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June 2018

Bonjour, It’s good to share our Summer in Paris issue with you. We’ve updated our look a bit with a new logo, and soon you’ll begin seeing more changes in format and content over the next few issues. Summer in Paris brings us more new ways to enjoy the city. Terraces perfect for people watching, parks and gardens waiting for a cushy picnic blanket, basking in the quiet arrondissements while many Parisians are on holiday. American expat photographer, Krystal Kenny, provides us with gorgeous photographs of Paris. We also meet shop owner, Kim Johnson, who scours the french markets to find incredible furnishings and decorative items to stock her online boutique Trouvé Designs. Join us this summer in Paris!

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Palais Royal

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In My Right Mind in France

Postcards to Paris: The Perfect Combination Temple Tsenes-Hills


Madame Mimi’s French Adventures


Falling in Love in Paris: A Photo Essay

Belle Inspiration

Laura McHugh

Mimi Bleu

Krystal Kenney

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A Surprise Around Every Corner… Paris Trouvé - Found Objects from Around the World An Interview with Kim Johnson

Parisian Details

Krystal Kenney

Cover Photo: Mimi Bleu


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Temple’s ‘Postcards from Paris’ has become a popu-lar feature as she combines poetry, reflections and, of course, her fabulous photos of Paris. She also sells her own line of gorgeous and very unique handcrafted jewelry at the unique online boutique Sistah.

Krystal Kenney is an American photographer living in Paris. Born in Maryland, she has quickly become a popular potrait and interior photogher in Paris. Miss Paris Photo.


Belle Inspiration

Mimi is the founder and editor of Belle Inspiration Magazine. Her motto is “Because a Woman Loves So Many Things", which just happens to fit perfectly with current exciting digital publishing projects via Inspired Ink Media.

Laura McHugh may be an engineer by day but her creativity flows as a mixed media artist 24/7. She also has a love for European travel which is carefully chronicled in her travel journals.

Kim Johnson never tires of French style. After years of sourcing amazing furniture and decorative items in France for her clients - from lighting and fauteuils to marble fireplaces.

In my Right Mind in

France By Laura McHugh


an engineer. I studied how machines are built and how the properties of materials are affected by temperature, stress, strain, vibration and cyclic pressure. I chose engineering because as a kid, I was good at working with tools. My dad, an engineer, showed me how things are put together. I wasn’t allowed to have a car until I could maintain it myself.

It was tough, but the blessing was that it woke up the right side of my brain. After I recovered, I allowed myself to plunge into art, rather than pushing away my creativity. I realized I better get on with doing all the things on my “list,” for fear I might not get the chance. At a recent check-up, my doctor told me my recovery was impressive.

For the first 37 years, my brain was parked on the left. I passed up art for calculus and physics. I got good at spreadsheets. I was also blessed with a happy marriage and four children and a great engineering career.

I never wanted to go to France, but in 2006, I heard about a trip and I decided to go. That’s what breast cancer did for me: gave me permission to say yes, even when taking a trip like that might not be the logical choice.

Then, my husband left me and soon after that, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a two-year-old baby and needed to have a mastectomy, then chemo and radiation.

My youngest and I explored Paris and Provence for three weeks. What I most remember was the color of the water, why Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh painted the way they did, and why the light in France is different.

With seventeen years of remission, I’ve also had that much time making art. That is the story of my motivation. 14

Belle Inspiration

Laura is a multifaceted artist -- exploring and excelling in numerous artistic channels from painting to photography to textiles and more. She continually incorporates diversity, unique themes and interesting found objects discovered in her travels into her mixed media projects - making each a truly special piece. And, she is continually seeking out and exploring new techniques and different ways to tell a story through her art. What makes Laura truly special is her passion for contributing to the greater good. She has a generous spirit and always seeks to share her artistic knowledge with those around her and the community at large. Those of us who cross paths with Laura are artistically inspired and constantly re-energized by her work. - Kelly Harville, Marketing Consultant, Spinning Plates


went to broca historical site how the Pont Du Gard built without cranes. I in France’s rivers and up the history.

