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March ~ 2016

Who Was



Sinner? Saint? Whore?

he was a whore,” my boyfriend declares authoritatively as he glimpses over my shoulder.

By Mary Pritchard, PhD

“No,” I countered. “That’s actually a myth promoted by early Christian texts, but we have no historical evidence that was true.”

likely a woman of some status, very respectable, and had an ailment that Jesus healed. She most certainly was not a prostitute.

He’s skeptical.

So why the bad reputation? As Carroll explains, the Gospels were written somewhere between 35 and 95 years after Jesus’ death and were based on stories told by word of mouth. As memory is fallible by nature, it is not surprising that all four gospels tell Mary of Magdala’s story with a slightly different slant. That being said, none of the 4 gospels actually say that Mary was a prostitute – that belief came much later from other early Christian texts.

After all, for two thousand years scholars have been hypothesizing about who Mary Magdalene actually was. Was she a prostitute? An apostle? Jesus’ lover? His wife? The mother of his child? All of those? None of those? James Carroll of the Smithsonian explains what we do know about Mary of Magdala and it boils down to this: Mary of Magdala stayed with Jesus to the Crucifixion when his own apostles abandoned him. She was the first person Jesus appeared to after his resurrection and became one of his apostles after he died. But who was she and where did she come from? Was she the Sinner and Whore we’ve been told? Most likely not. Given what we know of her from Biblical and early Christian texts, she was

In this issue of BellaMia, we celebrate the untold story of women who have made history and helped pave the way for today’s women to live more empowered, fulfilled lives. You can read more about Mary of Magdala here: http://www. who-was-mary-magdalene-119565482/?all


Marie Skłodowska Curie (1867-1934)

Physicist and chemist resposibile for the theory of radioactivity, the discovery of two elements (polonium & radium) , and directed the first studies in the treatment of neoplasms using radioactive isotopes. She was honored with 2 Nobel Prizes, is the first woman to recieve one and the only person to received a Nobel Prize in 2 disciplines. In addition to her notable career she was a mother of two daughters

March ~ 2016


ear BellaMia Readers,

Welcome to Spring and to our official one year Anniversary as a published online magazine. I must gratefully share that the entire process of each issue takes about 35 plus people to produce. A big amazing thank you and much love to all of you who work on BellaMia. This issue is another Cultural Archetype, as we are sharing Mary Magdalene and how every woman shares her love and story. This issue’s cover features Lucinda Kinch as Mary. Her process of getting into the character of Mary was extraordinary. It was magical for all of us at the shoot. In my opinion we all and especially Lucinda nailed this image. A big thanks to Hunter Whitmore who came in at the last minute to save the shoot as our photographer. I kept telling Lucinda; ...”this shoot is being done and nothing will stop us”. I will share that there were several incidents that day that challenged the photo shoot completion. In the end as I stated before starting, ...”the Universe will provide exactly what we need” and it did”. A glorious image portraying Mary. In this issue we celebrate all working moms and female entrepreneurs. Thank you all women for stepping up and being strong and powerful. You make our world a better place.


Enjoy our recipes including a hormone balancing chocolate shake. Also our Business section features an article about using your voice, and the delightful Music section also. We at ‘BellaMia’ have enjoyed creating this issue for you.


lessings and Love,

Mia Saenz, Editor and Chief March ~ 2016


March 2016 Accessories for Spring


The Other Mary


Not Being a Martyr

-18Leveraging Drama


On the Cover Model: Lucinda Rae Kinch Photographer: Hunter Whitmore


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Enduring Symbol of Balance and Grace

Unlearning can be Luscious

March ~ 2016


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March ~ 2016

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March ~ 2016


B Me ella



Kimberley Heart

I hear the roar, again!


March ~ 2016

He has been roaring for an entire night and day. The “he” is a big, fat, and glistening sea lion perched upon the buoy outside my hotel room patio. I wonder at his cry, is he proclaiming, or beseeching all the other denizens of the sea, “Hey, look at me, I matter.” I have learned to pay attention to situations like this, and to seek the messages in them. These messages, or whispers, are not always obvious, but always present. So, I reach inside myself and it occurs to me to ask, “Do you and I sit upon our perches and ask others, to confirm our mattering? For eons all of humankind has asked, “Do I matter? Does my life matter?” On the cover this month we feature Mary Magdalene, and whether you see her as a grand archetype, or as an historical figure of grace and courage,

she must have asked herself the same questions as well. “Do I matter? What does that even mean? Is my wisdom and internal light enough to make a difference? Does it serve others? Does it matter to me that others know of me and my grace?” In our hearts, all of us have questioned our mattering. So, I ask myself today, do I believe down to the marrow of my bones that I matter? Do you? Don’t be too quick to say yes or no. For my part, I stopped and stood watching the glimmering light dance upon the ocean, and let the answers come to me. How will you allow the answers to come to you?

I realized, as Iis So significant faced my fears, mattering that it that we too impacts ouroften very trivialize,

It is important for you to know, as we discuss mattering, that I am in a hotel, because I have claimed time just for me. I have gone into solitude and am creating a sacred space to be with myself. So its just me and my beloved mentor (thanks to the miracle of the Internet), and we are sharing time. It does not surprise me, yet it makes me smile, that in mid-afternoon he begins to speak of mattering. As I listen to my mentor define mattering, the sea lion finally stills his plaintive cry, and in the grace of that stillness I begin to understand. Knowing, bone deep, that we matter is one of the most important gifts we can grant ourselves in this life. Without that knowing, or search for that knowing, how can anything have value, significance, or true passion? How can we consider our lives well lived? Mattering feeds our Souls. Think about that! So significant is mattering that it impacts our Souls. When we nurture our Souls, by really knowing that we matter, we

add to our experience of life in ways that I don’t think we will ever totally grasp. When we look into a child’s eyes, or our lover’s heart, or our friend’s smile, and know—absolutely know— that our existence in their lives matters, our lives are changed and we touch our very Souls. When we know we matter, our Spirits can come alive again. I have a friend who was recently horribly betrayed, and it is remembering that he matters to his students that is saving him. His Spirit is broken and it is the flicker of light, called mattering, that is rekindling his broken Spirit. As he heals, it will be knowing that he matters that will inspire his Spirit to risk souring again. Authentically knowing in our bones that we matter can healing any pain, any separation from love, and any sense of loneliness. It is a true magic elixir. Mattering initiates, it sets in motion the union of our Soul and Spirit. Together, when and if they bond, they create a union of unfathomable power and divine grace. It is said that, “Spirit searches for Soul, and Soul waits to be found.” What does that mean? Well, I believe it means that the masculine in us, i.e., the wild aliveness of our Spirit, seeks balance and harmony. It finds that balance and harmony in the feminine power of our Soul. Our Soul does not sit on a perch and cry, “Do I matter?” no, she does not. Rather she is absolutely resolute in her mattering, and with grace and power waits for the whirling dervish of Spirit to find her. When they bond, our Spirit (life’s energy/passion) and Soul (life’s substance), magic happens!

It is mattering that initiates this union, it fuels the bonding of Soul and Spirit. This union ignites the power of our presence and the magic of our grace. Oh, and so much more, mattering creates the union that fuels our spirituality and our divinity. For myself, I am awed that knowing I matter should be so very powerful. Knowing this changes how I see myself in the world. I hold myself to greater accountability with joyous gratefulness. Knowing that I matter allows me to touch the divinity in me. This understanding is life-changing. I feel like roaring in ebullient joy. Perhaps Mary Magdalene felt that, perhaps that is her mystic essence? What is important to me, in this moment, is that I now know that mattering changes everything. ~ Kimberley Heart


March ~ 2016

The Other Mary:

Why Magdalene, Why Now?


Claire Sierra

any women feel that “our time is now”—that we need to step up, to enter the stream and create the global change we sense needs to happen. Women have unique gifts and talents that are often not represented in the worlds of business and politics. We’re in the world, but not having the impact we desire. The mythology of Mary Magdalene is part of that change, as we shift from masculine domination and force, to feminine collaboration, compassion and creativity. Writing The Magdalene Path, I’ve heard from women around the world who feel an unexplained connection with Mary Magdalene. My eyes were opened. I discovered that a profound psychic wound occurred ages ago with the elimination of the Sacred Feminine. A deep loss of feminine leadership in the religious, social and political spheres resulted. Though times have changed, that damage lingers.

Magdalene is a key figure in repairing this injury. Women from all walks of life and faith paths feel drawn to her. There’s a hidden stream of interest in who she was and in her message. I’ve discovered that her iconic energy holds profound symbolism for women today. In researching what she represents and what we lost when she was removed from our awareness, I’ve looked to biblical scholars using the traditional as well as the Gnostic Gospels. The traditional bible as we know it is a selection from hundreds of original “gospels.” These were chosen in the 4th century by a council of men to secure religious ideology and political positioning. In 1945 a library of original documents, the Gnostic Gospels, was found in Egypt. These Gospels expose an alternate view of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. March ~ 2016


traveled to the South of France and established Early Christianity was radically a teaching ministry. It flourished in an alternate progressive, egalitarian, and feminist—far version of Christianity that was exterminated by from the dogma and tradition of today. the Roman Church. (Early Islam was also.) Mary Magdalene was a Meanwhile Magdalene’s leader in the early church. stature was down-graded and her She is mentioned more reputation tarnished when she was Women than any other woman in misidentified and marginalized as were the Bible (including Mother a prostitute (by Pope Gregory in Mary) and always named the 9th century). Though recanted killed as first. “Magdalene” was a by the Roman Catholic Church witches for title meaning tower, leader, in 1969, this mistaken opinion or keeper of the flock. (It prevails. healing, was not a marital or place While there’s power in righting name.) She was a woman reading, the wrongs of disinformation and of independent means and or writing, bringing these truths to light, the a financial backer of Jesus’ bigger question is: why Magdalene mission. and not and why now? Much has been written allowed to We are finally emerging from lately about her relationship vote, teach, eons of institutionalized misogyny with Jesus. Marriage was perpetrated by those who hated such an ingrained, implied or lead in anything to do with the feminine, part of Jewish life that for the earth, and the body. Women public. Jesus to be accepted as a were killed as witches for healing, teacher he would have to reading, or writing, and not have been married to have allowed to vote, teach, or lead in public. We’re credibility. Magdalene had the prestige or rising out of the legacy of those who felt threatreputation which allowed her to anoint ened by the numinous power and presence of a Jesus as the Christ (a title which means fully alive, potent, sensuous female. “the anointed one”). In this ancient tradition, she was the king-maker. As the Mary Magdalene is a woman of mystery, anointer, with her hair unbound, her role stature, and grace. She conveys a powerful lesson as wife is implied. about the invisibilizing forces of the dominant paradigm, during centuries of masculine conAs the first to proclaim Jesus’ restrol, silencing anything outside their grasp. Yet, urrection at the grave, she was named even with her story distorted and her authority “Apostle to the Apostles” by the church— demoted, she still radiates a potent presence and and thus his successor. She never allure. assumed this role. Rather, legends say she


March ~ 2016

In this ancient tradition, she was the king-maker. As the anointer, with her hair unbound, her role as wife is implied. There’s a movement afoot—the Feminine principle is coming alive in so many places. The magic and mystery of the Divine as Feminine is re-emerging. Mary Magdalene is the Judeo-Christian aspect—the Goddess hidden in the Gospels.

She was a priestess, leader, teacher, and healer, who was mislabeled and dismissed as a prostitute. Now she’s unveiled. The church gave us a sweet, sanitized deity with Virgin Mary. (A topic for discussion in itself.) But with Magdalene we get an earthy, real, sexual woman in a sacred relationship. Magdalene represents the lost, hidden, maligned and misrepresented Feminine essence becoming whole, empowered and redeemed. She’s an archetype for deep, powerful, sensual, spirit-centered leadership today.

