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Our Cover Models Laurence 59. I see my body as a soul vessel, and is obligated to protect and love it the best I can. Chef/ Aroma Touch Therapist/French Teacher

Doris 51. It is a positive feeling to pose with other women of age, size, color and shape. Micro Current Specialist/Massage Therapist

Charlene 45. After a long battle with acne, I learned about nutrition, and discovered yoga, both of which contributed to a great deal of physical and emotional healing. I learned how to love my body. Artist/ Designer/Creative Mentor

Helen 45. I feel beautiful from the inside out. LOVE is beauty; BEAUTY is love. Inspirational Speaker/ Author/Body, Mind, Soul

Mary 41. I not only struggled with an eating disorder for 24 years, but have also been researching the causes of body dissatisfaction and eating disorders for over two decades. Professor/BodyLove Coach

Umoh 37. I stand for women’s empowerment. Controlling and suppressing a woman’s power is often done by reducing her to a one dimensional beauty myth, telling her worth is decided by being a commodity to be bought and sold. Sacred Business Guide/Priestess/Writer

Siri 36. When we love our body we give others permission to love theirs too. Area Manager with Arbonne International/Certified Reiki Master of Masters

Marie 33. We’ve all got a body that we’ve been gifted with, each one unique, resilient and capable of amazing things. It’s been my experience that if you love it, it’ll love you right back. Photographer/Healer/ Mum’s Caregiver

Sunshine 30. In order to feel good, the body requires all the goodness you can give it and in turn your body will give you goodness right back. Actress

Linzie 24 The more you appreciate your body and love yourself the more likely you are to attract positive, encouraging, like-minded people that will help you grow in life. Nanny/Life Enthusiast 3

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You don’t need to be a celebrity to receive the royal treatment 5

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Ayurvedic healing

Our #BeautifulMe Campaign!


Body Healthy, happy, active bodies


Fashion Conscious fashion, Sarongs


Alluring Body loving recipes for your skin


Dish Salmon, peaches, and more...


Food for Thought Beauty from the inside out


Intl. Women The women of India


Me All about YOU




Editorial Photographic feast

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132 No Briefcases Business done better

140 Music Mister Curry and the Hug Emporium

146 Source Change, Forgiveness, and Karma

150 Bellascope Your August-September Horoscope

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Love Love, sex and chemistry


Sacred Space Home, your body and space

155 All Bella Thank You’s and Celebration!



#BeautifulMe By Rebecka Eggers, Director, International section & Dr. Mary Pritchard, PhD, HHC, Director, Me section

Peruse any grocery store or bookstore and you’ll find

that makes you stand and gaze in your own mirror a

women’s magazines galore. You’ll learn how to lose weight,

little longer than you meant to) those messages are there,

put on muscle, or instructions for exactly how you should

gnawing at your sense of pride, slicing away at your gusto

look to be beautiful. At BellaMia, we believe that all women

for life. They have been planted in your mind, and like

are beautiful – just as they are. We embrace your courage

seeds they are activated in the spotlight of your important

and sense of style, love your curves and your freckles, and

moments. On your wedding day, you are wondering if

think your purple-streaked hair is awesome. We don’t want

you are princess enough to walk down that aisle with

you to “tame” your frizzy red tresses or lose 50 pounds, we

confidence. Before you even leave the hospital after giving

want you to love the skin you’re in.

birth, you are already thinking about the stretch marks

Here’s the deal: You are to beauty as God is to infinity: one and the same.

and your skinny jeans. As you watch your child walk across the stage at graduation, just a tiny bit of your attention is diverted, preoccupied by the wrinkles under your eyes and the age they represent.

Yet we know you don’t hold that truth deep in your bones, at least not always. How could you? You swim in a sea of messages that tell you what perfection is and then define it as something out of your reach and in fact, out of reach for us all. Even when you put on your little black dress (the one 14 BellaMia August 2015

By now, the very word “beauty” feels like the kind of relentless taskmaster that would have you spend your entire life chasing someone else’s ideal, and worse yet, missing out on so many more meaningful moments. We know. We have been there. That’s why we are here now.

We’ve discovered that you don’t have to choose between

just be you, no place you can go and ask experts for self-

expressing your beauty and living a full, robust life. There

love, body image, or relationships advice. We know your

is another way. The BellaMia way!

struggles. We see you. We are you. You are Beautiful.

BellaMia isn’t just a magazine. It’s your quarterly reminder

In addition to the fabulous advice you find in BellaMia

of just how truly fabulous you are. It’s also your thought

magazine, we’ll be supporting you in your self-love

revolution all wrapped up in the kind of scintillating

journey through inspirational videos, talks, webinars, and

design that makes you want to dive right in. For every time

interview series designed to help you learn to embrace

they tell you that you are not enough, we will be here to

the beautiful woman you are at your very core. Make

remind you that you are bountiful and beautiful. For every

sure to follow us on social media to keep tabs on all the

message that says you haven’t done enough, we will be

inspirational messages we are putting out there for you.

here to celebrate just how masterful you are.

We want every woman to be able to look in the mirror and

BellaMia is here to inspire and embolden you to redefine your experience of womanhood and to put the word beauty back where it belongs: In your hands! At BellaMia, we don’t simply believe every woman is beautiful, we know it deep in our bones. We want you to know it too, and to live it.

say, “You are beautiful. I love you.” To the woman they see staring back at them. To kickstart this campaign, we’ve created a video just for you, from our hearts to yours. You can watch it here. Please contact us through our website www.bellamiamag. com and let us know what you’d like to see in the #BeautifulMe campaign. What are your struggles? What do

That’s why BellaMia is pleased to announce the

you need help with? This is your campaign as much as it is

#BeautifulMe campaign. We realize that there are other


movements out there that want women to see their own

Much love, The Bella Babes

beauty. But there is no magazine with that purpose in mind. There is no place to go for information on how to


The mission is to change the lives of every person open to discovering their soul’s purpose and living a life they didn’t know was possible for them on an individual level. At BellaMia, we believe every woman is beautiful. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mia Saenz ART DIRECTOR Charlene Maguire EDITOR Amanda Rhymers ADVISORY CONSULTANT Laurence Yhuello INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DIRECTOR Rebecka Eggers ME DIRECTOR Dr. Mary Pritchard LIFESTYLE DIRECTOR Sharon Otness FASHION EDITOR Linnea Duvall BUSINESS DIRECTOR Gina Hussar BODY, MUSIC, NEW PARADIGM DIRECTOR Amanda Rhymers SOCIAL MEDIA Nicole Mazer BEAUTIFUL ME TEAM Mia Saenz, Dr. Mary Pritchard, Laurence Yhuello, Rebecka Eggers, Amanda Rhymers, Charlene Maguire This publication is published bi-monthly For advertising, please contact BellaMia Magazine at BellaMia is a publication of BellaMia Inc.

16 BellaMia August 2015


Love Revolution Online Retreat Where Love, Self-Care, Self-Discovery, and all of Love joins you. Hosted by Mia Saenz brought to you by BellaMia Magazine Join us for this Free Virtual Series in the comfort of your own home.


18 BellaMia August 2015

Editor in Chief Letter

ear BellaMia Readers, At BellaMia we love what we do. We are all excited to share with you this bold, edgy and empowering issue themed Beautiful Me. Beautiful me is all about Body Love, Body Wellness and Body Image concerns. These all go together with acceptance, love and honoring how you feel about your body.  Every woman should love who she is.  Every woman should value, and appreciate herself.  Nothing should ever stop her.  This amazing issue has three editorial Body Projects and three interviews with models, as well as tons of intriguing articles.   Body Love is exceptionally important across the globe. We came across an international Body Love program that we just had to bring to you. We hope you are as inspired by this video and article we wrote about one our sister Michal Grinvald in Israel.  Body topics affect every woman.  Did you know that 90% of men and women don’t like what they see within themselves or their body?   When you feel uncomfortable within your skin, it really is a disservice to you.  Here at BellaMia we encourage you to embrace who you are, and we hope that this transformational issue blesses and serves you well.  Your beauty isn’t just skin deep and neither is BellaMia. Join us for a deep dive into your magnificence and into the timeless truth that every woman is beautiful.    Thank you!  Much Love and Gratitude,

Mia Saenz Editor in Chief



How To Keep Upbeat When Injury Has You Down Victoria Wynn oday marks the day I begin my slow and steady workout routine after a back injury several months ago. I was on a roll! I had lost 30 lbs., could run a 10k and was about to sign up for my first 5k run. So what does one do when injury throws a wrench in your thrilling momentum? I recall other injuries I’ve had including recovery from

wherever you are in the moment. Health during an injury can be tricky. I’ve made a few changes that I think have led to my 137 lb pre-injury weight only moving up to the 142 lbs. that I am today. (not bad for overdosing on Netflix and hours of hot baths) I don’t drink juice other than the occasional smoothie with my kids or rare glass of green juice

birthing my 5 children. Self esteem challenges began to

with breakfast. My drink of choice is sparkling water

creep in, I missed my routine of putting on my cute tennis

with lemon. The fizz of soda with zero calories and

outfits and slowly but surely internal lies would set in and

the detoxification benefits of lemon. I learned about

sadness took over. When you’re an active person, not

this option traveling Europe last year. At first I was just

much can be more devastating than being bed ridden. So today as I lace up my running shoes I wonder why this two and a half month exercise break was different than the rest. I only gained a few pounds back, I’m far from depressed and excited to start at the beginning and work my way back up on my “Couch To 5k” app. Truth Confession: Those past few months weren’t perfect.

stomaching it down to fit in with the locals but the next thing I knew I was buying Perrier by the case and lemons by the bag when I got back to the U.S. Continue to do exercises that don’t worsen your injury. I was able to do light yoga, short walks and leg lifts. Just a little each day will keep your blood flowing and endorphins coming.

I was injured by someone else so it wasn’t just a test of

Be mindful of what you’re eating. If you

keeping fit or staying positive, it was a spiritual journey

want a treat, just know that you won’t be working it off

of forgiveness too. I did have some rough moments where

like you used to so only choose your very favorite treats

anger crept in, but my most common negative thought

and don’t waste calories on the rest.

was a fear that my old fitness level may not completely

I’m known for having a huge spinach and raspberry salad

return. I’m still working on that part since only time will

with some bites of cheesecake on the side. Shhh….

tell, but here’s what I do know about peace, health and love:

Love is a vital part of this conversation. For myself, getting

Peace within doesn’t come from being perfect. Running

women’s bodies, its about living long, feeling strong and

the perfect 8 minute mile or having the perfect set of

keeping up with my kids. At the ripe ole age of 41, I now see

glutes or eating a perfectly balanced diet isn’t peace.

my efforts as a clear act of self love.

Peace comes from being one’s truth and being okay with 20 BellaMia August 2015

fit is less about comparing my body to that of other

Choose the behaviors and thoughts that are most loving to you. It looks different for everyone and thats okay! Each day that you’re mindful of your food choices, add a few more reps to your lunges or jog a little further, high five

Victoria Wynn Mother of 5, Founder of “The Lies I Tell Myself Project” Student of herself

yourself for the gift of loving the most important person in your life, yourself! Take care of you and others will surely feel it too.



Let Your Body Flip You to Positive Andrea Allen or most, everyday consists of a collection of little or big events that can easily flip us from moments of contentment into moments of stress, self-doubt, negativity and even mental darkness! In this state, your body immediately starts to react and attack, your mind gets foggy and your ability to feel joy vanishes in an instant. There is hope. You can use your body to quickly flip your mind back into the positive, allowing you very little time to wallow in the negative and more time to enjoy your life and live in alignment with your purpose.

Below are 5 Yoga Poses that are sure to help you flip.

down you actually reduce the production of the stress

Choose the one right for each moment.

hormone, cortisol, which can de-stress you in the short-

If you’re feeling a little anxious: Supta Baddha Konasa (Reclined Bound Angle Pose) If you notice you’re breath is short and you’re feeling a little anxious due to the negative thoughts or worries , then quickly move to the ground and lay on your back.

term and also help relieve minor depression. To do a handstand, find a wall. Place your hands a few inches away from a wall and then walk the feet closer to the wall, lifting the hips. Raise one leg straight up toward the ceiling, and push off the other bent leg to kick up and take the feet to the wall into Handstand. Keep both arms

Bring the bottoms of your feet together so your knees

straight and stretch the heels up the wall. Lift your head

are out and then place one hand on your belly and one

slightly to look at the wall. Hold for up to 1 minute.

hand on your heart. Bring your awareness to the rise and

If you can’t let go of a thought, emotion or negative feeling:

fall of your breath and allow it to become slow and even. Remember that like your breath ,this anxious feel will come and go and that there is always joy waiting there

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose) This is a deep hip

within your heart.

opener and it is in our hips that vital feelings are stored.

If you’re feeling a self-doubt, stressed or depressed: Sirsasana (Headstand) or Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) The benefits of these inversion postures is long and includes increased circulation, balance, core strength, digestion, and much more. One of the best benefits is that it makes you feel alive and change your perspective in the moment and beyond. By going upside 22 BellaMia August 2015

If done correctly, carefully and with deep breathes and a constant awareness of letting go you can trigger a release of some of the thoughts and emotions that have you stuck and finally allow you to be free. From Downward-Facing Dog, place your right knee on the mat behind your right wrist in line with your right hip and your right heel in line with your left hip. Your left leg extends back behind you with your knee and the top

of your foot facing down. From there, lower your torso toward the mat. Hold for 10 breaths then repeat on the other side.

If you need a quick pick-me-up and to get you excited about life: Sun Salutations. Our bodies are immediately affected by the shift into negative thoughts and often react with a heavy, drained sluggish feeling. There’s nothing more effective than a couple of quick sun salutations to get the body moving and the blood pumping so it can send our brain a message of excitement and motivation. Google “sun salutation instructions” to learn this powerful sequence of yoga poses that will be a powerful tool to keep your body alive and your thoughts motivated to really live.

If you need to remind yourself that it’s going to be OK: Happy Baby Pose. There is nothing like being rocked back and forth and told everything is going to be ok. You don’t have to be a baby to experience this feeling. This pose opens you up and as you rock back and forth giving yourself a little low back massage you can smile like a baby and say over and over, “it’s all going to be ok” allowing you to move back into your inner child and remember to just be happy. Lie on your back, bend your knees into you body and then grab the outsides of your feet. Open your knees slightly wider than your torso, then bring them up toward your armpits. Position each ankle directly over the knee, so your shins are perpendicular to the floor. Flex through the heels and push your feet into your hands. Rock back and forth and SMILE! You have so much to share with the world! Experiment and create more poses and little things you can do to help flip faster into the positive. When those moments or thoughts come we don’t always have the environment to jump into a yoga pose. We might be driving or at the office or a soccer game and we need something quick and accessible to help us flip back to the positive. Here are 6 Quick and Easy Tips to Flip You to the Positive 23

Using your cell phone.

link for more ideas! Start RECORDING now!

Inspiration: What is it that inspires to you?

Social Support: Surround Yourself with Positive Friends,

Get 3 things that inspires you on your phone so you

Family and Networks!

see it when you need it!! For me, my kids inspire me to

Jump on your Facebook, your network groups, your email

keep my energy and vibration up, (Ex: Their picture is

or scroll down your contacts. First notice how many

set as my wallpaper). Or take 2 mins and listen to your

people are there and know you and support you! Next

favorite SONG. (Mine: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by

step – REACH OUT! Just shoot one friend a quick message,

Cyndi Lauper).  Have on your phone a favorite  QUOTE.

a tweet, a text or an email letting them know how your

(Mine: “It’s not who you were yesterday, but who you

feeling, what’s got you down, or even a simple, “Just

are today”). If it’s a goal, write it down in your NOTES!

wanted to say HI”. Join our InspireME-circle and feel

Whatever inspires YOU – see it, hear it, feel the flip into the


positive and let it do it’s magic!!

Act of Kindness: What have you done for someone else

Gratitude: What are you thankful for RIGHT NOW?


Text yourself 5 things you are truly grateful for right now!

Nothing makes us feel better then when we get away from

Or if want, go to your notes and Keep a Gratitude journal

ourselves and make someone else HAPPY! So here it is….

on your phone so it goes with you wherever you go and

Pick up the phone and CALL someone who might need

you can always refer back to it when you can’t think of

a little lift me up or might like to hear your voice. Send a

anything! Want to share your gratitude, text your list to a

quick text of encouragement, a Happy Birthday message to


a Facebook Friend, like someone’s page or send an e-card!

Meditate/Pray: Scientific research proves that

Backbends. Backbends are the most obvious poses for

meditation/spiritual connection can create positive

energizing—even gentle backbends can be stimulating.

changes and perspectives.

Since it’s cooler, darker weather, I’ve been playing a

Set your Cell phone timer for 3-5 minute. You can do this anywhere but if it’s possible, find a quiet place like bathroom stall, corner, close your office door, car. Close your eyes, bring your awareness to your breathe and start to count the length of your breath, 1234-4321, see if

lot with the “backbend” in forward-bending poses. For example, Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch Pose) with my hands in prayer behind my back is both energizing and soothing. It’s exactly what I need during the holiday season.

you can lengthen your breath. In this place you can pray,

Sun Salutations. As the days get shorter approaching the

meditate or just enjoy this state of stillness! If you prefer

Winter Equinox, it’s tempting to curl up with a bolster

add meditational music or try one of the many meditation

and call it a day. There are certainly times when that’s just

apps, like Headspace or The Mindfulness App.

what the doctor ordered. However, when I’m just feeling

Self-Talk/Positive Affirmations: What words are you using in your Head? Talk and Use Positive Words about YOU and about What you WANT! Use any type of RECORDER App and Record 5 Positive Affirmations. Need a tip: Try statements that start in the first person: I … “feel confident and capable of doing

sluggish and stagnant, there’s nothing more effective than a couple of quick Sun Salutes to help me feel like myself again. Inversions. Headstand and Handstand in particular are energizing for me. And if I only have a couple of minutes, this is my practice.

the task in front of me” … “I am so grateful for kids that

Put simply, you feel better when you walk out of class than

share and treat each other with respect”, “I am in control

when you walked in. The question is, why? Better yet, how

of what I eat and how I treat my body.” Click on the above

does yoga work? As you’ve probably heard, one reason

24 BellaMia August 2015

asana leaves you feeling so good is that it activates your

Happy Baby Pose. Even the name of this pose brings a

parasympathetic nervous system, thanks to two elements

smile to my face. Who doesn’t love a happy baby? (I’m

that almost all asana practices have in common—the

especially fond of happy babies that take their regularly

lengthening and strengthening of musculature and calm,

scheduled naps!) It also feels good to feel freedom in my

even breathing. The parasympathetic is the part of your

hips and roll around a bit, giving myself a little low little

nervous system that slows you down—it’s responsible for


telling your muscles to relax, improving your digestion and assimilation, boosting immunity, and helping you sleep better. It also normalizes your blood pressure and lowers your heart rate. The parasympathetic nervous system counteracts many stress-related symptoms and the negative by-products of our modern, fast-paced, highoutput lives. But the truth is that much of the yoga being practiced these days doesn’t do as much for the parasympathetic nervous system as you might think. To build your

Lie on your back, bend your knees into you body and then grab the outsides of your feet. Open your knees slightly wider than your torso, then bring them up toward your armpits. Position each ankle directly over the knee, so your shins are perpendicular to the floor. Flex through the heels and push your feet into your hands. Rock back and forth and SMILE! Andrea Allen

parasympathetic nervous system, you need to do poses that encourage deep relaxation, such as forward bends and hip openers; do fewer standing poses; and do more sitting, supine, and prone postures as well as inversions. You also need to hold poses longer, as you would in restorative yoga, and dedicate longer periods of time to developing slow and complete breathing. Vigorous vinyasa, backbends, handstands, and arm balances are powerful and beneficial, but they don’t stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system as much as the practices listed previously



Conscious fashion! What a concept Linnea Duvall n today’s modern world the phrase conscious

no use or support to you. Conscious fashion is knowing

fashion may conjure up the specter of sweat shops

and celebrating your best attributes; what shape you are,

and cheap labor creating inexpensive fashions,

what body parts to accentuate and which to minimize,

(and that will be an article for another time). But

what colors to wear, how to draw attention to your best

this commentary is to bring into clear focus

attributes, and minimize those that are not your best,

a method of choosing your fashion that has

and use your clothing and colors to do so. When you

actually been around for many many years. The great

look great, when you have chosen fashion and colors that

beauties throughout the centuries, or those considered

absolutely compliment your shape, your skin tone, your

uber stylish and attractive women, knew this method,

hair, and your personality, you have put the self-conscious

and utilized it to the fullest extent their whole lives. This

questioning…do I look OK, do I look fat, does this outfit

method, I call it conscious fashion, is the difference

work, how’s my hair, do they see that blemish, blah blah

between being self-conscious, and being conscious of your

blah, out of the way! You know you look great, because

self. And yes, that brings us back to one of the Delphic

everything about what you have chosen to put on works for

maxims, one of the Seven Great Truths, inscribed on the

you and presents such a harmonious image, no one thing

Temple of Apollo at Delphi; Know Thyself.

stands out…YOU just look terrific…ALL of you! THAT is

When you know yourself, you know and embrace your

conscious fashion!

positive attributes and you know and minimize your less

Some women know instinctively how to do this for

positive attributes. We all have both positive and not so

themselves. It is a natural, creative endeavor for them.

positive attributes and most of us, rather than knowing

They relish it and are successful at presenting themselves

and celebrating our positive attributes, are VERY aware

in their best possible light. But if you do not know how

of and familiar with our less positive attributes. That is

to do this for yourself, if you do not know which way to

often because they are the ones we see every time we

turn in your closet, or you simply cannot have a clear and

look in a mirror, or the ones we think about every time

appreciative eye for your positive attributes, but only have

someone looks at us, or compliments us. How many

a jaundiced eye trained to always see your faults, then I

women do you know, and ‘fess up if you do this, how

encourage you to get guidance and support in presenting

many women do you know that when complimented, say,

yourself in the best possible manner! Hire a personal

“Really??”, as if looking good that day was just luck! Or

stylist to guide you into your best look. She can teach you

they say, “Are you sure, because I think…” fill in the blank

how to practice conscious fashion, a practice that has

with some negative comment about themselves, their

you always looking great. And a stylist can ultimately save

shape, their size, their hair, their clothes, any of which

you time and money because you learn to buy only those

you have just complimented them on and they can’t

colors and styles that will be an asset to you…as you can

disbelieve or reduce fast enough! That is not conscious

read here, from a terrific personal stylist in Seattle, (who

fashion. That is a self-conscious, negative view that is of

styles/consults on a national basis, and who previously had

26 BellaMia August 2015

a career in philanthropy), “I’ve been styling friends, family

“I never did it for myself,” she told WWD in 2009, at a

members and random people on the street my entire

ceremony marking her 100th birthday. “I did it for the

life. Style direction is something that comes naturally to

youngsters that came to see me, to teach them how to

me. When I discovered that not everyone knows the most

dress, to give them confidence in their own beauty – how

flattering way to pair pieces for their body, I decided to

to show themselves off through colors, styles, everything.”

shift career paths to help in a different way.” “My previous work fuels my belief that fashion is for everyone, regardless of wealth (or weight.) Sure, I appreciate the finer things just like anyone else, but I balance “investment pieces” with affordable items to

“Designers [today] unfortunately think about making their mark on their design,” she continued. “I didn’t think of my designs like that. I thought about the young girls, the young women that I dressed, even my models, to show off their beauty to the maximum.”

ensure my external style accurately represents who I am,

Another expert who helps women show off their beauty

what I value and how I express myself. And that’s what I

and attractiveness to the maximum is Emmy Award

give my clients: a renewed sense of self that reflects who

winning stylist Brenda Cooper. Her imperative is to find

they are in a way that makes them shine.” Mellicia Marx,

your best colors first. And I agree with her wholeheartedly.

