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THE FRAME-UP MEGHAN SCOTT MOLIN 47North MG Martin is a geek and proud of it. A comic book lover growing up, she is now living her best life as a writer for Genius Comics. But sometimes, her affinity for superheroes gets in the way of real life. When she comes across This debut Detective Matteo Kildaire as novel is he is poring over a crime scene also the photo, she recognizes the image start of a new series. as something remarkably close to that of her favorite comic series, “The Hooded Falcon.” She notices that the only thing missing, in fact, is a golden arrow. And considering a golden arrow was indeed found at the scene, Detective Kildaire is quite eager to find out why MG seems to know so much about this real-life crime.

THE WATER CURE SOPHIE MACKINTOSH Doubleday Billed as a mash-up of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Virgin Suicides,” this novel tells the story of three sisters on a secluded This book island who were raised to has been fear all men. Their father, long-listed King, has made it clear that for the 2018 to leave the island means to Man Booker embrace chaos and violence Prize. from men living on the mainland. When King disappears, the sisters feel even more isolated—that is, until two men and a boy wash ashore.

INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: THE SUNNY SIDE HELENE SHALOTSKY If you’re feeling a bit blue now that the holidays are over, this book will put you right back into a sunnier mood. Inspired by her monthly blog, “I Write It As I See It,” Shalotsky’s If you enjoy discovering new book focuses on the universal independent truths of kindness, goodness, authors, this and gratitude. book will be a treat for you. From cover to cover, this delightful little book is packed with inspiration and pure joy. Readers of all ages will be encouraged to find ways to lead more fulfilling lives starting right now.

LET YOUR NERD OR GEEK FLAG WAVE For debut author Meghan Scott Molin, the term “geek” or “nerd” isn’t one-size-fits-all. “In reality, there are so many fandoms and ways of celebrating them, including closet nerds and those who let their flags fly,” she says. Your level of nerdiness or geekiness (those in-the-know say that there is a difference) has nothing to do with whether you go to conventions or enjoy cosplay, either. “Nerddom is wonderful in its many ways to enjoy, and I hate when people judge other geeks about not being ‘geeky enough,’ as if there’s some international standard or test.” Rock on with your bad selves, nerds and geeks!

RESOLVE TO STAY ON THE “SUNNY SIDE” THIS YEAR The inspiration behind Helene Shalotsky’s writing is simple and straightforward. “I want to write something that would make me feel happy,” she says. “That was the catalyst for all of this.” When she was growing up, the movies and television shows she enjoyed “lifted me to another plane, a happy one.” It’s from that perspective that she pens her blog, “I Write It As I See It.” As Shalotsky wrote about what makes her happy, it also made her readers happy. Many were so touched that they encouraged her to publish her blog posts in book form. Thus, “The Sunny Side” was born. “Surround yourself with people who are uplifting,” she says. And, she adds, be uplifting for other people as well. “You’re a force in this world, and you could be a force for good.” 139

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