Whether we perceive her as a human woman with her own true story being revealed, or as a mythical figure, (or both!), her life is a metaphor for our lives today. She represents our lives being torn asunder by massive upheaval, our identity re-visioned, our stories retold, our sexuality and power stolen and regained. A powerful reflection, she is the scorned who is redeemed; the reviled who will no longer be put down or go away. Exploring the magic and mystery of Mary Magdalene is a way to embrace and embody our own lost, hidden Feminine Soul—each in our own way. That’s the real reason she’s back: to remind us of our own Truth, of the power we really have, and to reclaim our birthright as Divine. ~ Claire Sierra, MA March ~ 2016


Turn that not tonight to a

Yeah Let’s DO IT! How to get your excuses out of bed and him back in it!


he average mother plays so many roles in a typical day, CEO of a household, the working career woman, family therapist, potty trainer to a toddler, no tips included taxi driver for her teenagers, seamstress of frilly dresses and super hero costumes, birthday events director, boo-boo fixer, an executive chef in her kitchen, personal assistant for the entire family, amongst wearing many other hats, too. So no wonder why it is extremely easy for her to forget the captivating sexy creature that can still ignite the spark in her partner. Sex is as vital a part of a healthy relationship as any other component, yet we often make time in our daily schedule for everything


March ~ 2016

By Susan Jacob- Kokura else. So how do all of you beautiful women find the energy to turn that light switch off in the bedroom but not go to bed? Here are a few prescriptions for passion: Dealing with life stress: We get so deep into our marriages or relationships, jobs, raising children and being a caregiver that life stress can put a strain on your sex drive until you’re just not feeling it. De-clutter, organize and clear your mind. Women tend to relax into arousal mode when the parts of their brain are cleared from outside stressors before and during sex. If you can’t do it on your own, seek out short term counseling to deal with the stressors.

“I really want to but I’m just so exhausted and drained from work and the kids - not tonight babe.”

Tune into your sexual identity: There is no organ more powerful than the brain. Once your mind is set on getting some love and you allow yourself to get in the mood, the rest of the body will follow. Despite whatever else is on your mind, convince yourself that you can still have an amazing intimate experience with your partner. Ask yourself what makes you feel sexy. Is it a new outfit or buying lingerie? Is it a manicure and pedicure and getting your hair done? Take responsibility for your own libido and don’t expect your partner to turn you on. Don’t be ashamed of your fantasies. Advance scheduling: Schedule a date night and take a romantic break. Reconnect with your partner. The time you spend together as a couple is just as important as taking time for yourself. Spend some quality time together, perhaps after the kids go to bed. What you do together doesn’t matter as long as it focuses on paying attention to each other. Being healthy and getting enough sleep: Being mindful of eating a well-balanced diet, trying to get as much sleep as you can and exercising can restore libido. Exercise can help boost your feel-good hormones, endorphins and neurotransmitters. Not getting enough sleep can disrupt sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Sleeping better can help you become less irritable and a lot more interested in sex.

You’re still not in the mood? A decreasing libido may be more than just a sign of aging or life stressors. It may be a sign of another health problem. Hormonal imbalance, depression, and even certain medications you currently take can impact a woman’s libido. Share your concerns with your health care provider who can help find some alternatives. Don’t be embarrassed to share all the details with them! Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to get women in the mood. Focus on what things are of the utmost importance. You have to focus on it and make it a priority just like everything else. So start treating your body well today, commit to make time for your partner, and stop depriving your sexual appetite! ~ Susan Jacob-Kokura PharmD

Me- Time: Be softer to you! Setting aside some time for yourself on a daily basis even if it is only a half hour, is one of the best things you can do to make yourself feel more balanced and relaxed. Schedule a massage, meditation, quick walk around the block or some time to do something you enjoy. If a half hour is not feasible, break up your time into mini-breaks. March ~ 2016


Why Being a Mother


Dr. Mary Pritchard

Does Not

March ~ 2016


Equate to Being a Martyr

s I was preparing for the Mary Magdalene issue, I started thinking about what it means to be a Mother in today’s society, and I realized not all of my thoughts were favorable. I was reminded of an experience I had with an ex-boyfriend. One night, I planned to take the evening off to relax and rejuvenate after a long week and weekend working. My man promised to make dinner so I could relax. I had a book picked out to read in front of the fire, yet I ended up cooking both of us dinner and hand-sewing a rip in his coat as he was running late for a massage appointment he had scheduled.

By the time my man finished getting his massage, I was sobbing. I resented the fact that I whiled away my evening of rest do-ing. I resented the fact that I had to cook for him when he was supposed to be cooking for me. I resented him for getting a massage while I wasted my rest time mending his coat. Most of all, I was frustrated and angry with myself for, yet again, failing to keep a promise to myself and failing to take care of my needs. As I yelled at him through my tears, he asked me, “What happened in your childhood to make you think you always had to Do?” It wasn’t any one thing; it was everything. It was what was expected, how I was raised. I was taught that life was

about being of service to others – at the expense of yourself. At the same time, I learned that people needed to be reminded – regularly – of your great sacrifice and service to them.

Mother = martyr.

That’s how you prove your worth. That’s how people know who you are and what value you have to them. It’s sad, really. Of course, the thing that really got me was that I have criticized and judged my mother for playing the role of the martyr many a time in my adult life. I even accused her of liking it, which she denied. Yet, there I was, playing out my role of martyr in the ‘mothering’ years of my life. Then it occurred to me: I have a choice. I don’t have to be a martyr – or a mother, for that matter. Women in my generation have many more opportunities than our mothers did. We can choose to play out different roles, roles that our mothers never dreamed possible. But if I’m not a martyr – if I’m not proving my worth by do-ing then what am I? As I explored this question, I came across the book, The Bitch, the Crone, and the Harlot, by Susan Schacterle. Schacterle describes a bitch as, “A positive archetype of a Bitch at midlife is that of a woman who has become so comfortable with who she is that she doesn’t hesitate to take appropriate action in any situation. Her actions are no longer so governed by what

others think, but rather by what she knows to be true. This is a woman whose intuition is so well-developed that she knows in her gut what to do.” Now that’s a definition I can aspire to! Who wouldn’t want to be a bitch with that definition? Sign me up! Yet, if you called a woman a ‘bitch’, I’m guessing very few would say thank you. The negative connotation of the term is too powerful. So what if we, as women, decided to change that? What if we hung up our Superwoman capes and said ‘no thank you’ to the martyr complex? What if we embraced our inner bitch, understanding that meant saying yes to our intuition? Our compassion? Ourselves? What if, for once, we were finally and truly comfortable in our own skin? What if we felt free to speak our truth and walk in our power? I’m willing to aspire to that. Are you? By Dr. Mary Pritchard

March ~ 2016


Channel your Inner Magdalene


By Dana Canneto

his day in age, it’s all so easy to get wrapped up in the “shoulds” of life where you move through your day acting and doing as “you should” rather than what you truly desire. You act and react without listening to your heart first. Perhaps that “way” was never shown to you and that’s the only way you know. This is the time to re-connect, and remember who you are, and how you want to create your life. What if you had the ability to guide your life strictly by following your heart and nothing else? How pure and innocent, yet wild and free, would life be? The truth is we do have the ability, yet it takes practice and re-learning who we are at the core of our being. It takes knowing what one desires and requires to feel whole, complete and at peace with life and the world around them, despite what’s going on. In this fast-paced world we live in, it can almost sound impossible, yet I’m here to tell you it is possible. It just takes practice and a choice! In each one of us resides a very innocent, graceful, intuitive being who knows exactly what she wants. You may be under the impression that if you were to actually go for what you want, you might be deemed selfish, greedy or irresponsible. So, you stay safe and do what you think you “should” do in order to survive and be accepted in the world. You might dress a certain way, choose a certain career, get married at an early age, or have


March ~ 2016

children because that’s what you were supposed to do. Yet, something inside has started to tug at you so hard that it’s causing a disruption in your body and psyche, manifesting in the world around you. You are being called to go and be somewhere different, as if your own soul is beckoning you to come home and feel alive again. It might seem scary, but your intuitive inner-self knows it’s time to follow that calling. That’s your inner Magdalene. That’s your divine feminine waiting for you to embrace her and call her by name. She’s yearning for your attention. She wants you to see her, to greet her with welcoming arms and with a promise that you will continue to listen to her and honor her voice. She only wants the highest good for you and those around you. I began tapping into Mary Magdalene’s teachings not so long ago. I’ve been on this journey for quite some time, reconnecting with my divine feminine through my body and re-creating my desired life. She has made more impact on me than perhaps anyone at this point. I, however, was ready and you need to be too. I was ready to reconnect with my inner Magdalene and truly hear her. I was ready to open my heart to her channelings in a way that has allowed me to be guided by my heart, and not my head. That is what I want for you. Whether you are a mom, an

entrepreneur, a career woman, or a student, I gather you have put others before you to the point that you disconnect from your own beautiful self more often than you desire. Perhaps you’re now feeling the repercussions. You’re beginning to want to remember who you are so that you can walk your own divine path with purpose, joy and freedom. Mary Magdalene is all about opening your heart, experiencing your body and your sexuality. She’s about FEELING everything, even those very things that are painful. Those feelings are your teachings. They guide you closer to God, Universe, higher consciousness! She’s about freeing your mind from judgment, shame, blame and limiting beliefs. She’s about you coming home to your divine-self. Growing up we were taught to DO it all.To get it ALL done in ways that were difficult and somewhat abusive. THEN we were worthy. I’m here to tell you that is not true. You are worthy and whole as you are right now in this moment and I invite you to let that old belief go. Understand that there is a way to live life to where you are BEING rather than DOING. When you are BEING, you are attracting the life you want. When you are BEING you are merging with your soul, and your body, knowing what it is you want in life and how to go about getting that. It’s about listening and practicing self-trust, compassion, and love for one’s self. This is where I invite you to say OK to surrendering to the Magdalene within you, opening your heart and saying yes to receiving YOU first! Everything else will follow! ~ By Dana Canneto March ~ 2016


Q&A with


Rae Kinch

BellaMia: You have brought in a beautiful

depiction on our cover of Mary Magdalene. Share with us your connection to her.

Lucinda: Mary Magdalene is one of my

intercessors or guides. She is like the feminine Christ, and she guides me in my prayers and life to attain the wise, regal, and righteous woman within. She is maternal and deeply compassionate in nature, and also fiercely focused in her light-filled will power and fortitude. She actually has spoken some messages through me a couple times, and I have yet to further explore that. It quite surprised me when it started happening a couple years ago. I will eventually explore that more and see if I’m meant to be a channel for her. For now, her essence and archetype sings through my heart and spirit. She shows up often in my paintings, or at least her lineage of the Christ Consciousness appears. I appreciate her courage in overcoming victim consciousness, even in the worst of circumstances, and her amazing strength, grace, and unconditional love. I admire her groundedness. She reminds me and teaches me to connect with this beautiful plane and bring my ethereal nature into this beautiful creation -- bringing heaven to earth. There is only thing that I’d like to do differently around her archetype. I intend to discover and keep my Jesus in this life. ;)


March ~ 2016

BellaMia: This issue is about working

moms and women Entrepreneurs. What do you do for a living?