Personal Stylist, Poplin Style Direction

I had my colors done back in the late 70’s, and I have stayed

Read clearly…a renewed sense of Self, that reflects who they are in a way that makes them shine! Makes THEM shine…not the designers, not the stylist, you, the woman that is wearing the fashion to best enhance every single positive attribute you have and minimize any that may cause that self-consciousness we are looking to avoid! This practice has been utilized for centuries. It is the secret of all attractive women, whatever their wealth, weight, height, shape, or whether they have the know-how, or they need to be guided.

within the palette that works for me ever since. Brenda says, “Color is your most important fashion element. The right colors make you look powerful, younger, slimmer, more vibrant, and even happier. It’s kinesthetic. It enables you to step into your magnificence, release your charisma. Music is to the ear what color is to the eye. Wearing the wrong colors, (for your skin tone), creates discord.” style@ So whether you do it yourself or hire a guide, take on conscious fashion as a practice. Create a wardrobe that is pared down and empowering. Choose only clothing and

Madame Carven, the French Couturier, speaks of it. Born

colors that truly make you shine, make you look and feel

August 31, 1909, she presented her first collection in 1945.

glorious, and then watch the results! You’ll love it.

She said, “I decided to make haute couture outfits in my size because I was too short, (she was 5’ 1”), to wear the creations of the top couturiers, who only ever showed their

Linnea Duvall, MFT

designs on towering girls,”



Sarong Linnea Duvall arong. Just the word makes you happy…makes you take in

sensual piece of cotton, silk, or other luxe fabric, brightly

a deep breath and release it

colored and/or richly printed or decorated to luxuriate in

with a satisfied ahhhhh, just thinking of the warmth and the sand and the sun and the waves that sarongs always conjure. Oh, and the relaxed elegant ease one has when wearing a sarong, and the relaxed, yet can be elegant, environment one often wears one in. Sarong, aka Pareo, as defined by Merriam Webster dictionary: “a long strip of cloth that is wrapped loosely around the body.”

28 BellaMia August 2015

Woefully inadequate and lack luster. Here, rather: “a long

as a wrap around the body, as a beautiful cover up on or near the water, or, tied and belted creatively to be worn as a beautiful dress or skirt, out for the evening.” A sarong can take you from pool/beach straight through to dinner… and dancing, if you want. Take a look on You Tube for many fantastic ways to take your sarong and tie it into a dress, a skirt, a shirt…the possibilities are myriad, and each is beautiful, feminine, ultra-comfortable, and elegant. Enjoy!!



Following Your Bliss Kami Lerner aven’t you always heard, “If you

have never been happier and if I can tell you all ONE thing,

do what you love, you‘ll never work

it would be to Follow Your Bliss. Do what makes your heart

a day in your life”? I never really

sing. Find what it is that ignites your spirit and makes

knew the extent of that feeling until recently. Throughout my life, I’ve done a thousand different things, worked many different jobs

you happy and pursue that. Not only will you be happier in your life because you’ll be doing what you LOVE to do, but it will also allow you to live a life intended for your

and had a handful of different careers; all simply, for the

own greatness. There is NOTHING sexier than watching

sake of making money. It wasn’t until the past few years,

someone do their ‘craft’ well. Do your craft well. Be proud

where I kind of ‘fell’ into my greatest passion; My Jewelry

of who you are and what you bring to the table and don’t let

line, that I was able to live that saying.

anybody squash your dreams.

I’ve always needed to create in order to truly be happy…

I have seen many people do what they feel they are

and with my art, I was able to feel that freedom, but

‘supposed’ to do because they believe it will bring them

it wasn’t allowing me to pay my bills. The old adage,

financial stability and that’s very admirable, however, I

‘struggling artist’ was absolutely true. After I spent some

question whether they are truly fulfilling their desires. For

time designing jewelry with a friend of mine, I decided

me personally, I need to create and dream and be inspired

to ‘follow MY bliss’ and do what I love…MY Jewelry. Not

as well as inspire others. That to me, is worth the fear that

only did it become a HUGE success in the first year, but,

some months might not be as profitable as others. Some

it allowed me to do what I love doing and make money at

months are slower and a little scarier, but I still just keep

it as well. I DO understand the quote now about ‘doing

reminding myself that I am at MY best when I am doing

what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’…

what I love and am able to share my creations with those

but, for ME, I never worked harder in my entire life than

around me. There is no greater feeling to make something

during that first year, and I LOVED every second of it! It

with your bare hands and have other people absolutely

wasn’t a chore or a struggle, I didn’t mind working seven

LOVE it! It’s not an ego thing, it’s a heart and soul thing. I

days a week or at all hours of the day…because it filled my

put my blood, sweat and tears into every piece of jewelry

soul. I never dragged myself out of bed in the morning, but

that I make and I treasure the smiles and the compliments

rather, I would literally jump out of bed and was so excited

of each and every client that loves my work and comes

to start my day. I had a newfound confidence that was

back for more.

untouchable. I found that my creations were being worn by some of the most sought after celebrities in Hollywood, as well as many people I’ve come to call my friends. I could think outside the box and create things that I’ve always wanted to wear, but could never find. I saw my dreams come to fruition and my hard work become my reality. I 30 BellaMia August 2015

I am forever grateful that my passion allowed me to experience pure joy and if you CAN…I would suggest you DO the same. Take note of when your heart rises up with joy and excitement in response to a path of action, a new idea, or an opportunity. Don’t miss the moment and let it

slip away. Trust what you are feeling. I’ve heard more times than I’d like, that “it’s time to get a real job Kami.” But, for ME…THIS is my life. This is my chance to be authentically who I am without any apologies…and who knows, my passion today might lead to a completely different passion in the future and that’s okay too.

“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” ~Joseph Campbell Kami Lerner



Fashion’s Transitional Months Frustrating and Fascinating Tina Ketchie Stearns ugust and September can be crazy when it comes to fashion. You wonder if you will freeze in the morning and end up sweating by the afternoon, or the other way around depending on the day. To help you feel beautiful no matter what the weather is, here are some of the Fall 2015 fashion trends and how to adjust what you picked out in the morning when the day doesn’t end as it began. Carwash pleats - Showing off your legs in a skirt with carwash pleats allows you to bare skin for warmer temps, or layer against sheer tights or hose when things get a bit chilly. Fur sleeves – This Fall fashion trend is all about warmth and comfort. From shoes to bags and collars, fur has extended its influence all the way to the sleeves. But if the day turns warmer, just toss this fashion statement on the back of the chair so you can still enjoy its beauty without melting under all that comfy cozy warmth.

materials included. When the night gets chilly, put on that fur sleeved jacket and you’re set! High-waist pants - With the waists rising higher and higher, the cinched pant silhouettes promise to elongate your legs and highlight your midriff in the most beautiful way possible, tucked in billowy blouses and cropped jackets adding to their effortless versatile appeal this season. Pant Suits - The androgynous tailoring of pant suits have some going slouchy. Tiny polka-dots, whispers of scarlet red and cinched waists represent some of the ways in which the suits grew infinitely more feminine this season. Easy enough to put the jacket on or take it off as the hot/ cold weather continues to confound you. New Plaid - There’s something about plaid and autumn coming together that no one seems to be able to fight, instead what everyone appears to be doing is adding more fuel to the fire by reinventing the old, and reimaging the perennial pattern in countless new ways. Your plaid piece can be dictated by the weather, so select a plaid scarf,

Neo Victorian - Ruffles, high-collars, and precious fabrics

blouse, earrings, belt, skirt or boots to go big and warm or

point toward a serious step back in time to the 19th

small and light.

century. Beautiful even today, the Victorian influences make for a fun way of reinventing your wardrobe come fall. The light, breezy, lacy peek-a-boo pieces you enjoyed this summer are a great first step toward this look, especially on warmer days.

Another fashion trend of note - everyone at Go Free Pants was thrilled to read that, according to a recent article in the New York Times, thong sales are down and granny pants are making a comfortable comeback! Take this poll to see where you fall in the underwear category. Ladies

The Slip Dress – Perfect for the warmer days, this trend

who go commando now represent 12% of us, almost tied

gives a nod to the ’90s made to look and feel incredibly

with the 19% who wear thongs. Comfort is winning, and

modern. The slip dress marks its return on the fashion

my prediction is that going commando will rise to the top

radar come fall, spaghetti straps, lace trims and silky

as soon as women allow themselves that secret privilege to

32 BellaMia August 2015

be comfortable and feel sexy. With this season of transition, take some time to transition your mind to appreciating all of the changes, not only in fashion and the weather, but in your mind, body and spirit so you can fully embrace the beautiful person who is YOU! I love Megan Trainer’s song, “All About That Bass” because she does just that. Read this and live by it!

If you got beauty beauty just raise ‘em up ‘Cause every inch of you is perfect From the bottom to the top Yeah, my momma she told me don’t worry about your size She says, boys they like a little more booty to hold at night You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll, So, if that’s what’s you’re into Then go ahead and move along

Yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two

No, I’m just playing I know you think you’re fat,

But I can shake it, shake it like I’m supposed to do

But I’m here to tell you that,

‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

All the right junk in all the right places I see the magazines working that Photoshop

Tina Ketchie Stearns owner of Go Free® Pants

We know that sh*t ain’t real

Come on now, make it stop


Anti-aging Facial Scrub for Flawless Skin Sharon Otness 4 T. Ground Oatmeal 2-3 T. Manuka or Raw Honey 2 drops therapeutic grade frankincense oil 2 drops therapeutic grade lavender essential oils 2 drops therapeutic grade geranium essential oils Create a thick paste with the oatmeal and honey, adding more honey as needed. Add essential oils (these oils were all selected for their skin renewing properties. Place warm wash cloth on clean face to open pores. Rub scrub mixture into your skin, using circular motions and be gentle please! Allow to sit for 2-5 minutes. Then gently scrub again, exfoliating away dead skin cells. Wash scrub off with warm water. Your skin will look and feel amazing.

34 BellaMia August 2015


All Natural Deodorant Charlene Maguire everal years ago I started a relationship with all natural bath and body products. Anything with long chemical names, words that were really heard to pronouce, or that contained parabens (hormone disruptors),

¼ cup arrowroot flour 5-10 drops essential oil (I used jasmine) Directions: In a medium bowl, mix the baking soda and arrowroot flour until well combined. Baking soda can be quite

were thrown out. I went on a search for not only some

irritating on some skin, so if you think you may be

great natural companies and their products, but also

sensitive to it, use less baking soda and more arrowroot

recipies to make my own.

flour – or you can substitute arrowroot flour for baking

The one all-natural product that just never seemed to work

soda completely.

no matter what brand or kind I bought was deodorant.

Add the coconut oil (room temperature works best) and

I went through quite a few kinds until the decision was

mix until you reach a smooth consistency – there shouldn’t

made to just make my own! I found a lot of information on

be any leftover powder. If you feel that your mixture is too

the internet, including people like myself who just couldn’t

dry, add a bit more coconut oil and mix some more.

find a natural deodorant that WORKED. This very simple recipe did the trick. Even on the hottest Los Angeles days, when sweat is non-stop, this stuff

Add your essential oil, or a mixture if you like. This is optional, but why not add a fun intoxicating scent!

worked. 4 simple ingredients!

The only other thing to keep in mind is that if you live in a


in the refrigerator, or you get to mix it up each morning, as

½ cup organic coconut oil

really hot climate, the mixture will either need to be stored the coconut oil will go liquid. Either way, it still works.

¼ cup baking soda


Holistic Revitalizing Lemon Scrub Mask Renee Lynn 1 Organic Lemon, Freeze Hydrogen Peroxide, a Couple Drops Directions: Put it in the freezer to get frozen solid hard. Remove lemon and zest it in a grater, put it in a Tupperware and return to freezer. One medium size lemon yields 3 treatments. A couple tablespoons of the zest to a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide. What it will do: The hydrogen peroxide will release the enzymes from the proteins in the lemon. Use it as a scrub a couple minutes. Then leave it on as a mask 10 minutes. What that does is revitalized the tissue to lighten and brighten and increase the circulation and refine the pores. 36 BellaMia August 2015

Would you like to feel

Nourished ? Download your free BodyLovin Goddess Guide to essential oils



Grilled Salmon Over Quinoa with Grilled Veggies Sharon Otness This is more of a meal plan than a recipe. Once you

will do.

are heating up the grill (no matter what kind you

Next, grill your fish. I chose salmon because I love

use), why not put it to good use? This is a perfect

it and it is full of healthy omega-3 and it is a mood

time to grill some veggies to have for this meal

booster. I keep it simple because salmon has so

and later in the week. No need to turn on the oven

much flavor on it’s own. A light brushing of olive oil

when it’s hot! Just prep a variety of veggies (I used

, lemon pepper and a bit of fresh thyme does it for

zucchini slices, red and yellow bell peppers cut


in half, red onion slices and asparagus to use as a

When the salmon is off the grill, place a portion of

garnish), brush with olive oil and put on the grill,

the quinoa and veggie mixture on a plate, top with

either use sewers of some kind of grilling basket or

salmon and place asparagus spears on top.

tray. Once they are done, let cool a bit and cut into

A beautiful, easy summertime meal. If you have

bite sized pieces. I tossed them with some tri-color

extra veggies or quinoa left over, they make a

quinoa. No dressing needed, but I did add some

perfect lunch.

fresh basil for extra flavor. Any herb of your choice

38 BellaMia August 2015

Grilled Peaches with Coconut Cream Sharon Otness 2 peaches cut in half, pit removed 1 can full fat coconut milk, chilled in the refrigerator 1T. raw honey (or to taste) ½ tsp. vanilla Blackberries and fresh mint for garnish Place peach halves on the grill, just long enough to warm thru and carmelize the tops so they are nice and brown. Remove and set aside. To make coconut cream: remove top from chilled can of coconut milk. The thick part will be on the top. Remove this from the liquid and place in a chilled bowl. Add a bit of honey and vanilla. Whisk to form a whipped cream consistency. Place a spoonful on each warm peach half, garnish with mint and berries and serve.


Food for Thought

A Kitchen That Sings Patricia Rust

40 BellaMia August 2015

ranes swooping through the skies

and while you can while away your hours at Pilates, yoga,

right next to what I thought were

walking among wild flowers, having chocolate facials and

hawks greeted me on a warm spring

massages, and/or cook, I was honored to meet a visiting

day in Baja, one of those mysterious places

chef from Northern California named Gloria Dominguez,

that no one really knows too much about.

who, I swear could pull garden weeds and make them taste

Is Baja part of California or is it Mexico? Do they speak Spanish there or do they speak English? Some call it Baja California and some call it Baja Mexico. I have seen Baja from boats via cruise ships excursions and I have approached it by car and each time its magic sweeps over me and I swear to spend more time there and give myself over to its mystery.

like manna from heaven. There were about 12 of us who had enrolled in class where Rancho La Puerta’s magnificent terra cotta and brick state of the art kitchen reveals a mirrored ceiling that allows the teaching chef make sure no one misses a trick! And did she ever have a few up her sleeve! Have you ever heard of taking a tortilla and filling it with dark chocolate for

Its whales give birth there. Its Native Americans made

dessert and then covering it with fresh mulberries or any

their home there. Grandfather Raven, who lived here,

kind of fresh fruit? OMG! You will be in heaven! But I was

once told me that I was a duck, which was important,

here for vegetables as they are the building blocks of sound

he explained because I needed to lead my flock in heart

nutrition, cancer prevention, healthy hearts, and so much

and mind. For me, it represents a world renowned spa


called Rancho La Puerta ( that has had me coming back for many years not just for massages and facials but for innovative technologies, cutting edge exercise for the world to embrace, and innovations, not the least of which I discovered last week, which was a toilet that flushed using a mere pint of water! Plus, I did an

In Mexico, they love the health benefits of cactus! The Nopal cactus is especially healthy and is readily available elsewhere and comes in many forms. If you have ever purchased it and found it to be slimy, the solution is to simply soak it in some rock salt and the problem is solved!

exercise case using parachute material that was developed

Then you can put it into soup, do just as you would into

by the Navy Seals because they had to work in a small

any vegetable soup, or slice it into a fabulous salad. We

space! It was not only fun but an absolutely great workout.

made one called: Nopalitos Salad in which you cut about

And for this, you need healthy delicious nutrition for which

seven tender Nopales cactus strips, add some sea salt, and

Rancho La Puerta is famous as they grow it all right there!

then let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse to remove any

I came to Rancho La Puerta primarily to attend cooking school as I want to cook with the ingredients that they grow organically that taste so amazingly fresh, delicious, and manage to serve in such original ways to have inspired me to want to finally realize that I have run out of excuses not to learn to cook! I have been saying for years that I

slimy juice. Then combine the cactus with ½ cup cherry tomatoes, a small red union, ½ fava beans or edamame, a chopped Serrano chile, 1 t. oregano, 2 t. white vinegar, and 4 t. olive oil. Put the salad on a serving platter and garnish with fresh flowers! It’s delicious and so original and like nothing else you have ever tasted.

know how to assemble food and I do. Now I needed to

Here’s the recipe that I had found more fun pounding in a

know how to season it, sauté it, and make it really zing

pestle that getting pounded upon in a massage! And, it is

with excitement the way they do and from only a few

so easy/breezy that you can make it in your beauty sleep!

hours from Los Angeles. Anyone can cook and can make

Stone-ground salsa is a staple and goes great with and

nutritious food for themselves and those they love and

on everything, of course, and begins with the finest ripe

cherish –

tomatoes you can find. Two are all you need and you put

Their resident cooking school has the world most beautiful name: La Cochina que Canta – The Kitchen That Sings -- on top of which that I was lucky as it was cooking week

them in a big pan with three or less Serrano or Habanero Chiles, one clove garlic, and some sea salt. You peel the tomatoes but keep the peel in the mixture, and put it all 41

into the pestle and pound away until you have a chunky

believe that “The Ranch” as it is affectionately called, would

consistency. Serve. You can make it as spicy or as mild as

share their recipes but they did.

you like depending on how many or as much of the chiles that you use! And then, for a treat, there are the gluten free almond cookies that Rancho La Puerta is famous for. I couldn’t

Bon Appetit! Patricia Rust

Gluten Free Coconut Almond Cookies Ingredients: 5 cups ground almonds or almond meal 1 ¼ cups shredded coconut, unsweetened 1 ¼ cups sugar 7 egg whites, beaten to soft peaks 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 tablespoon orange zest Directions: 1 Pre heat oven to 300° degrees. 2 Use parchment paper. 3 Mix the almond meal, sugar and shredded coconut and orange zest in a large bowl. 4 Beat the egg whites with the salt and vanilla to soft peaks. 5 Fold the whites into the dry ingredients. Depending upon the consistency of the ground almonds, you may need to add either a little water or a little more almond meal to arrive at the correct consistency for cookie batter, it should be stiff enough to scoop with an ice cream scoop and hold its shape. 6 Scoop the mixture onto the parchment. 7 Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until the cookies are slightly golden, check after 20 minutes. Makes about 50 cookies Bon Appetit! See more at:

Photo Credit: Rancho La Puerta

42 BellaMia August 2015


GET YOUR COPY TODAY! Tired of secrets that don't work? Aleya shares with you the formula that will transform your life into one of happiness, peace, fulfillment, and empowerment. In Aleya’s newest book the Seven Cups of Consciousness discover how to change your life using the higher realms. Available at Amazon , Barnes & Noble, Or ask for Seven Cups of Consciousness at your local Bookstore! Experience Aleya’s Daily Cups of Consciousness Meditations with a FREE trial week! 43

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Is life real or imagined? Is there a difference? Do our beliefs and perceptions hold us hostage? How do we break free?

Author Carolyn Gervais immediately hooks the reader's attention by revealing the profound philosophical questions she, as a small child, asked her grandfather. I really appreciated the author’s biographical stories and I like the way the author explores reality and illusion. "Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards"

Author Carolyn Gervais takes you beyond the boundaries of belief and perception.


HHnnn YYYY Booo nn FFFF FFFF Panty-free Patches for Feminine Confidence The comfortable solution & image enhancer Promo Code to order with a 15% discount: bellamia

"Living Life on a Natural High" 46 BellaMia August 2015


Food for Thought

Ten Tips to Overcoming Sugar Kat Maeda, CHHC o you want to look your sexiest, be your healthiest and have beautiful skin? Get rid of processed sugar! And, limit natural sugars, too. Overeating sugar – processed or natural - is not good for the body or your face. Sugar

2. Reduce or eliminate coffee. (Coffee is also highly acidic and often goes hand-in-hand with sugar addictions.) 3. Get physically active – go for a walk or run, bicycle, dance, practice yoga. 4. Get more sleep, rest, and relaxation.

in the bloodstream attaches to proteins, producing new

5. Limit bread products and eliminate fat-free or low-fat

enzymes – harmful ones that break down collagen and

packaged snack-foods.

elastin. Oh, no! That means sagging skin and wrinkles! Sugar also exacerbates acne and rosacea. Let’s be clear: we need sugar. Our body cannot live without it. Our body converts carbohydrates, including fruit and starchy foods such as bread, pasta and rice, as well

6. Include probiotics to support the good bacteria in your gut. 7. Replace processed and artificial sweeteners with natural ones like raw honey, Grade A or B maple syrup, dates,

as processed sugar, into glucose in the small intestine.

lucuma, and stevia.

Glucose is the body’s primary source of energy. As glucose

8. Experiment with sweet spices: Coriander, cinnamon,

is absorbed into the blood stream, it is distributed and used by our cells, muscles and organs to give them the energy they need to carry out all of their functions. So what’s wrong with processed sugar if our body needs glucose? Extra energy is required by the body to digest processed sugar, robbing the body of precious minerals and vitamins in the process. In addition, as the body works to metabolize refined sugar, it uses stored nutrients, like magnesium, to neutralize the toxic metabolites released in the process. These toxins destroy the respiration process of the cells. Refined sugar causes inflammation, which can put the brain and nervous system at risk for degenerative

nutmeg, cloves and cardamom will naturally sweeten your foods and reduce cravings. 9. Detox your body to jump start kicking your cravings to the curb. 10. Find sweetness in non-food ways: All cravings are not necessarily a signal that your body requires sugar. Cravings often have a psychological component. By identifying the psychological causes of food cravings and substituting lifestyle or relationship adjustments accordingly, you can find balance and take charge of your sugar addiction. When life itself becomes sweet enough, your sweet cravings will greatly reduce.

disease. Sugar also contributes to overly acidic blood

Before you panic, you don’t have to cut out all sweets from

knocking our pH out of balance. So, you want to eliminate

your life! Choose fruits for desserts, especially those

processed sugar, but how do you say no when you suffer

with a low glycemic value like berries. A bowl of fresh

sugar cravings?

raspberries with a couple tablespoons of coconut milk and

My Ten Top Tips To Overcoming Sugar Cravings: 1. Drink lots of water. 48 BellaMia August 2015

topped with shaved dark chocolate is divine. Eat sweet vegetables. Like to bake? Nearly all of your favorite recipes can be adapted by swapping out the empty calories from

sugar with calories that have some nutrient value to offer

With the hot summer evenings of August and September,

like the natural sugars mentioned above. The good news

who wouldn’t enjoy a frozen treat? Instead of sugary ice

is you can have your cake and eat it too. The bad news is,

cream, make this quick n’ easy Superfoods Spiced Peach

even the “healthier” sugars need to be limited. So, make

Frozen Yogurt...

having something sweet a once-in-a-while treat instead of a habit.

Kat Maeda, CHHC

Superfoods Spiced Peach Frozen-Yogurt Ingredients

all ingredients, pushing down sides of blender as

1 ½ cups plain organic Greek yogurt

necessary to form a creamy mixture. Stop blender.

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

2. Add frozen peaches. Switch machine to start and

3-4 Tbsp. pure maple syrup, Grade A or Grade B

use tamper to continually press ingredients into

2 Tbsp. lucuma powder

blades. Blend until mostly creamy leaving some

1 tsp. maca powder

chunks of peaches in mixture. Avoid over blending

1/8 – 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg (depending on taste)

as mixture will become runny.

