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MISSION Bellarmine College Preparatory is a community of men and women gathered together by God for the purpose of educating the student to seek justice and truth throughout his life. We are a Catholic school in the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Founder of the Society of Jesus. As such, our entire school program is dedicated to forming “men for and with others” — persons whose lives will be dedicated to bringing all their God-given talents to fullness and to living according to the pattern of service inaugurated by Jesus Christ.

WE. NOT I. We are a community of men and women charged with forming young men who pursue justice and truth throughout their lives. We rely upon our Jesuit identity and Ignatian tradition. We do all things for the greater glory of God and foster an environment that cares deeply for each individual student as well as the whole community. We seek always to follow the pattern of service inaugurated by Jesus Christ. We are Bellarmine.

BROTHERHOOD + FAITH + SERVICE + KNOWLEDGE + SPIRIT seeing the ways in which our students live out ❝ Ithelovemission — they are passionate and creative about sharing their talents with others. They are truly setting the world on fire with the commitment to helping out the less fortunate.

—C  hris Meyercord ’88 President


never cease to be amazed and moved by the goodness and generosity of our students and faculty. My Jesuit heart is filled with pride

and joy when I see how our kids are getting the Mission of our wonderful school and showing it by their involvement in service activities. Saints Ignatius and Robert Bellarmine would be very proud of our boys. — Mario Prietto, S.J. Superior, Jesuit Community

JESUIT We trace our roots back more than 450 years to when St. Ignatius of Loyola and his companions founded their first school in Messina, Sicily, in 1548. Since 1851, Bellarmine College Preparatory has actively participated in a global network of Jesuit parishes, secondary schools, colleges and universities. We are a proud member of the Jesuit Schools Network of North America and collaborate with colleagues across the continent in more than 60 high schools and 30 colleges and universities. As a Jesuit school, we foster the growth of the whole person. We don’t just instill knowledge, but the spiritual, moral and aesthetic virtues that prepare our students for lives of WE conscience, competence and compassion.




1491 Founding of the Society of Jesus


Founding of first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily


Founding of Georgetown College, first Jesuit school in the U.S.

BCP HISTORY John Nobili, S.J. and Michael Accolti, S.J., founded Santa Clara College in 1851 as a combination secondary school and college. Nobili, usually credited as the founder of Bellarmine, has never been positively identified in a photograph. Although many believed the new schools should be located in San Francisco, Nobili and Accolti favored San Jose, “one of the oldest cities in California.� The schools separated in the early 1920s into Santa Clara University and University of Santa Clara High School (a.k.a. Santa Clara Prep.). In 1925, during Christmas break, we moved to our current location on Hedding Street in College Park, the original campus of the College of the Pacific. In 1928, the school became Bellarmine College Preparatory in honor of the 16th century Jesuit saint and Doctor of the Church, Robert Cardinal Bellarmine. Between then and now, the campus has modernized and expanded from its original 17 acres to more than 28.

1851 Founding of Santa Clara College


Hedding Street Campus opens


School renamed Bellarmine College Preparatory


uring my years as a Bellarmine student (1951 – 1955) and as a young BCP Jesuit faculty member (1962 – 1965),

the students remained in the same classroom for every class period and the teachers moved around from class to class. Thank God times have changed! — Jerry Wade, S.J. ’55 Chancellor and Former President

ACADEMICS Our college preparatory curriculum more than prepares students for post-secondary education. We develop habits of mind and body that facilitate a life of learning, service and health. Bellarmine provides a rigorous schedule of required and elective, as well as Honors and Advanced Placement, courses. The use of technologies in the classroom enhances the curriculum and helps students learn, present and collaborate more effectively.

Bellarmine’s wide variety of academic ❝ electives challenges students to grow as learners. I love that students can explore classes like Biochemistry, Screenwriting, World Religions and Financial Analysis all in the same semester.

— Kristina Luscher Principal

Bellarmine embraces the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis: the care of the whole person. Therefore, the education we provide goes beyond the classroom. Our program of study seeks to instill the values and skills needed in the 21st century to shape young men of faith and leadership. We challenge all our students to bring their God-given talents to fullness through interaction with their peers and faculty in activities, immersion trips, service to others, athletics and the arts. The education we provide has a rich history rooted in faith and enhanced by technology with a global perspective provided in the heart of Silicon Valley.


