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A quick drive away, head on over for a tour you won’t regret of Speightstown. Located along the beach, Speightstown is the second largest town in Barbados, with a deep architectural history and colorful landscape. For lunch, try Juma’s Restaurant located right on the water. Its location is stunning, overlooking the beautiful and unspoiled Speightstown beach, and the menu is highly eclectic featuring Thai and classic French fare, to name a few. Talk about great food with amazing views!

At the heart of Barbados lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave. Named after Thomas Harrison, a prominent land owner in the 1700s, Harrison’s Cave is located in the central uplands of the island. This breathtakingly beautiful, crystalized, limestone cavern is a testament to nature’s mastery. Flowing streams, deep pools of crystal-clear water, and towering columns characterize this living cave. It is an active cave as it carries water, and it is very much alive as its stalagmites are still growing at a rate that is fast by geological standards. Gaze in wonder at the white flow stones and in awe at the beauty of the speleothems that adorn the cave. It is a gem worthy of exploring and one of my favorite activities on the island. 147

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