6 cups frozen organic peach slices

3. Scoop into dessert dishes. Sprinkle with additional nutmeg as desired. Serve immediately.


(Store leftovers in sealed freezer container. To serve,

1. Place yogurt, vanilla extract, maple syrup, nutmeg,

let sit out to soften before scooping.)

lucuma and maca powders in Vitamix or other

serves 6

high-speed blender. Blend on low to evenly combine


Food for Thought

Experience beautiful from the inside out Kellie Valenti appiness and confidence are the

that will satiate, satisfy and heal your body. This includes

prettiest things you can wear. -

fermented foods or drinks like bone broth, healthy

Taylor Swift As women, we aren’t often taught that it’s okay to love ourselves from the inside out, most of the time, it’s the other way around. What if we learned to nourish our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls instead of starving ourselves of love, affection and true desire? Because I focus on gut health, my perspective is slightly different when it comes to feeding our bodies. Part of

saturated fats, and properly prepared grains. Feed your mind: Keep a positive mindset. Focus on what you have and not on what you don’t, and the same goes for your body. Focusing on the attributes is far more productive and sexy than constantly disliking what you perceive that you lack. Maintain healthy confidence: This starts with an attitude that comes from within. When you feel beautiful and confident, your whole body follows suit.

this also means feeding our mind and spirit. It’s a whole

Great sleep: We make better decisions, improves our

package. Not just the outer physical being, but the inner

ability to handle stress, improve our physical health,

beautiful being, too!

improve our immune system, increases our energy, we

What if you could wave a magic wand and change anything

have sharper concentration and it improves our memory.

about yourself that you could? What would be your wish?

Don’t focus on all the things you don’t have or compare

For many it’s the challenge of being a certain shape or

yourself to others. Your sister or best friend might be the

size, or having the right color hair or eyes or perceiving

healthiest around and yet be so shy and backwards that

themselves as pretty enough.

she doesn’t live life.

I propose something different. Let’s focus on feeling great

If you lack health, change it. Be willing to learn what you

from the inside out. When we are in balance and harmony,

don’t know and get the help you need. When you focus on

we feel confident and beautiful. When we celebrate our

your inside being, other things emerge.

true beauty, we are happy, sexy and the whole package is attractive to everyone. You become a magnet. Beauty comes in many forms. For fun and happiness, let’s focus on what we can do to help our inner beauty ooze outward. Practice daily self-care: Items like journaling, meditation,

The most profound changes are:

Glowing skin Increased energy Less wrinkles

nature walks, and listening to music are great examples of

More confidence

loving our self and quieting our heart, soul and mind while

Unstoppable attitude

connecting to our true self. Nourish your body: Eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods 50 BellaMia August 2015

Better sex life

When you feel and look great, all by-products enjoying

You are the most beautiful person in the whole world.

great health, you share it with others. It’s impossible not

Don’t see the lack, see the bounty. See the mold that is ever


changing. See the creation that is ever evolving.

My own personal opinion is one of gratitude for the walk

I celebrate you and the beauty that is waiting to emerge

I’ve been given and the one I chose to step into. I am not

from the inside out.

without having had my share of challenges. It’s all how you perceive the handling them.

Kellie Valenti

I’ve done my share of kicking and screaming and also my share of bad choices. It all boils down to when we believe in ourselves enough to make the necessary changes we need to make for one reason only:


LLLL Liii Yeerr YYYnnnn Naaarrrrr It's not about stopping the aging process, it's about NOT getting old!

Over 70+ million people suffer from digestive disorders in the US alone. Bone broth, fermented veggies/drinks are healing foods.

Visit to learn more 51

International Women

India On My Mind Rebecka Eggers

“Life shouldn’t be so melancholy.” – K.D. Lang This is what comes to my mind when I think about things like the Delhi rape case, which is now so famous that it needs no explanation. It also leaps into my thoughts when I consider a recent story about Indian women singled out as witches and abused (sometimes to death) by their own families and communities. Ditto child marriage, menstrual taboos…

Melancholy literally means a “depression of spirit.” Life shouldn’t be such a depression of spirit!

Deepika reminds her hypothetical suitor that he is her choice, she is not his privilege. More than anything, this video speaks to the right of a woman to be her own unique

India seems to be recognizing this and working to open up

and fully expressed self and to be treasured for it and for

new possibilities.

her own powerful choices.

In fact, some powerful and innovative movements are

Perhaps the men of India are listening. Another video

emerging in India that spark my hope and inspire my soul.

recently came across my screen. In it a group of men

India is the home of the #VogueEmpower campaign, a program recently sponsored by Vogue India (in celebration of its seventh anniversary). It aims to challenge gender

surrounded a woman and protected her from a would be male assailant. The video declared in its title: “Every Religion Protects Women, Protecting Women Is Religion.”

stereotypes and to combat violence against women. Vogue

If the men of India are not listening, India has an answer

asked major influencers and ordinary people alike to

for that too: The Gulabi Gang (The Pink Gang), a vigilante

“make a pledge that will change a woman’s life. “

justice women’s group that settles disputes, holds law

Among the Vogue Empower offerings is a very well know production staring Deepika Padukone (directed by Homi Adajania) called, My Choice. This video is a powerful declaration of female body and heart autonomy. Deepika speaks directly to any man who might pursue her. She declares, “My body, my mind, my choice.” She goes on to address a range of decision points such as marriage choice, the context of sexual activity, sexual orientation, and even the time she comes home.

enforcement accountable and protects women, just to name a few of their activities. The Gulabi Gang wears pink saris and carries big sticks. They know how to use them too! The leader of the Gulabi Gang is Sampat Pal, an Indian woman born to a low caste and into a life of poverty. Married off at twelve, she rose to power against the odds and through her own fearlessness. She once beat members of the local police force with her stick. Are you starting to feel inspired too?

52 BellaMia August 2015

Truthfully, the substance of what we are observing here

Deepika as a woman of privilege who is out of touch with

runs deep.

India, insulated from risk and in touch with the Western

When I set out to write this article, I imagined that I would

values of feminism.

write a piece on the cultural context of the tragedies

It is equally easy to dismiss the suffering and the

besetting India’s women and of the counter movements

downtrodden as victims of poverty and poor circumstance.

that have sprung up in response. But as I journeyed more

But upon further investigation, privilege, Western values,

deeply into the material, I realized that I wasn’t seeing

and even poverty fall away as the explanation for the

something uniquely Indian in these stories, but rather

difference between the powerful and the beleaguered, the

something uniquely human. In other words, India started

thriving and the traumatized.

to look a lot like a microcosm of the rest of the world.

Sampat Pal and her Gulabi gang tear all arguments

I started to see a composite picture of womanhood. In the

of privilege and poverty to shreds. They have claimed

end, I saw that, as a whole, we (women) are rising faster

their power and their bodily autonomy from a very low

and falling harder than I can even absorb. This is true in

circumstance of poor economic and caste position. In

India and it is true all over the globe.

fact, their leader is not even literate. Whatever advantage

The contrasts between women like Sampat Pal and Deepika Padukone on the one hand and the large

Sampat Pal has, she has carved from within her own heart and from the stone of her own courage.

collection of abused and battered women on the other are

It makes you think about the inevitability of things doesn’t

striking. At first glance, it is easy to dismiss someone like



It appears things are not so hard and fast after all. It also

My exploration of India has reminded me that our ability

seems that outcomes are more dependent on the character

to rise from the ashes depends a great deal upon what

and will of individuals than we might have imagined.

happens inside of us and upon how we view the challenges

Of course, I do not mean to dismiss systemic influences

we face.

and I certainly don’t mean to blame the victim. As women,

Sampat Pal frames the issues through the lens of

we live in a global system that does its best to put us in our

personal responsibility and power. She approaches her

place. Things like the Delhi rape case often do happen and

circumstances and fashions her solutions from that

these things are largely outside of our immediate control


as a matter of physical reality. So, while I acknowledge our often precarious and even tragic circumstances as women, I also aim to inspire hope. We do not have to simply lie down and accept what looks like an ironclad fate wrought by systemic imperatives that appear larger than life. Our participation and the nature of that participation matters. MORE is possible more often than we imagine. As I think about achieving this MORE, two truths come to mind: A victim is never responsible for ending her own experience of abuse. At the same time, when we experience victimization, we are often the only ones with the will to put a stop to it.

54 BellaMia August 2015

So will I. Many thanks to Susan Jacob Kokura, a free spirited South Indian woman residing in America, for her translations and for her collaboration in providing cultural context and review. Rebecka Eggers



I Am Here to Stay Mia Saenz

EFF this! Wait, let me back up five minutes. I crashed. I had allowed someone to gravely injure my psyche. I was deeply wounded to the point of destruction, of allowing self-sabotage. The hate I felt for myself will not leave. I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I couldn’t breathe. I needed to escape, I needed to hide. The only place I can re-gather myself is in the shower.  I saw myself in the full-length mirror - I was naked and exposed. My soul felt raped, and my body was weak. I felt disgust. I didn’t think I could ever trust again.  I kept hearing someone say,

In an instant, and without my permission, my body took a deep breath. I began to feel my self-love reach up from the depth within me. The words started to pour out of me as fluidly as the warm and steady stream of water from the showerhead. “I love you, Mia. I love you, Mia. I LOVE YOU, MIA!” I was in shock. What was happening, why was I hearing this? What made me say that?  Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around myself. I could feel my upper arms and shoulders as though I was being hugged. I was hugging myself, a technique I’ve learned and also taught.    

“Get away from me.” I realized these words were audibly

I think to myself, “Wow this feels so nice.” My inner voice

coming out of my mouth.

repeats, “I love you, Mia. I have you, girl. I always have.”

“Who am I to think I am beautiful or attractive? If the

I began to feel stronger and moved my hands across my

world looked deeper they would see I am ugly.” Fear had

naked body gently feeling my breasts, tummy and legs.

set in, “I will never work again in my industry as a self-love

Again I felt surprised by my actions and even more so that

/ body-love coach.” An even deeper fear had come to me,

I felt my skin as silky, soft and smooth. This felt so soft,

“You cannot be who you were. You were just taken down by

and rather sensual. I encouraged myself, “I am not ugly,

that man. Let the world see you now, naked in the shower,

I am beautiful! I know I am loved, and that simply was a

crying like a baby.” My mind raced.

huge blow to my ego. I am still me, and I have a God given

As the warm water beat down upon my naked body, I had

right to continue to share who I am with the world.”

become aware of my panicked breathing. My oxygen was

In that moment a major shift had occurred. My dignity and

limited, thus creating more distress. I thought to myself,

destiny were reborn. I understood the magical knowledge

“This is it. I’m slipping away. I’m not going to recover.”

that I am queen of my existence, and that no one can take

All I want to feel is the water pouring over my body. I feel

my power.

as though the water is the only thing that will cleanse me after what had just taken place.

I am here to stay, thus my opening line.

56 BellaMia August 2015



Your Size is Beautiful Michelle Alva, PT Our bodies love to move and exercise at any size. We feel uplifted and lighter when we dance, walk, do aerobic exercise and swim. Did you know movement is natural for us since we are made up of trillions of vibrating molecules? Yet many of us would not dare walk into a fitness class because we don’t accept our bodies or feel good inside. We have created beliefs that our body is not beautiful and are

A voice inside said “I Love and Accept My Body, Size and Shape Now.” By the end of the 8 class series, I was dancing in a bratop, feeling alive and sexy, and comfortable revealing my tummy. Most of all, I felt a renewed sense of love and joy in BEING in my body. Here are some tips on how to embody self-acceptance regardless of our size and shape so we can do what we love:

so self-conscious that we prevent ourselves from the very

Accept that you are a gift from Our Creator. You

activities that enrich our lives and connect us to ourselves

were created into form, and therefore you are

at the deepest level.

divine and perfect. There is a mysterious force of

When we do not accept our bodies just as we are, we feel chronically stressed. How we think and perceive about our

creation that designed you, and simply because you exist, you are so loved and deserving of love.

body’s effects our stress levels, our hormones, and how we

Acknowledge that your body size is perfectly


made for you. The only way to create a new possibility and create optimal health is to choose

When I attended my very first belly dance class, our teacher asked us to lift our shirts up so we can see our bellies and better learn the moves. My instant reaction was to freeze and look for the exit door. This made me aware of my own uncomfortableness with my body and my own body self-acceptance issues (mind you, I was thinner back then!). Every week was an opportunity to shimmy off the veils of illusion that somehow my body was not worthy of dancing sacred and sexy. As I rolled and undulated my body to Middle Eastern music, I gradually embraced a new selfperception that pleasure came from within! Watching other women 20-30 pounds heavier than me smiling in sheer pleasure, gave me permission and inspired me to shed my own self-judgements and re-connect to my body. 58 BellaMia August 2015

to feel relaxed and welcomed in our own skin. If we do not accept our weight, our look and our shape, our body will feel stressed out and this will make us hold on not only to physical weight, but also to emotional weight. When we stress out, we hold, we don’t grow and we do not release. Connect to your breath throughout it’s full range of motion. Take the deepest, fullest, most expansive breath and notice how your belly can expand. Feel your expansive nature, and love the whole range of motion. Appreciate the fullness of your breath and this will automatically cause you to appreciate the whole you.

Touch and massage the parts that you accept the least. Choose a part of your body that you do not feel comfortable showing or touching and place your hand over that part, it might be a an outer thigh or your belly or maybe your upper arms. Feel love and acceptance for this part of your body as you create loving clock wise circles with medium pressure using your palm. Notice how it feels to lovingly caress this part that you do not accept in the past. This exercise is so healing. Stay connected to your deep diaphragmatic breaths throughout this exercise as it might cause certain trapped emotions from the past to be released. Hold a space of non-judgmental awareness for yourself. Witness your sensations throughout the day without any need to change how you feel. Be there for yourself as your own best friend, and notice how relaxed you feel. Ask yourself, what do I love to do? Is there something that I would like to try that’s new and have been postponing because of how my body looks and feels? Write it down and make it a priority in your life! Just do it‌ even if it scares you. Practice feeling comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Make it ok to feel uncomfortable and scary to try something new. When we change our relationship with our body, and embrace new beliefs that support a more loving life, magic happens. Michelle Alva, PT



Erectile dysfunction and why it’s not your fault Susan Jacob-Kokura PharmD

It’s that special night you have been waiting for

act is complete. After ejaculation, the smooth muscle

all week,to spend time with your partner. After

begins to go back to its normal state, which leads to a

the perfect dinner at the trendy hot restaurant

man’s refractory period, or the time he needs to rest

in town, you finally get him back to your place

before having another erection. Anything that interrupts

alone; no kids, no dog just the two of you.

that chain of events, whether it’s neurological, vascular

Your clothes are an afterthought and you’re

or psychological, can interfere with erections. Type 2

excited to show him your sexy new pair of panties. You

diabetes or heart disease can damage blood vessels and

kiss him passionately behind his ear, at the base of his

nerves, while conditions like depression, anxiety and post-

neck, sending chills down his spine. His hands are all over

traumatic stress disorder can affect the brain, all leading

you, while you slowly kiss his chest and stomach on your

to ED.

way down to undo his belt, and remove his pants eagerly expecting a night of passion… “HUH? !” It’s as if someone pushed pause on your remote control. He can’t get it up? What is happening? How do I react to this situation? Am I not attractive? Is it something I did wrong? What’s going on with him?

ED is one of the most common male sexual problems, affecting an estimated 30 million men in the U.S. and approximately 140 million men worldwide. Although many couples continue to view ED as a sexual issue, in truth, the most common causes are undiagnosed physical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or even

Well everyone, there is a little something called erectile

the earliest stages of heart disease. Even more often, it

dysfunction (ED) and it is REAL! Sometimes what we say

can be the result of certain medications used to treat

to our partner makes things worse or we get in our own

these conditions, particularly some high blood pressure

heads and blame ourselves. So what if you had a do over


and were able to make things better? Here are some ways to help you cope with your partner’s erectile dysfunction. First, understanding what ED is and how an erection occurs, can help you better cope with the situation. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse. Erections happen when a man sees, hears, smells, tastes,

There are numerous treatment options available. Encourage healthy discussions with a healthcare provider for the best option. Psychotherapy (counseling) Medications (oral/injectable to the penis)

touches, or thinks about something that stimulates him

Vacuum devices (pumps)

sexually. The brain then sends chemical signals through


nerves that tell smooth muscles in the penis to relax, which allows blood to collect in the organ. The blood is

Here are some ways to help you cope with your partner’s

then trapped in the penis, which stiffens until the sexual

erectile dysfunction.

60 BellaMia August 2015

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! ED does not indicate a lack of

Everything looks better on TV! The little blue pill

desire or attraction to you. Stay positive and don’t assign

commercials make it look so easy that if he can’t get an

blame; discuss what you and your partner want, need and

erection, a quick pop of a pill is the solution. In a matter of

how to achieve it together.

seconds he is back to his old wild romantic self. The reality

The more you know the more you will be able to support your partner. Knowledge is power. Learn as much as you

is that pills take time to work and often require planning your intimate moments in advance.

can about ED. Have open communication about the best

It takes two to tango! You may feel distressed or depressed

treatment option(s) that fits your lifestyles.

over your man’s situation. It’s OK to seek counseling to

ED is a common and treatable condition. Be supportive of

help you get through this rough time.

your partner by being a champion for change. Encourage

Erectile dysfunction affects both partners in a relationship.

proper diet, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake and

Be empathetic; be the powerful she-goddess that you

getting plenty of sleep. If your partner is agreeable, go with

are and work to help him feel confident to overcome this

him to his doctors’ appointments.

treatable condition. Sex can still be mind blowing; you

There are multiple treatment options. If one does not work, do not give up! Encourage your partner to try another option. Try alternative techniques in the bedroom. Find other ways to give and receive pleasure without pressuring your partner to perform.

may just have to find a new route to get there! Having open and honest communication with one another is the best way to create a solid foundation for a healthy sexual relationship. Susan Jacob-Kokura PharmD



FAT Rebecka Eggers

In this memory I am daring to confront, I am 16 years

WORTHLESS does not care if I am thin or fat. If I am thin,

old. I haven’t eaten in days. To be honest, I am not sure

it whispers that I am just one slice of cheesecake away

when I last even had something to drink. I have a dollar

from a pariah. When I am fat, WORTHLESS is silent. There

bill up my noise and a line of cheap cocaine knock off (aka

is nothing left to say. I am worthlessness on display.

methamphetamine) set out in a neat and tidy little row on a jagged piece of mirror.

As a woman, I have lived my entire life moving along this continuum. Like the slider on a slide rule I have traveled

1,2,3 the line disappears taking with it my relationships,

between fat and thin. Somewhere between visible shame

the last of my innocence and most importantly, my hunger.

and silent desperation I have multiplied and divided my

I am willing to pay the former price in exchange for the

value over and over again. This is what it has meant to be

latter benefit. In other words, I am willing to do anything

in a female body.

to get rid of my desire for food. Why?

Until now! Lately I feel like Diana Ross, “Upside down…you turn me

People have begun to bandy about a certain word in my

inside out and round and round…upside down you’re

presence and I will do anything to make it stop. To be

turning me.”

honest, the word is more like a paragraph or a novel. It speaks volumes in just one syllable. FAT. Can you feel the magnitude of that word? To my young self, it felt like an anvil falling out of the sky and landing on my

Suddenly my world is full of women who are breaking the mold and redefining what it means to be beautiful. To be frank, after so many years of being trapped in the mirror reflection of my shame, I just don’t even know quite how to process the contrary information.

head with a very loud thud. Miraculously, I lived through

When I see someone like Tess Holliday (plus sized model

its arrival, but no one, least of all me, is quite sure how.

signed by MiLK Management) challenging the status quo

Truth be told, it was a Pyrrhic victory. I was alive. But I

and daring to live her dreams in a size 22 body, it’s a little

would never be the same.

like watching someone break the space time continuum. I

In FAT’s wake, another word came barreling through. WORTHLESS. WORTHLESS arrived in the form of a terrible catch 22. As words go, it is far crueler than its predecessor. There is no escaping the heavy hand of worthlessness.

may live through it, but I will never be the same. I don’t know what else to do. So, I breathe into the confusion. I close my eyes, feel my world turn upside down and let the fabric of time tear wide open. I am now sitting on the couch with my 16 year old self. I

62 BellaMia August 2015

got here just in time. She has just finished rolling up that

For a moment this younger version of me isn’t any more

dollar bill and cutting out her line. I have a copy of People

sure what to do than I am. She is a quick study though. She

magazine in my hands. I ask her to take a look. There she

grabs my hand, tosses the mirror in the garbage and walks

witnesses Tess Holliday beaming joy and sensuality from

us both into a new reality. The last thing I hear is the sound

the cover (in a leotard and tights no less).

of the mirror shattering against the bottom of the rubbish

For a moment, 16 year old me is caught between two worlds. The word FAT echoes through her mind louder than ever before. WORTHLESS does its little dance of misery too. But today there is something unsteady in the steps. The image of a fat girl daring to own her happiness

bin. We are free. Rebecka Eggers

and insist upon her fulfillment is strong medicine.



Appreciate Your Body for All It Does Dr. Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D., HHC

Your body is a miracle. Your organs, tissues,

I love you belly. I love your extra padding – I know you’ve

muscles, fluids, bones, teeth and joints all work

got me covered when I get too busy to eat. I love that you

together to keep you alive and functioning. Your

digest my food and send the energy to all the cells of my

body does hundreds – thousands - of things

body so I can do what I want to do each day. I love your

each day to keep you alive – it breathes, digests

scars, for they tell of your struggles and of your triumph.

food, grows new cells, repairs damaged cells,

Of all the surgeries you’ve been through. I love your cute

purifies itself of toxins, creates the energy you need to function, allows you to see and hear, keeps your body temperature steady, lets you walk upright. And yet, when we look in the mirror, all we see are flaws…

little innie belly button. I love you back. You are strongly, silently supportive. You help me stand and sit up straight and keep good posture. I love when you ache because you are letting me know that

Here’s your challenge: make a list of everything you don’t

you need a little TLC and that I’ve been burning the candle

like about your body and then transform each complaint

at both ends again and need to take a break. I love when

into a positive. After you’re done, write a love letter to your

you protest so loudly that I have to call my chiropractor for

body and send some love to all of those areas you tend to

she takes excellent care of us.

be critical of. I have a few examples below. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Hello gorgeous! I love you feet. You are so supportive and keep me centered and grounded. I love that I broke my heel twice in one year and that it is so slow to heal. You, lovely heel, made me slow down when I wanted to ramp it up to the speed of

I love you neck. You do such a good job of holding up our head! I love your wrinkles, for they tell your age – like rings on a tree. They tell of your life experiences, your struggles, and your triumphs. I love when you ache and let me know I need to move you in some direction other than looking forward at my computer screen. I love that when you get tight, you still pop and release and feel better.

light. You made me take a much-needed break. For that I

I love you face. I love your wrinkles, for they tell our story

am grateful.

– of all the good – and not so good – times we’ve spent

I love you legs. You are so strong and get me where I need to go. I love your cellulite for it reminds me to take care of myself. I love your muscle tone for it reminds me of just how powerful you are. I love you butt. I love your stretch marks for they tell the story of where you’ve been and how I’ve grown. I love the way you jiggle. You provide me with such a good cushion to sit on. And I love, love, love the way you look in jeans. 64 BellaMia August 2015

together. I love your sun spots for they remind me of when we were in Hawaii. I love that you still get acne at age 41. It makes me feel young again. I love that you have smile lines. It lets me know I’ve lived a good, happy life. I love you ears. I love that you are so big so I can hear everything I want to. I love that you too get blackheads and pimples, just like my face. You let me know not to forget to take care of you.

I hope you too will take some time today to celebrate you

Dr. Mary Pritchard

and your body. You (and your body) are truly a miracle.