Lucinda: I’m a branding mentor,

photographer, graphic designer, visionary artist and website designer-developer. I’ve been blessed to have created my business and have flexible hours to work with being a mother. It’s been amazing to have more freedom in my business and life as I call the shots – one of the gifts of being a business owner. I’m so passionate about helping entrepreneurs market their business free of shame and all other self-judgements so they can fully shine as their creative and expressed selves. I’ve just created a wonderful “21Day Authentic Visibility Immersion” that begins this month to support others in making more money by being more of themselves. I love it!

BellaMia: How has having children

enriched your life?

Lucinda: In countless ways. It has been

the absolute crucible in bettering myself as a woman. It hasn’t been an easy journey, or really anything that I had expected when I entered into the initiation of motherhood. May children have taught and still teach me unconditional love and the many layers and depths around it. They show me how to surrender in huge ways that nothing belongs to us. That even the very sweetest things come and go into and out of our lives. They have taught me to be a better listener, and that often it is my turn to listen to my own advice… and sometimes there isn’t a right thing to say. It has helped me to get quiet, and patient, and to listen to the voice of my own conscience and to trust this inner voice over anything else. And you know what else? They constantly shine the face of God to me, in their innocence, curiosity, and the many other faces that give me the opportunity to shine the best of my being back to them. It is like having the smallest glimpse of how God must glance upon us… and at any age, they never stop being our children and us loving them wholeheartedly -- all the way through. March ~ 2016


BellaMia: You are also an artist. Tell us about the different types

of mediums you use?

Lucinda: I love to paint. With my hands, fingers, brush, and whole soul. Acrylics are the medium I use for that, because they are easy to clean . I can whip out and complete paintings in one afternoon. But I also love to make digital art using Photoshop as my paintbrush. Overall, I use my heart and soul to bring any medium through. I have either inspirations, or visions, that I feel in another realm. I am inspired or guided to create and to share with others. Lately, I’ve been getting more visions and have a sense that I may be painting more in the near future.

BellaMia: If you were to live anywhere in the world, where would

that place be and why?

Lucinda: I would live in a small town where community is rich,

spiritual principles are cohesive, clean, and full of vitality: where people love thy neighbor as thyself, where everyone has a garden, a fruit orchard, hens, and maybe even a cow or goat; where people share in their abundance and raise their families together. I’m such a land-of-milk-and-honey girl, and I feel, in another parallel reality, I have lived it. I would love to invent this place, or at least discover it. Perhaps I already live in it; it’s just being created. If you know of it in reality, would you please share? ;) If I had to choose a place in the world, it would have been my Grandparents’ property. I grew up spending parts of the summer and Christmases there. It was located at the edge of a country road, overlooking the wild North Fork of the Snoqualmie River, and backed up against an old growth forest of cedar and Douglas fir that went on for miles. It was plush with moss you could sleep on, ripe with a multitude of wild berries, trails that went on for miles, and divine magic everywhere. It is was my happy place. It was sold when my grandparents passed – yet, it will forever live in my heart. I also could see myself in a beautiful Villa in the south of France, or in some peaceful Kauai tropical jungle for parts of the year.


March ~ 2016

March ~ 2016


Glad Rag Bags Owner/Designer

Linnea M. Duvall BellaMia: What inspired you

to create this amazing accessories line?

GRB: First, thank you for the

“amazing�. Next, I am absolutely passionate about recycling and up-cycling as much as possible, for all of us. I grew up in beautiful countryside and always had a love and a belief that we should keep all of our world as pristine and beautiful as possible, for all those who follow after us, the generations to come. Given my passion about keeping the Earth beautiful, to find a source and a producer who felt equally as passionate AND hired women to handcraft everything, well, that was just excellent.


March ~ 2016

What inspired me first, to be clear, was a terrific bag I saw in Mexico that was made entirely of woven candy wrappers. That bag made quite a splash when I carried one in Paris. (And a line of those bags will be coming out later this year). Now, when I went looking to discover a source for the candy wrapper bags, I met the gentleman who came up with the idea of using recycled materials, soda can tabs and inner tubes, to make handbags. He already had some designs, and I capitalized on and expanded what he was already producing. He is amazing to work with; energetic, willing, and capable,

and completely committed to recycling and making that difference for our planet! So we saw eye to eye on that immediately, and celebrated our mutual commitment to the Earth, and its inhabitants! We collaborated to create this line, Glad Rag Bags. What inspired me about our collaboration was the design and simplicity, yet elegance of the line. The rocker/punk/chic aspect, while still being elegant, also made me really happy! I have very classic style customers who love to carry the bags, and love to wear the cuffs and wrist wraps, because it gives them just a bit of edge to their very classic styles. They get a kick out of it, and they are quite pleased with the bonus of their chic purchases being recycled…green chic! One of my customers said that Glad Rag Bags “elevates recycling to runway status”. I agree. Whenever any of my customers, happy customers, did I mention happy customers, wear any of the accessories, or carry one of their bags, they get compliments right and left. Women ask them over and over, “What are you wearing/carrying”? “Where did you get that”? And always, “Oh, I love your bag”! Or, “I love that cuff and wrist wrap you are wearing”. And they are almost always shocked and delighted to discover that what they like so much is all recycled. A woman sitting next to me on an

airplane literally bought my cuff and wrist wrap right off my wrist before we exited the plane. She wanted it right then and there! What’s not to love about getting that reaction when you are carrying/ wearing something that is good for the Earth and good for Women? That inspires me.

BellaMia: How is this line Eco Friendly:

GRB: Each bag

and accessory is made almost entirely of recycled, up-cycled materials. All used soda can tabs, and inner tubes are the body of the design. I have been with my producer when he was pulling used inner tubes off the roof of a reclamation center in Mexico. I climbed to the roof with him! You can see the photo of that on our About Us page on the website, www. The only materials that are not recycled are the buckles, the inner linings, and the dog tag labels. The rest are truly recycled materials. That is eco friendly. We are keeping all of this out of land fills, out of our precious waters, and off of our city streets and country roads! March ~ 2016


BellaMia: Glad Rag Bag supports women in Mexico, will you share?

GRB: Our bags are all handcrafted by women arti-

sans in Mexico. They learn the designs and handcraft the bags. They are paid a Fair Trade wage for their efforts, and it makes a huge difference in their lives. Talk about giving a woman an opportunity to change her life and upgrade it? We are doing that at Glad Rag Bags, and are very pleased and happy about it!

BellaMia: You are not only a designer but also a therapist. Will you share your work with us?

GRB: Yes! I love teenagers. I specialize in teens and

their families because I love them, and I love the transition from child to teen to adult. Adolescence is one of the most profound passages in a human beings life, because it doesn’t just affect the child/teen, it affects the whole family. The transition from child to teen is a confusing passage for everyone. That child that was more easily obedient and pliable, now becomes this new, unrecognizable entity in your home, confusing both parents and siblings. Also, given that we now often have children later in life, many parents are going through a life transition just as the teen begins theirs. Many women begin peri-menopause and menopause just as their children enter adolescence. And fathers are often going through a time of questioning at midlife. So now you have a whole mix of emotions and hormones swirling and escalating all over the spectrum. I work to normalize the transitions for everyone, and provide easily accessible language and thinking to help understand all the changes going on. Parents sometimes forget that this is no longer their 9 year old. This is now a human being trying to figure out how to become independent while still being dependent. It is quite a challenging, confusing, rewarding, uplifting,


March ~ 2016

rejoicing passage. A little outside understanding and support is critical. My company name is Navigating Adolescence, because, as I have said, adolescence is a passage that all members of the family navigate together, for better or worse. Much of that depends on communication and understanding, both of which I provide in either individual and family therapy sessions. With great success, I also provide coaching calls with parents across the country who call with a particular question, issue, or in some cases, crises, that they would like immediate coaching and direction for. One parent said: “She gives simple clear words and statements that address and help alleviate the situation. And she adds some humor�. That is what makes me extremely happy and fulfilled, providing support for wonderful human beings as we all walk along this road of life together. Linnea M. Duvall

GLAD RAG BAGS Good for the Earth. Good for Women. GOOD FOR YOU! Sophisticated, elegant, unique upcycled designs with a great ethos for women and the world.

March ~ 2016





I am not officially a sales person, but I am, by sheer accident a rep of this state of the art system (spit spot, no muss, no fuss!), because it literally fell into my lap! I was suspect at first, but game, as I have energetically been inviting increased additional income to my personage, but skin care? There are so many high end, complicated and celebrity endorsed products being introduced with every blink, and each one holds promises that are impossible to keep up with. But I succumbed to a trial period of Mrejuvenate, by Momentis. It is INCREDIBLE, truly. The man who is originally behind the research, is the primary doctor of a team to cure Parkinson’s Disease through stem cells.


As we ladies, always and forever, are on the look out for products that will erase all visual evidence of having lived on the planet for any length of time at all, and, of course, we don’t want to look as if we have endured the wear and tear that we have, there is an never ending stream of possible solutions thrust at us. We want to look fresh and young and as if none of the loads that we carry show up on our faces! I have a lovely discovery for you.

As his research became public, he was approached by a cosmetics company and asked if his discoveries for stimulating stem cell growth could be applied to the skin. The answer was ‘yes’ and this is the result. AMAZING. We hear so much about stem cells and we are all seduced by the words. The fact is that often plant stem cells and stem cells from humans that we know nothing about are used. This is not good. This product uses a synthetic to stimulate one’s own stem cells into re-growth. The result? Youthening skin! The texture, lines and color re-juventate and are visibly evident within a few weeks. Whether one chooses to become a rep and invite income into your world while beautifying, or simply use the product, you will enjoy the win win. You will. I invite you to investigate! You will truly welcome spring!

March ~ 2016

Mother Teresa (1910-1997) (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, MC) In 1997 she was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for creation and work with Missionaries of Charity. A group which runs hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis; soup kitchens; dispensaries and mobile clinics; children’s and family counseling programs; orphanages; and schools. She was beautified in 2003 and in 2015 a miracle attributed to her which could allow her to be honored with Sainthood. March ~ 2016



arch is a transition month. Hence the statement, “March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb.” And that weather transition gives fits to many folks trying to stay warm or cool or healthy with each temperature change. March is a very temperamental month, in every sense of the word.

Accessories for Spring By Linnea Duvall

In order to dress accordingly for this transition month, it is best to bear in mind another statement, one of my favorites, by Clairee in Steel Magnolias. “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize”.

That amusing remark could be restated this way for the month of March, “The only thing that separates us from the elements is our ability to accessorize.” And we should not minimize the importance of this ability, or overlook it and not utilize it. Your accessories should reflect the gradual change in the month’s temperament and temperatures. In the Lion beginning of March, layers, layers, layers are still your best friend, (see January issue!). And layers are often accessories; scarves, mufflers, gloves, hats, shiny slick or country style rain boots.


