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Dear Readers, I was recently a featured speaker in a global summit on Psychic Mediums sharing their secrets to Connecting with the Other Side. This World Visionary Summit brought together 26 of the world’s most respected psychic mediums passionate about sharing their wisdom and gifts. Each presenter lovingly offered their experiences and Divine guidance to support you as the veil between this life and the next lifts helping you realize that you are never alone. Even though the summit is over, you can still experience what thousands of others around the world did for one amazing week in November. Here are just a few comments they shared: Thank you for allowing us to join, so excited. My daughter recently passed and I am so eager to learn how to communicate or receive the signs she sends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just love this program and I am so grateful that you have put this is life changing.

Do you know the easiest way to connect with your loved ones in spirit? Get the inside scoop from 26 Psychic Mediums, including me, as we Share our SECRETS to connecting with the other side. I was recently a featured speaker in a global Summit. If you missed it, don’t worry – you can get the entire life-changing series at an incredible price – Read about it here and give yourself or someone you love the gift of peace, light and grace.

I am as giddy as a child to be a part of this epic event. I feel like you all are on a mission to “burst the dam” and flood humanity with MORE LIGHT and LOVE. How great this will be as more and more join the Collective Consciousness for the greatest good of ALL. Thank you , thank you , thank you ! Each presenter in this program “walks their talk” - they live each day connected to divine energy, guidance and support – and each one, an expert in their field, is the perfect person to guide you to do the same. You can now own this entire series –a Masters Class in Spiritual Development – for only $44.00. What a wonderful gift to give yourself; what a wonderful gift to give someone who you know needs it. Just click here to read all about the summit, the package and get your own instantly downloadable copy. Blessings of Love and Light, Belle Salisbury

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january 2013


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january 2013

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Diamond Psychics and Healers

Some psychics and healers cant help it, they just shine; and when they do they are called Bellesprit Diamonds. 8 • Bellesprit Magazine •

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Helping Us To Create A Coloriscious New Year Asking Elizabeth if there is any insight that she can give us for 2013, she offers; “The world goes through different color phases. Right now we are in a violet phase, and after that we will go through an indigo phase. The violet phase that we are in is a color of transformation and of the crown chakra.” She also added. “We cannot keep sweeping everything under the carpet anymore. It has to come out. It has to be healed. That is why there is so much turmoil and it is not going to stop but continue. And this thing with the 21st of December, many months ago what came to me intuitively was that certain realities will be flipping over, like a pizza or a piece of buttered toast. It’s going to flip over, and we are going to see the other side of the pizza or the buttered toast.”

Elizabeth Harper

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¸¸.•* This month’s cover girl, Elizabeth Harper, helps us to bring in this New Year with an energy that is full of hope, magic, love and vibrant color. ¸¸.•* By Mandy Peterson


peaking with Elizabeth, one would have to wonder if they were speaking with an angel or a faery (I think both.) A true healer at heart, Elizabeth’s energy is so light, loving, vibrant and full of childlike innocence, it is not hard to imagine the healing effect she can have upon others. Even simply speaking to her I found myself feeling joyful, relaxed and transformed. Elizabeth’s gifts do not end when it comes to her healing work. She is also blessed with psychic ability, earth empathy, creativity and an amazing ability to understand color—which she channels into her ColorScope each month. In addition to this, Elizabeth both beautifully and effortlessly combines all her gifts toward creating healing pieces of jewelry and scarves. Wherever her path may lead her, she seems to have found the key to embracing the miracle of life, through all its variety of colors, while able to help others to find and embrace this kind of magic as well.

Elizabeth has been psychic since birth. Fortunately, both her mother and brothers are psychic as well, so Elizabeth was raised in an environment where her gifts were accepted as if they were normal. She Bellesprit Magazine • • 11



self. Then, I create a bracelet with the colors that have linked an individual with their future selves. So, it is like a little talisman that grounds the future self energy into the now.”

Embrace the healing power of color! Elizabeth's Rainbow Spirit collection of jewelry.

Elizabeth's Aura-Soma Healing Therapy products states; “I’ve been raised with this [psychic ability] and it has always been part of my life. Ever since I was a child I would pick up things about people; I was able to see spirits, and auras, and connect with the future - not so much the past--at least I never made the past my focus.. When younger, and I’m 52 years old, psychics were usually little grannies; ‘cross my palm with Elizabeth's beautiful 'Faery Wing' creations silver, and I will tell you your fortune’ kind of thing. So, I didn’t think of being a psychic as a career, and instead that person.” Elizabeth further ex- While Elizabeth has studied different I went into nursing, a healing profes- plains that even when she asks ques- modalities of healing and therapy intions of her guides, she will often volving color, she believes that such sion.” clairaudiently hear answers in the abilities and understanding are inThough clearly psychic, Elizabeth form of words, but will also receive nately within us all, if we could only learn to trust it. For her, taking states, “My abilities have tended to courses was a way to give hermove toward healing, and this self permission to expand on is my biggest interest. I consider her abilities and to begin using that absolutely everything I do, color in her own intuitive way. which seems to be mostly color, is focused on bringing healing into While she is trained in other people’s lives.” When conducting methods of color therapy, a a healing session she states, “My healing modality called “Aufocus is on ‘what does this person ra-Soma” helped her undersneed to heal,’ or ‘what does this pertand the energies of not just son need at this moment.’ It may individual colors, but of color not even necessarily be what I think combinations. This was helpful they need or what they think they to her since she explains “people need, but whatever message wants to come through. Of what does comes answers in color - receiving answers do not just have one color in their aura, through, I often see, sense or feel it in this way has the capacity to offer her but often many.” color first. Then, I translate that into a lot of information. As part of her Aura-Soma training, words, interpreting what it means for

"I've been raised with this psychic ability and it has always been a part of my life."

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Some of Elizabeth's Silk Energy Wraps handcrafted to suit your healing need. The two color combination of the Earth Aura-Soma bottle.

Elizabeth makes use of colored bottles. Because these colored bottles contain oil and water color combinations, and since oil and water do not mix, this allows two color combinations to exist within the same bottle. It was this two color combination that intrigued Elizabeth. Explaining how these bottled colors are used within a healing session, she states, “When people are picking the colors, they are receiving healing, even though they don’t really realize it; they are receiving that color on a cellular le-

vel-- and that color’s intention, so it is healing for them.” Elizabeth does a lot of her work (including teaching) with her husband, a former marine who she considers to be a wonderful life coach and intuitive in his own right. Elizabeth credits his left-brained groundedness, focus and experience in business as the perfect counterpart to her rightbrained intuitive, creative and healing approach. One type of healing they do together involves taking people into their future selves. Explaining what this type of healing entails, Elizabeth states, “I paint the energy of the soul moving into their future

Two other ways that Elizabeth uses color toward a healing purpose is through creating colorful gemstone jewelry pieces, as well as beautiful Silk Energy Wraps. Expect something even more fun and new in the future, since Elizabeth is also working toward making her own fairy wings, wands, fairy crowns and holy grails. Asking Elizabeth how her ColorScopes came about, she replied, “When I was 10 or 11, my mother, who bought me my first Tarot deck and crystal ball around this time, encouraged me to expand my knowledge of divination tools. So I read every book I could get my hands on in the library. I learned about numerology and I particularly loved the astrology books. I’ve always been able to do astrology charts, however, it occurred to me that with astrology, we are kind of lumped into that place of ‘Well I’m Pisces, you’re Aries and this person is Taurus, etc... It is like we are given set characteristics so when we read our daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes it can tend to be very general. But, if we were to choose and intuit our own horoscope for the day, then wouldn’t that be so much better, to be able to just pick one of the definitions intuitively, instead of being lumped into the space of ‘this is going to happen to all Pisces?’ So, I thought it would be better if we could use our own inner wisdom to direct us to a message, and that message would be behind a color.” Though Elizabeth uses twelve colors just like there are 12 astrological signs, she believes that her ColorScopes can offer readers something more interactive and intuitive.

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FEATURE STORY Asking Elizabeth if there is any insight that she can give us for 2013, she offers; “The world goes through different color phases. Right now we are in a violet phase, and after that we will go through an indigo phase. The violet phase that we are in is a color of transformation and of the crown chakra.” She also added. “We cannot keep sweeping everything under the carpet anymore. It has to come out. It has to be healed. That is why there is so much turmoil and it is not going to stop but continue. And this thing with the 21st of December, many months ago what came to me intuitively was that certain realities will be flipping over, like a pizza or a piece of buttered toast. It’s going to flip over, and we are going to see the other side of the pizza or the buttered toast.” Elizabeth also explains how for our current time period, the indigo children are bringing their ray into the earth to help move the energies up the chakras. She tells me, “There is a sense we are moving upward through the chakras. We are currently moving through the front of the heart chakra through to the other side of this heart chakra [the back], which brings the shifting of emotions. Then, over the next few hundred years, we will move out of the heart chakra and into the throat, and this will bring more communication. Then we will move into the third eye, and then the crown. When this happens--after thousands of years-then there won’t be as many people on the planet. Earth will come to a place where there are just people here who are the gardeners: the ones who are here to look after the planet.” I asked Elizabeth if there is anything proactive we can do to move the earth forward instead of looking at the negatives that seem to want our attention right now. Her advice was to use color. She explained “The Earth is blue and green. In Aura-Soma the blue and green bottle is called ‘Heart,’ and so healing the Earth is about healing the heart. In fact, when somebody chooses the blue and green bottle as a first choice, it means they have come to Earth with an important mission; they are here as an Earth Healer. And, that blue and green is the ‘heart,’ and this ‘heart’ is Earth. Take the ‘h’ off the end of the word Earth and put it at the beginning and the word becomes ‘heart.’ “ Elizabeth continues: “Our hearts are very linked with the Earth. Of course, the Earth is going to erupt with emotions as we erupt with our emotions. So, if we want to start to use blues and greens to help to heal the earth, the planet, and the water, then what we can do is take a cup of water, maybe in a blue glass, and put it in the window to create what is called ‘solarized water’-- then you let sunlight come through that blue glass into the water for about 24 hours. Then, maybe we can pour that water onto the grass with a blessing or a prayer, almost like Native Americans would give tobacco. When the Native Americans took something away from the Earth, they would give something back.” Elizabeth also added that gratitude is the color of green, coming from the heart. As a tribute to the many out there who like to start the year off with some coloriscious resolutions, I asked Elizabeth if she had any to offer us through her gift of reading

14 • Bellesprit Magazine •

FEATURE STORY colors. She came up with the three primary colors depending upon what type of resolution we would like to focus on. The first primary color she discussed was red. Elizabeth states, “If you want more prosperity, or more abundance and success in your life, then write down your wishes and put them in a red envelop.” For the second primary color which is yellow, Elizabeth advises, “If you want to write a book, or do something with education, or invent something that requires some thought, then yellow is a good color for this. Yellow stimulates the left brain, but also stimulates higher consciousness as well. So, it is good for writing books if you want to go with that higher consciousness.” For how to employ the color, Elizabeth states, “You could wear yellow or drink solarized water with a clear cup placed on a piece of yellow paper or with a golden crystal near it.” The last primary color Elizabeth discussed was blue. She relayed, “Blue is a great color for peace, calm and healing, so if there is something you want to heal, even a relationship, you can use blue. Blue is a nice color to wrap around you, such as to wear something blue or to wrap yourself in blue silk. You may also wish to drink water from a blue glass. The point is to bring that blue energy into your energy field, so it is not external to you but more of an internal thing.” Offering how to work with the color she says, “You can wrap yourself in blue, visualize blue, or close your eyes and imagine blue light coming through you.” Elizabeth is also an author and teacher. Her book “Wishing – How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desire” is available on her website, as are many of her courses, jewelry pieces and Silk Energy Wraps. Please do check out her website for all of this and for information on all the different kinds of healing and guidance she has to offer. With all Elizabeth does to inspire others while at the same time bringing inspiration to herself, it is easy to see why she was chosen as our beautiful spirit to grace the cover of this Anniversary New Year’s edition of our magazine. It is our hope that our readers, through all the vibrancy and color that Elizabeth has to shine, can all enjoy a sparkly New Year and 2013. May we all, like Elizabeth, have the ability to capture a bright and positive vision of our future; and to keep our energy light and motivated toward our highest and best good throughout 2013 and beyond.

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Bellesprit's 1 Year Anniversary with Belle

This issue marks the 1 year anniversary of Bellesprit Magazine. Since the January edition of 2012, this new and free online magazine, with its mission to showcase the ‘beautiful spirit’ within its owner, readers, covers and columnists has met with huge success despite some hardships that Belle Salisbury had to overcome and face.

Salisbury Currently, I am working on getting more likes for our Facebook fan page; to support our magazine. The more likes we have, the more it helps with marketing…according to a marketing expert I talked to. The more likes we have, the more attractive the magazine will be to advertisers.

By Mandy Peterson

The fact that the magazine has got off to a really strong start despite such challenges is a testament that this magazine has become a true labor of love and has been received in the same manner of enjoyment in which it was created. I know for myself that it has been an honor to be part of this family and what has made it a success. As we head into 2013, with 58 columnists, I thought an interview with Belle herself would help us all—both readers and columnists--to feel part of her success. Mandy: How do you feel on this anniversary marking the 1 year birthday of your Magazine and seeing how successful it has become in such a short period of time? Belle: Exhausted! (Belle laughs a little) The goal was to create a forum for 16 • Bellesprit Magazine •

sharing knowledge. I wanted to create something different from classes which ask students to pay for the knowledge they receive. I saw the magazine as a way to offer people who are opening up to the metaphysical realm and those who desire to enhance their own spiritual path the opportunity to receive information as a guideline and introduction to that which they seek without having to pay for it. How I see it, none of us are charged when the knowledge was given to us either through Spirit or channelings, so why would we charge to pass such knowledge along? Mandy: Do you feel you achieved your goal? Belle: More than I ever thought would come to fruition. I have approved 58 columnists so far; most of them approaching me for the opportunity to contribute to this magazine. So, think of 58 columnists, many of them hearing and answering the same call that I was. Mandy: Are you surprised by the success, considering all the obstacles you had to face this year?

Belle: I did not really see them as obstacles with the magazine but myself personally. In fact, I’m amazed at the ease in how this magazine has grown. It does not feel time consuming but a labor of love; getting the knowledge out there to others seeking but not knowing where to look. Mandy: As you look at 2013, do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for your magazine?

I would also love to attract more advertisers to advertise on our website. The site, as it is, doesn’t really pay for itself at this time. I would like to use any money it could make from advertising to pay for labor, since many right now who provide labor are doing so for free. Mandy: Are there any topics you feel the magazine lacks a voice on that you would like to see more of? Belle: Articles on nutrition, health and healing; herbs and their value, or anything to do with Nature, crystals and how to heal Mother Earth… though I welcome articles of any topic.

Belle: That we continue with the original plan and mission of the magazine, and continue to grow to provide a place for those who seek answers to questions; and a place where columnists can provide answers or knowledge through their monthly columns and articles. I would also like to focus on getting the magazine more ‘out there’ through marketing…because everyone contributing is doing it out of unselfish love, and I want them to see the fruit of their labor. I don’t even do this for myself…it is not about recognition to Belle. Nor did I do this all myself. It would be impossible to do it all myself. It may be my magazine, but it is not my success alone.

Mandy: You have been through a lot in your personal life this year. Your husband had a heart attack requiring open heart surgery with a 5 way bi-pass, your

Bellesprit Magazine • • 17


mini-feature realities exist if we are willing to create them. We are coming to realize that we are responsible for our own happiness, and I think this is going to be the energy of 2013. 2013 will bring that awakening concerning what happiness means to us. For many it will be like coming out of a long deep slumber. I also see people reassessing their values… asking ourselves what are we looking for in life. Re-examining how money fits into this equation and why this is important to figure out.

father passed away in September, and more recently you were hospitalized. What do you feel kept you going with the magazine? Why do you feel it succeeded despite everything thrown in your own path?

personal power to focus on the highest intention. I want to be mindful of my own actions, knowing that how I see the world is going to be the world I create. I do not want to embrace any judgments of others.

Belle: I did not want to let the readers and columnists down. I started this project and I needed to see it through. I had been given permission by others that I did not have to do an issue certain months, but I was given the strength and stamina through Spirit to make it happen, and to see it through. I believe I was given that strength to carry through a commitment.

I also would like to finish my book. Five years in the making and… maybe I’m afraid? …or do not afford the time to finish it? But, I know Spirit wants me to make that time.

Even with the severe kidney infection, I wasn’t feeling pain because I could focus at another vibration. My doctor remarked how much pain I should be in, but my focus was not to leave the December issue incomplete. So, Spirit gave me the strength to complete it before being admitted [to the hospital].

Mandy: Do you have any predictions for our readers (pertaining to the world) for the year 2013? Belle: Energies are going to become what we make of our lives. Various

Change is inevitable if we truly seek to have the happiness we are looking for. Mandy: Do your guides have any input to share? Belle: They say now is the time to educate. Now is the time to grow. The magazine is divinely inspired to get a message out there. They wish for us to understand ourselves better and to use this opportunity to release old baggage and allow the healing of a lower density of our existence here on the Earth. Many speak of a devastation of the Earth’s existence therefore creating an energy of fear and acting out of this fear. If we can maintain an

energy of faith and belief in a better existence for us as a collective consciousness then we shall have nothing to fear. Mandy: As you can see, it’s no wonder why Belle is loved and adored by all who know her. She is our original ‘Beautiful Spirit’ sharing unconditional love and inspiration to us all through her dream of a magazine that teaches the world. Visit our Facebook Fan Page and be sure to like our page at: You can follow us on Twitter as well: @BellespritMagaz If you would like to help out with support of our magazine please visit our web site at to make a donation. To view any of our past issues visit magazine/our-monthly-issues You can also learn more about Belle Salisbury and her services at

Mandy: What are your personal resolutions for January 2013? Belle: To do everything in my own 18 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 19

special interest

2013 Global Predictions Completed Dec 19th 2012 Visit Christain's web site:

Christian Dion, The Seer’s 2013 Predictions


Syria. Well if you think it's been bad so far, just wait till you see what the nutter has in store for the 1st three months of 2013. He will do things that you cannot begin to believe.


Israel. As if they weren't naughty enough in 2012 they are going to get really nasty in 2013. They have no intention of leaving Palestine alone. Watch for invasions and bombings.


Earthquakes. As I told you last year 2012 would have more earthquakes than normal which was so. Well 2013 is going to be worse with much bigger earthquakes, and many, many middle sized ones.


Weather. Another weather feature to look for will be typhoons and hurricanes. BIG ones. Time for those in power to listen to those that have been warning of Climate change before it's too late.


Europe. The unsettlement that was present in Europe in 2012 will continue to boil. Once it erupts again it is going to be very bad. People have

20 • Bellesprit Magazine •

been pushed way too far....


Nazi. The recent rise in Nazism is going to get stronger over the coming year and beyond. It's going to be nasty as the disgruntled youth pick up the cause and run with it.


UKIP. The UK Independent Party need to be watched very carefully, they are not what they claim to be. Remember the 1930's? Well they are of the same cloth. They are planning all kinds of demonstration's etc. Which will turn violent.


Economy. If you though that 2012 was crap, which it was, just watch how rough 2013 will be. Granted for those in their Ivory Towers, nothing changes. But for the other 99%, really bad, which will in turn lead to even more unrest.


Hilary Clinton. If she takes things slowly and thinks matters through in 2013 she should decide to run for President in 2016, she'll win, in fact would win 2020, too.


President Obama. If he uses that pen of his he'll have this country back on its feet during his next term. Granted, tough decisions to be made and carried out but if he does, brilliant. For those that take care of him there will be two attacks on his life during the next term (well two we get to hear of ).


North Korea That tinpot arsehole is going to stir up trouble good and proper over the next year and beyond, but I get the feeling that someone will put a stop to him.


David Beckham and Gordon Ramsey are going into business in 2013 to open Restaurants. Well as Ramsey can't play football and Goldenballs can't cook. The Outcome is not good.


Lindsay Lohan at last jail/prison catches up with her. So if she makes good of this time away it'll save her life. If not then this was her last xmas.

Bellesprit Magazine • • 21

special interest


Rihanna Another celebrity that needs someone to step in and take care of her is Rhianna, 2013 doesn't bode well if they don't.


Actor Robert Pattinson will do OK on the career front this year, but romantically much of the same. At last the "Romance" he has will finally die.

16 17

Kristen Stewart Just a bad year all round for her, in many ways.

Tom Cruise will yet again hold auditions this year for another wife, he’ll find one too. But even though the "Cult" will check her out, she will not be what they think she is, causing many major headaches over the coming years.


Donald Trump or baby fart as I call him, will find that Karma comes back to bite him in the arse good and proper this year. Exposing just how much of a bastard he is, worse than you could imagine.


Justin Bieber, my favourite lesbian, will continue to slide down career wise... he needs a lesson in how to be polite before his arrogance takes over completely.


William & Kate As I told you before Will & Kate were married that they would be pregnant within 18 months of the wedding Day, Bingo got that right. Back then I said baby boy plus one still stands.


Moors Murder 2013 is the year that the police find the link to the whereabouts of Keith Bennett who was murdered by Brady & Hindley.


Shootings 2012 saw the horror in Sandy Hook. I am sad to say that there will be more of these terrible

events in 2013 and beyond. They won't stop till the powers that be come to their senses and change the law. It will take for one of their own loved ones to be amongst the victims to trigger the change, I'm afraid.


Actress Selena Gomez who had the good sense to dump Justin Bieber in 2012 will have a fabulous 2013. A major new TV role and a couple of film roles set her future acting career in stone.


Rottweiler Camilla, Prince Charles’ “husband,” will have one of the worst years of her life as all the nastiness that she has piled on others comes back to take her down in 2013, couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


New York Has to be on high alert from the end of 2012 all the way through 2013. Loonies are planning attacks which will mostly be caught by the authorities, but one will get through.


Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris marriage HA HA. It’ll hit the divorce courts before the ink on the marriage certificate is dry.


GOP they need to get their act together if they wish to survive at all. The main problem is that the leaders live in such ivory towers, they can't see the ground for the clouds. Nothing good for them in 2013 as they get even lower ratings as the months go on.


Matt Lauer TV host is in very real danger of losing his job in 2013 if he doesn't start to listen to the sane advisers around him and not his ego.


France is in for tough time as the new government starts to change things in 2013. If they survive, the

22 • Bellesprit Magazine •

results would work in the end, but I fear that the trouble makers in France will bring the fight to the streets. So we will be seeing a lot of car fires in 2013. They will also try to get at the Eiffel Tower…. watch out.


Germany will go through some major changes in 2013 as they start to cut back on all the support they give to other countries. As well as cutting immigration by massive numbers, upsetting the Brussels crowd.

31 32 33 34

World weather will be all over the place and very strange, keep your raincoats and brollies close. Beyonce new baby

Mariah Carrey new babies.

Vatican. Oh dear this will be the year that decides their future. I don't see them getting it right either. Trouble ahead for El Papa. Big trouble...


Jennifer Anniston I just can't see her present relationship working, even if she goes through with the wedding, it won't last, not a good year for her really.


Charlie Sheen. Well on and on he goes raking in the cash. But 2013 will see him have such a big fall I don't see him getting back up.

37 38 center.

Joan Rivers 2013 her best year yet, with awards left, right and

Bravo TV. Not known for being Politically Correct will push the boundaries even further in 2013 with Andy Cohen at the helm.





Wall St talk about a bumpy ride, they may have had a decent 2012, but 2013 will bring them to their knees if they don't take note. The City. Time to take stock "Boys" you can't go through 2013 like you did in 2012 or you will deeply regret it.


London. coming off the Olympics and the Jubilee in 2012 London is on a high. But there's a massive dip coming in 2013. Tourism at an alltime low, and jobs disappearing like rain drops in the Thames.


Tories, the end is nigh for these uncaring folk, it'll be nice to see them get a taste of their own medicine, in 2013.


Sex Abuse. More and more cases of sex abuse by members of the clergy will come to light in 2013. This time it'll be so bad they won't be able to brush it under the alter cloth.


Taylor Swift she who dates anything in pants or out of them, will have the fall that she needs in 2013, To hopefully bring her down a peg or two. Mind you no doubt that’ll create a couple of hits for her as she turns the story into songs.


Jimmy Saville sex case, well if you think it’s been bad so far, just wait as we go through 2013 month by month more and more Celebrities will be dragged into it, you will be really shocked at some of the names, great fodder for the tabloids.


Jahmene Douglas he who came in 2nd on the UK X Factor will have a great year and two hits.

special interest

The Sky TV channel needs to take care as a big shake up is coming in 2013 and heads will roll from a great height. The "Cult" “Enlightennext”. Led by Andrew Cohen. People need to take notice of these con men low life takers. They are going to be in the headlines in 2013. These are very dangerous people. Hopefully they will show their true face and will fall apart.


Children Sextexting has got to be stopped, the powers that be have to get a grip on this, otherwise 2013 will see too many tragedies.


Jordan aka Katie Price she will have two bad relationships this year, which for her isn't too bad. But 2013 will start to see her fame fade.




Prime Minister Cameron will show his true colours in 2013 they are even duller and darker than you can believe. His Ivory Tower beliefs are going to get him into all kinds of trouble in 2013, but he won't listen. So he deserves all he gets.


Japan Something is brewing in the Japanese government that will cause the earth to rumble there, as well as a big earthquake that will hit Tokyo in 2013.


Pippa Middleton sister to the future Queen of England. Needs to watch her P&Q's in 2013 or she'll find herself with a new address in the Tower of London.


Prince Harry will have a much better 2013 than he did 2102. He will show us this year the lady that he will wed. She's a cracker too.

BBC If the BBC think that they have had a rough 2012, well then 2013 is going to be a lot worse. You could say that the word “Bloodbath" is most appropriate.


Google are in for a year of great change too. One planned, the other a big surprise. With one hell of a shakeup.



Apple needs to take heed in 2013 or they will find themselves on the wrong side of the law on a global scale, and they won't win.



The Whitehouse, seems to be in for a good year in the long run. Apart from a couple of bothersome incidents, but nothing that the man at the top can't handle.


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Russia Rough time ahead in Russia in 2013 and Pres Putin is going to have to get even tougher to keep the lid on it, not going to be

LeAnn Rimes who stole another’s man and married him. Will have the same happen to her in 2013/4 karma such a bitch. Simon Cowell 2013 is the year that we begin to see the cracks grow in the empire of Simon Cowell. He's in for one hell of a rough year. Taliban they have been rather quiet in 2012, but they won't remain so in 2013 they are planning a year of chaos and they are going to be active. Muslim Brotherhood these are another group that are planning a year of great trouble 2013, they will start in Europe and spread across the Globe, even America will get a taste of their hatred.

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The NFL will be exposed in a corruption the scale of which has never been seen before in 2013. Many heads will fall. In the end changing the NFL forever.

London needs to be on alert as there are those that are planning attacks in 2013, some will be caught before they happen. But one will slip through. Australia is heading for a year of political turmoil which will be a really, big shock to most, although it will have roots way back into the past. Greece just as they seem to have gotten over 2012 and their money woes. 2013 brings them back with a bang and this time no bailouts. Workers the work force in general across the World has got to the point of no return, they have pushed way too far. Expect strikes and disruptions all over the place. Many turning very nasty. France, Spain Egypt seem to top the list.


Monaco Trouble in the Royal Family of Monaco will bring all kinds of things out of the closet in 2013 some of them with legs.


Africa The troubles in Africa will begin to boil over once again in 2013, leading to a great deal of pain. This will continue through 2014/5. Terrible.

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Actor Sean Penn will once again return to the screen in 2013 with a role that will heap awards on him. Supreme Court In 2013 the Supreme Court will see not one but two vacancies.

Cults A slew of “Religious Cults" will appear in 2013 claiming all sorts of crap, which is exactly what it is Crap. But many lives will be taken due to these con men/women. UK Strikes The UK will be plagued with strikes in 2013. Which will cause every kind of disruption. This time the government will need to take note, or 2014 will be even worse. Singer Christina Agulliera needs to take care of her health and relationships. Some relationships need to go. On the career front, Brilliant. Singer Adam Lambert will have a wonderful year in 2013 on the career side. But needs to reevaluate the romantic side. Amazon will go through a bit of a though time for the first part of 2013, and how they react will either take them down or bring them up. Old views need to be changed to survive.


Actor Hugh Jackman will have to do a lot of soul searching in 2013, some of this he already knows, but not yet everything. He will in the end make the right decision. Once he does the stress will be gone for good.

UK immigration will be all over the news as cock up after cock up is revealed in 2013. Heads will roll a very long way. Adele Another baby for Adele 2013.

Gold 2012 saw the Gold craze reach fever pitch, but 2013 better watch out, more a time to be selling not buying in 2013


China will be up to its old tricks i 2013, if anything they will, be worse than before. A computer virus will hit the World badly in 2013. Doing billions of dollars in damage. It will be found to have been created in China.


Northern Ireland The Northern Ireland troubles will be terrible in 2013, making 2013 look more like the 1970's. It's going to get really rough there.


The United Nations are going to have their work cut out for them in 2013 and beyond. I pray that they take the bull by the horns before one or two despots, really set the World on fire.


Martha Stewart should just get rid of her business empire in 2013 Queen Elizabeth II apart while she still has one. If she refrom the birth of her new mains stubborn and doesn't, then Grandchildren which is well there will be nothing left. wonderful. The rest of 2013 will be very testing for Lillibet, one of the Marriage 2013 will see most testing years of her Reign so at last the courts in the far. USA vote down the Defense of Marriage act. Ashton Kutcher well he should just go to sleep Same Sex 2013 will see New Year’s Eve and stay same sex marriage legal a sleep till Xmas 2013, it’s that in California, the rest bad. quickly follow.



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Cuba Free...plain and simple.

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Sandi’s Skin Talk Diet Daily Program The diet consists of product ingredients that are designed to exfoliate, even out skin tone, build collagen, moisturize, protect, prevent, correct and nourish.


An Esthetician’s Suggestions for Healthy Skin

Treatment Series A series of 5-6 professional lifting treatments to resurface, refresh, renew and regenerate on a deeper level that cannot be achieved at home.

By Sandra Smith

Maintenance Monthly Treatment

Corn Syrup and Your Skin the shelf life of a product.

Menopause Help

High fructose corn syrup, a sweetener that is a combination of processed sugar and syrup made from corn, increases cortisol and blood sugar and is difficult for your body to process. Often food companies add fructose to cut costs and increase

Get a facial Why? During menopause, the body produces less estrogen – the hormone that’s responsible for producing both the oils that keep skin supple and the collagen fibers that maintain strength and elasticity.

The digestive track becomes stressed which then wreaks havoc with your stress hormones leading to breakouts, oxidative stress, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, sun sensitivity and premature wrinkling.

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The result ~ Dry, more brittle skin that’s even more prone to visible signs of aging – including fine lines, expression lines and deep wrinkles. And that’s not all! Some women experience adult acne or even rosacea during menopause.

Monthly professional treatments are recommended to meet skin turnover of every 28-40 days, depending on age.

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So what’s a woman to do? Well, in addition to tweaking your skin care routine to better address your skin’s new challenges, also consider scheduling periodic facials. These treatments can help restore the balance and beauty of your pre-menopausal complexion with an intense delivery of skin-restoring nutrients.

Skin Care Ingredients That Work

You can start peri-menopause sooner than your 50s so ladies take heed and protect your skin now.

Copper peptide – great for aging skin Helps restore tissue and defend against free-radicals.

L-ascorbic acid – great for scarring and aging skin This is a highly stable form of vitamin C which boosts the production of collagen. It helps defend against UV radiation and free-radical damage.

Alpha-lipoic acid – ideal for aging skin Water and oil-soluble, it can penetrate the entire cell and protect the skin on a deeper level. It also helps with exfoliation and the stimulation of collagen.

Sandi’s Dry Skin Home Remedies • Drink lots of water, eight to ten glasses is the minimum, as it helps keep your body hydrated and can alleviate dry skin to a great extent. • Drink a glass of milk mixed with a teaspoon of almond oil before bedtime. It can work wonders. • Baby lotion is one of the best moisturizing lotions that cracked skin. you can use on your skin. Many moisturizers for adults often contain other chemicals that may actually make • To prevent itchy skin on your face after you wash try your skin drier. mixing an egg yolk with a teaspoon each of olive oil, olive oil and orange juice then add some drops of rose • Rub honey all over your body before you take a bath water and lime juice. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for five or ten minutes. Honey is one of and leave it on for about fifteen minutes before washthe best natural moisturizers. ing it off. • Soak in a tub filled with milk and warm water like • Rub the inside of a banana peel on your heels and queens did thousands of years ago. It really can do watch the dry skin disappear. It may sound weird but wonders for your skin. it works! • Rub sesame oil all over your body after you bathe.

• Bananas can also be used to treat dry skin on your face and neck. Just mash a ripe banana and apply it • Coconut oil or avocado oil applied to the body can like a face pack. Wash it off with some warm water. nourish your skin as well. • Fruits are not just for applying to the skin; you should • You can make a paste from avocados and apply it to be sure to include plenty in your diet as well. nourish your skin. • If you are a smoker, quit. Smoking is bad for your skin • Blend baking soda, oatmeal and vanilla extract into and among other effects it dries the skin and robs it of a paste and mix in a tub of warm water to soak for as necessary nutrients. You can see for yourself; just Goolong as you like. Bye-bye dry skin! gle “smoker’s face”.

BB cream or blemish balm cream is currently the hottest beauty product. This new sensation is said to have originated in Germany. Dermatologists have been using it for healing scars caused by laser skin surgery. The lists of benefits are impressive for these creams and all you may need is one product! This is a specialized formula that is a moisturizer, a primer, a setting powder and an SPF sunscreen all in one cream. It is seen like a small miracle; one-step products that can protect, conceal and correct skin tone and texture. If your skin is in need of extra moisture there is now a new cream to use in place of the BB cream and that is the CC cream, known as color corrective cream. Not all of the creams are the same so check the ingredients before you make a purchase.

Retinol – great for aging skin and for hyperpigmentation and dry skin Antioxidant compounds derived from vitamin A, they can penetrate skin and neutralize free-radicals that break down skin fibers causing wrinkles. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)- works for aging skin and hyperpigmentation These acids include glycolic, lactic, tantaric and citric acids. They can improve the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and age spots, minimizing the appearance of pores. Beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) – ideal for acne, aging and sensitive skins. Gently exfoliates for improved texture and tone.

Facial Brushes A great makeup application begins with the right brushes. Buy the best that you can afford since they will last for decades and produce excellent results when properly used.

• Rub some oatmeal on your hands before washing • Exercise…sweating unblocks your pores and allows them to help exfoliate the dry skin. natural oils to come to the surface and hydrate your skin. • Petroleum jelly is one of the best remedies for dry lips, hands and feet. • Try to include spices such as turmeric, cumin, and coriander in your diet. They help to soothe and relieve • Glycerin oil also is a good remedy for dry skin. dry skin.

Natural bristles work best because they are fuller and have a natural cuticle, similar to human hair. They grab the pigment and hold it until you place it where you want it. The finest and most expensive is blue squirrel but there are many great alternatives that aren’t as expensive. Synthetic brushes are best for applying creams and liquids and can be cleaned with dish soap.

• Bathe in warm water rather than hot water, which • Last, but equally as important – get sufficient sleep. dries skin. Your body requires a minimum of eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Lack of sleep affects the • If you use soaps be sure that they are natural as soap skin and is visible right away. can be responsible for drying your skin due to the harmful chemicals. • Laugh often and remember ~ don’t take things personally. • Wear rubber gloves if you use detergents to prevent

The right set of brushes should include a large powder brush, a smaller fluffy brush for blush and bronzer, an eye-shadow brush the size of a fingertip, and a smaller shadow brush for smudging and blending. A slightly domed shape rolls best across the skin and is more precise in delivering just the right amount of product.

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DMAE – (dimethylaminoethanol) – good for aging skin This ingredient is naturally produced in the brain and is found in many fish. In lotion form it can increase muscle tone and decrease sagging.

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Take a few minutes to conjure up in your mind the image of two women. One thing they have in common is they both love to eat. By Lara Wines

her hunger between meals with a Snickers bar or maybe even a “healthy” granola bar or serving of sugary yogurt. She can’t go to bed without a helping of Ben and Jerry’s; that stuff is to DIE for. She eats it as if she would die without it, and the fact is, she’s dying because of it. Can you picture her? She may be skinny, but more than likely she’s overweight. For sure her skin isn’t as clear and bright as it could be. She isn’t grounded. Food rules her life, and she loves this food. But it doesn’t love her back.

