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July/August 2013

“every SUMMER has a story”

Welcome to the big special summer edition of Bella! What’s so special about it? It’s a double issue - meaning twice as big, twice as good! This time, in all the articles and interviews we feature lovely couples - either siblings or best friends that share their tips and advices on how to enjoy summer at the fullest. Get inspired by our TWO fashion stories or tips for stylish summer wardrobe. Pack your cosmetics according to flight restrictions, buy some new sexy swimwear and the best summer book to read on board or on the beach. Also, don’t miss our special travel feature with the first hand recommendations on what to do and what to see in the world’s metropolis, and if you love to travel, get inspired by the flight attendant career feature. In any case, we hope you will love this issue as least as much as we loved creating it for you. Have a great Summer - relax, have fun and if possible, do nothing, just enjoy :-)

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the team

people behind “Where did you spend your best summer holiday ever?”

Production&Design Martina&Martyna “in Laos”

Editor in Chief Paulina Ness “in Norway”

Editors Ema Duláková

“at Maafushivaru Island, Maledivy”

Lucy Gault

“sightseeing in Rome”

Lucie Zajíčková

“in Mexico”

Contributors Fashion editorial:

Laura McKinnon “Los Angeles, USA”

Mary B. Logan “in Napa Valley, California”

Fashion sets design:

Kremena Koleva “at Bulgarian seaside”

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“ukuhamba kukufunda” New Yorker

Trina Turk

New Look

River Island

La Redoute Bon Prix


get an exotic feeling with tribal motives


ZincDoor Littlewoods



who’s that girl



Having a sibling may be a bit challenging sometimes. But what if you had 5 of them, and all sisters?! Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Steph, Lauren and Kendra not only love being a big family, they are also the best friends and 'sisters in crime' - in their joint company. What was it like growing up in a house full of girls? It was definitely wild and crazy at times. Finding space in the 3 bathrooms in our house was always a challenge as we were getting ready in the mornings. And there were plenty of fights about clothes, accessories, boys, and curfews - but our parents were really patient with us (our dad especially). We couldn’t stand each other some days, but our mom always told us that one day we would become the best friends - and she was right.

You have now 2 successful blogs, an online store with e-books for bloggers, you’ve been featured on TV and you have a new cookbook. Do you ladies have your own jobs? All of our projects are increasingly time-consuming. In addition to those projects, we just recently launched a new website, which is taking a lot of our time as well. We all work solely for SSS now - the two sisters that were in college quit their jobs to focus more on all of our projects, and we are still running to keep up with everything!

Photographs: Chelsea Peterson

What are the pros and cons of having so many siblings right now, as a grown-up? We think it is nice now that we are grown-up, because we are more rational about things. And like we said earlier, we are definitely the best friends. We enjoy being siblings now more than ever.

Has any of you been thinking of following your parents’ example and have more than 5 children? Right now, we don’t know! None of us have expressed wanting to have HUGE families, but you could dare say that a few of us might have at least 5 children!


“FAMILY gives us roots and wings”

Your projects are mainly about food - do you all have the same taste? What are your fave meals and when did you start with cooking? We all LOVE food! But we differ in our tastes. One sister focuses on more healthy meals, a few of us are dessert junkies, and the oldest sisters come up with EXCELLENT main dishes! One of our most favorite meals in probably the Honey Lime Enchiladas - they taste amazing, and they are so easy to throw together. Most of us didn’t start making meals until we left the house because our mom always took care of the cooking! When we did start to cook for ourselves after we moved away from home, we started out really simple - with slow cooker meals. It was just so easy to throw all the ingredients into the pot and let them cook all day (and you really can’t mess up cooking with a slow cooker!).

