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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Whether you are committing to a full remodel of a spare room, adding a standalone studio on your property, or carving out a dedicated space within your main living areas, several important elements come into play when choosing the location of your home office. One of the biggest is noise and privacy considerations. It is imperative that you find a spot that can be separated from the flow of life in the house—be it children, neighbors or even the twice-hourly train “Going into an office design should be no that rumbles past.

different than designing any other room in the home. I don’t believe in sacrificing style or comfort when it comes to the space; let it be a proper reflection of how fabulous you really are.” ~Julie Kantrowitz of JK Interior Living,

Your home office environment needs to project the same professionalism as you would demonstrate in an office setting. This separation will not only reduce outside distractions to your work, but can help you adjust and maintain your boundaries by entering a new work-minded environment.

Ember Ceramic Mug and Charging Coaster.

Impromptu conference calls and scrambling to meet tight deadlines can chill your steaming cup of tea or java. Skip the trip to the microwave and keep your drink at the perfect sipping temp with this ceramic mug whose looks are as smart as its tech. Epson VS250 Projector.

Impress your team during FaceTime or Skype sessions with a background presentation via this lightweight projector. Bonus: Easy setup (its HDMI port connects to any computer or HD device) and portability. 74

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 and Varichair Pro Stool. Whether you’re fighting

back issues or just want to avoid the dreaded glute spread, the health benefits of standing desks are well documented. This model can be placed atop any table or desk surface, creating a two-tiered workspace that can adjust from sit-tostand and back with the flick of a finger.

STAND UP, SIT DOWN, LIGHT RIGHT…AND GO! Today’s wealth of desk options might just make you want to cheer. Not only can you opt for a simple writing desk, multi-level ergonomic platforms, U-shaped, or L-shaped desks can help create multiple workstations within your space. And, you can also get a workout while you work in, if you’d like. Multitask to the max with a treadmill desk or stationary bike desk, or just reduce your sedentary hours with a standing desk. If you fight occasional back issues, many models of standing desks are convertible—rising and lowering with a flip of a switch or lever without needing to shift a single file or keyboard. When deciding where to place the desk, ensure good lighting to avoid eyestrain and headaches. Natural light is best, but if your office is created from a windowless space, place lamps at different angles and add monitor lights. Also keep in mind that your lighting (and aesthetics) could be shared with clients and co-workers during Skype or FaceTime meetings, so spot-check your background to avoid unflattering shadows—or a visible pile of yoga pants.

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