A Whole Life Makeover in The Face of Major Life Change Edie Weinstein

hen you hear the word ‘makeover,’

My natural questions were: “How did it happen, and what

what comes to mind? Likely some

can I do to prevent it from re-occurring?” I began a deep

visible physical changes. Maybe a

exploration of the signs and symptoms that lead to my

gorgeous new wardrobe, dazzling jewelry,

heart attack which I had ignored for over a year. I was a

or a fresh and funky hairstyle.

ticking time bomb. One thing to know is that women’s

But what happens when life deals us a hand of cards that calls on us to transform internally? An opportunity presented itself on June 12, 2014, which I consider my ‘second birthday’. On the way home from the gym following a normal workout, I was overtaken by pain and tightening in my jaw, as well as torrential sweats that rivaled the most potent menopausal hot flash. Adding to the trifecta was searing heart burn pain across my back

cardiac symptoms are different from those of men. For most of us, it is not the crushing left side chest pain and arm tingling. These include sleeplessness and fatigue, palpitations and arrhythmia, dizziness, blood pressure fluctuations, as well as anxiety to which I am not normally prone. I had been working a dozen or more hours a day and sleeping likely half as many.

and chest.

I needed to face the reality that I had many risk factors:

Immediately, I recognized them as symptoms of a heart

My mother died of Congestive Heart Failure and my sister

attack. Consummate co-dependent, I didn’t call 911, but

has had three heart attacks in her 50’s; two prior to mine,

instead drove myself to the ER. It must have been oxygen

and one recently.

deprivation that had me making such an irresponsible choice, since I endangered others on the road as well as myself. I stumbled through the doors and calmly told the

Although I ate a mostly vegetarian diet, it included prepackaged foods that were high in sodium and cholesterol.

woman behind the desk “I think I’m having a heart attack.”

I placed myself under debilitating and stressful conditions

Immediately I was whisked into a wheelchair and brought

in my personal and professional life.

up to the cardiac cath lab, where a stent was inserted into my heart. The surgeon brought me the before and after pictures of my heart. The first picture of my artery

I was a workaholic. I had set very high expectations for myself and I believed that I needed to prove my value with

looked like a broken tree branch, while the second picture

my everyday performance.

appeared to be rather perky. He admonished, “Don’t let

Over several decades as a social worker in the psychiatric

this happen again.”

field, I had also been exposed to second and third hand smoke on the job.

66 BellaMia August 2015

I knew I had a choice that could literally spell the

Fitness: I engage in gym time which started out as cardiac

difference between life and death. During my recovery

rehab 3-5 days a week and walking between sessions.

in the hospital, I had conversation with a nurse who had come in to take my vital signs. She encouraged me to completely recover first, and use everything I had experienced leading up to, during and after my heart

Sleep: I once referred to sleep as ‘highly over-rated’, but now it has become an essential 8 hour nightly routine, with daytime napping, if necessary.

attack, to help educate other women. The adaptations I

Shifting my schedule: This came as a result of a well-timed

consciously make are not always easy, but have become

career opportunity that enables me to write from home.

integral to my self-care. This is my new “normal”. These implementations should be used as prevention by

Relationship changes: Boundary setting and learning the

everyone. Here are some examples:

‘power of no’ sustains my mental health.

Nutrition: I eat organic fresh foods, prepared in a lower

Receptivity and vulnerability: Allowing others to assist me,

fat way than the standard American diet. I avoid foods

rather than being so fiercely independent.

high in sodium and cholesterol. I use olive or coconut oil

I have transformed from Wonder Woman who practiced

instead of butter, and choose to bake or grill as a means of cooking.

savior behavior, to the Bionic Woman who has an artificial body part that keeps her ticker counting out the moments

Consumer awareness: I read packaging labels, which may

of life. I hold all of them precious.

mean that shopping might take twice as long.

Edie Weinstein



How to Love How You Look (No Matter What) Claire Sierra

he body and how we look is such a source of

to women who radiate Beauty from their Soul—often

conflict for many women. It seems we can’t

regardless of external appearance. And as we celebrate the

live with it and we can’t live without it. We are

rich variety of our sizes, shapes, and colors—a veritable 31

compellingly drawn to beauty: in ourselves, in

flavors of the Feminine—we all naturally shine.

others, in things, in life. Sometimes women are scorned as superficial for this pursuit, but I’ve come to recognize this as an intrinsic soul quality of the Feminine, which is why we are so enchanted by it. Many of us are blind to our own beauty, though. We’ve been conditioned to believe so many things about our own value and worth—many of which are not so great, unfortunately. We see beauty and we emulate it, trying to capture that ineffable essence. We think if we copy someone, we’ll feel how she looks: joyful, loved, and valued. Women are communal beings, so what others think of us matters. (It’s a safety/protective mechanism.) We’re so focused on external opinion that we don’t see our own beauty and light—especially when it doesn’t match the cultural ideals. We develop a mental list of how we don’t

Your authentic beauty power comes from knowing your uniqueness from the inside out and really loving yourself for it. When you embody your core sense of self—owning who you really are and why you’re here—then your true beauty unfolds like the radiant flower you are. And as you embrace this, you grow to love and value yourself as an aspect of the Divine in feminine form. You’ll exude confidence and power from the inside. You become luscious and alive. But when we don’t know or feel this about ourselves, we deny it, and suffer. We hide, rejecting our true value. We dim ourselves down. It’s safe, not luminous. Instead, exude your native beauty by connecting with your Essence and feel fully alive.

“measure up:” too fat/thin, dark/pale, tall/short, loud/

But how do we tap into that source and reveal that inner

quiet…the list goes on.


Then we turn ourselves into long-term self-improvement

Your Essence is who you are when you are just being

projects. We’re outraged by the barrage of Photoshopped

yourself, shining your light. It is not learned, it’s

artifice surrounding us, and yet we unconsciously still

authentically you, aligned with your Feminine Soul. As you

cling to stereotypes that are unrealistic and unhealthy.

awaken this Goddess self, your radiance shines from the

Fortunately, this awareness is starting to shift and women

inside out.

are questioning: What is MY innate expression and worth?

Your essence might be innately joyful and light, soft

Where’s my authentic beauty? We are magnetically drawn

and sweet or piercingly insightful. This may translate

68 BellaMia August 2015

into looking elegant, retro, romantic, organic, classic or

5-10 minutes first thing in the morning to set your day in

athletic. No matter what you are doing, you are radiating

Feminine Flow.

this essence in your own unique signature style.

Connect with this Divine She in meditation, prayer, or

As you connect with this sacred inner beauty, you feel

sensual movement. Breathe and be in your body. Your body

different…empowered and alive. Your skin glows, your

is a blessing. Feel the radical potency that stirs beneath all

body hums with vitality and sparkle. You become naturally

the busy, scheduled, doing of everyday life. A wholesome,

gorgeous, regardless of external opinion.

sexy, revitalized you is there, waiting to be awakened.

Soul beauty translates into confidence, feeling at ease in

When you connect with your Soul Beauty, from the inside

your own skin, being okay with who you are: relaxed, open,

out, you radiate a light that is magnificent, palpable

safe and unafraid. At first it may happen in glimmers of

and pure. As you inhabit your innate radiance, don’t be

moments, but a daily practice can expand into a lifestyle.

surprised to find others naturally drawn to the compelling

Then you’re no longer driven by cultural stereotypes of

and sacred power of the Feminine. Life thrives in this

how you should look, and living from the Truth of your

place, it’s juicy and delicious. From here a world of ease,

Feminine Soul.

grace and flow is revealed. Let’s dance together there.

Nice idea--how do we do that?

Claire Sierra

Feed the Feminine First. Take time every day to connect

to the juicy aliveness that is your feminine power. Spend



Experiencing Peace and Possibility in Your Daily Life as You are Present to Beauty Joy Holland

eauty exists in each space in world. There are a myriad of reasons why a person might not see it: rushing from commitment to commitment; filling space with clutter (or being in spaces full of clutter); doubting the existence of beauty

Experience and feel more beauty. release internal blocks and energy not resonant with beauty. It’s important to note that this natural expansion unfolds without the exhaustion and struggle associated with

in certain spaces, so not looking for it there; deflecting

manipulating external variables. And, each of these

the experience of beauty due to feeling ‘undeserving,

benefits can be experienced, this moment. Doesn’t that

unworthy, not enough’; saving the experience of beauty as

sound refreshing?

a ‘reward’ or for a special occasion.

How does this work? As you ‘search for’ beauty, your mind

There isn’t any judgment here – we have each experienced

is engaged is connecting your inner essence energy with

rushing, clutter and fear. Understanding this pattern gives

something external. As you celebrate beauty, your energy

you the opportunity to choose something different that

naturally opens. When your body feels connected and your

enhances the quality of your life.

energy feels open, your being is at peace because your

Energetically, what you choose to focus your attention upon, grows; thus, choosing to see and celebrate beauty brings the energies of beauty into your life. When you train your mind and your senses to accept, see and feel that which is beautiful to you, as you move through your day, you naturally: strengthen your connection with world.

natural reactive mode is neutralized. From this centered space of empowerment, you are able to see, and open to, possibility that your mind might not even have known existed. All of this, because you chose to see, and celebrate, the beauty already available in your space! For example, I teach presence through photography. If a person simply browses through my photographs, what

shift your energy from reactive mode into peace and

they will see are radiant sunsets, colorful flower blossoms


and soaring birds with a backdrop of gorgeous sky. What

improve the quality of your experience of life (because you feel connected and peaceful).

they will feel is peace and possibility. I like to share the story of the photograph because often

increase your desire to be here on earth, enjoying the

that colorful flower blossom is tucked into a container


in a parking lot, the sun is peeking through storm clouds

70 BellaMia August 2015

and the bird is attempting to fly in heavy winds. Knowing

I recommend that you begin with something familiar to

this doesn’t make my photos ‘less real or less beautiful’

you like your favorite colors and textures. For example if

and reminds us that beauty can be found – and peace and

you love blue, look around the space you are in for all of

possibility felt - in the most unexpected, ‘less than optimal’

the shades of blue.

spaces. Having a visual reminder is a powerful resource for the moments that doubt and uncertainty are present.

When this has become easy for you, you may expand your practice to include slightly unfamiliar variables. For

There are two components to this practice of seeing and

example, look at what is next to the color blue in your

celebrating beauty: physical and energetic.

space to see if that might be beautiful to you as well.

What physically feels beautiful to a person might include

Last, you may challenge yourself to find beauty in spaces

variables like color and composition. What energetically

you would least expect. For example, to find the color blue

feels beautiful to a person might include variables like

in a crowded restaurant.

natural elements and texture. (I like to include both because we are physical and energetic beings.) I invite you to ask yourself, “What would be beautiful and what would feel beautiful to me in this space?’ Then, listen closely to the answer, without judging it – simply hearing it.

Eventually, with lots of practice, you may see and appreciate the beauty in everything while feeling peace and possibility in daily life. Joy Holland

Look around the space you are in and notice what your heart has asked you to. Then take the time to share a bit of gratitude for all that is there.



Beautiful Nadia Krauss

We as women have bought into a

beautiful, and strong, and you need to give yourself

collective conditioning that our bodies

permission to receive this truth by inviting self love and

are not beautiful and worthy unless


we look a certain kind of way. We have cut ourselves off of the innate beauty and wisdom

Make the decision to open and nourish your heart. Follow

that our bodies carry within. We have forgotten that our

through with nurturing and patience. Cultivate your

body is the spirit vehicle through this earth experience.

senses. Really start living within your body in a conscious effort to experience life fully AWAKE through your senses.

We have fallen asleep to the truth that our bodies are

Start taking nature walks. While walking with Mother

brilliant, beautiful, and good! Just as they are. Now.

Earth train your senses to see beauty, harmony, divine order, and organic structure in all that you see in nature.

We are constantly confronted and bombarded with images

During those walks inhabit your body. Stop condemning it.

of Superwomen, Supermodels, and Superstars. This very

Stop treating it like it is a ‘thing’ separate from you.

specific kind of environment breeds disconnect to self to the point of causing us too be blind to our own unique

Make the conscious choice to really live in your body as

beauty. This then turns into always comparing ourselves to

a soul. Open your heart to the goodness your body has

other women, never feeling good enough. We feel shame,

brought you. Infuse your body with love, as is, right now.

a consistent background sense that there is something

Embrace being beautiful in the moment.

wrong with us. And a sense of devaluation, a feeling of not being loved unless we pertain to a certain kind of ideal.

waken your senses : seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling,

And then there comes this persistent sense of guilt for

hearing and knowing. Connect to your sensuality.

not being able to embody the Supermodel, Superwoman, Superstar status quo.

Begin to see the true beauty of your body and realize that without it you would not be having this earth experience.

Don’t you think it is about time to stop this insanity?

Learn to feel grateful for your Body Beautiful.

Enough already! This does not mean you have to stay overweight or unfit. It is a vicious cycle of bashing self and body with constant

Yes, you can channel the best version of yourself. However

inner criticizing and bullying. It is time to stop this

you will not become your best self by dishonoring your

madness and reconnect with a body brilliant, a body

body temple.

beautiful, and a body strong. Yes, YOU are brilliant, 72 BellaMia August 2015

How about you begin aligning with a ‘super’ model version

guidance and then listen. Soul has the power to infuse

that is channeling your highest self and best life?

your body with healing. Be it the spiritual, the mental, the emotional or the physical kind of healing you need.

Buy yourself flowers and smell them, or burn incense or your favorite scented candle. Taste food – really taste it!

Most likely it will be all 4 simultaneously but with a

Chew it at least 20 times and take 20 minutes for your

different focus at different times. Create that sacred space

meal. No matter WHAT you are eating. Celebrate the

within you. Allow yourself to feel beautiful, sensual, sexual,

burger as much as the home cooked meal. Begin there.

empowered, supported, full and nurtured NOW . In your body. As is. And then repeat with me :

Feel into your body. Where can you feel tension, tightness,

I am feminine.

even pain maybe. Give yourself a massage and feel the

I am sensual

tension dissolve. Or possibly book yourself a massage and

I am sexual.

feel your body through the touch of someone else’s hands.

I am powerful.

Listen to the birds outside, the wind in the trees, the

“Don’t ever mistake my kindness for weakness. And don’t

crashing waves of the ocean or the trickling water of the

ever take me for granted.” From the book “Goddess to

nearby fountain.

the Core : An Inspired Workout to Maximize Your Fitness, Beauty & Power” by Sierra Bender.

Develop this knowing that your body is safe. That you can trust your intuition coming through. You can trust

My ‘book prescription’ for you in this issue. This one will

body sensations that you are feeling. Know that you are

ignite your “Beautiful Me” for sure.

beautiful. Know that soul inhabits your body. How can you not be beautiful?

Nadia Krauss

Know that your soul will guide you. Guide you to that which is wounded and hurting and keeping you from feeling 100% beautiful. Start paying attention to your inner


Love “Reach now for the love you so richly deserve. Reach into yourself, for it is in that place apart, behind your heart you will find yourself and love.”

Love or Loneliness Kimberley Heart

If you and I were offered the choice of living a life

victims. We know on many levels that we craft our own

filled with bountiful love, or soul-sucking loneliness,

lives and we love the empowerment that comes with that.

we would choose love every time, wouldn’t we?

So why do we backtrack and deny that if we are lonely we

Horrifically, the answer for too many of us, is

create that as well?

that we would choose loneliness. That choice is

The answer is complex and unique for each of us, yet there

something that we are not alone in; literally

is a common denominator. We are lonely because we fear

millions choose loneliness. There is a pandemic of

that we do not love good enough. Let me say that again.

loneliness and it is damaging far too many of us.

Our fear, that our love is not good enough, is the genesis

When our choice is stated that bluntly, our kneejerk reaction is to deny that we have a choice. If we are lonely, it is not by choice. Oh no, it is not our choice, we argue that we are victims of circumstance, gender, geography,

of our loneliness. Before you build up a head of steam and think of all the reasons that statement can’t be true, be gentle with yourself and sit with it for a moment. How could it be true?

attractiveness—something, anything—is to blame except

You are a talented, smart, kind, person so why are you

the possibility we choose loneliness.

lonely? Could it be that you fear that if you expose yourself

Our bitter and vehement denunciation of the reality that loneliness is a choice doesn’t make it any the less true. We can’t change what we will not face. If we are lonely it is time to face it and end the pain. To end the pain, we must first understand ourselves. Why do we choose loneliness? You and I know we are not 74 BellaMia August 2015

your love will be found wanting? No, no, you rage, “I love beautifully!” And perhaps your do? But your fear is that you do not. My mentor recently reminded me that I am, “… in charge of my reality and therefore in charge of how I live with people, in love or in loneliness.” Well that pretty much

sums it up. It is my choice, your choice, how we live. If we

pain of loneliness keep us from the very love that would

are lonely we create that by the fear choices we make every

end the loneliness.

single day.

So what do we do? Ending loneliness begins by facing our

It is time to end the pain. The pain we feel around each

fear of not loving good enough. Be brave and spend an

holiday, or Friday night, or when we see someone laughing

entire day asking yourself the question, “Is this choice

with their child or an old person holding hands with

based on the fact that I ‘fear’ my love is not good enough?”

their spouse at eighty. It is time to end the pain we feel in the middle of the night, alone in our beds staring at the ceiling, or crying ourselves to sleep. It is time to stop telling ourselves that we are fine, we don’t want a romantic relationships, or a best friend. We need to stop lying to ourselves. Loneliness is a worldwide pandemic and it can destroy our capacity to appreciate the wonder and beauty of everyday life. Loneliness can and will shatter our self-trust, our confidence, our creativity, our capacity for success and most certainly damage us to the point where we will not

You are going to be shocked about how many of your decisions that keep you separate from people, from beauty, from nature, from pursuing your passions, are based in your fear that you do not love good enough. Once you realize the truth of that you are more than halfway home to a life where you choose love rather then loneliness. As always, this column is dedicate to you, to your beauty and your courage. The world needs you, it is waiting for you and the beauty of your love. It’s your choice: Love or Loneliness?

risk love.

I wish you love!

And that is the paradox, the very fear choices we make

Kimberley Heart

on a daily basis that keep us in front of our computers/

TVs/workstations instead of out in the world being our beautiful authentic selves; those fear choices based in the



Is sexual chemistry making you lonely? Tina Bernard

ecently, I was walking along the beach when a handsome shirtless man jogged by. In that split second - as married and the mother of two as I am - the woman in me viscerally responded the man

procreate, and it is a visceral response driven by hormones and scent. Sexual chemistry is about genetics and the immune system and creates super charged desire and hot sex experiences, says Tanja Diamond, a colleague and coach with a background in classical tantra. “It’s designed

in him. It was both pleasant and awkward and got me

to make people want to have sex and make babies that

thinking, what is sexual chemistry and how important is it

will be healthy because their parents have an opposite

to love?

immunity. It has nothing to do with visuals; it is all about

Most people think of sexual chemistry as the I-wantto-tear-off-your-clothes kind of sexual desire or lust. Sexual chemistry is the fundamental genetic imperative to 76 BellaMia August 2015

pheromones and is experienced through the olfactory system, the skin, and maybe even the trigeminal nerve,� she adds.

How powerful is scent to sexual chemistry? Studies

– tender and tough loving care needs – and being able to

confirm what every woman knows: a man’s natural aroma

ask your partner to help fulfill those needs. It has little to

can drive you to sexual distraction. The power of a man’s

do with sex, and “more to do with a super deep connection

natural aroma may also explains why you find yourself

and true presence to one another, safe, deep, soulful

attracted to The Beast – a man so unsuitable, unattractive

connection to each other,” says Diamond.

or unavailable that it makes no sense that you put up with crumbs - his occasional call, getting back together with his ex, waiting ages to propose, etc. Hot sexual chemistry will make even the most intelligent, logical person do crazy things to scratch that itch.

How can you create and nurture Hot Intimacy? It starts with a commitment to the idea that love is something you choose. Love is an action verb. I work with women who are courageous enough to admit that they are lonely and want to be in a relationship. Together, we work to get past their

Curious as ever to understand more, I posed the question,

fears, patterns and stories and they learn how to choose a

“how important is chemistry to you?” to friends, clients

partner based on three questions: Is he crazy about you? Is

and my social media universe. This was hardly a scientific

he willing to grow? Does he meet your basics?

study yet it turned out that most single people who answered my call (brave souls, every one!) were holding out for that I-want-to-tear-off-your-clothes sexual chemistry.

When a woman can answer a positive yes to all three questions – granted, there’s a lot that goes into them she is more likely to be in a relationship that meets her needs which often include being heard and feeling secure,

They could be in for a long wait…a long and lonely wait

and this makes room for a stronger sensual and sexual

(sorry friends. I’m not outing you.). That’s because hot

connection between lovers.

(sexual chemistry fueled) sex has a short half-life.

To amp up intimacy that will make sex hotter, spend more

Most people get the difference between love and lust. But if

time full body hugging before making out or having sex,

sexual chemistry is your gatekeeper, than you are denying

recommends Diamond. “Be playful with each other …leave

yourself the chance to build a relationship with someone

distractions behind, eye gaze gently and provide a safe

who is a better-for-you life partner (as opposed to a great

place for each of you to ask for what you need and want.

baby daddy).

Slow down, savor each moment and don’t make orgasm a

What most people may not realize is that aside from

goal, focus on enjoyment and pleasure and each other.”

sexual chemistry – the procreative urge - there’s another

Hot Intimacy invites you to open to the possibility that

way to build a great sexual connection. Diamond calls

you can have the chemistry you want, just not the way

this pathway Hot Intimacy. The really awesome news is

you thought. Change your relationship barometer. You’ll

that you can raise the bar as high as you want with Hot

be much smarter – and hopefully more satisfied – with a

Intimacy. That’s because Hot Intimacy works through

relationship built to last.

another hormone complex, one that involves oxytocin, also known as the bonding hormone.

Tina Bernard Find Love, Heal Love and Make Love Better at:

Hot Intimacy is heart-centered. It’s value based. It’s built

through shared experiences and recognizing your needs


78 BellaMia August 2015






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nnn Le



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et oT ur &T ni un tO e-i n n

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st ar


,,, , XO



, 79




Get in touch with your shapeshifting abilities. Connect, create, and celebrate you.

.com 80 BellaMia August 2015


Photo Credit: Skopelos, Greece - Onlyonestasia, Flickr

82 BellaMia August 2015

Sacred Space

Sanctuary - Bedroom Sharon Otness It is important to your health and overall wellbeing to create a sanctuary in your home.

liberal exchange or return policy. You simply may not know

Nowhere is that more important than in your

if it is a fit until you have given it a true 30-day trial.

bedroom. The bedroom should be for three things and three things only. Sleep, relaxation and

that allows you space to decide and make sure they have a

Sex. It should feel like the private space and

stress free zone that it is meant to be. Are you ready to get started? First, start with how you want your private space to feel.  Are you happiest in a cocooned nest, or do you like light, bright and ocean breezes? Do you love romance with sensual colors, lots of fabrics and luxury? Do you like a very clean fresh organic space that has a Zen feel?  Maybe

Once you have selected your bed, finish it off with beautiful linens. Look for natural fibers here. Beautiful luxurious cottons and bamboo breathe beautifully and feel great against your skin. Sateen sheets are lovely and silky to the touch but it wrinkles, percale is cool and crisp. Decide which feel and look you love. Then, layer it up. Nothing says luxury more than a beautiful loft of duvets, coverlets, shams and feather pillows you can shape to fit you and how you sleep. Remember that luxury hotel you last slept in?  Just like that!

you want to keep that urban, modern and chic look and

What about color? Don’t forget the four walls surrounding


your bed. Most people prefer soft, soothing colors in their

Start with the bed. One important thing that I learned when I was staging homes is that the bed is everything. Let it set the stage. If you want a romantic luxurious space you might select a four-poster or canopy bed. If you like a chic, urban feel you might pick the sophistication of black or grey leather or the sleek cool touch of white lacquer. For

bedroom, like blues, greens and taupes. But don’t forget that drama can be sensual and soothing too. Dark navy, charcoal and brown can add an element of surprise and act like a cocoon. Or, place a deep color on the headboard wall (it can even replace the headboard if your budget doesn’t allow).

those of you that want the simple, clean aesthetic of a Zen

Next, light it up. You may not need an overhead light in

space you might opt for a simple low wood platform bed or

your bedroom, but most homes have them. Feel free to

an organic texture like cane or bamboo.

add a dimmer switch to keep the mood more intimate. You

Make sure you have a healthful mattress. This is one of those things you should really shop in person for. Don’t get caught up in the sales hype. Look for organic, toxic free materials. You are having a very intimate relationship with this piece of furniture, right? Make sure it is comfortable and supports you in all of the right places. You will only know this by test driving it. Take your time. Visit a retailer

will want lamps next to the bed for reading, either on the bed-side tables or on the wall. If you have the luxury of a reading area, you will want to make sure to add one there. If you are very light sensitive, you may want to add a black out lining to your drapes, or a black out shade behind your existing drapery.  Make sure you have adequate storage. To keep your 83

bedroom clutter free, determine what your needs are for

make essential oil blends to purify the air or soothe you to

dressers and bedside tables. They do not need to match,

sleep. Lavender is a beautiful choice. This is also a perfect

feel free to be creative and make sure they speak to the

place for photos of your loved ones - maybe the personal

way you want your room to feel. This is where you can use

photos you would like to keep private. Place a basket or

an old trunk, vintage suitcases, bamboo chests and even

covered box on your bedside table for the small things like

small bookcases. Refurbish older pieces with fresh paint

glasses to keep them uncluttered. A stack of good books.

and custom knobs.