Make Food Your Friend

Not Your Foe

kiwi, melons, and apples. She might choose a little lean meat from a grass fed cow or a free range chicken (and some cage free eggs from the same farmer), perhaps some raw cheese just brought in from Wisconsin or even locally produced. She talks to the farmers, asks about their crops and harvests. At the edge of the market, she buys a small loaf of 100% whole grain

The first woman loves the food she’s known all her life – Big Macs from McDonald’s with the side of fries and the extra-large Diet Coke, of course. It might be Wendy’s another day, Kentucky Fried Chicken the day after that. More often than not, she grabs her food in a bag handed to her through a drive through window, and will have finished the meal before she gets home. She doesn’t cook – she’s usually too hungry when it’s mealtime to take the time to cook, and anyway, the food tastes better soaked in lard 30 • Bellesprit Magazine •

and fried in grease. She may socialize with comfort food, fried chicken and potato salad at a church social, followed by apple pie or some other sort of cake that the women used to bake at home, but more likely tend to pick up at the grocery store these days, where they’ve been sitting prettily on the shelf thanks to the preservatives used to keep them looking good. This woman’s approach to food, the food she loves, is almost frantic. She loves it so much, she just can’t wait to eat it. During the day, she may curb

Picture the second woman. She loves her food, too. But she loves it in a wholly different way. She strolls through the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning. She takes her time inspecting and admiring the fruits and vegetables in the produce bins. She loads her basket with carefully chosen greens, carrots, onions, peppers and potatoes. She fills another basket with fresh strawberries, Bellesprit Magazine • • 31



bread, and even a small scone to go with a cup of organic tea she’ll have the next morning. Whatever she can’t find she picks up the local grocery store – a little quinoa, some whole grain oatmeal and spices, a bottle of organic red wine. Perhaps she even has her own garden, where she grows her own eggplant and bib lettuce. When she gets home she takes her time marinating a little bit of free range chicken in a homemade vegetable broth, cuts the onions and carrots and puts them in the crockpot with the meat and some kale and spices, and lets the house fill with the aroma. She makes a salad, warms the bread, and pours some wine. Her company arrives to a meal they’ll all share and savor together. I’m sure you can picture this second woman, too. A healthy glow to her skin, a genuine smile. A peace and serenity about her. She might be thin, or maybe she’s a little thick in the middle if she’s middle aged. But she’s not obese. She’s not frantic. She’s at peace with herself, and with her food. The two go hand in hand. Now – who loves food more? I mean, truly loves it? Respects it? Honors it? And enjoys it in a peaceful, dignified, grounded way? The first woman claims she loves food, but the food is her enemy. It controls her, and if she wanted to “diet,” to lose weight or otherwise get control of herself, she would easily see food as an obstacle to her goals. Right now, food is something she is panicked about, desperate for, and grabs when she feels she is empty and needs to fill herself up – very much like a dysfunctional relationship, in fact! If she wanted to change her habits, food would be something she’d have to manage, deprive herself of, conquer, and defeat. It would be a constant struggle, because of her mindset. The second woman already sees food as her friend, and she doesn’t seem deprived at all – does she? She takes her time, appreciates the food – the way it looks, feels, smells. She takes her time with it, cooks it carefully, and serves it in the midst of joy and happiness. And the best part? The food she loves DOES love her back! She’s healthy and happy, and the food fuels her. When she eats, she spends more time thinking about what she’s putting in her body so she can live and thrive, not what she’s depriving herself of. Food – real, whole, nourishing food – is your friend. Think of these foods that way. Go to the market and find them, discover the ones you love, and they will love you back. Because food changes everything.

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Ask The

Discovering the answers to those questions you’ve always wanted to know about your animal companion.


Why Is Animal Communication So give you the ability to see your animal friends in a whole new magnificent Important? It gives us the answers to questions that we have about our animal companions. It also helps to strengthen even more our already incredible relationships that we have with our animals, by elevating it to a much higher and deeper level. Their responses will

How Does Animal Communication Work? Animal Communication, simply put, is the ability to have conversations with animals as humans do with one another. For me personally, communications from the animals can come in many different ways, from flashes of images, to feelings and sensations, there really are too many ways for me to name here, but all of it can be easily described in one word: Telepathy (loose Latin translation is feelings across a distance) which is why I can connect to your animal no matter where they are in the world. I’m also able to connect with animals that have transitioned as well. 34 • Bellesprit Magazine •


Questions Regarding Your Animal’s Health

This column is NOT a substitute for Veterinary care; any answers regarding your animal’s health should always be shared with your animal’s Vet.

Question for Jingles from Diane Shelto: “How does Jingles feel about being my guide dog?”

Question for Rica from Yvonne Gutierrez : “Hi, Our dog Rica is about 8 years old (rescue dog) she has several health issues. Receives Reiki daily from me, is she in any physical discomfort that we don’t “see” that we would need to make a decision on regarding her quality of life? Thank you” Rica’s answer: “For the most part I feel ok, there IS one pill that I get that make gives me a little gas and upsets my stomach when I take it, even though you give it before supper. Do you think you can put it into some cream cheese instead? You’re doing so much for me, and I’m feel bad that I don’t always have the energy that I would like to do all the things Id love to do, but all that you’re doing especially the energy giving IS helping and I thank you TONS for it!” ~ Rica

Jingles’s answer: “Pride, I feel pride. Proud that I’m able to take care of you as much as you take care of me, my life’s got a wonderful purpose about it, and I know what I came here to this earth to do, and I’m proud and happy that we found one another. I would like to ask you, are you happy with ME? I hope so. I think of you, not only as my mom, but my friend and my partner as too, not many get to have all that in one lifetime. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you.” ~Jingles

Question for Tobie from Tina Slater: “Wondering why that is and why he hates men? He is constantly barking at my husband until he starts petting Tobie then he’s fine?” Tobie’s answer: “I don’t dislike them it’s more like I don’t trust them. Their energy can change very quickly, they also holding a lot of emotions and feelings in, which makes me nervous when they do that, I don’t feel like they are being honest and open, and it makes me uncomfortable. But I like the man in my house, HE’S very nice and I do trust him, when I bark at him that’s more a dominance/play thing, I thought he understood and saw that. You see I have to show him that I can take care of the house and taking on a man (even if he’s my person) is the best way that I can see to do that. I don’t want them to

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Would you like to schedule a private session with Coryelle?

Visit her website at, or email her at Would you like to submit a question for your animal companion? Here is all the information you’ll need to do that.

think I can’t protect and take care of my home and my people. Now I think of it kind of like a game that we share, if they don’t want me to do it anymore, all they have to do is tell me” ~ Tobie From Coryelle: : “Hi Tina, You may want to also look into the flower essences Honeysuckle, Impatiens & Vine, This combination will help Tobie to let go of past trauma and be more open and loving towards your husband.” ~ Coryelle

Question for Luna from Melissa Starke~Pitcher: “When I give my dogs something new to chew on poor Luna will run around the house trying to bury it instead of enjoying it. Why does she eat some and bury some? I feel so bad that I cause her such a dilemma when all I want her to do is enjoy it. I mean she will bury it under my pillow, in the couch, the laundry basket. And then she will just relax and chew some w/o an issue. What do you think I can do to help her enjoy it?”

Luna’s answer: “I don’t think I trust very well, it’s not that I don’t love you and my pack mate I do, but I don’t trust at first that anything I’m given will really stay mine, it’s only when I’ve been given a chance to put my “mark “ or smell on it that I feel like I relax and enjoy it. I don’t know what you can do for me, I feel like this has been with me for a long time, this feeling of not being able to just “be” I don’t like it but I can’t help it either. But I feel better that you know about it now, so maybe I can let the need to do it finally go. ” ~ Luna From Coryelle: “Hi Melissa, It’s wonderful that Luna, recognizes that the “issue” she has and it’s even better that she’s ready to let it go. I think that flower essences can help her release the behavior completely. I think that the essences: Oak, Pine, White Chestnut, and Chestnut bud, would be very good and will assist her in letting go of the behaviors fully.” ~ Coryelle Question for Chula from Jennifer Payst: “Chula is a 17 year old Arab mare who is blind. I’d like to ask her what can I do to further help her with her sight and how she is coping with it and how much she can see?”

ONE question per animal please and the question MUST to be in full ex: “why does Fred chew my socks?” or “Why does Frisky sleep on top of my head?” I will not accept questions such as “Ask him/her what happened last Wednesday” This is simply too vague to get a clear answer. In the email please also include your ANIMAL’S NAME along with the question you’d like answered. (ALL questions are chosen for the column in the order that I receive them)

a horse who happens not to need her sight in order to experience life. I remember a lot from the time when I could see, colors are still vivid in my mind, but now I FEEL the world I don’t just see it, and I wish I could give you the chance to know what I feel every single day. Having no sight has given me a clarity that I cannot fully express, don’t be blinded by the fact t hat I can’t see, instead be happy because I moved beyond the need too.” ~ Chula

PHOTOS: Are used in order for me to connect to your animal AND will be printed in the column as well. All photographs submitted MUST meet the following 2 criteria to be considered. 1. The photo must be in focus, and higher resolutions are preferable. 2. Each photo should be of ONE animal only. Please no group shots OR a person posing WITH the animal. Photos like these can make it difficult to clearly receive a single animal’s communications. Like to schedule a private session with Coryelle? Go her website, or email her at

From Coryelle: “I hope that you all received the answers that you needed, and I thank you all for the chance to talk to your animals. Many Blessings all of you” ~ Coryelle

Chula’s answer: “My right eye I don’t see out of at all, my left I see shadows. But I don’t want to be treated different, I don’t see myself as a blind horse, I just see myself as

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A Disease Or A Symptom?

The hoarding disorder will soon become listed as its own in diagnosis in The DSMV the manual that lists all mental health disorders. By Christa Lore Urban

Cleansing and Clearing are often a New Year’s Resolution. For some this seems an insurmountable task. Why? Because we can’t throw it away, we may need it someday. This is the call of the hoarder. The fear of loss and lack are not cured by hoarding. The energy of this behavior can block abundance. If your environment is full of stuff, there is not room for more. Simple cause and effect. To bring in the new we have to move out the old.


s I have walked my shaman path over the past several years I found my healers journey has taken me through many cleansings.

This cleansing has not only been on a spiritual level but in the physical world too. I am talking about my personal experience with a hoarding disorder, and helping to restore the balance of energy in some one’s home. I say personal and not just professional because it runs in my family. I had to help move my parents out of their home of 40 years. It was the requisite downsizing of a life. Their health not good and a supervised living situation were being created at my sister’s home. Even after the sorting, the garage sale, and the donations, there was

38 • Bellesprit Magazine •

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a 40 foot dumpster that we filled with stuff. That was the day I knew that stuff really had no meaning for me. My spiritual healing was complete. In earlier times in my life I could see that I may have travelled the path to hoarding but my connection with spirit and healing and therapy work saved me from that.

physical environment must be cleared. The Chi of a living situation is important. It won’t be done by the hoarder. A professional crew or family will need to help with the accumulated belongings and assorted items. Many times they may even be the discards of others retrieved from the trash. This clearing and cleaning will cause discomfort and panic attacks. Some will try to Now the image of hoarding conjures the TV news dra- physically stop the things from being removed. ma bug infested scary piles of newspapers but that is an extreme case and end stage. My mother was a com- In many cases it is best to remove the hoarder from pulsively neat hoarder. This being a direct result of her the premises while the clearing is being done. This is German Upbringing. The case of hoarding behavior in the time a qualified therapist or healer needs to be the post-depression and post-World War II era people involved. Counseling and education to deal with the one can see a small amount of logic because they did panic attacks and other psychological symptoms that suffer through times of lack and war. But others with may arise is the first step. Further counsel and educathe disorder have never seen lack, war or suffering. tion to the family that is involved could destabilize the So how does this disorder manifest and how can it be person; they need to be observant of their loved one. treated? This needs to be handled like a death in the family. The reactions may be that strong. They will be reacting in Hoarding disorder will soon become listed as its own a grief process. The underlying issues will then be able in diagnosis in The DSMV the manual that lists all men- to be dealt with. This can take many therapy and heatal health disorders. It was formerly thought to be a ling sessions. If the root cause is abuse and trauma the behavioral component of OCD, obsessive compulsive healing work must be done for that. This could trigger disorder. It is seen in that diagnosis. Hoarding also can a PTSD type of attack. The hoarder should not be alone be seen with other mental health disorders, such as de- if they are prone to self harm and gestures of suicide. pression and bi-polar. It is a body mind and spirit disor- Caution must be used in those currently being treated der that has biochemical and behavior components. with anti-depressants that have been started recently. I It can be developed as a response to abuse, trauma suggest Back Flower Rescue Remedy as a holistic aid in and part of a PTSD picture. The brain has been studied this situation. It is wonderful for the anxiety and panic on MRI flow study that certain areas of the brain react feelings. It doesn’t block the individual mentally as a differently in the compulsive hoarder. The response tranquilizer would. Using medications to control behaand decision making responses are altered. A hoarder vior does not help the individual process the issues. It is not able to make the choices about what to throw blocks emotions chemically, it does not heal the root away. cause. So in my journeys I have helped with the physical, and psychological clean up of this hoarding behavior. Is it a disease? No, I feel it is a symptom of soul sickness. Trying to fill emotional holes and cope without addressing the hidden issue. It is a problem of control and environment. The harder the hoarder tries to get control of their emotions their life moves further away. The stuff hoarded is an emotional shield to some. In Feng Shui terms they are blocking the chi of their environment. The stagnant chi does not help the physical or emotional environment.

It will take some time and work to for those afflicted with this disorder. The New Year and The New Age is a good time to start a new life. Free yourself from the emotional bondage of belongings and hoarding. The many healers involved with Bellesprit can help with all aspects of this. I am happy to consult with you and if I can’t help, I will refer you to the right person. Visit my web site at

Family members need to be involved with the recovery of a hoarder. It does affect everyone in the living situation. Many times the hoarder is allowed to continue this behavior to keep the calm in the household. There is a difference between an avid collector and a hoarder. The collector neatly organizes and categorizes items, enjoys displaying items. A hoarder will save anything but there is not a clear order. Piles and boxes accumulate overwhelming the space in a home, blocking the energy and potentially increased the perceived discomfort. So how is this treated? The approach is multi-level. The 40 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 41



I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You! L

Cindy (Selvaggio) Shumaker

ast month, I stood in the local post office, waiting to mail holiday items. The line was long and the energy was heavy as people were growing impatient with the annual ritual of waiting.

me and replied, “Yes, to a grandchild I have yet to meet.” Naively, I responded, “Oh, a new grandchild who lives far away?”

“No,” she responded, “to my 4 year old granddaughter who lives in the I noticed a lady in front of me who next county….long story.” The tears had a box addressed to a child, so I welled in her eyes. decided to strike up a conversation to help ease the slow passage of “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry; I time. thought maybe this was a first Christmas for a new grandchild.” I felt bad “Mailing Christmas presents?” I for her as she wiped the tears from asked. She turned and looked at her face.

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“No, its ok,” she replied, “I’ve been dealing with this feeling for many years now, but it doesn’t get any easier. You see, my son and I are estranged due to a misunderstanding we had the year my dear granddaughter was born, and his way of retaliating is not allowing me to see her.” “Oh wow, I am so sorry” She looked into my eyes and said, “You have no idea how much hurt this has caused, but I will never give up on my son or my grandchild I have yet to hold. Every holiday and on her birthday, I send gifts from ‘grandma’ and in hopes she will know how much I have always loved her and that I will always love her.” “Are your gifts ever returned?” I asked. I’ve been dealing with this feeling for many years now, but it doesn’t get any easier.


wasn’t the perfect parent, but who is, getting the last word. But I will nevright?” er give up loving him or my granddaughter for as long as I live!” I nodded in agreement because as a parent I understood what she I noticed the line was moving and was feeling at a deeper level than as each of us inched our way closmost. er to the front of the line, I felt like I needed to reach out in some way. “Luckily, he made it through and “Have you ever thought this situation has been very healthy since, which isn’t about you” I asked, as she stood is such a blessing. Unfortunately, his silent. I knew she was wondering father and I divorced when he was how this could NOT be about her a teenager and he was hurt in the and her mistakes as a parent. process. He was angry and confused and often lashed out. It definitely put “There are no coincidences and we a strain on our relationship, but I nev- are all here on this earth to learn er stopped loving him. He was and is lessons. Everything happens for a my life, my precious little boy that I reason and we must understand the almost lost many years ago. I love concept of ‘divine timing.’ This situahim more than life itself and would tion is all about his growth and his do anything to repair the damage lessons. I get the feeling that you are that has been done.” a spiritual person and your faith is strong and so even though it hurts, I was feeling her pain as I could feel you will make it through this situation. You know that God hasn’t left you and you know that he will get There are no coincidences and we are all here on this earth to learn lessons.

We Must Understand The Concept Of Divine Timing “No, my son always signs for them, but I have no idea what he does with them after that. For all I know, he throws them in the trash. I have no control over what he decides to do with the gifts, but in my heart I know I have made every effort to reach out and let him know that I am still here and will continue to love him no matter what. When he was young, he became very sick and his father and I thought we might lose him. I would have laid down my life for that little boy as he struggled to get well. I hated seeing him suffer. He was so young and I often questioned why he had to be so sick. I attended as many sporting events as my job allowed so I could make every moment count. I know I

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a lump swell in my own throat. “He got married years ago,” she continued, “and luckily he allowed me be a part of that celebration, but I’ve only seen him once since then. For some reason, he just couldn’t move beyond the misunderstandings we had in the past and when my granddaughter was born, he never even called to tell me. I found out from a mutual friend one day and my heart was crushed….no phone call, no text, no email, nothing. I tried to reach out and contact him, but he thwarted all attempts. That was his way of controlling our relationship, his last effort of rebellion, his way of He just couldn’t move beyond the misunderstandings we had in the past.

you through this, but your son still has his own lessons to learn. Love is all we have and love is all there is. He hasn’t learned that yet. He is still filled with hate, anger, revenge and rebellion. He is self centered and hasn’t grown spiritually enough to realize that it will eat him alive and create a diseased body if he doesn’t come to terms with his feelings and allow forgiveness. When he grows and realizes how much his actions have hurt his family that is when you will hear from him again, that is when he will reach out. Until then, you have to hold onto your faith and remain strong.” She looked and me and said “Wow, I never thought about it that way, I thought this was all about me and

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HEALTH AND HEALING things I had done wrong as a parent.”

UN: All the lost time CH: Time we can never get back I shook my head and said, “No, it’s all about him and his CB: Sometimes it feels like my heart is going to shatter lessons in life.” UA: I just want these feelings to go away HD: I don’t think I can cry anymore She gave me a hug and said, “Thank you!” It was now WR: I want to go back to happier times her turn at the postal counter and as she slid her package towards the clerk, she turned and looked at me ** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the one last time and said, “You have blessed me with your second round of tapping** healing words and I will never forget your kindness. God bless you and I hope you have a happy holiday.” Round Two: As I left the post office that day, I knew I would probably never see her again. I also knew it was no coincidence that our paths crossed! For that brief moment, for whatever reason, our conversation served a soulful purpose.

EB: I know everything happens for a reason SE: But it’s not always easy to understand UE: I don’t know how I would have made it without my friends and family UN: They have been my rock through all of this CH: I want to turn this around As we embark on a new year, I encourage each of you CB: But I realize I am not in control of this situation to step back and review your relationships. Is there UA: I am in control my reactions someone you need to call, some unfinished business HD: I will hang onto my faith and remain patient that may be eating away at you? Do you need to mend WR: As lessons are learned and lives are changed a fence and truly forgive someone so you can be free to move on? ** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the third round of tapping** Put your ego aside and decide right here and now, that you will do whatever it takes to wipe your emotional Round Three: slate clean, because in the end, all there is - is love. EB: I will continue with my daily mantra I am reminded of the Ho ‘oponopono mantra: “I’m sor- SE: I’m sorry ry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” Wipe your UE: Please forgive me slate clean and start fresh. I can’t think of a better way UN: I love you to start the New Year! CH: Thank you CB: I’m sorry I hurt you If you are struggling with a wounded relationship, I UA: Please forgive my actions have provided an EFT tapping script that may help! HD: Thank you for being a part of my life Remember to change the words to fit your personal WR: No matter what, I will love you forever! situation so it resonates with you! **Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the fourth round of tapping** If you are unfamiliar with EFT, please visit my website Round Four: or blog for more information EB: It’s time to let it all go and SE: Let it go UE: Let it go Start with the Karate chop point. UN: It’s safe to let it go CH: I’m safe Karate chop point: CB: All this hurt, all this heartache, all the tears UA: It’s safe to let it all go “Even though I feel like a horrible person, I love and ac- HD: I’m ready to let it go cept myself anyway” WR: I’m ready to move on! “Even though I know I’m not perfect, I accept this feel- **Take a deep breath and say “PEACE”** ing and everything it means to me” “Even though my heart is heavy and I feel like this situ- Showering you with blessings of a New Year and reation will never be resolved, I love who I am and every- newed relationships! thing I stand for” Cindy (Selvaggio) Shumaker Round One: EB: All this hurt SE: All this frustration UE: All the tears 46 • Bellesprit Magazine •

HEALTH AND HEALING Here is a diagram and explanation of the tapping points. I have also included the areas of the body that are directly affected by tapping these acupressure points.

Locating the Tapping Points The Sore Spot (Tender Spot): You can use the sore spot OR the Karate chop point – I choose the Karate chop point just because it is easier and more convenient. Either one will work fine, it is your preference. If you choose to use the sore spot, this area is located in the upper left or right portions of the chest. Go to the base of the throat about where a man would knot his tie. Poke around in this area and you will find a U shaped notch at the top of your sternum (breastbone). From the top of that notch go down 3 inches toward your navel and over 3 inches to your left (or right). You should now be in the upper left (or right) portion of your chest. If you press vigorously in that area (within a 2 inch radius) you will find a “Sore Spot.” This is the place you will need to rub while saying the affirmation. This spot is sore when you rub it vigorously because lymphatic congestion occurs there. Karate Chop: It is located in the middle of the fleshy part on the outside of the hand between the top of the wrist bone and the base of the baby finger. This point is associated with the small intestine meridian. Tapping here helps relieve the feeling of being stuck or frozen. It helps you to move forward, to let go of the old. Eyebrow Point: At the beginning of the eyebrow, just above and to one side of the nose and is abbreviated “EB” in the tapping script. Bellesprit Magazine • • 47



This point is associated with the bladder meridian. Tapping here helps release traumas, hurt and sadness. It can bring a sense of inner peace.

I make a loose fist with either hand and gently tap this area. This point is abbreviated “CB” in the tapping script. This point is associated with the kidney meridian.

Side of the Eye: On the bone bordering the outside corner of the eye and is abbreviated “SE” in the tapping script. This point is associated with the gall bladder meridian. Tapping here helps release anger, resentment and fear of change. It helps with clarity, compassion and understanding.

Tapping here helps release general stress, worry, indecision. It may ease movement forward.

Under the Eye: On the bone under an eye about 1 inch below your pupil and is abbreviated “UE” in the tapping script. This point is associated with the stomach meridian Tapping here helps release fear, anxiety, worry, nervousness and disappointment. It helps instill calmness and feeling safe. Under the Nose: On the small area between the bottom of your nose and the top of your upper lip and is abbreviated “UN” in the tapping script. This point is the governing meridian Tapping here helps release shame, guilt, grief, fear of failure. It may help instill self empowerment and self acceptance. Chin: Midway between the point of your chin and the bottom of your lower lip and is abbreviated “CH” in the tapping script. This point is the central meridian Tapping here helps release confusion, uncertainty and second guessing decisions. It may help instill self confidence and clarity.

Under the Arm: On the side of the body, it is about 4 inches below the armpit and is abbreviated “UA” in the tapping script. This point is associated with the spleen meridian Tapping here helps release guilt, obsessing, worry hopelessness. It may instill relaxation, and compassion for self and others. Top of Head: Tap in a small circular motion on the top of the head. This point is abbreviated “HD” in the tapping script. This point is associated with the “hundred meeting points” meridian. Tapping here helps release the inner critic, lack of focus and gerbil wheel thinking. It may instill insight, spiritual connection, focus and wisdom. Wrists: Located below the hand on the underside of your arm. The point where a woman would dab her perfume – tap both wrists together. This point is abbreviated “WR” in the tapping script. This point is associated with the heart, pericardium and lungs. Tapping here helps release sadness, heartache, stress, anxiety and grief.

Collar Bone: This is the junction where the sternum (breastbone), collarbone and the first rib meet. To locate it, first place your forefinger on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone (about where a man would knot his tie). From the bottom of the U, move your forefinger down toward the navel 1 inch and then go to the left (or right) 1 inch. 48 • Bellesprit Magazine •

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Chestnut Bud


By Coryelle Kramer What is a Flower Essence? A flower essence is water that has been infused with the energies and vibrations from plants and trees. This is produced by harvesting the flowers or buds from the plants and trees then putting them in water for a period of time. The water is then mixed with a preservative and bottled as a stock essence. How Do They Work? Essences are vibrational healing, acting like tuning fork to re-tune an animal or human’s body to a more natural, higher, good feeling emotional state. When we are in this natural state of Well-being we feel good, and everything feels like all is well. The need for negative behaviors becomes completely unnecessary. They can used to help both people and animals, because the negative behaviors can differentiate greatly between animals and people, I’ll discuss the negative behaviors separately for both species 50 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Flower Power Flower Essences for Pets & People For the New Year I thought an appropriate essence to talk about would be the one that allows someone to leave their old habits and unwanted patterns of thinking far behind them, that essence is Chestnut bud.


Chestnut Bud is the essence for learning; I call it the “Old Habits” essence. It is for any being who has a difficult time learning, (no matter how hard them seem to try) or who can’t seem to “get it.”

• Any animal who has persistent reoccurrences of infections (such as: yeast & fungal). Also for those who seem to get the same illness over and over and who “can’t shake it”

Chestnut Bud’s Unwanted Behavior Patterns in Animals:

• Horses that keep doing the same mistakes repeatedly, such as: hitting the same fence or knocking over the same obstacles when practicing or eventing.

• Animals who just don’t seem able to learn from experience, ex: dogs or cats who continually chase cars, or who always seem to be sprayed by skunks, or do things despite punishment like chew shoes or clothes or who scratch at people. • Farm animals, who keep going under the fences and/or get trapped in them. • Domesticated animals who are exhibiting bad habits in the house (ex: defecating, urinating, scratching furniture or biting). Please note that these behaviors may sometimes be a result of a physical problem. So please, consult your Vet! • A young animal who is just about to be, or who seems to be having a difficult time with their house

• Animals who are mothering for the first time, and who seem clumsy or not too very good in her mother role.

• Agility - dogs who seem to have a hard time learning their routines. Positive results in animals: Restores the ability to learn from life and from experiences. Chestnut Bud’s Unwanted Behavior Patterns in People: • You feel like you keep getting into the same problems or relationships, or that you have the same arguments, or accidents over and over. • Thinking too fast, always being a few steps ahead of what you or others are saying or thinking. Moving Bellesprit Magazine • • 51

HEALTH AND HEALING on to the next thing without taking in or solving the current issue or problem. • You’re always starting new activities before other ones are finished. • You experience test anxiety or your mind seems to “shut down” when you have to take an exam. • You have a lack of interest in learning new things or you have a tendency to try to learn things too quickly, which keeps you from retaining the knowledge or experience. • You have a hard time concentrating or don’t pay attention what others are saying during conversations, instead you’re thinking of the next question while they’re talking. • When confronted with a mechanical problem you’ll do anything and everything except read the manual. • You’re feel mentally clumsy or “slow on the up take”, and or you take a long time learning things or have a learning disability. • It seems to take you a long time getting over an illness, or you suffer from chronic pain such as migraine headaches, sinus infections, acne, or bladder infections. Positive results in humans: You’re able to comprehend things more freely and retain information and experiences more easily. You learn from your mistakes (what I call discoveries) and are able to move on from them.

HEALTH AND HEALING How Long After Taking Them, Will I See A Result? The results vary from being to being, but I’ve had both human and animal clients who’ve had results occurring within seconds of drinking the flower essence water and those who’ve had results happen between 24 to 48 hours after taking an essence. It depends on how attached the being is TO their negative behavior. If something has been with someone a long time it can become a chronic habit and may be harder to let go of. But generally results should be seen within a 24 to 48 hour period of time, if not then another essence may have to be tried. Where Can I Find This Flower Essence? Flower essences can be found just about anywhere from health food stores to supermarkets. My own line of essences “Flowering Hills Essences” can easily purchased through my online shop, which is found by going to: Flower essence sessions & 15 minute consultations are also available and can be purchased in my online shop as well. Coryelle Kramer is a professional Animal Communicator and Certified Flower Essence Therapist who has been on both TV and radio. She’s written numerous articles for magazines and newspapers all on the subjects of animal communication & flower essence therapy. If you would like to schedule a session with Coryelle then go her website, or email her at

How do I take the essences and/ or how do I give them to my animal companion? Essences should always be taken and given in the least stressful way possible. I like to put them in water. To me, it’s the best and purest way for the essences to do their work. So, if the essences are for a person put them in a glass of water, for an animal put the drops in their water bowl.

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Turning Over A New Leaf garden with just one plant or you can have several. The options are many, as are the benefits and pleasures as well. Of all the choices - herbs, vegetables, fruits and spices, flowers, exotic or native plants - we will begin with herbs. Why herbs? Several reasons:


. Herbs are super easy to grow. Some plants are super finicky about their soil. Not herbs. Many actually do better in non-fertile soil (just be sure the soil drains well). Valerian, caraway, elderberry, and comfrey all actually improve the health of your soil when you plant them. . Herbs don’t make you wait. Instant gratification is yours. Many herbs, such as mint, are known for spreading quickly and growing tall and strong. You don’t have to wait several seasons before you can harvest your herbs. . Herbs make great friends. They are stellar companion plants. You can integrate herbs into your flower, fruit and vegetable beds to help boost the health of your plants and keep pests away, too. Some pairs that grow well together are basil + tomatoes, borage + strawberries, chives + carrots, oregano + grape vines, parsley + asparagus, and sage + cabbage. . Herbs are super duper versatile. Toss them in fresh salads, infuse them in oil for dressings


An herb garden is a great place to start By Adrienne Diaz


anuary is a time for new beginnings, especially after all the excesses of the holidays. But any time is the right time to start heeding the medical advice we have been reading and hearing about for many years. The reasons to reduce our intake of fats, cholesterol, salt, sugar chemical additives, and excess calories are

well documented. Reducing stress is also high on the list.

increase your sense of satisfaction and well-being.

What better place to begin these changes than in a garden. Your own garden! Gardening can improve other things besides just your health. It can improve your pocketbook, awaken your creativity, arouse your senses and it can

Gardens can be grown in all climates and all locations. All you need is a little dirt in the ground or in a container. You can garden outdoors in a yard, on a patio or a balcony, or you can garden indoors. You can have a small

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and in spirits for cocktails, dry them to make herbal teas and delicious spice blends, or use them in gorgeous floral arrangements. . Herbs can improve the health of your cooking. If you rely on salt to add zing to your food, it’s time to switch to a healthier alternative. Stir some chopped up herbs into your food instead, and not only are you adding gobs of flavor, but you’re adding extra antioxidants, too. Some herbs, such as basil, are even known to offer protection against heart disease, respiratory problems, cancer, and arthritis. . Fresh herbs on hand will save you money. One bunch of dill at the grocery store will cost you more than a packet of dill seeds, and planting even a half pack of seeds will provide multiple dill bunches. Planting and harvesting your own herbs can be a major money saver. . Herbs can grow anywhere, anytime. Herbs are perfect for an indoor kitchen garden if you

live somewhere where January’s weather is too cold to go outdoors.


It is no wonder that herbs have been popular for thousands of years. Shakespeare, Thoreau, King Solomon, even Simon and Garfunkel - everyone talks about them! I can’t help singing, “Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Remember me to one who lives there. She once was a true love of mine.” every time I think of herbs. (Be thankful I sing this in my head and not out loud.)


This American folk song is based on an old English Ballad, and the Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme reference carries with it medieval symbolism. Although meaningless to most people today, these herbs spoke to the imagination of people then as much as red roses do to us today.


• Parsley - takes away bitterness. Not only in taste but it was said to take away the bitterness in a spiritual sense as well. • Sage - a symbol of strength. • Rosemary – symbolic of faithfulness, love and remembrance. Ancient Greek lovers used to give rosemary to their ladies, and the custom of a bride wearing twigs of rosemary in her hair is still practiced in England and several other European countries today. The herb also stands for sensibility and prudence. Ancient Roman

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HEALTH AND HEALING doctors recommended putting a small bag of rosemary leaves under the pillow of someone who had to perform a difficult mental task, such as an exam. Rosemary is associated with feminine love, because it’s very strong and tough, although it grows slowly. • Thyme- a symbol of courage. At the time this song was written, knights used to wear images of thyme in their shields when they went to combat, which their ladies embroidered in them. But aside from the symbolism, their medicinal and culinary usefulness abound. Let’s explore these top 4 herbs and their uses in more detail.


HEALTH AND HEALING zest, bitter greens like kale, mustard greens, arugula, and parsley. Well balanced dishes stimulate all or most of these taste receptors. Adding parsley to a stew doesn’t make the stew taste like parsley, but will make the stew taste more balanced, if it doesn’t already have a bitter in it. Almost every savory dish tastes better with a little chopped parsley either cooked in or sprinkled over the top. In the Garden: Parsley grows well indoors and outdoors, which makes the plant versatile. When you plan to grow parsley, the seeds will germinate 28 days after planting. The best thing about growing parsley plants? Bugs and slugs typically stay away from them. They are biennials, so in most climates, a plant will live for two years. This plant can usually be grown year round, since frost seems to make them happy and they winter well. How to Use: The leaves are most commonly used; however the stalks are good for adding flavor to stocks. You could just make a plain parsley pesto, and serve it over pasta, or add garlic, oil and vinegar, and it is terrific with steak. You can use any fresh herbs in any recipe in the following way: Substitute 1 tablespoon fresh herb when 1 teaspoon dried herb is called for.

Fun Facts: There are more than 30 varieties of parsley, but the most common are curly-leaf and the more pungent Italian or flat-leaf parsley. The flat-leaf has more flavor than curly parsley and is preferred for cooking. Dried parsley has little to no flavor at all. For many of us, parsley is that curly green garnish that comes on the plate in cafeteria food that’s mostly there for looks. Why would you eat that? And all these recipes that call for one measly tablespoon of chopped parsley? What’s the point? Because parsley not only brightens flavors, but it also adds balance to savory dishes the way that a little lemon juice can make something just taste better. Parsley is a mild “bitter.” The taste buds on your tongue can distinguish 5 tastes – salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. Salty and sweet are obvious. Sour you get from acid like lemon juice or vinegar. Umami has to do with the savory taste of protein. Bitter you get from citrus 56 • Bellesprit Magazine •


Healthy Bonus: Parsley is an excellent source of vitamins K, C and A, as well as iron. Parsley is also good for digestion. As with other bitter herbs, parsley stimulates appetite and your digestive tract. Bitters help settle your stomach. Chewing parsley will help with bad breath from food odors such as garlic. And in ancient times parsley wreaths were used to ward off drunkenness.

Fun Facts: A Mediterranean herb with fuzzy, oval, gray-green leaves that are pungent and slightly bitter with a musty mint taste and aroma. Sage is a primary herb in poultry seasoning. Fresh sage is less bitter than dried sage, but both forms should be used lightly as it can easily overpower a recipe. Sage pairs especially well with fat-rich recipes and is believed to aid in their digestion. There is also a variety called pineapple sage, with an intensely sweet pineapple scent. Pineapple sage flowers can also be used as an edible garnish. In the Garden: Sage is a woody perennial plant. The leaves are gray to green in color. A mature sage plant will reach 2 feet in height. If the plant is left unpruned, it will begin to sprawl across the soil. The leaves are harvested from the plant before it begins to bloom. Prune the plant back after blooming if no seed is desired. Growing the sage plant from seed is best done by starting plants indoors or sheltered. Healthy Bonus: There are many medicinal uses for sage. It is an excellent digestive herb when used for seasoning on meals of rich meats and fowl which can be hard on the digestive system. As far back as early colonial times, sage has been considered a valuable remedy for colds and fevers used as a tea. It is also considered to have excellent antibacterial and astringent properties, which explains its popular use in gargles for sore throats, gingivitis and sore gums. Sage is an excellent natural disinfectant and deodorizer, drying perspiration and helping to eliminate

body odor. Extracts of sage are used in personal skin care for its capacity to heal the skin as well. It is well regarded herb for women and can be especially helpful for relieving the hot flashes of menopause, and slowing heavy menstrual bleeding. Sage is also a good herbal tea for drying up breast milk for weaning. Some use sage to darken greying hair. This practice was adopted from gypsy lore. Sage also leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny, and the scalp invigorated. Sage does not stop at making you look younger, it can also help prevent those “senior moments” as well. Both clinical studies and traditional wisdom agree that sage has positive effects on memory and concentration in both older people with cognitive problems and younger people with attention disorder.


