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Sports Day returns with great success! the stands. It also felt really rewarding when you had finished your event knowing you hade made your form proud. Next year in Sports Day I am looking forward to competing in a new event I haven’t tried before. I had better get training!” Katie D: “I thought Sports Day was creative and enjoyable. I was very excited to see who would win. The best part of Sports Day was when everyone had fun together and when all the forms were cheering with their own unique chants, it was very supportive. Next year I look forward to having fun with my fellow pupils and having a friendly competitive atmosphere”.

The first Sports Day for Bellerive students in approximately 13 years took place in July. All students and staff travelled to the Wavertree track to take part in the exciting whole school event. The noise and enthusiasm from students made for an electric atmosphere throughout the day! Events ranged from 100m sprint, obstacle relays, javelin, tug of war to the much anticipated staff race to close the very enjoyable day.

Here are some Y8 students thoughts on highlights from the day:

Both staff and students look forward to this being an annual event on the school calendar

Chloe M: “I thought Sports Day was a fun experience for all of us to experience together. We were able to compete in sports we already succeed in and ones we have only just been introduced to. We got the chance to cheer on our form and make our own slogan. The best part of Sports Day was at the beginning as there was lots of school spirit and excitement coming from

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Specialising in the Sciences, Applied Learning, Maths and Computing

Field work in Liverpool city centre raises questions...

On Monday 24th September, the Year 13 Geography cohort and Mr. Lucas spent a very productive morning in Liverpool City Centre at various locations to consider the possibilities for fieldwork which will form the basis of their Independent Investigation report, worth 20% of their final grade. Students conducted a comparative ‘clone town survey’ in Bold Street and in Liverpool 1, to consider if globalisation has made place less important. Does it matter if large global chains make every high street look identical? What impact may this have on the local character of places? Linked to this, they also completed a perception analysis of the benefits of Liverpool 1. Has this development improved the quality of the environment? Later, in the Baltic Triangle – an area undergoing change and being dubbed ‘the cultural quarter’ – students

completed a Building Profile survey along Jamaica Street. This allowed them to collect primary quantitative data by calculating ‘regeneration priority index’ scores. Have all streets been utilised or have some got the potential for future regeneration? After a well-earned lunch break, we visited Liverpool John Moores University to meet up with an Urban Geography lecturer/researcher to discuss the process of completing an independent investigation. After discussions as a class and in small groups, students came up with some excellent ideas for potential investigation questions and methodologies, and it was very pleasing to see the students fully engaged in the process. With plenty of ideas over the course of the day, our students are well equipped to begin their independent investigation. Now the hard work starts! Well done to all who took part.

Congratulations to Year 11

Bellerive celebrated some excellent GCSE results this year with almost 1 in every 4 grades awarded being grade 7+. This year marks the first year in which the vast majority of GCSE exams were assessed using the new 9-1 grading system. Grades 7 and above are regarded as broadly equivalent to the previous A*/A grades. Amongst the many strong performances, well done to Emily who secured a grade 9 in 5 subjects including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, while Kaitlyn and Sophie achieved a grade 9 in both English Language and English Literature. Olivia also scored a number of top grades. Headteacher Mrs Howlett welcomed the results and said: "I am delighted that the hard work and commitment of our students has resulted in these excellent results. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of high quality teaching, excellent pastoral support and good parental engagement. Our students have risen to the challenge of these new GCSEs , showing great resilience and we look forward to them continuing their studies with us next year." We are proud of all our students, many of whom had to cope with difficult circumstances to achieve their grades. A number of students studied subjects outside of the school day, working on these subjects whilst still keeping up to date with their normal curriculum subjects. Particular congratulations must go to Destiny and Wafa who achieved a grade 7 in GCSE Drama.

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A Level success at Bellerive

Nuffield Physics summer work placement for Eve Eve C in Year 13 was given the opportunity to complete a four-week summer work placement as part of the Nuffield scheme. Eve was based at Liverpool University in the Physics department. This is what Eve said about her experience:

Bellerive FCJ Catholic College students celebrated outstanding successes in recent A-level results, marking another year of excellent academic and personal achievements for students at the school. Mrs Howlett, Headteacher said, "I am thrilled with the success of our students which is a reward for their hard work and a testament to the support and encouragement of their teachers and parents. We set very high standards for our students and they have responded accordingly, achieving results which will allow them to realise their ambitions and follow the careers and further educational pathways of their choice. I wish them every success in the future.” Notable successes include Jade O who achieved 3A*s in Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Jade plans to read Mathematics and Chemistry at the University of Manchester. Jessica A will go on to read Mathematics at the University of Liverpool with an A* in Mathematics, A in Further Mathematics and A in Physics. Sian B is also going to the University of Liverpool to read Mathematics and Business Studies, with A grades in Mathematics and Further Mathematics and a starred Distinction in Business Studies. Olivia P is going further afield to study French Literature at the University of Lille. Olivia achieved A grades in English Literature and French and a B in Philosophy and Ethics. These are just a few of our successes and show the range of pathways chosen by our students.