You all live at different places - how do you coordinate working on your blog? For this past year, we have all been in Northern Utah, which has been really nice. It is much easier to coordinate when you only live a hundred miles from each other as opposed to a couple thousand. Right now, we meet about once a week in person. We are enjoying the close proximity right now, but we know it won’t last long, and it will be back to the conference calls! Are you all on the same page, or do you sometimes argue about the way your blog should be? We have just recently gone through a remodel of our blog, and it took quite a few tries to make everyone happy - and even then, some people had to settle for something they didn’t like so they could have another design they really loved. We are usually pretty good about equally giving and taking, but occasionally, we just can’t seem to get on the same page. That’s when our dad comes in - he is really good about smoothing things over and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. We are still working on quite a few projects right now, but this summer we are planning on taking it all a little slower - to enjoy the time with our kids while they are out of school and hopefully some sunshine too!

What’s next for the Six Sisters? Right now, we are just working on keeping up with our projects, and preparing for our annual blog conference in February (great things are already in the works!). We are just enjoying the summer, and hopefully we will start working on book number two sometime next year!

Utah, USA 6

city chic


welcome to






Martine Wester

La Redoute

Bobbi Brown




La Redoute Zara


Paul’s Boutique

click 2buy

“life is better at the BEACH�


elfr iss S



Riv e

r Is



a ttic Bo


Phase Eight


do not miss


The Everglades - take an airboat ride around the national park to spot some alligators Miami Museum of Science with a spectacular planetarium laser show on the first Friday of each month South Beach - the quintessential Miami hot spot for shopping, eating, partying, having fun Art Deco Ocean Drive - catch the golden era of colorful art deco architecture 8

fashion icons



Great voices, great sense of style. Or at least a style that can’t be overlooked. Here are the most significant ladies who rocked the fashion world.

Her chameleon sense of style has never failed to keep the fashion world on its toes. One day a platinum blond in girlie skirt worn over the tights, next day a domina in leather and lace, another time an elegant Marilyn Monroe like lady. Her style is anything but boring. SIGNATURE ITEM: conical bra by Jean Paul Gaultier


Known for her bizzare dressing sense, she ups her shock value every time she steps into the spotlight. She is not afraid to go to extremes with her hairstyles and her clothes too, and would even wear a piece of meat just not to make you bored. SIGNATURE ITEM: super high platform shoes

The ultimate style diva is renowned for rocking anything she wears. She is not afraid to show her bootylicious curves and loves to wear dramatic colors and prints while keeping her look feminine and sexy. SIGNATURE ITEM: sparkling mini dress


Photographs:, official sites of artists


“you can sing off-key if with great spirit”

From traditional Hindu adornment and gothic style to classic, super-glam, Gwen, with no doubt influenced masses of women. She looks great in long glamour dresses as well as in elegant male style, accessorized by a tie and high heels. SIGNATURE ITEM: platinum locks and red lipstick


From an adolescent girl to a stylish lady, she redefined her style with love for romantic, feminine style of the 50’s. She loves floral prints, flats, capri pants, colorful cardigans and bright lipsticks. The new Audrey Hepburn was born. SIGNATURE ITEM: 50’s style dress


The Australian princess of pop looks great in everything, especially short skirts and dresses that reveals her stunning legs. She has never shied away from taking fashion risks and yet she has always managed to look sexy. SIGNATURE ITEM: hot pants


The ex-Spice Girl has proved herself she can make fashion better than singing. Her style is minimalistic and elegant with lots of black color and expensive accessories. She never looked better in skinny pants, tube dresses and high heels. SIGNATURE ITEM: big black sunglasses


get the look






5 7

1. Ray Ban, 2. River Island, 3. TopShop, 4. Parfois 5. Guess, 6. Mango, 7. Aldo 11

“MIRACLES come in pairs”

2 5





7 1. Zara, 2. H&M, 3. Mango, 4. TopShop, 5. Aldo, 6. Mango, 7. Aldo 12

fashion focus





La Re do

u te

Things to buy, pack, wear and enjoy during the hot days

Pro mo d




rystal earrings

Aztec print





G f

New Yorker


New Yorker

River Island

denim shorts







iconic camera

New Yorker



i hat


kimono 13

“if plan A doesn’t work, don’t worry, the alphabet has 25 more letters”

Miss Selfridge



L long dress

off-white H&M

River Island

click 2buy


iver Island



V vibrant accessory

z zephyr blouse




rose gold


urban style




printed T-shirt


New Yorker


Passion for xoxoES




tank top




my style

stylish ACT sisters’



Classy and feminine. Both sisters like to look great on every occasion. What are their favorite looks for this season? My style I would say that our style is pretty similar, except Allison is a little more creative, a trait that I really admire! She has helped me branch out in my style.