Fun Facts: Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean area and usage of it dates back to 500 B.C. when it was used as a culinary and medicinal herb by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is a member of the mint family, it is an evergreen shrub also related to basil, marjoram, and oregano. It is usually found growing by the ocean, and its Latin name equates to “dew of the sea.” It is a very pungent and aromatic herb. The small, gray-green leaves look similar to small pine needles and have a bittersweet, lemony, slightly piney flavor. The leaves are used in a wide variety of dishes, but its most common use is to flavor meats and tomato sauces. Rosemary stems, stripped of Bellesprit Magazine • • 57

HEALTH AND HEALING their leaves, can also be used as skewers for kabobs. In the Garden: Rosemary is one of those wonderful herbs that make a beautiful ornamental plant. Once established it is easy to grow and needs little attention. They usually grow to 3 feet and are slightly bushy, but can grow as high as 6 feet if not pruned. However starting a rosemary plant is the tricky part. Rosemary is usually propagated by cuttings. Seeds can be difficult to germinate and often don’t grow true to their parent. It’s much faster to start with a cutting and you will be sure of what type of plant you will get, or a nursery grown plant. Healthy Bonus: Rosemary is such an extremely useful herb, with so many culinary, medicinal and aromatherapy attributes that it is hard to qualify which ones are the most important. Rosemary stimulates the central nervous system and circulation making it beneficial for low blood pressure and sluggishness. Rosemary oil and rosemary essential oil are used to alleviate the pain of sprains, arthritis, sciatica and neuralgia. Rosemary extract is a natural way to stabilize and extend the shelf life of handmade cosmetics, creams, lotions, and other herbal compounds. Use rosemary in skin care to tone and soften skin. Rosemary has a long herbal tradition as an herb that improves concentration and memory; Greek students would braid Rosemary into their hair to help them with their exams. Modern science attributes much of rosemary’s action on the central nervous system to its potent antioxidant, rosmarinic acid. Rosemary is one of best hair tonics available, whether you are worried about hair loss, or just want healthy, happy hair, rosemary extracts used in shampoos and herbal hair rinses will work wonders. A few drops of the essential oil can be applied directly to the scalp or hairbrush to restore dry, flyaway hair and make it shine. Rosemary essential oil stimulates hair follicles and circulation in the scalp, which may help prevent premature baldness. Use rosemary on a continuing basis for a healthy scalp that encourages healthy hair growth and slows hair loss. Rosemary infused oil and rosemary essential oil is both used in massage oil formulations to relieve the pain of arthritis and of sore aching muscles. Rosemary used as a massage oil also helps to tone the circulatory system. Antioxidant compounds in rose58 • Bellesprit Magazine •

HEALTH AND HEALING mary prevent uterine spasms and menstrual cramps. Rosemary essential oil helps alleviate water retention and increases circulation when used in massage blends.


Fun Facts: Thyme is an herb in the mint family. It gets its name from the Greek word thymon, an herb used as incense or as a fumigator during sacrifices. It is native to the Mediterranean region, but was brought to Britain by the Romans. Long-prized for its medicinal uses, ancient Egyptians used thyme oil in their embalming process. Legend has it that thyme was an essential ingredient in a magic brew that allowed the drinker to see the fairies. It was also considered an aphrodisiac. In the Garden: Thyme is a low growing, woody perennial. It is considered spreading and reaches 6 - 10” in height. Some varieties form an almost flat carpet. It is extremely fragrant and flavorful and grows well in tough, dry conditions. The pink, lavender or white tubular flowers are very popular with bees. Tiny graygreen leaves remain evergreen. There are about 350 different species.

Healthy Bonus: Thyme is another member of the mint family that has been used since the earliest times as a medicinal herb. Thyme is one of the best herbs to use as a cough and cold remedy, addressing all your cold symptoms in a holistic way. Thyme acts both as an expectorant to clear the lungs of congestion and as an antitussive, calming coughing spasms. Thyme tea will settle the stomach, help you sleep, soothe a sore throat, relieve aches and pains, and encourage your body to sweat, helping to eliminate toxins and bring down a fever. Drinking a warm thyme tea sweetened with thyme honey is a pleasant and tasty way to get these benefits. Thyme essential oil can also be used in room diffusers. This long list of medicinal actions is attributed mainly to the essential oil components, thymol and carvacrol which are highly antiseptic. Thyme oil can be used to treat cuts and wounds to prevent and treat infections when diluted with a carrier oil. BIO: Adrienne Diaz gardens organically in Fort Myers Florida. She grows more than 27 different kind of fruits and has 9 raised beds full of vegetables. She is a certified Square Foot Garden Instructor and is currently studying to be a Master Gardener and a Medicinal Herb Garden Instructor. For the last 10 years she has worked in the weight loss industry and is a certified Weight Management Consultant. She knows that we all struggle with food choices being healthy, safe and of good quality. Having raised 5 children as a single mother she also knows the struggle of having enough time to do everything. She believes that everyone should garden and everyone CAN garden. It is her passion to show how easy it really is - and how rewarding!

Established thyme plants can be harvested at any time. Simply snip a few stems. The blossoms are also edible and are at their best when first opening. Thyme grows slowly from seed and should be allowed a few months of growth, before cutting. Bellesprit Magazine • • 59



seeking soul retrievals receive a soul retrieval for free by Danelle Devi

I am asking for people to email me at and tell me why they think they need a soul retrieval performed. I will pick one person out of the first 10 entered to

receive a soul retrieval. If you are chosen and live in my area, I prefer to do the retrieval in person. If you are not in my area, I can do this via distance.

60 • Bellesprit Magazine •

The only requirement I have is you give me permission to write about your retrieval in the next month's issue of Bellesprit Magazine. I will not use any personal details in the article (such as your real name or

names of loved ones). In order to be chosen you must tell me why you feel you need a soul retrieval, what symptoms you have that show soul-loss, and let me know how dedicated you are to committing after the retrieval is completed. There is no charge for on-going treatment with the retrieval, yet I need to know you

are committed to allowing me to counsel you after the retrieval has been performed. I will also need your picture. For further information on the Soul Retrieval work I do and to read about it, please go to www.

If you aren't chosen to receive the soul retrieval do not despair, I will be doing this monthly into 2013. Just continue to read this wonderful online magazine to know when to email me. Mitakuye Oyasin, Danelle Devi

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Shaman’s Path

Shamanic visioning adds another dimension to visualization, the process of seeing or forming a mental image-incorporating nature and using all of the senses. by Danelle Devi

The Basics of Shamanic Visioning

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he spirit of nature is the source of all true power, which there lies the key to successful visioning. Nature and nature beings are three-dimensional; shamans re-create their images in a three-dimensional way by using sound, feeling, smell, and taste, as well as sight. An example would be to think of freshly cut grass. Hold the image of the grass in your mind, thus “seeing it.” Then feel it in your hands, smell it and you can even taste it. You can hear the grass crunching as you walk across it as well. Another aspect to visioning is to remember how important it is to re-create your images using as much natural phenomena as possible. Imagine yourself lying on a fur of carpet instead of a nylon rug or vinyl furniture. Likewise, if you are re-creating the feel, visualize a hard piece of the earth rather than just a slab of concrete or plastic. In Shamanism, natural objects have more power than unnatural. These ideas also pertain to the sense of smell. Making your visions real should include sound, smell, and even taste. I

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find sound to be a bit difficult living my urban life, because I reproduce the sounds of the city, rather than the sounds of nature. I try to hear the sound of the seashore (one of my favorite places) with the waves crashing against the rocks, the birds flying overhead. All of these sounds can be extremely powerful when used in visioning and the process. The sense of smell is incredible for me and my journeys. I find in ordinary reality I have a difficult time with my sense of smell, yet when it comes to visioning or when I am receiving psychic messages, this sense is overwhelming for me. The smell of wet rain on the concrete will trigger memories from my childhood as well as burning leaves, or a certain perfume my mother used to wear. Thus, this makes the mental image very real. The visions come to life. If you are visioning for something specific, such as a personal intent, this can be extremely powerful because you are not only visioning what you desire, but the actual smells associated with it. You also use your sense of smell to identify meaningful things which comfort you. This is very important. The sense of taste goes hand in hand with the sense of smell. However, it can only be used when working with edible objects, thus encompassing the sense of smell. Remember taste enriches your image that much more, so you should use it whenever possible. You can find simple exercises to enhance these senses to use in your journeying in visions. Or you can go to my website for more information. Mitakuye Oyasin, Danelle Email me at

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Ascension Tips: Making it through Changing Times with Grace & Ease By Wendy Joy It seems for many that the stability they once enjoyed is now gone. What once seemed clear is now foggy; the present is chaotic and the future is uncertain. People ask me, “Where’s my path? I used to know where I was going. Now everything has changed and I don’t know what to do. I can’t see my next steps.” This state of affairs seems to be part of this ascension time right now. Believe it or not, it’s a beautiful thing. This is the path. People connect with me and describe what’s going on in their lives: “I’m living in a temporary shelter and I have to pass by a drug dealer to get out of the building.” “My daughter is having a difficult time right now and I’m so scared for her. I’m not sleeping and I’m not eating.” “I’m afraid for my family, the country, our world. What happens if the economy collapses?” “I’m seeing ghosts and they’re freaking me out.” “I feel other people’s emotions and it’s overwhelming me.” “I’ve just lost my husband and now I’m lost. This isn’t what I planned. I don’t know how to go forward.” “I’m so alone. I thought I’d have love in my life. I’m trying to do everything right. I’m going out; I’m working on myself, but still I have no one to love me.” “Where do I go? What do I do? I’ve lost my way.”

Where did my path go? 66 • Bellesprit Magazine •

This is where I get people mad at me by saying, “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at this moment in time. It’s perfect. This is the path.” And that’s when they tell me the story again, emphasizing the bad parts, figuring I missed something. I get it. It stinks. It’s terrible. This is not where you wanted to be right now. There is nothing “good” about where you are. Except that this is where your soul wants you to be. Your soul wants you to learn something from this situation. It doesn’t care whether you learn the lesson the easy way or the hard way. Look behind you. This is where the path has led. You are on it right now. The important thing is not to avoid this part. Look at what is here for you right now. Look at what the circumstances are provoking in you right now. What are the emotions? Are you angry, fearful, resentful, shameful, or guilty? Are you struck in dysfunctional core beliefs of not feeling worthy, not good enough, not loveable? That’s where the lessons and the growth are. Begin to learn that lesson and change yourself and your circumstances will change. Or the ease with which you operate within those circumstances will change. You will no longer suffer through them.

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SPIRITUAL GROWTH Newtown, CT: Physical Violence

are many if you look for them.

We had a terrible incident occur last month in Newtown, CT. A gunman went into an elementary school and shot and killed twenty children and six adults. I doubt that anyone in the town expected this to occur. No one expected that to be the path. But it now is the path. There will be many experiences and lessons available for them that they never consciously chose. Many will be faced with living in hatred, anger and bitterness or choosing to try to heal and find forgiveness. This does not mean accepting that what the gunman did was okay. It doesn’t mean forgetting what happened or the loved ones lost. It means making the choice to learn how to forgive even in the most terrible of circumstances. For the rest of us, we can choose to live in fear because of this incident or live in faith.

The Path of Pain

There is no judgment about the choice made by anyone. All choices are yours. But anyone who has chosen forgiveness—or acceptance, love, joy, gratitude, etc.—can tell you there is freedom in the choice of a higher vibrational direction. You are freed from the circumstances and those involved. You say, “But it’s not a choice…my anger, hurt and sadness are intense. If I could simply choose to make them go away, I would.” The choice comes in making the decision day by day and often moment by moment to head in a different direction. For those in Newtown, they may simply say, “I’m so angry right now that I can’t possibly forgive, but I’m open to that possibility one day. And I’m open to divine grace moving me in that direction.” The Path of Being Alone Let’s take the situation that so many face right now. They are alone and want desperately to be with someone to share their lives, yet no one shows up. So what is the path right now? Being alone. For this moment. Be with that. Allow your soul to experience it and find contentment within it. Learn how to be alone, but not lonely. See what there is to learn and explore it. Set your desires and your manifest to be with someone, but then be right here, right now and find the ways to be okay with it. Don’t run from it. And there’s no sense in hating it; that just creates suffering. Enjoy the beautiful aspects of it because there 68 • Bellesprit Magazine •

For me, the path has been fraught with physical pain. I spent years desperately trying to be pain-free. I did not want to be in those moments, which were the majority of my life. I’d escape being fully present by looking ahead to a time without pain. Once I realized that the pain was my path—at least for then—I actually had the best success at getting out of my pain. As I sat quietly with the pain, I learned the patterns in my life that were creating it. I learned how to fully experience the pain, to describe it, to go inside it and to ask it what it needed. As I learned what it needed and why it was there, I became successful at getting out of it and learned how to become a better healer. It was the path, but I avoided it for so long which, of course, only prolonged that part of the path.

Heal yourself Be in it, not of it Forgive Be grateful These ascension times are fast-tracking our move into self-mastery and often that is uncomfortable. That’s the point. We rarely learn in times of ease. Be grateful for where you are and what’s going on. And know that you are on the path.

Moving Forward What’s before you right now? Be brutally honest with yourself. Look only at yourself for the answers. Don’t look to blame anyone else, though others may have been a part of the path. Don’t blame yourself, though, either. You made the choices you did and you learned beautiful (and sometimes painful) lessons from them. What are your deepest emotions here on this part of the path? What led you here? Knowing these answers can begin to show you how to change where you are. Be grateful for these circumstances. Without them you may not have learned something valuable. Remember that your soul will put growth above all else. And your soul is looking for you to learn very simple, but important things. On the soul’s path toward self-mastery and enlightenment, the soul will want you to be learning very simple truths like how to:

For more on Wendy Joy, her book, healing sessions and radio show, please visit Join Wendy on Facebook at

Love oneself Love others Be compassionate Be in your own truth Be in your power Live in faith, without fear Live a balanced life Bellesprit Magazine • • 69


The Journey Is Forgiveness A Year Of Resolution

Nothing I had ever planned had panned out or come to pass. Something better had happened, something simpler and beyond anything I’d ever imagined. By LynAnne Moon


ot all that long ago I lost focus on the things that mattered. I became sick with a life threatening illness. My father, who’d abused me in one way or another for my entire life, had sickened and died. My extended family, even fifteen years later, could not accept nor understand my religious choices or my insistence that I be free to make my own choices. My husband needed surgery, and when his employer found out, he fired him. My husband had two major surgeries and wasn’t doing very well. There was a storm that took the roof from our home, and our property was ruined. We had no insurance. We moved from a house I loved to a tiny one bedroom apartment in another town where we knew no one. Another, major source of income had dried up and blown away. My son had a mental illness along with a drug addiction that showed no signs of slowing down, let alone

stopping. It had ruined his relationships with his wife, his father and me, along with his step sister and brother, and my husband. My brother in law, who was also a dear friend had sickened and died leaving my sister a widow. Another friend (who was considered by my family to be a sister), was riding her motorcycle to work and was hit and killed in an accident with a semi truck, and then to top it all off my best friend Pat had gotten up one morning saying her back hurt. A week later she had died. There were other things that had happened as well, but her death was the end of my faith, and I lay down and essentially died. I had a double heart attack. I’m here because when it tore in two places, my heart literally re-routed itself and began healing immediately. My work here was not done. In fact a whole new life had to be planned and begun. I wasn’t up for it, I didn’t want to doit,

70 • Bellesprit Magazine •

and I had decided I wasn’t going to do it. Depression and a desire to quit was obviously there, but life happened anyway, and the Holy Mother had other plans for me; important life changing plans. As I struggled through that awful winter, sick and cut adrift from family and friends, I began to realize how very angry I was and that it was an ugly miserable and lonely angry. It was the anger of unforgiveness. At first I denied it. That couldn’t be me. I had always been a happy and upbeat person. My message after all was love, wasn’t it? But, I had to figure out, I wasn’t being loving, I wasn’t being the person I had thought I was, instead… there it was again – misery and anger, hopelessness and loneliness. I had to realize I had gotten lost. Where was it?? Where had this started? Where was I now? Where were the Gods and why had I lost them? Not why had they forsaken me, but rather when had I forsaken them? The darkness of the Crone had arrived

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SPIRITUAL GROWTH yes…but she had not been listening. Follow the journey here, and find out for yourself that there is healing, forgiveness (for ourselves and others), and that your life is important in the entire scheme of things. But first there must be forgiveness. I will be writing these forgiveness and life changing lessons in a wheel of the year format. I encourage and invite you to read along each month, as I show you how in the scheme of life, it all works together for those who love God and Goddess. Chapter One: What in the World was I thinking?

and I was angry; screaming, raging angry. What’s more, could I ever regain the place where I was before? The answer to that was no. We can never go back to what we were before these things took place, but, take heart, I found a better place for me, and a place perhaps for you. It was a place of forgiveness, love and a new empowerment that I had never used before. The place was called enlightenment, the vehicle was empowerment, the fuel was liquid love, but the journey was called forgiveness.

In all that darkness, I found the Gods again, and they accepted me back with love and forgiveness too, as any real God does who is worth worshiping. But, I found myself asking questions about this journey to forgiveness and could I lead someone else to this healing in the darkness and to this renewal? Where would I begin?

desires to become new again, regenerated with new purpose and a finding of faith in a world that has gone upside down and counter clockwise to everything you once thought you knew. It is being written by a Pagan Priestess entering the Crone, who has realized that nothing she had ever planned had panned out or come to pass. Something better had happened, someThis series of articles will focus on thing simpler and beyond anything forgiveness and healing from a pa- she’d ever imagined; The Universe gan/wiccan point of view, but they had things under control, and its will be for anyone of any faith, who favorite answer had always been

72 • Bellesprit Magazine •

In the pagan wheel of the year, January begins life and a coming back into life from the darkness. In the process of forgiveness you must begin at the beginning. When did things begin to unravel? Where was I in my mind processes? Had I just begun school, a new marriage, a new job or was I suddenly alone? We have to identify these places and find ourselves in them in order to find out what happened to us to usher in these unfortunate events and the darkness. We have to go to the painful place where these feelings of anger, frustration, hate and ugliness in our spirit began. It begins a journey down deep into a fathomless pit of despair. We have to come face to face with the dark person in the mirror…the one we’ve begun to hate… ourselves. Just as we are unable to love anyone else unless we love ourselves, neither can we hate anyone else unless we have come to hate ourselves. Life is a system of two sided coins. There is male and female, good and bad, love and apathy, like and hate. There is forgiveness and there is unforgiveness. Both reside in the same breast, and we have to find where we belong in the system. Life is also full of many experiences; those who soar to the highest of heights also fall to the lowest pits. So where is the balance and what was I thinking?

When we begin the journey of forgiveness there are a couple of things to remember. You did not get to this place alone. But, you will have to emerge from it alone, and that all acts of forgiveness must start with you…alone.

unhappy about (or sad or miserable)? 4. Where did it happen? (Remember, we are focusing on the facts only here, not emotions or any details more than necessary.) 5. When did this happen? (It doesn’t matter if it were 5 minutes ago, or Understanding how we got to this 100 years, it troubles you and you place is critical to emerging from must deal with it). it. But, like all journeys, we must realize where we are at this moment It would be helpful to have a noteand where we wish to go. book to write some of these things Take a few minutes or more if nec- down in. No one else needs to see essary, and put the pain aside. it. Some people will have a line or Where are you right now? What is two…others will have pages and the name of the thing that is giving pages. What is needed here is honyou such pain, and how did you get esty. Be honest with yourself, be to this place? We tend not to real- patient with yourself (this isn’t gonize that we shove to the back burn- na be easy), and be loving toward er all the things we do not wish yourself. As we journey this year to face about ourselves. The little together we will come to a place of quirks and foibles that make up our forgiveness. And as the Holy Prophpersonality roll around and make et Jesus directed, we will begin to us who we are. But if we start to “Love our neighbor as ourselves”. hate ourselves…those darling little But, we will begin at the beginning traits take on a life of their own and and that will be to reclaim our love they transform into the parts that for ourselves. I think I made it pretwe “hate” about ourselves. If we ty clear that none of these things remember that love and hate are that we got ourselves into was an not two sides of the same coin, but independent event. They are all that they are coins with two sides connected and mixed up. What of their own, we may understand we are attempting to do is dis-enthis a bit better. Love and apathy tangle them and begin to see each are a coin and are exclusive to our thing clearly. It’s not easy but it is relationships with people, animals possible. and our planet. Like and hate are their own coin as well and relate to I wish you love for yourself and for “things” and “traits” that we may or others and I invite you and encourmay not like about ourselves or oth- age you to read this column next ers, but they are not about who the month, when we explore how to person is or who we are. When we go forward in the journey of give into hate for somebody (our- Forgiveness and quietly into selves or someone else) we reduce the darkness of ourselves. them to a “thing,” and not a person. It would pay to remember that. Reverend LynAnne Moon is a host for Dimensions of Spirit with the Hey Z For this month of healing and for- Radio Network, and is a co-owner of giving, focus on yourself. Dimensions of Spirit Website which offers tools and products for the Pa1. How did I get to this place in my gan or Wiccan practitioner and for life? Focus on yourself, no one else Light workers. She offers tarot and is allowed here. life readings which are available by 2. Who else was involved in this appointment through her website: process? No blame is necessary or See needed here either. Just the facts our ad in this magazine. please. 3. What happened that I am so very

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By Jussta “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its’ original dimensions.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

As Jesus was the SUN of God, meaning the LIGHT OF GOD and the wayshower of the divine within each of us. We each have the potential to be this light of our source. Expressing our light through true humility, charity, and good deeds. Nothing is for free - you must pay for every step in your evolution from darkness into the light. Yet most seekers have not found, they lose the plot - they postpone, procrastinate, and even forget. You must be willing to pay the price of radical change - expressing as a new you.

Image ©Jussta All Rights Reserved

Everyone Wants To Be Enlightened Maybe not everyone wants to be enlightened, but ever since I began giving classes, public speaking, or conducting a wide-variety of self-empowerment workshops, seminars and events those that attended earnestly sought enlightenment. What is enlightenment? It is as all wise men in history have declared, full consciousness. Consciousness of what? Your essence, soul, spirit, higher power whatever you wish to label it. It is not only living in the light, it IS being the light. 74 • Bellesprit Magazine •

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi When we consider the words of Mahatma Gandhi, can we honestly profess that what we think, what we say, and what we do, all ARE in harmony and we are living in happiness? Most of us live an

unauthentic life. Our families and very close friends know us as one person. However, acquaintances, our profiles on social media, and in the business world, represent how we would most wish to be known. This is the ‘face’ we present to the world. Actually it is a ‘mask’. We are exaggerating the resume` of our life as we live it. Bellesprit Magazine • • 75



No one admits they are greedy, jealous, envious, thoughtless, care-less, sloppy, slovenly, depressed, and cruel - at the most, very few! And when we stumble upon honesty, our friends speaking the truth to us without white washing their words, do we truly appreciate it? Whew! It was not the end of the world on December 21, 2012. How many of us got caught up in the fear of ‘false prophets’? Too many! Which leads to discussing worry and fear. I bet those who were positive it was going to be the end of the world, put up a Christmas tree and still went Christmas shopping. Did anyone of those ‘believers’ rejoice the world did not end? No, of course not! Instead, they are now prophesying a different date for the end of the world. I have news for you. When you consciously choose the path of enlightenment, much of the ‘world’ will fall away as you move into the light. You will simply not be the same ‘you’. Your friends forever will no longer have anything in common with you. Your family may disown you because you are simply ‘too weird’. You will no longer tolerate even ‘little white lies’. You will ‘tell it like it is!” And many people in your life will not appreciate your new found path, and distance themselves from you. The excellent adventure has begun! Enjoy the trip! Namaste`, Jussta

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cleansing This month we will be looking at the subject of spiritual clutter clearing and cleansing your environment. by Tina McNaughton Cleansing your environment and clearing your clutter is a powerful way to start the New Year and make room for the fresh energy of new beginnings. A true spiritual cleansing and renewal exercise is essentially a process of ‘letting go’ of your past. This can be done in a great many ways and utilising a wide range of therapies and tools. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Theta Healing amongst others are all recent developments in the energy field therapies that can be used to aid a process of ‘letting go’. However, some of the traditional

78 • Bellesprit Magazine •

ways that have been used over the years are harnessing the power of prayer, ritual and the aid of psychotherapists and counsellors. Spiritual Cleansing is essentially a process of calling for and fully intending to make peace with your past on all levels and with your heart and soul. This normally also calls for a change in your thought patterns and belief systems. Below is a meditation for releasing the past and embracing the present. Sit comfortably with your feet making contact with the floor. Before you start you may want to light a candle, take the phone off the hook, put on some gentle

Bellesprit Magazine • • 79


SPIRITUAL GROWTH background music and have your notebook or journal ing it with positive energies of transformation, growth in hand to record your experiences after the medita- and renewal. tion. • Above you appears a large spiral of rainbow coloured • Imagine a beautiful jewel deep inside the earth and energies. This spiral expands and slowly moves down then feel its energy flowing up through the layers of through your Auric energy field and physical being. the earth. This energy flows into your feet and then continues to fill your body with beautiful light. You feel • Feel yourself being filled with positive new energy calm, grounded, centred and protected. and your system being rejuvenated. • Next call to Archangel Michael to watch over and sup- • As the rainbow coloured spiral meets the floor of the port you during this meditation and assist you with the pyramid, a green healing energy spiral begins to approcess of letting go. pear and it travels back up through your Auric field and physical being. This has the effect of welcoming in the • Now relax and take two or three deep breaths in positive new energies and assisting with absorbing through your nose and out through your mouth to re- them effectively in to the light bodies. lease any tension in your body and mind. • Your guide/guardian angel takes your hand and gen• You are now going to step on to a path of clear crystal tly grounds your energies. Sit for a minute and relax. that appears in front of you; knowing that you are safe to do so. This path appears endless and all around you • Your guide now leads you to the door of the pyramid, is the vastness of a night sky and space. where the light being is waiting for you. They gently lead you back along the crystal path to the room where • You walk along this path, notice the beautiful rich co- you started your journey. lours of your surroundings. Let the beautiful colours wash over you, filling you with light and joy. Now, • Come back in to your body, wiggle your toes and fincontinue on your journey keeping on the crystal path, gers and feel the roots in your feet planted firmly in the knowing that you are safe and protected on your trav- ground. Open your eyes when you are ready. els. Now, have a hot drink and a biscuit and ground your • In front of you appears a beautiful light being. The energies. You may wish to record your feelings and light being speaks to you and tells you that they are thoughts in your journal. For the next 24 hours drink there to assist you with the process of ‘letting go’ heal- plenty of water and avoid any harsh foods and drink, ing & cleansing. This will then enable your soul to prog- to assist your system with the releasing and renewal ress more fully along its chosen path with clarity and process. focus. Cleansing your environment is also essential to move • To the right of the crystal path appears a beautiful on any accumulated negative energy and renew and shimmering green crystal pyramid. refresh your surroundings to bring in fresh positive energies. • The light being takes your hand and leads you to the pyramid and opens a doorway in the side of it. It beck- One way of doing this is by using the ancient tradions you to enter the pyramid and then closes the door tional method of ‘Smudging’. Smudging is the ritual of behind you. Your guide and/or your guardian angel ap- burning herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath and pears beside you. to banish negative energy. The term Smudging originated in the Native American culture, Native American • In the middle of the pyramid is a seat carved from Indians use a variety of smudging mixtures. a beautiful red crystal. Take a seat upon it and survey your surroundings, knowing that you are safe. Some common herbs used within these smudge sticks or bundles are: • Your guide/guardian approaches and stands in front • Sage of you. They tell you to relax and that this is an import- • Lavender ant time on your journey for your soul to grow and re- • Lemongrass lease all lower vibrations that are holding it back from reaching its full potential. The process of smudging will, when performed correctly, bring about physical, emotional and spiritual • They tell you that you will only receive the level of balance. cleansing within the pyramid that is for your highest good. It asks you to focus on the intent of releasing Another great way to assist with clearing your environwhatever is not serving your highest good and replac- ment is the use of Feng Shui, further articles on the use 80 • Bellesprit Magazine •

of this principle can be found within Bellesprit magazine in Donna Cantone’s column Spiritual Feng Shui. I will be offering one lucky reader the chance to receive a free New Year Plant & Animal Totem Reading in January 2013. If you would like to be considered for this, then please e-mail me at tinamcnaughton13@gmail. com . I also provide private readings via Skype, telephone and e-mail and these can be obtained via my website or by contacting me via my e-mail address.

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Doorway Into The New Year Recycle Our Life A new year…a new beginning. Winter is an excellent time to reflect and contemplate on the past year. By Erin


he stillness of the season reflects the message to look within. Snow quiets the world around you, nature’s own sound-proofing. Lakes are frozen, trees and many animals are dormant. Icicles look like frozen tears. Even the ground we walk on is frozen beneath our feet. Where are we frozen in the present moment of our lives? Being stuck in our beliefs and patterns can keep us out of the flow in life. Icicles, those frozen tears, demonstrate this very well. They are sharp, solid and unchanging. Yet with the sun’s warmth they transform, melting into water, fluid and

82 • Bellesprit Magazine •

moving. So, too, can we transform, freeing the emotions and dreams held within. This is the time to let go of baggage no longer needed. Let’s make room for new by focusing on what you would like to manifest for the coming year. A clean slate to create. Envision what that is. Resolutions seem never to last; only a few people follow through. With this in mind, many don’t bother making one. However If one doesn’t try one cannot do. The process of actually trying can create an energy shift. Remember to look at it as an attempt and there-

Bellesprit Magazine • • 83


SPIRITUAL GROWTH tion out into the Universe. As this energy radiates outward others will respond without even realizing it. Imagine having success, happiness and peace. Embrace this moment and how it makes you smile. As your heart opens it fills with love and joy. That feeling can become yours by starting the year off with faith, hope, and belief. All that is needed is the will to move forward. Have faith that you are doing the correct thing. Like the Fool, you have all the tools necessary in your

sack. Bring with you the excitement of what you will discover along the way and the hope of your success. Believe you CAN DO IT and that you are supported.

fore a success in itself. Failure only lies in not making the attempt. The fear of failure, of not making it through is a belief system many of us hold. So, too, is the fear of disappointing ourselves or of fearing others’ judgement. And some of us who like to win might not attempt a goal if afraid of failure. Such fears stop us in many ways from moving forward in life. Another challenge exists for us, one that is often overlooked. Our feeling of fear is real but what we fear may happen can be an illusion. Consider a sunny winter’s day that tricks us into thinking it’s warm outside when in fact such days are often the coldest. Perhaps the only way of revealing any illusion is by taking action and that is in our control. Not having a resolution means we may never know whether we could succeed. Making one gives us the opportunity to potentially succeed. Without one we deny ourselves this opportunity. Interesting how we stop ourselves from doing so. How can we succeed if we don’t give ourselves the chance?

Spend a moment thinking about what you would like to chance or create in your life. In one way or another change will happen. What is the first thing that popped into your mind? Don’t second guess. Now what would you do to bring this into reality? Like the snow fresh fallen landscape with tree branches looking like crystal, the canvas of the New Year appears before you. A twig becomes your brush. Start drawing and let yourself create what you wish to see. Colours, shapes, lines etcetera. If drawing isn’t your thing then use words to describe the scene instead. View what you have created. What feelings arise? Thoughts? Opinions? What would make you very happy? What may be stopping you from having it? Be honest. Look at a seed, the strength and energy inside it. Hard to believe this tiny seed holds the ability to become a tree. Many would doubt

84 • Bellesprit Magazine •

the possibility of this miracle. But it does happen with water, earth, and sunshine. First a seedling, then a tree appears reaching upward toward the sky. The seed never doubting, just becoming. Consider the Fool card….see yourself looking into the world in front of you. Before stepping into the journey, are you ready? What tools have you brought with you? What needs to be left behind? You carry only a small sack, bringing with you the innocence of a child and the excitement of the adventure. Left behind are any beliefs of your own or of family or friends which stop you from stepping out. On your journey the loyalty from dog or the intuition from cat is with you. Along the way both support you with unconditional love. Notice any feelings or thoughts that come up now. A new adventure starts with a clean slate. One foot in front of the other, with each step you move forward. Every minute makes a difference: for you are spreading your inten-

Congratulations you have taken the first step! Success has already happened. You are on the way to your new beginning. Know that the further you go along this new path the closer you are to fulfilling your resolution. If you have chosen not to step through the doorway then ask yourself, “Am I one who likes to control and to know what is going to happen next?” Or, “Am I unwilling to pass through this door because I feel safe with what is comfortable?”

If you are wanting or yearning for something new then you are not totally comfortable.

Not stepping forward to make a change simply keeps you strandIn front of you is a path winding ed. Taking the steps toward your toward the horizon. Notice what resolution is an intention to create the path looks like. Is it rocky with change. Take the step. Make the unstable footing? Are you walking shift. on a snow packed trail or is it fresh fallen powder? Whatever this path This takes staying power and comlooks like take a moment to con- mitment. sider what it maybe reflecting back to you. If you choose to follow this The only control you have is with path, what do you see around you? your beliefs, thoughts and actions. Are there trees around you? Is it Therefore, resolve to move forlight? Or dark? Do you see anyone? ward into your future by stepping through that doorway with the Walking along you see a door belief that you can make your inahead. Walk up to it. Do you open tention manifest. What the future the door? Do you knock? Do you holds is in the future. stand there wondering what might behind it? If you decide to open it Breathe, make your resolution, do you walk through the door? If and step forward with courage. you decide to stay put and not see Go, knowing you have already sucwhat is behind the door, then why ceeded. might that be? What are you feeling: Fear, Hesitation, and Doubt? “Nothing truly stops you, nothing truly holds you back. For your own I invite you to step through the will is always within your control” door. Once through, what do you Epictetus, (Roman philosopher, 55 see? Is it your dream or something A.D. - 135 A.D.) you fear? If it is fear then by facing it you empower yourself.

Erin is a medium and spiritual coach residing in Ontario, Canada, where the natural beauty of the area teaches and inspires her. She understands the importance of believing fully in ourselves and to love ourselves unconditionally. As a transitional coach and intuitive she helps others to learn these gifts and to help them realize their potential. Erin also offers intuitive readings. Contact her at www. and visit her blog site at www.JoyfulInsights. com or her Facebook page www.

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Developing Self-Appreciation Learning to love ourselves or focus on all the things that we are grateful for can sometimes be challenging in the midst of our busy lives, but if you want to feel more at peace with yourself then this is truly the fastest route to doing so. By Pippa King


any of us have been brought up with handed down beliefs we accepted as truth which is that it is selfish to want too much or to love ourselves; but we are all fully deserving and worthy of having all the joy, happiness and abundance the universe has to offer without having to do anything to earn it. There is more than enough for everyone, there really are no limits except the ones we put on ourselves through our fears and judgements about how deserving or worthy we are of having the things we want and feeling good about ourselves. We all deserve to be happy just as we are. Give yourself the love, support and appreciation that you truly deserve because you are the only one of you in the whole universe and that is quite amazing to begin with.

86 • Bellesprit Magazine •

The universe is constantly responding to the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that we give out. If you wish for a high paying job, but then start thinking that there are probably other people more qualified than you, or doubting your abilities, then you are de-valuing yourself and those thoughts go out to the universe too. The universe will faithfully respond by bringing you what you’ve ordered, unsuccessful interviews or rejection letters that reflect the doubting thoughts you have had about yourself. If you are struggling financially, it can seem overwhelming and all your focus is on how much you don’t have, this can become a vicious circle as you think, feel and believe this; the universal law of attraction magnetises more of the same to you. So how can this be changed? How can you start to really become happier with yourself and create the things you want in your life? The answer is simple, but can take some practise to begin with.

