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Annual Civic Levee on New Year’s Day 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre

Please join us as we welcome the New Year.

BELLEVILLE Magazine is published quarterly by the City of Belleville. Magazine Contributors: Aaron Bell, Elisha Purchase, Karen Poste, Paulina Uy, Susan Walsh, Stephanie Trattner and Marilyn Warren Editor - Marilyn Warren BELLEVILLE Magazine is available online and in an accessible text-only format at Printed in Canada All information ©2015, City of Belleville. No use is permitted without written permission.

On behalf of my colleagues on Council and the City of Belleville staff I am pleased to present the 2015 Holiday BELLEVILLE Magazine. The holidays are a special time of year for families in the City of Belleville. A time for everyone to gather, express gratitude for our blessings and look forward to the year ahead. 2015 has been an exciting year and we find ourselves with many reasons to be thankful. We have hosted various successful events bringing countless visitors to the City, experienced extensive progress in major construction projects throughout the region and watched local businesses celebrate monumental anniversaries. This edition of the BELLEVILLE Magazine brings special attention to the residents and businesses of the Thurlow Ward; one of the most beautiful areas of our City. Thurlow is filled with key industries and is host to everything from dairy farms to food manufacturers and contractors. A collection of their stories is included in the pages to follow. As the winter season begins I remind everyone to take advantage of the many seasonal cultural and recreational activities we offer here in the City of Belleville. I encourage you to stay informed about these activities by visiting our website at On a personal note, I am grateful to the residents of the City of Belleville for their dedication to ensuring Belleville is the great city that it is. I am honoured to be your Mayor and look forward to a bright and prosperous future. Warm Regards, Taso A. Christopher Mayor

December 2015


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LOCAL FOOD INDUSTRY The Cities of Belleville and Quinte West, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, were proud to host the 2015 Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference on November 4th and 5th at the Travelodge Hotel in Belleville.


This year’s conference theme was ‘Creativity + Collaboration = Action!’ and the 200 plus delegates were definitely kept active during the two-day event.


On day one, the delegates had the opportunity to join the Quinte Region Local Food Tour with stops at La Cultura Salumi, Grills Orchards, The Ontario Water Buffalo Company, Maple Dale Cheese, Reid’s Dairy and Donini Chocolate. This was a wonderful opportunity to experience local food from the farm to the factory. When they returned from the tour they were treated to a ‘Taste of Quinte’ reception at the Travelodge.




Eastern Ontario Local Food

2015 Conference Hosted in Belleville

Parapan AM Torch Relay

Hundreds Attend to Support Participants


The Tummon Family Farm





Volunteers Making a Difference

Hawley’s Garage

Tractors, Trucks or Cars – They Fix Them All


Mayor Christopher


Timber Top Country Store

Volunteers Making a Difference

Meet Dr. Aruna Alexander

15th Anniversary in Belleville Location

Cause for Celebration

P&G Belleville Plant Recognizes 40th Anniversary

Fitzgibbon Construction

Build Belleville Progress

Project Highlights and Updates

December 2015

Belleville Magazine

Thursday, the delegates were welcomed to the Quinte area by Mayor Christopher of Belleville and Mayor Harrison of Quinte West and encouraged to enjoy their visit to the Bay of Quinte area.

Online Procurement Service

Same Values - Different Approach

Known and Respected Throughout Eastern Ontario



The Geertsma Team

Helping Clients Create Homes that are Right for Them City Enhances Bids & Tenders Services

10 Convergys

Meet Eric Lindenberg



Mayor Taso Christopher brings greetings.

Visits Downtown Merchants

Covers You from Foundation to Roof



Santa Claus Parade

Perfect Evening to Welcome the Season

Poste It Note

Long-term Businesses in Our Community

28 Municipal Property Assessment Corporation


Assessing & Classifying Ontario Properties

New Transit Number 10

Cory Van Groningen was the conference key-note speaker. As the co-owner of the family business, VG Meats, Cory was awarded the 2012 Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmer Award and sits on numerous boards representing the beef industry.

This full day of conference sessions focused on creative and collaborative opportunities to advance local food and food processing. The Quinte region’s food industry is incredibly diverse and an ‘ignite style’ session brought 10 of our local food heroes together to share their successes with the delegates. There were also concurrent afternoon sessions that covered successful collaborations, building successful retail-supplier relationships, opportunities in urban agriculture, new farmers and programs supporting them, food safety and ways to spot emerging market opportunities. The conference was a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved and the perfect opportunity to showcase our beautiful Bay of Quinte region and our local food industry.