I saw the Eiffel Tower miracle of engineering beauty. I took along a let me explore photog had longed to since ch

My art is influenced m I’ve traveled to France since. Whether an art work, I take time to vi walk around with my home items that find t work - buttons, lace, a gowns - sentimental th of story.

The physical beauty o me; the small towns an as Paris, Toulouse, and

I admire Laura's fearlessness, her willingness to dive into new mediums with curiosity and commitment. Her art-making exhibits a social conscience and an awareness of cultural trends while being imbued with personal history. This combination brings meaning and depth to her work and allows for joy of discovery by the viewer.

-Anna Corba, Mixed Media Artist


Belle Inspiration

The work I do is a com making, photography dimensional collage an Lately I have been pho in a way that tells the “experiential photogra

My advice to would-b Paris. It is the most ins visited. You will be in

antes and saw many s. I marveled at d aqueduct was I kayaked and swam oceans and soaked

r in person - another g and artistic digital camera that graphy in a way I hildhood.

most by my senses. e almost every year workshops or for isit museums and y camera. I bring their way into my and children’s nighthings with a sense

of France inspires nd villages as well d Marseilles.

mbination of printy and two and threend assemblage. otographing events story, what I call aphy.�

be travelers is: go to spiring place I have nspired too.

Laura's fondness for history (days gone by), family, romance, and a palette reminiscent of the renaissance period is reflected in her art and her collectibles of antiques. - Shannon Sinnock, Painter and Fiber Artist


Laura has invited me in to play in her studio. She also takes time out to learn new skills and to be in the company of other artists in different cities across the country, and in France. She returns refreshed and excited to create and make art with others. In Laura's work there is a sense of romance and nostalgia, a longing for a simpler time. Color and texture are prominent and her energy, interests, and travels are reflected. - Judy Shintani, Artist I've observed Laura see something that grabs her attention and a short time later turn that image into a different medium and art piece that expressed her clear vision. I've had the pleasure of watching when after she places a free bag of her art in an outdoor restaurant, the wonderment and joy of the recipient. Laura is always willing to share her love of art with others. - Barbara Costa, Mixed Media Artist 18

Belle Inspiration

Laura has a unique eye. The play of light and shadow on everyday objects such as doorways, grillwork, cobble stones and curtains flowing in the breeze are dreamlike in their intensity. - Patricia Overland, Senior Coach, Blanchard Companies


Personalized Private Tours

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Postcards to Paris

The Perfect Combination “We must have pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of pie.� ~ David Mamet

W o r d s & P h ot o g ra p h y b y T e m p l e T s e n e s H i l l s 21

Chelsea Kalberloh-Jackson is a pastry chef. Her husband – Art – is a chef who honed his culinary skills at Le Nomade and Bijan’s Bistro (Chicago) and Fifth Floor (San Francisco). Chelsea and Art knew that they were going to own their own restaurant. They knew that they’d name it after the house his grandfather had grown up in, in Little Sweaton, England. They knew that they would grow all of the produce served in their restaurant, on an urban farm no less. They knew that they would buy all of their meat, poultry and every other food item possible from local growers. And they knew exactly what kind of restaurant it would be – a pie shop. Oui, after two bites of one of their amazingly delicious savory pies and three minutes of speaking with Chelsea, I knew that I had found my next Postcard to Paris.

Chelsea serves up beer and ale handcrafted-on-site. 22

Belle Inspiration

Three years ago, Chelsea and Art decided that their time had come. They went to Home Depot, rented a big truck, bought supplies and built raised beds – her brother built the hoop houses (structures that protect the tender shoots from the elements) – all planted on a friend’s Chicago lot. “We had [a crop] of leafy greens by Christmas.” Their urban farm is now located at The Plant – a former meatpacking facility converted into urban farmland. The combination of their culinary excellence, produce from their urban farm and Art’s grandmother’s pie recipe – The Pleasant House was a resounding success. I did not discover them until they opened their second pie shop in Harbor County, Michigan – a quixotic mix of sleepy beach community, artist colony and farm country – the perfect milieu for their Royal Pies.