Bellesprit Magazine • • 87


SPIRITUAL GROWTH First, it means making the decision to become your own biggest supporter by giving yourself the love, support and appreciation that you truly deserve because you are the only one of you in the whole universe and that is quite amazing to begin with. So many people I know are immensely kind, supportive and encouraging of others, but speak to themselves in hard, judgemental ways as part of their normal daily life.


ion Boo

ciat -Appre f l e S y M

How can you ever hope to feel good about yourself or attract anything positive to yourself if you are always hard on yourself? Think about any friend that you know and ask yourself how you would be with them and speak to them if they were feeling a bit down or doubting themselves. Usually you would be encouraging and supportive and point out all of their positive qualities and efforts to help them see the situation and themselves better. So why don’t we do that for ourselves? Anyone who is constantly put down and criticized will feel heavy and bad about themselves, and anyone who is constantly encouraged and supported will feel good about themselves and develop confidence, feeling more peaceful and joyful inside. And then because this is what you are sending out into the universe in the way of thoughts and feelings, this in turn will be reflected back by opportunities to be more joyful, social occasions, jobs that suit your talents and personality, etc. So how do you start to become your best supporter? After you make that commitment to start appreciating yourself, spend a few days just being aware of your thoughts when you’re going about your day. Awareness is the first key to change. You can’t change anything unless you’re aware exactly what you need to change. How do you speak to yourself in your mind? What sort of things do you say to yourself throughout the day? What tone do you use with yourself? Next ask yourself are these encouraging, supportive words? Or are they critical or doubting? Ask yourself would you speak to a friend like that? How would that friend feel if you spoke to them like that? Then over the coming days and weeks, start to change the way you speak to yourself to be more supporting and encouraging, speak to yourself as if you were a best friend. As you catch yourself starting to speak to yourself in the old way, STOP and change it to something more positive you would say to a friend. If you are feeling down, reassure yourself that you’ll be fine. Tell yourself you deserve to be happy and loved and then give yourself that love. With practise this will become a new habit if you are committed to it. If your mind tells you this new way of speaking to yourself is stupid, selfish or what’s the point, just know that your old limiting thoughts are 88 • Bellesprit Magazine •

being challenged; stick with it and they will soon give up. Next go and buy yourself a notebook and write in the front ‘My Self-appreciation Book.’ Keep it somewhere where you will use it every day and not forget it, maybe by your bed. Start by writing 3 things you appreciate about yourself; these can be big or very little, it doesn’t matter, they all count. Then continue to write 3 more things every day, forever. When you are having hard times, you can go back to your book and read back over all the amazing and lovely little things about yourself. As you focus on appreciating yourself you will start to feel lighter, happier and more at peace with yourself without feeling the need to change and start to realise that you truly deserve to be happy just as you are. As you become more relaxed and accepting of yourself, you will start to notice that others are more accepting of you and people will start to respond to you in a more positive way. This allows you the freedom to feel truly at peace and better about and within yourself than you have ever felt before. Why not start today?

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A vision board is a great way to get you thinking about your own goals and dreams and taking steps toward manifesting them. By Tina McNaughton

Psychic Art Vision Boards for Success and Empowerment

In my May 2012 Psychic Art column I provided an Automatic Writing exercise to assist readers to connect with the energy of their higher self. Completing this exercise prior to starting on your vision board will assist you to clarify some specific goals for manifestation that align with your highest good.

of the vision board is focused. This will ensure that you can create a visualisation board for the future that encompasses your true soul’s desires. The use of a creativity plan can also be a great way to assist you to plan stages toward achieving your desired goal, whatever that may be.

Whilst completing the above exercise you can, in addition, ask your higher self for your personal power So let’s get started! Here are some items that you may symbol and an affirmation for the coming year to ac- want to collect together in order to start the process of company it. creating a vision board: • Large selection of magazines – to cut up January’s exercise is about creating the energy you • A blank canvas or large piece of hardboard wish for 2013. Decide on a statement that focuses your • Inspirational words and pictures intent. • Glue or sticky tape • Material/ribbon/sequins The addition of your personal power symbol into your • Paints or pencils vision board will enable you to harness your soul’s • Arty materials you may have collected already strength and energy. Focusing your intent using a spe- • Small crystals cific channelled affirmation will ensure that the energy • Old postcards. 90 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 91


SPIRITUAL GROWTH To start the process • Take a large piece of paper, hardboard or canvas and write your statement/affirmation of intent. • Relax and channel the energy of this intent on to the paper HOW TO MAKE AND USE YOUR VISION BOARD Your personal vision board is only limited by the extent of your own creativity. Having artistic ability is not a requirement for creating a vision board The general elements that a vision board should aim to contain are: • Visual - Your subconscious mind works in pictures and images, so make your vision board as visual as possible. What’s more, you can supplement your pictures with words and phrases to increase the response you get from it. • Emotional - Each picture on your vision board should evoke a positive emotional response from you. Your vision board should make you feel happy and increase your passion to achieve it every time you gaze upon it. • Location - Your vision board should be located in a place that gives you greatest exposure to it. You need to constantly bathe your subconscious mind with its energy in order to manifest your desires more rapidly. • Personal - Negative feelings, self-doubt, and criticism can damage the subtle energy that your vision board emits. If you worry that your vision board will be criticised by others, then place it in a location where it can only be seen by yourself. In addition • Personal Power Symbol – Your personal power symbol will add strength and focus your personal soul energy within your vision board. Include the symbol anywhere within your vision board that you feel drawn to include it. Making a vision board is a part of using the law of attraction to fulfil your dreams and desires. Having determination, belief and patience are also important parts, as without them, the vision board is just merely a collage. Regular visualisation, meditation and positive thinking also play an important role. Each of these need to be used regularly in conjunc92 • Bellesprit Magazine •

tion with the vision board to enable your success. Why not make it a daily ritual to sit and meditate on all your goals and dreams on your board. Believe and feel as if you have already achieved them. Daydream, even if its 5 to 10 minutes, a minute is better than none. Make this something that you look forward to doing, even first thing in the morning to get in a positive frame of mind for your whole day. Virtually anything that you want to include can be put on to your vision board. It is your space to create, manifest and plan the future you desire. Enjoy the process!! Throughout 2013, I will be offering readers of Bellesprit magazine several chances to have their individual personal power symbol channelled by myself and my guides. Each personal power symbol will be provided with a short report to accompany it. If you would like to be entered in to the draw for the chance to have your free personal power symbol and short report, please contact me at Please attach a small head and shoulders photo of yourself. I will contact the lucky reader who will receive this and the completed symbol and report will be included in the February issue of Bellesprit magazine. Individual Personal Power Symbol Artwork with or without a report can also be purchased and provided via e-mail. Please contact me at the above e-mail address for all enquiries.

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January's Feature Diamond This month's Bellesprit Diamond Psychic and Healer spotlight is Noelle Garneau, a person who truly shines her light for all the world to see! Noelle is one of the most humble and spiritual people I know! Her energy radiates that of pure love and humility in every aspect of her being. Her amazing work has touched so many along their own path of enlightenment assisting them with the guidance and messages they need to hear to continue with their life purpose.

By Belle Salisbury

Noelle Garneau You have had a personal experience with working with spirit guides and the Angels. Would you mind sharing with us what began you on the path of working with the spiritual and angelic realms? Noelle: I have always felt I was a spiritually open minded person and that I was always highly emotionally sensitive. I had quite a bit of anxiety and depression throughout my early and mid-20's never fully understanding why or how I could work through it. It wasn't until I was 28, pregnant with my twin sons, and battling Hodgkins Lymphoma that I really had a wakeup call. I was not the same person once I went through treatments and in the healing phase. I had to begin talking about the experiences I was having; the vivid dreams, the names I would hear upon waking, and my strong desire to utilize automatic writing with spirit as a way of releasing these feelings I had been holding on to. There was an angel messenger telecourse with the talented Karen Paolino out of Pembroke, Mass that I took in the spring of 2010 with my close friend Jennifer 94 • Bellesprit Magazine •

I asked Noelle a few questions to help us get to know her better.

Shackford, and it literally was the key that unlocked my inner self. Since that time, I haven't looked back and I've been devoted to understanding and learning more through classes, mentors, and just in the daily ‘work’ of the readings and healings I do. It literally has changed my life and the people along the way who I have met and worked with have just confirmed that we are all searching for something greater and that we have to find our passion. Being a spirit messenger is not a life I chose, but what found me and I will continue to enhance and develop my skills each day to help those I am blessed to come in contact with. You offer Angel Readings. What is involved when one receives an Angel Reading? How is this done? Noelle: An angel reading is centered in the highest vibration of light and love. It is always loving, uplifting messages from our spirit teams including guides, angels, and loved ones that can offer true insight and understanding into many of our life concerns and

issues. I begin each reading with an opening prayer as I view the sessions as a blessing and treat it as such and we also close the reading with an ending prayer to thank the angels and our loved ones. I utilize my clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance ability throughout the reading and openly and honestly share all that I am feeling, hearing and seeing as the messages come through. I certainly don't hold anything back but am receiving great feedback at the peace and deeper connection that is developed through having an angel reading. Does an Angel reading help us with future events in our lives? Noelle: I have personally witnessed many clients who hear messages so much of which they know and feel themselves but often are not consciously aware of, therefore a reading can help you along your path allowing you to feel greater love and a connection with your angels that you may not have had before. I always say a reading is not so much ‘predicting events’ but assisting you with your life plan, almost acting as a guide to help you progress along your life's path. Do you feel our future is ‘set in stone’? Noelle: I certainly feel we each create our own destiny. We meet specific people, situations, and life events to help us grow and develop on our journey. Often times during an angel reading there are past messages from specific events in someone's life to validate that there was healing and growth that had to take place before other events could come about. It is a very healing and therapeutic way of understanding yourself more on a very deep level.

trained consultants to access your records. How would having an Akashic reading benefit one in their life path? Noelle: There are so many amazing benefits to tapping in to your Akashic records such as understanding core issues in one's life that relate on a soul level and assist in removing energetic blocks. ~Identifying what soul gifts you have been incarnated with in this lifetime. ~What spiritual journeys you have in other lifetimes and an overall deeper awareness of who you are and who you came to be. Will an Akashic reading help someone to remove their blockages that are preventing them from moving forward to enjoy a more happy and peaceful life? Noelle: Yes!!! Opening the records assists in removing blockages and moving the energy to assist in living a richer, fuller, more meaningful existence. The Akashic Records are very in depth and incredibly rich and full of knowledge. It is a truly eye opening incredible experience and one I encourage each person to tap in to themselves through deep meditation. How can our readers contact you for guidance and readings? Noelle: I can be contacted through my email: or through my website: I currently do phone, in person, and email readings. Noelle indeed has proven to me what a wonderful and spiritual person she is. We are proud to consider her as one of the ranks of Beautiful Spirit!

I had the incredible opportunity to receive an Akashic reading from you. I was totally amazed at the information you obtained about my life path. Can you explain to our readers what this is? Noelle: The Akashic Records are the soul's records of all its experiences in the lifetimes it's been through. Each soul has its own Akashic Records, like a series of books within each book representing one lifetime. The Hall of Records is where all soul’s Akashic Records are stored. They can be accessed through deep meditation or through the Pathway to Prayer process which allows Bellesprit Magazine • • 95


I have always been intrigued about numbers and their relationship to Angelic Communication with us. Spirit drew me to The Dream Book by Betty Bethards. Each number has a spiritual meaning, a special vibration, and a symbolic message to you. Add numbers together to get your symbol, for example: a 28 is a 2 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. Written by Desiree Szabo

Divine Angel Numbers 96 • Bellesprit Magazine •


1 2 life.

New beginnings, oneness with God, unity of

Balance of masculine and feminine energies; or balance in some area of living is needed.


Trinity, mindbody-spirit harmony: dream has a spiritual message.

4 5

Balance of energies with a partner; growing in per fect balance. Change taking place now or very soon.


Guidance, White Brotherhood (teachers of truth); six pointed star symbolizing per fect balance of man, three chakras above and three below heart center.


Mystical number marking beginnings and endings, cyclic periods for growth and development: 7 chakras, 7 days to create world, 7 heavens, every 7 years is death and rebirth cycle.


Cosmic consciousness, infinity.

9 10 ity.

Completion, ending of the old; triple trin-

New beginnings with experience, a higher frequency of understanding.


Power to creativity express dynamic balance of self ; higher expression of 2. Master Number.


Power ful unit of energy; as twelve disciples, 12 months. 12 signs of zodiac. Cycle for growth and development. Also, meaning of 3, the trinity.


Spiritual expression of balance and integration with self and others; higher level of 4, master number.


Spiritual teacher; double trinity; master number.


Mystical energy; time needed to totally recharge, renew the body; change to higher perception.


Your Numbers

Angels know your favorite number. They will communicate by having your favorite number show up in all kinds of places, such as objects that you see on a day-today basis. Pay attention to the loving messages that they are sending to you. Angel numbers will appear in all types of imagery. License plates, telephone numbers, grocery store receipts, money such as coins, and dollar bills, address-

es, billboards, lottery tickets, and check numbers. Your name has its own angelic numerical vibration. The angels are watching over you and are all around you, if you see the well-known numbers 111 or 444. A sequence of numbers in patterns can be a sign for you to intuitively figure out the Morse code of their angelic language. The Angels want our attention. I refer to Angels Num-

Wholeness, perfection, as the circle.

bers 101 by Doreen Virtue for in depth number meanings from 1 to 999, which covers combinations of the digits. On a personal note, I needed guidance from my angels about my next writing project. I had been reading the book on Angel Numbers 101 and was waiting for a sign for what was my next step to take.

Bellesprit Magazine • • 97

ANGELS AND INSPIRATION While on the set as a Stand In for Kids on the TV show The Neighbors, in our townhouse neighborhood location, a postman walked up the driveway to one of the houses that we were filming. He asked me if the owners were at home. He had been ringing the doorbell. He had a package to deliver, and needed a signature in order to drop it off. I told the postman that the owners were not here. He said, could you sign the package and leave it inside? I said, of course. I took the package and laid it on the kitchen counter top, never looking at the person’s name. I hurried outside to be part of the scene that I was working on. The next day, I saw the owner in the garage. I asked her if she found her package that I left on the kitchen counter top. She said, yes and thanked me for taking the package for her and her husband, Angel. I took a double take and said, did you say you husband’s name was Angel? She nodded, turned around and went inside. You see that was confirmation that I was being guided. I have been tossing the idea around to write a spec script for a new episode that I have been a Stand In for kids on the TV show called The Neighbors. It is on ABC on Wednesday nights at 8:30. It is a comedy about an Alien Family and a Human Family that are neighbors. I had to start somewhere. I have in my possession two different screenwriting materials by Syd Field, the master guru of screen writing, and a script of Casablanca. These materials were on my library shelf getting dusty. I had purchased them in 2004 for my screenwriting classes at UCLA. I do have a credential in feature film writing, so that is a start. TV writing though is another format that one needs to study as well as practice. I have my work cut out for me. Then, a very dear friend sent me an Angel care package who believes strongly in my writing abilities and my talents. He is my writing mentor. I opened the package and started to pull out the writing materials. There was two newly revised copies of Screenwriting by Syd Field as well as the original script of Casablanca. Well, you could not imagine how I felt. This was indeed a numerical sign that the Angels were nudging me to write my TV script. My writing mentor had no idea that I had these same identical writing materials. Not only that, Syd Field is coming to do a workshop in January 2013 in Los Angeles. By the way, the number three represents creativity.


Bellesprit Magazine

Gu idan c e f o your r soul

Go on a scavenger hunt, play, and have fun with your Angel Numbers. See what kind of messages they are trying to convey to you. Desiree can be reached for angelic counseling at (818) 200 7431 Email her your requests at Website: 98 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 99


As I am writing this article for Bellesprit, I am lounging under a comfy quilt and flannel sheets, listening to a bluesy version of Jingle Bell Rock as I rock my feet back and forth in time to the beat. By Edie Weinstein

New Year’s

Re-soulutions I

t is 12/12/12 and I am feeling the energetic significance of the day as those in the circles in which I travel mark this day and the one fast approaching in 9 days as a time of rebirth and renewal, rather than cataclysmic chaos. I have noticed dramatic shifts in perspective, living each precious moment with as much awareness as I can when once upon a time I drifted through my days in somnambulant mode. I used to think that going with the flow, riding the waves and being ok with whatever happened was the pinnacle of spiritual existence. I have since learned that I have a responsibility to be as mindful and heart-full to overflowing as I can so as to fully engage with the events and people around me. I know I am re-

100 • Bellesprit Magazine •

sponsible for feeding the common soup pot with as much flavor as I can, since it really is a collection of all that we each pour into it. How often do you find yourself placing attention on what is going on in the world and feeling powerless to resolve anything on a global scale? One of the bumper stickers on my Jeep proclaims: BEGIN WITHIN. When I do that, I feel more empowered to make positive change and in alignment literally with my Higher Power and plugged into my Source which never runs out.

By the time this issue of the magazine is in the hands of the wonderful readers, we will have crossed the threshold into 2013. Hard for this child of the 50’s-60’s to have imagined a time in the future when

Bellesprit Magazine • • 101



we would be communicating via cyberspace with people all around the planet, so that the borders and boundaries feel like they are melting away. On a personal level, ‘she’ could not have conceived of the life ‘I’ am now living, opening the gifts of writing, healing and teaching and sharing them with the world. It would have felt like science fiction which was one of my favorite genres back then. As I mentioned in the December article about the concept of family of choice, I engage in a regular practice of honoring those folks who weren’t in my life when the previous year began. I am grateful that they have danced through the curtain into this New Year with me; even if they are no longer in body. I also set intention for what I choose to create in the next 12 months. Many people refer to them as New Year’s resolutions. I much prefer thinking of them as re-soul-utions. It feels to me literally like a soul renewal, a restart and a way of creating new solutions to previous concerns. I use them as a springboard so that in a year from now, I can gaze backward and see how far I have come. So many times, when I have felt that sense of ‘not enough-ness’ come hammering at my door, I can answer with a certainty that indeed I have accomplished a lot. Some days I get through my check list and on others, the tasks lop over, like floppy bunny ears, into the next 24 hours. This former laissez faire cosmic foo- foo flower child has morphed into a get it done conscious entrepreneur with an activity level that has her friends expressing that they are tired just hearing about all she does. Can I get an “Amen, sistah!” on that one? I know that many who are turning these pages have lives that look like mine. I call myself a professional hyphenate since I am a writer-speaker-social worker-therapist-educator-minister-clown-mom-sister-friend-lover-marketing pro-life coach….and

bris and detritus from your past; all of those smarmy, slimy grab you by the ankles and pull you into the swamp thoughts of lack and limitation. Many are the days that I have had to kick the tentacles off of my ankles, lest I be submersed in the depths. Each morning, I set the same intention, to “have extraordinary experiences and connect with amazing people,” and each day I do. From there, I add on the irreplaceable attitude of gratitude. I love this quote by Dr. John Demartini and use it often: “Whatever I think about and thank about, I bring about.” I compile my ‘thank you in advance’ list for all manner of miracles in the realms of relationships, money, health, belongings, opportunity to do my right livelihood work in the world, Seva (Sanskrit for ‘service’) as well as the energy to do all I set out to experience. I then sprinkle the resume is steadily growing as life unfolds magically and I accept the invitation of the Celestial Employment Agency to fill other roles. I also differentiate between resolutions which feel cold and hard and intentions that feel warm and fuzzy, but are no less powerful. When I think about resolving to do something, I can feel my brow furrowing and lips puckering; not to kiss, more like sucking on a lemon. When I set intention, I am scattering seeds out there in fertile soil, to grow into riotously magnificent wild flowers. Keep in mind that putting legs under my desires is an essential component of seeing them come to fruition. Action steps are necessary. Imagine building a wall. You can’t start putting the bricks together midway. You need to begin with a foundation on which to build and it is impossible to construct a level surface on rock and rubble, so it is vital to clear the space. That may look like hurling and hauling de-

102 • Bellesprit Magazine •

on a dash of delight with whatever shows up; adapting to, if need be, anything that feels out of sorts or out of alignment with what I think, in my infinite wisdom ‘should be’ a certain way. I have friends who refer to me as “The queen of reframe,” since I have become adept at seeing things in a different light; finding the pony in the manure, as it were. I journal about my goals, create vision boards that illustrate my dreams and desires, I state out loud what it is that I wish to see, in the presence of accountability partners who will hold me to my word. I maintain the mindset of a visionary who sees things coming to be even before they are in physical, palpable here and now form. When I am doing my ‘playouts’ at the gym, I move toward them on the elliptical and imagine that I am fueling my future with the dynamic energy I am generating on the machines. The words “I AM” are irrefutably powerful, particularly since they were said to be those that God from the burning bush uttered when Moses asked who it was that sent him with a message to his people. Anything that follows them is as if being uttered by the Divine. They are also present tense in orientation, since when you say them; you are acknowledging that is who you are and what you are NOW. Since we are multi-sensory beings, it helps to see, hear, feel, smell and taste what it is we wish to bring about. In this next year, I boldly declare that I am enjoying vibrant good health, radiant energy, attracting and sharing love in all forms, including my Life Partner with whom I teach and travel, growing a healthy relationship together, financial abundance, serving with my gifts and talents, publishing my next book, as well as the patience to trust in Divine Timing. So, how will you re-soul yourself in 2013?

Bellesprit Magazine • • 103



Astrology Elements and Essential Oils Has someone ever asked you, “What’s your sign?” Well, what they are asking for is your Sun sign; it’s the sign that correlates to when you were born. By Avery Cole The Sun sign, although not the only astrological sign, is the most common and widely referred since it describes your personality, your inner self. Learning about your Sun sign is an entertaining way to discover who you are. After all, haven’t you asked yourself “Who am I?” I have many times. This curiosity prompted me to learn about astrology and how the planet’s alignment at the time of my birth produced, to some extent, a personality diagram or map, thereby shedding some light on the subject - me. I learned in my studies that essential oils have personalities and energy, and astrology helps pinpoint personality aspects, whether they are good, bad or indifferent. So combining the two modalities was an innovative way to learn about myself. 104 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Aromatherapy, the use of pure plant essential oils, has been around for thousands of years, believe it or not. Yet, only recently has it become more popular with people making an effort to use more healthy products for themselves, turning away from chemicals and such. I applaud all who have or are making the switch. Once you smell essential oils, the aroma hits the limbic system part of the brain, known for triggering emotions, reactions, responses and memory recall. This will bring subtle changes in mood, emotions and energy. With that said, it’s a good idea to mention there may be times when you do not like a certain scent. Be open and try the essential oil another time, you might be surprised to find you like it. I believe your body, mind and spirit knows what it needs and when, so trust in the process for we are always evolving. When it comes to the dates in which the astrology signs fall, you may notice varying dates from year to year. The reason this happens is the Sun moves at a slightly different speed each year so a sign may start or end on a different day than it did in a prior year. So generally the dates will be starting

or ending anywhere from the 20th to the 23rd. If your birthday falls on a cusp (the day the Sun moves into another sign) you will most likely have personality traits of both Sun signs. There are a few essential oils I’d like to write about that works well across a few zodiac signs. One of my favorite essential oils is Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica). The cedar aroma envelops one in balance and confidence. It inspires steadiness, compassion, helps ease any fears and insecurities. Cedarwood is a tower of strength and integrity while neutralizing anxiety and worry. Its grounding scent is perfect for those Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Cedar is also wonderful scent for Pisces, giving them the confidence they often lack. Cedar, like other wood essential oils, are base notes in perfumery that offer strength, dignity and confidence just as the tree stands there with all its might. The clean refreshing whiff of Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Bellesprit Magazine • • 105


encourages an aura of joy and bliss. It has an emotionally balancing influence with its zesty fragrance of courage, warmth, positivity, creativity, light-heartedness and uplifting energy. I have yet to come across a person who did not like the Orange aroma. Children especially love the smell and it instills a sunny disposition. It is uplifting and happy, transforming sadness. The Orange essential oil comes from cold pressing the fruit peel. Look at an orange tree, notice where the fruit hangs. This helps associate the essential oil as a top note


in perfumery with an uplifting aroma since the fruit hangs high above the ground. Citrus sinensis is a scent for those Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Also good for Taurus to help ease the “bull.” Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) known for its passionate, sensual warmth, softens those with a hard coated heart. Handpicked flower petals from the Cananga tree are steam distilled producing a floral, deep aroma often used in perfumes. Ylang ylang is known for having aphrodisiac effects. Its aromat-

Zen Age aromatherapy astrology perfume

To purchase Zen Age Aromatherapy astrology perfume oil blends please visit or Visit our blog at www.ZenAge.Blogspot. com; Follow us on Twitter @ShopZenAge and please “LIKE” us on Facebook at www.

ic scent promotes sensuality, enthusiasm, and self-confidence relieving jealousy. I love this essential oil for the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn as they are practical and logical that sometimes I believe they need a little va-vavoom in their life. This is also a great essential oil for Scorpio to soften the Scorpion sting. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), steamed distilled leaves from the small evergreen shrub produces a fresh, wakeful, herbaceous aroma offering mental clarity, stability, awareness,

106 • Bellesprit Magazine •

concentration and energy. Rosemary is often used in aromatherapy to dispel lethargy and fatigue due to its stimulating actions. Its aroma is cleansing and purifying and often associated with the third eye or brow chakra. Those who like the aroma are often people who love security, are multi-taskers who set high standards for themselves and have a spirit about them that people seem to notice, very much like the Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, like to think of themselves as the leader. Leo, ruled by the Sun, has an air about them that the world revolves around them. Sagittarius is a philosophical and spiritual sign that enjoys counseling others. When using essential oils it’s important to do your research as there are some contraindications with certain oils. For convenience, here are some general safety tips: Never use essential oils undiluted on the skin, dilute with a massage oil or lotion when applying topically; Never ingest essential oils; Keep all bottles out of the reach of children and pets; Keep essential oils away from the eyes, if you get

oil in the eye, do NOT flush it out with water as this may make the irritation worse; Test patch essential oil blends on the skin before applying; Use caution with chronic or serious health conditions such as cancer, heart concerns and neurological disorders. Consult a professional healthcare provider before using essential oils. There are many methods in the use of essential oils: Inhale by putting a few drops in a diffuser or even cotton balls; topically mixed with an unscented massage oil, unscented lotion or, if you want, a spray mix with alcohol, witch hazel or purified water. Just note, if using purified water remember to shake well before spraying as water and oil does not mix. Mix essential oils and Epsom salts for a nice relaxing bath, works wonders after a long day. Namaste Disclaimer: Information provided is for entertainment and educational purposes only. It is general in nature, based on variety of research, study, personal experience, interpretation and opinion. It is not intended to counsel, treat, cure, diagnose or prescribe. Please visit our

website for resource and disclaimer information. Readers are encouraged to do their research and seek professional help for emotional, mental or physical issues. Some essential oils have contraindications so be sure to use caution if pregnancy, serious illness or disease exists. Essential oils mentioned in this article are not necessarily indicative of the essential oils in the Zen Age botanical oil zodiac blends. Bio: Avery Cole is a Business Consultant, Holistic Aromatherapist, Intuitive Medium and Astrology Enthusiast. She studied aromatherapy, has written articles and has local aromatherapy classes. Her perfume oil line combines her 2 interests of aromatherapy and astrology. Zen Age oils was “specifically formulated with a purpose to allow people to embrace who they are, by way of olfactory bliss activating the mind, body and soul connection.” She can be reached by email at ShopZenAge@yahoo. com or via Zen Age 2012 Copyright All Rights Reserved

Bellesprit Magazine • • 107


Celebration, Ritual &


arrival on the planet in December, the new era of loving and compassionate Oneness is fully available to us but we’re still transitioning (at least in our egoic minds) from the old paradigm information age to the new conscious paradigm. This community’s launch in 2012 was so perfectly timed to assist in the preparation for the shift; no coincidence… just synchronicity and a passionate, purpose-driven venture building momentum through inspired love, building substance until it rolled forward with a momentum beyond doing and tasking, on an unstoppable wave of Being. Bellésprit Magazine now has a life energy of its own… it is alive, vibrant and spirit breathes it. I am in awe of the power of that force. It brings me to my knees and I weep with a sense of joy beyond the rational.


Congratulations... Happy Anniversary Bellesprit Magazine!

By Kimberley Simon 108 • Bellesprit Magazine •


his month marks Bellésprit Magazine’s one year anniversary! Congratulations and high fives to all who’ve been involved in bringing the magazine from a vague idea to a grounded manifestation in living color and beauty. It makes my heart sing to be part of the community at Bellésprit; a community of gifted, caring and loving writers and loyal readers who share with their circles to spread the word and bring comfort, tips and joy to others.

Namaste, Belle.

The heart-centered quality of the content brings ah hah’s, tears, comfort, information, helpful tips, resources, laughter, introspection, and joy to all who sit with a cup of tea to take a break and feed their soul by communing with the magazine. The evolution continues; the number of columnists and list of Diamond Psychics and Healers grows each month, ongoing technological changes allow for behind the scenes tweaks and advances so I honor Belle Salisbury, Bellésprit the message can be more widely Magazine’s owner, creator and ed- shared around the globe and readitor, for her vision, dedication, sup- ership increases exponentially. port, and the hours of effort devoted to each spirit-fueled issue. A I can’t even imagine what 2013 will labor of love inspired by forces be- mean for Bellésprit and the comyond the ordinary. Belle is a leader, munity. With the long awaited armentor and model of love in action. rival of high frequency and light’s

In December, while preparing this article for publication, the news of the violent deaths of 28 in the town of Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary School shocked, saddened and angered all of us. Eight adults, many trying to keep the children safe, and twenty children, so young and innocent, were taken from the community in the sudden and unexpected shooting rampage. The grief of those directly affected by loss, so close to what was to have been a happy and holy time, cannot be fully expressed in words, and the whole situation is beyond comprehension or understanding. There were gifts wrapped and wait-

Bellesprit Magazine • • 109


ANGELS AND INSPIRATION proximately 100,000 shootings each year and 30,000 gun-related deaths annually, according to the special Dateline episode about the horror in Newtown. Twenty-eight deaths on December 14, in Newtown… 29,972 others to mourn in 2012? The shooter was a 20-year-old man, a boy really. What dark and distorted thoughts and compulsions brought him to the point where he felt compelled to do what he did? To judge him as evil can make our vengeful bone feel better but I refuse to believe that he was born evil or that he never loved. Despite that, he planned it, he envisioned it, he prepared for it, he gathered his tools together to do it, and he did it. Will we ever really know what drove him to take so many other lives, and such young lives, as well as his own? The shock over the mass shooting of wee ones overrode the fact that this man murdered his own mother, a teacher at the school. He killed his mother in the home they shared but somehow her violent death at his hands was left as a sort of footnote to the worst. As a mother, and a daughter of my mother, I experience that as intensely horrifying and heart wrenching as the murders at the school.

ing for those wee ones to open with laughter and surprised delight, there were new bikes hidden in neighbor’s garages with big bows on them, there were baking supplies ready to make the special cookies together, there were Advent calendars partially used, there were parties and gatherings on the schedule for those children to attend and parents juggling their time to make sure they could get their child where they needed to be… and

then there were broken hearts and empty chairs at the table. That community came together in ways its members never expected to have to come together, and they will never forget. The impact of the tragedy will live on for years to come. The ugliness of the violence is in stark contrast to the compassion and outpouring of assistance as people came together to do whatever they could to help each other through the confusion, mad-

110 • Bellesprit Magazine •

ness and pain. Violent school shootings aren’t new but they are rare and, when they happen, the shock, outrage and sorrow is intense. The loss is unimaginable and we can feel powerless to help. Know that prayers do help, even from a distance. For me, the heartache brings up thoughts and many questions. In the United States, there are ap-

me and my family forever… in that instant, that moment, in that split millisecond. I remember how the usual excitement of Christmas time turned to confusion and pain. Everything felt surreal and I’d wake up hoping that the whole thing was just a mistake and Dad was going to walk in the door at any moment. I remember going back to high school after the Christmas holidays and observing others who acted as if life was the same as ever, when for me it was absolutely not at all what it had been.

I remember, in drama class, during some improvising for fun, my turn arrived and a classmate directed me to act as if the phone just rang and I learned that a relative had just died. I stood frozen and unable to speak. My teacher stepped in to “save me” from that most unexpected and painful scenario. I remember concerned adults at the visitation telling me I needed to see him in the casket or I’d not have closure, and the unexpressed rage I felt at being forced to see him that way. I wanted to remember him as the animated spirit in the physical that he was, with his unusual gait and the way he told the funniest stories you could ever hear. My This took me back to 9/11; that mo- way of rebelling at that at the time, ment when the news broke and the since I couldn’t express my feelings world stood still, hearts connected in words, was to attempt to not foin shock and grief, disbelief, com- cus my eyes in that direction. I also passion, and the desire to come to- remember thinking that I wouldn’t gether to help. live to be any older than he was when he died at 38. I did. The tragedy also brought up other memories of past trauma and sad- I’ve returned to the cemetery and ness, and I’m alone in that. Anyone have been touched by unexpected who has lost a loved one near the experiences there. At my grandfadate of a holiday or special date, ther’s service, I saw a pair of worksuch as a birthday or anniversary, men’s gloves sitting on top of my may have been triggered or poked father’s headstone and a shovel by the news. leaning against it. For some reason, that just cracked me up and I burst I wrote this article on the anniver- into laughter at the sight. At anothsary of my father’s sudden death er burial service, decades after my at the young age of 39. He died, in father’s death and when in my late an instant, in a car accident, on De- forties, I turned to leave the cemcember 15th, when I was a teen. We etery, saw his headstone and was buried him on December 18th, for- shocked to find myself falling to my ty years ago, and the loss changed knees, touching the engraving and Bellesprit Magazine • • 111



just wailing, “Daddy, my daddy, it’s my daddy.”, amidst a torrent of tears.

for a time. A death in a family brings visitors, gifts of food, cards, hugs, and a great outpouring of care but then… silence. People often don’t know what to say to A part of me will always be the little girl who wants her another who is grieving or think that bringing up the Daddy. subject would be too painful to speak of, as if it isn’t already constantly on the minds and in the hearts of those left behind.


I know that time can heal a broken heart but the void left by the loss of a loved one remains. I also know that, as a mother, the thought of losing a child, at any age, is unimaginable and incomprehensible. I don’t wish that pain on anyone and yet, people lose their children every day and carry on through (and beyond) the nightmare, somehow. I do not know how.

You can give so much if you’re there for someone after all the details and ceremonies are complete. Bringing a special dish, coffee and a visit, a thoughtful card or note, an invitation to a meal or event, a shoulder to lean on… those have great meaning to those whose lives have been altered forever by grief and loss.

It’s easy to say, “How are you doing with it all?” or “Can I drive you to (fill in the blank)?” or “Can I pick up your I know that we can reach a point where we can remem- children after Scouts for you?” or “Can I drop by for cofber and share the good memories to honor our loved fee?” one. I know that the unexpected triggers that bring up The most healing thing you can do is to open space tears or pain lessen with time. for the grieving one to talk about it, without giving advice or opinions. Just listen and remember that silence I know that nothing can kill a soul but we most certain- is also healing. Don’t jump in to try to make the other ly miss that animated body in the physical – the one person feel better or to try to fix anything (you really that could talk to us and give us a hug. can’t anyway). Let the silence be a bond between you, and a healing space. On Christmas Eve, as is my tradition, I set a place for my father at the table and danced with the angels and Just be you and share you, and that’s enough. with my Dad in spirit. He is always with me and I do feel his loving presence. Laughter or tears… he lives on in Anniversaries of celebrations or of loss and tragedy my life. can be honored and blessed, memories can be shared, tears and laughter can flow, and healing can happen through conversation, connection and shared silence. I honor and embrace all of you… who love, who have lost and who share all of who you really are… no matter what. When tragedy and loss strikes, there is an immediate flurry of support and activity but keep in mind that those directly affected by loss are most often in shock

Helping & Healing

112 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 113



beginnings by kelly said

Welcoming you all to the New Year with all the new beginnings, new opportunities, and new possibilities. Use this moment as the moment that you become the best you that you can be.

114 • Bellesprit Magazine •

This month I will keep my article brief. I wanted to share a bit about the spiritual growth our children are going through and what we can do to assist them. What I will be sharing with you are parts of my class Empowering the Parents of Gifted Children for sale on my website There are many ways we can empower our children. We want our children to feel they have value. We want them to know we are proud of them. We want our children to be the very best they can be in their own way. Most of all, we want to understand our children. Here are some ways of helping your child be more comfortable in this ever changing world. Color Therapy is fun and very useful for a child’s well-being. Some examples: (Let the child pick) Paint color that is on their bedroom wall The color of their clothing Bedding color in their room Even the color of the foods the child eats can make an impact on the energy. Listen to your child even when you don’t understand or agree, listening is important Set up time for your child to be around other children that are on their own spiritual path Give your child a safe outlet for emotions that run too high such as a journal or tape player Respect your child Meditate with your child Praise your child Embrace the differences your child

has as virtues Set up a child yoga class in which your child can act out animal shapes. Sign your child up for physical activities. Of course there are a vast number of tips we can use to empower our children as well as enhance their spiritual growth. These are some ideas to start with. What you will find that works the best is to listen to your heart. When you feel as if your child is making no sense or that you just can’t keep up with all the energy your little one has just stop and look inside. What is this showing you? What can you do to turn the circumstances into something productive? How can you look at this from the perspective of your child? How can you see the situation without any judgment, with no expectations, with only the view of the experience? While you are looking into your heart to find the answers you may just see your child from an entirely different frame of mind. Let this New Year be a new beginning for you and your child. Use this opportunity as a time to share and grow and learn from one another. Remember it is never too late and your relationship with your child is worth all the start overs you may need to reach a place of mutual respect. Until next month have a wonderful holiday…..