March ~ 2016

As the end of March Lamb begins to appear, and the gentle warmth begins to coax the buds to form on the trees, and the crocuses and narcissus to burst up out of the cold ground, let more pretty and delicate necklaces adorn the neck you can now reveal. Bring out your pearls. Wear pretty bracelets that can now shine and gleam on those wrists that do not have to be nestled in and bundled up in gloves any more. Anklets can make a reappearance, because pretty ballet flats, and kitten heels, and stilettos can now be seen again on streets that are not covered in bracken slush. Scarves and mufflers can be exchanged for silken squares tied round your neck or peeking from a jacket breast pocket or tied to your handbag strap for a jaunty splash of color. You can wear rich jacquard silk

scarves tied almost like a cowl neckline for bright “welcome Spring� color by your face, as well as a touch of warmth should you need it. Or tied round your head ala Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, and Lady GaGa, for chic colorful style and, bonus, wind control. Bright and shiny objet desire can be joyously worn again from head to toe to celebrate yet another full turn of our fair Earth around our warm and powerful Sun. Much rejoicing can be had as Spring marks that cycle closer to our Sun and its nurture. And much pretty adornment can be joyously donned and displayed to remind us the cold months are receding. The bright greens and pinks and yellows of Spring are imminent, and you are part of it with lovely accessories that gleam and shine on skin that can be shown again. Enjoy! Enjoy! Let your more delicate, colorful, beautiful accessories help you announce and celebrate the Rite of Spring. - Linnea Duvall March ~ 2016


De-Stress & Detoxify your Sanctuary with Plants

Sharon Otness



March ~ 2016

s an Interior Designer and Home Stager, I loved specifying green plants for the ambiance they created. I could immediately set the stage for a Mediterranean feel as quickly as a lush tropical paradise with the plants I selected. They can also help delineate space, add fullness and soften some of the hard edges that furnishings can create. They also add a lush green color that goes with virtually any dĂŠcor. From a Zen aspect green plants are wonderful for alleviating stress, relaxation and a restful ambiance. This makes them key for bedrooms and offices. Time in nature is linked to reduced stress and lowering tension so bringing a bit of nature into our homes only makes sense in this high

stress, fast paced world. plants just make people feel better. For example, hospital patients with plants in their rooms were more positive and had lower blood pressure and stress levels. Similarly, indoor plants may increase your smarts by allowing you to stay alert and reducing mental fatigue. But did you know that NASA has done studies on how effective green plants are in purifying the toxins that are in our homes? Your home can be harboring invisible toxins that are unhealthy. If you are still using commercial cleaners, (we need to talk), have carpet, painted walls, wood or wood-like furniture and other building materials you have three major offending chemical compound in your home: formaldehyde (carpets, upholstery, glues and paint) benzene (plastics, synthetic fibers,pesticides, lubricants) and trichloroethylene (cleaning solutions,

carpet cleaners, adhesives). These carcinogenic chemicals are used in the manufacturing of synthetic substances and materials and are offgassed from new materials for some time (up to several years, depending on the material of product in question). Benzene can also be emitted from gas ranges during use, making some types of houseplants great for use in the kitchen.

5. Rubber Plant-low maintenance and an

The plants listed below are some of the best for detoxifying and purifying the air in your home. They may just decrease your risk of cancers, asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders and other diseases.

8. Bamboo Palm-listed by Nasa with a

For the most effective purification choose a 10-12 inch potted plant per 100 sf of your home. this means a 2000sf home can easily accommodate 15-20 plants.

1. Aloe-healing properties, clear the air 2. English Ivy-one of the best air filtering plants 3. Golden Pothos-On Nasa’a list for its ability

air purifier. Thrive even in low light and cooler temps

6. Peace Lily-beautiful flower and reduce toxins in the air

7. Snake Plant-absorb carbon dioxide and add oxygen, very low maintenance

purifying score of 8.4 Need to be well-watered. Adds a bit of moisture in a room

9. Spider Plant-easy to grow and effective at fighting pollutants

10. Red-Edged Dracaena-grows tall

which makes them effective, red-tinged vibrant plant that is best in sunlight. Removes toxins. Dracaenacomes in many varieties for multiple areas of your home. Eliminates benzene, formaldehyde and more.

to remove formaldehyde from the air. Especially great plant for a kitchen with it’s hanging vine. Easy to grow, even in low light.

Other good choices: Areca Palm, Boston Fern, Chinese Evergreen, Ficus, Common Mum, and Moth Orchid.

air filtering

If you have children or pets, please check if the plant may be a hazard if ingested.

4. Philodendron-lovely vine, easy to grow and

I am heading to the plant store right now and select one for my new office area. I can use all the brain power I can get. Sharon Otness

March ~ 2016


Superfood of the Month: Mushrooms By Kat Maeda


uite frankly, a mushroom is not just a mushroom. Mushrooms are quite the superfood – a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, mushrooms are neither plant nor animal. In a kingdom of their own call Fungi, mushrooms are actually the fruiting body of a fungus and produce spores similar to a flower or fruit. Like all other fungi, mushrooms depend on their nourishment from a host source. People have been using mushrooms for various medicinal and health benefits and they have been used in spiritual practices in many cultures since the beginning of time. They’re used in medicine today. Western medicine, in fact, was transformed with the advent of antibiotics, especially penicillin that was created from the mushroom fungus, Penicillium.


March ~ 2016

Some of the benefits of mushrooms include: »» Ability to neutralize free radicals »» Antioxidant power that is not deactivated or destroyed by cooking (Did you know that the plain old white button mushroom beats out the antioxidants in colorful veggies like green peppers, carrots, green beans and tomatoes?) »» Most are good sources of B vitamins, selenium, iron, other minerals »» Dried mushrooms have almost as much protein as veal. »» Immune booster »» Cancer-fighting potential »» Hormone balancing

Many edible mushrooms are quite delicious! There are many wonderful main dishes, side dishes, and drinks that include mushrooms. In addition to buying them fresh, you will find dried mushrooms, freeze dried powders, capsules, and teas. Three of my favorite mushrooms, prized for both their medicinal and longevity benefits, are: Shitake, Reishi, and Chaga. Including them in your diet regularly can yield many health benefits. Native to Asia, shitake mushrooms are amazing as well as delicious. They have a meaty texture and robust, woodsy flavor and lend themselves to a number of dishes. Shitake are also cited in numerous studies for enhancing the immune system reducing inflammatory response, and providing cardiovascular support by reducing the effects of oxidative stress and preventing too much adhesion of certain protein molecules from binding on the lining of the blood vessels.

Reishi may also help asthma, blood pressure, and high cholesterol as well as arthritis and liver issues. Although there isn’t much research that’s conclusive, reishi are purported to potentially kill cancer growths. Because they are extremely bitter, reishi mushrooms are not cooked to eat, but are common as supplements and in ground powder form, which can be added to smoothies – my favorite way to consume reishi mushrooms. Unlike the reishi and shitake mushrooms, the chaga mushroom doesn’t look like a mushroom at all. In fact, if you were mushroom picking, you’d likely miss this dark, hard mushroom not only because it is a rare mushroom, but because

Like the shitake, reishi mushrooms hold a prominent place in traditional Chinese medicine and in Asian cultures for their health-promoting effects. Found in both Asia and America on decaying trees, there is a wealth of information that supports its track record for boosting the immune system and helping control many of our most concerning age-related diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative disorders.

March ~ 2016


it looks like a chunk of burnt wood on the side the birch trees on which they grow in the far northern hemisphere. Chaga mushrooms are rare and have an amazing concentration of unique nutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogenic power, Chaga has been used for centuries in Asia as tea for its soothing properties, benefits to cardiovascular health, aid liver function, to support healthy digestion, and to promote healthy skin. Chaga is available in various forms, from chunks right off the tree, and as tea, powders and extracts. You’ll always want to buy truly wild harvested chaga from forests of the far north to ensure it is free of chemicals and solvents.


March ~ 2016

While picking fresh mushrooms in the wild may sound exciting, of the 10,000+ classified varieties, only about 4% are good enough to eat, 20% of the known mushrooms can really make you sick, and mere 1% are toxic – so toxic they’re deadly! And, because mushrooms concentrate the matter from their host, even the edible ones can contain heavy metals and pollutants. So, always choose organic sources. Note: Medicinal information included in this article is provided for educational purposes only and may not fit your health needs. Always seek medical advise from your doctor or healthcare provider. Kat Maeda

Queen Elizabeth I* (1533-1603) Reigning as England’s Queen from age 25 until her death (despite accusations of illegitimacy and threats to her life), she strengthened her country, established the Church of England, and was considered a tolerant & benevolent leader. “She is only a woman, only mistress of half an island and yet she makes herself feared by Spain, by France, by the Empire, by all”. Pope Sixtus V *image is representative and does not depict the actual historic figure March ~ 2016


Sampler Mushroom Soup Makes 4 servings By Kat Maeda


• 1 ½ lbs. sampler selection of mushrooms: clamshells, brown clamshells, maitake, trumpet, crimini, dried shitake*


• 2-3 shallots, chopped • 3 garlic small to medium garlic cloves, minced • 3 ½ cups vegetable broth • 1 tsp. fresh thyme

• 2 Tbsp olive oil

• 1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice

• 3 leeks, cleaned thoroughly and chopped white and light green parts only

• ½ cup coconut milk • Parsley springs for garnish

*soak dried shitake mushrooms in cold water at least 20 minutes; reserve water (except for residue at bottom) to add to broth. March ~ 2016

D irections:

• Clean and roughly chop mushrooms; set aside • In large pot, heat olive oil and sauté leeks and shallots slowly until tender but not browned. Add minced garlic and stir until fragrant. • Add mushrooms and sauté until soft and mushrooms begin to release liquid. • Add veggie broth and thyme. Turn heat up, cover and bring to boil; turn down heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. • Reserve about 1/4 cup mushrooms for garnish. • With immersion blender, blend until rough consistency. • Stir in lemon juice. • Add coconut milk and stir to blend. Ladle into serving bowls and garnish with parsley sprigs and reserved mushrooms.

Kat Maeda 41

March ~ 2016


ormone Balancing Chocolate Milk-Smoothie

By Kat Maeda

Ingredients (Makes 1 serving)

• 1 cup cold almond milk • 1-2 Tbsp cacao • 2 Medjool dates, pitted • 1-2 tsp pure vanilla • 1 tsp maca powder • ½ tsp mesquite powder • 1 tsp reishi mushroom powder • ½ tsp chaga mushroom powder • ½ - ¾ tsp ground cinnamon • 1 Tbsp hemp seeds

D irections:

• 1 Tbsp lucuma powder

combine all ingredients in blender, blending on high until smooth. If desired, add 1-2 ice cubes and/or thin with additional almond milk.


March ~ 2016

Kat Maeda

March ~ 2016


Sacagawea* (1780 – 1812) Established cultural contacts with Native American populations, researched natural history by traveling thousands of miles while guiding the Lewis and Clark Expedition, between 1804 and 1806. She is credited with maintaining peaceful relations between the explorers and native tribes during the expedition. She is the mother of two, and traveled with her family during the expedition.


*image is representative and does not depict the actual historic figure March ~ 2016

Guilt Free Banana Almond Chocolate Squares

By Sharon Otness


Bottom Ingredients: • • 1 cup of dates (pitted) soften these in warm water for 10minutes • • 1.5 cups mixed raw walnuts & almonds (I subbed cashewsfor walnuts) • • 1/4 cup cacao powder

Top ingredients: • 2 really ripe bananas • 1/2 cup raw cacao powder • 4-tablespoon almond butter • 4-tablespoon raw honey

1. Mix together all bottom ingredients in a food processor until well blended. 2. Spread bottom ingredients in a large glass-baking pan until evenly distributed. 3. Mix together top ingredients in a food processor until well blended. 4. Spread top blend over bottom layer add until evenly distributed. Sharon Otness March ~ 2016


Banana Cucumber Nourishing Facial Mask By Sharon Otness Treat yourself! Your skin will love this nourishing and moisturizing facial mask.

Ingredients: • 1/2 cucumber • 1/2 banana • 1 tbsp. honey • juice from ½ lemon • 1 drop of lavender essential oil (optional)

Directions: • Place the cucumber and banana in a blender; blend until smooth, or mash with a fork for a chunkier version • Add the remaining ingredients to the blended mixture; blend until smooth • Apply to a clean face (avoid the eye area) • Let sit for 30 minutes • Rinse with lukewarm water • Follow up with your favorite moisturizer


Sharon Otness March ~ 2016

B Man ella


n Celebration of BellaMia’s 1 Year Publishing Date, we are bringing back our first BellaMan!


