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In 1995, during the East Bayshore Waterfront Development Phase ll, a trail system was developed between Herchimer Avenue and South George Street. This development, known as South Foster Park, features the CN Train Monument, Memory Lane and a gazebo at the fish habitat wildlife area, better known as turtle pond. Memory Lane is a section of the trail that commemorates people’s loved ones with engraved bricks. The idea is similar to the stones in the CN Monument, an area of the trail that commemorates our railroaders. The Gazebo provides a perfect view of the beautiful Bay of Quinte for those enjoying the waterfront trail along Memory Lane.


Belleville Cemetery is the resting place of Canada’s fifth Prime Minister Mackenzie Bowell, Canadian author Susanne Moodie and her husband, Dunbar Moodie, the first Sheriff of Hastings County, and an early pioneer in Deaf Education in Ontario Samuel Thomas Greene. The revival of the Elmwood Cemetery is largely due to Corbyville Distillery. After operating a bakery in Belleville and running a steamer for several years in the 1830s, Henry Corby settled in an area just south of Elmwood on the banks of the Moira, where a good site existed for a new grist mill. One of the ‘sidelines’ of running a grist mill was the distillation of liquor. Henry added a distillery to his operation, taking advantage of the sparkling water available. By 1859, the distillery was beginning to

Corbyville is a town built around spirits. Proudly brewed in the historic Corbyville distillery district, Signal Brewery is keeping the heritage of our buildings alive with great beer, food and world class entertainment!

overshadow the grist mill. Between then and 1881 when he died, Henry Corby became Mayor of Belleville and a Member of Parliament. As the village of Corbyville grew up around the distillery and mill, most of the workers preferred to live some distance from the fumes, and settled along the banks of the Moira to the north -- in the immediate vicinity of Elmwood Cemetery. BELLEVILLE.CA

City of Belleville - Visitors Guide 2018  
City of Belleville - Visitors Guide 2018