Bellesprit Magazine • • 115


The Psychic World Of

Kenny Kingston I

n my opinion, the term “sex symbol” is very much overused. But I believe two men – Clark Gable and Hugh Jackman – deserve the title. And even though their reign as film stars may have been 50 years apart, there are similarities between the two, which I will share with you.

wondered. “How receptive will he be to the spirit world?” I thought. Today, my face and name are more recognizable. But this was the 1950’s. Not only was talk of the spirit world not so common, but I was also just making a household name for myself. Most celebrities at the time were aware of me only from newspaper articles or radio shows, or by word of mouth from fellow performers such as Joan Crawford, Ingrid Bergman or Marilyn Monroe.

Ironically, it wasn’t at a glamorous movie premiere or Hollywood party where I spent time with Clark Gable. We both lived in the area of Los Angeles known as the San Fer-

Clark Gable

The conversation with Gable flowed easily and, once I gave him the first psychic message, he smiled that famous smile and said, “Well, I think I like having my fortune told!”

nando Valley and I encountered him several times in Dupar’s, a simple coffee shop on Petit Avenue in Encino, near the huge ranch Gable owned. He’d moved to Encino following his 1939 marriage to actress Carole Lombard and lived there till his passing in 1960.

Still, as I made my way through the restaurant the spirits compelled me T h e to take a chance and speak to Gafirst ble. To my delight, he not only weltime comed me warmly but asked me to I join him.

walked in for lunch I saw him sitting alone at a table. I was surprised to see him and wanted to approach him to say “Hello” and relay a psychic message I received the moment I spotted him.

I had mentioned when first greeting him that I’d moved to Southern California from San Francisco and it struck a chord with him, because he told me he’d spent quite a bit of time in the city and loved it. He said he felt free to wander about there “But do I dare approach him?” I and blend in because it was so bus-

116 • Bellesprit Magazine •

tling and busy that no one slowed down long enough to really pay attention to him. In contrast, I happened to look around briefly as we spoke and I noticed that all eyes were on our table. Curious diners were hanging on our every moment and wondering what the handsome star and I were discussing, apparently. Gable was married at this time to his final wife, the former Kay Spreckels, and this was another topic we shared in common. Kay had been married previously to Adolph Spreckels, Jr. (of the Spreckels sugar empire). I had been psychic and friend to socialite Alma Spreckels, mother of young Adolph, and had spent much time with her when I was living in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco. The Spreckels mansion, on Washington Street, was Alma’s home and I spent many delightful evenings there at parties and giving her psychic readings. I also met and gave readings to Kay Spreckels during this time. (Today the mansion belongs to famed author Danielle Steel). The conversation with Gable flowed easily and, once I gave him the first psychic message, he smiled that famous smile and said, “Well, I think I like having my fortune told!” So I briefly continued. I found him to be a very down-toEarth man and easy to spend time with. As our meal concluded, he asked me if I would walk across the street with him to a hardware store so we could continue talking. Bellesprit Magazine • • 117

ANGELS AND INSPIRATION “I’ll even pay for your meal tab!” he him enormously. laughed. I think he wanted company so that fans would be less likely As fate would have it, years after to approach him. Gable’s passing I was invited many times to a luxurious suite at the HolAs we entered the store I noticed lywood Roosevelt Hotel which was that a crowd was beginning to called the Gable/Lombard Suite. It gather outside. Word had spread of was where the pair had reportedly Gable’s whereabouts. But when we shared many a romantic rendezleft the store the fans were very re- vous before their marriage. spectful. They parted like the parting of the Red Sea and we walked Television crews from around the down the middle of the crowd to world interviewed me in the suite greetings of “Hello, Mr. Gable.” because the location was rumored to be haunted. I contacted Gable We agreed to meet another day at and Lombard in spirit in their suite Dupar’s and in fact did meet there during those interviews and they a couple of times for a meal, con- told me they are indeed together versation and psychic messages. now in Paradise – a beautiful endDuring one of the get-togethers he ing to their love story. told me that even though he was happily married at the time to Kay, I can assure you the hotel was inhe still thought about his previous deed haunted, though now that it wife, actress Carole Lombard. has undergone an extensive renovation the spirits of such legends as He had given Lombard a pair of Gable and Lombard, Montgomery golden topaz earrings during their Clift and Marilyn Monroe are less marriage and said she wore them likely to converge there. often as a symbol of their love. My only other spirit contact with In 1942, she was scheduled to make Gable was when I brought him in an appearance, as many celebrities at a séance for my client and friend did during that time, on a War Bond Marilyn Monroe, to prove to her tour, encouraging the public to that she wasn’t indirectly responsupport the military and the United sible for Gable’s passing following States government. The couple ar- what was the final film either of gued over this. Gable did not want them made – “The Misfits.” Marilyn her to leave on the tour and plead- feared her chronic lateness on the ed with her not to go. But she insist- set upset him to the degree that it ed. In a fit of anger, she removed caused the fatal heart attack he sufone of the topaz earrings and threw fered. it at him as she stormed out the door, he told me. But Gable’s spirit assured me that he had been on a strict grapefruit Tragically, it was the last time he and coffee diet and it was this that saw her, since her plane crashed caused the heart attack. Marilyn and she was killed. When the heart- was greatly relieved. broken Gable learned of the crash, he said he rushed to the site, hop- In my experience, Gable was totaling to locate the matching earring, ly unaware of his good looks and which was still with Lombard. He great appeal to women. I think this said it was a sentimental, symbolic is something he shares with a modattempt to reunite the earrings as ern-day actor I compare to him – though it was reuniting the couple Hugh Jackman. themselves. Although he had made several films I convinced him the gesture was and had done stage productions in beautiful and that indeed one day London and Australia, I was mostly he would actually see Carole again unaware of Jackman until one evein the spirit world, which pleased ning when I watched James Lipton 118 • Bellesprit Magazine •

interview him on “Inside the Actors Studio”, in 2004. During the program, clips were shown of Jackman appearing on Broadway in what was then a current musical production of “The Boy from Oz.” When I learned that the show was the life story of singer/songwriter Peter Allen it captured my attention. I had known Peter Allen and given him psychic messages many years before. There was a popular television show in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada called “The Tommy Banks Show.” I flew to Canada to appear. It was the custom of the show for the performers who had just taped that night’s show to have a dinner party, and the group of performers who were to appear on the following night’s show were arriving at the same time. This night, I had appeared as a guest with personality Pamela Mason and we were dining together. She gazed across the room and waved. “Oh – there’s Peter Allen!” she said happily, and she invited him to our table. He told us he would be appearing on the show the following day and sat with us. We had a wonderful conversation followed by my giving him several psychic messages, which he gladly responded to. We concluded the evening by him saying that he hoped we’d meet again one day soon. Strangely enough, a few weeks later I was re-booked on “The Tommy Banks Show.” This time, having dinner following an appearance he’d already made was none other than Peter Allen, who excitedly invited me to his table, since I was arriving to tape the show the next day. We continued where we’d left off previously, with conversation and psychic messages. So following the viewing of “Actors Studio” with Hugh Jackman, I made up my mind to attend a performance of “The Boy from Oz” on an upcoming New York trip. The show was magnificent and I was amazed by Hugh’s talents. He Bellesprit Magazine • • 119

ANGELS AND INSPIRATION sang – he danced – and following a brief intermission, he beat the audience back into the theatre to do it all over again in Act Two, gyrating and singing atop a grand piano. Best of all, I saw the spirit of Peter Allen onstage with Hugh during many portions of the show, delightedly enjoying every minute of it!

ANGELS AND INSPIRATION Allen onstage and he smiled and thanked me. “I totally believe that,” he admitted. “I’ve seen him and felt his presence myself,” he said…”but I’ve come to the conclusion that you have to be careful who you admit that to.”

I gave Hugh some personal messages about himself and about his Though I had not planned to go wife. I concluded by telling him – in backstage following the perfor- advance of the Tony award nominamance, I knew when I saw Peter tions even being announced – that Allen’s spirit that I had to let Hugh he would win a Tony for his perforknow about the approval he’d re- mance in “Boy from Oz.” I also told ceived from the other side. I asked him he would go on to host the a theatre employee to direct me to Tony Awards. He was thrilled. And the stage door and he said he’d be I am happy to say that both predicglad to, as long as I didn’t get my tions came true. hopes up about actually getting backstage to meet Hugh. “No one More recently, I received a psychic has had any luck in doing that,” he message on one of the first days confessed. “It’s just been the show’s of production on Hugh’s new film, policy and we’ve turned away some “Les Miserables.” The spirits told big names in show business,” he me that major awards were again said. coming his way. I reported all of this in my blog at www.psychickWe rounded the corner and ar- I’m rived at the stage door, where more happy to say that as of this writing, than 300 screaming fans awaited the awards season in Hollywood a glimpse of the star. The theatre has just begun. So far, nominations employee introduced me to the for the Screen Actors Guild and the stage door man, explaining that I’d Golden Globe awards have been been Peter Allen’s psychic and had announced, and Hugh Jackman’s something to tell Hugh Jackman. “I name, as well as “Les Miserables”, don’t care who you are,” came the has figured prominently in those gruff reply from the door man. “No nominations. one gets back to see Mr. Jackman – no one.” I gave him my business I predict the continuation of good card nonetheless, with a brief note things for Hugh Jackman, who to on the back, and he begrudgingly me is following the path of Clark agreed to present it to someone Gable. He is unaware of his good close to Hugh. looks and fame, avoids much of the Hollywood party scene, and is an Minutes went by without a re- actor by choice and a sex symbol sponse. I concluded that indeed I by accident. was another name to add to the list of people not given admittance, so my companion Valerie and I began leaving the theatre area. Just then we heard, “Kenny Kingston – come back here! Kenny Kingston – Mr. Jackman wants to talk to you!” The amazed hundreds of fans parted the way for us as we returned to the stage door and entered the backstage area. Hugh Jackman could not have been more gracious. I told him about seeing Peter 120 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 121


Word Ponder As Winter winds us into further retreat, (writing here from the Northern hemisphere), taking time alone is a true gift to embrace within any season, for it is always a constant within our true souls’ homework. with Sharita Star

When we choose to engage in our own personal sharpening of the inner saw, some amazing things can happen for us. Yet, whether it is Winter or any other time of the year, why are so many people seemingly afraid of being alone in this day and age?

By definition, Solitude can mean: 1. the state of being alone, separated from other people, whether considered as a welcome freedom from disturbance or as an unhappy loneliness

places from which human of loneliness- completeactivity is generally ab- ly miss when they deny sent themselves this healthy time to clear out within 3. a remote or uninhabit- their lives, is actually the ed place perfect chance to create some real enchantment What some people for themselves. The Name -based on a programmed Expression (the numero2. a quality of remote belief that allows them to logical calculation of the quietness or seclusion in fear being alone in a state value of the letters com-

122 • Bellesprit Magazine •


posing it) that guides the very word of Solitude is the Solitude is here to save the day and rescue our souls Chaldean’s brilliant understanding of the 33, that of when we decide to step away from the intense buzz Love and Magic. Said the Chaldeans of the 33: of life. Vibrating as a Master Number 33, aside from the Love and Magic, it is here to equally teach us from the “This carries the same vibration as the 24 – except that two 3’s that compose it. Personal growth, learning, and the magic of love, the extent of originality and creativ- honing in on what we wish to believe as our individual ity, and the promise of eventual financial success are wisdom are all qualities guiding the singular influence deepened and increased. Due to the double 3, these of philosophical Jupiter over the 3. Unite these two entities are more fortunate in every way when in- freedom loving 3’s together, and Venus’s harmony and volved in a harmonious partnership of some kind with peace can be a most pleasant outcome. the opposite sex, which applies to the career as well as romantic and marital relationships. This is a num- What else does Solitude have to say to us? Lexigrams, ber of well-deserved karmic reward. The 33 vibration the poetic tale that the anagrams tell from any word or is advised not to abuse the astounding luck which will title, provide further insight that is uncannily on target. descend on them at some time during the life by al- As Lexigrams spell out the truth, they shan’t tell a lie lowing it to tempt them into laziness, overconfidence, with what can happen to anyone when their free will and a feeling of superiority. When a sense of humor decides to take that time to withdraw from the world and genuine humility accompany the 33 vibration, it’s in a SILENT LISTEN. a wonderfully fortunate number.” The 24 represents Love – Money – Creativity, which is a rich source of understanding than if one does what they truly love in life, focus upon their creativity, it’s practically a fool-proof formula that brings forth the likes of one of Venus’s favorites: money. Looking to both of these 6 vibrations, it is Venus who is in charge of anyone’s solitary moments.


I LET IT SIT, I IDLE SO I SITE SOUL TOIL I LOSE, I OUST TIES TO OUTSIDE LIES I SIT SO I LET OLD LIES DIE IT IS TEDIOUS TO SIT, TO LET IT LOSE LET a SOUL TIE IT TO SOLID TOIL DUTIES DUEL LIES USE US, SOIL US TO DUE TO STOLID TIES Knowing the presence of Neptune over the 7 vibra- OLD LIES TOLD TO US LET US DIE tions, (who seemingly can’t get enough of their alone DILUTE LIES TO LET a LOST SOUL OUT time), one might think Solitude should tick to some- I EDIT: I LET LIES DUEL TO DIE TO DUST thing like a 34 Name Expression instead. Why give the I SLIDE TO SOLID SOUL TIES credit to Venus? I DO, I DO LET SOLID SOUL TIES OUT TO IDOL LET’S USE a LOUD LOTUS TO LITE US TO LOTS O’ SOLID Venus is the planet that governs over harmony, peace, TIES balance, and negotiations. No fan of lies or arguments, she’ll run for the hills to stay away from them. Also not- Whatever season it is in your world, may your soul be ing Venus’s appreciation of beauty and nature, one open to the gifts your solitary spirit can give it. cannot deny the relationship that can be gained within the self if we choose to spend our solitary moments with Dear Old Momma Nature herself. Time alone can bring forth such unity within our life, especially in our present day. The world we all co-exist within is filled with multitudes of choices that allow us all to attach and attract so much to us that we don’t even necessarily need. When we all keep going in the hustle and bustle pace of modern day society, it is without question a disconnection is happening for human beings everywhere. Bellesprit Magazine • • 123



Color Scope By Elizabeth Harper The ColorScope is a colorisciously tantalizing and unique channeled system designed to stimulate your intuitive and prophetic skills. Each month Elizabeth’s guides work with her to create messages and insights for your month ahead. By choosing the color you are most drawn to you actively access the wisdom of your subconscious and the voice of your soul. The subsequent explanation will give you a deeper understanding of the potential influences on your current direction and the available courses of action to render an effortless path. Set an intention to receive inspiration from your soul. Close your eyes and take a deep breath into the center of your being. When you are ready, open your eyes, select a color and open your heart to the messages from your Soul.

Find out what colorisciously exciting color will guide you this month toward your goals for your year ahead!

124 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 125



While everyone around you is launching new projects, your New Year’s debut is delayed. Make an intention to conclude all unfinished business by month’s end, then by mid-February you’ll be ready and open to the new opportunities waiting in the wings.


This can be a fabulous time for you provided you remain positive. If you entertain any form of negativity then you will slip into a black hole that is easier to get in to than out of! Where attention goes energy flows. Create a plan for what you want to accomplish this year and let the universe do the work of manifesting your wishes.


New possibilities to learn are opening up for you making this one of your most spectacular months. Give yourself permission to explore roads you have never travelled before. You will make new friends and establish an educational prowess that puts you in good stead for future prospects.


You are ready for prosperity. All you need now is a green energy recipe to kick-start those abundance juices. Place one picture of your favorite money angel into your wallet. Sprinkle with a wad of paper money head facing into your wallet - so it stays put instead of leaving - then place your wallet next to a cluster of rose quartz, iron pyrite and green malachite crystals. Leave to expand!


Plans to visit or take part in a conference, expo or workshop will be top of your agenda this month. Networking is an aspect of this venture, however the main focus will be the planet and its resources. Late month brings a minor dispute with a friend. Take heart, quarrels often reflect unhealed issues in oneself. Embrace it as a growth experience!

126 • Bellesprit Magazine •



A message throws light on a secret or mystery and brings you closer to someone you have not seen or been in contact with for a long time. A surprise gift will bring great excitement to your busy schedule and make all your hard work worthwhile.


You are a nurturer, so when someone needs help you drop what you’re doing and cater to his or her every need. While you go about these tasks ask yourself this one question - If they can ask for what they want from you, what stops you from asking for what you want from them?

way. Bear that in mind the next time you bite your tongue. If you do not speak up then it will remain in your energy circuits until it finally finds its own form of expression.


Be prepared for a period of growth over the next six months. Beyond this is a plateau offering you the opportunity to absorb what you have learned. From mid-year onward your soul will be ready to push you into the limelight. You can go kicking and screaming or you can just take it in your stride, it’s your choice.


Here we are, a whole New Year for you to play with, isn’t that exciting? Did you say “no”? Consider all the wonderful things in your life, everything that is worth living for. Multiply that by oh I don’t know, one million and the resulting energy is what you could attract this year. Now isn’t that worth a “yes”?


Put the champagne on ice, you have something big to celebrate this month. Orange reflects bliss, joy, and fun, so whatever it is don’t worry, be happy! Life will continue in the fast lane for you, at least for a couple of months. Come March you will be investigating some form of relaxation, by then you will most certainly deserve it!


Have you been feeling irritable? While everyone’s attention turns to those they love, your mind seems to be fixated on those who have wronged you. Forgiveness is a virtue, not just of others but of you as well. Add a little forgiveness to your New Year’s resolutions it is just as powerful as love.


It is never easy to be truthful especially when it could potentially hurt someone. Truth doesn’t have to be accusatory, it can be offered in a kind and helpful

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed color intuitive, visionary artist, healer and author of the award-winning book Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires. She has been featured in well-known national magazines including Woman’s World, Redbook, Prevention and Health, and is a magazine columnist and regular contributor to radio and television in the US and Australia. She is the founder of Sealed With Love LLC and co-founder of Spiritual Living LLC.

Bellesprit Magazine • • 127



Corbie’s Way Back


Question: Why do I constantly say “I love you” to myself? Usually when no one else is around, but at times my family has heard me seemingly talking to myself, but what I am doing is professing love. Many times I feel a strong spiritual connection in my heart center and it has been happening for over a year now. Carmen from Rochester NY This is a little left over from a past life. Your guides say there is a life in Austria in the 1800s, and you were born deaf. There was a sense of what you were missing. You did end up getting married. Your husband was very patient with you. You had a couple of kids. The difficulty here was that everyone else heard and you did not. What your soul ached for was to hear “I love you” from those you loved and who loved you. I don’t know that you read lips very well, but you did get a sense of what people were saying. You had so much yourself you wanted to say but you had no language for it. In this life, the sense I have is that you may end up meeting the husband from that Austrian life this time. Not there yet, but you may indeed meet him. And the “I love you” is in a sense reminding you that you are worthy of love. Your soul knows that – and it needs that. You need to remember that

when things are very tough. What I would say is it doesn’t matter if anyone else hears you say, “I love you.” You deserve it. Keep reminding yourself of your worthiness in being loved. Question: What did I do in a past life that causes me to cry every time I try to sing a song that I personally write? I

128 • Bellesprit Magazine •

can sing anything without it affecting me, but if I sit down at the piano or try to sing a song that I personally write, I can’t get through it without crying! This has happened to me since I was a child and it is so deeply inside of me that it has to have come from a past life. Kathie from Beacon Falls CT I wouldn’t disagree with you. The

Welcome to “Rev. Corbie Mitleid’s Way Back Machine!” Each month we will look at anywhere from one to three of our reader’s questions regarding past lives. Please remember that what I receive from the Akashic are only brief examples; there are likely many more lives touching on your question, but space is limited. If you want to do a full past life session with me, looking at your question in depth, please visit my website for details: sense that I’m getting is not quite a traveling troubadour – someone who went around singing and playing in medieval times, but more an Irish bard. Bards in the Celtic landscape were highly valued and highly honored. I see you, though, in the 18th century. A bard then was not quite as honored, but it was still very important, especially in Ireland. You memorialized the little people. It wasn’t like you were from Scotland singing about Culloden and all the kings and major battles. People who needed to have their grief memorialized. Just as in Cyrano de Bergerac, you would sing for the people who needed to speak but didn’t have the words or the voice. You were very good at what you did because you could feel the emotion behind the song. You would take a couple of farthings from a boy who knew he’d never get the girl he loved – but it was important that she know how he felt. You would not only sing the song to her for him but there would be all of the longing, all of the hopelessness – you we able to communicate, talk about things that couldn’t be talked about and all of this informed your songs. You are getting a bleed-through of old past life memory that what you are singing is not just a song for you, but literally being the voice for other people. If you get emotional because it’s important for what you need to say, I get that. But one of

the reasons you were as good as you were was that you were not afraid of taking in the emotion of those who asked you to write for them, when they didn’t have the words or the voice. That’s why you don’t cry when it’s somebody else’s words – but when you are doing the writing and expressing so many things that others cannot, you know you are being the voice for others. So I would say to you: keep playing, keep writing. The songs mean more than you think, and they are going to be heard by other people who will say, “This is always what was in my heart but I couldn’t get it out.” You still have that ability. And get a bigger audience than you currently have! It’s important. Response from Kathie: Thank you! My great grandfather was a

Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra leader. My son is 26 and a musician who has hundreds of songs written and recorded and performs in NYC and yet has not been discovered yet. I personally have felt stuck to not be able to finish a song and a bit envious that my son does it with such ease! I wanted to also add in what I do now for a living. I am a children’s entertainer. I am actually Cinderella and I sing and tell stories to children! I have the privilege to tell them that they are beautiful and see them with such joy in their hearts! I also have the intense need to sing and perform by touching the hearts of children. The parents cry too at the

what lies within your past?

Past lives can come to me either in one very detailed description, if one life is of particular This month we will importance – or, if there look at three life is a theme that follows experiences. through, I may get several past lives, each one weaving a thread.

Bellesprit Magazine • • 129



events I do and it is so rewarding to touch the hearts of all who attend. In any case... thank you so much. Maybe I can sit and finish a song now that I understand the tears!

relationship that never got anywhere, it was dear friends, drinking buddies, and while each of you did have a romantic interest in each other, it was never mentioned.

Qustion: I dream of ancient Egypt often and was wondering why I am so attracted to that time period. And did my friend Nicole and I meet then? We are BFFs. Chris from Swoyersville PA Nicole from Allentown PA

There will always be an ability to talk with each other, you will always have each other’s back, but it wasn’t Egypt, it was a love of all history that bound you together.

Chris, I see you in Egypt, but not with Nicole. Chris, you were an embalmer. You were one of the ones who prepared the bodies of the dead, and you understood what an important thing this was. Whether a person, a dog, a cat – whatever. Yet even though you understood and accepted how important your job was, seeing people and animals through to the Afterlife, you always in effect had to “take the taste out of your mouth” after a day’s work. When you finished, you would want to surround yourself with kids – as if you were saying to the world “yes, I know we have to leave here eventually, but until I do I want to surround myself with the most alive little beings I can.” You did not have kids yourself but you were everybody’s uncle; you were the one who always managed to have a barley sweet tucked away in your pouch for a lucky child, and you were the one who could tell the most wonderful stories. And if you have a sense of communing with royalty, it was because you saw them at the last, when everyone was equal. Nicole, the Egypt I see you in is more very early 20th century, one of the people who was with the British explorers. You were not a part of the crew who was cursed because they opened King Tut’s tomb, but you were fascinated with archaeology. You spoke very good Arabic and two or three other languages or dialects common to the area. You were male in that life. I see you about 1905-1906. You were very good at charming people, but you were unfortunately a bit too interested in the ladies and barely escaped a couple of escapades!

Corbie Mitleid is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader, Certified Psychic, trained medium and ordained minister. Her work is showcased in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and the new volume YOUR SOUL’S GIFT (coming in the spring of 2012). With 40 years’ experience, Corbie’s abilities include spiritual/ intuitive counseling, past life retrieval and analysis, mediumship, and spirit guide conferences (including speaking with one’s Soul or Higher Self).

Chris, the reason you and Nicole feel the Egyptian pull is not because of Egypt per se, but I do see an early 19th century life in England, where you then came over to live in Boston, in America. This was a 130 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 131



Question From Nancy:

" Am I going to have a good future in this coming New Year?”

Send Us Your Question Our Diamond Wisdom column is for YOU to submit one question to be answered here each month by one or more of our talented psychics and healers.

Kimberly Wilson Ward

Nancy ~ Guard your resources. I see some financial and material changes coming your way in the summer. A need to get creative will help you overcome the obstacles. I do see celebration. Make sure to stand your ground and ask for what you want.

Dawn Short

I typically don’t do many future questions. I did, however, pull 3 totem cards. Frog, Fox, and Elephant. Encouragement of purification. Clear out any clutter, whether it’s physical or emotional. Make a real effort to adapt to current/upcoming changes. Resolve within yourself and many obstacles will be overcome. Hope this helps Nancy, in some way.

Diamond Wisdom Our Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and Healers answer your questions each month.

Pamela Cummins


eceive guidance from many different perspectives and connect with one of our Diamonds who best resonates with you. Send your questions to If you prefer, you can request your name to be listed in the column as anonymous; however we will need your name for our psychics to connect with your energy. Visit our Diamond Psychics and Healers Listing:

132 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Be positive in your outlook. This will help you overcome any blocks on your path. I feel it is a good year for love. Not sure if that is romantic or general. It feels like your heart chakra is opening up. I just heard the song lyric, “Hold your head up.” So listen to your heart and your head.

LynAnne Moon

I see 9 phenomenal chances for good fortune in the coming year for you, having drawn the 9 of cups. You are going to have to keep a look out for them though...some of them will be big things in tiny packages, so watch for them. Don’t be afraid to take a chance or two at love, since cups are loveand relationships. How will it turn out? Depends on how you accept and work with these opportunities. You have a blessed New Years...don’t waste it. Bellesprit Magazine • • 133

Guidance Danelle Devi

LynAnne Moon

Nancy, I have pulled the Otter Card. Spirit is telling you to simply allow things to unfold in your life. It may be time to stop your addiction to worrying. Otter is also telling you to not hang onto things that would be a burden or are materialistic. Otter is telling you to give yourself a gift and listen to messages that you are receiving for the coming year. Honor this.

I am feeling his recovery...this is a set back and a learning experience which will lead to a change for him; Spirit is encouraging him to not limit himself as well as not limit God. Sometimes we are given what seems to be a handicap, and our challenge is to use it to make ourselves better. When we do so...we are victorious...not victims.

Elaine Fessey

Danelle Devi

Hello Nancy, it looks like a generally positive year for you with some really good learning curve opportunities in three areas, relationship, career and health. You can appreciate everything in your life so much more after you are half way through the year. There are some pleasant surprises in the three areas mentioned above and if you allow them to unfold rather than trying to force the issue you will feel more enlightened and ready to expand your dreams. Have fun!

Question From Melissa:

My husband had a terrible eye injury Friday morning and underwent a lengthy surgery for repair. It’s already a miracle that he is able to keep his eye and the surgical eye, eyelid, and graft repair is healing well. The prognosis for vision returning is poor, they said 2%. The word they used yesterday is “limited”. But when they said that my heart said “don’t limit God” What does spirit say about his recovery? He is in good spirits and has a good attitude about the adjustment. I feel like the physicians know a lot but not everything and the human spirit is a strong driving force.

Spirit is great! He will have more sight in that eye than thought, but his recovery is long and this happened for a reason. It’s a difficult time for him but you both will persevere. Stay positive.

Pamela Cummins

I saw a hand over his eye healing it. The energy feels intense & angelic. I’m feeling Archangel Raphael is with him. Also get a human energy worker to give him “tuneups”, LOL I love my guides words.

Christa Lore Urban

First step to a miracle is believing in one. I have a good feeling for his recovery. If you would like to message me I can offer you a few suggestions to help promote healing and reduce scarring.

134 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 135


m o d s i W d n o m a i D 's h t n o M This s r e l a e H d n a s c Psychi

son Ward list, ShaKimberly Wilrd ained Spiritua

n LynAnne Mogoan for over thirty-five years,

O r, Kimberly is an Master/Teache i ik e R r, e n io it y provides manic Pract path.. Kimberl m e e iv it tu in ork and an with Energy w g n lo a g in ch a so that Spiritual Co ing blockages lv so re in u yo t to assis gress. healing can pro gsholisticwelln in n in g e b w e www.n

Dawn Short ins career, Pamela Cumm relationships, es in love and nd

liz clairsentient, a Pamela specia t, n ie d u a ir a cl he is g, and and finances. S adings, coachin re s e id v ro p e alist clairvoyant. Sh rdained spiritu o n a is la e m a d g. P erapist, certifie th singles coachin o n yp h l a ic nced clin author, minister, adva selor, teacher, n u co d in m y/ bod maker. energy healer, pist and match ra e th e g a ss a and former m www.pamelacu

i path, Healer, Danelle Devch ic, Intuitive Em

alDanelle is a Psy a master in he d n a r, e n io it ct Reiki. Shamanic Pra ra Mai Seichem s, Te d n a , m e h S r’ e ing of Da val, Spirit Guid ie tr e R l u o S h Rock She works wit kra Balancing, a h C & g n ri a le nd Energy C (for illnesses a e in ic d e M t n la s and Divination, P erology report m u N s e o d e n h issues), S rong connectio st ’s lle e n a D s. help Tarot reading her guides will in h it fa d n a it with Spir ers you seek. sw n a e th h it w you / www.deviman

136 • Bellesprit Magazine •


ioyant, Clairaud iv la C , m iu d e ala Psychic M d Empath speci n Dawn Short is a , ce n lie a ir la nce, C ine Card ent, Clairsentie nown as Medic k o ls a s, g in d Chera Re anic ways as a m izing in Totem a h S e th g e in is learn nt. Although sh e d u st Readings. She is h s a n ested, y a Shama ols when requ okee, chosen b to r e th o d n a r cards of the does use othe to the guidance awn. d e ct e n n co re o erswithd she is by far, m ernaturalwhisp p u /s :/ p tt h s. it animal spir

. Her rban Christa Lore nUa professional Psychic for 11 yeaursdy and

e ars of st Christa has be ined with 25 ye b m vide co g in rs u al Intuitive pro ic d e M 30 years in N d n a e he uses rgy medicin and healing. S s Practice of Ene g in d a re n o e ective Tarot and oracl e m a unique persp so in s e ix ational nts and m th in The Intern 5 her natural tale d ce la p e sh n. 2011 n STB Televisio o n e readings too.In se s a e in nge in Ukra Psychic Challe com/ reurban.webs. lo a st ri h /c :/ p tt h

a lents A practicing p n’s divination ta o o M e n n A n nce is Rev. Ly rsonal prefere e p r e H . e lif in t and astrolcame early numbers, taro f o d n le b e gh u a uniq ries told throu o st e th t u o g story as ogy, drawin , making each ry e g a im g in lt ng the resu siring it, assisti e d n o rs e p e ny ways. unique as th unseling in ma co k e se o h w those com/ starsandcards. rs e b m u .n w w w

Elaine Fesseya complementary therapist,

r, spirElaine Fessey is athic counsello ip m e , ch a co e ent pract psychic lif ress managem st d n a r le a e rs as h itual ntly assist othe e g to is im a r eep tioner. He ress through d g ro p d n a d n itual they understa s inspiring spir ck lo b l a n o ti o er peace seated em htenment, inn lig n e , n io ss re prog zons and insight. m/PositiveHori o .c k o o b ce a .f www

Bellesprit Magazine • • 137




Through Photographs Kristen Leona is a recognized photograph intuitive. If you would like to have a free reading to be published in Bellesprit Magazine please send up to 4 photographs of yourself or a loved one and up to 5 questions to Visit Kristen’s web site at

My name is Kristen Leona. I am an empath, photo intuitive, and psychic medium. My monthly column consists of photo readings that I’ve done for volunteers. My volunteer for this issue is Sangeeta. She submitted 4 photographs and questions. The questions will be answered at the end of this reading.

With Kristen Leona


From this photo, I am getting a very calm and healing energy from Sangeeta. I believe that she is a scholar - very wise, a teacher. I’m seeing astrology and holistic healing. She is always learning and craves knowledge. She is a peaceful individual and identifies with animals’ energies. I believe that she is a healer. She is very health conscious. I see people coming to her for advice and knowledge. I feel that she works with energies.


This photo tells me that Sangeeta is a very sensitive and old soul. She has a calling to help others. Such a beautiful soul. She has a soothing energy, and people and animals trust her. I believe that she has lived many lifetimes, gathering knowledge. She possesses such vast knowledge. 138 • Bellesprit Magazine •

I’m getting a strong connection to mysticism. I see her reciting prayers. She is a lifetime student. Little children are drawn to her. She is very helpful and very giving. I’m seeing her doing volunteer work like a missionary, or charity work.... traveling to other places, cleaning up, rebuilding, education. She has devoted her life to helping others.

I believe that Sangeeta is a holy woman, a messenger, a teacher - spreading knowledge. She has a calm and soothing energy. Others find her trustworthy. She is respectful to elders. Enlightened.... and I’m getting the word, “Awaken”. Knowledge and healing flow through her. I see her participating in speaking arrangements and appearances. There is an educational environment... She is very focused and driven. Her heart is open. Bellesprit Magazine • • 139



QUESTIONS FROM SANGEETA: 1. I plan to travel next year. Will my year be filled with great travel like it was this year? ~ Yes, I believe you will travel again this year. I see speaking arrangements and appearances and charity work. Also, travel to attain more knowledge. 2. Is there anything I need to know about my health and how I should continue to be healthy? ~ I believe that your overall health is good - you are very health conscious. I think that your system is sensitive to certain things - certain foods and environmental triggers. Adapting to this and being aware will continue to keep you healthy.

Thank you, Sangeeta, for volunteering for my article this month. If you would like to have a free photo reading to be published in my monthly column - please send up to 4 photos of yourself or a loved one and up to 5 questions to: Remember - this reading could be a psychic photo reading (for someone still in body) or a mediumship photo reading (for someone that has passed on). Have a Happy New Year! Blessings, Kristen Leona

140 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 141



hen I awoke in a different place, it was quite unsettling. No alarm-clock on the table, in fact, no table at all. I looked around to see chipmunks scurrying this way and that way, excitedly exclaiming, “she’s awake” before ducking out of sight. To my surprise, my bed was not my queen-size, oak, four-poster but actually a bed of leaves and straw surrounded by rose petals under a willow tree. I stood up slowly not knowing where I was or what I would encounter next. Everything was bright, filled with vibrant colors and for some odd reason I felt a complete sense of peace and well-being. As I emerged from under the embrace of the willow branches, I saw a sign that read, “It is your choice which path you take.” Curious, I stood in front of a single path. For a long moment I stayed in that spot wondering what the sign actually meant. As I took that first step everything changed and a web of colored paths emerged in front of me. Bewildered, I started to feel the first pangs of anxiety.


Dreams can appear, yet be filled with metaphors and symbols that can assist you in recognizing things that are going on in your life. By Kimberly Wilson Ward

It felt like hours before I was able to move my feet and take that next step. I stuck my toe on a red path and all the web disappeared leaving a single path of red before me. I giggled with joy and began down this path with the carefree abandon of a child. I suddenly fell into a

The Reality

Dream within the

puddle of yellow slime and realized I had stopped paying attention to where I was going. I had been so preoccupied thinking about the chipmunks I had seen and where they scurried off to, I had not seen the puddle. As I raised my head and looked around, the web of colored paths were back and the anxiety suddenly filled my entire being, for I was sitting on a crossroad of yellow and red. I dipped my fingers into the puddle of yellow slime and slowly lifted them to my lips. The slime was bitter and as I did this the red path faded and left only the yellow path before me. With the bitter taste still on my lips, I looked behind me into the void. There was no

going back.