Women are beautiful to observe. We learn a lot watching a woman in her full Grace. They don’t have to try. They Are beautiful!

drian Boniardi Author/Speaker/Actor March ~ 2016


Daily Strategies to Boost your Immune System By Kellie Valenti


s a person navigating through cold and flu season, we worry about the health of our house holds right? It’s hard not too when we are surrounded by sick people, especially in the winter months.

Brigitte Mars, herbalist and author of The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicines, states that sugary foods and juices impair immune function. Research certainly backs this up.

My best advice is to build your immune system up and that means paying attention to our daily habits and practices.

I can certainly atone to having played havoc with my immune system coupled with higher stress and less sleep. It’s a cocktail of immune busters in action.

I have a strong and healthy immune system, thank you Jesus. I do not take it lightly although sometimes I might take it for granted, not intentionally, it just happens occasionally. When I’m most grateful is when I hear the horror stories of perpetual cold cycles, viruses and all the nasty bugs that seem to run rampant through offices, daycares and schools. Recently I came into contact with a 24-48 hour bug that went through our household. It’s literally been years since I’ve had so much as a cold, so this caught me off guard. Or did it? Over the last few months I have been consuming more sugar than normal, and I had already been having the thoughts about getting it under control.


March ~ 2016

Here’s a recipe for success. My favorite immunity boosters that you can do starting right now are: »» Cut down on the processed foods. As I mentioned sugar is a culprit and it’s in most processed foods in one form or other. Along with a lot of other toxins and chemicals that weakens our bodies and immune systems. When the body is strong, it can withstand the occasional abuse from these foods, but in its weakened state, it feels under attack all the time. Contrary to popular belief, this does include chocolate, which was my downfall.

»» Get plenty of sleep. I sometimes feel like a broken record when it comes to sleep, but it’s so important for proper body function, including our immune system. Sleep deprivation activates the stress response, depresses immune function and elevates inflammatory chemicals, which in turn makes you feel sick. »» Regular exercise helps to release stress and tension which strengthens your immune system. Get out and walk at a fast pace or practice moderate intensity exercise 4-5 days a week. »» Eat good bacteria in the form of fermented foods and drinks. With so much exposure to antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, not to mention the overuse of antibiotics, our gut bacteria needs inoculated with more good bacteria than bad. Good organic yogurts, raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and kombucha are excellent sources. »» Getting out in the sunshine daily is vitally important. While about one-third of the US population are vitamin-D deficient, we need exposure to the sun without sunscreen. This doesn’t mean go get burned. What this means is short, regular amounts of time in the sun do wonders. It fills up your vitamin-D reserves. Don’t wear sunglasses either, this blocks a big inlet through the eyes. »» Stay positive. The cells in your body react to everything your mind says. Negativity weakens your immune system. This includes what you say to yourself. Pay attention to that inner voice. »» Get out and be social, playing with animals and playing in the dirt are also ways to make us stronger health wise, it also makes us live longer.

While there are many other things that we can do to enhance our immune system, these are enough things to get you started. “It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are “heal”.” ~ Ed Northstrum In the end, if we’re healthier, we’re happier and when we’re happier we’re more fun to be around. Let’s journey through health and healing together. Building our immunity is a great beginning. Kellie Valenti

March ~ 2016


BNew ella


Cups of Consciousness By Aleya Dao


he month of March is a perfect time to make changes that can support your intentions. The first two months of 2016 were a time of rest and reflection. Clarity regarding your direction in life will come in the month of March. As the clarity and awareness arise you will be pulsed to make the changes that can help you manifest your intentions.

How to make the changes…

1. Take a moment to think about

what qualities you desire internally and externally for your life at this time. Examples…Support, love, joy, connection, fulfillment, safety, or peace. Whatever the qualities may be plant the seeds now…after all it is the Spring.

2. Write these qualities on a piece

of paper. Tape the note in a place where you will see it every day, like your bathroom mirror.


3. Every time you read your “quality

intention note” imagine and invite some energetic aspect of you to activate these vibrations in your inner river of light (your divine line.)

4. Imagine some energetic aspect of

you creating that reality in a higher realm.

This practice takes thirty seconds a day. March ~ 2016

Over time the more you hold your desired vibrations internally and in a higher realm your life will inevitably reflect these qualities. Use the inner and higher realms to make the desired help activate the creative current. This month I am sharing a seven-minute meditation and a forty-five minute energy balancing session. This mediation and session will help activate the current of change that empowers, supports, and inspires you.

Tap into the flow and the current of change meditation 5flmsdo4uu The energetic protocols in this meditation are the following… »» Tap into a current that can help you find a place of hope and joy with abundant resources. »» Breathe into your belly and extend your grounding cords into the heart of Earth. Tone to ground yourself. »» Locate the shift in the current of the consciousness on this planet. »» Clear your perception mechanisms of hopelessness and frustration around feeling of being stuck. »» Clear the hopelessness and frustration with tones. Travel down a river and around the bend. Place a supportive bubble of light around you.

Divine Alignment TALL Cups Session h4wsueeu3hajp9qk1p0rprudvkoyekdh This Divine Alignment TALL Cup of Consciousness session can help you align your actions with your desired intentions. It is a supportive, gentle, empowering energetic session. »» This session addresses the following… »» Identify the qualities that represent the deepest desires of your soul, body, and team. »» Align your priorities with your intentions. Invite your body to send you relevant information that can help you receive. »» Receive the divine light of your essence to a greater degree. »» Release all support grids that do not belong to you. »» Be supported by your own divine light. Use March and April to integrate and align. Use the remainder of the year to ride the beautiful energetic wave into your desired states of joy and connection. May you feel the tides of change in a way that restores your flow, inspiration, and joy. Click here to learn more about your divine line, body deva, and Team. -Aleya Dao

Tina Ketchie Stearns


March ~ 2016


Caregivers Get Spring Fever Too

f you are a caregiver, you know Well guess what? One of how exhausting it can be to care for the best things you can do for a loved one who is elderly or is living your loved one is to catch that with a serious illness. While everyone Spring Fever along with everyaround you is smiling one else! That’s with excitement in right. I know, you ...the person anticipation of enjoying don’t think there is you are warm weather activities enough time for you caring for with family and friends to enjoy shopping will be the like planting flowers, for a few new pieces first to tell walking outside with to add to your you they a friend enjoying the spring wardrobe, warm breeze, or shopwant you to planting gardens, ping for the latest in or throwing a backtake a break. spring fashion, all you yard barbeque for can think of is, “How friends. But there am I going to get all the things done I is. There has to be. It is absoneed to do today? Job, family, grocery lutely vital that you make the shopping, paying bills, and taking care time to DO YOU! That may of Mom…there are simply not enough include making arrangements hours in the day!” Whew, it wears you for others to care for your loved out just to think about it, much less one while you are doing other actually getting it all done!

things. That’s fine. Do it. It’s ok! You are not Superwoman or Superman. It takes a village, and most of us have a tribe that is there to support us. All you have to do is ask. Asking for help takes courage for caregivers, but you must ask. You will be amazed at how quickly people are willing to help and give you a resounding “YES! Of course I can help.” If you do not have a support system, there are resources in your local community like Senior Services and long term care facilities you can reach out to that offer over- night respite services and day care services for adult clients who need care. Caregivers often feel they have to do it all. They fear their loved one will think they are a burden if you get someone else to pitch in every now and then while you do something you enjoy just for the fun of it. I am here to tell you that the person you are caring for will be the first to tell you they want you to take a break. Enjoy yourself. When you are doing something that will help recharge your battery and make you smile, your loved one will benefit from that time you took because you will be less stressed, less tired, and more present when you are with them. It is a win-win. Believe me when I tell you this – you cannot care for someone else if you do not take care of yourself. Research has shown caregivers often fall ill from care giving because they never took time to care for themselves. Please do not let that be you.

So caregivers – UNITE! Give yourselves the all-too-deserving power and permission to enjoy some time away from care giving every now and then. Catch that Spring Fever! Make time to work out, go out to dinner with friends while someone else feeds your loved one, plant those flowers, take a vacation…do whatever gives you joy and will restore your energy so you can provide the best possible care for your loved one. Most importantly, feel the peace and joy of truly being present and enjoying your time together with the person you are caring for as you have a renewed sense of strength and focus. You are doing an amazing job caring for your loved one. Keep it up by taking time for you. Spring Fever is for you to enjoy too! Tina Ketchie Stearns March ~ 2016



Carolyn Gervais

Enduring Symbol of Balance and Grace

March ~ 2016


ary Magdalene: mysterious, mystical and much more. She has been the subject of considerable controversy for centuries, and has been called everything from a prostitute, an epileptic healed by Jesus, a financial supporter of Jesus’s mission, his wife; his disciple, an apostle, a sinner and a saint. Since the beginning of mankind the female has been viewed as the

weaker of the two sexes. This belief is changing as we evolve because strength is not just about how much muscle a person has, or how threatening one can be. When Jesus the Christ was teaching the gospel of God, most men viewed women as a dark force of temptation; a temptress of Satan over men. Temptation from the ego comes from the five senses. No one can tempt us to do anything we don’t want to do, however we can be tempted to do anything we want to do. Temptation is what we use to blame someone or something. Although many theologians have speculated that Mary Magdalene was a trusted companion of Jesus, just as many have pointed out how she was labeled a prostitute, in order to discredit her importance. My intuition shows me that Mary Magdalene is a powerful symbol of balanced feminine and masculine energy; a combination that will continue to seek balance inside each of us, in our world and throughout our cosmos, as long as we are in physical form. Wherever opposites exist, balance must ensue or chaos will take over. Being

“ . .. a power f ul sy mbo l of balanced

f em inine and masculine energy”

tenuous by nature our feminine and masculine balance will constantly change and fluctuate according to our ways of thinking, seeing, feeling, and what actions are triggered thereof. The belief that women must be hidden, owned, veiled and beaten into submission, is initiated by a partner such as a boyfriend, a husband, girlfriend or wife, who reacts with jealous rage whenever their insecurities are triggered. What can trigger those insecurities? Denied love in any form, such as feelings of unworthiness, an unhealthy body image or the need to have absolute control. To control another, often becomes a way we try to control our own inadequacies and fear of loss. It is important for us as women to know who we are and where we want to go with our lives so we don’t fall prey to the Alpha male in such a way that we lose ourselves. We as women can find our balanced energy with a mixture of gentleness and assertiveness. The mix of love and common sense brings us a knowingness of what and when to give and what and when to graciously receive. It is the same for a man in that he balances his masculine energy with his feminine by blending his natural male assertiveness with gentleness, and his common sense with the love that comes with respect for women and men alike. In doing so, his balanced nature will show him the value of giving from his heart, without the expectation of receiving.