New Bus Route & Where it Takes You

It’s All About Safety

Winter Parking Restrictions Carbon Monoxide Alarms

December 2015

o ne of tw elve c o m m unit ies t o ho st

gr ea t t hi n gs happeni ng







On August 4th the Pan Am Torch returned to Belleville for the inspirational Parapan Am Relay Celebration at Jane Forrester Park (Meyers Pier). Belleville was thrilled to have been chosen as one of only 12 Ontario communities to host a Celebration. Hundreds of people gathered to cheer on 23 bearers who circled the beautiful waterfront park with broad smiles and determination. People of all ages, including groups of children from local day care centres, waved their Canadian and Pan Am flags with pride, rang their Pan Am bells and cheered wildly. Also on hand with displays and giveaways were several of the Pan Am Corporate sponsors including CIBC, OLG and President’s Choice. Karen Kitchen, the final bearer, was the City of Belleville’s community nominee and it was a very inspiring moment when she lit the cauldron with her torch to begin the official ceremonies. Karen has cerebral palsy and is a well-known advocate for people with physical disabilities. She described the event as “life changing” stating that she “often felt she would like to do something like this but never thought it could happen to her!” Local professional athletes taking part in this torch run included Belleville-born Derek Smith, an NHL defenseman with the Arizona Coyotes, and Ameliasburg’s World Championship barefoot water-skier Becky Moynes. More than 1,000 athletes gathered in Toronto in August to compete in the Parapan Am Games which followed the successful Pan Am Games in July. There were 314 athletes on the Canadian Parapan Am Team. The Pan Am Torch Relay Celebration July 3rd at West Zwick’s Park and The Parapan Am Torch Relay Celebration were both well attended, once in a lifetime events. 4







the TUMMON FAMILY FARM Nestled in the hills of Thurlow Ward, the multigeneration Tummon dairy farm has integrated technology not found in every barn - robots. The cows move into position, single file - waiting their turn to step into the milking station. If they arrive too early, the robot opens the exit gate and sends them on their way. If the time is right, the robot washes them and uses lasers to determine the placement and attachment of the milking suction cups. As the milk travels through the pipes to the holding tank it is filtered and cooled. Every second day Durham Transport arrives, empties the tank and delivers its contents to a destination determined by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario. Each cow produces an average of 33 litres per day. With approximately 100 cows currently being milked, the Tummon cattle are producing 6,600 litres of milk every two days.


The computer system in the barn is connected to the Tummon’s iPhones and if there are issues of concern they are notified with alert messages.

This February will be the 4th Anniversary for the Tummon’s robotic dairy operation on Denyes Road in Thurlow Ward. At the time the Tummons decided to make this business transition from tradional dairy farming, robotic dairy farms were already quite common in Europe. Their robots were shipped from Holland and they immediately set to work learning to implement the numerous applications the robots offered.

The Ontario Dairy Industry follows the strict rules and regulations of the Canadian Quality Milk Program (CQM). Ontario has the highest quality controls for their milk products and consumers can be confident, knowing the mandatory protocols ensure the Ontario dairy products they purchase meet the most stringent of standards. In addition to the Tummons contacting their veterinarian with any specific concerns, they have regular scheduled visits every three weeks to ensure the cattle are in the best of health.

Now that seems like ages ago. The cows each wear a tag that identifies them to the robots. The heat detection systems are able to tell the Tummons many critical things about each cow’s health. They know how much each cow weighs and how much milk they have produced. Their general health is recorded including temperature, when they go into heat and if they are pregnant.

The Tummons welcome tours interested in seeing their robot operations and have hosted groups from Estonia, Finland, Quebec, Western Ontario and local 4H groups.

“We worked very hard to be able to do this – planning, saving and building our herd. Everything we did was labour intensive and the flexibility we have today has definitely changed our lifestyle for the better. This is the sixth generation of dairy farmers in our family and I believe it’s important to explore new things – find ways to improve – it certainly keeps things interesting.” Peter 6

“The robots enable us to make better informed decisions for our herd. We are made aware of potential problems before the cow even exhibits symptoms.” Beth “I was a city girl and instantly fell in love with the country. Gerry and his folks told such wonderful stories about growing up on the farm and I wanted our family to have similar experiences. It’s been the best thing that ever happened to us.” Nicole

“I feel like we are able to accomplish much more during the day and I enjoy having those additional pockets of time to spend with my family. The robots did that for us.” Gerry Gerry and his wife Nicole have two small children and if they become the next generation of Tummon dairy farmers, who knows what technology will be a part of their daily farming operations.

v olun teers make a d i f f e r e n c e

MEET ERIC LINDENBERG “When you live in a community you draw on it and I sincerely believe it’s important to make an effort to give back. You can’t expect things to be delivered on a silver platter - you need to contribute.”

Parapan Am Torch Relay

This summer, the laughter and excited squeals emanating from 151 Dundas Street East drew smiles of nostalgia and anticipation from the community. The Kinsmen Outdoor Pool was back, new and improved - and with it, a FUNtastic Splash Pad. Many individuals and groups helped to make this happen but a key player in the ‘return of our outdoor pool’ was Eric Lindenberg.

