown Bellevue.

day in Issaquah....people were so busy talking, no one had time for pictures, so we just took one big group picture!” “The reunion was great,” said Ryan Olson, reunion coordinator. “We had 23 from the class attend. We had one classmate, Roy Sachs, come in with his family from San Antonio, Texas.”

The class doesn’t want to wait another 10 years to reunite so they hope to get together in another five years.

Thanks to Ryan Olson for coordinating the event!

Class of 1990 The class of 1990 celebrated their 25-year reunion with a small gathering over the summer.

Isaiah Whitten (‘14) is currently in his sophomore year at Northwest University and is studying abroad

Class of 1995

“The mighty class of ‘90 had a small, but fun reunion,” said Todd Pheifer, reunion coordinator. Ten members of the class of 38 showed up and enjoyed some time together catching up.

Submit your updates to: bcsalumni@bellevuechristian.org

Upcoming reunions:

Class of 1975-79 - December 27 Email bcsalumni@bellevuechristian.org to learn more.

Thanks Todd for coordinating and to those who were able to attend! FALL 2015 | VIKING VIEW | 23

1601 98th Ave NE Clyde Hill WA 98004


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April 15, 2016 Plan to join us for a celebration of 65 years of Christian education at Bellevue Christian School!

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Have a friend interested in Bellevue Christian School? Suggest they attend an Open House! 2016 Open House Dates: Preschool Mack - Tues., January 12 @ 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Three Points - Tues., January 19 @ 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Mack - Fri., January 22 @ 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Discover Kindergarten! (Three Points & Mack) More in-depth information on Kindergarten only.

Wed., February 10 @ 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Wed., April 20 @ 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Grades K-6 (Three Points & Mack) Wed., January 13 @ 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Wed., March 16 @ 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Grades 7-12 (Clyde Hill) Thurs., January 14 @ 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Questions? Email admissions@bellevuechristian.org

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