Historical and biblical scholars have said, over the centuries, that theologians have made up much of who Mary Magdalene was as a woman and as a spiritual being. Was Mary Magdalene her birth name? No one really knows what her birth name was. Only one of the disciples who wrote about Mary Magdalene mentioned her by name, because as scholars noted, she was a woman and not a man. Mary Magdalene followed Jesus in order to bring his teachings to as many as possible. Even if Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that didn’t and still doesn’t make her any less of a person than anyone else. Life experiences are why we are on Earth. Each experience teaches us something about ourselves, whether that something causes us to dislike or to like ourselves, doesn’t matter. That like or dislike is what takes us down a path that will lead to our hearts and then our souls. It is our accumulated experiences that eventually take us inward in order to hear the guiding whispers of God’s Essence and His Saints. Carolyn Gervais March ~ 2016


"Living Life on a Natural High"


March ~ 2016

March ~ 2016


Leveraging Drama: Mastering the Discomfort Zone


Lorraine Cohen


March ~ 2016

ife is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body. But rather, to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming.... WOW what a ride.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson Several years ago I attended a business conference in Los Angeles. One evening we gathered to hear a panel of highly successful spiritual entrepreneurs share some of the secrets of their success. At each stage of expanding their work, many had to let go of parts or all of their businesses, even if they were thriving, to move in a new direction. Every person said at each

growth spurt, they experienced fear as well as excitement to embark on a new adventure. When you are redecorating a room, you must first clear everything out before bringing anything new in. Times of growth and expansion create space to let go of the old to usher in what’s next. Nature abhors a vacuum. Nothing stays empty for long. To write this article I looked up the definition of drama. Here is the essence: Drama is a story or situation; an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances typically designed for theatrical performance. Perhaps your life is going through a big shake-up which is a perfect time for drama to show up.

These three tips may help:

1. Breathe. Being able to foresee new possi-

bilities can be a challenge when fears take over. Slow deliberate breaths can decrease mental chatter, soothe physical reactions and stop fearful thoughts from spiraling downward. Fears tend to keep the focus on the past and project negatives into the future. Coming back into the present will help you look at life through a wider lens of possibilities and solutions. This quick exercise will help you come back into the present; to unhook from re-visiting the past and projecting fear into the future. Count physical objects Look at something in your immediate environment. Keep your attention on that object for 3-5 seconds (without thinking about what it is!) and count the number 1 out loud. For example you might look at the wall in front of you and say, “1 ”. Then choose different objects, placing your attention for several seconds on each one saying the next numbers out loud – 2, 3, 4,….up to 20.

2. Create time for self-reflection and quiet

to gain deep clarity about what you really, really want going forward. Declutter your mind--use this free space to let go of relationships, physical clutter, and things that no longer serve you. Work on clearing subconscious beliefs and programs that create drama. Don’t believe everything you think! Your mental stories can expand or entrap you. Your spirit communicates to you through feelings. What messages might you be trying to tell yourself when you experience emotional upheaval? Periods of expansion invite you to take a 360 - degree view of your life: your passions, desires, needs, relationships, unique gifts, strengths, and spiritual calling.

3. Maintain routines and practices to

help you emotionally and mentally stabilize; to stay centered and connected to your spirit. When going through periods of emotional stress, the things that keep you at your best can fall by the wayside. Don’t block your emotions. Breathe into your feelings so you can release them and become aware of how deeply you are embedded in the story you are telling yourself. Question your self-talk. Ask yourself, “Is it true?” The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength. I heard Marianne Williamson speak about this concept from, ‘A Course in Miracles’. The meaning behind her words is that when fear shows up, it is a signal that you have disconnected from your spirit, that part of you that is your source of strength, joy, and power to transform any situation into magic. Realizing this disconnection has happened, you can guide yourself back to YOU. Lastly…Lighten up. Getting caught up in drama and fears can inhibit playfulness, love, and joy, which provide the most powerful energy to create your greatest life. No matter what is happening, make space to allow your inner child room to play. Simple things in life can bring pleasure and enjoyment. Deliberately schedule things in your calendar that are fun. It’s wonderful to have things to look forward to that make you smile. The choice is yours to see life as full of problems or possibilities. Use drama as a pathway to rewrite the next juicy chapter of your life. Lorraine Cohen

March ~ 2016


Unlearning can be Luscious By Jennifer Jimbere

For 20 years I kept contributing to someone else’s dream. For 20 years I played smaller than I was capable of being. For 20 years I kept my true gifts hidden from the world and helped only one corporation at a time. But then I made the leap!

Launching my coaching and consulting practice was a huge change for me and my family. In a few short months, I have transformed my life by building a business that uses my strengths and gives me freedom to support people around the world and lets me give back, all while serving and making a positive impact. In the learning and development profession we know that in order for shifts to occur and new patterns to emerge we need to unlearn what we know. This occurs in the workshops that professional adult educators teach. Why is it so hard for us, in the everyday, to unlearn what we know?


March ~ 2016

Growing up, I was always focused on the next thing I would accomplish, moving forward with confidence and pride. I graduated a year ahead of my class, excited to get to University. After University, it was onward and upward. I am fortunate to have had some excellent positions. As I progressed and was promoted, family, friends and co-workers would wonder and ask me why I would move onto the next role, I had a great one already. Then I began to think, shouldn’t I just be happy with what I had achieved so early in life? Work seemed to come easy to me even in highly demanding roles. When I slowed down to listen to the critical, sometimes negative voices of others and in

my head, I began to realize they’d been programmed since childhood. As an adult trying to do my best, I often had to quiet or counteract these voices in order to do what I knew in my heart was the right thing for me.

overcome it. One of the workshops I facilitate, shares the 5 Consequences for Self Doubt and the Strategies to Overcome them.

I learned some wonderful things growing up that still come naturally to me: see the bright side of things, being curious is importIn other words, just as it’s important to keep ant, open your home and learning, life can welcome guests. But somealso be a series of “ you wonder why times a happier, healthier unlearning what’s life means undoing some of been wired into us. you didn’t learn to the well-meaning advice we Imagine, we live question this thought were given. intp our 30’s and pattern earlier? ” Figure out what works 40’s the way we were for you, and make an effort programmed before to change or “unlearn” that we were 5 years old. which doesn’t. Our beliefs such as “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “you should be thankful you have a In the unlearning process I invite you to job”, can keep a person locked into that pattern leverage your educated mind, move away from until the day they die. I made the decision, what you’ve been taught and move towards with my very supportive husband, at 40 years what your spirit says. old that belief in myself and bold moves would I have my coaching clients begin with these meet, and I launched my private practice. questions as they consider the possibilities for When you start to break out of those themselves: thoughts, do you wonder why you didn’t learn • When was the last time you allowed to question this thought pattern earlier? yourself to dream? The school system is designed to help us • How can you share all of the knowlgather information. The books pile up and we edge you have acquired? get tested. We call this learning. • What is the legacy you wish to leave behind? Please don’t get me wrong, I have over 13 degrees and certifications. I believe education I am inviting you to soar and go after that is key and opens possibilities. However, this is luscious life of your dreams. What do you not learning, this is gathering information and need to unlearn to make that happen? storing it. There is a difference between learnJennifer Jimbere ing and gathering information. School taught http://jimberecoachingandconsulting. us valuable information, but it did not teach com us how to alter our old paradigms. Self-doubt creeps up and we don’t have the strategies to March ~ 2016


By Christine Miskinis

Tune in




hen it comes to confidence, why is it that some women have it while others spend their entire lives wishing they did? Does confidence come with age, or is it something we have at birth and lose along the way, only to find it again through our life experiences? Confidence is developed through listening to your own inner voice or higher power and learning to trust yourself. When you develop this relationship with yourself you will return to a place of wholeness. It is through this process of remembering your divinity that true confidence is born and sustained. Confidence is a choice, it’s a decision that you make to be powerful, to show up and to take action in your life. It’s about feeling like you’re enough even when your mind doubts your abilities.

it’s a decision that you make to be powerful


March ~ 2016

What’s wrong with being confident? Nothing. In fact, it’s how you powerfully create what you desire. You must take action and believe in your own abilities. When you connect to your own divinity, you can show up with your imperfections and be accepted, honored, and even celebrated for your perceived flaws or short comings. When you show up in your essence you’ll know that it is those exact things that make you unique. The way that this happens is through exploring yourself in these ways: »» Self-Knowing: the awareness or understanding of your personality, habits, behaviors, values emotions and thought processes. »» Self-Acceptance: accepting your strengths and weaknesses as you are right now in this moment. »» Self-Love: the state of valuing your own happiness and well-being. »» Self-Trust: self-reliance, having faith in one’s inner sources (body, mind, spirit) to navigate your way through life. When you experience a lack of confidence, remember that it is just a sign that you are in a state of fear. Fear of the unknown and of making mistakes can keep you from taking action and building the confidence you desire.

Think of your life as being a student in Earth School. You are here to learn and experience. The more you allow yourself to be in a state of authentic self-expression, the higher your vibration will rise and your confidence will soar! Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Here’s how you can give it a try. Change your Tune! My favorite method for boosting self-confidence is by getting “in tune” with music. You know that feeling you experience when you are driving in your car and one of your favorite songs comes on the radio? You immediately turn it up, tune in and begin rocking out! It is from this place that your mind takes a break and your soul starts to sing! This doesn’t only

happen while driving in a car, you can try this technique whenever you are feeling less than confident. A bonus way to boost your confidence, is to create your own customized ‘Rock it Out, Woman’ radio station on Pandora, iTunes, or YouTube. Listen to your playlist and practice feeling confident at least three times a day. Find what works for you until you develop your own rhythm, and if you want to fast track your Course to Confidence then go rock out to, “What’s wrong with being confident?” by Demi Lovato. Yes, sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to own it. Yet, telling yourself something from the “mind” is not the same as feeling it in your body. I invite you to play and perform with feelings of confidence until it becomes second-nature.

While many people will tell you it’s just a decision to be more confident, I believe it’s more of a feeling. This is how you change your tune so you can Rock it Out, Woman! Christine Miskinis March ~ 2016


In the Hour of Her Greatest Need, He Came.



Rebecka Eggers

ou keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. ∞ Psalms 56:8

March ~ 2016

When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons. ∞ John 19:9 Seven demons?! Imagine the weight of it! When Mary Magdalene first met Jesus, she had seven entities occupying her flesh and crushing her spirit. He cast them out of her. Jesus saw Mary suffering and he set her free. It was this need for freedom that first drew Jesus into relationship with Mary Magdalene. Fast forward. Mary stood near enough to the cross to see it when it happened, to know when he drew his last breath. She watched her

beloved teacher, master, spiritual friend and possibly tantric partner die a gruesome death. Can you imagine the loneliness and the terror that must have run through Mary’s body like the cold shiver of lifelessness itself? Her powerful demon slayer, her liberator and protector, had seemingly been defeated by the authorities, by death, by betrayal at the hands of his own destiny. Mary, in some sense, had been abandoned! Or at least she must have felt that way (as we all do when someone we love is taken from us). Yet still Mary went to the tomb.

than to the presence of the other, presumably male, Mary went in search of whatever was disciples, Simon Peter and “the one Jesus loved.” left of Jesus. She went despite the risk John 20:2 of being associated with him. She went knowing the anguish she would feel seeing Bravery didn’t move him, prestige didn’t move his lifeless body, discovering the absence him, apathy sure didn’t. Even his love FOR the of his spirit, unearthing other disciple didn’t move him. the depth of her own The precious tears of a despair. It was then, woman called him out of the When she came shadows. with tears upon an empty tomb Perhaps it was even Mary’s streaming instead, startled, disbeneed, expressed so authentically, lieving, she ran to get down her face... that brought him backwards the others. Together through the cervix of the great she, Simon Peter and womb and back into the world another disciple returned. before his spirit had the chance to fully ascend. Upon discovering only the discarded “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for linens in the chamber, Simon Peter and righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6 the other disciple simply “went back to where they were staying.” John 20:10 Mary hungered for the man who was righteousThat’s it. They saw he wasn’t there and they just went home. But not Mary! She stayed and she wept for him and for the lack of even the shell of him. It was then, with tears streaming down her face, that he appeared to her. He perceived her great need for him and her sorrow and he came. Need! He came when he saw her need!

ness itself! And he came for her!