Kinsmen Pool Opening

Library Advisory Committee

Left to Right: Gerry Fraiberg, Michael Roberts, Councillor Thompson, Vern Whalen, Sophie Andrews and Eric Lindenberg Missing from Photo: Councillor Carr, Councillor Panciuk & Beth Phieffer

December 2015

Belleville Magazine


The United Nations Association in Canada builds bridges of knowledge and understanding that link all Canadians with the people and nations of the world. The Quinte Branch engages the local community in the work of the Association through educational events on issues that affect us all. Dr. Alexander supervises a group of volunteers for the following projects:

In addition to the role of Founding President of UNAC-QUINTE, Dr. Alexander Chairs the Equity Committee, Bay of Quinte Conference, The United Church of Canada, the Church and Wider Community Focus Group, Kente Presbytery, and the Interfaith Quinte Group based in Belleville.

“The Grand Opening felt great!” Eric added. “They did such a good job on the facility, not extravagant, simply solid quality work. When I saw our revived outdoor pool and the people enjoying it, I felt things were back to the way they should be – it was all good!”

Eric Lindenberg Owner & Operator Red Ball Radio

“We encourage mature, committed volunteers to contact us if they are interested in working to create an environment in Belleville that will bring the best Canadian and global citizens to work and contribute their innovative talents to our community.” Dr. Aruna Alexander Founding President United Nations Association in Canada Quinte Branch

Eric Lindenberg

Eric approached City Council and asked them to consider reopening the pool. When the costs were submitted, Council agreed and Eric stepped forward again, pledging to raise $75,000 for playground equipment. He not only met this commitment – he exceeded it by over $10,000 and attributes this success to generous community donations.


Eric is also the President of the Belleville Runners’ Club - organizing fundraising races for local causes and encouraging others to be active. President of Buy-Locally Owned Group

Welcome of International Students to Belleville Ambassadors for Belleville UN Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

“The Ambassadors for Belleville initiative is one of the most positive initiatives launched in partnership with The City of Belleville,” said Dr. Alexander. “ We are now working with the Chamber of Commerce and Loyalist College. It focuses on the retention of new Belleville residents - those employed by local businesses and Loyalist College international students.

World Religions Day Partnership programs with: City of Belleville, Hastings Prince Edward District School Board, Loyalist College, Quinte Conservation and The United Church of Canada (Bay of Quinte) “Volunteers are welcomed, and encouraged to work with us in programs that are of interest to them, and to which they bring a high level of competence and respect for cultural difference,” added Dr. Alexander.

“It is a beneficial project through its vision and work in growing a socially and economically sustainable intercultural, inclusive, integrated, welcoming community. Recognizing the diversity of citizens living in Belleville, gatherings will encourage Canadian and international cultural events; organize roundtable discussions; and develop community relationships that foster respect for diversity and inclusivity.” 9

“The skills you develop in your initial and ongoing training, in combination with the hands-on experience you gain through client contact, prepare you to pursue advancement options within the organization or to apply them in the employment setting of your choice.” Cathie White Director of Operations Convergys Belleville

In August 2015 Convergys (formerly Stream) celebrated the 15th anniversary of its Belleville location, their first Canadian site. Now, it is one of five Canadian centres, with others located in Cape Breton, Chilliwack, Welland and London - bringing their site total to over 150 sites in 31 countries. Convergys is a Customer Management Services Company. They expanded their geographic footprint and capabilities by adding the former Stream to their portfolio. Belleville’s site has well established client relationships, providing technical, billing and sales support for leading technology, entertainment and communications clients. Employee retention is key to Convergys and they invest time and resources to accomplish this. New hires are provided with four to five weeks of training, followed by a two to three-week transition period into their new roles. There are people in place throughout the site to help others succeed: Team Leaders, Senior Operations Managers, Trainers, Program Managers, Operations Managers, Quality Experts, Human Resources Professionals and Site Leaders. Many of the individuals in these leadership roles were initially hired for entry level positions and have had the opportunity to advance. One hundred percent of Belleville’s current Managers started on the floor and globally 70% began as entry-level employees. Convergys encourages this upward internal mobility Cathie White is a perfect example.


“I left the banking industry over 10 years ago,” explained Cathie White, Director of Operations. “My daughter was working in HR here at Convergys (Stream) and knowing I was not quite feeling ready to retire, suggested I come help them out for a couple of months over the holiday season. Well, that’s not quite what happened. I started as an agent on the phones supporting a Customer Care Contract and quickly worked my way up to a Team Manager. I moved over into the Training department and spent three years as a Trainer, Training Coordinator and Site Training Manager

before going back to the production floor as an Operations Manager for two different contracts. I have been in the Belleville Site Director role for the past two years.” Working with clients in a customer-services company helps to develop and strengthen a wide range of skills information technology, communication, teaching, leadership and analysis – important, transferable life and career skills. The Convergys Belleville service center currently employs almost 750 people making it one of the area’s largest employers.