Keep electronics out of this space. Good sleep hygiene

If you have the luxury of room, add a seating area. This is

means relaxing not the extra noise, light, stressful news

a place you can retreat to any time you need to recharge.

and stimulations that a television brings into the space.

I advise all of my clients to have a space (or two) that they

This includes your other electronics as well, including your

consider a sanctuary. Make it easy to meditate, read, or

phone and ipad. At the very least, power them down one

nap. A chaise or a beautiful chair and an ottoman to stretch

hour before bed and store them in another area.  

out on is perfect. Add a throw and an altar with your favorite pieces that allow you to dream. Add an area rug or sheepskin rug underfoot; something that begs you to curl your toes into. Now, have a fun time with accessories. Keep them functional and meaningful. Add a green plant for nature

If you are living in a small space and need to live in one room or share your room with a desk/office, do your best to create “zones” to keep them as separate as possible. A drapery or screen can do the trick. Enjoy your new blissful sanctuary.

and the oxygen it brings to the room, shells from a favorite

Sharon Otness

trip, a candle made with beautiful oils. Add a diffuser and

84 BellaMia August 2015

Sacred Space

Come Home to Your Body Charlene Maguire My entire inner and outer world

outside body. I started this by giving my body home what

around “home” has been going

it really was craving - some time in hot mineral waters,

through an upheaval for a couple years now. What exactly is home? A physical place? Family or the people you choose to have around you? Is it some magical sense of belonging somewhere or with someone? At the beginning of 2015, I was living on faith not knowing where I was physically going to be living, and not having a real sense of who my “tribe” was. I found myself in a big void... spinning. What

which have been particularly healing for me. How do you start going about finding your true “home” with your body? Well it starts by asking questions and being open to the awareness that will come, often not in a form you were expecting. Here are a few steps to take you through connecting more with your internal body energy as well as the physical space around you.

is the definition of “home?” Modern Dictionaries define

Start by coming back into the present moment! Surrender.

home as a dwelling, building where you reside, or country

As you go about your day, you and your body may feel

of origin. Older dictionaries go into home being the place

scattered, almost like you’ve left pieces of yourself all over

of your ancestors. But I feel something different. Home

the place and need to find them again. To fix this, start by

is YOU, and your body, and your body can be in any of

choosing a time of your day when you can just STOP, sit,

these places! We are given this home body at birth, and we

and take a deep breath. Then close your eyes. Take another

need to take care of it so it can assist us on this adventure

deep breath. Picture the energetic field around your body

we call life. Home to me is not defined by any sort of

and all those little scattered pieces all over the place. Turn

familiarity, but more about being in YOU in the present

your body into a magnet, and attract all those pieces of

moment, wherever you are.

YOU back to YOU. Keep breathing.

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” ~Maya Angelou Our bodies are made to be enjoyed. Made for sensing. Building. Movement. Exploration. Pleasure. Our bodies

While your eyes are still closed and you are ALL THERE in that moment, notice any sounds around you. Just notice. A squeak in the floor. A bird chirping outside the window. Maybe you have some music on. Fire engine going by? How about smells? Perfume? Musky scent? Fresh air? How sensitive are you to your surroundings, or do you just barely notice? Let it all just be there and notice it.

are not made to be sedentary for long periods of time. At

Keeping your eyes closed feel yourself up. That’s right.

the beginning of this year my body was clearly telling me

Feel all the parts of your body. This is your home. Feel

it wanted to go more places and experience more new and

how amazing this home is. You can take it wherever you

exciting things. But before we could do that we needed to

go and it will support you if you take care of it well. Ask it

create that sacred space of “home” both inside body and

some questions and see what it needs from you. I did this 85

while sitting in those mineral pools...and boy was my body

Take another DEEP BREATH. Receive the air into your

thankful to be there!

lungs and then slowly exhale. Feel the physical presence of

Open your eyes. Visually take notice of what is in your presence. Look at it like you were going to draw or paint it. Let your eyes look from one point to the next and really SEE it... One shape to the next... how the lines of things connect... all the colors in the space. The visual feast around you is a work of art. Notice the relationships of one item to another and how they complement each other, or not. Pleasing shapes or not so pleasing. You may even want to move some things around to create the space differently.

86 BellaMia August 2015

your body and the space you are in. Have you come home? Could you BE in this home wherever you are? Whether you are sitting on a chair, on a bed, in a house, in an apartment, with your family, with your friends, with your boss at work, in your car, in a park, on the top of a mountain, in a space ship, or on the moon....YOU ARE HOME. Charlene Maguire Artist/Designer/Teacher/Healer

At BellaMia Magazine, we love our men.

“Making eye contact and you’re heart starts racing. Her touch makes your body tingle, and her kiss sends you over the moon. There is beauty in every woman and most importantly how she can empower you without speaking a word.”

Robert Arevalo Filmmaker, Actor, Licensed Bounty Hunter in CA



The Science of Ayurveda Michelle S. Fondin

ave you ever gone to the doctor

you must balance mind, body, soul, spirit and emotions

because you were feeling out of

before you are truly healthy. The reason for this is that

sorts? You may have had some

disease is developed on a very subtle level. Disease doesn’t

symptoms such as extreme fatigue,

just erupt. It’s developed over years and even decades.

mild headaches or just a general sense of not being well. But after examination and running a few test, the doctor sent you on your way with, “We don’t seem to know what’s wrong with you. Maybe it’s just a small virus. In a few days, this should go

Therefore, Ayurveda focuses more on prevention rather than treatment. What you do today will affect your health tomorrow. How Ayurveda Works

away.” But then it didn’t go away. And so the frustration

Ayurveda works on the basis of balance versus imbalance.


If a person is balanced, she is healthy, vibrant, energetic,

Western or allopathic medicine is excellent at treating emergencies and acute illness. It’s fantastic when you need a quick fix with antibiotics to kill a bacterial infection. However, it’s limited in helping a patient get to the root cause of illness or detecting illness at its earliest stages.

alive and motivated. When a person is out of balance, she is dull, achy, tired, worried, nervous or depressed. Whether or not physical symptoms are present, an Ayurvedic practitioner can detect that a person is out of balance by observation and dialogue with the patient. Discovering this imbalance before the patient becomes ill

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medical system from India

gives the Ayurvedic practitioner a little more wiggle room

that complements Western medicine beautifully. It’s a

to help.

complete medical system that addresses diet, lifestyle, seasonal and daily routines, herbal medicine, massage

Balancing the Great Elements Leads to Healing

therapy, detoxification of the body, energy work and

Long ago before formal science was developed, the sages

spiritual practice through yoga and meditation. The great

in India, called rishis, observed people and nature. And

part about Ayurveda is that it’s all encompassing. The

they noticed that people were built differently. Each

philosophy behind Ayurveda says that if it works, then you

person acted and reacted to the same stimuli in different

should try it.

ways. For example, have you ever walked into a room with

The Ayurvedic Definition of Health

a friend and you felt the room was freezing while your friend thought the room was boiling hot? Or maybe you

In the West, if you are symptom free, generally you

love hot and spicy food while your spouse runs for the

would be considered healthy. According to Ayurveda,

bathroom if you even add black pepper to a dish? That’s

88 BellaMia August 2015

because we have different mind body types. The Ayurvedic

control of your health and your life. Physicians are only

mind body types are composed of the five elements: space,

human and they are mostly taught pathology or how to

air, fire, water and earth. We have all of these elements

treat sickness. And unfortunately, because of the volume

within us but in various proportions and that is why we

of patients a doctor must see to make a decent living, he

act and react differently. The three main mind body types

can’t truly get to know you as a whole person. But once you

are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata is composed of space and

learn to take charge of your health, you will be empowered

air. Pitta is composed of fire and water. Kapha is made up

to rebalance your health on a constant basis so seeing a

of water and earth. Depending on your mind body type,

doctor becomes a rare occasion. Furthermore, having

you will follow a specific diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan

more tools in your toolbox of health makes you stronger

to balance your health. The reason this is helpful is that

and more confident in your body’s capability to heal so you

you can get to know yourself from the inside out. You will

can have the vitality to live life to its fullest.

understand what your natural propensities are in illness and in health. For example, a Vata type is prone to worry and anxiety but also dry skin and constipation. Once you know this, if you are a Vata type, you can rebalance before those symptoms get out of control. Shifting to Empowerment Most of us have been taught to trust our doctors blindly because the doctor “knows best”. Ayurveda teaches you

Article adapted from an excerpt from Michelle’s book, The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda: An Easy Guide to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle, New World Library, 2015. To purchase the book please go to Michelle Fondin

to be your own inner healer. It encourages you to regain


90 BellaMia August 2015


Living Only for Love Rebecka Eggers For a short while last week, I dropped into someone else’s reality long enough to realize how different it is from my own and to appreciate the difference. The experience took me completely by surprise and I found myself fighting back tears. During the entire encounter, I worked overtime and futilely to maintain my

motivations. Consider what you would be able to do if you didn’t see any flaws in yourself or others?

of becoming a model into a reality. She’s working the camera like a pro and offers are pouring in from all over the world. That in and of itself is a exceptional accomplishment when

Apparently, a hell of a lot if you look at

you consider that modeling is, with

Madeline’s example.

a few notable exceptions like Tess

According to Rosanne, Madeline was overweight and that made it impossible to keep up with all the

Holliday, a closed universe where nearly unattainable standards of beauty are the rule.


physical activities she loves and with

But to me modeling isn’t Madeline’s

the friends she enjoys. So she set out

greatest achievement. It’s what she

This alternate reality belongs to 18

to do something about it.

does with the camera that impresses

year old aspiring model, Madeline Stuart. Madeline has Down Syndrome, a genetic condition that can affect everything from intellectual development to cardiac health and musculoskeletal development. But

Madeline (with a lot of help from Rosanne) recently lost nearly 45 pounds. But she didn’t do it to because she wanted to conform to society’s beauty norms. Madeline

me. When I look at Madeline’s pictures, I see something truly rare for the modeling world: a young woman blossoming into the fullness of her potential.

did it because she wanted to have a

In Madeline’s case, the camera is just


more ecstatic experience of her own

a tool. Through its lens, Madeline is

body. She loves to swim, play cricket

giving us a healing glimpse into what

Last week, I spent an hour and a half

and work out at the gym. She’s also a

it’s like to show up as all of who you

on Skype with Madeline’s mother,


are without a single reservation. She

Madeline isn’t letting any of that stop

Rosanne. It was through her mother’s description of life with Madeline that I was able to touch Madeline’s world. What I found there, was incredible

Madeline wanted to be able to do more of what she loves and she made the necessary sacrifices. Now she’s

is also showing us what it looks like to love your body without question and without confusion.

power and mesmerizing beauty.

just a stone’s throw away from her

The purity of Madeline’s love isn’t

goal weight. This was Madeline’s labor

limited to her body though. Rosanne

To get an idea of what I mean, imagine

of love for her body and for the quality

explained how Madeline is able to

what your life would be like if you

of her life.

open hearts everywhere she goes. She

did everything with pure enjoyment and love of life as your primary

Madeline is also making her dream

approaches everyone with genuine curiosity to know them. She doesn’t 91

see shapes, sizes or colors. She just

That’s why I couldn’t hold my

I think this is especially true when it

sees people.

composure or keep the tears from

comes to our fellow human beings.

welling up in my eyes as I listened

We feel uncomfortable whenever

to Rosanne. I had no idea such ease

we encounter anyone whose gifts,

of relating and ease of being in one’s

abilities or appearance fall too far

own skin was even possible.

outside our idea of what normal is.

Madeline relates to everyone through the essence of who they are, not through the superficial markers that the rest of the world uses to slice and dice potential relationships into finer

What Madeline is offering to the world

categories. Everyone has an equal

is far more than superficial beauty.

opportunity with Madeline based on

She is offering us all the example of

the quality of their hearts. As a result,

what it looks like to know only beauty

when Madeline walks into a room

and to live only for love.

with her heart unashamedly on her sleeve, other people open up too.

like Madeline. We see only the ways in which they are different from us and we discount their value without showing a fraction of the curiosity and openness that comes so naturally to

this article Discard, because that’s


exactly what we normally do when

the things that come so naturally to

we encounter something that doesn’t

Madeline. I yearn to relate to the

conform to our expectations. Don’t

world with an unguarded, curious

get me wrong. As human beings, we

heart. I ache to love my body with

generally crave novelty, but only if it

the kind of effortless acceptance and

doesn’t challenge who we think we are

tender care that Madeline has given

and what we think we know. We like

to her own. I long to approach the

to drag our novelty into our comfort

camera expressing nothing but the


92 BellaMia August 2015

needed example provided by people

When I first sat down to write, I called

For years I have been trying to achieve

fullness of who I am.

So often, we are blind to the much

I am humbled and so grateful to have had the opportunity to enter Madeline’s world, however superficially, and to have been changed by it.


94 BellaMia August 2015


Charleston Pierce article Mia Saenz Charleston Pierce, welcome to

in modeling. Learning discipline

BellaMia magazine. We are delighted

is crucial in all areas of your life,

to interview you.

especially when you are a model

BellaMia: Why did you go into modeling? Charleston: Initially I was not interested in modeling, never thought about it and was too busy playing sports growing up. I was asked to be part of my high school fashion show and even then I was reluctant to do it. I talked my

because, agents, clients and people will always be looking at your appearance. BellaMia: What is your perception and the Body Image movement with female models? Charleston: The Body image movement is in motion and I support it.

training them on the catwalk. How does the catwalk differ from still photography, in terms of affecting women’s personal image of themselves? Charleston: The catwalk vs. photo shoots.  Models can have their photo photoshopped and edited, but on the catwalk all eyes are one you, there is no photoshop. BellaMia:  Behind the scenes, will you share how difficult it is on male and

brother into doing the show with

I was interviewed by CBS San

female models to keep the industry

me for support. During the show,

Francisco, a couple months ago about

standard look?

I realized how much fun it was to

my thoughts of female models and

receive a type of attention I never


experienced before.

As long as you are taking care

I finished school and carried on with

of yourself by eating health and

life, it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I

exercising your body size marketable

was chosen to experience the model

for the modeling industry.

industry as a career.

I wrote, “Beauty comes in all shapes

BellaMia: Was it difficult for you as

and sizes, you don’t have to be skinny

a male model to handle body image

or tall to be a model.

issues? Charleston: Yes! Very difficult. Any career of choice takes desire, hard work, time and patience. The modeling industry is not easy and our body image is a key element

I’m so happy that the plus-size movement has inspired women of all sizes to be on the runway.”

Charleston: There used to be a standard look. Today there’s a new standard look. I believed it’s based on your timing and your social network. Any one model or person with a unique personality, talent, look and desire could have the next new face or standard looking model. Model looks changes every season and even now the looks are being changed. The Fashion and Modeling is an

Click here for an article on a

industry that lives and breathes

modeling movement in France.


BellaMia: You also work with women 95

Charleston: Click here for Testimonials Also, What does it takes to be Model? A desire, self-belief, industry knowledge, permission and an acceptance from yourself. Anyone can model, that’s what I believe. There are all sorts of modeling jobs, pay attention to commercials, there are all ages, shapes and sizes, getting paid to model. The industry has tons of jobs for all types of people. We can all model for ourselves and we do every day we get dressed. You picked out your outfit looks every day

96 BellaMia August 2015

and reason. We were all born to model our own brands. Our faces and bodies our image/brand. We are all walking brands and we model for ourselves every day. We also model for our soul mates, loved ones, family, friends and careers.

Be your own model for yourself and for the ones that matter most in your life. Your look is your look, your face is your face, your walk is your walk. Embrace it with appreciation and gratitude. Be thankful. You are blessed and fabulous no matter what people think or say. It’s not about what others think. It’s

Some people get paid for their looks

what you now about yourself. You are

and some just enjoy the results of

wonderfully created and loved by an

owning their model skills and powers.

awesome Creator.

We don’t have to be a cover model or

With love and compassion, Charleston Pierce

the runway model to be fabulous or shine like a famous star or top model. Just live to be your best and know that no matter what, you can model for yourself and your look is priceless and unforgettable.

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Body Image Sharon Otness - wth Alexandria Spencer Foot don’t think there is anyone

gives this unattainable love of a reality

you to be. You know what the client is

out there that is more

that doesn’t exist. It is not something

selling and you help with that. It has

conscious of body image today

I strive for. I have more interests

nothing to do with the girl you are

like honesty and truth and just being

inside. I can go from goofing around

judged from the moment

myself. If people see me as glamorous,

with everyone on set, but when it is

they wake up. First by

or they think I behave in a certain way

time to do the shot, I just turn it on

it is because of the way I carry myself.

like a switch. It is the camera and you

than a model. They are

themselves, then by their agency then by the casting director followed by the photographer, the designer and their clients. Judged by their weight, measurements, height, hair, eyes, bone structure, skin, they can be tall, beautiful, and quirky and still not be

Sharon: Yes, you carry yourself with a great deal of confidence. I noticed it especially when you came home from Asia. Alex:  Yes, I know there was a difference. I carry myself with

and the photographer. I can go into myself and pull out the performance they want. Sharon: That is a great distinction you made. How does body image affect the fashion industry?

confidence and sometimes it is even

Alex: I would say very heavily. We are

a defense mechanism. I can build

being judged the moment we walk

myself up by holding my head high,

into a casting room. A\”Am I talking

and keeping my shoulders back and

too much, am I skinny enough, do I

walking with a certain level of grace. It

have enough boobs, how’s my butt,

elevates me. And in a way it keeps me

is my hair too red, is it too blonde?

unattainable when I am walking the

Am I too pale, or too dark? At a

streets of New York. But it also gives

casting unless you are on personal

I am so happy to be able to interview a

me a boost of confidence, like a fake it

request you can be one of 100 girls,

woman that has been in the modeling

until you make it mentality.

fashion week maybe 500. I have had

“quite right”. And most of the time when they show up for a casting and put it all on the line, they have no idea why they weren’t selected. In order to keep their own self-worth they have to know on the inside that they are enough.

business since she was 18, from San Francisco to LA, Hong Kong, Shanghai and now New York, my daughter Alexandria.

Sharon: So tell me this. When you are called in on a job and it is a more glamorous shoot (you do a lot of hair and beauty), how do you stay true to

Sharon: What does the word Glamour

yourself but do the job you are paid

mean to you?


Alex: I don’t really like that word. I

Alex: It is a lot like a performance. You

think it separates people and in a way

are being the person the client wants

98 BellaMia August 2015

times when I walked (for runway) and I knew they weren’t even paying attention. You show your book and they may be too distracted when it is your turn. I am really not in agreement with the homogenization of the industry. I think there have definitely been strides made, but not enough.


Sharon: I remember one day you

Sharon: I know that you have very

to work together. There is such a

thanked me for not letting you start

strong values and are very ethical. Has

cattiness and competition among

modeling at a younger age.

working in this industry shaken that?

women that isn’t healthy. I think that

Alex: Yes, when you take a young girl

Alex: No, in fact I think it has made

that is maybe 15 or 16 and you start

me even more ethical. I am a strong

hiring her for all these jobs and she

proponent of model rights. I love to

sees her only value is her face and

mentor young models and would

body and her thoughts don’t matter it

like to start a program so they have

is hard for her to handle. Even for me

someone to talk to. It can be so easy

it is a constant battle to remind myself

to fall in with the wrong people in this

that yes, I have this body, yes I have


this face, but I also have something

is where the body shaming comes in. We do it to ourselves. I mean, to be honest men don’t care so much about all of the things we demean each other over. If they do care it can be to use it against us as they know it is a really easy way to bring us down. We do it to ourselves. I know for a fact that men don’t care like we do. They usually say

I also am strong about staying true to

things like “Oh that’s great love that

myself. For so long I tried to fit in with

you have an extra inch”. If I say my

the beauty standards of the industry.

agent wants me to lose weight, they

Sharon: I remember at a fashion

I finally had to tell my agency that

say “That is because they are crazy”.

show you were in you actually

I didn’t want to continue to try and

gathered up the younger girls and had

lose weight and to lose the curves I do

them leave with you as it was turning

have and am finally accepting. It took

into an abusive situation. I was so

me a long time to get to this point of

proud of you.

having full body love and acceptance. I

of value behind it and I make sure to bring it to the surface.

Alex: Thank you. That is why mentoring younger models is so important to me

mean, I look at photos of myself a year ago. And I see a difference. It is not necessarily that I have lost or gained

Sharon: I think that is an interesting point you bring up. I happen to know that you are a very tall and very slender woman. So when you talk about losing weight, no one in the real world could even imagine such a thing.

weight, or changed my hair. It is a

Alex: The other thing is that it is not

Sharon: Can you describe a little bit

difference of the way I am carrying

just body shaming we do but also

about how being a model can affect

myself. I see a sense of pride in myself

shame within ourselves. We need to

your relationships?

and I love myself. It has been a daily

come up with an acceptance within

struggle but I refuse to belittle myself

ourselves that we are sexual. We can

anymore because maybe I have an

control that. It is ok for us to enjoy sex

unnecessary inch on my hips or my

as we have human urges just like men.

waist or my boobs. I have come to

We can be in charge of our sexuality

a place in the last year where I am

instead of it being used to shame us.

Alex: As we have talked about I can be perceived as an object and not a person. I seldom tell people I am a model, especially first dates because I don’t want to be judged just for that. There is definitely still a stigma that we are stupid. I know so many models who have college educations, are extremely smart and are multitalented. So many people judge you and don’t care what your dreams or

really good with myself. I decided I would not sacrifice my health or my happiness for my job. I have lost some

Alex: Yes, I don’t like to see the

head up high I am happy in my own

victimizing, the slut shaming. It is

skin and I am not faking it anymore.

so sad to see the comments of the

Sharon: Amen! Can you talk a bit

longer to find your people, but I am

more about the body shaming of

lucky to have many good friends that

women? Alex: I think we need to strengthen our community as women. We need

100 BellaMia August 2015

standard still isn’t there?

work because of it but I can hold my

aspirations are. It can take a little bit

don’t care what I do for work.

Sharon: Yes, there is a double

tabloids. A woman is either pregnant or gained weight-heck what if she is just bloated and isn’t holding herself up straight at that moment? This needs to stop.

Sharon: I know you have a huge

them really beautiful when they

women. It started out as a joke, but it

future in front of you. You talked a

are being true to themselves. I love

is gaining momentum. I am also in the

little bit about wanting to mentor

documenting women that way. I am

process of curating a vintage fashion

younger women in the modeling

thinking of releasing a calendar in a

online store. And that has been a lot to

world. What else is on the horizon?

year or so. I have started a movement

figure out.

Alex: Since I moved back to New York I fell back in love with photography. I love shooting old school with film. And, talking about body image, I love shooting my friends. Even though many of them are models, I find

called Brooklyn Dirty Girls. It is all about women changing their perspective, showing the real and sometimes “down and dirty� aspects

Sharon: I am very proud of you and I look forward to seeing you do amazing things in the world.

of us that is not so far from men. We don’t have to be these perfect little



Unveiled Lone Morch s I sit down

Spontaneously, I asked a friend

To me, bold color steals the attention

to write

to photograph me so that I could

from the subject matter. Amidst the

about my

create a sexy book for my husband. I

complex, technicolored reality of our

journey with

returned the favor and photographed

modern world, black-and-white lets


her. We had such a fun and liberating

me zoom in on both the essential and

experience! We decided every woman


my mind drifts to a time of innocence, to Denmark, and to the

should try this. I began photographing

birthplace of my creative impulses.

friends and soon after, strangers.

