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In the few short months since the “Anniversary Issue,” two more sale records were broken in Canada and Australia, the Canadian National Speckle Park Show exhibited the largest number of entries to date from across the country, and the sale that afternoon hosted a massive crowd that out-bid previous sales to set new highs. This breed knows no bounds! The Semen Directory contained in this issue has also grown in its second year, and is supplemented by a new embryo listing. Our goal is to continue developing a comprehensive listing of all the A.I. sires on the market around the globe – a one-stop reference for breeders and commercial users alike to assess and compare the genetics available to them for herd advancement. Canada’s beef industry is headed into “bull sale season,” which will see the largest offering yet of Speckle Park head to auction. Commercial acceptance has been on the rise, both here and in Australia, as demand has outpaced supply for the past several years. Speckle Park-influenced calves continued to top markets, even as North American feeder prices softened – when commodity beef margins are negative, there is often still profit to be found in Speckle Park’s high carcass quality consistently fitting into premium branded beef program requirements. As we step into the second decade of Distinct Breed status, I believe the value Speckle Park offer the beef industry will continue to drive success for seedstock and commercial producers alike. The opportunity is truly limitless! Sincerely, Laura Bodell



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2017 Speckle Park Journal - Breeding Book  

Featuring the 2017 International Semen & Embryo Directory. The official publication of the Canadian Speckle Park Association, published by B...

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