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Brotherhood is something you hear a lot about at Bellarmine. It speaks to a camaraderie that develops naturally in our environment. It describes one of our deepest aspirations: to see and treat each other as brothers, as interconnected creatures of a God who loves and sustains us. We are not just classmates or colleagues, students or faculty. We are a diverse community gathered together by God.

BROTHERHOOD Students quickly learn that Bellarmine is a place to be themselves, play frisbee or a game of pick-up soccer on the Quad. They also learn they can break the mold, try new things and challenge each other. As brothers, we support each other in moments of triumph and tragedy. We cheer for each other as fans. We collaborate with each other as classmates. We support each other as friends. We give back as alumni. We are #bellbrothers.


’m 31 years old and have taught at Bellarmine for 10 years. The godfathers of both of my children, the best man at my wedding, all of

the groomsmen at my wedding, and 8 out of 8 guys in my fantasy football league have one thing in common: Bellarmine, Class of 2002. The Bellarmine brotherhood is for life. —S  am Bliss ’02 English Teacher

Much of the work of campus ministry is about ❝ creating the spaces for silence that are increasingly rare in our modern world. That silence might be one minute to begin the day in prayer, one hour for our school to celebrate liturgy together, or one day on retreat, but it all starts with creating a culture that regularly steps back in order to reflect. —N  ick Creech ’03 Assistant Principal for Ministry

CAMPUS MINISTRY Commitment to the total formation of students is a hallmark of Jesuit education. The best academic training in the world means nothing without the spiritual depth to use it wisely. For this reason, Bellarmine strives to enable our students to become “men for and with others;” men who recognize and respond to Christ’s call



to pursue justice and peace throughout their lives. An education that benefits only the self is not worthy of the name “Jesuit.” Through a program of retreats, sacraments and prayer, Campus Ministry at Bellarmine empowers students to do all things “for the the greater glory of God” in order to bring about his kingdom. Fully 25% of Bellarmine students are non-Catholic. Whatever your religious tradition, we hope students become their best selves while you are here. Whether Jewish, Sikh or Muslim, Jain, Buddhist or Protestant, you are welcome and will not be alone.

ing “Only by be

a man for o

ne become thers does o

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— Pedro Arr


fully human esus

Society of J


Our mission is clear: to foster students who become men for and with others, who live according to the pattern of service inaugurated by Jesus Christ. Bells do this in many ways, but our Christian Service Program leads the way. Over the course of four years, all students are called to service where they work directly with younger children, with the elderly and developmentally challenged, and with agencies that make a preferential option for the poor and marginalized, and invited to participate in immersion activities.

Through local, domestic and international immersion trips, Bellarmine students directly encounter and serve the poor.



The hope is that an experience

I take solace in knowing that my ❝ministry at Bellarmine embraces my passion. As a community, we are called to pursue justice and to act in a compassionate way that respects the dignity and well-being of all members of our human family.

of immersion will ensue in a commitment to justice and

If our students are only concerned about

alleviation of the pain and suffering

what they can get out of life, and don’t reflect on what they are called to give,

of others. Through the immersion experience, a world in which each individual has the opportunity to be fully human and accepts the responsibility of promoting human development in others, becomes possible.


then their education here has been in vain.

—S  teve Pinkston Christian Service Program Director

ATHLETICS Bellarmine has a long and proud athletic

tradition that continues today. As studentathletes, Bellarmine students don’t just develop athletic skill and physical fitness, they learn teamwork, dedication and responsibility. They live out the Ignatian mission of the school as they compete fairly and interact positively with each other, opponents and officials. Each year, more than 1,100 students represent Bellarmine on one or more of our 36 teams in 13 different sports. Four of those sports, and nine teams, are “no cut” sports, open to any student who is willing to commit his time and energy to the requirements of the team.





I try to motivate these men to be the best they can from ❝ the weight room to the field, court or pool. I’m one of them, and that means… I’m a Bell. That’s a spirit that lives in me and no one can take that away. Go Bells!!!

—M  ichelle Toy Strength and Conditioning Specialist


In addition to a strong sports offering, the athletic department boasts tremendous services for our student-athletes. Bellarmine provides the highest level of sports medicine care for the studentathlete, with first-class facilities and two dedicated full-time athletic trainers who provide care and rehabilitation for the entire athletic community. Additionally, a state-of-the-art fitness center, with a full-time strength and conditioning specialist, provides a platform for physical fitness and development for all students.


y favorite part about walking across campus during lunch is how the community engages with each other.

