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onita M. Sadio, MD, a New York City-based regenerative plastic surgeon and hair restoration surgeon, began a members’ only facial aesthetics practice for women seeking to steer clear of the extreme look of Botox and fillers. With an emphasis on biostimulators rather than fillers and exercising the facial muscles as opposed to paralyzing them, it was obvious to Dr. Sadio that this approach would be appealing to men as well.  “Men in my business and social circles were constantly asking me about hair restoration,” she says. “And more and more were asking me what they could do for their faces and whether Botox would work for them. “  MENS’ TOP COSMETIC CONCERNS Even though her research was informal, it became clear to Dr. Sadio that men care about hair loss...a lot! “Studies show that hair loss can age a man by seven to 10 years. That’s pretty significant,“ she says. “Notwithstanding that handful of guys who look really great bald, a head full of hair is that one thing that can make a guy look confident, handsome, and virile, whether he’s seeking out a promotion, pitching for funding, or posting a winning dating profile.” Thanks to today’s advances, she adds, hair loss is a problem that’s relatively easy to fix by a qualified professional. Most men come in to Dr. Sadio’s Private Aesthetics for Men practice in NYC’s Flatrion District to fix their hair loss then ask about what else she can offer to help them max out their looks. “I keep it simple—great skincare to promote healthy, vibrant skin and maybe biostimulators for youthful, natural, volume. I have a number of guys on microcurrent to keep their facial muscles toned.”

mobilize these follicles at any time and redistribute them to areas where a man needs them. We move those follicles one by one—as many as 2000 at a time—from the back of the head to the front.” DECISION & PRECISION Indeed, there’s an art to it, specifically deciding where to place the hairline, how many hairs to graft, where to place them, and at what angles, she says.

THE BIGGEST TREND FOR 2019 – HAIR RESTORATION According to Sadio, Follicular Unit Excision is the latest approach to hair restoration.

“The best thing about hair restoration is that it’s permanent, and the worst thing about hair restoration is that it’s permanent,” explains Dr. Sadio. “You need to make sure you’re going to someone who understands how to get the most natural, elegant result possible.”

“Hair loss tends to affect the front of the hair, while the back tends to be spared,” she explains. “This is because the ‘balding hormone’ responsible for male pattern hair loss (DHT) does not affect the hairs at the back. I call these hairs the “bank account” because we can

For Dr. Sadio, it’s very exciting to be working with the leading scientists in the field on these protocols. “It is my belief that male-pattern hair loss will be an optional component of aging within our lifetimes.”


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