Each year Convergys injects over $20,000,000 of new money into our local economy which circulates throughout our retail, entertainment, restaurant, real estate and service industries. MOTIVATIONAL WALL MURAL AT CONVERGYS



To add to the day’s festivities, Guinness World Records was in attendance and

P&G Belleville

is now the proud record holder of the title,

“Largest Game of Follow the Leader”

- a well-deserved recognition for a corporation that is a true leader in our Community.

Procter & Gamble’s 40th Anniversary as a Valued Member of our Belleville Community 1975-2015 Started in 1975 with six Pampers lines

On behalf of Mayor Christopher, my colleagues on City Council and the entire community, I would like to congratulate Plant Manager Martin De Rome and the Procter & Gamble family on their 40th Anniversary in Belleville and wish you the greatest success in the future.”

Currently produces Olay Daily Facials, Always Discreet and Always

The culture of P&G is built upon a work/life balance and promotes staff development. One of the lead advertisements during Super Bowl was the P&G “Lead Like a Girl” campaign. They think globally, but act locally.

Belleville Magazine

Procter & Gamble has always been an outstanding corporate citizen, giving away product locally and their finger print can be seen on many positive projects throughout the community.


On September 6th over 700 employees, retirees and their guests gathered to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Procter & Gamble in Belleville. P&G is a pillar in our community, providing employment and economic stability to hundreds of local residents and their families.

December 2015

“It has been estimated that over $1 billion in payroll has been injected into the community since 1975 and more than $20 million paid in municipal and school board taxes. Millions of dollars have been donated to local charities including the United Way and the Belleville General Hospital.

Single source of Always pads production for both Canada and the United States

excerpts from greetings brought by Councillor Carr on behalf of Mayor Christopher and City Council

Councillor Paul Carr & Plant Manager Martin De Rome 12


December 2015

n o job t o o bi g

Fitzgibbon Construction no job too small

“Although Fitzgibbon Construction has grown considerably over the years, we still strive to maintain the core values of a family business, to earn the privilege of being the contractor of choice for projects of any size.”

Greg DeMille, President

After serving Canada in World War II, Bert Fitzgibbon returned home in 1945 and started Fitzgibbon Construction. As the company grew beyond building roads to include water, sewer, asphalt and paving operations, Bert became good friends with Earl DeMille, a Belleville home builder. Bert began to do all of the site development for Earl’s home building business. In the early 1960’s Bert died tragically in a plane crash and soon afterwards Earl DeMille bought Fitzgibbon Construction from Bert’s estate.

Madoc, in addition to various residential subdivisions, commercial parking lots and residential driveways.

Earl continued to operate both companies until he decided to focus completely on Fitzgibbon Construction. With the help of his sons Ralph and Greg, he expanded the company’s core business to include heavy civil projects.

Whether the project is an airport runway at CFB or a private residential driveway, Fitzgibbon has machines of all sizes enabling them to choose a unit appropriate to the job. Their Trimble GPS systems allow them to maximize their productivity and enhance their accuracy. In addition to being used for engineering and surveying, they have installed the GPS on their rollers, dozers, grader, asphalt spreader and hand-held rovers.

Today, the name Fitzgibbon Construction is respectfully known throughout eastern Ontario. Their expertise in road and airport construction, asphalt and paving, sewer and watermain, and site preparation has earned the company contracts with CFB Trenton, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, City of Belleville, City of Quinte West, Town of Deseronto and Town of

Committed to staying current with industry changes, Fitzgibbon continues to research and implement high quality standards. Their hot mix is manufactured by their own asphalt plant, giving them the ability to control both the manufacturing and placement of asphalt which ensures their customers are provided the best possible quality from a single contractor.


Fitzgibbon Construction is strongly committed to protecting their employees and the environment. The health and safety of their employees is paramount and ensuring their protection from injury or occupational disease is considered in every activity. With respect to the environment, Fitzgibbon encourages the use of recycled aggregates whenever possible. Their objective is to recycle materials, reduce emission and landfill materials, and conserve energy and natural resources while reducing construction costs with no loss of quality or constructability.


BUILD BELLEVILLE PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Bay Bridge Road/CP Rail Overhead Replacement and Dundas Street West Rehabilitation

City Centre Revitalization and Redevelopment Project Downtown Ready to Celebrate Completion of Phase 1 Construction During the past seven months many exciting changes have taken place as Phase 1 construction nears completion in Downtown Belleville. Phase 1 of the project, to be completed early December 2015, includes Station Street, from Church Street to Pinnacle Street, and Front Street, from Pinnacle Street to Victoria Avenue.

City Breaks Ground on Bay Bridge Road and Dundas Street West Project

left turn lanes to improve traffic operations and reduce delay at the intersection. In addition to the intersection widening, Dundas Street West will be improved and widened to Mary Street. The widening will allow the introduction of a centre left turn lane. In conjunction with the road work a multi-use path is to be constructed on Dundas Street West, Coleman Street to the new overhead structure and underneath the new overpass structure so as to connect the trails on East and West Zwick’s Park.

