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ules the world. - Napoleon Bonaparte

The Editor’s Journal “My Art Fair Magazine is celebrating, encouraging, discovering, and nurturing the Creative Journey for our readers.” Hello Creatives! I’m excited with all the changes happening at My Art Fair! The new year has started off with lots of love and light, and we are basking in it with you. I couldn’t be more pleased. We have grown so much in a few short months thanks to our new and fabulous webmaster. We’ve streamlined the site & the signup process making it easier to sell and buy art on My Art Fair. The feedback from this publication has surpassed all expectations, and readership continues to grow each month. Readers are responding to our articles focusing on Creatives from all over the world and covering every medium. In this issue we travel to Paris, France, to interview artist Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye in her home studio while collage artist Carol Monczka shares her unique perspective on her artwork. Are you finding new ways to release all the Creativity inside of you? We would love to hear about you and what you create. Email us at and tell us more.

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After all, An ARtist is Just an artist Carol Monczka Written by Floyd Allen, AZ Bible Guy Photographed by Connie Zimmerlich, Siera Arte Portraiture

The Perfect Giift of Qrt

Painting in Paris Interview with Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye Photographed by Krystal Kenney, Miss Paris Photo

Cover photo: Krystal Kenney 12

My Art Fair Magazine




Story By F Photography by C



Floyd Allen Connie Zimmerlich

Carol Monczka

hile Paris may be known as “The City of Light,” what it is known for is Art & Culinary Delights. From the Louvre to the Cordon Bleu, enthusiasts from around the world make their way there to study at the feet of the Masters to further develop themselves in the pursuit of honing their talent in response to the calling of their muse. As they pour into Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, onlookers can only wonder if they are artists or purveyors of those Culinary Delights. According to Carol Monczka, there is no reason to think that they aren’t one in the same “If a rose is a rose is a rose,” she shares, the twinkle in her eye convincing you that no matter what she says next you are going to agree with it, “there’s no reason not to think that an artist is an artist is an artist.” And, she has an excellent point! After all, how much different, really, is a kiln and an oven? While the painter uses his palette to create beauty, the chef uses beauty to appeal to the palate! Monczka, however, has gone beyond the theoretical and is proving her point with the labor of her own hands. Spending much of her life as a baker par excellence, she has now funneled her creative genius into the realm of collages. “Attention to detail is but one area where the two artistic pursuits overlap,” Monczka noted with a smile. “I have had a heart for serving others my entire life,” Monczka offered with a gleam in her eye, “and this year I decided to do something for myself.”


My Art Fair Magazine

That “something” took the form of expanding her horizons from the kitchen to the studio - - from creating cupcakes to collages! She concentrated on four particular projects, all which reflect a Parisian flair, with an eye to creativity and personal satisfaction. “It is that desire that I used to motivate me as I created a piece that, though it may not speak to others the same way, reflects how I envision chic and vogue fashion.”



My Art Fair Magazine

PRINCESS OF HEARTS: “I really enjoyed this piece,” Monczka verified, as she gazed at it a little longingly. “Perhaps,” she continued thoughtfully, “because it brought out the ‘little girl’ in me - the ‘little girl’ that hasn’t had a chance to express herself in a long, long time.”


itting back, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying a madeleine, one of her culinary creations, Monczka waxed a little philosophically as we continued to enjoy the collages she had created. “As I enter into my golden years,” she noted with a degree of solemnity, “I realize that there is so much more I want to accomplish. I wish that more of my contemporaries could understand that retirement is not the end, but rather the opportunity for a host of new beginnings. We, all of us, need not limit the flow of our creative juices. As Yogi Berra once said, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it!” It is important, as we cruise down the road of the last decades of our lives, that we remember the wisdom found in Proverbs 29:18a (KJV) “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” With the years that I have left,” she shared with a big smile, “my ‘vision’ is to live life with gusto and not thwart the flow of creative juices, regardless of what form they decide to take!”

A POSTCARD FROM PARIS: One of the most beautiful cities in the world, perhaps the most recognizable landmark is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. “I wanted to create a vision that whispered ‘couture’ and emanated the individual tastes of the belle femme that was the center piece of the work.” 24

My Art Fair Magazine


VOGUE: “While I don’t necessarily consider myself a fashionista,” Monczka shared, passing her hand over the piece we were discussing, “like any woman I love looking my best! It is that desire that I used to motivate me as I created a piece that, though it may not speak to others the same way, reflects how I envision chic and vogue fashion.” 26

My Art Fair Magazine

A BIT OF ROMANCE: “As I worked on this piece I envisioned a demure mademoiselle who has just dipped her toe into the pool of love for the first time, and how romantic everything around her would appear,� Monczka shared with just a touch of romanticism in her voice. Things that seem to accomplish this look include pastel colors and the trademarks of spring like butterflies and flower petals.

Learn more about Carol Monczka on her Facebook group page. 27

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Painting in PARIS Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye, Artist

Krystal Kenney 31


My Art Fair Magazine

I have expressed my artistic side through drawing and painting for over 25 years. I am a mother of three grown children and balance my time between my two passions: my family and art. I have always lived surrounded by art, thanks to my parents who loved beautiful objects, both classic and modern, as well as through my uncle, Franรงois Mitterrand, former French president and great patron to many modern artists.



My Art Fair Magazine


After my art school studies, I decided to go into fashion design and wall decorating, before exploring canvas painting later on. My inspiration is drawn from the great impressionist painters of the 19th century as well as from my everyday life. I particularly enjoy capturing the places I love the most in my paintings: the beaches in Brittany where my children used when they were younger, the luscious green countryside of Normandy around our family home, the oyster farms in Charente, the region where my father was born and of course, Paris, which is forever in my heart.


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My Art Fair Magazine


What project are you currently working on? I wish to complete my research of enamels to cultivate my palette in the image of an impressionist painter, all


My Art Fair Magazine

Edwige and her daughter StĂŠphanie work together in the art business. StĂŠphanie oversees the operation of the website, Meet A French Artist.



My Art Fair Magazine

“I have been teaching drawing to children and adults for 15 years, and now I would love to welcome you into my world. “Join me for a painting session in a friendly atmosphere in my studio, in Normandy or by the Moulin Rouge in Montmartre! See you soon!




My Art Fair Magazine



My Art Fair Magazine



My Art Fair Magazine

Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye, Artist Visit to buy Edwige’s paintings or book one of her art workshops.


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