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Made in Italy

Bellelli U.S.A. LLC – Yard 7520 Lawndale St, Houston, TX 77012, USA BELLELLIENG.COM

OPPORTUNITY With its wide and organized Yard, Bellelli U.S.A. L.L.C., is able to built any kind of modules and packages directly in U.S.A. A net of local sub supplier is already set up in order to cover any kind of request.

FACILITY Our facility consists of 138,000 square feet distributed as follows: • 10,000 square feet office space • 20,000 square feet warehouse space • 90,000 square feet concreted area • 18,000 Square Feet Lighted Parking • Dock-high for Container Stuffing • Security fence • Security Cameras • Electronic Fire and Burglar Alarm • Fully Insured

OUTSIDE The outside yard is used for packing and staging of heavy pieces and equipment. An additional 150,000 Square Feet off-site is available for on-demand Staging and Storage when needed.


POTENTIALITY A building of 8000 square feet with a 40-ton overhead crane covering every position of the building is ready with all the system needed for the 24 h/day operations in any kind of weather conditions.

EQUIPEMENT Bellelli U.S.A. LLC can handle any standard or heavy lift size or weight modules and package. The following equipment is on site to provide the service: • Fork lifts with 5,000 lb. lift-capacity • Fork lifts with 12,000 lb. lift-capacity • Fork lift with 35,000 lb. lift-capacity • Fork lift with 60,000 lb. lift-capacity • Digital electronic scale of 10,000 lb. weight capacity • Digital electronic scale of 20,000 lb. weight capacity • 4 Cell Scale 60,000 Lbs to 250,000 lbs range • Crane-Lift On Demand

POSITION The Yard office and warehouse is located at 7520 Lawndale St., Houston – TX 77012, U.S.A., accessed West of 225 by using the Lawndale exit. We are strategically located two miles from the Port of Houston's City docks, 20 miles from Barbour's Cut Marine Terminal and 17 miles from Bush Intercontinental Airport.



Contact us Rovigo (ITALY) - ph. +39-0425 595074 – fax. +39-0425 590372 Abu-Dhabi (UAE) - ph +971-24455830 Houston TX (U.S.A.) ph. +1-281 9537490 - fax. +1-281 9537499 Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA) ph. +60 192973619 – ph. +60 322020313 Medellin (COLOMBIA) ph. +57 3104526309 - fax. +57 45811163 Campinas (BRAZIL) ph. +55 1932941121 – ph. +55 1981866476


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