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5 Ways To Indulge in Guiltless Shameless Pleasure In Our Lives Michelle Alva housands of years ago, according to the Bible, God breathed life into Adam and made

beliefs that have suppressed and shamed women, the story of Eve has contributed to that. What if enjoying the

him in the form of God. The story goes on that

simple pleasures of an apple, a swim, a delicious meal and

God then created Eve from Adam’s rib. Adam

sensual, soulful love making were to be embraced by all?

represents our male energy and Eve represents our female aspects. God placed them to live in the Garden of Eden and warned them both not to eat from a certain tree. Eve falls to the temptation of the snake and her disobedience causes both her and Adam to be removed from the Garden of Eden into the “real” world that we call Earth. There have been many interpretations to this story for thousands of years, most of which have described Eve as the temptress and associated woman with evil. It is time for us to adopt a new paradigm shift where we support the belief that men and women are equal and release the guilt and shame that we have held for thousands of years. Modern science, the field of epigenetics and the work of

Too often we feel ashamed or guilty if we indulge in the simple pleasures of life, that may also include sacred, self-pleasuring and masturbation, due to old religious programs and beliefs that teach us to shame our bodies and ourselves. Our Creator knew what he/she was doing when he/she invented a woman’s clitoris with over 9,000 nerve endings. Humans are designed to receive and experience pleasure. We are sacred and miraculous, created by God and perfectly designed to pro-create. When we give ourselves permission to shamelessly and guiltlessly experience our God created bodies, we actually are brought to a closer experience of our Creator and all of life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The “Biology Of Belief”, has

We are naturally sensual and sexual beings that are

taught us that our beliefs create our reality and influence

constantly healing. Pleasure is natural for us. It brings us

our physiology and we express certain genes in our bodies.

a heightened sense of self-awareness and brings us to a

We literally can make our cells healthy by believing that we

fuller experience of the present moment. Isn’t that why we

are healthy. Our thoughts effect our reality. When we live

meditate and engage in spiritual practices such as yoga

driven by love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance

and meditation?

as a priority in our lives, we get to experience our lives as living “heaven on earth.”

Pleasure was not a priority in my life and especially self-

Today we know that it is our perceptions that causes our

ever gave myself an orgasm, which was after my divorce

human experience. Do you perceive women and men as

(at the age of 38) was the first time I realized how heavily

equal? Do you prioritize the experience of “heaven on

weighed down by judgment I had been my whole life

earth” and feeling worthy of experiencing pleasure in your

,surrounding my sexuality. I was programmed to believe

everyday life?

sex was something you only did with your spouse and to

There has been thousands and thousands of years of 56 BellaMia August 2015

pleasure practices such as masturbation. The first time I

pleasure yourself was shameful.

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