In my short journey across the quad, I observe students relaxing and conversing, I hear cheers from intramural games on the field, I see friends helping each other with homework or studying for a test, and I chat with some about upcoming weekend plans. While the activities on campus always vary, individual students come together to define what it means to be a Bell and contribute to the vibrant energy of the school. — Katie Passalacqua, English Teacher


CO-CURRICULARS Bellarmine students possess a huge variety of interests and talents and we firmly believe that many of life’s most important lessons are taught outside the classroom. So Bellarmine fosters the total development of our students through a vast array of co-curricular activities. From cooking club to robotics, speech and debate to theater, we have the club for you or can help you start one of your own.


Bellarmine is an all-male school and we are proud and privileged to continue that tradition. But girls are on campus almost every day and there are constant opportunities to hang out, meet new people, try new things or just relax on the quad. Bells become friends for life, brothers really. The bonds forged through four years together last a lifetime — just ask any Bellarmine grad. Even at their 50th reunion, Bells tell stories of their time here and laugh together. Bellarmine knows that a healthy social life supports a strong intellectual life.

STUDENT SUPPORT The transition from middle school to high school can be difficult and we do everything we can to make freshmen feel at home as quickly as possible. This process begins the moment they are accepted and continues throughout their freshman year. New family nights, the Dads’ Club Barbeque, and the Bellarmine Mothers’ Guild Get Acquainted Picnic and Mass kick things off. With the help of our Big Brothers, an entire year of programming and relationship-building — The Freshman Experience — supports incoming freshmen and transfer students as they integrate into our culture and traditions. Freshmen and transfers meet regularly with their Big OF 2016 CLASS Brothers to share a breakfast ATTENDING burrito or curly fries, ask COLLEGE questions and just hang out.


As personal guidance counselors we promote adolescent wellness — a balance of sleep, ❝ exercise, nutrition, family time, activities, friends, reading, technology, school work and FUN! —P  atrick Taylor Director of Personal Counseling




Bellarmine’s personal counselors advise and guide the academic, personal and early college admission planning for their counselees during their first three years at Bellarmine. Assigned in the freshman year, counselors develop a personal and supportive relationship with their students and parents. In the second semester of their junior year, Bells are assigned a college counselor who guides the student and his family through the processes of college search, application and matriculation. Reflection is the foundation of our College Counseling program. College counselors assist students and their families in identifying the college of best “fit” and work with parents throughout the entire process from exploration to decision. Juniors undertake eight days of study to help them discover their desired characteristics and college matches. Services include workshops on essays and applications, financial aid, scholarship and essay review, and final decision-making. Bellarmine offers a nationally-recognized, college-style Academic Resource Center (ARC) available to the entire community. The center is designed for both individual studying and small group collaboration. ARC staff and Bellarmine Alumni Volunteers offer support for everything from learning style and study strategies, to subject review and reinforcement. Drop-in tutoring is available and encouraged as the center is open before, during and after school Monday through Friday.

Bellarmine’s faculty features over 120 dedicated, well-trained men and women who relentlessly focus on student learning and well-being. They take the craft of teaching seriously and apply the most effective means of teaching young men to become life-long learners. Our faculty fosters an environment of advanced scholarship characterized by curiosity, collaboration and problem-solving. Teachers encourage students to ask big questions and dare to find solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

FACULTY Most faculty members have advanced degrees and Bellarmine supports faculty professional development through courses, conferences and workshops. Our teachers also get to know students outside of the classroom as coaches, mentors and club moderators. They strive to fulfill the vision of St. Ignatius: to lead students to know, love and serve God and each other. Bellarmine has such an inviting and enduring academic environment that 40 faculty members are Bellarmine alumni.


ur teachers have degrees, credentials, accolades and accomplishments to burn, but

that’s not what makes them who they are. What separates them and their work is the care they pour into our students, plain and simple. —M  att Haven Assistant Principal for Instruction



ALUMNI Since its founding in 1851, Bellarmine has graduated thousands of young men. Many have distinguished themselves in fields as diverse as religion, government, medicine, law, engineering, sports and education. They form a global and inspiring network of men and their families who bring the legacy of a Bellarmine education to all they meet. Many are active in the life of their alma mater and support the school in countless ways.

