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I never take anything for granted— there’s so much more to be done.” In 2017 you and your wife Lana welcomed a little girl, Serafina. Aside from having new material, how has becoming a father changed you? She’s made me more of a patient man. I’ve always been a kind of let’s go-let’s move type of person, but to see the world through her eyes and how fascinating it is—everything and every day is new for her! It has made me appreciate life a lot more. In your book you say you could have never planned for the things that have happened. When you think about where you are both personally and professionally, is it much more than you could have imagined? I had big dreams and I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment business, so the things that are happening to me, I dreamed of doing something like that. I believe I am where I’m supposed to be. If I didn’t think I was going to be a success when I first started, I wouldn’t have been. You have to live it and think it before it can actually happen to you.

COMEDIC INSPIRATIONS JOHN RITTER: “I had an unbelievable fascination with him and I loved his physical humor. There’s a lot of facial expressions where he didn’t have to say anything; you knew what he was thinking through his face and his actions.” JOHNNY CARSON: “I fell in love with his ability to relish in silence, as well as his timing.” JERRY SEINFELD: “His observational humor, being a word economist—many comedians use a lot of words to get where they want to go, and it’s boring. Every word you say must have a purpose and you can’t stumble over your words on stage. I get to where I need to go without the extra turn here and there, and I learned that from Seinfeld.”

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EDDIE MURPHY: “I loved the performance aspect of Eddie—the way he came out on stage with these crazy outfits and the confidence he had. Comedy is based on confidence and the audience can detect when you’re unsure of yourself; confidence is a huge thing I learned from Eddie.”

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