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Face to Face

Belle Avesta

Irving Penn Irving Penn  was  an  American  photographer.  His   work  was  mainly  based  on  fashion   photography,    portraits  and  s=ll  life's.  

Mind map - self Taking the idea used Irving Pens photos I have decided to take photos of myself. I will be going to use black and red face paint. I want to create a creepy look as Irving Penn has taken from the African tribal with the unique face paint.


Strengths –     The main strength of this photo would be the strength of the contrast. The colours are extremely vibrant giving it a unique texture. The composition of the photo is good as the back ground is black it links well with the second photo.

Weaknesses –     One of the weaknesses would be that it really saturated which doesn't’t really leave much exposure. If I were to retake this photo I would take it the same however I would leave more exposure when editing.

Face to Face Exhibition .Needs less  satura=on  and  more  exposure   .like  the  dark  tones,  very  well  edited.   .looks  creepy  but  like  the  idea.   .like  the  technique  used  in  the  picture  below,  out  of  focus  has   given  a  good  effect.    

Sharon Elphik inspired outcome

Mind map of 2nd set of photos Taking the ideas Rankin has used in his photos I will be taking a set of studio portraits of my cousin. As Rankin uses a lot of props in his photos as well as the person itself I have decided to used a head scarf and diamond gems to add on lips or other parts of the face.

2nd set of Photos

To develop this photo I added extra small diamond gems on the gaps so when I retake the photo it gives it a 3d effect.

face to face  

artist research photos

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