Steak & Ale Pie: rich beef, ale and carrot stew (left). Chicken Balti Pie: Chicken, Tomato and fresh ground mild Curry spices (right). 23

The small menu highlights the very best about Chelsea and Art’s cooking: savory pies filled to the brim with fresh tender flavorful ingredients, surrounded by a crust that is basically a large, flaky and buttery croissant. A salad with greens freshly picked from their urban farm. And side dishes like: Peas buttered with mint, fluffy mashed potatoes topped with steak, cheddar and gravy, or pickled egg and crisps.

“Neither sugar nor salt tastes particularly good by itself. Each is at its best when used to season other things.” ~ Vera Nazarian The heart of The Pleasant House is a fruitful yield – utterly utilizing every part of the harvest. Their master brewer crafts interesting tasty beers and ales. I’m especially fond of the Yankee Brew (a Pale Mild Ale) and the Violet Beauregarde (a Blueberry Wheat Ale). Chelsea regularly experiments with their produce and spice surplus and puts her unique and tasty creations on the menu: Fizzy drinks, hand crafted teas and private label coffee and wine. She also hand makes and sells body scrub, lotion, lip balm – wherever her imagination and ingredients take her. But if the heart of The Pleasant House is its fruitful yield, it’s soul is the people who gather there.


Belle Inspiration

The pie shop/brewery is only open Friday to Sunday and the joint is jumping the entire time; hipsters, families with small children, farmers, artists, shopkeepers, tourists and townsfolk, young, old and inbetween. While the menu is decidedly English, the atmosphere is decidedly French. When I mentioned this to Chelsea she wholeheartedly agreed, though neither of us could describe ‘it.’ When I suggested the tried and true phrase: je ne sais quoi we both smiled. The Pleasant House looks, tastes and feels like England and like France – the perfect combination.

The Pleasant House is housed in a restored building on a small town main street that looks like it stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Exposed brick walls, hardwood floor, tall ceilings, reproduction gas lamps, a dozen or so bare wood tables, and a long bar with plenty of stools. It all screams ‘sit down, eat, drink, stay awhile.’


I dearly miss my beloved city Paris, but my prolonged absence has pro-duced an unexpected sparkly silver lining – the opportunity to explore closer to home. Adventure abounds. I’m discovering new places, meeting new people, having wonderful experiences. And while each place, person and experience is distinct and unique, there’s always an unexpected bit of Paris there. Maybe She misses me too? Envie de revenir ,

Temple 26

Belle Inspiration

French A dventures L ear n in g the Rop es a t t h e Fo od Ma rk et efore my move to Paris and before I met my French Honey I visited Paris many times and attempted to do things like the Parisians. This is a bit embarrassing to say, but my first spin around the grocery store in Paris was intimidating. That sounds a bit odd I know. It started out just fine; grab your little basket or drop in your 1 euro coin or token to unlatch the big rolling cart. Maybe it was being forced to choose from what looked like 100 different kinds of yogurt. The endless cheese aisle - with no cheddar to be found by the way (that would come many trips later at the local fromagerie).


uccess as I made my way to the caisse (checkout counter). Don’t think I’m a snob here, but hmmm, where was the bag person? Everyone was bagging their own groceries in their little sacs they had brought with them. I inched up to the register and greeted the cashier with my timid “Bonjour” – how could a trip to the food store turn me into a total goof? I had to ask for a non eco-friendly plastic bag and then worked on getting the crazy thing open to bag my handful of items. The cashier was asking for payment and I’m still struggling to pry the slippery plastic apart and my wallet is inside my purse.

I’m feeling a bit awkward to say the least. Little did I know how that particular feeling and I would come to be such close friends… err, enemies, once I had settled into my new French life. The people waiting in line behind me were getting restless. I was digging for my wallet that suddenly went into hiding; the darn bag was sealed shut. I hesitated for a split second; the man behind me was giving me the “look”.

Once you visit France you will quickly realize that “the look” is part of their, shall we say, “charm initiative”. Gooodness, he was cute. “Madame”, the cashier was waiting. Another obstacle was counting the money. The bills were no problem; the coins always slowed me down. Like a four-year-old I reluctantly held out my handful of coins to the cahier who dutifully counted it out for me. I was attempting to grab that darned plastic bag again with my other hand when the charming Frenchman who was giving me “the look” stepped in.