Which leads me to perhaps the most important questions anyone might ever ask you: What if everything you have ever been told about the ugly, repugnant, weakness of your need is dead wrong? What if divinity yearns for you to open up a space, a crack, a tiny sliver of need that can be filled to the brim with love, blessings, comfort, wisdom?

Jesus arrived at precisely the moment when Mary expressed her anguish most openly, profoundly, unreservedly.

Could you delight in the nourishment you might take at the Mother’s breast? At the raising of the Father’s sword to protect you? At the teachings available at the feet of the master?

Mary had a great hunger for Jesus and a tremendous agony at his absence. He responded to that tender yearning rather

If Jesus appeared to you in the tomb of your need, in your hour of greatest anguish, would you recognize him there? Would you receive his

March ~ 2016


compassion for your tears? Or would you wipe them away in shame and tuck away the very thing that drew him to your side? It took even Mary a moment to come to terms with his response as he asked, “Woman, why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?” John 20:15 Again, Jesus confirmed his interest in her grief. There he came again to cast away her demons. At first she mistook him for the gardener. Imagine the cognitive dissonance! Again Mary’s great urgency came rushing in. She was bold enough, faith-filled enough, thirsty enough to inquire. “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.” John 20:15. So hungry was Mary for Jesus that she offered to go get his blood-soaked, rotting corpse and carry it away. So true was her need for him that she didn’t care what that need might cost her. So sincere were her tears that he revealed himself right then and there, in the barren tomb, in the moment of her extremity.

Jesus said, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’” John 20:16 &17.

He didn’t call Mary crazy or send her off to get the men or silence her sobs. Jesus made Mary his only witness. He designated her the messenger of his miracle and his resurrection.

Would you follow it to the empty tomb? Beyond the grave?

Jesus said to her, “Mary.”

Will you offer your tears to the altar of your destiny, empty-handed and insistent? Needy?

She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” (which means “Teacher”).


Jesus was Mary’s passion. What’s yours?

Will you hunger and thirst for your purpose so that you might be filled?

Just give me his body, fill my hands with whatever is left of him and I will carry him away! Rebecka Eggers

March ~ 2016

Harriet Tubman* (c. 1822 – 1913) In 1849 she escaped from slavery with permanent injuries including a head trauma and still risked her life on 13 trips to successfully lead approx. 70 people out of slavery through the Underground Railroad. Later in life she continued to fight for equality though the Woman’s Suffrage movement. *image is representative and does not depict the actual historic figure March ~ 2016


Q &A

wit h



BellaMia: How did you overcome being an introvert and the fears of speaking publiclly to become a globally sought after speaker?

Tonya: It wasn’t easy but it was exciting. I

have the same goal each year and that is to look back at myself the year before and not recognize myself. That requires me to do things that scare and challenge me, and to take opportunities that show up. Everyone wants an easy pill to take to get over the shakes and shivers, especially when getting up to speak for the first time. It took me about a year of getting out and speaking, as often as I could, to get over the shakes. Now look at me… even though it was incredibly hard at times, I would never go back. So get out and do. Challenge yourself. I have a saying that I look at each day: “Wow Yourself Today!”

Tonya Hofmann 68 March ~ 2016

BellaMia: You started a speakers program, share that with us?

Tonya: I found that people were constantly

hiring me to show them the business of speaking: how to get booked to speak; how to make money when you do go and speak. I didn’t, however, find any organizations that helped people get themselves known. Since I have created and sold two business networking organizations in the past and have taught people how to create organizations, it was an ah ha moment when I realized that I just needed to create one myself. So in 2013, I launched the Public Speakers Association to help existing speakers find speaking opportunities, increase their marketing, produce more opportunities and up web traffic. The association also helps emerging speakers by

CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association 512-456-7163 office 512-436-5645 cell

educating them on the “new” speaking world, helping them to start to get their message heard, and getting their names known in order to get booked to speak.

BellaMia: How do people get started speaking? Do you have to be a professional speaker to get booked?

Tonya: To get started, it is actually pretty

We know that there is no way that a 30 minutes to 2 hour presentation can change their lives forever. So they have to go further with us. Which is sales. They have to buy into something so that we can make a lasting impact. Most people call it “Free” speaking, I call it “Investment” speaking. There is nothing free about it, but it is way more lucrative than the old set up was. If you spend $1,500 to speak at a conference, you make -at a minimum- $5,000 from the sales process at the event. Then there are all the follow-up sales, which can easilyvreach into 5 figures. You just have to learn the business and the sales process of a speaking engagement. If we can do it, anyone can do it.

easy. There are so many opportunities now: in person meetings; internet speaking opportunities with Live Broadcasting; Radio programs; Teleconferences; and Webinars. You never run out of opportunities. Now a days, people don’t want “perfect” speakers. They want real people with real content. They want to be inspired and educated at the same time. BellaMia: So to get started, you just start. Don’t do things in people don’t a safe environment where nothing happens. Go out want “perfect” and change lives. While speakers. They practicing build a data base want real people to create an amazing comwith real content. munity around you.

BellaMia: How do you make money speaking?

Tonya: Most people when they think of a

speaker, they think of the old way, the way the speaking world was before 2010. Back then, someone would be invited to come to speak. Travel costs and speaker’s fees were paid. That world is almost gone. My friends and I looked at that world and it didn’t make any sense to us, since we are entrepreneurs, and this is more of an employee mentality. We want to go in and really make a difference in the audience’s lives.

Why is it important for someone to be a speaker for their business?

Tonya: There is nothing

as effective as speaking to promote and grow a business. It gives you immediate recognition as the expert in the room. It warms everyone up to you, to believe in everything you are about to teach them, and to want to do business with you. It is the best marketing you can do for your business. If you speak in front of your target market, you can walk away with immediate sales. If you aren’t out speaking, you aren’t changing lives in a big way, and you are hiding your expertise from those who are waiting for you. They just don’t know it yet. Go out and “Change the World from the Front of the Room!”tm

March ~ 2016


Why Simply Manifesting Money


ave your pennies for a rainy day!” Or “Don’t save your pennies for a rainy day, or you will surely have rainy days!” So many mixed messages! So much erroneous information out there when it comes to wealth building.

Never Works!

By Connie Costa

high profile teachers. In the woo-woo community, you will find the common advice: create a vision board, learn how to manifest, use positive affirmations, and visualize what you wish to manifest.

I am a fan of all of these For several years now, tools, but over the years, I have I have been committed to learned that these tools alone studying success, financial His advice is will most likely never make freedom, and how to make you wealthy. It wasn’t until simple and money by living your life’s I was introduced to a book purpose. As a mom and called, The Values Factor, by practical: entrepreneur, it was importDr. Demartini, that building SAVE! ant for me to build a very wealth started making sense to strong financial foundation. me. His advice is simple and practical: SAVE! If you save a However, over the years, set amount each month, and continuously I have had several mixed messages when it increase it, overtime, you will have quite comes to making money and being successa bit saved. That’s when you want to start ful. I have read numerous books, attended investing some of your savings. You can many seminars, and was taught by several invest in rental properties, real estate, etc.


March ~ 2016

since he was little, he was obsessed with becoming a millionaire. Diego has never created a vision board, has never used positive affirmations, or anything else that’s considered “woo-woo”. What Diego did, was far more practical. He read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and I Will Teach Dr. Demartini says You to Be Rich by that if you are truly Ramit Sethi. He then serious about building recruited mentors, Diego has never wealth, you must co-workers and the created a vision make it one of your VP of the company highest values, “if you he works at. He board, has never don’t study financial or learned how to save wealth management; if used positive and invest. Diego is you don’t bring order in his mid-twenties, affirmations, or to your financial strucand he’s already on ture and habits; and anything else his way to financial if you don’t own the freedom. He’s an that’s considered traits of the wealthy, expert on stocks, you are probably going portfolios and assets. “woo-woo”. to live in a delusion I have no doubt in about your financial my mind, that he future.” All these years, I thought that it will be a millionaire in his thirties. was one of my highest values; after all, I I recently decided to interview my have read all the classics when it comes wealthy friends and ask them how they to manifesting more money. However, made their millions. Every single one said he claims that there is a huge difference the same thing: save and invest. No matter between LEARNING how to build wealth how much money you are making, save. and actually BUILDING wealth itself. Never touch the money, act as if it doesn’t This was big for me. I realized that all exist. Keep increasing how much you save. those years, what I really enjoyed was My dear friend, Jim Loughead, gave me this learning about it, but when it came down advice, “the key is to always save a fixed to it, I was never truly serious about it. Additionally, although I thought one of my amount each month, then quarterly increase the amount by 10% after you have a year’s highest values was on money, it was actuworth of income then invest in the markets ally on spending money. Big difference. the excess. Eventually the money will work In order to illustrate this, let me give for you instead of you working for money!” you an example. I have known my brother-in-law since he was 10 years old. Ever DeMartini says, “Parkinson’s Law makes it clear that if you don’t save your money or invest it into high-priority wealth-building vehicles, it will automatically become consumed by low-priority distractions and unexpected bills or wealth destroyers.”

March ~ 2016


Dr. Demartini also said that once you start respecting money and managing it well, “you start attracting more money to manage.” I can vouch for this firsthand. Once I started becoming serious about saving, I started making more money. The more money I make, the more I save. For years, I can’t believe I actually listened to the advice that said to not save, because it sent wrong signals to the Universe. I actually read in one book to spend all the money you have, that way, you are showing the Universe you trust that more money will come your way. So foolish of me! I want to spare you of this. This is precisely why I am now committed to teaching these principles. Simple, old-fashioned, practical, and very effective. If I can do it, so can you. Are you ready to build some wealth? Sending you lots of love & positive energy, Connie Costa


March ~ 2016

The 7 Steps to Make “It” Happen


Andrea Allen

hat is your “it”? Your “it” is the one thing you wish you could create, experience or accomplish in your business or in your life in 2016. Your “it” often lingers just under your skin with continuous thoughts or desires. You most likely haven’t let anyone see “it” and maybe you don’t even let yourself see “it” for any length of time. You might not have realized how much “it” is part of you, and yet you can feel “it” now. You are probably noticing that it’s going to be harder and more painful to keep moving through life not doing “it” then to finally step into “it’.

This means you are ready to make “it” happen.

To get you started, here are the 7 Simple Steps to Make “It” happen.

Step 1.

Define your “it”. Write down what your “it” is in a descriptive, measurable and reachable way. The clearer you get on your “it” the easier it can be reached. Write it down as if you have already achieved it. After you have “it” down, post your “it” statement in at least three locations and read it daily. March ~ 2016


Step 2. Know why you

haven’t done “it” yet. This will be your “check list of resistance” so you can prepare for all of the distractions, excuses, fears and issues that are stopping you. Now that you have your list, problem solve when each one comes up. Add to your list and reflect on past entries so you are aware of patterns and you can be reminded of what works and what doesn’t work to move you forward.

Step 3. Write down why you want “it”. Think about it and answer the questions, “why do I want “it”? Articulate exactly why you want this one thing to happen. Write it down. What would it mean to you? How would it affect you and those around you? How would you feel when “it” happens? Get really clear and on your “why” so when resistance comes (and it will) you are so grounded that you keep moving forward.

“Your “it” often lingers just under your skin with continuous thoughts or desires” 74

March ~ 2016


Step 4. Define your next 5

action steps. Now it’s time to get to work. Get a large white board or open a special document and title it “ The next five actions I need to take to move toward making ‘it” happen”. Then list them. Everyday revisit your list. When one thing gets checked off, add the next thing. If something is not getting done on your list, see if you can break it down smaller or read through your checklist of resistance document you created. Problem solve, stay in action and get what you need to support your actions. If you don’t clearly know the best action steps, it is time to find out - do research, hire a coach or find a mentor.

