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The 5 most characteristics Christmas Cribs in Umbria (I 5 Presepi pi첫 caratteristici dell'Umbria) Umbria is one of the Italian regions with the oldest traditions and folklore, and also in view of Christmas is getting ready to celebrate one the most important holidays of the year through the representation of the Presepe, in english Christmas Crib or Nativity Scene, a symbol of the Christian tradition. Among the many nativity scenes that are staged in Umbria, Bella Umbria proposes you the 5 most characteristics, which are worth visiting if you intend to spend the Christmas Holidays in the Green Heart of Italy, staying in one of the hotels country houses in Umbria.

Il Presepe nel Pozzo (The Crib in the Well) - Orvieto (TR) In Orvieto (TR) from December 23rd, 2011 to January 8th, 2012 back one of the region's most famous crib, Il Presepe nel Pozzo (The Crib in the Well), which this year reaches the twenty-third edition confirming itself as an important event of the Orvietano Christmas. This year's theme is The Mystery of Joseph, with the representation of the story of Joseph in the Christian tradition. The main feature of this nativity scene is the setting, unique in his way: the crib is built inside a grotto of Etruscan origin which is at the end of the archaeological complex of Pozzo della Cava, at 14 meters depth. The nativity scene is animated with hundreds of life-size mechanical characters that make the representation very picturesque thanks to the scenery and the unique setting.


The 5 most characteristics Christmas Cribs in Umbria (I 5 Presepi più caratteristici dell'Umbria)

Presepi d'Italia (Cribs of Italy) – Massa Martana (PG) In Massa Martana (PG) are put on display 150 nativity scenes from all the 20 regions of Italy with Presepi d'Italia (Cribs of Italy); this year's edition takes up the theme of the Unification of Italy during the celebrations for the 150th anniversary. th th From December 24 , 2011 to January 8 , 2012 airs a real review of the best nativity scenes of the regional realities, where artists from all over Italy showcase their creations fruit of experience, technique and imagination. The big attractions of this year are the new Presepe del Perugino (Perugino's Crib) inspired by the 'Adoration of the Magi' of the 'Divin Pittore' (Divine Painter), with life-size statues in papier-mâché, whose cerimonial vestments surprising for the rich folds of the drapery in paper and the red color. The second one is the Presepe di Ghiaccio (Ice's Crib), 20 square meters large and all done, of course, with ice, from the characters to the sheeps, from the comet to the hovel and a palm tree 2 meters high. The effect is amazing: they seem to be made by crystal and shine as they lit by a million lights.

Il Presepe Artistico (The Artistic Crib) – Ferentillo (TR) The Parish of St. Maria in Ferentillo (TR) from December 8th, 2011 to January 31st, 2012 organizes the traditional Presepe Artistico (Artistic Crib), now known nationally and annually attracts thousands of visitors in the small town of the province of Terni. The nativity scene of Ferentillo is a multi-scene representation which narrates the steps of the Gospel through various scenes with characters that have been thought out down to the smallest detail and very characteristic scenery particulars. The Christmas crib can be seen every day, from 15:00 to 19:00 on Sundays and public days and from 16:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, at the St. Maria Church of Ferentillo.


The 5 most characteristics Christmas Cribs in Umbria (I 5 Presepi più caratteristici dell'Umbria)

Rassegna dei Presepi (Season of the Cribs) - Cascia (PG) For the eighth consecutive year, given the success of the previous editions, Cascia (PG) hosts the traditional Rassegna dei Presepi (Season of the Cribs), which collects nativity scenes of all types and sizes, winding through churches, wineries and places of the old centre of Santa Rita. The Season of che Cribs will be visible from December 8 th, 2011 to January 22nd, 2012 and is organized by the local section of the Moica and by the Amici del Presepe Fabio Carbonari association which will also will set up in addition to the already known monumental nativity, a Christmas tree and another artistic nativity scene in front of the church of San Francesco, in order to "send a beautiful sign of love and peace through the crib".

Mostra Nazionale dei Presepi (National Exhibition of Cribs) – Montefalco (PG) Now in its third edition the show C’era una volta a Natale (Once Upon a Time at Christmas), promoted by the city of Montefalco (PG). Among the various initiatives of the calendar we found the fourth Mostra Nazionale dei Presepi (National Exhibition of Cribs), which will be presented Saturday, December 3rd at 16:30 at the San Filippi Neri Theatres. The exhibition, conceived and curated by Angela Celesti, will be held from December 4 th, 2011 to January 8th, 2012 at the Cloister of St. Agostino in Montefalco all days with the following times: Sundays and public days 10:00 – 13:00, 15.00 – 18.00; Weekdays: 15:00 – 18.00.

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5 most characteristics Christmas Cribs in Umbria  

A guide to Christmas Cribs in Umbria, the green hearth of Italy, with tips to discover all the bests Christams Cribs.

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