After receiving funding of $3.25 million from both the Federal and Provincial Governments to be applied to the reconstruction/widening and rehabilitation of Dundas Street West from Coleman Street to Sidney Street, Council awarded the contract for Bay Bridge Road/CP Rail Overpass and Dundas Street West Reconstruction to Toronto Zenith Contracting Limited in the amount of $15,521,316.00 plus HST.

The project also includes the replacement of the existing 450 mm diameter cast iron watermain on Dundas Street West constructed in 1931 which is at the end of its service life.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held on October 15th to kick-off this important infrastructure project which includes the replacement of the existing structure on Bay Bridge Road crossing over the Canadian Pacific Railway with a new structure on a new alignment. The project also includes the reconstruction of the Dundas Street West/Bay Bridge Road and the rehabilitation of Dundas Street West between Bay Bridge Road and Sidney Street.

“Construction of the bridge abutments has commenced and is ongoing as weather permits,” says Senior Project Manager Stan Czyczyro. “The majority of construction will begin in the spring of 2016 with the schedule projecting a completion date in the late fall of 2016.”

“Upon completion of this project, residents and visitors will have a safer, more efficient route to travel as they enter our beautiful gateway into the City of Belleville,” says Mayor Christopher.

This section of the downtown area now reveals new roads, boulevards, and sidewalks, including new asphalt, concrete and brick pavers; all features that promote a walkable and pedestrian friendly commercial area. Installation of new urban design and landscape elements, including new street lighting, furnishings, granite curb planters and street trees, significantly enhance the appeal of the streetscape and support a destination for people to shop, dine and explore.

“I would like to personally recognize the downtown stakeholders who have endured and supported this complex construction project,” says Mayor Christopher. “The City appreciates the contributions being made in our downtown as we continue to invest in this revitalization project.” The final installation of surface treatments is underway as Phase 1 construction reaches full completion in time for the holiday shopping season. “The BDIA is very pleased to see this phase of construction completed as we welcome the holiday shopping season,” says Karen Parker, Executive Director of the BDIA. “Enjoy free parking during the month of December as you visit your favourite shops and boutiques for that perfect gift!” The tender for Phase 2 construction will be issued mid-January and close mid-February, with Council receiving a report to award the contract in early March. Phase 2 construction will kick-off as early as April 2016, and includes Front Street from Victoria Avenue to Bridge Street, including Victoria Avenue and Campbell Street.

The work on Dundas Street West includes widening to accommodate dual westbound left turn lanes at the new intersection coinciding with the new bridge alignment which is to be located immediately east of the current structure. The new structure provides for dual westbound




North East Feedermain Project

Old Highway 2 Rehabilitation

Construction of the City’s Largest Watermain Project is Complete

City Celebrates the Completion of Old Highway 2 Project A ribbon cutting was held on October 5th to celebrate completion of the construction on Old Highway 2. This project features the rehabilitation of approximately 4.7 km of Old Highway 2 starting approximately 200 meters west of Point Anne Road – extending east to the City limit at Burns Drive.

Construction of the largest watermain project that the City of Belleville has seen in half a century is complete. The new 600mm diameter feedermain is one of the largest infrastructure projects within the City as far as size and complexity, encompassing the installation of 4.8 kilometres of feedermain extending from the Gerry O’Connor Water Treatment Plant to the recently completed feedermain on Moira Street East.

This section of the highway now features: • A new and widened road surface • New partially paved shoulders • New right-turn taper for west-bound traffic at Mitchell Road • New left-turn lane for east-bound traffic at Mitchell Road • New street lighting at the Point Anne and Mitchell Road intersections


In conjunction with the installation of the feedermain the project included the complete reconstruction of Yeomans Street, Lane Avenue and Donald Street providing for new storm and sanitary sewers, concrete curb and gutter, new sidewalk, and new asphalt. Included is the added feature of on-street bicycle lanes on Yeomans Street.

The City is pleased to celebrate the completion of this important infrastructure project.

“This project has been a necessity to ensure adequate water supply is provided to areas of the City,” says Mayor Christopher. “Council commends staff and Cobourg Development Services for a job well done!”

Bronk Road Rehabilitation and Bridge Replacement New Two-lane Bridge for Bronk Road Complete


improvements as Phase I as well as a slight softening of the horizontal curves at the north end. The 2.5 kilometres of road improvements from Thrasher Road to Scuttlehole Road will be tendered in summer 2016.