I wandered down this path very slowly watching where I was stepping, all the while worried about falling into another puddle of slime and at the same time thinking about the path I had been on previously. I kept thinking about all the flowers that had lined the red path and the fact that I never stopped long enough to enjoy them. I had been watching my step for some time following the yellow path when I came upon another sign that read, “It is your choice whether or not you enjoy the journey.” I stopped in complete surprise as I realized the only thing I had seen along the yel-

It is your choice which path you take. 142 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 143



low path had been my own feet. I had been so concerned with what could happen that I missed anything that might have been enjoyable. As I looked back over my shoulder, the yellow path had faded to nothing and as I turned back to the sign, it was gone. Before me was the web, only the paths had turned into staircases that went in all directions. I closed my eyes deciding what to do, and as I opened my eyes again I was in my bed and the alarm was playing a Beatles’ tune. The above story is just that, a story and not an actual dream. It is a representation of how bizarre some dreams can appear, yet be filled with metaphors and symbols that can assist you in recognizing things that are going on in your life. For the last eleven months, I have been providing readers with a means of having their dreams interpreted for them through the magazine. I will still be writing my regular column for Bellesprit, however, I am turning the dream column over to someone else while I work on my book. Pamela Cummings, the owner of Successful Relationships, will be accepting your emails and your dreams and doing the interpretations for the magazine while I work on my book. Below is Pam’s message. “I am very honored that Kimberly has asked me to fill in to write her column, “It Was Only A Dream Or Was It?” while she takes a sabbatical. I have always been fascinated by dreams and have been a student/teacher of the language of dreams for many years. Dreams help us to discover ourselves and to improve our lives. To get a better idea of how I work with dreams read my blog series on it at Whether it is Kimberly or myself helping our readers interpret their dreams, in the end you are the best interpreter of your dreams.” If you have had a dream that you would like to have interpreted, email Pamela at: Dreams will appear in Bellesprit Magazine with the interpretation. I have enjoyed reading and interpreting all the dreams that you have sent me over the last year. I wish you all well in 2013. Many Blessings, Kim

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You’re single and you want to attract that which you seek, no? So, if you haven’t figured this out already, here are a few guidelines for bringing that person to you.

By Nancy Walton

that joy, increase the vibration of those around you, and your warmth and genuine interactions will influence the world around you impacting on a level that will permeate and spread out beyond your own community.

Single and

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Nancy Jean Walton is a Reiki Master Teacher & holistic practitioner. She’s a spiritually based Relationship|Life|and Holistic Health Coach. Nancy’s been a staff member for Alan Cohen (with Charley Thweatt) @ Pathworks, NY for the ‘Weekend of Pure Love’ as a Yoga Instructor under the retreat name of BHAKTI. She’s been a Guest Speaker for WDVRFM on ‘Holistic Health.’ Her relationship advice can be heard on Blog Talk Radio - Earth Angels Radio with Carol Guy & Diane Buchberger ‘Something for Men,’ survival kit for understanding the male brain’ and ‘Tasteful Beauties women over 40.

Surround yourself with supportive friends. If you don’t have any, begin to find them in the places you love to go. One of the best is a gathering place of like-minded people who have a similar vision. With these new and deliberate changes you will clear a path for your potential partner. The next phase is to ask yourself, “What am If you are bored, then get out and I looking for?” Nancy’s private practice is in New go do something to change your Hope, PA & NY. You can read more vibratory field. Don’t stay indoors The best we can hope for is one about her and her healing practice and vegetate. Raise the vibration where our partner listens, is kind, @ in your own life and you will begin considerate, fun, adventurous, or contact her at 267-221-7160. to feel better, eat healthy and as warm-hearted, emotionally intelliyour level of energy increases, you gent, empathetic, is a collaborator, will radiate a glow about you fair, open, conversational, mature, insightful, affectionate, giving, reYou become more ‘attractive’ by ceiving, health-minded soulful, fulfilling your heart’s desire. Take spiritual, intuitive, and oneness action. Feel what is important. Do minded. You can add your own what motivates you or ignites your ideas that are important for you to passion for living. So if you want be within a partner. to make pictures, go buy some paints and paper. Take photos of Now that you’ve made all these what moves or touches you. If you changes, let’s look at what qualwant to travel, go. If you need an ities you have that you can conuplifting environment, then raise tribute toward creating a healthy, the level of beauty in your home balanced relationship? Let LOVE and you will take that with you in and you will find your best self wherever you go. Embrace and is ready to attract that which you accept all your feelings as much as seek. you can and release that which no longer serves you. As you begin to ‘clean house’ you will begin to attract the person you want into your life because loving yourself from a deep heart-centered place is the most attractive vibration. With this you can begin to spread

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The Love Channel With Relationship Expert, Pamela Cummins

Do you have questions about your love life? Do you have issues with a family member, friend, or coworker? Well, you’ve come to the right place to receive insightful and inspired help from one of the best Relationship Experts around! If you have a relationship question, my Angels and guides have the answer. Please email and I will answer some of your questions right here each month in our magazine.

Question: Dear Pamela: Hello, my name is Roxanne. I have two questions, I hope that is OK? Question #1 I am a single mother of two teenage boys, ages 13 and 15. Although I have dated some, I have been single almost their entire lives due to my own poor dating choices and also due to lack of quality guys where I lived. It was brought to my attention that I might be attracting broken people because I have been very broken in my lifetime. So, I took much time off from pursuing dating to focus on my kids, my job and my well being. I was wondering if I am finally at a place in my life where I might attract the right type of person or do I still have much work to do in order to have a healthy and satisfying relationship with a man? Question #2 Having been mostly single for more than a decade, I have found that I have become pickier and more selective as to who I show interest in. I used to randomly choose guys, mainly based on looks. I found out that it got me no where pretty fast. Now, I wonder if you think I might be subconsciously being overly picky because I am afraid to commit for fear of being hurt or rejected. Lately, it seems I look for reasons not to have date #2 with a guy, even though he might be really nice. But I didn’t have butterflies! I always say to everyone that you shouldn’t settle...might I be taking my own advice too seriously? Am I my own worst enemy? Thank you, Roxanne Dear Roxanne: It is OK for me to answer two questions for you because I feel there is are readers who really benefit from this also. #1 I heard six more months and the Rolling Stones song, “Time is on my side.” What that means to me is

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take some more “Me Time” to discover yourself, heal the child within – along with issues/wounds, and have fun too! I am getting journaling is really good for you. In your alone time get out those tears and feelings. Got the song lyric, “Cry baby” by Janis Joplin. It feels like there are trapped emotions inside you that need to be released. My guides are saying to really discover yourself. LOL I heard “Do things you love to do” to the tune of, “The way you do the thing you do” by the Temptations. I see you twirling around dancing. Do the things that make you enjoy and make you happy. Yes, you have responsibilities but have fun during your responsibilities. I just got a vision of you singing while doing the dishes, enjoying the suds. Also, get into a spiritual practice, whatever that is for you. It could be church, music, nature, or prayer. Meditation would also be good for you. Get on a steady program of exercise and keep at it. More than twice a week, at least three times a week. When you feel good about you and least expect it that is when he will come. It doesn’t matter the so called type of men that live in your area. My guides are teasing that he could relocate from Alaska to your area. Now they are saying Spain. The clearer and healthy you are, the better quality of mate you will attract. #2 My guides are saying it is good to be picky. And one of the reason it doesn’t feel right with these men is because it is not time yet. I am seeing a time out sign. Take a time out for a little while. It doesn’t have to be six months. LOL I heard the old McDonalds song, “You deserve a break today.” So give yourself a break. It is OK that you are single and there is nothing wrong with it. Butterflies usually mean lust and you know how long that will last. And it always ends in pain. It is also important to look at and work thru the issues about Bellesprit Magazine • • 149



being afraid of getting hurt. Is there someone you need to forgive from your past? Let go of that or you could attract someone who will hurt you. The other thing is not to beat yourself up over and question - are you being too picky. It is important to take a look at if a man is right for you and to go at a pace that is slowly right for you. I am seeing an old spiritual adviser of mine when she was dating several men. One was an artist like her, another a hottie, and a third man. The third one was cute, but not a hottie. She told me that she could be herself around him. Later, when we spoke, she told me that she made her decision. Before she could tell me who, I said, “Is it the one that you can be yourself with?” Yes it was, she married him and now has a daughter. Be wise when looking for love; I’m hearing the song, “Take your time, we can do it, we can do it right.” Make sure that it feels right, a click, and you can be yourself around him. Write a list of what the important qualities that you need in a mate would be, focus more on the inner qualities than the outer. It is OK to put that you want to be attracted to each other. And make sure you put “Single” on that list! I’m hearing the song, “Hot time in the summertime.” That is when love feels right. Remember that it is OK to be single in the meantime. Also be positive because that will make 2013 a great year for you. Blessings, Pamela Pamela Cummins specializes in love and relationships, personal growth, life direction, dream interpretation, career and finances. She has been blessed with the psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. She is available for readings, psychic development coaching, and singles coaching. Pamela is an ordained interfaith spiritualist minister, advanced clinical hypnotherapist, certified energy healer, body/ mind counselor, teacher, author, and former massage therapist and match maker.

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Rapa Nui By Raymond Greiner

Rapa Nui is the Polynesian name for a remote south pacific island approximately 2500 miles South East of the Marquesas Islands.


The Moai After Rapa Nui was settled, tribal leaders and priests became obsessed with the historic Polynesian ritual of carving large stone statues called Moai, with abstract God like faces, then moving these massive carvings throughout the entire island.

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his island’s first European discovery was by a Dutch exploratory expedition in 1722 lead by navigator Jacob Roggenveen. The Dutch expedition arrived on Easter attaching the name Easter Island. Rapa Nui is a small, remote island, creating challenge to its early inhabitants, not only to locate and inhabit the island but also to build a developing culture. Rapa Nui’s history goes much deeper than from the time of its European discovery. A mysterious and fascinating culture, thriving from around 1200 CE, a society formed by the mass pilgrimages of Polynesian voyagers in a migration and population dispersal effort that occurred during this early time period. After Rapa Nui was settled, tribal leaders and priests became obsessed with the historic Polynesian ritual of carving large stone statues called Moai, with abstract God like faces, then moving these massive carvings throughout the entire island. There is much speculation and conjecture concerning the purpose of these omnipresent monuments of stone. Some are 40 feet in height and weigh over 70 tons. Archeological science and discovery records disclose no other

time in ancient history when such large stones have been moved great distances with so few people; some are located up to 7 miles from their quarry site. Oral legend says the priests had mystical powers that allowed the stones to walk short distances each day to arrive at their place of permanence. There are ancient roadbeds visible that may have been paths of travel. There is no archeological evidence of wheels or pulley systems. This mystery remains intact. These Moai carvings and placements would have been a remarkable feat, even if only a few were present, but Rapa Nui has nearly 900 of these monoliths, all facing inland, away from the sea, in a stark gaze as if searching in vain for their creators. The first inhabitants of Rapa Nui were from Polynesia, likely from the Marquesas Islands. The voyagers came from a distant island, chosen in childhood to be trained until the time arrived to begin their voyage. There were no maps or charts; all knowledge regarding destination and voyaging methods came via oral descriptive directions from tribal elders, knowledge passed

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WORLD PEACE down from previous generations. The potential voyagers trained for years to sustain daily practice of frugality regarding food and water in preparation to endure the extreme hardships of the impending voyage. They constructed large double-hulled sailing craft, applying years of labor using the island’s natural materials. The Polynesian culture differed from the Europeans’ regarding their philosophy of the sea. The Polynesians did not fear the sea; they blended with the sea, and as an island culture extracted life-giving sustenance from the sea. The voyagers were taught to read wave patterns, wind directions, identifying constellations, the rising moon and setting sun all were navigational guides to direct them to the destination spoken of in the oral sailing directions. These great voyages occurred hundreds of years before Columbus. The objective was to establish a self-supporting tribal life in the Polynesian tradition, but first they must face an ultimate challenge to make their passage. As they estimated the nearness to their destination, they studied the sky for birds, and the water for floating palm fronds, indicators of the imminence of land’s presence. Their passage was from west to east, against the prevailing winds, adding difficulty to the voyage. It is likely the voyagers waited until a year of an El Nino, which shifts wind direction favorably for such a passage. Comparing the manner of life today, it is unimaginable to vicariously feel the senses these voyagers felt. The resilience, determination and courage they possessed far exceed what is typical in modern society.

WORLD PEACE oned, some eventually returning to the island, but the quality of life was abysmal without defined cultural structure. Rapa Nui was not blessed with a landscape of abundant water and rivers found on many Polynesian islands, it’s a young island, less than one million years old, formed from a volcanic eruption, dependent on rainfall and small springs for its water sources. So many contributing factors play into the result we now observe. As we ponder Rapa-Nui in its present state it evokes sadness. Although detailed reasons for the demise are fascinating and important, the starkest reality is that overall failure of Rapa-Nui was solely from human intervention. How much of this loss was from poor conservation practices? How much can be blamed on natural consumption relating to population growth? Were the leaders so obsessed with Moai carving and moving, that they disregarded the land itself? The latest archeological data reveals that much of the devastation was caused by the rat infestation and an inability to eradicate them, more accepted now than earlier studies.

Popular author Paul Bahn and paleontologist John Flenley addressed the state of the island in their book Easter Island, Earth Island, by conjecturing: “the person that felled the last tree could see that it was the last tree. But still felled it. This is what is so worrying. Humankind’s covetousness is boundless. Its selfishness appears to be genetically inborn. Selfishness leads to survival. Altruism leads to death. The selfish gene wins. But in a limited ecosystem, selfishness leads to increasing population imbalWhen the voyagers finally nosed their craft on the ance, population crash, and ultimately extinction.” beach of Rapa-Nui, the island was literally covered, every square foot, with dense forest. The trees were the Islands like Rapa-Nui emulate micro planets, reveallargest of the palm species, height exceeding 100 feet, ing clarity of loss or gain connected to the results of millions of giant palms. They grew slowly, taking a cen- eco-management. In the case of Easter Island it was a tury to reach maturity. thriving place, a place of reverence and spiritual benevolence, exposing accomplishments of cultural magniToday Easter Island is a barren place, not a single tree is tude, revealed in the spiritual presence and the mystistanding. Observing this vast void challenges an abil- cal gaze of the Moai. The optic of time reveals that the ity to comprehend the contrast from the early years to dynamic of change moves gratuitously, an unshakable the present. Speculation varies regarding the cause of constant. The mysteries of Rapa Nui remain intact, and the deforestation. It was likely a combination of fac- its history reveals lessons that can be applied to our futors. The island’s population grew, land was cleared for ture. crops, and wood was used for housing, fire and canoes. Some speculate a large amount of timber was con- These historic occurrences’ stir thoughts, creating fearsumed to move the giant Moai. The voyagers carried ful speculation relating to functions within present day rats, which were used as a food source, common on humankind, an ever-escalating movement on a wendvoyages and also within the Polynesian culture. Rats ing path of destructive practices often with minimal multiply at a staggering rate when food is abundant, thought of consequence. Our development may be and they thrived on Rapa-Nui’s tree’s seeds, and roots. reversed, as we venture slowly toward felling our last As the deforestation became consuming changes oc- tree. That tree, wholly applied metaphorically. curred, a loss of tribal harmony, there were invasions from Chilean tribes, and population dwindled as the From the hinterland. overall quality of tribal life diminished. Springs dried up, wood became more and more scarce. The culture was falling down. Then there were no more trees. The population teetered on the brink of extinction. There was European exploitation in the mid and late 19th century, many ancestors of the voyagers were impris154 • Bellesprit Magazine •

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Reconnecting Spiritually Spirituality is very personal to each of us and can mean different things. To me, it doesn’t mean a specific church, religion or faith. I find spirituality something not completely defined in words. I think of it as an awakening within each of us individually. So much more than a state of mind. So much more than what we know as reality, transcending the world we know. For myself, I found it difficult at one point to connect with my spirit guides. I had a difficult time “controlling the spiritual doorway” where souls come and go, as a medium. Stress was a factor, which is no surprise, as it’s something we all deal with. Emotions as well, with highs and lows, even more so as empathic’s find. With or without “gifts” or “abilities”, we all need a time to recharge and refresh. Each of us have our own limits. We have energy that we use and burn and many take very little if any time to recharge it, spiritually. One way to begin is to find the best way for you to meditate. For some, it’s complete silence. For others, it requires specific sounds such as running water, ocean sounds, drumming, and so forth. Nature’s sounds are most peaceful. For some, the use of binaural beats or tones work best. Any of these can be found for free on the internet. I highly recommend headphones for each, to aid in better focus.

On a more personal side, and as a direct connection to the Shaman and Native American ways, I have further suggestions. A deeper awareness of all life around you. Mother Earth offers us a balance which helps guide and sharpen senses, focus, and soothes our spirits, while receiving a limitless amount of inspiration and energy. This, in turn, helps us to release worry, stress, and negativity.

All of these things are here. Each quite basic. Simple. Yet when I use these things to reconnect, re-energize, meditate, I get out of them what I put in to them. We must want to reconnect. Go back to what we were given. It is then we find most easily the ability to discover a level of spirituality like never before.

I have found going back to the old ways as Native American Ancestors, I can now live a much more spiriThis deeper connection is free to tual, connected, peaceful, fulfilled all. Ancestors took the time to sit and forgiving life. I can more easily upon the earth and connect to forgive myself and others. their ancestors. I find great cleansing and release in standing on A final thought: I have said this to a Mother Earth, feet bare, especially very dear friend of mine, and didn’t during rain. Lifting a few purpose- realize how important it was until ly chosen rocks from the ground, he repeated it back, telling me so. “If holding them tightly, close your it doesn’t affect your daily life, let it eyes and just be in that moment. go.” I have found this, along with my Listen. Breathe. Keep those which renewed spirituality, very uplifting you are drawn to and place the rest and freeing. I hope you find these back. Great relaxation and cleans- things useful. I hope your soul will ing can be found simply with water. smile longer. Whether you fill a bowl with water and soak your hands, or choose the Aho sound of running water for a short time, allow yourself to feel, listen, and just be. A simple walk among trees, given to us for many reasons. Make use of then for simply reconnecting. Again, just be in that moment. For now, a final suggestion is a simple flame. A candle, incense, even sage and cleansing simply for the purpose of clean energy.

Reconnecting can be much easier than it seems. I found out for myself and thought I would share just a bit of what I have discovered with you. By Dawn Short

with the help of Mother Earth

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If you are reading this article, then we can safely assume that neither the world ended, nor did we experience 3 days of darkness, have a pole shift, or ascend off the planet in mass numbers. Saying this, I am not necessarily discounting these versions of reality could take place at some point. My main focus concerns the prevalent attitudes I see many of us possessing which could manifest various unprepared for realities if we do not begin to observe the effects of some of the choices we make on a daily basis.

It is about choice. If we do not choose, we will merely have the opportunity to choose again in another lifetime. This said, making no choice--and simply waiting to see how things unfold within this lifetime-- when the fruits of not choosing are making themselves more and more obvious, this is the fool’s choice rather than the wise man’s...

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When it comes to what our future could hold concerning 2013 and beyond, there seems to be a few factions of thought. One camp seems focused on the Mayan Calendar, The Book of Revelations, or other end of world theories. Another camp seems to be focused upon ascension, astrological alignments, DNA activations, ET interventions, or raptures that will save those of us who are chosen. A third camp may feel (or even joke) that nothing much will happen at all. So, while there appears to exist within some of us a feeling that big changes of some sort are coming soon, others may feel that things will not really change that much at all. Each camp may be right in its own way. And, as an Earth Intuitive, I do not necessarily see our future in terms of “all or nothing,” disaster or ascension, change or staying the same. How I see it, these various realities could depend upon one another and intertwine to some degree.


and Beyond: It’s All About the Choices We Make by Mandy Peterson

For example: to create a new reality--or even to reach ascension consciousness-- an old reality, with its focus on materialism and separation, would naturally have to fall away. Because there would obviously be some resistance to change, humanity might need a little push or crisis to shift itself out of certain dependencies or patterns of attachment. This said, any crisis manifested would still be the result of mankind’s own mind, thoughts, actions and labors; as we reap, so shall we sow. We are not helpless. Also, simply because a crisis is manifested does not mean everyone will be motivated to change. Some will

still continue to try to cling to old ways. So, in essence, what I do see Earth’s future holding is many different forms of choices. There is also a collective level of choice as well (what the majority forming the consciousness are choosing). It therefore makes sense that if, at a collective level, many of us can unify and band our choices together for the good of the whole, this will determine if the collective process needs to be a more painful one. The most painful process would be one where the majority of us resist aligning with what is naturally being asked of us (by Nature and Spirit) during these shifting times. Though no process is of itself right or wrong. The Mayan Calendar interpretation that resonates the most with me is Carlos Barrios’ (an article stating his interpretation is here html.) It makes sense to me that

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WORLD PEACE the world will naturally have to go through a purification phase, as prophesied many places. I perceive that there is still a lot of dark energy on this planet that still traps many of us in dysfunctional patterns of living that needs to fall away (including a fall of the structures and institutions that rely on them for their survival, and which we rely on too heavily for our own survival). In the article “What Mayan Elders are Saying About 2012” it states; “Just now the dark side is very strong, and very clear about what they want. They have their vision and their priorities clearly held, and also their hierarchy. They are working in many ways so that we will be unable to connect with the spiral Fifth World in 2012. On the light side everyone thinks they are the most important, that their own understandings, or their group’s understandings, are the key... Carlos believes the dark side works to block unity through denial and materialism. It also works to destroy those who are working with the light to get the Earth to a higher level. They like the energy of the old, declining Fourth World, the materialism. They do not want it to change. They do not want unity. They want to stay at this level, and are afraid of the next level.” The climate changes we have manifested, as well as the disasters that have resulted from a brand of collective carelessness (fracking and waste wells linked with increased earthquakes, pollution from golf oil spill, nuclear leaks etc.), to me, point to it not being entirely inconceivable that mankind could be headed for some rough times environmentally due to the fruits of his own hands, minds and labors. However, the unfortunate result of many of our collective fear/ denial/joke/avoidance coping strategies may be that they end up blocking a lot of us from doing work that could be done, from unifying more purposely, or from learning valuable lessons we could learn. After all, why would so many of us choose to incarnate during these exciting times of challenge and choice if we were meant to ignore what we were collectively manifesting and why? Do many of us even know?

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WORLD PEACE How I see it, we can choose to be afraid, we can choose to be ignorant or in denial, or we can choose to amend some of the ways we are unconsciously inhumane toward ourselves, others and life. What is blocking us, however, is that we do not really wish to see how we have become so conditioned to be inhumane in this manner. Then, because we cannot even see or question our own inhumanity any more nor how unkind we treat life, this leaves us unconcerned about the footprints we leave upon the Earth for our children, brothers, sisters and other creatures to walk in. We end up blaming external governments and corporations for many of the problems of the world without seeing the part we play, or without understanding that the government and other structures in the world only mirror what corruption, greed and need for quick fixes is a pattern that lies within the collective whole and our societal norms. So what is the answer? While I cannot claim to know the true answer for everyone, what rings true for me is that we may wish to begin to really examine our concepts of love and what being loving means to us. I consider most of our new age ideas of love to be preaching a false kind of love. Why do I believe it is false? Because such a love only knows how to express itself through superficial thoughts or intentions that have not been aligned with action and lifestyle (i.e. while our thoughts may be loving, our actions and lifestyles may be less so). False love reigns through encouraging individuals to feel helpless rather than empowered to do anything but to conform to society and our highly materialistic and competitive lifestyles. Real love is unafraid to act lovingly, unselfishly, less materialistically, less workaholic and with more thought to being responsible and reverent toward all life (for this is where the energy of the miracle and our Creator resides). Real love supports life and its miracle. It knows joy and

happiness through supporting this miracle. False love only knows a kind of false happiness that comes from acquiring lifeless and external things. False love is not necessarily bad or wrong. It is merely unconscious. No one ever taught it how to fill its cup from within, with the abundance there. Most of us have no clue how to make intentions toward becoming whole in such a way. While we know what we consciously want and intend, we may be less aware of our subconscious intentions, as well as some of the subliminal mantras that we end up repeating over and over which affect our environment and shape our society and world. Interestingly, the word “live” when turned backward (anti-life) is the word “evil.” The word “heart” with the h taken from the front and placed on the back is “Earth.” So, our heart has to be part of earth and the holiness and natural abundance that exists within all living things. According to other messages I have received, I wouldn’t be surprised if we manifest another nuclear accident or a disaster. The message I’ve been given is that 2013-2015 will be a test in a way, and will see an increase in disasters and unrest. (For my 2013 predictions, they are on my website at www. Though, it isn’t necessarily over by 2015. The word 2017 comes up for a huge catastrophe as well. We can choose to band together in unity and with a mind toward love, compassion and purity in order to put an end to certain corrupt power sources (physically and metaphorically), otherwise we can choose not to do so and live with the manifestations that would result from such a choice. Some people will see things in terms of violence, riots and revolutions, however this is not the ultimate path that will best serve us. How do we put an end to certain corrupt power sources without encouraging uprising and violence? We can begin to do this through beginning to question what or who we truly serve and why, and see the external energies manifesting which we played a part in and

arose within us first to bring the changes from within (primarily through releasing various attachments and withdrawing our support from certain patterns of living, consuming, etc.) For how I see it, the main test is this: we can choose to honor the spirit or material/flesh, the whole or the self, the Prime Creator or man/beast (the survival, pack consciousness which needs pack leaders). By 2021-23, I sense something coming from the sky/ stars or in the subtle realms creating big changes on Earth. Following this, I have seen visions of a different kind of life still existing on Earth. I hear the word “2030”. In this vision I see a future where in place of states there are rising communities which operate on barter, cooperation, unity, eco-responsibility, and without so much dependency upon money. The movement toward this has already started in some places. As for those who cherish and hold so many excuses for why we cannot do anything about our life or lifestyles but conform to them, excuses are not what brings about change, love or peace. Again, I am not implying some do not ascend or are not ‘saved.’ I

cannot speak for this. I can only speak for what has been given to me, and for my own desire to protect life; because the miracle within it deserves our reverence and appreciation. Like I already stated, I do feel

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that these next two years (2013 - 2015) will be tests to see if we are paying attention in these ways, in order to love life, our children, our fellow man, pets, creatures and Nature beyond a superficial level. If I did not believe that kind of love within mankind was possible, I would not bother to speak of anything. Some events and changes I do not believe can be avoided (nor would it be to our highest and best interest to avoid them), and I even feel mankind and Earth events are being affected/manipulated/triggered by energies or events going on elsewhere that are hidden from our perception (however strange this sounds). Some of these energies have good intentions toward us and others may be purely manipulating for their own amusement or agendas. Just think of Earth as an experiment right now. The more we clear ourselves from collective or manipulative energies or stimuli being presented and pull within, the more purity we will feel and the more unadulterated truth we can find for ourselves. If we can allow our minds and hearts to truly open, we will realize how and why false love, false abundance and false prophecy (concerning how we should spiritually live) have largely taken over the minds of many within our world right now. While, again, I do not see this ‘falseness’ in terms of bad or good, but rather only a process we have been moving through in our evolution, such unconsciousness only presently understands how to care about our material realm and man-made conveniences that come to be termed “abundance.” It wastes and ignores the treasure and miracle of life (true abun162 • Bellesprit Magazine •


dance). Whether our prophet is Christian, Mayan, New Age, Muslim, Jewish, or other this still holds true. It is equally true that we cannot understand or know Truth through false prophecy. We can, however, come to know Truth, whatever our religion or beliefs, through making ourselves pure and aligning our intentions toward the “Unity Consciousness” and wholeness that many within the new age feel define the new dimension /new world. I think a great flip can happen where we begin to go within where we’ve been too much seeking without, and we begin to care for what is without (external) where we’ve been caring solely for the self. And, this is really what I think we incarnated for and what the human race will proceed to. Be excited to be part of such amazing times on this planet Earth! For now, I make it my simple choice to walk my path seeking the highest good of all. A quote I love from Carlos Barrios states: “The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way.” Change comes from within... To view other world predictions I have made in past and for 2013, please visit my website at www. index.php/predictions.

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Mr. Dimples Mario Lopez got married over the weekend. One hopes that it will last. Well, it’ll last longer than the 1st one, so that’s good.

There’s trouble brewing in Hollywierd. It involves LeAnn Rimes who is now dating/married Eddie Cibrian who was married to Brandi Glanville. With me so far? Good. Brandi & Eddie have children. Well, home wrecker LeAnn keeps tweeting about “HER” children which is driving Brandi mental, quite right too. This is going to get very legal, very soon.

3. 4.


Gossip The rich, the famous, and the infamous

Find out what your favorite celebrities are up to! Would you like me to give you the “Psychic Gossip” on your favourite Celebrity? Just email me at Then watch for their “Psychic Gossip” to appear here.

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Arrogant rapper and girlfriend beater Chris “I don’t have to abide by the rules” Brown is pictured in Amsterdam having a good time??? He’s about to have such a big fall. Then let’s see just how “Cocksure” he is.


tract NOW.

Gordon Ramsey has conned, er asked David “Golden balls” Beckham to join him in opening a restaurant in London. Oh Dear...Big flop. Victoria if you see this get the hubby to tear up the con-


Madonna’s latest ad campaign for her scent Truth or Dare shows her............ Well, it’ll be a flop. So watch out for it in a 99c store near you in the New Year.


The gossip sites are a buzz that Taylor Swift is dating Harry Styles. Ha ha ha... Well this time she’ll be the one dumped if they are dating. She’s just after a visa to Britain.

Mega pimp/mom-manager Kris Kardashian Jenner may well spend Xmas/New Years with her current husband. But she won’t be spending Easter with him. About time he dumped the bitch. Even though she’s the one suing him for divorce soon. Can’t wait for the fight over that money stack......


As we approach Christmas and the New Year Camilla “Rat bag, Bitch, old cow” Duchess of Cornwall will be drinking more and more... (Hopefully antifreeze) Why? Well we are about to get some really nice news from the Palace. Which will push her over the edge.


Actor Angus T Jones, who plays the son/nephew in Two and a Half Men, who has appeared on a video with the nut job leader of the cult, Forerunner Church, who believes that Pres. Obama is Hitler!!!!!!! Claiming that Two and a half Men is vile etc. etc., needs help. Someone needs to step in. Where’s the parents? These Cult nut jobs are just after his money. How about the producers of the show? Get him some help, or this will end in the Mortuary.

6. 7.

Mrs. Affleck better beware. Home wrecker Kristen Stewart is soon to work with Ben Affleck in a movie called “Focus.” Mrs. Affleck better tighten the leash ha ha. PS all this gossip of KS & RP being back together.....BS. Bellesprit Magazine • • 165




January 2013 FORECAST

aRIES 20 mARCH - 19 aPRIL

tAURUS 20 aPRIL - 20 mAY

January is your month to shine, chase career opportunities and advance your goals. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the NEW MOON on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to advance. Go for it! If you have an issue with a friend, group, the internet, an event, or charity on the 7th, don’t get down because talks and offers open back up on the 19th onward, your social juices will be on track again. Your creative projects, love life or kids interests peak by the 26th with big celebrations or endings. Luck begins to open back up in agreements, writing, sales, talks, locally, with siblings, vehicles, electronics, neighbors, and decisions from the 30th through June 25th, think big.

January is your month for travel, legal interests, media, higher education, weddings, publishing, or marketing. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. Be adventurous. If you have an issue with career, goals, ambitions, reputation, or authority figures on the 7th, don’t get down because talks and offers open back up on the 19th onward, you mojo will be back in overdrive and offers will again come your way. Home matters, moves, real estate deals, family, or roommate interests will peak by the 26th with big celebrations or endings. Luck kicks back in with your personal income on the 30th and gives your best growth spurt of 12 years between now and June 25th, chase it.

166 • Bellesprit Magazine •

GEMINI 21 mAY - 20 jUNE

leo 22 jUly - 22 august

January is your month for loans, commissions, settlements, or any other major financial interest, as well as for hiking up your sexual chemistry quotient or dealing with a divorce. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. Turn it on. If you have an issue with legal matters, travel plans, media, marketing, education, or weddings on the 7th don’t lose heart because from the 19th onward you get back on track. Agreements, sales, offers, decisions, writing projects, or something local, with siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, or electronics peaks by the 26th in celebrations or endings. Luck shines on you again on the 30th and stays with you through June 25th, you, your brand, body, image, or identity is about to receive a gift from the gods.

January is your month for work success, landing a job, dealing with paperwork, getting health needs met, or dealing with animals. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue with a partner, representative, client, or competitor on the 7th, don’t let it get you down because from the 19th onward you will get back on track with more communications and involvement. A personal or physical matter, your brand, identity, image, or ego need will peak by the 26th as you receive some recognition, achieve your ends or wrap things up. Luck comes back around through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and events from the 30th through June 25th, your biggest growth here in 12 years.

cancer 21 jUNE - 21 july

virgo 23 August - 22 september

January is your month for marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, or other key relationships. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand with relationships. If you have an issue with a financial interest, your sex life or the divorce on the 7th, don’t lose hope because from the 19th onward you will get back on track here with lots of news, meetings and decisions. An income concern or interest will peak by the 26th as you reach a goal, celebrate achievements or end things. Luck kicks in again on the 30th in film, music, art, spiritual interests, romance, hospitals, research, or development, your biggest growth spurt of 12 years, dive in.

January is your month for creative projects, falling in love, recreation, and doing things for or with children. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue on the job, with your health, pets, or with paperwork on the 7th, don’t let it get to you because from the 19th onward this will get back on track, expect news or information to pick back up now. Something that’s been going on behind the scenes, with a hospital or other institution, research project, film, music or art interest, clandestine romance, spiritual interest, or investigation will peak by the 26th in celebrations or endings. Luck resurfaces on the 30th favoring career growth, ambitions, goals, reputation, and dealings with authority figures. It’s your best growth spurt here of 12 years, jump on it.

Bellesprit Magazine • • 167



libra 23 sept - 22 october

sagittarius 22 nov - 20 december

aquarius 20 January - 17 february

January is your month for home matters, moves, real estate deals, property interests, family, mom, and roommates. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue with a creative project, child or lover on the 7th, don’t lose heart because this comes back around on the 19th onward with news, talks and decisions. A friendship, group involvement, internet interest, charity matter, or aspiration peaks by the 26th in celebrations or endings. Luck is back on the 30th in your media, marketing, publishing, legal, travel, educational, and wedding interests. This lasts until June 25th, your best growth spurt of 12 years here, be expansive!

January is your month for making money. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue on the 7th with an agreement, offer, sale, writing project, meeting, talk, news, a sibling, neighbor, vehicle, or electronic, don’t let it get you too low because from the 19th onward things will be back on track as communications pick back up and you get more involved. A legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding interest peaks by the 26th in celebrations or endings. Your ruler, Jupiter, is back in full swing from the 30th on bringing luck back with and through partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, and other key people. It’s your best growth period of 12 years, it lasts until June 25th.

January is your month for retreat, rest, development, research, art, film, music, spiritual quests, hidden romance, hospitals, dealing with addictions, and investigations. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue on the 7th regarding your identity, image, brand, or body, don’t let it get you down because things pick back up on the 19th onward with news and more involvement here. A key relationship in your personal or business life, with partners, agents, attorneys, clients, competitors, or others, peaks by the 26th in celebrations or endings. Luck kicks back in on the 30th in your love life, creative projects and with children. This marks the biggest growth cycle of 12 years now through June 25th, seek joy.

scorpio capricorn 23 october - 21 november 21 december - 19 january

pisces 18 february - 19 march

January is your month for writing, offers, agreements, sales, meetings, pitches, speaking roles, local activities, short trips, or dealing with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue at home, with family, mom, moves, real estate, or roommates on the 7th, don’t let it get you down because things pick back up on the 19th onward as news comes in or communications amp up. Career matters, goals, ambitions, fame, reputation, or dealings with authority figures peak around the 26th in celebrations or endings. Luck is back on the 30th helping you open things up in your financial interests, with the divorce or in your sex life. From now to June 25th is your biggest growth here in 12 years.

January is your month for social interests, time with friends or groups, internet activities, astrology, events, and charities. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue on the 7th with a hospital, addiction, hidden agenda, clandestine romance, art, film or music project, spiritual interest, research, or investigation, don’t let it get you down because from the 19th onward these things pick back up with news or more personal involvement. A job, work project, co-worker, employee, your paperwork, health, or animal interests peak by the 26th in celebrations or endings. Luck kicks back in on the 30th opening things up at home, with moves, real estate, family, mom, or roommates. It’s your biggest growth cycle of 12 years and it wraps by June 25th, think big!

168 • Bellesprit Magazine •

January is your month for setting personal and physical intentions. Focus on body, image, brand building, identity, and goals. The 6th and 8th may be key points here but it’s the New Moon on the 11th that will give you your best 2 week window of the year to expand in these areas. If you have an issue on the 7th with income, don’t let it get you down because from the 19th onward this picks back up with news or information and more personal involvement. A loan, inheritance, bankruptcy, debt, alimony, child support, settlement, tax, insurance, commission, royalty, or other financial interest peaks by the 26th in celebration or endings. You may see the same peak in your sex life, reproductive interests or with a divorce at this time. Luck is back on the 30th giving you the biggest growth cycle from now through June 25th of a 12 year phase and it will affect work, health, pets, paperwork, and services, expand!