“For four weeks during my summer, I completed a research placement at the Physics department of Liverpool University through the Nuffield Foundation. I worked alongside Dr Sergey Burdin, a particle physics researcher, and three of his PhD students, who are responsible for manufacturing and testing the Optical Calibration System for the LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Detector based in South Dakota. During my time there, I sat in on video conferences with collaborators at Brown University in Boston and tested the electronics that the group at Liverpool had created to ensure that individual components worked to their specification. It was interesting to explore an element of physics – such as dark matter – that is not taught in the A Level curriculum and I gained a

deeper understanding of practical physics at a higher level including the opportunities it presents to work on large projects all around the world. At the end of my placement, I wrote a report about dark matter, the LUX-ZEPLIN detector and the work of Liverpool University, including the data I had recorded which was a chance to reflect on all that I had learnt over the summer. Overall, it has reaffirmed my desire to continue studying physics.” Eve hopes to study Physics at university next year and staff at Bellerive believe she will be an excellent future physicist. Well done Eve!

Karla strikes again! Well done to Karla W in Y12 who won the coveted title of Liverpool Echo Sports Personality of the Year. Karla was presented with the award at a star-studded ceremony in the city and was fortunate to meet local sporting legends such as Everton FC's league title and FA Cup winning captain Kevin Ratcliffe. Karla has given so much of her time and energy to her sporting career but has always kept her eye on her school work. She is an excellent example of the FCJ values in living action.

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Reading Round-up

Bellerive pupils take part in Adoremus Youth Events

This September has been a busy time for chaplaincy at Bellerive as we prepared to take part in the National Eucharistic Congress and Pilgrimage, Adoremus.

We’ve started the new academic year as we mean to go on with a host of exciting reading related fun already underway! On 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day with students and staff alike being treated to instalments of one of his short stories, ‘The Umbrella Man’, throughout the day. We also held our second annual ‘Golden Ticket Hunt’, in which students were given clues inspired by some of Dahl’s famous works to help them find tickets hidden around school. Where would you find Augustus Gloop, anyone? How about Matilda? And where might George have concocted something marvellous? We have some real Dahl detectives amongst our students who soon discovered the hidden tickets to much delight! At the end of September we welcomed the Scholastic Book Fair through our doors once again. This is

a great event that always creates a buzz about books in school, helping to encourage reading for pleasure and with the added bonus of at least 25% of all sales going towards buying more books for the school library. This year our Sixth Form students were also invited to take part in the BBC Student Critics’ Award which follows the BBC National Short Story Award. Students were able to listen to and read the nominated short stories and share their ideas in discussions not only with each other but also the wider world via the BBC website. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to engage with some of the best in contemporary literature and participate in a prestigious national scheme. With lots more to come, including the launch of our own short story competition, we’re looking forward to a year of happy reading ahead.

Perfect paella! Ms Doolan and her classes enjoyed a Spanish cookery lesson as part of the pupils' cultural learning. The pupils worked in groups to make a paella from scratch with only the ingredients and recipe cards written in Spanish. They were very successful and enjoyed eating their homemade gastronomic delights afterwards!

On Friday of the first week back, Kira W and Emma S attended an event today as part of the Adoremus Parallel Programme, organised by the Justice and Peace group, with Pax Christi and the Columban missionaries. It was a day to explore how young people, with Jesus at the heart of their lives can act to bring about change and help the broken in our society. Kira and Emma really enjoyed the day. They said it was “interesting to find out more about the Eucharist” and it helped them to have a greater understanding of the Eucharist. On Saturday 8th September, a group of students attended the Adoremus Youth Congress at the Echo Arena, which truly was a uplifting day of renewal of faith for young people. 'We are the Church' and the youth congress showed that the Church is a vibrant and joyful place for all. There was praise and worship, alongside testimonies and talks from the inspirational Katie Prejean, Cardinal Vincent Nicholls and Archbishop McMahon. We will certainly continue the spirit of Adoremus at Bellerive. Pupils are visiting the chapel in RE lessons to learn about why this room is so important in our school. We reserve the Blessed Sacrament in school, so Jesus truly is present in our community. We hope to able to offer Eucharistic Adoration in the future that is relevant and meaningful to our young people.

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Bellerive News October 2018  

Bellerive FCJ News October 2018

Bellerive News October 2018  

Bellerive FCJ News October 2018