A new two-lane bridge to replace the previous single-lane bridge crossing Parks Creek on Bronk Road has been completed. The replacement of Bronk Road Bridge is part of Phase 2 of the Bronk Road Rehabilitation project. Phase I construction for the rehabilitation of approximately 3.8 kilometres of roadway from Blessington Road to Thrasher Road was completed in 2014. Construction included pulverizing and blending of existing asphalt, adding 150mm of granular A, double surface treatment, localized road widening, localized ditching, and the replacement of culverts in poor condition. The design for Phase 2 road reconstruction is currently being finalized to include the same road






“To ensure our clients’ satisfaction we sit down with them and map out the entire home-building process from beginning to end - design to completion. When clients know what to expect and when to expect it, they relax and enjoy the process.” Andy Geertsma

New home subdivisions comprise the majority of Geertsma’s current business. “We are still a custom home builder,” states Deanna Hall, Sales. “Almost every home is customized for our homeowners from colour selections to floor plan changes, we work with our clients to create a home that is right for them. Building a home on our lot or yours - our aim is to provide our customers with a unique personalized experience.” As part of the Geertsma commitment to continuous improvement, in some of their developments they are now offering Energy Star qualified homes which are constructed to be 20% more efficient than the Ontario Building Code requires.

Geertsma Homes Ltd. has been providing exceptional value to their clients in the Belleville and Kingston area for more than 40 years. The company was originally founded as Marten Geertsma Masonry. In 1980, when Andy Geertsma joined his father’s company, it quickly evolved into general contracting with a separate new homes division. Today, this family owned and operated business focuses on continuous improvement and a team-based approach. It is easy to see why they have become one of the Quinte region’s leading homebuilders.

“It’s one of the ways we can help to lower our homeowners’ rising energy costs while providing them with a more comfortable, quieter home,” added Andy Geertsma. “Our homeowners are excited about saving on their energy costs over the long term.”

Geertsma attributes their success to their entire team. “We have been fortunate to live and work in a fabulous community with an experienced and knowledgeable team,” says Andy Geertsma, President. “From our employees to our sub-trades and suppliers, it’s our goal to provide a consistently high level of quality and service for our homeowners.” December 2015

Belleville Magazine

Geertsma Homes Ltd. has a team of skilled longterm employees. They have solid relationships with sub-trades and suppliers - and returning clients planning their second homes. The past 40 years have been spent building a reputation of quality and dependability making Geertsma a respected name in the Belleville community. 20


Front L to R: Brent, Wendy, Brandy, Katelyn, Jennifer, Judy, Christy, Sarah, Don Back L to R: Ryan, John-Ross, Dave, Tony, Andy, Andrew, Ron, Graeme, Deanna, Jim

AWARDS 2014 City of Kingston, Livable City Design Award of Excellence 2014 Tarion Award of Excellence Finalist – Medium Volume Builder 2011 CHBA SAM Awards New Home Finalist 2011 QHBA Home and Renovation Show “Simply the Best” 2010 Tarion Award of Excellence Finalist – Medium Volume Builder 2009 – 2010 KHBA Award of Excellence Parade of New Homes 2009 – 2010 QHBA Home and Renovation Show “Excellence in Marketing” 2006 Peterborough and District Home Builders Association Kawartha Awards of Distinction “Best Interior Merchandising” 2006 Peterborough and District Home Builders Association Kawartha Awards of Distinction “Best Model Home” 2006 Peterborough and District Home Builders Association Kawartha Awards of Distinction “Best Sales Corporate Brochure” 2001 – ONHWP Eastern Ontario Builder of the Year (High Rise Builder) 2001 – ONHWP Ontario Builder of the Year (High Rise Builder) 21

December 2015

intuit i ve a nd r esp o n si v e



on Casey Road

LORNE HAWLEY CHRISTINE FRADLEY AND BRIAN COUSINS VENDOR BENEFITS: • unlimited access to register for bid opportunities • unlimited use of document downloads & addendum notices • customized vendor dashboard providing quick access to active opportunities & bid history • self-serve profile management • add up to ten contacts to your account • register for Emergency Contact database • view all bids by status • view details including plan takers, bids submitted & award details

The City of Belleville has expanded the bids and tenders services to allow for fully-integrated and online e-procurement which enables vendors to view, register and download bids completely online at one convenient location. The new website is intuitive and responsive which simplifies the procurement process for vendors wanting to view and bid on opportunities. Once a vendor has registered, they can download bid documents and receive automated email notifications from the system to keep them informed and up-to-date. “The new system is streamlined and transparent, enabling vendors to access bid opportunities and any related information, anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” said Christine Fradley, Purchasing Supervisor. “The customized vendor dashboard allows quick access to active opportunities and bid history.”

AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS: • new bid opportunity notices • addendum notices • bid meeting/site meeting notices & reminders • bid result notifications Vendors are invited to register at

Brian Cousins, Director of Finance, praises the strengths of this leading-edge service. “This makes all the bidding information immediately accessible to interested vendors. They don’t have to arrange a visit to City Hall during office hours - they can work within their schedules from wherever they are. The big picture is there for them to see. They have access to the bid details, including plan takers, bids submitted and award details. This procurement system is definitely vendor friendly and we’re very pleased to provide this online option.”