Step 5. Add a Timeline. “The

difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline,” says Dr. Phil. There is no more time for “I’ll do it tomorrow”! Make a commitment to yourself and put down a deadline date next to each step.

Step 6. Reprogram your mind-

set for success. To accomplish your“it” you are going to have to think differently then you have in the passed. Your willpower is going to have to be stronger, your commitment more grounded and our emotions steady. Find someone to help you think in a new way and keep you accountable long enough to reset your habits and mindset so you can do “it”.

Step 7. Celebrate the journey,

the accomplishment and start over. Remember the “it” is not just about the destination it’s about the journey. Make sure you enjoy each step and the process. When you accomplish “it”, make it a BIG celebration and on the same day, go back to Step #1 and write down our your next “it”! Make “it” happen - it starts today. - Andrea Allen

March ~ 2016


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March ~ 2016

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Joan of Arc (c.1412-1430) (The Maid of OrlÊans) She received visions of the Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine instructing her to fight for France. She became instrumental in France’s victory over England in the Hundred Years War before being martyred at the age of 19. Napoleon Bonaparte named her a national symbol of France in 1803. In 1920 she was canonized into sainthood. *image is representative and does not depict the actual historic figure March ~ 2016


Q&A with

Georgie essup J BellaMia: When did you first feel this calling?

Georgie: I was no more than four years

old when I saw Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show. Either my parents or my aunt bought me a Harmony Singing Cowboy guitar and I use to stand in from of the mirror or on our side porch, pretending I was a rock star just like him. It is hard to say if it was him or Ricky Nelson that inspired me more. My family use to watch Ozzie and Harriet together and that show predates Elvis on Sullivan. But I was also influenced by my mom singing Hank Williams tunes like Hey Good Lookin’ and Your Cheatin’ Heart. Really, I knew there was something different about me from the time of my first conscious memory.


March ~ 2016

BellaMia: How does Music make you feel

and what is the most influential moment in your music history?

Georgie: By the time I started to write my

own songs, which was making up instrumental tunes on the piano instead of practicing like I was suppose to, I realized music would always be the thing that motivated me in life and the place where I actually felt I had something to offer society. There are so many influential moments in my life connected to music it is hard to zone in on one. I was taught piano by an elderly woman and her focus was classical. I dropped out the first chance I got. I took piano from the age of 7 until I was 12. I thought I could be a drummer and then a trumpet player, but I could not sing and play either at the same time. It was more important to me that I be able to sing along. My brother and a few friend from

the community all took lessons on guitar for a while. BellaMia: Where do you see yourself I got so I could play rhythm guitar fairly well and going forward? that is the instrument that I wrote my first serious My good friend and fellow songwriter songs on. In High school I took a music theory class Dirk Hamilton says we do and had to learn the piano what we do because we keyboard. We learned to have to. While some artist do different inversions of are good at the busymess the same chord (important (business) end of music, especially for rock and ...we do that was never my strong roll). Once I learned my what we do suit. Dirk always said you chords, relative minors and can have a little bit of talent such, I just started adding because we and be good at business notes in the bass and creand go pretty far. Lots of ating these suspended type have to. great songwriters only get chords. That experience heard by a few people. So opened my creative juices what I do is not motivated and piano became my by money. I keep trying to main instrument. I had make my living with music been writing on guitar, and I will continue as long as folks want but from that point on and for the next several years to hear my songs. I am currently promotI wrote on the piano. I returned to the guitar as a ing my latest CD Philosopher Dogs while second instrument in the 1990s and applied the continuing to keep songs from my earlier “tricks” I learned from theory on piano to guitar. works alive. The CDs that are available for Now I go back and forth depending on the song I am anyone interested are; Woman In A Man’s performing. So that was a pretty important moment Suit, Working Class Hero, and American for me. Holocaust (an American History). There I was not always a lead singer and theory helped me is a documentary film also called Woman realize I could actually change the key of a song to In A Man’s Suit that looks at my transifit my vocal range. In retrospect it is very elementary tion (I am a male to female transwoman) but that realization also opened a whole knew world and how the transition affected my for me. As innocent as it may sound I had no idea musical “career” (contact me if you’d like you could do that. a copy for educational purposes). I am

March ~ 2016


also working on my memoir called; A Winkte In A Wasicu World or A Mystery Bead’s Journey. Winkte (wing-tay) is the Lakota word for a person like me. Wasicu refers to the “fat takers” which is how the Indians referred to white people who were so greedy they always took the best for themselves.

BellaMia: Tell me more about your music community.

Georgie: I also run as house concert space/

listening room called Edith May’s Paradise. It is located in my home town of Jessup, MD. Some friends of mine and I built it in the basement of my home. Maybe that makes it a house concert but anyone who has attended the shows or performed will tell you it is more than a house concert space. As a songwriter myself I realize how hard it is to find a good venue to perform original material at. The few bars and cafes that have music that cater to original songwriters charge enormous amounts of money for drinks, food, and a cover charge. Then you have parking and the hassle of that expense. In a sense EMP is a co-op for songwriters and original bands to network and build their following. For music


March ~ 2016

enthusiasts it is a place where you can bring your drink of choice, park your car near my place, and enjoy a night of great music! Why anyone would want to drive into the city and deal with drunks and people who just go to bars to meet their next “lay” instead of coming to EMP to enjoy a top notch night of excellent performers is beyond me. Folks will also bring a dish and I always put some kind of food out for folks. We have had some great talents come through EMP; International touring performing songwriter Dirk Hamilton has included EMP on his tours for the last eight years. Sonia

Rutstein (disappear fear) has graced our stage others include Robin Bullock, Taneytown from the Netherlands, Akira (Otsuka) & Node 18, Chelsea McBee, Jacob Panic, Tony Denikos, and of course my own fine; band Georgie Jessup & Philosopher Dogs. The whole place looks like a cafe/antique toy museum. My Father’s family was in the business from 1889 until 1994 and the collection is pretty extensive. Readers might want to check out my website www. which has a page for Edith May’s Paradise. And EMP has a Facebook page as well. In the future I hope to open my home for traveling performers as a B&B but I always offer that to out of town performers anyway.

BellaMia: What are some of your musical dreams?

Georgie: My songs are about self empowerment

and learning to keep your ego in check; two of the hardest things for any human to balance. I dream of completing my book, performing, touring and lecturing on the subject of the Balance Keepers, People of the In-BetweenTime, or the Mystery Beads who have the ability to heal this dysfunctional culture if only we understand that we (transsexuals) are Balance Keepers, and that we come from the People of the IN-Between time and that we are Creator’s bead in the flesh or Mystery Beads, and stop trying to be a stereotype of what it means to be a man or a woman because we are neither and both at the same time. This is where our gift comes from. Knowing the gift eases the burden. March ~ 2016



21 March – 20 April Your inner child will shine through this month as you step into a more playful self- keep in mind that you are in control of your destiny as you may struggle to instantly dismiss any judgements and opinions that are projected by others. As you hit mid-month expect an overwhelming feeling of joy as though fairy dust has been sprinkled all around you. Time to be true to your-self!


March ~ 2016

You have enough energy to fight through the rough and tumble as you understand and feel at the ready to receive an energetic breakthrough. Keeping positive may seem difficult as you feel everything is hitting you at once- you have reached this point of change all due to your own efforts. Accept all good things that are coming your way emotionally, and physically the universe has a surprise for you around the 20th. Smile every-day!


24 July – 23 August

24 August – 23 Sept

Hibernating at the beginning of the month is to be expected by the majority of our Leo clan- no concerns just in need for some you time. It is important that you continue your month with the focus on what chapter to write next. What does your heart desire? Is your soul seeking a new love concerning job, romance, or friendship? Spending quality time with your thoughts will materialise quicker than you think. Write with honesty!

Are you crying over spilt milk Virgo? This has to be expected at the beginning of the month but will pass by the 7th. Feelings of confusion and financial concerns may arise throughout the whole of March as you are, on the cusp, of completing a full cycle. You have learned, awakened, and are almost ready to enter the next stage of your selfimprovement journey. Be proud of your achievements!




21st April – 21 May


23 Nov – 21 Dec

22 Dec – 20 Jan

March is an emotionally balanced month for you concerning your wellness with a heightened intuitive response to all the tasks that lie ahead for you. Your happy go lucky mood focuses on clearing out the old- ready to bring in the new. Pink surrounds your heart area as you feel deeply connected with you. Plan your days ahead with friends who reflect your personality, reveal the diamond girl within!

As I step into your vibration I feel at a loss and ready to throw in the towel. It is important that you ask the angels to help you build upon your strength at this time of need which will uplift your spirit, and give you the energy to pursue your goals. Things do tend to become difficult when we are entering a new vibrational frequency. Overpower your excuses you are almost at the point of completion. Appreciation will turn things around!



22 June – 23 July

A passionate month ahead that will feel out of the ordinary for youlinking in with your romantic side. It is important not to analyse and then analyse again as this will create weakness, and unbalance within your esteem, and confidence. Allow worry to evaporate with the attitude that you and the cosmos are a team. Play the game- become the winner!

As I step into your vibration boy I am feeling frustrated, and I can feel this is affecting your everyday circumstances as you attract more of the things to feel annoyed about. Breathe Cancer perhaps an opportunity to indulge into a new method of relaxation. I feel a love or friendship interest is around you looking on with fear to connect; make the first move you will not be disappointed



24 Sept – 23 Oct

24 Oct – 22 Nov

A lucky therapeutic month ahead for our Libra sign, and as I step into your vibration I am feeling the magic; a creative month ahead that has endless ideas- a perfect time to make changes or renew existing projects. Splash colour throughout your home, and office space this will enhance your luck. Be careful what you are wishing for this month though, as your manifesting at the speed of light. Be charismatic!

As I step into your vibration I have spring in my step with a clear mind that I am ready to give all of my heart felt passion to a new project that has only been an idea up until now. Your confidence is soaring this month as you believe that you can achieve your soulful goal. Sticking to plan is important in order to maintain clarity within your own mind, but the universe does have a twister of radiating luck that will inspire you with expansion. Sign on the dotted line!



21 Jan – 19 Feb

20 Feb – 20 March

Open your eyes fully as to what surrounds you at this moment in time. The universe is radiating signs through your sensory channels. Ask and you shall receive but be willing to let go of any doubts that may be blocking your pathway as to what you think, is holding you back. Spontaneous acts concerning a welldeserved break will boost your energy as you slip into a more appreciative mindset by the 12th of the month. Rome was not built in a day!

Nothing will stop you this month as you experience a rise within your energy. As I step into your vibration I am shopping for beautiful garments that compliment my new felt love for my-self. Self-improvement tasks deliver results- be at the ready to receive this month as the cosmos will be delivering love through material objects. Wave that magic wand in a loving manner!

March ~ 2016

By Suzanne Taylor ~ Angel Channel ~

22 May – 21 June


B Spotlight ella



usan Jacob-Kokura PharmD is an NYC based Clinical Pharmacist and writer. A married full time working mother of two boys, a 4 month old and a 2 year old, who struggles in life like every woman in finding that perfect balance in all the different roles a mother plays on a daily basis. Email:


March ~ 2016

usan Jacob-Kokura Pharmacist/Writer/Mother

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March ~ 2016


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BellaMia March 2016  

BellaMia magazine is a Woman's Empowerment magazine that support women in all area's of their life. We specialize in Self Love, Body Love, S...

BellaMia March 2016  

BellaMia magazine is a Woman's Empowerment magazine that support women in all area's of their life. We specialize in Self Love, Body Love, S...