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Finding the perfect size for breast enhancer bras made EASY! The perfect lingerie can aid more to a women’s esteem than all the fancy and expensive gifts that any valentine’s day can bring. If you confer with any girl in the world, you’ll get a unanimous answer that the perfect bra should be added in the list of world’s most wondrous objects. If you’re one of those millions of women out there concerned about the health and shape of their breasts, then this article is dedicated to you all. Studies shows, that almost 63.9% of the world’s total population is opting for breast enhancer bras over other alternative measures like medication and surgery. But if you are also thinking about opting for this kind of lingerie, then there are a few things that you need to know, the most important being the correct size of your body. But how can you find that out? This is where this post will come to your aid. With the help of some petty household items, you can find the answer to this long pondered-over question effortlessly. So, snug up and read on.

How do I measure my actual size? Here we will help you with the much-awaited answer of this often asked question. But before we get into the process, let me list the household items you need to complete this little but significant task. 

Measuring tape



Comfortable bra


Conversion chart (You can easily download it from the internet)

A cousin or your sister to lend you a helping hand.

Now, let’s get started with the measuring process to find the actual size you need. But if you are still thinking about a reliable source where you can find the perfect collection of lingerie, then fret not. Just visit Belle Forme– a comprehensive web store where you can find a wide range of breast enhancer bras, shaping bras, luxury lingerie and much more.

But before you click on the link and place your order, let’s help you with the steps to find the actual size of your body.

Step 1 First, wrap the measuring tape around your ribcage and keep it just below your breasts, at the intersection of where your breasts rise from your body. You have to make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground, both back and front. Now breathe

naturally. Here, you’ll need your sister or cousin to help you write down the measurement. This will be the basis for determining the correct band size for you. Step 2 Next, wear the most comfortable bra you have. Look into the mirror and check if there is any overflow or not. You have to make sure that the breast should fill but not overflow the bra cup. You can also adjust the band if necessary. If one of your breasts is a bit larger than the other then pad the looser cup so that breast size is even. Step 3 Now, adjust the bra straps in such a way so that when standing with your arms down, your breasts fall halfway between your shoulders and elbows. Step 4 Next, you have to wrap the tape measure around your torso, this time at the fullest part of your breasts, which usually includes the tips of the nipples. Again, don’t forget to breathe naturally while measuring to determine it correctly. Then ask you sister to write down this measurement. This will help you determine the actual cup size. Step 5 Now, just subtract the first measurement from the second measurement to move over to the conversion chart. Step 6 Use this conversion chart to determine correct cup size: If it is less than 1-inch difference = AA cup size, if its 1-inch difference = A cup size, if the difference is of 2-inch difference = B cup size, for 3-inch difference = C cup size, for 4inch difference = D cup size, and for 5-inch difference = DD or E cup size and so on. Step 7 Then return to the first measurement. If you see the number is an even number, just add 4 inches. For an odd number just add 5 inches. This will be the correct band size for you.

In a Nutshell: Now, with the help of these easy steps you can now determine the perfect lingerie you need without fretting for even a minute. Just visit us at and explore our huge stock of breast enhancer bras, luxury lingerie, lace bralettes and many more. With easy filtering option and comprehensive size chart, you can choose your favorite pair effortlessly. Plus, if you often wonder what to wear with a particular type of lingerie, then leave these worries behind as we will suggest you the best associate product on the same page of your preferred item for your consideration. Shopping lingerie has never been this easy! Visit us and explore the most comfy and attractive lingerie that you have always desired today!

Finding the perfect size for breast enhancer bras made easy!  

According to studies almost 63.9% women are opting for breast enhancer bras. But do you know your correct size? Know the easiest measuring p...

Finding the perfect size for breast enhancer bras made easy!  

According to studies almost 63.9% women are opting for breast enhancer bras. But do you know your correct size? Know the easiest measuring p...