Bids & Tenders is powered by eSolutions Group Limited, a Canadian-based digital solutions firm. eSolutions Group created Bids & Tenders with simplicity, convenience and vendor benefits in mind, with the objective of building and maintaining the easiest, most transparent, cost efficient and limitless procurement program available. 22

Lorne and Jean Hawley opened their doors to business in the late eighties as a general repair garage. It was just the two of them. Now they have an additional 12 employees, most of whom have been with them for over ten years. The additional employees were added to the team to meet the demands of the growing business which is now much more than general repairs.

Farm machinery sales have become an integral part of the family business. Hawley’s is one of only two full-line Massey Ferguson Dealerships within a hundred mile radius. In addition to the Massey products, they offer short liners and carry extensive lines of specialized equipment and accessories. They have watched the compact utility market become increasingly stronger during the past few years.

The maintenance and repair for all motor vehicles is still a key component of their business and they are one of the few shops in the area able to accommodate this range of vehicle service. Emergency services which include ambulance, police and fire are also regular service and maintenance clients.

“We truly enjoy having our business in Thurlow Ward,” added Lorne. “We’ve gotten to know many of our customers and have had ongoing relationships with them over the years. There have been drop-by visits from Councillor Denyes and Mayor Christopher, something you would never see in a larger centre. We’re close to the Quinte Mall so people from outside the area can drop their families there to shop – then drive out and spend time with us.

“That’s one of the things that sets us apart,” said Jean. “Customers can bring in their tractor, truck or car – we can fix it all.” A well-stocked parts department has earned them the reputation of being the dependable source – ‘if anyone has it Hawley’s has!’ This has created a strong business pocket – shipping parts across Ontario and Quebec. Hawley’s is one of the few garages certified to not only do Emission Testing but they are licensed to do the required repairs as well.

“But most important of all, is our team that works with us. Their support and commitment is deeply appreciated. They are excellent.”


Mayor Christopher Visits

from foundation to rooftop with


in construction zone and thanks them for their patience. 1


10 10



TIMBER TOP COUNTRY STORE “My family and I have felt such openness and acceptance from the community. It has made us feel very welcome which we deeply appreciate.” Sidney Bearinger

1. All Good Things 2. Runway Bridal

The location of Timber Top Country Store, off Highway 62 on Ashley Street in Foxboro, was carefully chosen. As a former dairy farmer, Sidney felt comfortable in the rural setting and he wanted to position the store to be easily accessible to the rural community – yet convenient to those in the city.

3. Ray and Jim’s 4. Scalliwag Toys


5. Belleville Art Association 888 6. Thomas Estevez Design 7. Ideal Bike 8. Boretski Gallery


9. L’Auberge de France 10. Exclusive Invites

Be sure to stop by these and other unique, locally-owned downtown stores this holiday season! 5



As a local building supply store with a strong focus on customer service, Timber Top provides products and services which address the building needs of contractors, farmers and individual home owners. From the foundation to the rooftop – if they don’t carry it, they’ll find it for you. That’s one of the services Timber Top is known for, special orders which enable clients to add unique touches to their building projects. As a private business operating under the Timber Mart buying group, Sidney is able to price competitively yet act independently.

Sidney Bearinger and his family moved to Thurlow Ward from western Ontario and opened Timber Top Country Store in October of 2011.

Timber Top carries a full line of building supplies which includes windows, doors, steel roofing and exterior woodcare finishing. They are the exclusive dealer in this area for the complete line of Sansin Enviro Stain wood care products. Installation services are available or contractors can be recommended. The extensive farm supply department carries a range of hardware, gates, fencing and small equipment such as generators and woodsplitters. Whether you’re renovating, fixing or creating, they have it covered. Tools, products and expertise – you’ll find it all at Timber Top Country Store. Visit 1-888-398-1041

December 2015

Belleville Magazine



December 2015

Community Embraces Holiday Spirit


POSTE IT NOTE On Belleville Business Belleville is truly blessed to have many of these deeplyestablished businesses. The ones that immediately come to mind include Kennametal Stellite, McDougall Insurance, Reid’s Dairy, Roluf’s, WT Hawkins Cheezies, Cannifton Garage, Jim’s Pizzeria, just to name a select few. When you start to look around the community, you will see these businesses have survived name changes, ownership changes, recessions, successions, fires and just about any issue that could possibly happen to a business. The fact they are still surviving and thriving is a testament to their business acumen, their commitment to the community and the community’s commitment to them. Many have changed and adapted to new realities and they diversified their offering to stay relevant. Others stood by their original vision and created a lasting and profitable legacy for themselves. Whatever the recipe, these businesses have beaten the odds and as a community we should proudly continue to support them.

Karen Poste Manager, Economic and Strategic Initiatives

As I reviewed the content of this magazine I began to think about the number of long-term businesses that support our community. We’ve profiled businesses like Fitzgibbon Construction, Hawley’s Garage, the Tummon Farm and others who have been in business for more than 25 years – and there are so many more worth mentioning. In the economic development world, we get a glimpse of what makes these long-standing businesses survive and thrive through different generations – it is one of the best parts of the job. I also had the recent pleasure of attending some wonderful anniversary celebrations this year for Procter and Gamble, Donini Chocolate and GH Manufacturing – companies that have grown, changed and evolved with the times.