Belle Inspiration

“Madame,” he smiled sympathetically (yes, definitely cute), and with a quick twist of his fingers the two sides pulled apart and in went my little pile of groceries. Okay, this system was not so bad after all. My suave rescuer leaned in to whisper, “Wait for me,” in one of those heavy accents that leave you stand-ing there… waiting. What is it about a French accent? His smile and a quick sweep with his eyes woke me from my momentary stupor. European men can let you know all that is on their mind with one lingering glance. I made a quick exit.

When I finally moved to Paris full time my own French Honey came to my rescue over and over again. He showed me the ropes and helped me fit into la vie Française. He was my tour guide who helped me with every little detail of navigating the city. He has the patience of Job and is the cutest teacher ever!


Photography by Krystal Kenney


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hen I first moved to Paris my goal was to see everything. I wanted to learn my way around the city without needing my map every five minutes. I wanted to be… well, Parisian. One look at a map of Paris tells you this is not your average city. The streets go every which way and with zero rhyme or rhythm – my first thought was there was plenty of French wine passed around in the planning department. The truth is simply because Paris is just old. They kept adding and adding until – well we have what we know of today as the charming winding streets of Paris. Prepare to get lost in Paris – very lost. No, make that hopelessly lost. It used to make me crazy. Just when I thought I had mastered my route I realized I was heading in the wrong direction. I thought I had a fairly good sense if direction - it was maddening!


Belle Inspiration

ne afternoon it dawned on me whenever I wandered off my intended itinerary I stumbled on the most amazing things. All my supposed shortcuts turned into an adventure. Why fight it? When I don’t know where to turn that’s when I spy the little café serving the perfect cup of tea where you could nestle into a corner table. The perfect little bookstore, filled to overflowing with antique books. The smell of vintage leather leads to a petit rue I never would have found if I hadn’t gotten lost. A new-to-me pâtisserie with the most delicious millefeuille. The unknown petit rue that leads to a mysterious courtyard – where who knows what history took place; clandestine meetings between star-crossed lovers, political intrigue… my romantic notions tend to run riot in Paris.


42 Belle Inspiration

Courtyards ready to tell a story… 43


Belle Inspiration


I decided that like the flowing River Seine, I would float along without getting the least bit perturbed. It’s all p art of the surprise of Paris.


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Found objects from around the world

trouvé Found objects from around the world An Interview with Kimberly Johnson, Owner of Trouvé


Vintage Fre

are timeless and tr 50

Belle Inspiration

ench pieces

ranscend any style. 51

ou're collection of Furniture and found objects are guaran teed to make the heart of every Francophile flutter. Tell us what you do? Trouvé means found… and that’s exactly what I do, find unique architectural materials and vintage furnishings from France and bring them to you in your part of the world.

Are you living your dream with Trouvé? Yes, when I first travelled to Europe and France the year I graduated from college in 1994, I always wanted to find a way to bring back these amazing pieces I always found and seeing on my travels.

What appeals to you when you’re looking

Something that is unique and quite frankly has flea markets to copy items and have them mas piece you can find and the original is just impo century Chateaux… there is so much history in


Belle Inspiration

to purchase a new piece?

nkly hasn’t been “knocked-off”. There are many interior companies that go to the Parisian ss produced. There are still many items that are special; that gem, that conversation ossible to beat. For example the Louis chairs or gold gilt mirrors from early 18th n these beautiful pieces, why would you want the copy?


Describe Trouvé in one word? Chic. Many people visit France and Europe and fall in love with pieces, but just didn’t know how to get it back home. It’s so much fun to enjoy a piece from Paris in your everyday surroundings… so chic!

What is it that makes French style so appealing. History. Vintage French pieces are timeless and transcend any style. There are more and more modern homes these days and a Bergère chair in a modern setting still looks apropos and stylish.

If you had to choose just one piece from your current collection what would it be? The 18th century “Rouge Royale” Louis XIV fireplace mantle. This piece is so exquisite and very rare. It will look stunning in both a traditional home or equally in a modern home looking to add a warm architectural element.


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Photos by Krystal Kenney


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Belle Inspiration Magazine June 2018  

Summertime in Paris

Belle Inspiration Magazine June 2018  

Summertime in Paris