Bellarmine is not a place you go to, but a place you come from. Four years at Bellarmine is just the beginning. A Bell lives out his Jesuit education for the rest of his life and seeks to do all things, not for his own benefit, but ad majorem dei gloriam, for the greater glory of God. He knows his graduation is really a commencement, the beginning of a life lived in pursuit of justice and truth.

PARENTS Bellarmine actively collaborates with parents in the education and formation of their boys. Bellarmine parents are a vital group within our community. Not only do they support their sons, they give invaluably to the school. They donate their skills, talents, time and resources to organize an array of social and fundraising events, as well as service activities. The Bellarmine Mothers’ Guild and Dads’ Club are integral in funding our generous financial aid budget, so that need doesn’t deter a family from sending their son to Bellarmine.

Being a Bell parent has given me ❝ the opportunity to watch my two boys learn independence and serve others, instead of relying on me. I have incredible pride watching my boys turn into ‘Men for Others.’ —D  eb Vallner Mothers’ Guild President Mother of Jared ’13 and Nick ’17


s an alumnus of Bellarmine, I had an overwhelming positive and wonderful experience. I knew that if I had sons,

I would do my best to share with them the opportunity to attend Bellarmine. Both of my sons have said at one time or another, “I know that Bellarmine is a good school, but you don’t know how good until you have experienced it.” The teachers here are excellent and they are able to relate to their students, to get them to think, to get them to see the world around them and to act on their thoughts. I could not be more pleased with their educational experience. — Dr. Ben Chew ’82 Father of Nicholas ’15 and Matthew ’17

SILICON VALLEY OF HEART’S DELIGHT Bellarmine’s beautiful campus is located in a valley known for tech firms, but rooted in apricot groves. Long before silicon entered the Santa Clara Valley, orchards predominated, agriculture was the main industry, and it was known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. Though some of the country’s most fertile and productive farmland lies just to our South — and we maintain our own fertile plot on campus — the valley’s identity has changed and Bellarmine’s along with it.


28.5 ACRES

There were no microchips in 1851, but Bellarmine’s founders always recognized the importance of identifying and using tools that support the mission of the school. Technology is not an end in itself, but Bellarmine embraces various technologies


as powerful tools to aid learning, increase efficiency and facilitate communication. This valley of ours is also remarkably diverse and Bellarmine’s community reflects that. We are not just in the valley, we are of it, fostering positive relationships with our neighborhood, city and surrounding communities. We are conveniently located near 4 freeways and have a Caltrain Station in our backyard, allowing hundreds of students to take the train to and from school each day. Students as far north as San Mateo and south as Gilroy take advantage of this opportunity.

ADMISSIONS AND FINANCIAL AID The primary concern of the Admissions

We determine these qualities as best we

Department at Bellarmine is fostering

can through the collection and review of

the mission of the school through the

transcripts, test scores, essays and letters

identification and acceptance of

of recommendation.

applicants who demonstrate: 1. the intellectual capacity to succeed in a rigorous academic environment 2. passionate involvement in at least two activities outside the classroom 3. a history of earning the respect of adults through hard work and good behavior 4. a sincere desire to attend Bellarmine

Preference is given to Catholic applicants, especially those actively involved in their parish and school. These applicants make up approximately 75 percent of each year’s freshman class. We strongly hope that our non-Catholic applicants are also actively involved in their own religion and place of worship.


Bellarmine’s admissions process is need-blind, so the Admissions Committee evaluation is based solely on qualifications, not financial need. Bellarmine’s educational program is available to every young man who could benefit from it and who fulfills the entrance requirements, no matter the financial status of his family. Our generous financial aid budget — more than 4 million dollars each year — is granted purely on the basis of need and includes a work grant component that requires each student receiving aid to work a number of hours at school. The number depends upon the amount of financial aid awarded. The full process for applying for admission and financial aid can be found on our website at bcp.org/admissions.




@bellarminebells bcp.org

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Bellarmine College Preparatory Viewbook 2016-17  

Bellarmine College Preparatory is a community of men and women gathered together by God for the purpose of educating the student to seek jus...

Bellarmine College Preparatory Viewbook 2016-17  

Bellarmine College Preparatory is a community of men and women gathered together by God for the purpose of educating the student to seek jus...