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Hit House With V-Day soon upon us, you’ll wanna be a lover and fighter, no? This year, get in the ultimate shape at Hit House, a Muay Thai kickboxing boutique fitness studio located on the corner of Spring and Bowery. You’ll learn and improve your punches, kicks, knees, and elbows by beating up your own Bishop heavy bag. Luxurious studio amenities? Check. Group classes? Check. Hit House encourages self-confidence over selfimportance and ambition over arrogance. Now that’s a message and company we can fight for. Plus, they offer a full body workout—expect to improve your cardio, muscle tone, and fight skills.

“The Lazy Frenchie in NYC” Make 2019 pop. Well, your social media feed at least. In the new book, “The Lazy Frenchie in NYC,” by blogger Aurélie Hagen, you’ll find all the coolest Insta-worthy places to shop, dine, hang out, and sightsee in NYC. A lifestyle guide for visual types, this stunning read includes a photo album and a colorful mood board all in one. Hagen is a brilliant visual storyteller, inspiring you to explore every corner of the city in a refreshing, non-touristy way.

Love Wellness

As strong, independent women, we have enough to worry about with killing it at work, maintaining a social life, being a great life partner, and slaying it at Soul Cycle. Our personal wellness should always be our number one priority. You know, #SelfLove, and all. That’s why we love that Love Wellness makes it easy with its natural, organic, and OB/GYN-recommended solutions for women that deliver safe options for feminine health, balancing your cycle, glowing skin, metabolism, and much more. Adding Love Wellness to your routine boosts your inner goodness and outer beauty—what’s better than that? 91

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