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Bellesprit Magazine • • 169


DIVINATION Moon enters Capricorn Thursday, 3:54am EST 10 January to Saturday, 4:01am EST 12 January While Winter may not be your favorite time of the year to feel “anew” within, time spent in a SILENT LISTEN will be wise to do. Capricorn is an energy that operates at a slower pace, and is thrilled with the steadfast results it gains because of it. Remember the Goat’s virtues of stability, patience, responsibility, and ambitionthese are the ones the Universe requests we utilize at this time of the year. Our Lunar Lady’s transit through this practical sign innately asks that we get a little more serious about what we feel, and bring those emotions right down to earth to find a sure direction to flow from. New Moon, 2:44pm EST 11 January, 21 degrees Capricorn Taking up with the virtue of PATIENCE grants A TAP into AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE that optimally can discover some diligent outlooks, some which may seem a little too sober- but reliable these will be to grab hold of. Take the next 2 weeks to plant the seeds within Capricorn that will -with proper intention- reap a fantastic harvest in the life further down the road. Should you choose to partake in the tendency for a Capricorn Moon to gravitate to brooding, gloomy or suspicious feelings, you’ll miss the opportunities to recognize the new mountains you are meant to climb in this area of the life. For the Collective We see the 3rd round within 5 New Moon cycles to be initiating at the 21st degree of the sign. Beginning with our last Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio in 2012, we will continue to see two more New Moons until March’s in Pisces trigger at this very same mark. At a time in our collective history that is beckoning for needed change to emerge, the keys to this definitely reside in this repetitive 21 degree point that the Chaldeans so highly regarded as ‘The Crown of the Magi.’ As the ancients knew about this number: “It indicates victory after a long struggle, for the Crown of the Magi is gained only after long initiation, much soul testing and various other tests of determination. However, the entity blessed with the number 21 may be certain of final victory over all odds and all opposition. It’s a most fortunate vibration- a number of karmic reward.”

Sharita Star’s


NEW Moon in Capricorn 11 January 2013, 2:44pm EST The New Power of Truth Welcome to the first NEW Moon of 2013! As a welcomed waxing phase begins, be ready for a fresh and flavored energy of new power accompanied by the truth to emerge where The Goat ambitiously climbs in your life.

170 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Jupiter’s influence over the 2 + 1 =3 energy asks once more to tap into honesty and recognize how much higher education is extremely important to assimilate into the new beginnings streaming from this area of the life. Looking to where 21 degrees Capricorn speaks from your Zodiac Pie, if you’ve been feeling tested as of late, be in the know that whatever you have been patiently waiting for, is about to reward you if you’ve done your soul’s homework to receive it. Upon our New Moon here we also have our Messenger Mercury at a close conjunct at 17 degrees Capricorn, which also speaks of ‘The Star of the Magi’ so be prepared for some sagely communications to be accompanying what is about to reap, eternalizing it for some time to come. LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Capricorn 2013 For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you. For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Capricorn House, in particular where the 21-degree Capricorn spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation and beginnings within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the next Full Moon upon 26 January will plant energies in place for future use. Bellesprit Magazine • • 171



New Moon Forecast Aries: While you may feel like playing like a kid, it’s time you think about some fresh starts where “I Structure.” Your career is primed and ready for new beginnings. Recognition and reward wishes to bless your public life. With Mercury’s assistance, promotions and publicity easily find you, so get your pioneering energy turned on for some time in the spotlight. New ways of regarding authority come into play, which may also relate to the paternal figures in your life. Taurus: : Get ready for abundance to shower your roots and ambitions where “I Believe.” Make those travel plans if you aren’t already jet setting somewhere, if you remain stubborn you’ll miss them! Whether you stamp your passport or simply journey in your mind, you are bound to faraway places that genuinely are meant to educate you. A new form of higher learning is coming your way, leading to a true spiritual quest that will serve you for quite some time. Gemini: Are you ready to unite it all where “I Transform” MINI GEM? Communications have already started to speak about your wealth and increase what you already have. New starts emerge within your investments that bring improvements. The ability of other people’s money to wonderfully begin to work for you is on. Regeneration is equally talking with your sense of intimacy and desires for you equally feel alive and well as you embrace the changes here. Cancer: The blessing is upon you once more where “I Relate!” You’ll find yourself in the pursuit of a new partnership, whether business or romance. Should an existing relationship need closer examination, your focus moves here, to any close alliances to flourish for you now. Listen carefully to Mercury’s sagely wisdom here now too. Remember it is the healthy imagination and a sensitive nature that ensures you’ll reap the rewards that otherwise have been testing your soul. Leo: If it is new it is for you regarding health, routines, habits, and co-workers where “I Serve.” Stimulation sparks to clean-up and organize a new regime that benefits your personal skills in how you are of service to this world. Your daily routine is ready for a more serious responsibility. True stability streams from your work environment, which has already been receiving the information about what is meant to last. It’s also the perfect time for considering the pets. Virgo: As always, it is no time to be shy with the new projects that require your flawless detail and attention where “I Create.” There is a vibrancy that has been speaking to your overall self-esteem. Children or “brain-children” take focus. Your desires to play and simply have fun captivate the energies surrounding your closest feelings. Flirt with that love affair that has probably been calling to you, it may just be one that is meant to shine with you upon the stage. 172 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Libra: Those Scales can be balanced by taking up with your environment where “I Nurture.” The home front has already been calling to you, as there are more improvements to be made within your comfort zone. Your family involvements will be prominent as some new life wishes to start communicating stronger to you here. Don’t ignore that deja-vu you receive, it’s really jam packed full of wisdom, allowing to you recognize a truth you’ve been patiently waiting for. Scorpio: The latest mystery to be cleared up finds you probing intellectual ways to reach new goals in your mentality where “I Communicate.” Consider a short trip if you aren’t already there to put everything into the larger perspective you innately know how to see everything from. Those thoughts you’ve been feeling- it is the time to write it all down. Siblings and neighbors may require your attention as well. As you align the mind, your reward is reaped tenfold. Sagittarius: Your arrows aim now Archer at some fresh ways to take in what “I Have.” Welcome a new pattern of income flow. Ideally, your value system sees some stabilizing overall, as new information ambitiously finds you here. Rather than acquiring unnecessary new possessions, the time is now to make wiser choices with them. You’ll find these shifts of worth communicate a new truth that you have been patiently seeking for quite some time. Capricorn: How lucky to be the first New Moon of the Universal New Year! And guess what you hard working Goats, the time is now to embrace fresh ways to manage your entire sense of what “I AM.” New approaches are ready to find you. No stranger to the toil, you’ve got a wonderful energy and enthusiasm birthing in your first impressions and of how the world views you. You are ready to finally unleash something fabulous from the self, so let yourself honestly shine on. Aquarius: Should you choose resistance and not go to that inner place, don’t complain about feeling stagnant where “I Process.” Those subconscious realms await for you to dive deep and reinvent your spiritual self. Take time to study your dreams for they, more than ever, help you gain a better understanding within your waking world. Become intimate with your deepest sense of self, for there is plenty of wisdom here that is eager to share some sagely wisdom with you. Pisces: New friendships are to be found in your ocean, along with original goals and hopes that desire to inspire where “I Socialize.” New groups or organizations truly will appreciate your sympathy and understanding, as your powerful imagination is ready to speak. That unexpected social invitation about to come your way, go; it’s part of the Universe’s divine plan for the future. Your wishes definitely do come true when you share your thoughts and ideas with your friends. Bellesprit Magazine • • 173


DIVINATION Moon enters Leo, 9:20am EST 26 January to 6:27pm EST 28 January Check the ego at the door! The heartfelt flavor here much prefers fertile instincts and passionate feelings- so generous, confident, and loyal energies can be the natural response. The capacity for leadership, receiving admiration, radiating warmth and a creative flare are the natural gifts of Moon in Leo. When dignified responses verses pompous reactions are the practice, the outcome of truly sensing what is precious about the process of creation is the friendliest feelings you’ll ever find. Full Moon, 26 January, 11:38pm EST, 07 degrees Leo Intensities typically find us under a Full Moon, and when we have a luminous showcase within the Lion, these can be found to amplify where drama, opinionated feelings, self-indulgence, and conceited attitudes are emerging from those who wander unaware. With such a solitary request under the 07 degree, equally steer clear of unbridled desires and inflammatory reactions; be on the lookout and avoid any brash, rude, and militant attitudes possibly flying around. Time, as always in a SILENT LISTEN, will cultivate the divination that will warm your heart and show your soul what to create. For the Collective This first Full Moon of 2013 ties in well with the last bit of reflective energy that has been going on in Gemini as Jupiter is now at his station here at 06 degrees Retrograde. With the driving and communicative casts from Aquarius speaking to The Twins as of late, there have been wonderful ways to find further resolves that have been seeking you from these pieces of the Zodiac pie. As our lunar lady now joins in over in Leo- more ideas come forward that are about ready to burst wide open once we see Jupiter moving forward again upon 30 January. Our Philosopher planet is happy to listen to the channel of HEART/EARTH energy arriving at conclusions from Leo, and see how these are able to easily work with what has grown and recently been relearned where those Twins unite it all within the life.

Sharita Star’s

LUNAR-O-SCOPE Full Moon in Leo 26 January, 11:38pm EST

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Leo, 2013 For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you. For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Leo House, in particular where the 07-degree Leo spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation and beginnings within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the next New Moon upon 10 February will plant energies in place for future use.

Creating Friendly Divination Let us all welcome the first lunar spotlight of 2013 within Leo, where the Lion reigns within your Zodiac forest. As we are offered the space to reflect from our most creative energy and release some feelings that wish to divinely transit into the fullness of our spiritual journey, it is time in solitude that will bring forward the friendly know us human beings are all one.

174 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Bellesprit Magazine • • 175



Full Moon Forecast Aries: It’s a true time for you Rams to finish up something upon the stage of your life where “I Create!” Place focus upon completing that project already in motion to hold your attention. Should you have children, they may desire the spotlight, as will any one of your “brain children.” Whatever love affair flirts with you, this equally asks for decisions. Reflection mode streams more to how you really feel about what you think, and you may find, it has more connections relating to your groups, hopes and wishes. Taurus: : There are a many conclusions you arrive at pertaining to your home and family life where “I Nurture.” Watch out for any domesticated drama, and especially now don’t react to it- respond! Uproot from feeling stagnant- for this lunar pass has intense ways to teach you about structure, which may channel to you through déjà vu. The ongoing review about your values and earning power receives further conclusions- connecting as well to what is streaming anew within your career and public life. Gemini: What thought processes no longer serves you where “I Communicate?” There is a worn out pattern that desires release here. Comfort is found through reconnecting to something you previously learned. Short trips, siblings and neighbors may take focus. Now, as you know it’s been you whose approaches to life have been under the philosophical microscope- the reflections you can now connect here take you the MILES- and this makes for some fantastic new spiritual SMILES where you believe. Cancer: Financially, you should be feeling better about how you are taking in your daily bread with what “I Have.” Spending time re-evaluating your value system, allows you to re-anchor your securities. Take a hearty look at your possessions, and what your claws no longer need to hold onto, let them wash away with the tide. It has been an interesting place within your inner world over the past few months but the final conclusions are now here, and you’ll find, these are transforming you from the depths of your core. Leo: The Lunar spotlight shines upon the “I AM” of the King of the Forest! Take to heart that which resonates to your spiritual creations. Now you reflect upon what approaches no longer work and those tired first impressions. Sharpening the saw here is a marvelous antidote for this transit- allowing plenty of conversation to then emerge with those you partner with, along with those that you are most friendly with in groups. Time spent in true reassessment of hopes and wishes creates space for seeds to come. Virgo: Logical feelings may not find you now where “I Process.” Whether it makes sense or not, it is best to take a look at the inner layers of your psyche (not always the most comfortable place for you Virgins), the unknown. Your subconscious is quite primed for you make the most of your solitude. Be of service to what you see- healing old wounds here makes room for brilliant self-realizations that will naturally relate to your health and co-workers. Get ready for your career and public life to start moving forward. 176 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Libra: All is a buzz in your friendships and organizations where “I Socialize.” Being the Zodiac Star of the never-ending balancing act of life, if there is a friend right now who is not peaceful to you, it’s time to let them go. Prioritize and goal set in your groups so all of your wishes come true later on. Accept that unexpected invitation to get out in the world, it holds keys to the future. Love affairs are moving for you, as well as those creation juices, which equally speak about new beliefs you cannot resist taking on soon. Scorpio: Career matters find your focus right now, and you are urged to reflect where “I Structure.” Your purpose, mission, and reputation await significant changes, as your public image takes center stage for review. Perspectives upon authority ask to change. Family and home life is seeing some fresh energy, but should misunderstandings emerge here, don’t take revenge. Best you soar above it all, so you can see that scope of how your core being is fortunate enough to embrace transformation, not resist it. Sagittarius: Aim your arrows in the direction of gaining more of that educational joy you love so much Archer where “I Believe.” Reflecting upon your philosophies also captivates you. If you aren’t on a long trip, you’ll be feeling like making plans for one- see how this relates to what great thoughts your mind wishes to share, and write them down. Travel pursuits put your spirit in higher education, allowing an even better understanding to arrive about those relationships in review- and what to do about them. Capricorn: Financial revisions find the old Goat where “I Transform.” Time to reassess investments, taxes, and review shared/joint resources. While you may be ambitious for deep changes outside of the material, rest assured a spiritual calling strongly beckons. Need more intimacy in a personal relationship? Take time to focus on the physical sexual side of you! As you value what you have, this allows your service to this world to reflect and get those new habits and routines in your life fully underway. Aquarius: Whether personal or business, partnerships now take your center emotional stage where “I Relate.” You feel less detached within these than normal, yearning for human contact. If a decision needs to be made here, answers arrive by the next New Moon. Look to your creations, be them brain kids or children and see how to connect the dots to those you are closest to. Loads of new approaches are already trying to reinvent you, allow these to originally open you to a unique way to be seen in the world. Pisces: Feeling the urge to improve your routine, personal habits, or health where “I Serve?” Let go of any habits that make you feel confined. Definite changes evolve with how you are of service to the world: hone in on daily patterns and make sure the waters you are swimming in are healthy and safe ones. Dreams especially communicate the answers you seek to complete the puzzles of your waking world, and these also will bring further conclusions to the ongoing review from in the home life where you nurture. Bellesprit Magazine • • 177


living by the

numbers with basayda dorrell

2013 Forecast

Welcome 2013! 2+0+1+3 = 6, The Universal Energy for this year will be a 6, with 3 and 9 being the supporting energies. The energy of the energy is all about Faith and Fate. For 1 thing in common

year 2013 is a 6. That Family, Friends, Service, me all these areas have and that is LOVE.

What’s In Your Numbers? This is the year of the Woman. Relationships of all kinds will definitely have to be looked at and worked on. This is a good time to definitely meet new friends as we reconnect with old friends. This is also a time for you to be of service to someone, so volunteering is very important. This year you are going to find a lot of group forming and getting together and doing the sort of things we enjoy. Also this year is about creativity, so for all of you creative people this is your time to shine because you have universal support. This year the focus is on children so I wouldn't be surprised if different programs will spring up in support of our children. This is a time to really, love the life you lead. Enjoy the abundance and the expansion life is giving you. This is also a time to look more to your community and the universal community. Things will be coming full circle with completion. This is a good time for us to definitely reflect on the past, however take the 178 • Bellesprit Magazine •

past and allow it to work for the future. Universe is also saying this is a good time for us to be an inspiration to others. I also call this “Leading the Train of Life.” Time to shine or you may backslide due to the bad karma that’s been done. I want to add the word “Notice”- notice this energy! This is an important year for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces and for those that are born in the physical energy months of March, June, September and December. People who are born on the dates of any month 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 and 30 and people with the Life Path that adds up to a 3, 6 and 9 including people, places, things or ideas with the initials of C,F,I,L,O,R,U,X. Also, those born on a Tuesday or Thursday and Friday and these days are a days of favor too if the balance is right. For Spiritual assistance, call on Archangel Jophiel or Anael or Haniel “GOD of Beauty” in your prayer life. So let us all welcome the energy. Bellesprit Magazine • • 179


living by the

numbers with basayda dorrell

As we journey into January, the 1st month of this year, we are on a spiritual plane vibrating to a 7. How did I get that? The year is 2+0+1+3=6, so take that 6 and add the month of 1 (6+1=7).

The energy of the month of January is a 7. This number 7 is about self-awareness and inner growth. It is a good time to be one with nature so definitely the element of water is very important this month.

What’s In Your Numbers? January Forecast Being by the sea, the lake, the river is definitely going to be therapeutic if a person is not in balance. Also taking nature trail walks in the forest is very helpful too. This is definitely a good time to be very in tune with your spirit. It’s not a time for action unless the action is coming to you.

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Think, Think, Think; a good time to use your mind and let that work for you. Any plans and goals that you want to achieve for this year, this is a good time to think about it, meditate and received what spirit wants you to know about those areas. Notice the dreams you are having, you might find your answers in them.

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This is a good time for education, so educate yourself. Take some classes or be open to the information. A good time to sharpen your skills on any plans. Pay close attention to details, listen. Also a good time to look at any foundation of plans to reach your goals for yourself and build off of that. And remember to rejuvenate your body by resting and relaxing. This is the time to spend alone and make sure your health is in balance. Drink water and watch your diet, eating only the food that is good for the body. This is a good time for that as well.

I want to THANK all that have already received a reading from me. The more you know, the more you are prepared, the more opportunities present themselves, and the more success you will have.

Let’s look at the people who are going to be more noticeable this month. I call it ‘leading the train of life,’ ‘time to shine’, or ‘backside door’ to the bad Karma that’s been done. People who are born on 2,4,7,11,13,16,20,22,25,29,31 of any month, and also life paths and names, personal year and months that add up to numbers 2,4,7. Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, and people who are born in March, February, April, July, November. People, places, things and words with initials of B,D,G,K,M,P,T,V,Y. Sunday's and Monday’s are days of favor too. Don’t be surprised to see or hear of these days.

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For Spiritual assistance seek out the Archangel Ariel “Lion of God." I hope you find this as a helpful and useful guide as you continue your life journey throughout this month. Remember everything you do is calculated. HAPPY NEW YEAR Do you have a question you would like to ask about the numbers in your life? To know more about your energy this year and what’s in store for you in 2013, email me at I am running specials with my Number Therapy Sessions/Readings 182 • Bellesprit Magazine •

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The Ghost In

my teapot By Stephen Hill


An amazing process of ghost imagery!

Man in mist Woman

Images ©Stephen Hill Cruzer the dog

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As an Empath I can tell you that spirit surrounds us constantly. We are never alone. Perhaps it is those that seek our attention that we term as “ghosts.” As a paranormal researcher I seek to find answers for myself and others as to why these “hauntings” occur. What better way to find the cause and possibly the solution of the activity than to simply ask those who are doing the haunting? As an “Electronic Medium” that’s exactly what I do using Instrumental Transcommunication or” ITC” for short. ITC is spirit communication through the use of electronic devices and has several different forms. It can be audio communication such as Electronic Voice Phenomena (spirit voices captured on a recording device) or visual communication through spirit images, which is what I would like to explore in this article. This form of ITC is called “The Light/ Water Reflection Method” and has produced some amazing results.

many spirit images that seem to defy my matrix theory, much to my disbelief. It is a simple method as far as ITC goes and I encourage you not to take my word for it, but to try it for yourself. Here’s what you will need. 1. A pot of water. (I use my teapot) 2. A light source. (I use the light over my stove, although natural light works well too) 3. A video camera. (Here is where the electronics come into use) 4. A photo editing software (I use a free program called AVS) 5. An open mind....

First I ask that if anyone in spirit would like to show me an image to please do so. Next I gently stir the water with my fingers as I film with my video camera. I usually film for thirty seconds at a time. Then I download the footage to my computer using the photo editing software to review the footage frame by frame. When an image appears, I first learned of this fascinating I take a snapshot of the frame usform of ITC while reading an article ing the editing software. on the subject written by Margaret Downey. With a healthy dose Here are just a few examples of of skepticism I decided to try the spirit images that I have received Water/Light Reflection method using this method. myself. I thought that any image I might receive could probably be dismissed as visual matrix, (the mind attempting to make uniformity from randomness) but after several months of experimentation I am convinced that this is not always the case. I have received Bellesprit Magazine • • 185



SYNCHRONICITY OF EHUD NETZER Jesus. The 3 wise men who followed the star are believed to have been Astrologers. Ehud was fascinated by the 3 wise men story, but the fact that Herod is said to have died in either 4 BC or 5BC has long muddied the waters. Ehud Netzer excavated a series of sites across the Holy land and said new information from these sites proclaimed Herod to be a legendary builder king who was able to steer around political intrigue to finish huge building projects that has left an incredible architectural legacy which has endured for over 2000 years. Ehud was a scholar of the Holy Bible and in particular, The Old Testament.


By Terry Stokes

‘Archeologist who spent a lifetime looking for Herod’s tomb and when finding it died at the site’ was the description in the November 6th Daily Telegraph. The world has lost an amazingly learned historian who overturned many of our existing views on the early biblical period including King Herod, who ruled Judaea from about 37 BC.

Herod was said to be a complete butcher of his rivals, adversaries, and even his family, but it is the ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ for which he is remembered. Herod’s plan was to murder all of the new born in Bethlehem to kill the baby

186 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Ehud Netzer claimed in the book; ‘Architecture of Herod, The Great Builders’ published in 2008, that Herod was a practical and thorough man with a very broad world view, outstanding organizational talent, the ability to improvise, was able to adapt to changing situations and surroundings, and a man who could anticipate the future. Ehud worked on excavations at the Canaanite city of Hatzor and all over Palestine and Israel, and in fact the most important sites in all the Holy land including Herod’s monumental palace at Massada overlooking the Dead Sea where

Jewish rebels defied Romes 10th legion and rather than surrender, all committed ritual suicide. This uprising had been after Romes destruction of Herod’s second Jerusalem temple in AD 70.

his destiny.

Ehud became the senior lecturer at the Hebew University in his pivotal year of 1981. Steven Spielberg was said to have been inspired to base his character, Indiana Jones on Ehud.

Ehud Netzer’s name has ten letters= 10 Ehud Netzer adds to= 10 October is the 10th month Ehud died on 28th added together= 10 He died in year 2010 Jewish =28=10 King Herod = 10 Herod’s death 5BC 5 + B+C = 10 3 Wise Men= 37=10 Holy Land=37=10 Holy Bibles= 46=10 The Old Testament=19=10 The Dead Sea=28=10 Massada Jews defied the 10th legion= the 10th The pivotal year ‘2008’= 10 Ehud Netzer’s specialty was Judaea which began in 37BC = 10 Steven Spielberg=55=10 1981=10 The ‘Winter Palace’ = 10 The Mausoleum=46=10 Herod Tomb = 46=10 He was an, ‘ Israeli’ = 37= 10 He became the senior lecturer in 1981 which equals =10 Wife ‘Devora’ = 10 The word Hospital = 10 The wooden rail was 19 feet high= 10 October 28 2010 =46= 10 November 6 = 10 Circulatory failure= 10

Ehud gave almost 30 years to the Herodian palace complex built on a manmade mound of 300 feet near Bethlehem, first discovered by an American scholar in 1838. Ehud was to say the 600 seat theatre and landscaped grounds and luxurious settings were to impress the Roman general Marcus Agrippa in 15BC and although many scholars had searched for Herod’s burial place through the centuries often using the latest technology and scanning devices, the 900 feet long and 80 feet high mausoleum was found by the great Emeritus Professor Ehud Netzer at ‘The Winter palace’ from which he fell from a height of 19 feet after a wooden rail gave way, subsequently dying in a hospital on October 28th at the age of 76. He is survived by his wife Devora, and is believed to have died of circulatory failure. Let’s look at how numbers and destiny can play a role in our lives. This is the standard numerological chart along with the key words in


But could this knowledge have prevented his death on the very day he found the tomb after a 50 year search? The Creator in His wisdom has given us many signs and omens, and a good fortune teller will see a man’s life as an open book. The Bible has many incidences of what is called ‘periodicity in numbers’ and the Hebrew experts have always been experts in this science. The number 10, which reduces to a figure 1, is the number symbolizing the Sun, and the beginning, the start of events with creativity and positive influences and in the tarot pack is symbolized by the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and so it was when the wheel turned to October 28th 2010 this great man’s time was up. Shakespeare: “taken all in all, we shall not see his like again.” T Stokes was Britain’s first lecturer in para-spiritual studies and eschatology, and reads people’s lives worldwide by post or emailed hand pictures.

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Encounter With A Shark

Once in a while a story happens that defies the putting into any category; psychic, normal or paranormal. by Terry Stokes


any alternative medical clinics now have a practitioner of psychic skills among their counselors, and both Sigmund Freud, Hans Eysenck and Carl Jung saw the day when all counseling would be intuitively based, yet once in a while a story happens that defies the putting into any category; psychic, normal or paranormal. Such an event occurred when a guy came into the clinic and told me the following tale of a recurring dream where he was watched by this huge menacing eye. This guy, a powerfully built and articulate surfboarder with a Brisbane accent, said he took his sport very seriously and he was listed as among the very best at his craft which took him to venues and events all over the world. His face, voice and mannerisms told me that something awful must have very seriously shattered the even tenor of his thought patterning and had badly disrupted his auric energy flow. He said that although surfing the waves was his life and that it gave him an incredible high, he had this deep fear that he would be eaten by a huge shark which on occasion over the years he would see in his dreams watching and stalking him before the dreaded attack. On a recent visit to a popular surfing spot overseas, he had got up early one morning and walked the short distance to the seashore from the small hotel with his

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surfboard, when as he reached the beach he could see perhaps eight or ten guys scattered across the sands, just sitting watching him with their boards. He nodded to one chap who was holding a bar of abrasive soap and rubbing along the base of his board, he thought; “conditions are just right, why is no one in the water?” and went in enthusiastically. He was happily out some way when, upon looking down, he could see the sand on the sea bottom and a large dark shape glided between the sea bottom and his surf board, a large eye looked up coldly at him. He started to make for the shore as quick as he could, then he said he saw it all as if watching a film. The creature again swam by under him, this time as the water got shallower, very close to him indeed, the large eye was so close he could see it very plainly, and fear overwhelmed him. The creature came up under him a third time filling him with a deep peculiar horror, throwing him and the board high into the air. He grabbed the board thinking he may be able to help fend it off with it when he realized he had been thrown onto a small submerged coral reef. He ran along it with water almost up to his belly button, he saw the creature swimming slowly alongside and it seemed to be smiling at him, again with the huge eye watching him, when the dreadful thought occurred that the ragged coral which was tearing his feet as he ran on it would be putting blood in the water ensuring his awful fate.

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The blind panic as he saw the guys on the beach calmly watching him splashing madly for shore as the beast was now alongside him watching him with the very eye he knew so well from his dreams. He was suddenly conscious that this may be his last few heart beats, his last terrified breaths, his last exhausted thoughts, and he would never be able to tell his new girlfriend how much he secretly loved her, or thanked his mum for loaning him the money for the holiday. Then everything became silent and in slow motion. He no longer heard the seagulls above and the wind went calm, only his beating heart disturbed him and he waited for the worst. His next thought as he came round was that he had momentarily lost consciousness in the panic and was now breathing heavily and trembling badly on the sand with his board, his feet were blood spattered from running on the sharp coral, but he was alive and although scared witless the attack had not happened. He looked around at the guys on the beach, the camaraderie which all surf boarders usually shared was definitely missing here. As he looked around at the guy still slowly using the abrasive soap on the board, the awful thought occurred to him that they had not gone into the water in these perfect conditions because they knew a shark was out there, and by allowing him to go out and become a meal for the beast to slake its hunger, it would then be safe for them to surf. He could not get his head around all this and did not go in the water again. He told me the scenario was so similar to the warnings in his dream, but he had survived when the shark could so easily have got him, and what did it all mean? There are many explanations here, both psychic, normal and paranormal, but what are yours?

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UFo Encounters

Abduction Study


This is a study on the different types of Abductions that People have had and how it compares to others. ‘Identifying specific traits that they have in common with other experiencers’ by Kathleen Marden 192 • Bellesprit Magazine •

early a year ago, Denise Stoner (FL MUFON’s Asst. Director of Abduction Studies), and I, (MUFON’s Director of the Abduction Research Team and FL MUFON’s Director of Abduction Studies), met to discuss the commonalities that alien abduction experiencers share. As longtime abduction investigators/ researchers, we were aware of certain repeating patterns of information and characteristics. The pertinent literature, the academic social science studies and the works of David Jacobs, PhD, Thomas Bullard, PhD, Yvonne Smith, and the late Budd Hopkins, John Mack, MD, and others had identified several commonalities among abduction experiencers. But we had not been able to locate as academic study that was specific to our particular interests. At our study’s inception our stated goals were to benefit abduction experiencers by identifying specific traits that they have in common with other experiencers, and to expand the UFO research community’s knowledge of alien abduction phenomena. The most efficient scientific method for obtaining this information, in our opinion, was through the use of simple straightforward questionnaires, designed to identify commonalities among the UFO abduction experiencers. Each of us brought to the table knowledge of several unique, un-publicized characteristics of the alien abduction experience. The commonalities study would ascertain how widespread these commonalities are across the abduction experiencer population. We developed three questionnaires: The “UFO Abduction Experiencer Questionnaire” listed 45 multiple choice questions pertaining to experiencer’s demographics, abduction memories, emotional responses, physiological responses, and psychic phenomena. The second questionnaire, the “Abduction Experiencer E.T. Technology Questionnaire” would increase our

knowledge of E.T. technology. The third, “Commonalities among Non-Abductees Questionnaire,” queried individuals, who denied having been abducted by aliens. It was developed after the first two questionnaires had been available for several months, and a commonalities trend had emerged. The 16 multiple choice questions would determine whether or not some of the commonalities among abduction experiencers are common across the general population. We established a minimum sample size of 50 completed questionnaires for abduction experiencers (AE) and 25 for non-abduction experiencers (NAE). There were 54 participants in the “UFO Abduction Experiencer Questionnaire”, but four questionnaires could not be tallied because they were too incomplete. The “Abduction Experiencer E.T. Technology Questionnaire” study is not yet complete, as there have been only 24 responses to date. This can be attributed to the fact that a much smaller percentage of experiencers have clear recall of the craft’s interior and the technology observed. This part of the study is ongoing. Participants for our study were solicited via the MUFON UFO Journal and several alien abduction and UFO oriented websites. We also appeared on several radio shows and invited listeners to participate. Last, there were questionnaires at my vendor table at several UFO conferences and at Denise’s meetings. I posted the questionnaires, a letter of explanation, and an informed consent notice on my website at We communicated to participants that all questionnaires would be kept in a locked and secure location and destroyed at the end of the study. All personal identifying information that was volunteered would remain confidential. As a cautionary measure, we advised all potential participants that they should only complete the questionnaire if they could do so without feeling uncomfortable. Bellesprit Magazine • • 193



Demographic Commonalities


early twice as many women (32), as men (18) completed the “Abduction Experiencer Questionnaire.” Does this indicate that abduction is far more prevalent among women? Not necessarily so. Statistical evidence indicates that men are less likely than women to answer surveys of any kind. But this trend was not supported when we tallied the results of the “Commonalities among Non-Abductees Questionnaire.” The majority of respondents were men (15) as opposed to women (9). If trends in human behavior have not skewed the results, it suggests that more women than men have been abducted by aliens. This finding has been widely reported by other researchers.

a number of years or throughout their lifetime generally starting when they are children. We wanted to determine how frequently contact occurs. How many times do you think you’ve been taken? One time only (2), 2-5 (8), 6-10 (4), More than 10 (25), Not certain (8), No answer

We were interested in identifying possible trends among age groups, partly due to the fact that a significant number of abduction experiencers in the 50+ age group had reported their experiences to us within recent months. Our intuition was correct. 44 of the AE Group participants were born in the 1950’s, although only 20 of the NAE Group was in the same age group. This figure drops dramatically for those born in the 1940’s (18) and the 1960’s (26). Could these statistics indicate that the human abduction program began slowly, perhaps during the 1950’s and 60’s, and was in full swing beginning in the 1970’s? Could this signify that the alien abduction program is winding down? Or could it be that younger people are less likely to fill out questionnaires? Only 12 of the AE Group respondents were under age 40. Yet 24 of the NAE Group was under 40. The majority of abduction experiencers believe that they have been taken repeatedly over

194 • Bellesprit Magazine •

(3). Fifty percent stated that they have been taken more than 10 times. The next largest group was those who could not state a specific number (22), followed by the 2-5 range (16). This is a significant finding because the majority of abduction experiencers believe that their alien contact occurs periodically throughout their lifetime. Only two participants stated that they had been taken only one time. This is interesting because their answers on the questionnaire revealed that they had little in common with multiple abduction experiencers.

Emotional Responses


(hese open ended questions were not conducive to statistical analysis.) We wanted to test several hypotheses pertaining to emotional stability as a factor in alien abduction experiences. Is there an increased sense of sadness among experiencers? Are there more mood swings among this group? Is there mood consistency throughout one’s lifetime? Respondents were permitted to check more than one answer.

Conscious Recall


he majority of the respondents (88) had conscious recall of at least one abduction experience and were not alone (76) when it occurred. More than two thirds (67) remembered observing a craft at less than 1,000 feet. 56 stated that they had observed non-human entities prior to at least one abduction experience. 58 recalled having been examined on an alien craft.