The pace of change for any business has significantly accelerated with technological advances, global competition and heightened consumer expectations. Many of our businesses are rising to the challenge by acquiring and training their talent to embrace this evolving landscape. This talent gives me confidence that Belleville and the region will continue to grow and expand in the future. As you’re making your holiday purchases remember to support and appreciate our established and new businesses. Give them the gift of local patronage - your money will come back to you by supporting your friends and neighbours as they build Belleville’s best businesses.

Our beautiful Waterfront Trail in the Fall December 2015

Belleville Magazine



December 2015

c a t c h a ri de o n


assessing a nd c la ssify i n g Ont a rio P r o p er t i es

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is an independent not-for-profit corporation funded by the municipalities of Ontario, responsible for assessing and classifying over five million properties in the province. Every four years MPAC conducts a province-wide assessment update to determine the Current Value Assessment for all properties. The values are then used by municipalities to set property tax rates. In each nonassessment update year, approximately one million Property Assessment Notices are sent to owners of new properties or properties where a change has taken place.

NEW TRANSIT ROUTE TEN As the holiday season approaches, let Belleville’s new Transit Route 10 make life a little easier. Take a direct route to the Quinte Mall from the City’s North West side. Subdivisions North of the 401 are now connected with easy access to Wal-Mart – plus you’ll get to enjoy all the great retail and hospitality options along Bell Boulevard. No more window scraping or searching for parking spots. On Route 10 you simply sit back and enjoy the view.

The next province-wide assessment update will take place next year and will be based on the legislated valuation date of January 1, 2016. Property owners can expect to receive their new notices in early 2016. To provide an additional level of property tax stability and predictability, market increases in assessed value between the legislated valuation dates are phased in over four years. For the 2016 assessment update, increases will be phased in over 2017-2020 as indicated on Property Assessment Notices. This program does not apply to decreases in assessed value, which are applied immediately. When property owners receive their notices they are encouraged to visit where they can confirm the information MPAC has on file, obtain a full property profile report and specific information about their property as well as compare it to similar properties in their community. If the information needs updating, this can be done directly on aboutmyproperty. ca. Visit to learn more about how MPAC assesses properties. Owners can also call toll-free 1 866 296-MPAC (6722), 1 877 889-MPAC (6722) TTY.

IT’S ALL ABOUT SAFETY wi nter parki ng

c ar bon mon oxide alar ms

City of Belleville

are law in Ontario IF:

Parking Restrictions November 2, 2015 until April 14, 2016

you use fuel-fired appliances • a service room is adjacent to your suite • you have an attached garage

No parking on any City street between 1:00 and 6:00 a.m. KEVIN MURPHY Parking Program Coordinator


NORM MITTS Fire Prevention Officer

The purpose of these restrictions is to enable crews to clear the roads to facilitate safe motorist and pedestrian mobility, including that of Emergency Services.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless gas that is produced by burning wood, coal, charcoal, natural gas, gasoline, propane, oil, methane and other common fuels.

Thanks for your co-operation in helping to keep our roads safe and clear of snow throughout the winter season.

CO poisoning can be confused with symptoms of flu, food poisoning and other illnesses. Symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, light-headedness and shortness of breath.




Route 1 Dates: Dec. 23

Dec. 16 Belleville Choral Society

Route 2 Dates: Dec.16 Route 1 Stops: 5:45 6:00 6:10 6:20 6:30 6:40 6:50 7:40

North-west corner of Victoria and Front Streets Mayfair Apts (190 Ann St) Parkwood Apts (217 Bridge St E) Bridge Street – Bayview Mall Prince William Apts (165 Herchimer Ave) Belleville Bus Terminal (165 Pinnacle St) Arrival at Jane Forrester Park Depart Jane Forrester Park for return stops

Route 2 Stops: 5:55 The Richmond (175 North Front St) 6:10 Quinte Gardens (30 College St W) 6:25 North parking lot Giant Tiger – Bridge St W 6:40 Belleville Bus Terminal (165 Pinnacle St) 6:50 Arrival at Jane Forrester Park 7:40 Depart Jane Forrester Park for return stops

Dec. 23 To Be Determined GLEANERS FOOD BANK WILL BE ACCEPTING DONATIONS EACH WEDNESDAY EVENING UNTIL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR FESTIVE SPONSORS SANTA LEVEL: McDougall Insurance Veridian Connections Quinte Welding ELF SPONSORS: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) The Culloden Family REINDEER SPONSORS: BCS Automation Triangle Fluid Controls Mackay Insurance W.T. Hawkins Ltd.

Belleville Magazine Winter 2015  
Belleville Magazine Winter 2015