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Midwest Sales: Cayte Brier

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Billie Bracelet & Necklace

Disco Necklace/bracelet/anklet

Revolution Necklace

Sterling silver, Gold electroplate Brass, Crystal, gunmetal. Made in USA.

Versitile chain necklace can be wrapped as bracelet, and anklet. Silver, gunmetal, natural, bright and distressed braided chain. Statement. Heavy.

Brass chain in gunmetal, natural, bright silver, and oxidized silver. sterling silver tag. Swarovski Cosmic crystal in silver shade.

Bracelet: 7-8” Sterling Silver : $40 Gold (shown): $55 Necklace: 17”-19” Sterling Silver: $55 Gold: $55

Meaures: 17-19” Made in USA. $50

Measures 30”. Made in USA. $75

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Bolt Earrings and Necklace

Cupertino Earrings

Cosmic circle earrings

Sterling silver, Lightweight. Layering. Made in USA.

Sterling silver sustainable eaco french ear wires. 14karat gold filled ball beads, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, swarovski in clear.

Sterling silver eco sustainable fernch ear wires. Swarovski cosmic circles. Brass silver detailed chain.

Meaures: 3” Made in USA.

Measures 2”. Made in USA.



Earrings: Sterling Silver : $13

Necklace: 16” Sterling Silver: $21

Colors: Jet (shown), Clear Red Magma

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Grace Bracelet and Necklace

Freeform Necklace and Bracelet

Marylyn Bracelet

14kt gold plated brass figaro, brass, rolo, crystal and gold braided. Made in USA.

Gunmetal, natural, bright, oxydized, natural, and crystal braided on gunmetal chain. sterling silver tag.

Braided gold plate brass and gunmetal chain. Sterling silver charm.

Made in USA.

Made in USA.

Necklace: 30” $45

Measures: 7-8”

Bracelet 7-8” Sterling Silver: $60 Gold (shown): $60

Necklace: 17-19” Sterling Silver: $75 Gold: $75

Bracelet: 7-8” $35

Gold (shown): $45 Silver: $45

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Sterling silver chain and angelwing charm. lightweight. layering. Made in USA. Necklace: 16” Sterling Silver: $25 14 kt Gold: $45

Etta Earrings

Virginia Necklace

Curb chain and french ear wires with crystal. Made in USA.

Luch feathers on rolo chain with sterling silver charm Made in USA.

Measures: 3” 14kt Gold F (shown): $26

Measures: 18-20”

Sterling silver: $26

Gold/Lemon (shown): $36 Silver/Jet: $36 Silver/Beige: $36

page 5_ c. 2011

George NeckLACE

glory necklace

Virginia Necklace

Brass, gunmetal, clear crystals all braided in long statemnt piece. Made in USA.

gold plated brass, natural, 14kt gold filled chain and 14 kt electroplated gold chain braided with gunmetal detailing. Made in USA.

Luch feathers on rolo chain with sterling silver charm Made in USA.

Measures: 30”

Measures: 18-20”

Silver: $55

Gold/Gunmetal (shown): $ 50

Gold: $55

Silver/Gunmetal: $50

Measures: 18-20” Gold/Lemon (shown): $36 Silver/Jet: $36 Silver/Beige: $36

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