The majority of respondents in both groups stated that they are happy or do not have unusual highs or lows. It is interesting that a higher percentage of the NAE group reported frequent mood swings on a daily basis than the AE group. But a small percentage of the AE group reported that they experienced more sadness as adults. Several of the “sad” and “frequent mood swings” AE respondents reported that they had been the victims of childhood abuse. Their feelings of sadness and their mood swings have persisted throughout their lifetime. This group was more likely to report abuse by their ET captors. Additionally, those who reported traumatic memories of being abused by ETs are more likely to feel sad as adults. The majority of respondents reported that they used one or more

coping mechanisms to deal with their fear or anxiety due to their abduction experiences. Only three reported that they have no fear. Coping mechanisms that give relief to experiencers include talking with a supportive, non-judgmental person, meditation or relaxation exercises, prayer and writing about their experiences. We were interested in the sleep patterns of abduction experiencers. Did they have difficulty fall-

ing asleep and/or staying asleep? Could this be related to a fear of abduction? Or were other factors involved?

but it might be an indicator that the loss of fear improves sleep quality. Only one person who reported the absence of fear has difficulty falling and Seventy-four percent of the AE staying asleep and that person is group had difficulty falling asleep in the 60+ group. and 71 had difficulty staying asleep. Seven of the 8 people (16) We speculated that since 44 of who indicated that they sleep well the respondents are in the 50-59 throughout the night attributed it group, and since older people to overcoming their fear of abduc- tend to experience more sleep tion. This is a very small percentage, problems, that the results might Bellesprit Magazine • • 195



have been skewed by this factor. The evidence did not cant finding indicating that abduction experiencers suffer from migraine headaches at a considerably bear this out. higher rate than the non-abduction experiencers In fact, 5 of the restful sleepers are in the 50-59 age that participated in our study, and the general poprange. It is interesting, however, that all but one person ulation. in the over 60 group reported sleep problems regardless of whether or not they were fearful. Two individ- A significant 69 of the AE Group reported that they uals in the under 40 group reported that they do not had experienced gynecological problems, whereas have sleep difficulties, and neither has a fear of abduc- 33 of the NAE Group made the same report. Two tion. The remaining four had difficulty falling’ asleep, respondents from the AE Group mentioned that but once they were asleep they were able to sleep they had tested positive for pregnancy, but then through the night. (These questions were not on the were not pregnant, and there was no cramping or bleeding. The sample size in the NAE Group is too NAE questionnaire.) small to draw an acceptable comparison. We found it interesting, however, that three of the women in this group that answered “yes” had more in common Physiological Responses with the AE group than the NAE group on all of the questions. e wanted to acquire information about the Thirty-eight percent of the participants in our study percentage of experiencers that suspecthave a Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction ed they have a palpable alien implant and Syndrome diagnosis, whereas less than I of the U.S. where it is located. 53 believe that they can feel population has this diagnosis. Medical researchers an alien implant in their body. The majority of parhave noted immune, neurological, and endocrine ticipants indicated that it is located in their head, abnormalities in CFIDS sufferers. including the following: temple, eye, nose, behind ear, inside ear, groin, and eyebrow. Other areas menThis is a highly significant finding. Reports of such a tioned are in the spine, lower leg, hand, chest and high rate of CFIDS among abduction experiencers vagina. should be taken seriously by the medical commuUnexplained marks, such as patterned, scoop marks, nity. One has to wonder if the alien environment is puncture wounds, and rashes are commonly report- causing illness among humans. Are the ET’s experiments passing this syndrome to experiencers? Could ed by abduction experiencers. (I am collecting and it be caused by the alien technology that allows the cataloguing experiencers’ photographic evidence.) transfer of a human body through a solid structure? Is it an adrenal response caused by one’s persistent A highly significant 83 of the AE Group stated that fear of abduction? Is it the result of a sleep disorder? they had awoken with unexplained marks on their Is it a retrovirus created by ETs? bodies, whereas only 20 of the NAE group replied in the affirmative. Long, thin bruises were most often found on women’s calves, thighs or buttocks, sugPsi phenomena is ‘perplexing and gesting finger marks. Patterned bruises were found troubling’ to investigators on the upper arm. Scoop marks were reported on Many are not inclined to investigate reports of events arms, ankles, behind knees, or on feet. Puncture that seem more like imagination. wounds were found on hands and rib cages, although one woman reported a vaginal puncture wound. Burn marks were on upper backs and sunPsi Phenomena burn like rashes were reported, sometimes on the entire body. Several participants mentioned plassi phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, tic-like filaments, the size of a strand of hair, coming psycho-kinesis, psychic healing, out of body from various locations on their bodies. 52 reported experiences, etc. have long been associated that they had experienced nose bleeds immediately with the alien abduction phenomenon. It is both after a visitation. 22 of the respondents stated that perplexing and troubling to investigators. Many are they had suffered burns, hair loss or conjunctivitis not inclined to investigate reports of events that following an abduction experience. seem more like imagination than reality. MUFON is a scientifically oriented UFO investigating group Forty percent of the AE Group suffers from migraine that does not investigate these phenomena. Some headaches (moderate to severe pulsing headaches consider it an embarrassment to the scientific study that last 4-72 hours and worsen with physical activof UFOs and would prefer to sweep it under the rug. ity), whereas only 8 of the NAE Group does. Medical Others feel that they are not equipped to investistudies indicate that on 10-12 of the general popugate psi-phenomena. Yet, abduction experiencers lation suffers from migraines. This is a highly signifi-



196 • Bellesprit Magazine •

consistently report being transported through solid surfaces, telepathic communication, light orbs that expand into non-human entities, poltergeist activity in their homes (soon after a contact experience), and new psychic abilities. In an attempt not to lead the participants to specific information we referred to these phenomena as “paranormal” rather than ghost related, mystical or psychic. The Free Dictionary defines paranormal as “Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.” We developed seven questions pertaining to these phenomena. Eight-eight percent of the abduction experiencers reported that they had witnessed paranormal activity in their homes, including light orbs that dart or float through the air. Sometimes the orbs pop like a bubble into 1-3 ETs. Many reported poltergeist activity such as house-hold items flying through the air, pictures flying off walls, lights turning off and on, windows opening and closing, doors opening and closing and toilets flushing on their own. 51 believed that this psi activity is linked directly to their abduction experiences. 44 of the NAE Group reported paranormal activities in their homes, but there was a slight variation between the AE and the NAE Groups. They reported ghosts, shadow people, spirits, mist clouds, strange sounds, strange odors, and cold spots. One respondent reported light orbs, but she had all of the characteristics of an abduction experiencer. A small percentage (4) of the AE group reported ghost-like activity such as invisible beings that had weight in their beds and temperature changes in their home environment. For example, a room was 56 degrees although the thermostat was set at 83 degrees. We were struck by and hadn’t anticipated the high percentage (44) of paranormal activity reports by the NAE Group, as early on in this part of the study only a tiny percentage of the NAE group had reported paranormal activity. This increased dramatically following my interview on a popular paranormal radio show. A statistically significant 88 of the AE Group reported telepathic communication with their visitors, whereas only 32 of the non-experiencers reported telepathic communication. Many experiencers reported that they “sensed” a contact experience was about to occur or received a telepathic message prior to its onset. It is interesting to note that two of those who answered “No” reported having only one abduction experience.

able to heal others for at least a short period following an abduction experience. This gift persisted for an extended period of time for some of the participants, but not for others. Two percent mentioned that they had always been healers.



ixty-eight percent of the AE Group reported experiencing malfunctions of electrical equipment, whereas only 32 of the NAE Group had the same experience. The AE Group reported malfunctioning computers, watches, appliances, radios, televisions, cameras and compasses. Some reported that light bulbs blowout or blink off and on and the hands on their watches spin. One participant stated that the time clock at his place of employment malfunctions only for him. The NAE group mentioned that street lights blink out when they drive or walk under them. This has also been reported to me by abduction experiencers. Another stated that when she became emotionally upset light bulbs would “shoot in the room I was standing in.” Both groups reported that televisions, appliances and computers would automatically switch themselves off and on.



pace limitations make it impossible for me to publish my full report in this journal. However you can read it and the bibliography at There is additional information on blood types and medical conditions. Additionally, the list of questions and statistical information are in the full report. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to those who participated in this study. It wasn’t an easy task. We asked participants to visit my website and copy questions, then fill in the multiple choice questions and add their comments and accounts of their personal experiences. They were asked to mail or email questionnaires, which reduced a hoax possibility. We were pleased with the knowledge we gained and the opportunity to support abduction experiencers and expand the UFO research community’s knowledge of the alien abduction phenomenon.

Seventy-two percent stated that they are more sensitive or intuitive than they were prior to contact. 79 stated that they developed new psychic abilities after a contact experience. One person reported that they have always been psychic and another noted that his or her psychic abilities increased. Fifty percent stated that they noted that they were Bellesprit Magazine • • 197



world mufon Report Country

Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for November 2012: CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In November 2012 there were 601 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries: 198 • Bellesprit Magazine •


Number of Reports 514 26 10 6 5 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 593

Bellesprit Magazine • • 199


How often have I heard parents say, “I want to leave my children with a better world than the one I live in.” What kind of world are you leaving to your children and grandchildren? By Zita Ost


wanted to find a positive uplifting topic to start out the New Year however, with the horrible situation that occurred in Newtown, CN on December 14 I found myself struggling to stay positive. I don’t know a single person who has not been affected by this horrific act. I have been so angry and found it hard to control that anger. There are so many questions with no answers. I fight with the thought and hope that we as a society will change our behavior or opinions enough to come together to force a change. How do you hold on to your faith? How do you hold on to hope? How often have I heard parents say, “I want to leave my children with a better world than the one I live in.” What kind of world are you leaving to your children and grandchildren? On Friday, December 14, 20 children and 6 adults were murdered in cold blood. What provoked a 20 year old man to take a semi-automatic assault rifle and kill 26 people before putting the gun to his head and killing himself? What amount of indescribable pain was this young man in that he felt this was necessary? We all have freedom of will and freedom of choice. These are a God given right. Why did he make this choice? This is just the latest of what can be considered a growing epidemic situation involving our children and young adults. When I pose this question to other people

the response is “Welcome to the real world, get used to it” or “This is what our society has become.” Everyone has an opinion but no one seems to have an answer. So, do we give up? Do we settle with the realization that this is what our world, our society has come to? There has been a lot of discussion and rhetoric on this subject. Everyone has an opinion and when one doesn’t agree with the other they are considered an idiot, throw their hands up and walk away. Maybe that’s part of the problem right there. We end the discussion and walk away. The discussion only resumes when another tragedy strikes and we start the rhetoric all over again. There lies the problem, an ever ending of discussions and opinion without any real solution. Instead of looking at the whole picture we use our own opinions and try to force those opinions on others instead of looking at the effects it is having on our children, each other and society. Then the blame game starts. We blame our government, the mental health system, the banking system, one another. When do we stop placing blame and work together to come up with a practical solution? Are we as a society immune to the fact that we are killing our own people? Are we, in fact, watching the demise of our own race? We are allowing these situations to infiltrate our society, the medical field, Politician’s, Media,

Happy New Year, Or Is It?

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TRUE STORIES Movie Industry, you. Are we accepting that this is just and executed. They formulate a plan. Process these the way of life? The next question is why are we allow- plans in their minds and set out with every intention ing this? of causing great harm to a large number of our neighbors. Yes, neighbors! The majority of these murders Who is responsible? Every one of us is responsible for are carried with such incredible hatred for whoever what we teach our children. We, not just the parents, or whatever it is in our society that persecuted them. but every adult has an influence in a child’s life. We as Many who commit these crimes have sought out help adults are responsible for what we expose our children from our health care services. Many are turned away. to. Because of our own fear we are now raising our Some have already been through the system so many children to live in fear. We are exposing our children times there is no place for them to go any longer so to visual, audio and sub-conscience influences that no they are thrown out onto the streets to fend for themchild should be witness to. The actions and reactions selves while their families fight for their rights. Mental are a direct result of what you feed your children. Nu- illness is often silent because of the ridicule that goes tritionally, spiritually, and psychologically, our children along with it. These poor men, women and children are a direct result of every experience and influence suffer greatly for years before they finally take this last that comes their way. What happened to allowing our desperate measure and formulate a plan to “get back” children to be children, to live their childhood with the at those who have done them wrong. element of imagination. To feed their brains with all of the wonders this world had to offer. I’m refraining from We are a reactionary society rather than a pro-active using the word “has” because at the moment I’m not one. When a tragedy such as Sandy Hook or Columsure what we have to offer. I look around now and the bine occurs we jump and patch the hole left as a result wonders of this world are being encroached on by the of what has just occurred. Will adding armed guards horrors of violence, intolerance and greed. Is this real- into any school really protect our children? Arming our ly what we as parents intended? Is this what our faith teachers? Look at Columbine, April 1999. They had and our spirituality are about? Fear? As the violence armed security, yet in less than 30 minutes twelve stuin our society becomes a part of our every day cul- dents, one teacher, and the two murderers were dead; ture and fills our thoughts with anger and even more 21 injured. The Red Lake Indian Reservation School, 10 violence what does that do to the spiritual growth of students killed by one gunman. They also had security or children? How do we protect them without put- at the school. Virginia Tech, they have their own police ting them all in underground shelters away from the department. Yes, armed. 32 people killed and 17 othrealities that are forced upon us each and every day? ers injured. Stop justifying murder. You can’t. Stop tryHow do we as parents offer our children hope that this ing to put a reason to it. You can’t. Our Constitution world, our country is the land of the free, home of the allows us to bear arms to protect ourselves. This is a brave if they don’t feel safe playing a game of catch in right given to us by our forefathers. The freedom of their own backyards. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t choice and will to use these arms is given to us by God. be aware of what is going on and I’m not naive to say You have every right to protect yourself, your family that it’s all fluffy clouds and puppy dog tails. This is life, and your property. That right I won’t argue. Am I going real life and we need to protect our children. Protect- to go out and purchase a fire arm? No. ing our children starts with you. When I look at the whole picture I’m overwhelmed. I find myself in a quandary, because I agree with both How do we give our children hope? How do we raise sides of the topic. Gun control, government control our children in a world that is imploding around them? and putting armed guards in our school, mental health We don’t. We support them and protect them with care, responsible parenting. The problem I have is that every part of our being. But, we allow our children to we are looking at this subject as reasonable adults. find their own sliver of hope to hang on to. The same Those who commit these heinous crimes are not rea- way we did. We teach our children to be responsible, sonable adults. Many aren’t even adults. They are chil- respectful and by doing that our children will find the dren with mental disorders of varying degrees. Some answers to the questions we still ask. They will find a are considered “misfits” or “outcasts” from our society. way to rid this world of hate, bigotry and violence. It’s If you go back and look at what promoted others into actually very simple. Listen to our children. They althe same act of violence there is usually one common ready have the answers. We are the ones who aren’t denominator. Many of these young boys were bullied listening. or teased throughout their lives. Not just by their peers but by adults, teachers and even their own parents. How did I find my faith? What sliver of hope did I find? All these boys wanted was to be accepted. Only to be I found that sliver of hope in the words of a grieving shunned and ridiculed. father, Robbie Parker. I watched this grieving father stand up in front of millions and forgive this 20 year old I see and hear news reports about random violence. boy for murdering his daughter the day before. After Sorry, I don’t believe that violence is random. Many of identifying and confirming that his daughter was one these acts of mass murders are carefully planned out of the victims Mr. Parker stood up and professed his 202 • Bellesprit Magazine •

TRUE STORIES faith and by his words of forgiveness and the love of his daughter he handed me that thread of hope. Hope that there are parents out there raising their children to become our next leaders. our peacemakers and possibly the next generation to find the answers and the solutions to what we have not been able to resolve. There were two significant pieces of Mr. Parker’s speech. The first “ This tragedy has “not turn into something that defines us, but something that inspires us to be better, to be more compassionate and more humble people.” Mr. Parker then went on to say how he isn’t angry at the boy who did this. How can he not be? This man just murdered his daughter the day before and he along with his family has already forgiven him. Why? Mr. Parker goes on to say: “I know that God can’t take away free will and would have been unable to stop the Sandy Hook shooting. While gunman used his free agency to take innocent lives, I plan to use his in a positive way.” “I’m not mad because I have my free agency to use this event to do whatever I can to make sure my family and my wife and my daughters are taken care of,” he said. “And if there’s anything I can do to help to anyone at any time at anywhere, I’m free to do that.” Our faith has a way of reminding us that there is good in the world in spite of the horrendous events that occur every day. Maybe this tragedy is supposed to remind us how valuable life is. The year 2012 was supposed to be about our “spiritual awakening.” Are we awake yet? I hope so. I pray so. After all of the anger has died down and the blaming ceases maybe we can finally sit down as adults and find a solution to what is dividing us and destroying our society. If we can put our ego and political views aside we may actually find a resolve to this. I don’t have the answers, I wish I did. I’m certainly not smart enough to know the answer, but I’m willing to work to help find them. I would rather be part of the solution rather than accepting our world as it is. If we all have freedom of choice and freedom of will then I choose to be a part of the solution and will not stand and watch our society implode. I have my faith. I will hold on to that faith and pray that we will leave our children and grandchildren and generations to come a better world than what we live in now. I’ll hold on to the thought that there is beauty and there is hope. If we don’t have faith or hope what do we have left? I’d rather not think about that. I “choose” to BELIEVE. Peace to you and your children. Our children! Our World! BELIEVE Bellesprit Magazine • • 203



Do You Believe In Love? By Natalie Frost

I have been asking myself recently, what does “true love” mean to me? To me true love is infinite love that is unconditional. True love is love that will remain no matter what, no matter what trials and tribulations it faces it will always be there, and it will always overcome any obstacle placed upon its path. True love is open, honest and loving, caring, present and receptive. True love does not want to take from the other, or keep the other to his/herself, true love cares too much to ever want to make the other feel like a prisoner, because true love loves the other as much as he/she loves himself. There is no separation in true love, because the two naturally become one. True love wants the other to fly, to be free, and to be exactly who they are. True love does not try to change the other, it does not try to make the other conform to expectations. True love cannot be put in a box, true love just is. To me true love is found in our connection with spirit, our devotion to the divine. Through the devotion to the divine your beloved will be there, in this space of freedom and unconditional love. To stay in love, to be in love and to love unconditionally you have to remain so present, completely conscious of yourself, your feelings and your behaviors. To cultivate true love you must be willing to commit to yourself, commit to keeping your heart open, and to always trust and believe in love. True love heals you by allowing you to face every fear you have ever had that has kept you from loving in this way, and it gives you the strength you need to make it through. I believe in love. I know that true love exists, and I believe with all of my heart, it is this kind of love that the world so desperately needs right now. It is this kind of love that has the power to awaken and change our world forever. 204 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Here is an intentional poem I wrote for this New Year…Happy New Year, I hope it finds you in love! The clouds laid low The fog obstructed my vision I couldn’t see for days Months Years Unclear of my mission I was blinded by these fears I prayed to be Released Blessed and Purified through these tears Today I lift my head I begin anew Choosing Me and you My choice to stay open to love A promise to myself With help from above To carry with me the courage of the lion The strength of a dragon To keep this heart open No matter what happens I choose to believe in love Love is all we have Love is why we are here Love IS my mission Today it is clear I choose to have hope in us Hope in all mankind To conquer this fear To awaken the blind I know if we can do this together Hand in hand We can change this forever Peace and harmony Will ring upon this land It starts right here Right now With you and me A new earth will rise out of these ashes We will be free Do you believe in love? Do you believe in us? Do you have faith? Do you have trust? Bellesprit Magazine • • 205


The Perpetual Future By Raymond Greiner

Human life spans are among the longest of Earth’s animal species, segmented, beginning with formative years, puberty, advancing to mid life and finally the late life aging cycle. Each phase is characterized by individual, social composition. The most interesting statistic of significance concerning the history of humanity is its brevity in comparison to the age of the Earth. It is thought provoking how in such a relatively short period humanity has melded, expanded and advanced to its current position. The human lifespan is a finger snap on global timelines. Many are indifferent to timelines with a mentality: “Who cares?” Opening the question: “Why is humanity’s timeline of value?” The short answer is what we achieve in the present is simultaneously creating our future. Modern day icons of invention and innovation would not exist if it were not for historical, creative thinkers. So, stepby-step we learn from our past, applying previously 206 • Bellesprit Magazine •

acquired knowledge to the present, and then pass new, improved innovations forward to the next generation. The flow of invention is self-generating gaining knowledge through natural accumulation, advancing applications, broadening knowledge and awareness. In this contemporary time we are inundated with new and mesmerizing devices coming forth at unfathomable speed. The dynamics of creativity moves at quantum speed often perplexing, lacking clarity of purpose, a quandary to discover application and management. The modern technological learning curve is a challenge to navigate. What is yet to come goes far beyond clever minds inventing clever devices. This onslaught of creativity awakens a bright and dark side. Humanity’s most daunting challenges lie in a tangle of circuits far more complex than interfacing technological

devices. Observing young people transfixed in a state of sub consciousness attached to daily minute-by-minute cell phone chatter may be viewed as a technological contraction. When do devices cross over becoming distractive, reducing core values, numbing the mind instead of developing it? Not an easy question to answer. Humanity has not advanced socially to the degree it has technologically. It may be that we are simply too many in numbers, enhancing inability to fuse the human growth cycle with inner, spiritual development conceiving a more harmonious world. Analyzing the history of human expansion and development reveals patterns detailing activities responsible for our arrival as a modern society. Speculating our future can be projected based upon what has occurred in our past. The propensity for war and domination began in earnest around 5000 year’s ago as our species had moved away from a hunter-gatherer design. This new social structure formed an opposing system. Animals were domesticated; agriculture expanded creating a need for government jurisdiction and control. From this base evolved the desire to increase land holdings, borders were established and a quest to accumulate manifested to a greater degree than ancient cultural philosophies. The Bronze Age evolved and weaponry became more sophisticated installing a broader scope of power utilizing a large army presence, applying new technology to warfare, bronze swords and armor. Sumer (6500-3800 BCE) was among the first to form a massive standing army. Since this early time war has inundated the human timeline, an unshakeable, historical constant. From this distinction it is a logical conjecture that war will continue as a factor in predicting humanity’s future.

ican football emulates war and is the most viewed sport in the US. Does this reveal the typical mentality among the collective populous? We continue to visualize war as a solution, and war continues to reveal this as untrue. An objective hypothesis reveals a picture of many hues and images. Leaders voice ambitions to implement change and social improvements using persuasive lexicon choices carefully designed to align with what is perceived listener’s want to hear. Does this political patter offer solutions, or is it social manipulation? Culturally we have grown to worship wealth and status. Abundance and material accumulation now occupy the forefront of mutual ambition. We want to hear how our economy will continue to expand adding to what is viewed as security through financial posturing. Leaders and potential leaders gear and design their presentations toward this collaborative. There is little or no discussion about the extreme social separation that exists, or global poverty. Environmentally destructive practices are also ignored as economic gain trumps environmental protection. These issues are neglected because potential leaders inspire voters by addressing individual, particular goals directed at economic and social escalation. What lies ahead? Good question. Is there a reset button? Will we destroy ourselves driven by an unquenchable thirst for war and domination? Will we be consumed by our own consumption? Will a catastrophic, environmental event occur as we continue to pillage and disrupt natural balances? Earth’s future is perpetual proceeding with or without humanity.

Global population has greatly expanded since early Mesopotamia, and there is no comparison to Alexander the Great and his marching, killing machine using bronze war tools. In these modern times technological warfare is capable of killing millions in a flash. What causes humanity’s ongoing attachment to war? Is this an irreversible flaw? Is war mentality ingrained in the spiritual base of human design? Anger, confrontation and intimidation continue to be a large presence within the human experience. AmerBellesprit Magazine • • 207

artist spotlight

Rootiebirds A Gem From The Universe “I take information and translate it to patterns and colors in jewelry.” By Kimberly Wilson Ward

Katherine Ruth Lasilla was born in Michigan and moved to Texas at a very young age where she tells me she was one of the GRITS “girls raised in the south.” She says she has always been inquisitive and would frequently get chastised in church for asking too many questions. She distinctly remembers wondering aloud to her father “what if the world (earth) was just God’s eyeball?” Growing up she would frequently go into the woods and lie down on the ground and just look at the sky with wonder; “the trees talk to you” she says. Kate also says that from a young girl she has been fascinated with braiding. She would braid blades of grass, scraps of material, hair and string. In school she loved art class and attributes this to a teacher that allowed her to explore art. Kate says

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she still has a green rock with a red pebble imbedded inside of it that her teacher gave her. She found it fascinating that two solid rocks could meld together that way; Kate carries the stone as a talisman. Kate’s father used to tease her about eating like a bird and fondly used her middle name to dub her “Rootiebird”, and the name stuck. Rootiebird’s is the name of Kate’s Jewelry business but she has not always made jewelry. Kate moved to Nebraska after the birth of her son and while working as a janitor, a woman who was making elastic bracelets asked Kate if she would like to help her and Kate’s journey began. Shortly after this encounter Kate got her hands on a string of black onyx

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beads. She said that she immediately felt that gemstones were “our connection to the earth, the energy of our ancestors.” The first bracelet she created was a braid, but it was when she created a combination of gemstones she calls “CagedBird” that she knew for certain that working with gemstones to help others was her destiny. It consisted of Labradorite, iolite and rainbow moonstone. During this period of time, Kate was making jewelry and bracelets as a hobby for friends and had not considered turning it into a business. Kate was working full-time in what she says was “a very good job.” As most ‘Lightworkers’ will tell you, there comes a defining moment when you must follow your destiny. The universe has a way of letting us

artist spotlight

know when we are not following our path and the universe spoke loud and clear for Kate. She was suddenly propelled into making a decision and found that in order to live true to her integrity she must leave this position and move on. Kate started formulating a business plan and took a position as a part-time caregiver and was going to school for communications when she injured her shoulder and was unable to continue in this profession and Rootiebird’s was born. Kate adamantly insists that she is not a metaphysical expert or a gemologist, “I take information and translate it to patterns and colors in jewelry. I have never taken a jewelry making class I started stringing beads on elastic.” Kate stated that braids create a malleable strength and “when you braid or intertwine spherical gemstones, it takes

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that gentle emission of energy and creates this vortex removing the space so that the energy of the beads interact with each other.” Kate lives in a world of fascinating patterns that come to her by bizarre means. She will get sick, sometimes violently ill, and while in a bath images will come to her. She will create the image within the jewelry taking guidance through divine means. She says that “sometimes the information is coming so rapidly I have a hard time keeping up creating the piece.” Once a piece is complete she will research the properties of the gemstones and the patterns. This is how she has learned about sacred geometry, planets, astrology and numerology. When she initially looked into the properties of the gemstones she found that each gemstone had multiple layers of information. That each gem vibrated to a numerical frequency and when combined with other gems the piece of jewelry took on a vibration of its own. Kate repeatedly insisted she is not an expert, however, when I gave her certain numbers from within my own numerology chart, she created a bracelet that mirrored my life; the colors of the gemstones a duplicate of the colors within my home and my closet. Reinforcing my own belief that we attract to us certain vibrations by the vibrations put out.

One of Kate’s signature designs that she calls ‘Orbital Resonance’ refers to the gravitational pull that orbiting planets have on each other. RootieBirds Orbital Resonance design is a reminder of the influence we have on one another as children of the universe. Kate says that it is to remind us to “always act out of love to keep ourselves in balance.” She also says that Orbital Resonance looks like Age of Aquarius. All of her pieces are given names and frequently she is given a vibrational number that the piece resonates to. One of the pieces currently in her Etsy store is called Bagua. Bagua translates from Chinese to eight symbols. The bagua are trigrams used in Taoism to symbolize the eight fundamental principles of reality. It represents Yin and Yang. The design represents such in that there are 3 strands (lines) two are ‘broken’ (different sized beads, or broken with a sterling silver bead) and one is ‘unbroken.’ Another of Kate’s designs ‘Awakening’ symbolizes Universal Enlightenment and how all paths converge at one point. Regardless of the fact that Kate had a physical experience with a ghost in her twenties and that she channels her jewelry designs; Kate does not see herself as a psychic, healer, empath or an expert on metaphysics, she just loves making jewelry. She also contributes a portion of all profits to a special Depression Support Fund dedicated to assisting people with depression who may not have access to benefits. She feels strongly about helping this group of individuals and at one point had considered a career in psychology. Kate shared with me that she

was once told by someone that they were not eligible for benefits because they needed too many. She has made it her mission to make benefits available for those who need them through the sales of her jewelry.

a unique frequency just for you. Kate said “to answer your question, the ideas for Rootiebirds are not mine, the inspiration comes from so many places that they belong to everyone.”

After speaking to Kate I am conRootiebird’s recently gave away vinced that she is a Gem of the many pieces of jewelry during her Universe, a Lightworker who 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. channels healing by bringing Kate says that “giving these pieces together her art with pieces of our has so many factors mixed in.” One ancestral earth to bring you high of them being, the more she gives, vibrational pieces of jewelry that the more room there is for her to are unique and one of a kind. Just create with fresh eyes. The more as we are each a unique expresfeedback she receives the more sion carrying a unique vibration, the ideas flow whether through each piece of Rootiebirds jewelry pictures, a connection to someis a unique vibration just looking one or through suggestions made for a new place to ‘Nest.’ You can by others such as researching find Kate at www.chakrayourkarfurther into numerology. Another theme of RootieBirds is religion. Kate makes beautiful Rosary’s for Kimberly is a regular columnist Catholics. Challah, a five strand for Bellesprit Magazine and you braid, is braided just like the can find more information at her traditional Jewish bread, challah. website www.newbeginningsholisIt represents how we should all combine our gifts and talents to create a strong world. Kate’s son Chance is a large part of Rootiebirds. When clients contact Rootiebirds with questions on the medical properties of stones, Chance is the one who does the research. Kate says he is “pretty much her business manager; he is incredibly intelligent and carries the traits of a starseed.” Kate shared with me as she was exploring numerology and thinking about Astrology that she can custom design a piece that would resonate with individuals’ numerology and astrological chart. Knowing your chart and which aspects you would like to enhance provides Kate valuable information in creating that special piece that vibrates Bellesprit Magazine • • 211

artist spotlight

DaySpring In archaic times, dawn was oft times referred to as dayspring. This collection symbolizes dayspring as a new era, the dawning of truth. I made this collection in honor of a dear friend whose mandala artistry is the stuff of dreams. The realization of her voice is her *dayspring*. This gemstone combination cools, soothes, and calms. The ethereal Aquamarine, royal Lapis Lazuli, and crisp Chrysocolla all resonate with the Throat Chakra, in addition, the Chrysocolla aligns all the Chakras with the Universe. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of royalty and considered sacred to the gods; Isis is this gemstone’s Diety. Lapis Lazuli resonates with the Throat and Third Eye/Brow Chakras, making it superb for discrete, intuitive communication. Lapis Lazuli has been reported to impart ancient wisdom, objectivity, and perspective. It vibrates with Venus and the number three; its element is water. Lapis Lazuli is astrologically associated with Sagittarius and Scorpio. Chrysocolla can be translated from Greek into “gold glue” and was called the wise stone in ancient Egypt. While Chrysocolla resonates strongly with the Heart Chakra (encouraging trust in self and unconditional love), it is capable of stimulating all seven chakras. Lapis Chrysocolla vibrates with Venus and the num212 • Bellesprit Magazine •

artist spotlight

ber five; its element is water. Chrysocolla is astrologically associated with Taurus, Libra, and Aquarius. Aquamarine holds the energy of the seas and oceans. It resonates strongly with the Throat Chakra, but will also work on the Heart and Third Eye Chakras. Aquamarine is also the stone of courage, making it excellent for speaking one’s mind without fear, and allowing one to find one’s innermost truths. It vibrates with the number 1 and the Moon. It is astrologically associated with Aries, Gemini, and Pisces. Naturally, its element is water. Centuries ago, seamen carried aquamarine to protect against drowning. Aquamarine can help with throat and pituitary issues, and is also helpful with diseases of the liver, auto-immune aliments, and an over active immune system. Ironically, with its link to water, aquamarine can help with fluid retention. Together, they challenge you to boldly speak your truth, yet calm and soothe.Philosophically, a Paradigm Shift is a transformation driven by change; changing from one way of thinking to another. Here RootieBird’s Paradigm Shift symbolizes the metamorphosis of individuals that transfers to the Universe.

Chances Are-Duality Chance’s Are is a gemstone combination named in honor of my son, Chance. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of royalty and considered sacred to the gods; Isis is this gemstone’s Diety. Lapis Lazuli resonates with the Throat and Third Eye/ Brow Chakras, making it superb for discrete, intuitive communication. Lapis Lazuli has been reported to impart ancient wisdom, objectivity, and perspective. It vibrates with Venus and the number three; its element is water. Lapis Lazuli is astrologically associated with Sagittarius and Scorpio. Here 3mm Lapis Lazuli is incorporated into the braid.

Duality design is a reminder that we are not limited to this physical realm. Clients often refer to the design as resembling DNA or a helix. Duality design reminds us that we are not limited to just this physical realm.

Red Aventurine resonates with the Sacral Chakra (sacred self ) to enable one to *go with the flow* while still honoring self. Aventurine has been used, traditionally, as a healing stone. Here, 2mm Red Aventurine is an orange hue. Sparkling subtly. Peruvian Pink Opal resonates with the Root Chakra, and possibly the Foot Chakra, for superb grounding to earth’s vibrations. Opal is a stone of manifestation, exemplifying any emotion of the wearer. Here, 4mm Pink Peruvian Opal looks ivory, yet you can see by the variations in color that it is genuine Peruvian Pink Opal gemstone, in it’s natural glory. Bellesprit Magazine • • 213

artist spotlight

Desiderata Desiderata is a 10 strand braid, the construction is similar to that of a friendship bracelet. Once the braid is complete, if you push the ends together, that pattern emerges from inside. It is an infinite loop of pentacles and circles. I named this design after the poem Desiderata, by Max Ehrman. “You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees or the stars. “ This is RootieBird’s theme, that all creatures are part of the endless circle of life. This design can be done in a single gemstone, or with multiples. That decision is left to the client.

artist spotlight

HeartStrings…What pulls at your heart strings? Music? Art? Animals? Books? Whatever it is do it with all of your heart. Sink into it!!! Let it consume you. Is there any other way to do it? HeartStrings gemstone combination pulls up all that is you, from deep within. Peruvian Blue Opal cleanses all of the chakras and the aura. It is ruled by Mercury, but associated with all of the planets. It is astrologically associated with Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, and Libra. Opals vibrate with the 8’s and is associated with all of the elements, however this can sometimes depend on the color. It detoxifies the liver and relieves constrictions in the heart and chest. Amazonite soothes and resonates with the Throat Chakra, honoring heartfelt communication. How do you communicate? There’s more than one way. Amazonite is Virgo’s stone and also vibrates with 5’s and Uranus. Amazonite encourages self-respect and reduces self-destructive behaviors. Its element is Earth. ∞Tree of Life∞ design ~ as above, so below; symbolizes the interconnection of all life on this planet. Tree of Life is a symbol used throughout many religions.

214 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Crochet-work with gemstones. There are two classifications of crochet-work at RootieBirds. This particular type is very customizable. In this particular picture, 4 strands of 2mm Amethyst are used. However, like most RootieBird designs, you can mix and match various gemstones and sizes, the outcome is always unique to the stone choices. Amethyst is a favorite of healers, lightworkers, and starseeds for good reason!!!! It is a stone of protection, and it transforms negative energy into positive energy. Amethyst resonates with the Crown Chakra, and is good for opening portals into spiritual experience. It is a very beneficial stone for healing and protecting the wearer. It has been thought to tune the endocrine system, aiding in pain relief. In ancient cultures it was worn to protect from evil sorcery and was even used to help understand dreams. Amethyst is associated with Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn. It vibrates with 3’s, and Jupiter, and its element is Air.

God’s recreation...Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven...Like the first dewfall, on the first grass. Mine is the Morning gemstone combination tempts your senses. Peruvian Blue Opal soothes like dew-clinging to blades of grass, cleansing the chakras and aura. It is ruled by Mercury, but associated with all of the planets. It is astrologically associated with Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, and Libra. Opals vibrate with the 8’s and is associated with all of the elements, however this can sometimes depend on the color. It detoxifies the liver and relieves constrictions in the heart and chest. Yellow Calcite shines softly like the new dawn, resonating with the Solar Plexus Chakra and banishing depression. Calcite amplifies energy, and is excellent for dispelling depression. It resonates with the Sacral Chakra, to help build self esteem and let go of the past. While it is not a traditional birthstone for any month, it is associated with Earth, and astrologically connected to Virgo and Cancer. It vibrates with 5’s. Calcite stimulates the intellect, organizes thoughts, and boosts energy levels to help maintain focus. Grey Moonstone clings like wisps of fog dissipating on the new morn; Grey Moonstone resonates with the Sacral/Navel Chakra (sacred self ) and the Third Eye/Brow Chakras, allowing one to go with the flow Bellesprit Magazine • • 215

artist spotlight and instinctually move with the harmonious tides of the Universe. Grey Moonstone is associated with the moon and astrologically with Cancer, and vibrates with the number 4. With any Moonstone, its properties become more powerful as the moon waxes, and releases a more subtle power as the moon wanes. Morning is my favorite time to quiet and bare, begging us to rise and capture it!!! Philosophically, a Paradigm Shift is a transformation driven by change; changing from one way of thinking to another. Here RootieBird’s Paradigm Shift symbolizes the metamorphosis of individuals that transfers to the Universe. Well as you can see, each of Kate’s incredible pieces of jewelry are inspired by Nature and divinely channeled for the healing and blessings they are intended. Be sure to check out her web site and Etsy shop to obtain your personal piece of jewelry that speaks to you. Each piece of Rootiebirds is looking for its ‘nest home.’ Could yours be one of them?

Bagua ~ Larimar, Pink Opal and Angelite ~ Orbital Resonance design

CagedBird ~ Iolite, Labradorite, and Rainbow Moonstone ~ Awakening design

20% of each purchase helps to empower individuals suffering from depression. Be sure to stop by Rootiebirds Facebook Fan Page and give them your support with a Like. You can also email Rootiebirds at rootiebirds@gmail. com. We are also so very excited to announce that kate will be joining us as a columnist here with Bellesprit Magazine with her column called Gemstones Whispers where she will share information about the gemstone properties and what they bring to us. Welcome to Team Bellesprit, Kate!

Lapis Lazuli ~ Double Braid

216 • Bellesprit Magazine •

Una Cosi Dolce Umiliazione ~ Amazonite, Pink Opal, and Green Aventurine ~ Oribital Resonance design Bellesprit Magazine • • 217

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Marc ‘Bear’ Grindle

Pray For The Children So hard to believe Want to wish it away Seems the madness increases With each passing day Twenty six people Twenty six lives Twenty six humans Who shouldn’t have died Pray for the children Pray for them all Pray for six heroes Who all took the fall Pray for their families Pray for their souls Pray for their spirits Please pray for them all

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Why did this happen? Makes no sense at all This world’s gone crazy We’ve witnessed the fall What do we look at? Who do we blame? When there’s no respect No remorse or no pain Pray for the children Pray for them all Pray for six heroes Who all took the fall Pray for their families Pray for their souls Pray for their spirits Please pray for them all It’s not the first time But pray it’s the last Somehow we never have Learned from our past We need to get back To the ways of the old When most people still felt Their conscience and soul Pray for the children Pray for them all Pray for six heroes Who all took the fall Pray for their families Pray for their souls Pray for their spirits Please pray for them all

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Bellesprit Magazine January 2013  

Bellésprit Magazine was born out of a desire to educate those who seek to expand their knowledge along their spiritual path. Featuring many...

Bellesprit Magazine January 2013  

Bellésprit Magazine was born out of a desire to educate those who seek to expand their knowledge along their spiritual path. Featuring many...