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Gallery Floats A “floating” Gallery Block™ is a series of smaller print blocks constructed together to create a chic, one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. The floating Gallery Block™ is manufactured to look like each individual Gallery Block™ is floating over a large image background. Each individual Gallery Block™ is a single professional print laminated over a solid wood constructed box. Easy to maintain and easy to hang

The Royal Panes Floats: (1) 12x9, (1) 9x9, and (4) 4x4 backboard: (1) 24x24

The Cubicle Floats: (9) 6x6 on a backboard: (1) 21x21

The Invite (left or right) Float: (1) 11x14 block on a backboard: (1) 30x20

The Scrapbook Floats: (1) 8x6 and (1) 15.5x5.5 on a backboard: (1) 26x23

Mini Gallery Floats

The Center of Attention Floats: (1) 4.5x4.5 on a backboard: 10x10

The Triple 8x8 Floats: (3) 4.x4 on a backboard: 14x5.5

The Show Off Floats: (2) 3.75x4.75 (2) 4.75x3.75 on a backboard: 10 x 10

The Quad Floats: (4) 5x5 on a backboard: 11.5x11.5

The Invite Left of Right Floats: (1) 5.5x7 on a backboard: 15x10

The Triple Triumph Floats: (1) 3.375x7 (2) 3.375x3.375 on a backboard: 10.5x10.5

product photos courtesy of artsy couture

Belle La Vie Photography l Gallery Floats Guide  
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