My style I think our style is similar in that we both like structured, classic and feminine pieces. I think that Corbynn being from Southern California has an extra flair for all things nautical and beachy. Above all I think we both always try to look classy and stay true to ourselves. My most treasured piece The shoes I wore on my wedding day. They are a beautiful pair of peep toes covered in champagne rosettes. They are so me and such a special reminder of the best day of my life.

My tip to look fabulous Grace is a very important element of beauty. Avoid clothing that has you constantly tugging, pulling and adjusting. Your outfit should only add to your graceful appearance, not distract.

My tip for looking fab Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. I think that is the most important aspect to feeling and looking great! Be true to you and you will always feel fab!

My last $100 spree I would join Allison on the bargain hunt and see how far I could stretch those dollars!

My last $100 spree A good pair of skinny jeans would definitely be on the list.



My favorite piece in your wardrobe I have a red and black plaid vintage skirt that I love wearing. Not only is it back in style and unbelievably adorable, it was also my mother’s, making it extra special to me. Heirloom pieces are the best!

“you are never fully dressed without a smile”

For hot summer days I love to choose light, airy fabrics that will keep me comfy and cool. A simple shift dress is always my go-to in those hot summer months.

My chambray shirt is always my go-to for an easy, casual look. It goes with everything and still looks chic.

When feeling casual, I love to slip on a pair of bright colored jeans, a plain top, and a statement necklace.

I am obsessed with all things nautical and this ensemble is my fave. I love the retro feel too.

For traveling I prefer maxi skirts. They keep you warm enough on the plane and cool enough outside.

This Gatsby-inspired look is my favorite of all time as I love all things 1920’s.

Light-weight dresses that have some stretch are a traveling girl’s best friend!

Philadelphia, USA 16


lan d

er Is



Ra y-B








Riv er





Lo ok







Ra y-B







Fa s


















SU es



nt C &G utle ro r ss


Fa sh io

Ba nk




Ba nk Fa sh ion



“unlike swimsuits, flip flops fit year after year” Miss Selfridge

Virginia Johnson

Miss Selfridge


H&M New Yorker










candy girl Photographs by Laura McKinnon

Model: Melissa Beattie @ Superior Stylist: Stephanie Boyle, Victoria Martin Make Up: Elaine Burns Hair: Ailsa Docherty Clothes by Debenhams, M&S, MyMillyMoo, New Look, Topshop, Vero Moda


ta riso Ma


New Look Blanco




New Yorker River Island

tropical Zara

New Look


M&S George

Vestry Missguided


Miss Selfridge

WhiteStuff New Look


River Island

New Look Debenhams



pin-up New Look River Island

Intern ale






River Island



New Look


La Redoute

Miss Selfridge


New Look Blanco



River Island


La Redoute New Yorker

Promod Heatons VeroModa


La Redoute

hello, sunshine Photographs by Mary B Photo

Model: Summer Crosley Make Up: Bella Beauty


my favorite

summer holiday destination

Jana W., Münster, Germany I love New York. I never know where I am but in this city it’s so easy to find your way. The people are so friendly and there’s so much to discover - it’s the city that never sleeps. Martina V., Sevilla, Spain Western coast of Andalucía, Spain. I love its wonderful landscapes, endless beaches of golden sand and the incredible gastronomy of the region, plus it gets super lively in summer!

