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Groo Groo is the result of the collaboration with Studio 967 Design as a perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality based on the search for an accomplished shape even in a folded position. Featuring an essential design, Groo was designed for direct lighting through a diffuser equipped with an energy-saving 6Watt LED source ensuring excellent efficiency in terms of both long life and light output. Thanks to the friction joint, the fixture can be put in any position and closed - even when it is on - to minimise its size. The soft-touch electronic switch simply requires a contact on a point positioned on the base of the lamp. This type of table lamp allows individual adjustment, thus “helping achive the credits of the LEED environmental protocol as concerns energy saving and individual management of the light source.� White, grey and black finishes are available. iGuzzini has always been committed to manufacturing tools able to meet any lighting requirement. That is why the Company is willing to cooperate - on request - with designers and architects in order to provide our clients with highly customised products and to ensure the best possible visual experience.

Groo design 967 Design

Maximum aperture 120°

Soft-touch starting

Small space required in the rest position

• Table lamp designed for LED sources. • Product body made of painted and welded steel sheet metal. • Lamp starting through soft-touch system. • Power LED 6W 4000K. • Satin-finish polycarbonate screen. • Vertical adjustment 0-120°. • The transparent power cord (L=2000mm) includes the power-supply unit with built-in plug.

• The bottom of the lamp is coated with non-scratch material. • The technical characteristics of the luminaires comply with Standards EN60598-1 and more specific provisions. • F Seal. • IP20. • Insulation class II

code lamp

color temporature

Adjustable table lamp with monochromatic LED FUH1 6W


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Infinitely adjustable




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iGuzzini - Groo  

Špeciálny katalóg svietidla Groo. Special catalogue of lamp Groo

iGuzzini - Groo  

Špeciálny katalóg svietidla Groo. Special catalogue of lamp Groo