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Bath Lift Chairs Give The Gift Of Independent Living - Bellavita Bath Lift ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Aden Angus -

A relaxing bath takes away aches, stresses, and pains. The splash of warm water touching on cold skin can simply soothe a person's body and remove all the tension and anxiety from a day's work. For an elderly or a disabled, soaking oneself in the bathtub and enjoying the waters seem like a far-fetched idea. Because of old age and/or lack of mobility, they no longer revel in the concept of soaking in the bathtub. Learn More About Bellavita Bath Lift The advent of modern technology gives rise to the creation of mobility aids like bath lift chairs. A bath lift is a specially designed chair for the old and the handicapped to make taking a bath easier. It fits perfectly into a standard bathtub and can be secured to the bathtub's floor without the need for screwing or drilling. Since it was designed with the elderly and disabled in mind, a bath lift chair makes it possible for them to bathe independently.

Because of this modern invention, you no longer have to worry about your old man tripping on the floor, or falling down and incurring further injury. If you hired someone or if somebody from your family to help them bath, this person will be relieved to know that he or she no longer have to endure back pains when bathing your old man. Also, if you travel often, you can easily bring this along since it does not require complicated installation.

Bath lifts are safe, simple to operate, and intuitively designed to give the user a sense of independence. Most of the models are battery operated. The batteries are rechargeable, with an average lifespan of about two to three years. Being stuck in the tub will not be a problem if the machine runs out of battery. Because of its intuitive design, the machine will lower only if it detects that it has enough power left to rise again after the user is through with bathing.

Besides lifting or lowering the chair using intuitive controls that even the elderly can understand, there are models that can swivel 180 degrees. These models allow the user to turn when entering on or exiting from the bathtub. Other models have a flat bench-like chair to make it easier for the user to slide on and off the chair. Some can be reclined for a more comfortable bathing experience. Safe and comfortable, bath lift chairs allow you to express your care to your beloved parents or to your handicapped relative. When they get older, parents become overly sensitive. Most of the time, they do not want to receive help from the younger generation. Others insist to live alone. You, as the one with the more sensible mind, should know that safety is of utmost concern especially if your elderly chose to live alone. The same goes for the disabled, who often pity themselves and want to do things on their own.

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A relaxing bath takes away aches, stresses, and pains. The splash of warm water touching on cold skin can simply soothe a person's body and...

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