In this memory, I am seven and the

Intrigued by the catalytic power of the

proud owner of a room of my own.

camera, I opened Lolo’s Boudoir in

A bed, a desk, shelves with stacks of

2004, a studio dedicated to women’s

books, music tapes, colored pens,


one red-haired daisy doll with orange and yellow flowers of instant joy on the walls. Without my brothers’ mocking and preying parental eyes, I was free to be me––writing, drawing, dancing and daydreaming of romantic adventures and foreign lands. Decades later, I notice I’m still doing these things and that I, unwittingly, upon marrying and moving to San Francisco, recreated a room of my own. Busy building a life and media company with my partner, I yearned for time alone to reconnect to my feminine self beyond my marriage. At the time, I’d picked up an old Nikon, because I missed making ‘real photos,’ and wanted to learn about the light in visual storytelling.

102 BellaMia August 2015

As I strive to see the clarity in each woman, I also shroud her in a soft light, as if to protect her from the hungry and harsh eyes of a society in which the female body has become an object, to mistreat, control, fear,

Clearly, I wasn’t the only woman in

shame, fix and sell. In other words,

need of a safe space to explore and

paradoxically, I use photography to

express herself. Since opening Lolo’s

move women from focusing on image

Boudoir, hundreds of women have

and into a genuine relationship with

sought out the transformational

their bodies.

power of my lens. Right now, I’m completing a book about our journey of Unveiling. As a result, I’m reflecting upon the doorways this work has opened and continues to open in me and the women.

In this context, the lens sheds light on the visible and invisible life of the body. When I point the camera at a woman and ask her to “get naked,” something happens. Her shames and doubts seem to show up in the room,

In some sense, this journey really

not in words, but by body gestures––a

began with a simple choice. Black-

defended chest, eyes looking away,

and-white photography is my

rigid hips and put-on smiles.

medium. I am fascinated with the light’s power to illuminate and disguise, give shape and evoke emotion. This fascination drew me to the simple yet visceral qualities of black-and-white.

Each woman comes to be witnessed, yet she is terrified of being seen. Instinctually, she knows her body doesn’t lie. The lens helps me get under the skin, so to speak, of pretense and postures, all the ways


104 BellaMia August 2015

we hide, and touch the trembling

imagination––the ability to see

compassion for the terrifying journey

aliveness within. Engaging directly

oneself in a different light. Today I

we all must take towards our most

with female bodies of all ages and

have no doubt. We needed to create

whole, free and alive selves.

shapes helps me shatter the idea of

these images so that we could step

the perfect body, and instead work

into them. We needed, if only briefly,

with the body’s own language to

to exist without judgment, projection

unlock frozen, stuck places in women.

and (self)censorship. We needed to

The camera and the illuminating power of black-and-white photography opens a gateway to awakening. With our explorations, my subjects and I set in motion questions about art, body, beauty, sexuality, power and image––crucial questions

rekindle reverence for our bodies and feminine selves. We needed to encounter our beauty, on our own terms. We needed to penetrate our skin and feel at home within it. We needed to re-make ourselves in our own image.

As I reflect on all of this, my photography feels more and more like the sacred art of reverence. It began with a fascination with the light and today, I laugh at the poignancy of the metaphor––I was looking for the light. I found it in each women. I found it in myself. This is a light that had to be born in the private sanctuary of a room all our own. But in the end, it is a light that cannot, will not, be tamed

at a time where many of us feel the

What can be more satisfying than

or contained, within the walls of our

urgency to dismantle the remnants of

calling forth the beauty, dignity and

privacy. We must find the courage to

the patriarchal DNA embedded within

freedom in another?

unveil it, and we have. Soon it will be

ourselves and our world and forge new ways as emancipated women.

This book and this work have opened me to the heart of seeing. I often joke

Who is the woman behind the veils?

I have to develop a crush on everyone

What stirs beneath the skin? What

I photograph. It’s not a joke. When in

would female sexuality and freedom

love, we suspend judgment, we are

look like if untainted by cultural

curious, we want to know everything

projection? Where are we still hiding,

about the other. Seeing to me is

and why?

feeling. With my inquiring eye, I’ve

The journey of Unveiling I am now bringing to the world in the form of my new book touches all these

tried to see something truer, more dignified, something that feels like herself.

Unveiled. © Lone Mørch, 2015 Lone Mørch is an award-winning author, fine art photographer and creative catalyst, driven by a deep sense of curiosity, freedom and social justice. An advocate for female sovereignty and emancipation, her work explores the crossroads between veils, words, art, politics, body and self. The founder of Lolo’s Boudoir,

questions. In retrospect my subjects

Each woman I photograph shows me

she’s helped liberate hundreds of

and I did not find finite answers.

her eternity in temporal glimpses. I

women wide and far through her

Instead, we touched upon the veins

have seen fresh faces and flesh laced

transformative photography. Her first

and vanities than run beneath our

with life events, wildness trapped in

book Seeing Red: A Woman’s Quest

skin. We engaged pleasure and pain.

too tight a skin and hard won wisdom

for Truth, Power and the Sacred

We contemplated our own nudity. We

imprinted in the eyes of women

(SWP 2012) is an raw and honest

veiled ourselves to touch our mystery.

who’ve lived long enough for time

account of her own path to liberation.

We lifted the veils to emerge in our

to loosen its grip. And witnessed

Her upcoming book is about her

own light and shadow. By moving our

the many transitions women travel

photographic explorations with

bodies, we experienced embodiment.

through in a lifetime.

women. Lone splits her time between

By entering into the spotlight, we came alive, not only to the camera’s curious eye, but also to our own–– who am I now? The journey to freedom requires

What the women wanted, I wanted.

USA and Europe.

What they sought, I sought. In them,

About Lone’s work:

I saw myself. Together we mended About the book Unveiled:

a strained, competitive relationship with each other and found 105

106 BellaMia August 2015



Jade Beall Mia Saenz BellaMia: Jade, what motivated you to begin this beautiful, raw, real project called “A Beautiful Body Project”?

their body story. BellaMia: You have a Hardcover “The Bodies of Mothers” book that

Jade: At first, I simply wanted to

is truly ground-breaking with 170-

feature more un-photoshopped/

page 12x12” utilizing 70 women all

unretouched images celebrating

untouched. How long did it a take you

body diversity. I couldn’t find any

to photograph and then complete this

models who would allow me to post

project of a book?

photos of any varying body types, but after giving birth and finding myself with a very different looking body than before I was pregnant, I decided to take photos of what would be classified as my “fat” body and to call my body beautiful. After posting those photos I was shocked to hear from women all over the world that were moved by my vulnerability and who wanted to be photographed too!  Finally women of varying body types wanted to be photographed and share their story and most

Jade: I started photographing a few months after I gave birth in February of 2012. I photographed non-stop for 2 years and released my book mother’s day of 2014.  It was a LOT of work, as I self-published and

I take it slow while photographing, we talk, I follow my models lead on comfort level and how nude they wish to share themselves. In my book, some women are in their cutoff jeans while others are bare chested and some fully nude.  I think it gives a sense of who the person is this way, to allow them to decide how much vulnerability they wish to share. BellaMia: Your work is relatable to every woman.  Before going into each photo shoot, how do you determine what you want the series to look like?

had never made a book before! I

Jade: To be honest I never had an

was encouraged to do a Kickstarter

agenda. I try to be a clear vessel for

campaign and was blessed to have a

magic to happen through me. I allow

very successful support base of over a

the shoot to simply flow and I try to

thousand backers wishing to be a part

channel the most relaxing, supportive

of my movement and to facilitate the

environment to allow my model to

publishing of my book!

be most like herself which makes the most beautiful image.

importantly, allow themselves to be

BellaMia: When working with women

celebrated! It was then I realized that

in these nude photo shoots or even in

BellaMia: What advantages for each

my photography style could become

undies and bra, what process do you

woman partaking in the photo shoot

more therapeutic and focus on

take them through to feel comfortable

do they get out of it? Please share

celebrating all of the beautiful bodies

in their skin?

their emotional growth.

Jade: Because I had put my so called

Jade: Many women leave feeling

“fat” body out there nude for the

“changed” and seeing themselves

world to see, I was gifted tremendous

in a new light! Others depart with

trust from all of my participants

seeds of self-love firmly germinating

automatically. In addition to that,

in their hearts. Many return for

that had previously been convinced they must change to be called beautiful. I was motivated by all of the women wishing to be seen and I have become incredibly passionate about sharing the voices of all women and 108 BellaMia August 2015


follow up shoots and some email

campaign happening for a worldwide

what beautiful truly means and how

me explaining how the shoot was a

project photographing women. Would

we all have a right to embody this

catalyst to practice a sustainable self-

you like to tell us about it and how we

powerful birthright of a word.

love existence and to break the cycle

all can support this?

of self-loathing and body shaming by replacing negative words with kind adjectives about their bodies and other’s bodies in front of their children. BellaMia: Jade, you have a funding

110 BellaMia August 2015

Jade: I have recently revamped “A Beautiful Body Project” website with the desire to feature truthful images and stories from women photographers from around the planet in order to redefine, globally,

Hardcover “The Bodies of Mothers” Jade Beall’s ground-breaking 170-page 12x12” book


112 BellaMia August 2015

Have you ever been stopped by your fears?

On Sale Now! 113


Living Large Mia Saenz A few months ago when we started to

from being bullied by others because

prepare this issues theme of Beautiful

they may have been somewhat

Me, one of my writers, Tova Garr,

different than another.

brought me a video in Hebrew. Even though I do not speak Hebrew I knew what they were saying, I knew their pain, I knew their beauty, and I knew their desires to be loved. My first reaction after I stopped my tears was, ‘This has to be translated into English and for the magazine. I have to connect with my sisters around the world to get their messages out there.” Within a matter of hours I was connected with Michal on skype. She agreed to place English subtitles on the video translation from Hebrew into English, graciously provided by our writer Tova Garr. Watch the video here I then wanted to meet this amazing woman who was courageous enough to create this project, this movement, in Israel. We met on skype and I fell in love with her kindness, her beauty; internal and external, and her plight to create this video. As I got to know Michal, she told me about the pain that these women endured over the years while growing up. As an advocate of basic human rights, I was brought back to my childhood of protecting children on the school yard 114 BellaMia August 2015

article on the exhibit here One of the most powerful pieces that I took from our conversation was that

This project, Living Large is

Michal as an Actress was told she

the brainchild of actress and

wouldn’t have as many opportunities

psychodrama therapist Michal

to act as a plus size woman, so she

Grinvald, who also participated as

created this project Living Large or

a photographic subject. Michal

Taking Space to bring attention to all

connected with Ilan Besor, a leading

the beautiful women that do not look

fashion, portrait, advertising and

like Barbie dolls. In reality, no woman

editorial photographer, to create

looks like a Barbie doll - they wouldn’t

this photo shoot that turned into a

be able to stand up right. Instead,

celebrated art exhibit in Tel Aviv,

Michal chose to embrace who she is

Israel. See the exhibit here

and looked into history to see what

This video which accompanied the shoot, was directed by the awardwinning Noa Aharoni, and offers insight into the women’s thoughts, histories, and motivations for participation in the project. Grinvald shares that, “Taking Space was a volunteer project which put full-figured women at the center, women who live the way they ought to live, viewing their bountiful bodies as a symbol of feminine beauty and power, revealed in full glory, to inspire other women to be, dare, live and fill the space with true, uncompromising beauty, and prove that societal judgement is a barrier they can overcome”. See the full

the body trends were. Like many plus size women, she fell in love with the Renaissance period, where having weight on your body was a sign of health and wealth. Personally, I am thrilled to see women like Michal expressing who they are and supporting other women in their country. All women around the world should be recognized for their beauty whether they carry weight, or if they happen to be under weight. As we age, and our beauty begins to fail us, what is left? That is the question I am asking you today. Why not look beyond, and see into the eyes and the soul of each woman you see, to see who she really is?


Listed below in gratitude are the beautiful people who either modeled or gave their services for this artistically beautiful, soulfully deep and much needed video. Bravo, I stand up and applaud you.

Credits Writing and Directing: Noa Aharoni

Video and exhibition producer: Lelia Lev Ari

Development and Casting: Michal Grinvald

Still Photographer: Ilan Besor

Video Photographer: Tulik Galon

Models in Video Michal Grinvald Carmel Ram  Lilach Biret Reut Yarden Liraz Asayag Tal Phoenix

Models in Exhibit Ilya Zimbris Adi Yosef Liron Nagar

Photographer assistants: Noam Greshler Lihi Sabag Bosmat Hershkovitz

Video Editor: Reut Hahn

Art and Styling: Rona Doron

Sound Woman: Sharon Luzon

Lighting: Keren Paldi Cerem blumberg

Hair Design: Sigalit Grau

Makeup artists: Ella Tal Inbar Luria

Translation: Minda Garr Natalie Fainstein

116 BellaMia August 2015


New Paradigm

Be Still and Know Thy Self Carolyn Gervais

any wonder how they can learn

most protect. Since these perceptions cannot be proven

to still themselves and move

as fact; means they’re mythical and used to give personal

into a state of peacefulness. When practicing stilling the mind as a beginner, the mind can become more active causing frustration. That mind jabber is the ego’s attempt to stay in control of what you do or not do.

meaning and purpose to life. When someone’s meaning and purpose are attacked, they feel threatened. Taking responsibility for our shameful acts or experiences can be difficult---they conjure up painful guilt and memories. The best mindset is: The experience

Because it feels so normal for the ego to have the control,

is done; there’s nothing left I can undo, except make

many people do not yet realize that there is a higher,

amends with myself and those involved. Look for valuable

more peaceful aspect of mind. When tapped into, it will

lessons you’ve learned from the experience. Let that

eventually tame the ego with its tutelage.

enhance who you’ve become.

What gives the ego so much power to sabotage? This cannot be stated enough: It is fear of everything and

Desires become selfish when family, important occasions, one’s health and other people’s feelings are

anything that threatens a person’s beliefs and perceptions.

ignored. Giving too much of your time and not enough

Once we tire of being a puppet for the ego, we begin to

to accomplish your desires, is also an imbalance. One

question the validity of life and our self.

balances the other.

Questions like: What beliefs do I protect that when threatened, I rise to anger?

Aspire to a higher standard of being in the world, by knowing yourself, not only as a human but also as a spiritual being. Move into your heart as much as possible by cultivating a compassion for human error. All desires,

What shame do I strive to hide?

experiences and regrets lead to the wisdom of the heart.

Which desires create selfishness?

Most, want to know what the life force energy inside them

What is the purpose of life? Answers: The perception of self-image and beliefs are what we 118 BellaMia August 2015

is about. You are about energy. Everything and everyone is created with the same amount of the life force energy, many call God.

Analogy: Take a drop of ocean water. Put it into a glass bottle with

and through each of your chakras, opening and balancing them.

a cork. Throw it into the ocean. The ocean represents

At the root chakra the healing energy begins moving

God. The drop of water (God) in the bottle represents us

upward now; slowly through each chakra. When at the

in a body. Of course the glass bottle will not sink because

crown chakra---a feeling of unconditional love and

of the cork. You can float in (the ocean of creation) that

indescribable peace fills you.

created your essence and your free-will. The cork is the ego aspect that perpetuates the illusion, we are not energy coalesced as a body, when we are. To move out of that illusion the cork (ego) must be taken out of power, allowing essence (God) to flow freely throughout the body and mind. Meditation: Sit back, close your eyes and relax every muscle and fiber of your being. Breathe in the light of whatever you feel

Float in this energy until it’s time to come back into your normal waking state. Think it and you will be back in your body, feeling energized. You’ve been given a healing. With daily practice, meditation will become easier and easier. Know that any effort to understand all that you are as energy helps to expand consciousness in all experiences.

created your essence. That power can be anything that

Let each meditation unfold the way it will each day, with

makes you feel safe and peaceful when focusing on it.


Think of something that inspires you and opens your heart

May these words inspire you to move inward, to stillness

to a devotional kind of love. Feel the protection of that love

and peace, so that you might bring it forward and into our

right now as you float on a big soft cloud.


You are completely safe and relaxed. Let your inner

Caolyn Gervais Author of: I Dreamed I Was Human (Awakening from the Illusion)

awareness become aware of a healing energy touching the top of your head. Your thoughts are floating around you like feathers that never land. Feel yourself sinking deeper

into the peaceful bliss of the healing energy moving down


New Paradigm

Caregiving Care for Them by Taking Care of Yourself Tina Ketchie Stearns

ith the Senior Tsunami coming

caregiver to do because, well, they are busy caregiving for

as 10,000 baby boomers turn

others! It’s just not in their nature, but it is key to serving

65 years old every day, the job of caregiving is falling on a growing number of individuals who are struggling to balance children, jobs, spouses, significant others and caring for their elderly loved ones. Overwhelming is an understatement if you have ever found yourself in that position. But, you can’t take care of your loved one if you don’t take care of yourself. That is a very hard thing for a 120 BellaMia August 2015

your loved ones. Here are some tips I hope will help. If you don’t take care of yourself, you could wind up needing someone to care for you! Computer Searching - The average caregiver is a 47 year old woman who is on the computer at 2am trying to figure out “What is wrong with Mama?” The problem with that is there is plenty of misleading or incorrect information on the web. You may visit: Here you

will find excellent information and support for caregivers. Advance Care Planning – Go to for help with living wills and healthcare power of attorney documents. Ideally you will do the 3 D’s – Decide, Discuss and Document

Hospice Care – The national hospice ribbon says, “It’s About How You LIVE”. Hospice does not help people die, they help people live until they die. If your loved one has a prognosis of 6 months or less estimated for end of life, they are eligible for hospice care. Most people do not realize that there are different kinds of hospices, so it is

Drink Water – Caregiving can be stressful and

important that you select the hospice that best meets your

dehydrating, so drink plenty of water.

needs. Some are non-profit hospices, and some are for

Take a Moment for You – Even if it is just walking outside for 5 minutes, or practicing mindful breathing, you need to clear your mind and calm your insides in order to have the patience you need for caregiving. Ideally you can take some time away to go to a movie, get a mani-pedi, or have a girl’s night out with friends. Sleep – It is difficult to sleep when you are worried about your loved one, so consider a service that offers overnight care so you can rest knowing someone is with your loved one should they need something during the night. Sometimes this is referred to as Respite care. Community Resources – There are often resources in your community that can offer help and support. Among them include the local United Way, Senior Services, Cancer Services, and various home health agencies that offer a wide range of personal care assistance including bathing, shopping, cooking, cleaning and transportation to and

profit. Some have inpatient hospice facilities and some do not. Some offer complementary therapies including art therapy, music therapy, massage therapy and healing touch. The number one thing families say after their loved one has received hospice care is, “I wish we had called sooner.” On average, patients in hospice care live 29 days longer than patients not in hospice care. Caregiving is very stressful, not only for the caregiver, but also for the elderly person being cared for. When they feel they are losing control over their life that is gradually slipping away from them, it is a very difficult thing to deal with. A helpful technique is to give your loved one as much control as possible. For example, instead of saying, “You must use your walker, you have bruises from falling and you might fall and break a hip!” try saying, “What do you think about using a walker? I noticed several bruises from falls you have taken lately. Do you think a walker would help prevent you from falling?” This gives them the

from doctor’s appointments. Adult Day Services may also

control over the decision to use a walker. Big difference!

provide Occupational and Physical Therapies.

Ask for help from family, friends and the community

Long Term Care Facilities – Should your loved one reach

resources that are available to you. Please do not

the stage where they can no longer live at home, there

overextend yourself. We all need support while caregiving

are various long term care facilities to consider. The

for loved ones. You are doing a great job!

services range from a limited scope of services offered at

Tina Ketchie Stearns

independent living facilities, to increased levels of care

offered at assisted living and skilled facilities.


New Paradigm

The Dreaded “C” Word - Turning a Cancer Diagnosis into an Empowering Life Change Lorraine Cohen

“Lorraine, you have stage four breast cancer.”

experience and success with any health and life situation.

I cursed, when my surgeon delivered the news on March

Proactively create your healing plan with trusted

20, 2015. This was the third time in three years I had

professionals. Surround yourself with people who support

received a cancer diagnosis.

your choices and see you as whole, well and healthy!

I had been resisting inner nudges to make health and lifestyle changes, for some time. After choosing to have a second lumpectomy, I immediately made specific dietary and nutritional adjustments. I assembled my team of

Explore your options, get honest with yourself, and follow what resonates. Empower yourself to make confident decisions that feel right for you. This is your body and your life!

healers and energy practitioners, and added more rest and

I read Kris Carr’s book, Crazy, Sexy Diet. It is a treasure

quiet time. I decreased my work load temporarily, and felt

trove of insights, strategies, and recipes to transform your

excited to start writing the next chapter in my life.

healing experience into an uplifting adventure.

​​So, here is what you can do if you get that (gulp) call: Educate Yourself. There is a wealth of information on traditional and natural cancer treatments available to everyone online. The Quest for the Cures… Continues is a phenomenal documentary series hosted by Ty Bollinger. Ty interviews leading-edge health professionals, doctors, researchers and survivors. They provide natural healing tips and strategies geared to help you make empowered choices about cancer and dis-ease, and restore optimal health. Check YouTube to view some episodes. Resist making any decisions from fear, guilt, or pressure. Examine what you believe, feel, resonate with, and really, really want for your healing journey and your life. I chose not to do chemo and radiation, in all three cancer diagnoses, because I knew they are not the right options for me. Whatever you believe will directly affect your 122 BellaMia August 2015

Heal Your Emotional Wounds. Unresolved trauma and pain from the past can create stress on your autoimmune system and your heart. I believe that part of the genesis of all dis-ease is an emotional wound that is often rooted in fear, lack of forgiveness, rage, guilt and shame. Doing the inner work is a gift of self-love to free yourself from the burdens of the past, and restores your mental, emotional, and physical health. Lighten up. Choose people and things that are fun, bring you joy, nourish you, and feel soul fulfilling. Focus on all the goodness in your life that makes your life meaningful, abundant, and rich. View life though a lens of gratitude and appreciation. Love transforms everyone and everything, including a cancer diagnosis.

Keep your ‘God glow’ turned on. Prioritize the spiritual practices that keep you centered, grounded, and connected with your Higher Nature. Personally, I include God in every decision I make, in every area of my life. Who better to walk with and guide you, than the One who loves you dearly, has the power to heal you in an instant, and creates worlds? What Story Are You Telling? The words, thoughts, and feelings that you’re telling yourself and vocalizing to others, are creating your reality. Pay attention to empowering circumstances that define you.

I feel powerful when I repeat the words out loud and see myself already healed. I believe that all experiences bring blessings and healing opportunities to help you open your heart to love, grow, and evolve. Sharing your experiences will also help others. Imagine seeing every challenge and difficulty as a pathway to self-mastery and everything you really want. If you look at life through a wide perspective, it will turn a negative life circumstance into a positive experience, if you allow it. So, beautiful woman, if you find yourself receiving a distressing health diagnosis like cancer, remember that

You are NOT your body.

you belong to a tribe of wayshowers like Louise Hay,

You are NOT your thoughts or feelings.

Suzanne Sommers, and Kris Carr. These women have led

You are NOT your circumstances or your diagnosis.

the way to powerfully live their lives on their own terms – joyfully, abundantly, soulfully, and healthfully!

You are a powerful Creator with the Presence of the Divine living within you, as you, and through you. What has been created can be uncreated! One of my daily affirmations from Susan Shumsky’s book, Instant Healing, is this:

Let your healing be a journey of love rather than a battle to be won. Ultimately, whatever choice you make will be the right one for you. Trust that! Lorraine Cohen

“I AM transformed, whole and well, and in perfect health NOW.”


New Paradigm

Time to Release Self Downing Teach Your Daughter to See the Beautiful Woman She Is Tova Garr

asked younger and older women how their

It is hard to find a woman today who completely and

mothers spoke to them about their bodies. Some

whole-heartedly loves her body. In a world where

of the phrases that were shared with me are:

magazines, television shows, and commercials tell us how

“Don’t eat too much. Watch your weight.” “That will make you fat, don’t eat that.” “If you keep eating like that you will look like me.” “My thighs are too big, I need to lose 20 pounds.”

we are “not enough” (not good enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough), it is hard to feel adequate. In the face of all these harmful messages that surround us, there is one thing that can change the picture… You! One of the most important factors in the relationship your daughter has with her body is how you feel about

“If only I could lose 20 pounds, then I would feel good.”

yours. Even if you are careful not to say negative things

“I miss the days when I was young and beautiful.”

appearance, size and weight. She takes her cues from you.

“I can’t let myself eat that cake, I’m on a diet.”

So what can you do? How can you help your daughter

“I’m watching my weight. I hate these love handles.” “I am going to stop eating until I fit into my favorite jeans.” How do these phrases resonate with you? What were your

around her, she hears you. She sees how you relate to your

reject society’s harmful messages? How will you help her connect to her inner strength and confidence, and help her feel good about her body? What part can you play in helping her to develop a positive body image?

body image experiences like while you were being raised?

Here are 4 steps that you can take today to help your

Please take a moment and think about the relationship

daughter develop positive body image:

you have with your body right now. How are you speaking about it in front of your daughter?

Have an open honest conversation with your daughter about what we see in our media. DON’T LECTURE. Ask

We are all a reflection of the culture and environment in

her what she thinks about what she is seeing and how it

which we grew up.

relates to her. Share the goals of media and advertising,

Our mothers, for better or worse, will always play a large part in shaping who we are and how we see ourselves. The same is true for your daughter.

and what they are hoping to gain with their message. Make sure this isn’t a one-time conversation, but ongoing. Admit your own challenges with your body and why. If this is something you are struggling with, share with

124 BellaMia August 2015

her that you know you sometimes put yourself down and you wish you didn’t. Maybe she can help support you in pointing out when you are out of alignment. This could be a good way to teach her how to support someone in a compassionate, loving way. Share with her how different people are, each one made uniquely like no other, and all in the image of God. There are more body types and shapes than one can count. Comparing ourselves to others most often results in disappointment and self downing.

what her body looks like and her food choices. As your daughter continues to grow, societal pressures to conform will increase. You don’t need to solve all of your body issues to make sure that you aren’t passing them on, but you do need to have an open and honest conversation with your daughter about them. Encourage your daughter to be grounded and confident in who she is and the gifts that she possesses! Tova Garr

Compliment your daughter on her wisdom, her kindness, and her brilliance. Do not measure her by


New Paradigm

The Inner-Guided Life Rosemary Bredeson

Do you ever feel like everybody is talking at you? Are you bombarded by suggestions for how to run your life or what you should be doing? Would you like to change that? You may or may not be able to change what comes at

to trust. On September 11, 2001 I had just dropped my husband off at the airport. I was driving home while listening to a CD. I heard a voice inside of my head say, Turn on NPR. I wondered what that was about but I distinctly heard the voice again say, Turn on NPR. I turned on NPR (National

you but you can change whether or not you listen! You

Public Radio) and heard what was happening just before

have everything that you need to know inside of you right

the second plane hit the tower. I was able to turn around

now. You also have a lot of voices in your head that belong

and retrieve my husband from the airport. There was no

to other people. Your parents. That second grade teacher.

logical reason to switch off the CD but something inside of

The person who broke up with you in high school. The

me was tuned into more than my little mind could know.

trick is to discern the source of the voice you are hearing

That is what your Inner Guidance System does for you.

and to choose consciously whether or not to listen.

It brings you information that you might not realize is

Your personal Inner Guidance System doesn’t criticize,

available to you, that you might not know you know.

judge or belittle. It is very matter-of-fact and points you

Everyone has what we call intuition, yet not every one of

in the direction of your next step. It is when you start to

us has learned to trust it. Do you pay attention to those

question yourself, to doubt your inner wisdom, that you

inner tickles? Do you practice listening inside? This is an

trip yourself up or even paralyze yourself into inaction.

empowering tool that you always have.

Learning to trust your inner voice takes practice. Start today in little ways to ask questions and look inside for the answers. Then act on the answers that you get.

Once you have learned to trust that Inner Guidance System in small instances, you can graduate to the bigger questions. Which job is the best one for me to take at

Start with driving questions. Is it better for me to take

this time? Which eating program is the healthiest one for

route A or route B? Go with the first impression that you

me to follow? Which coach is the one that is best for me

feel. Don’t analyze. Don’t question why. Just follow the

to hire? The answers might not always come in positive

energy of the feeling. You may never know the why but

ways. Sometimes you will get the feeling about what NOT

that’s okay. It might be that you avoided an accident. Or

to choose. If you ask and get the sense that the choices

you may see some natural beauty that you would have

considered feel dark, heavy or stuck, then the answer

missed the other way. It doesn’t matter - you are learning

might be that it is not time to choose. Also, consider that

126 BellaMia August 2015

those are not the only options. Be open to the possibility

you choose to give away your power. You are ultimately

that there is something more for you to learn and that

the one who is at choice about the direction you are going.

patience is the lesson for the moment.

You might feel that you are a victim of circumstance, but

Learning to trust your inner wisdom requires that you accept responsibility for your own life. If someone outside of you is giving you advice or telling you what to do, you

you are the one who chooses how you will respond. Listen to your own Inner Guidance System. It knows which direction is the best one for you to choose. You can trust it!

can always blame them if things don’t go as you planned.

Rosemary Bredeson

If you are the one who is making the choices about your

actions, then you are accepting that it is YOUR life. The reality is that YOU are the one in the driver’s seat, even if


New Paradigm

Turn Down for What? Christine Miskinis

Just as in the song “Turn Down for What,” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon shouting out this message, it reminds us of a culture that can be self-destructive. “Turn down” is thought of as sobering up but my interpretation is deeper. It’s meaning turn down the noise of the world and tuning in to your Soul. There is deep fulfillment that comes from knowing your own self. This is not just referring to selfawareness but the development of a practice where one is

your life singing it every day? For just a moment, imagine being presented with a difficult question, a risky opportunity, or a life-changing decision and taking only a few moments to receive a clear and powerful answer. Would you want to know how?

in daily communion with the sound of the Soul versus the

The Beginning Practice for Knowing your Soul.

noise of the World.

Close your eyes and turn on your inner-vision by looking

People seek to be in relationships, one of the most

towards your third eye.

significant relationships that we can foster is the one within ourselves. When our five senses support us in navigating our way in the world, it is the sixth sense that connects us to being back home. [Being back home refers to our sense of completeness with our body and soul.] We

Breath of Life: It sounds so simple but pay attention to how you are breathing. This is an inside window to see how you are currently exchanging with life. Try slowing down your breath to match the pulse.

reach this sixth sense is the place of Power, Peace, Passion

Put up your Antenna: Imagine a large antenna attached

and Purpose.

to the top of your head, turn it on. Next, pull in your

What does it means to be connected to your Soul? Have you asked yourself these questions? What if you could begin each day connected to your Soul’s Purpose? What if you could “see” the world differently with your eyes closed? What if you could see the truth without doubt? What if you could tune-in to your own heart’s song and live 128 BellaMia August 2015

energy like sound waves back into your antenna. As women we tend to deposit our energy in people, places and things we care about but it’s most powerful when we have all our energy within us. Think of it as pulling back your power. LIGHT it UP: Connecting to Source. Envision a beautiful golden ray of light that makes direct contact with your Antenna and then flows through every circuit and cell of your body. Feel the fullness of this frequency and Hum to the Sound.

Plug IN to Earth: Imagine a grounding chord that drops deep into the center of the earth, now plug it

here as desired. Finally, ask for a message, sign or Song. Turn off the station when you are ready, return and record

in. Feel the pull of gravity and the support of the earth

your findings in a book. Pay special attention to the SONG

beneath you. Breathe in and pull up the energy, let it

that came through and what it means to you. Record your

cycle through and back down and out again. Receive and

Discoveries and then go and Rock it Out, Woman!

Release in this energetic exchange with life.

Find the time every day to nurture your Soul through this

Select a Station: Ask for guidance on which station to

form of connection and you will ultimately experience a

tune-in into for the day. Feel the pulse of the station

change in your world. Life becomes more meaningful and

that you’d like to play, then travel to that space inside your

joyful when you are living from your Soul’s path. The more

body and ask your Inner Voice to meet you there.

committed you are to knowing your true self, the more you

Surrender to your Soul: Here’s where you will ask for guidance. Remain open and curious to the sounds, sights and sensations that you experience. If there is static, just stay with it and turn the dial until the connection is clear.

will be blown away by the love, compassion, and wisdom. Have Fun and Rock it out! Christine Miskinis Women’s Essence Coach

Play the Record & Rock it Out: Spend as much time


130 BellaMia August 2015

Get in touch with your shapeshifting abilities. Connect, create, and celebrate you.

.com 131

No Briefcases Required

Hemal Radia Gina Hussar

Many thousands around the world

As I prepared to set out in search of a heart-centered,

turn to Hemal Radia to make their

successful entrepreneur to feature this month, Hemal

dreams come true. He is one of the best in the world at

immediately popped into head. As entrepreneurs, it’s very easy to get caught up in the rat

teaching Manifesting & Law of Attraction. race; in the “shoulds.” He has been described as a ‘Super’ Coach, Mentor and is

With the barrage of marketing emails piling into the inbox

the Author of the fantastic book “Find You, And You Find

and the giant sales industry called facebook, Hemal Radia

Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction”.

did something that is almost unheard of these days- he

And lucky for me, he is also a friend. 132 BellaMia August 2015

grew a successfully business organically.

I sat down with Hemal for a virtual coffee date to find out how he did it. . .and how you can too. Here are the highlights of our chat:

success. Over the years I have had people approach me asking for me to write a book, do live events (including in Las Vegas

Gina: You know a little something about organic growth!

at the Trump International, Australia and London), create

Can you share how you were able to grow a loyal following

T-shirts with my quotes, write magazine articles, have me

WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on marketing?

on their shows and much more, which all happened. I also

Hemal Radia: I was very passionate about what I was sharing, and yes, at the time I didn’t spend a dime on marketing or advertising. At the time I also didn’t have a big budget.

had my followings on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter grow to sizable levels and a fan even created a “Hemal Radia Appreciation Group” on Facebook where they share my quotes. Much of what I teach is about the ENERGY of ourselves.

I was just very receptive and open-minded. People would

The thing to ask yourself is what is the energy that YOU

message me questions and I saw it as a learning process

have about yourself and what you are offering? Is it

where I could benefit from those interactions in terms of

infectious? If not, what can you tap into that you really

my own skill-set for when I would be charging – which is

believe in about yourself and what you are offering which

exactly what happened. And then later I created an online

can become very positively infectious?

group coaching program (Manifesting Excellence www. for people to work with me and have their questions answered. This was especially important because as I progressed, I couldn’t answer all the questions that were being sent in. And so if people’s questions were important enough to them, they could try out my group dynamic for $1. It also turned into a great screening process in that if the answer they were looking for wasn’t worthy of them investing a

Gina: Great advice. What are some of your best tips for attracting the RIGHT clients? Hemal: It is interesting that you ask this question because a client shared last week that she had heard that prospects and clients reflect our own challenges and she was having trouble selling her coaching services to people because they were being indecisive – which she said was a trait that she herself had!

dollar, then perhaps it wasn’t worthy of someone (me)

Questions to ask yourself in relation to attracting the

spending time in answering it.

RIGHT clients (in addition to your answers, notice

I believe that if you are passionate about what you are offering, ethical and with integrity, and ideally the better you can communicate, the better it is. People will want to hear what you are offering and also will want to tell others – and this is what was happening. My marketing got better over time, but because people connected with the spirit of what I was offering, it grew very quickly. “If people believe in something enough, they will do anything to support it. And if you are offering them the right service or product with the right integrity, you are ticking more and more of the boxes for them to support you.” And when they are believing in you, they are also more likely to be committed and invested with you and your

also what feelings come up within you about them. For example if it is about offering a great service but if you feel unworthy or ‘not good enough’, explore and resolve the incongruence): Connecting to What’s Out There: What am I offering? How am I looking to serve/help others? How will they benefit from me? Is this something that will REALLY help them? Or is this just about something that I love doing that I’m trying to find a market for? Connecting to Yourself: 133

What do you feel your PURPOSE is in doing this?

So, line up the vision and the energy, and go!

What gift or talent do you believe you have in offering what

Gina: I know you pretty well and I am always impressed by

you do? If you don’t believe you have a gift or talent: IF you

your instincts. Business is so deeply connected to instinct.

did have one, what would it be? (Pretend you have one if

What are your suggestions for those times when we have

you need to in answering the question)

a big opportunity in front of us and maybe our instincts

What would those you have worked with or know you say are your greatest talents and abilities? (Of course, if it is

are telling us to back off? How do we tell the difference between instinct and fear?

a product you are offering rather than a service, you can

Hemal: This is a very good question because in some

apply the same questions in relation to that)

spiritual circles (including in Law of Attraction circles) they

Now Re-connecting to What’s Out There: Now, having thought about the above, who would really value and benefit from working with you? Who is just crying out to benefit from you? Who is absolutely perfect for you to work with? If you were able to now clearly communicate about what you can do, who wouldn’t hesitate to work with you right away?

say “only go for what feels good”. When we feel something or have an instinct to go a certain way, that end instinct is as a result of our beliefs, including many unconscious beliefs. It is like when we are around someone and “something doesn’t feel right”. And we may choose not to interact with this person, and that is a valid response. However, especially when having a situation with a big opportunity, like you are asking here, what I encourage you

The above questions help you get clarity about yourself

to do is to dig a bit deeper. Ask yourself questions about

and what you are offering which not only helps you in how

the feeling/instinct. Sometimes all may not be as it seems

you position yourself in your mind and the market, but you

from the feeling. More on that in a moment, but firstly

benefit energetically from the process also.

what questions to ask…

I have had experience in working with myself and with

Questions such as:

others in shifting energy that clients start phoning up or being in touch to work with you that you had never heard of right after you do processes like this. NOT that I’m suggesting that you sit back and wait! I am just letting you know how powerful your energy is.

What specifically doesn’t feel good to me here? What emotion am I feeling? Why am I feeling it? Is it reminding me of something in my past? If so, is there any suggestion that this present moment opportunity is

“You are cleaning up your energy about what you offer

like what happened in the past? Or is it that it’s not and it

such that you become more attractive to those already

is just similar to it (hence making me feel this way)? And if

looking for you.”

so, can I disconnect the past feelings and now focus on this

What if there is a whole world out there wanting to transform their lives (as well as your own) just WAITING

opportunity in the present moment and evaluate it minus those other feelings?

for you to communicate your message (including

Is it because I am anxious or fearful of something else,

energetically) for them to start having what you are

such as the future?

offering right away?

Do I feel that if I go ahead with this that I will lose out

What if all your grandest goals are just waiting for you to

in some way? So could it be that the opportunities are

take the steps for them to happen?

actually very valid and good, but I am scared that it might

By us taking the forward steps, we put ourselves in a better position to receive what is due for us. 134 BellaMia August 2015

change dynamics in my current life or something else? For example a fear of success – “If I go down this path then

something will change that I am fearful of the consequence of, such as the dynamics with my partner, my family if I make a lot of money” etc.

have been through similar experiences to themselves. Another aspect to this is many have been through a separation or divorce and have dealt with that emotional

Realise that all this reveals your PERCEPTIONS, not

and financial burden as well as restarting life as a single

necessarily the reality of how it will go (though of course

mom and are deeply motivated to create a life of financial

your perceptions and beliefs influence how you perform).

abundance and freedom for themselves and their family.

What you are doing now is identifying what is happening

One of the deepest motivators we have is for our survival

within you on a deeper level, recovering that information,

and well-being as well as for those that we intimately care

and creating an effective plan so that if you choose to go


for this big opportunity, you make it work.

Something else that is sometimes the case is that women

So just because sometimes something feels scary or “feels

hadn’t been the breadwinner in their household for a while

bad” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should reject it

as they had been parenting whilst their partner had been

right away. Explore your feelings and your instincts and

working. And now, whether they are in that relationship or

what specifically they are about. They are generally based

not, they are having to still balance the priorities of being a

on beliefs and past programming.

good parent, whilst ALSO making time and having energy

It is not to say that they are not valid or accurate, but by

to run a business and have it flourish and succeed.

digging a bit deeper you understand why you are feeling

Whether through positive stimulation or through present

about this the way you are and it confirms that you

moment need, this drives them to expand and grow. It

shouldn’t take this opportunity, or you realise that they

may even perhaps be one of the most stressful phases

are more about the past and bear little or no reflection on

of their lives, but I have seen how it can stimulate them

this lucrative present-moment opportunity and that you

to new levels and to a life beyond what they would have

should take it.

thought for themselves before. I love to see a woman step

Gina: Love that. And I remember you telling me once that I was making things up. I was torn about a decision

into her power; to see challenge become a catalyst for incredible growth.

and you told me that I was assigning fear and sadness to

When we have an important enough WHY, such as

a situation that hadn’t even happened yet! In reality, the

ourselves and our family’s livelihoods, we go on to create

situation could take place and it may end up being peaceful

lives and lifestyles beyond what we thought of as possible.

and exactly what I needed. So often we choose to assign negative possibilities. I always tell my clients to rework their thoughts so that their “what ifs” are amazing! Moving on to the juicy stuff. Because this is Bella Mia, I have to ask --you have worked with a lot of fantastic female entrepreneurs. (ahem ;) What have you found to be

Women are fantastic at connecting to their “why!” Gina: Thank you. I couldn’t agree more. Not only do we often find ourselves balancing parenthood, marriage and business building, but we try to do it with a smile and, at least in my case, in killer stilettos. =)

some of the innate gifts that women possess that can allow

Find out more about Hemal Radia and get your FREE

them to truly expand and lead?

chapters from his book at

Hemal: Good question! Yes, I have worked with many great female entrepreneurs as well as been on many summits and radio shows with them. Of course we are generalising a little bit here but many of the great gifts include their ability to empathise deeply, connect with people – particularly other women who are/ 135

No Briefcases Required

Power Play Umoh Luna Playing is something we think of as frivolous or a luxury

you the first shot at addressing new trends and unfulfilled

that we will get to after we are done working. Consider a

needs in the marketplace. Play makes everything flow like

different option. Play is serious business!

magic. It’s like lube for your life;)

A client told me that my branding mojo was brilliant

I asked my intuition what I needed to do to make more

and my copywriting was marvelous. Yet for her the most

money. The answer I got had nothing to do with work,

valuable thing I taught her was to dance and play. When

wealth consciousness or business strategy.

she did, the clients just started to come to her. That is the power of play. I want to invite you to consider play just as important as building your list or networking. When you have fun and play you are raising your vibration and frequency like nobody’s business. Joy and prosperity are tightly and intricately linked.

It was to open my heart and be willing to receive. Doing something fun with no end goal in mind is the most powerful way to access this. So I’ve been following my own advice and taking my own medicine. Sure enough clients and opportunities are flowing in. I even did some dancing before writing this and listened to my favorite tribal tunes while writing. This

Doing what ignites your soul and what you enjoy most are

helped me access my wild wisdom. It also made writing

powerful money magnets. When you are in your joy and

easy and a whole lot

pleasure you are attractive, radiant and on fire. This will

more fun!!

always make you stand out from the crowd and shine the spot light on you. From this place of power you naturally attract high quality clients and golden opportunities. Another reason to play is that is gives you space and perspective. When you step away and play, you get out of your head and clear the decks. You come back energized and open. When you are open, you can access things that

For most of us living our purpose and being of service is important. However if you truly want to be of service to all you must first be of service to yourself. Taking care of yourself, nourishing yourself with pleasure and enjoying yourself at the highest level is how you will have the greatest capacity to serve others.

you wouldn’t be able to receive otherwise. Fresh and

Here are 3 ways to bring more play and pleasure into your

innovative ideas come to you, magical coincidences pop

work and business.

up and you hear the soft stirrings of your soul. You can get in touch with your true calling and uncover your purest

Think Outside the Box!


Don’t assume things have to be done the way they always

You can see niches and nuances emerging that other may

have. Ask yourself how can I do this in a new and different

miss. You sense subtle shifts in the marketplace. This gives 136 BellaMia August 2015

way? How can I make this more fun or pleasurable? Why not have a business meeting on the beach or take a call

in the bathtub? Remember it’s your life and biz! You can create it anyway you want. Schedule Your Pleasure. Make an appointment to do something for the pure pleasure of it. Put it on the calendar and make it nonnegotiable. Treat your playtime like the sacred treasure that is so you can reap the rewards! And you can give it an

Mix and Match! Find ways to mix pleasure into your business and match your work time with play time. For example always throw in a few extra days of play time on a business trip. Or give yourself twenty minutes of play time for every 2 hours of work. You will be amazed at how much more you get done and how much more energy you have!

important sounding name like development skills training.

Keep an open mind and be willing to do something

That way no will question you and what you’re actually

different and decadent. You deserve it! Now go play!

doing. Plus you will have a silly little secret to make you smile!

Umoh Luna


No Briefcases Required

The Essence of Support in the Workplace, Starts with You Cecelia Dawe-Gillis It’s all about you, yes you. It starts with you. And it ends

balance you are able to handle the day-to-day stresses

with you.

of work and home better. Productivity is enhanced and

On their death bed, no one is heard to say, I wish I’d worked harder. This is particularly true in Bonnie Ware’s Regrets of the Dying. One frequently cited regret is:” I wish I didn’t work so hard.” How does a person work less hard so they can create space that allows them to do what’s important outside of work? Things like spending time with friends, loved ones, and most of all making time for themselves? Consider one or all of these three simple steps to supporting yourself in the workplace and ultimately in life. Step 1: Say Yes

people are happier – you’re happier. By starting each day with a simple centering activity, you can better handle what comes your way throughout the day more effectively. You’re already juggling a lot of balls. Being centered and focused allows you to be in a position to handle the myriad of things that come your way with grace and ease. It’s no longer a struggle or a chore to complete projects. The requests that come on top of what you are already doing become less burdensome. Now, isn’t that a pretty good investment in you? You may be saying to yourself, “Where do I fit this centering and focusing thing into my already demanding

Once you’ve assembled an amazing team and gotten the

day?” My reply is what is the cost to you for not doing so?

appropriate delegation of duties down, we enter into the

You get to choose how much or how little time you carve

world of Say Yes. In this space we say yes when someone

out of your day to get centered. When you get centered

offers to help us in whatever way they can. So often we

you get less chaos and overwhelm. If you were to use a

reply, “I’ve got it.” Or, the polite “No, thank you.” How

cost benefit analysis you’d easily see that the cost of setting

different would your life be if you took the person offering

time aside for yourself at the start of the day is worth the

to help up on their offer? Remember, they are giving you

benefit of now doing so. And all you did was take a few

a gift of their time and talents. This allows you to leverage

minutes to literally set the tone for what’s to come.

your time to do something else – something that only you can do. Would you be able to leave work on time, or at

Step 3: Set the Tone

least a little earlier than you usually leave? Better yet, you

When you model the essence of personal support in the

have an opportunity to spend time doing something that

workplace you set the tone for what’s possible. This

really supports you. Perhaps going to the gym, getting a

applies to whether you work in or out of your home. It’s

massage, any self-care activity for that matter, or simply

a matter of how much you value and appreciate having

spending more time with family or friends. By merely

a healthy work-life balance. You get to set boundaries

saying yes, you are on a path to greater balance.

around when and where you eat lunch, how you handle

Step 2: SEEK BALANCE The bottom line is when there is a healthy work-life 138 BellaMia August 2015

reading and responding to work related email, text messages, and calls after normal work hours. Look at removing electronic devices from your bedroom.

Remember, bedrooms were designed for sex and sleep.

These are just a few steps you can take to set the tone for

When you get a good night’s sleep you are prepared to be

support yourself in the work place.

more effective the next day. Have you created a safe space where you can safely share your thoughts and feelings and

Remember, it starts and ends with you.

receive valuable feedback? Do you work inordinate hours

Cecelia Dawe-Gillis

or do you give yourself and those around you permission

to end the work day at a reasonable time? When you answer each question in a way that honors who you are, you are well on your way to supporting yourself in the best way possible.



Mister Curry Amanda Rhymers

140 BellaMia August 2015

We had an exclusive opportunity to interview Damien

create for them is very different than my “artist” stuff,

Curry from the Los Angeles based group, Mister Curry

I learned a lot about arrangement, instrumentation,

& the Hug Emporium. Check out what this esteemed

sound design, and mixing in the process. The moment

musician, composer and producer has to say about making

that opportunity presented itself, I would just spend

music and loving life.

hours day after day, week after week writing and trying to

Have a listen, you’re in for a treat! - Mandy

prefect the work. Adding to that, working with different singers producing music for their songs – that was super

BellaMia: Please introduce us to your band! - Who are

important to getting a handle on my own creativity as well

your band members, and how long have you been playing

as others.

together? MisterCurry: My band is called Mister Curry and the Hug Emporium

BellaMia: What skills/personal attributes do you feel are most important to being successful? MisterCurry: Consistency and focus. That’s more

Right now there’s Jon Fan on Bass, Jason Moore on Drums,

important than talent, more important than resources,

Simeon Shigg on Keyboards, Elizabeth Lea on Trombone,

more important than anything else.

Vannessa Leveille on background vocals, and Jake Wilson on Tenor and Baritone Sax. We’ve been playing together on and off over the last few years in different projects around LA. BellaMia: Which music genre do you feel that your music mostly fits into? MisterCurry: I’d say probably Alternative R&B. It couldn’t be straight up Rock, or straight up R&B. A fusion of those styles with some other elements thrown in. BellaMia: Have you ever toured? If so, what was your experience? MisterCurry: Never! I would really dig that sooner than later. Before the year is up, I hope to have earned enough new fans to hit the road. BellaMia: Are you signed or independent? MisterCurry: I’m 100% independent at this point. BellaMia: What instruments do you play? MC: I play guitar, bass, keyboards, and assorted pots, pans and spoons… BellaMia: Tell us about the footwork behind your success.

BellaMia: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career? MisterCurry: Be patient and be persistent. And most importantly, BELIEVE in yourself!! If you want someone to pay you lots of many (or any money at all) for your work, you have to be dependable, honest, and you have to work your [a**] off. BellaMia: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while pursuing your dream? MisterCurry: That’s is OK to ask people for help. Networking and forming relationships is very important. BellaMia: How do you prepare for your performances prior to taking the stage? – Do you have any rituals? MisterCurry: I listen to the set over and over. Then I listen to a Stevie Wonder record (usually Fulfillingness’ First Finale or Talking Book) and sing those songs all the way through. BellaMia: How have you grown personally from your performances? MisterCurry: I stopped judging myself so harshly. People want to feel you be honest in your songs and convictions.

MisterCurry: I owe a lot of my current success to my

That wasn’t something I ever thought about before.

composing music for TV shows. Most people don’t know,

BellaMia: Which is the ultimate venue that you desire to

but I’ve been a composer for a few Emmy winning TV shows for the last 8 years. Though the style of music I

perform? 141

MisterCurry: Staples Center … Sold out crowd.

MisterCurry: Hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time.

BellaMia: Between jam sessions, studio time and live

BellaMia: What are your top three songs on your playlist?

performances, which is your favorite and why?

MisterCurry: Right now… Hiatus Kaiyote – “Breathing

MisterCurry: I really dig jamming/rehearsing before a

Underwater”, Janelle Monáe – “Ghetto Woman”, and Mark


Ronson – “Daffodils” (ft. Kevin Parker).

BellaMia: Where do you find your inspiration to write

BellaMia: Please give us one random fun fact about you.

your songs? MisterCurry: Anywhere… the sky, wind, crazy people, love, frustration, chaos, pleasure….

MisterCurry: I dreamed of joining, working my [a**] off, and dying trying to become a Navy Seal since I was 14. BellaMia: What is the overall message that you want to

BellaMia: What is your favorite original song to perform?

deliver to the masses through your music?

MisterCurry: Hmm, right now it’s “Come Get Some Suga”,

MisterCurry: That it’s ok to be human and experience

but I’ve written a few albums worth of music since then,

love, pain, rejection, pleasure, and truth …. All outside of

soooooo… We shall see!

what the music industry force feeds us.

BellaMia: Which set of lyrics from your album, Alpha,

BellaMia: What’s next? What do we have to look forward

moves you the most?

to coming from Mister Curry?

MisterCurry: [from the song, “U Claim 2 B”] “I can’t

MisterCurry: Lots of shows and me putting new sounds

believe she just dropped an X like it ain’t [s***]. Who knew

into the air.

this trendy queen could ever think she was legit. It’d be a nasty mess if I let her get her way, she’ll lift that tiny dress up, but this is what I’ll say..” BellaMia: Which accomplished musician do you admire

Stay up to date with live performance information and Follow Mister Curry: Twitter: Instagram :


Facebook: Check out the music on soundcloud:

MisterCurry: Frank Zappa or Stevie Wonder

BellaMia: What is your best childhood memory of music?

142 BellaMia August 2015


144 BellaMia August 2015


Cups of Consciousness Aleya Dao Increase Connection, Strength and Support After a busy summer filled with change take a deep breath and get ready to see the fruits of your labors bloom. In the spring of this year you may have hit a turning point in your life. Something deep inside you awoke and a new way of being was born. This inner change triggered shifts regarding

listening to this 9-minute meditation filled with energetic protocols/prayers/and sound healing/toning. Energetically locate the energetic fabric of connection within and around your divine line. Re-calibrate and reweave greater connection, strength, wisdom and mastery.

relationships, livelihood, your inner and outer home, and

Toning and light language to increase your inner support

how you express your creativity. Intolerance for unhealthy

and connection.

behavior also spiked. Old patterns released and new ways of being bloomed. This fall you will begin to see the inner changes you

Allow your Higher Self to reweave the inner matrix of light within and around your divine line.

have made reflect into your outer life. Use this energetic

Increase your connection to the divine aspect of you.

protocol to cultivate greater inner connection, strength,

Listen to this meditation.

and support as you navigate new terrain and anchor in a new way of being.

Aleya Dao

Find greater support, connection, and strength by

Click Here to download the meditation audio file



Forgiveness and Karma Adrian Boniardi Understanding the relationship between ‘Forgiveness

than someone else) without being internally ready to truly

and Karma’ and their function in your present lifetime –


independently of individual beliefs systems.

The only forgiveness that truly counts and matters for

Upon birth we tend to forget almost everything we ever

our eternal self is silent. It is an inner experience; a quiet

knew about our true identity before birth, sometimes

acknowledgment with Existence (Life, Universe, God)

coming to the point of believing ourselves to be this

about the lesson just remembered; a sacred communion

temporary biological Earth suit we use to move around

with oneself.

this plane of existence. Still, children are being reported by their parents being born with greater awareness than their previous generations. Young parents are awakening to their offspring’s confessing their clear memories about their previous lifetime on Earth, in some cases even with verifiable details where they can remember how, where and when they “died” before. There are many workings within our higher soul’s purpose which are meant to remain away from our conscious awareness since they would be of no true relevance for this lifetime. Others though, are signs of a more aware state of consciousness, new to us; tools that we can utilize as spiritual triggers for further remembering. We have heard about ‘forgiveness’ as a positive spiritual virtue already for a while, but in this manner ‘forgiveness’ is interpreted (human perception/level of consciousness) and defined within a framework related with human emotions/beliefs (it is good/bad to forgive- human response/interpretation beliefs based), illogical that it could be in any other way… human logic. Real forgiveness is a symptom of healing and higher understanding; and contrary to what many might think it does not involve or require another, since one can say ‘I forgive you’ (sometimes is harder to forgive ourselves 146 BellaMia August 2015

We usually do not feel the need to forgive anything that was fun to feel and experience; on the contrary; forgiveness can often times come with the company of hurt, disappointment, drama; that is why it can require so much love from us, and usually comes after bitterness and grudge have already gone by. Forgiveness avoids Karma; it eliminates the need to repeat the hurtful teaching just received. Wikipedia online describes the spiritual concept of Karma like this: “Karma (Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkərmə]; Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. Karma is closely associated with the idea of rebirth in some schools of Asian religions. In these schools, karma in the present affects one’s future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future lives - or, one’s saṃsāra.” But in true there is no “bad” karma (human perception) nor need for any future suffering, there is instead a confused understanding about what karma Is and what

divine role it has in the greater bigger picture we all have;

you sometimes feel and wish that you could ‘make things

there is a self given second chance (karma) or no karma at

right again’? Sometimes we realize, and must accept and

all (task satisfactorily completed for all parties involved).

learn to let things go for the good, since at the time people

We create our own Karma -nobody does it for us- out of our own subconscious decision/choice (free will) throughout our existence by our own criticism and lack

may not be willing/emotionally able to work unresolved issues out, thus karma is automatically created by you or another to be dealt with at another better time.

of forgiveness toward ourselves and others. Trying to

At the moment, and based on the present event/s

repair the apparent damage we perceive we’ve personally

development to let things go and release them may be

caused, we ‘subconsciously’ re-create the experience/s

enough and the most loving action to take regarding the

(or its closest equivalent) as another opportunity to make

entire situation, even if out of pure compassion… But

a ‘healthier’ (“better?”) different choice than the one that

both parties will give each other another chance, next

produced the original outcome.

time around under both –totally unaware- mutual soul’s

Now we are becoming aware and remembering that our


identity is eternal and beyond our current physical form,

After all, we may have done this before… Can you

so if we can influence our future lifetimes by default we’re


also influenced by our previous lifetimes in the same way. Let me ask you something; when you have a big serious

Adrian Boniardi

disagreement with somebody you care about, whether you caused it (Cause) or are experiencing the (Effect) of it, don’t



Are you ready to

the skin you’re in?

What if you fell deeply wildly in love with your body?


, it’s possible

148 BellaMia August 2015

Possibilities • Purpose • Passion • • •

Gain clarity about your Next Step Clear the blocks to Abundance, Love, Success Master new strategies for Happiness

Together we will develop the Roadmap for you to Live Your Richest Life

Rosemary Bredeson The Scientific Mystic Spiritual Teacher/Mentor/Medium

+1 410-991-6139 149

Bellascope by Suzanne Taylor, Angel Channel -




Aries 21 March - 20 April

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

New beginnings this Autumn as you

A last minute holiday gives you the

You are on top form this Autumn Gemini

renew your wedding vows, fall in love,

ability to recharge your batteries. You

as you experience a windswept shift

or talk about marriage. Your energy is

find yourself untangling a knot that has

within your emotional body freeing

committed to work projects, but your

been affecting your self-worth for a long

you from built up tensions which may

need for passion explodes all around

period of time perhaps linking back to

possibly lead to floods of tears. You are

you. Your daydreamers state enhances

a formal life. Your emotions balance as

ready to face your future feeling vibrant

your ability to write this term; your diary

you open your heart ready to accept

and vivacious, but do show your softer

is jam packed with dinner dates.

your future. Pat yourself on the back

side as you make plenty room for family

Taurean you have earned your stripes.

gatherings. Praise is given as you follow

Color: Yellow Keyword: Beauty Romance: An expensive dinner leads to love.

through with a project.

Color: Indigo Keyword: Higher Self Romance: Love meets on a bridge.

Lucky Color: White Keyword: Commitment Romance: Deep intimacy attracts wealth.




Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Leo 24 July - 23 August

Virgo 24 August - 23 Sept

Keeping the curtains shut tight may

Dreams do come true Leo and you will

You feel free this term to reevaluate your

be on the cards this month as you feel

certainly collect 200 as you pass go this

goals as you spend quality time working

a strong force of gravity pull at your

Autumn. A fast paced period as you take

on creating your vision board. Your airy

emotions, which may bring about a

center stage promoting your success

fairy sense of self may affect your wishes

need to relax, in order to recharge

will open a door involving intimacy.

- be sure to ground your energy which

your batteries. You are advised to stock

Make sure you act with pure heart not

will help you manifest perfectly! Have

up with nutritional foods to control

need as you explore your boundaries,

your dancing shoes at the ready as your

cravings. Internal focus involves

and relationship morals. Family life may

social life takes centre stage.

numerology study.

get tricky due to your high demand with

Lucky Color: Cream Keyword: Numbers Romance: Flirtation fluctuates involving a movie review.


Lucky Color: Burnt Orange Keyword: Balance Romance: Magnetic attraction locks your stare!

150 BellaMia August 2015

Lucky Color: Teal Keyword: Visualize Romance: Look out for that subtle invitation Virgo.




Libra 24 Sept - 23 Oct

Scorpio 24 Oct - 22 Nov

Sagittarius 23 Nov - 21 Dec

Confusion gets the better of you Libra

Pay close attention to your sacred heart

As the leaves start to blow down from

as you find everything is going down

this season as you express your deepest

the trees you will feel as though time

at the same time. Do not be alarmed as

emotions through writing, dancing, and

has stood still; life may seen dull and

your intuition is high; you are advised

meditation. You are being reminded

boring, but will start to speed up when

to spend time walking through your

to stick within your credit limit as you

an old flame, or two drive into town

thoughts wherethe answers will come

self indulge enhancing the richness of

this season. It is important to keep your

speedily to you. Keeping a journal

your beauty. Be honest with your heart,

focus on the here and now with the

and recording your dreams will free

and tell that special someone how you

understanding that satisfaction comes

you from unwanted setbacks. You feel

really feel as there may not be a second

when we learn to work on our inner love.

fashionable this Autumn as you enjoy a


Allow your inner child to shine.

Color: Black

Color: Royal Blue

Keyword: Balance

Keyword: Synchronicity

Romance: Love speaks with a

Romance: Social networking

foreign voice.

sparks desire.

shopping spree.

Lucky Color: Fawn Keyword: Gratitude Romance: An out of the blue romantic gesture takes you by surprise.




Capricorn 22 Dec - 20 Jan

Aquarius 21 Jan - 19 Feb

Pisces 20 Feb - 20 March

A fun and energetic month that

A spiritually charged season for you

A sensitive start to Autumn Pisces as

encourages you to take a leap of faith

Aquarian as your spirit longs for freedom.

your energy heightens you will feel

and believe in all that you do. There is

You will find yourself in flight mode in

overwhelmed with love feeling the need

not much that cannot be achieved within

your awake state, but also within your

to direct healing energy into our sacred

this period as creative thoughts flow

dream state as you enter our heavenly

earth, and our animal kingdom. A period

gracefully enhancing your home, and

realms through astral travel. Your airy

that will help you build and maintain

or working life. You will experience a

fairy energy will bring about fine dining

mental/emotional strength drowning

strong sense of wellness this Autumn as

with the opportunity to experience

out fear, and evaporating old morals

your highly charged motivational energy

translucent love making through honesty.

and belief systems. Your social self seeks

rubs off on others. A splash of color

A change of scenery will serve you well.

anew adventure; be open to receive your

brings peace!

Color: Sky Blue Keyword: Design Romance: Your smile catches someone’s eye.

Color: Baby pink/Grey Keyword: Active R omance: A group activity gets your heart pumping!


Color: Emerald Keyword: Magic Romance: A magical moment involves a wishing well 151


Body Image SOS Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D., HHC Question Question: So this is my issue, I have this small bathroom, and a full length mirror against the wall, whenever I take

with anyone else in your house who shares that mirror. As you start to gain more confidence about your body and yourself, you can start removing the sticky notes and celebrate the beautiful woman you are just as you are right now. For more ideas, check out our #BeautifulMe campaign, launching in this issue!

my clothes off to shower, I see the side view of my body in


the mirror, I automatically look at the bulging mid center

I am so tired of dealing with the constant criticism running

and think I have to lose it, I’m so fat. I would love to throw

through my head about my body. It’s hard, because

out the mirror, and stop judging my belly, but I can’t do

sometimes I’m not even aware of it. I’m trying to be more

that. Any other ideas?

mindful about noticing those negative thoughts but then I


just find myself dwelling on them even more. Help!

I’d love for you to throw out your mirror – along with


your bathroom scale! – But I realize that tossing out

Ah, the Inner Critic (aka Inner Mean Girl). I have a few

your mirror may not be feasible, as you may need that

ideas for you. Thoughts become things and for us to

mirror for other things, like applying make-up or fixing

change the way we relate to our bodies, we have to change

your hair. This is what I want you to do. Have you ever

the thoughts in our head. So what do you do when you

heard of Operation Beautiful? The mission of Operation

still find that negative stuff creeping in? Meet the cancel

Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for

button. You know those office supply stores with the big

other people to find – notes that would brighten their

red button? Envision that big red button (or use a stop sign

day. Something like “You are Beautiful.” I want you to

if that imagery works better for you). When your Inner

use this idea for your bathroom mirror. I challenge you

Mean Girl kicks in, say to yourself “cancel, cancel” and fill

to make several different sticky notes and post them all

your mind with an image of a big, red cancel button. Or

over the area of your bathroom mirror that displays your

if you prefer the stop sign image, then picture it vividly

midsection. As a psychologist, I know that the more we see

and say to yourself, “Stop!” The next step is to take your

certain messages, the more we start to believe them. So

list of things you feel about your body and highlight all the

these notes will help you feel better about yourself along

positive things. Next, examine all the negative things. Are

152 BellaMia August 2015

those remnants of your Inner Mean Girl talking? If so, do

The first step in transitioning to becoming a thoughtful

you still really feel that way or is it just some of that old

responder is knowing that there is always time. It doesn’t

programming coming out? If it’s old programming, let it

appear that way because with the habit of reaction, it

go. If there are still some negative feelings there, then it’s

can feel as if it’s all happening quickly, like it’s one big

time to transform those into positive feelings. For every

moment. Start to consider that the moments are actually

negative feeling, I want you to write down a positive one in

strung together and that each moment contributes to

its place. Okay. Now here comes the transformation part.

the passing of time. If you begin to think this way you

It’s time to make your BodyLove list. For every positive

can notice that in between the moments there is a small

feeling you wrote about your body, make a list of at least 5

space that you can begin to bring your attention to, pull

things you can do to make yourself feel that way. Let’s say

into your awareness. In that very small space you have

you want to feel luxurious in your body. Your five things

made a decision or given yourself permission. If you begin

might be: get a massage, get a facial, take a bubble bath,

to explore the experience from this perspective you can

sleep in satin sheets, and wear your favorite lingerie. Get

begin to see that you have allowed yourself a reaction. Your

the idea? Good luck and let us know how it goes!

thoughts moved quickly, feelings became generated and you made either an unconscious, or at times, conscious decision to react. It is impulsive and quick, often without

You are in Charge of You! By, Karen M Anderson, Licensed Psychotherapist

thought or clarity of what you truly feel or want to express. It can be an instinctual reaction to what has been said or triggered within you.


“What you are trying to do is get in the space between the

When I’m in conversations or conflicts with other people

feeling and the reaction and grow the space”

and I find myself getting frustrated, I tend to lose my cool. When that happens, I get heated and say things that I don’t mean. I think I mean them in the moment but many times after the exchange and I calm down I wish I hadn’t said what I said. I’ve lost friendships and relationships over this and have even gotten into trouble at work. Is there a way for this to stop? What can I do? ~ T.D

Mindfulness with your emotions is simply the difference between acting out your emotions from a place of reaction or simply allowing the emotions to arise, without the ‘need’ to do anything with them. It is learning to feel and experience them without reaction. Imagine yourself like a rock and the wave of emotion washing over you. The rock doesn’t change immediately; it shifts through time


as needed. Initially it remains sturdy and strong, the

There is a lot you can do because you are in charge of you!

composition holding firm. Over time, if required, gentle

With practice, you can be mindful with your emotions and

grooves become worn into or around the surface to allow

reactions and cultivate the practice of being a thoughtful

for easier flow. If you feel a response is required it is


intentional and responsive.

I know it sounds impossible, but consider the possibility

The mastery of becoming mindful with your emotions is

that you could become the master of your reactions. How

cultivated through daily practice. It is when you move from

would your life be different if you were able to slow down

being a student of this practice and into an apprentice

the moments that you experience with others so that your

does the skill, the muscle for it, begin to develop. It’s

participation was from a deeply centered place? Not only

important to understand the difference. A student is one

is it possible, but it also puts you in charge of you in a

who reads and studies the concepts; an apprentice is one

powerfully authentic way. It transcends experiences with

who takes the studies and begins to apply the principles

others and puts you into full-on accountability in all areas

to her daily life. When you become an apprentice, the

of your life.

intention and energy of the experience conspires with you


to bring you mastery. With practice, you will transition

The reality is you are the Director of Your Life. You are

from one who reacts, to one who responds.

going to dictate how this deeply caring man is going to be

These steps will help you get started: 1. If you find yourself with a swirl of emotions going on and you aren’t sure how you feel or what you want to say, give yourself permission to return to the conversation. Simply, calmly state that you don’t think you can discuss or participate in the conversation at this time and agree to a specific time when you can complete the conversation. Use the time in between to process your feelings and generate a thoughtful response.

with you, how he is going to show up and how he will treat you. You also get to create the things he says to you and how he says them. Yes, you are that powerful! Firstly, you have to set the stage of how you would like to feel with him. Work on turning your fear into trust and faith. Practice being the energy of whatever it is you want to be or feel in that relationship. For example if you want to be viewed as the most amazing woman, then be that energy. Create that energy and belief inside of you. You are, after all, an infinite being who has trillions of lifetimes,

2. When you do find yourself fired up, know that it takes

being everything and anything. You get to choose who you

your body 20-30 minutes to physiologically return to a

are be!

calm baseline, assuming you aren’t generating more of the emotions in the meantime. Breathe deeply and ground

That commitment you would like from him will not be

yourself to get re-centered.

what puts out the fear. Your belief in yourself is what will

3. Know that it is a practice. As the expression goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be gentle with yourself when you slip up. Use self-forgiveness and self-compassion when it

eliminate the fear and give you trust! Be complete as you are, with how things are now. There are few things in life as sexy and inviting as a confident

doesn’t go as planned.

woman that is secure in her position.

Relationship Rescue

You definitely do not need a commitment from him to

By Angela Gower-Johnson

know that you are amazing, the best thing ever and to be happy and secure!

Question “What should a person do if her heart is wide open and

Trust YOU! Trust that you get to have the relationship of

she feels love for a man who also cares deeply for her, but

your dreams! I am here for you! I have your back! You can

he’s not ready to commit? How does she navigate when her

book your free Discovery Session with me here.

heart feels deeply and she begins to feel afraid? Does she pull back? Does there need to be a commitment?” Oregon Answer Firstly, I would look at what commitment means to you. Dig deep and look at what it is you are looking to get from ‘commitment’. Are you looking for security? Do you want to feel like you are special and a better choice than any other woman? Maybe you would like to feel like you are the only woman for this man. You need to be clear what it is that you want from commitment. If it’s monogamy, then you have to delve deeper into that find out what it is that you are looking for feel. 154 BellaMia August 2015


Victoria Wynn ictoria’s journey in life and business all have one common theme; Designing experiences. From beautifying our surroundings with simplistic and upscale interior design, to assisting businesses with her 20 years as a graphic designer/ brander to her most personally meaningful endeavor the past 5 years, a life coaching business rightly named, “The Lies I Tell Myself Project”. She guides people through a process that takes the lies and resistance out of life and brings truth and goals to light.

Photographer: Chris Forbes MUA:  Heather Shelton Model: Victoria Wynn


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BellaMia Mag is a holistic women's magazine that brings Living Well, Holistic & Transformation to life. Our motto is “Every Woman is Beautif...

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BellaMia Mag is a holistic women's magazine that brings Living Well, Holistic & Transformation to life. Our motto is “Every Woman is Beautif...