Gentri Lee, Salt Lake City, USA Any kind of roadtrip. I love seeing where the road will take me. It’s the small towns that hold the most charm, the scenic routes that lead to the most adventure, and the unknown that satisfies my adventurous spirit.

Maren Anita M., Würzburg, Germany Sardinia. The nature is brilliant and you can come across so many beautiful and secret places. If you borrow a car you can discover the whole isle with its wonderful landscape.


“rise up and EMBRACE the world”

Allison F., Los Angeles, USA Tokyo, Japan. I have a slight obsession with Japanese street culture and I could watch the unique and beautiful way that people express themselves in my favorite districts of Tokyo every day.

Jasmin P., Allgäu, Germany There was a time when I drove to Italy every year with my parents and I still love to spend my holidays there. The atmosphere and the people are great and I think they have the best ice cream ever!

Simona Š. Prague, Czech Republic My fave holiday place would be anywhere in a small hotel outside of the civilization, preferably by the sea, where I can scuba-dive, explore the coutryside on a scooter and most of all, just relax.

Kassandra C., Edmonton, Canada My favorite holiday destination is my family cabin. It is peaceful and beautiful. You can go swimming, biking, canoeing and even pick your own blueberries. Nothing feels more like summer to me than going to the cabin!

Joy S., Calabar, Nigeria I love Dubai, though I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I planned but I had fun while I was there. Why? I love the weather, the hospitality we received and I finally got to try the original traditional Shisha.



itself is but the sensible image of the infinite

“noticing life’s BEAUTY makes you happier”




Vitamin Shower Gel by MARIONNAUD

Shower Gel by DERMACOL

Hydrating BB Cream by PAYOT

BOUCHERON Jaipur Fragrance

Nail Art Stickers by L’ORÉAL


rate ent onc TASE ir C Ha ÉRAS K by

Shower Gel by YVES ROCHER

BB Cream by THALGO


TOR ra by M

RIFL yO ss b

mpoo by TR

Express Sha

Masca Volume

GLo els Arp f& lee ume n C erf Va ve P Rê

ESTÉE LAUDER PleasuresPop Fragrance

L ip


our summer

beauty picks



deco e t i h w n



They look almost like twins. How do they take care of their beauty during the hot months? BFF reveals their secrets.

Cali, U

MY MAKE UP ESSENTIALS... Lauren: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Chanel bronzer, Benefit They’re Real mascara Marika: BB cream, mascara, Lancôme lip gloss

click 2buy

I NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT... L: Benefit Fake Up Concealer, Fresh Sugar lip treatment, and moisturizer M: eos lip balm, Urban Decay eyeliner, powder MY SECRET TO STAY FRESH AFTER A LONG FLIGHT... L: A good facial wipes - they clean your face and make you feel so refreshed and awake! M: A facial mist, like shu uemura’s Depsea Water Facial Mists - they hydrate, relax, refresh, and smell wonderful! Photographs:

MY SEXY BODY LOOK SECRET... Both: Confidence! Nothing is more sexy than confidence. It totally changes how you carry yourself and how others respond to a good way! MY FAVORITE SUMMER NAIL POLISH COLOR... Both: White, it’s a clean look and goes with everything!


“good FRIENDS are like diamonds - precious and rare”

BEST SUMMER FRAGRANCE... Marc Jacobs Daisy MY FAVE HAIR STYLING IN THE SUMMER... beachy waves CURRENTLY ON MY WISH LIST... Tarte Glamazon lipstick in foxy



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BEST SUMMER FRAGRANCE... Stella McCartney Summer MY FAVE HAIR STYLING IN THE SUMMER... Loose curls/waves look great all year round. I also love topping it off with a big sunhat! CURRENTLY ON MY WISH LIST... Dior Addict Lip Glow

Marika 44

beach babe

beauty tips


Look fresh and pretty all day long



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Yves Rocher

Estée Lauder

● pick waterproof cosmetics that will survive everything, like an eye liner and mascara ● choose a light BB instead of a foundation to even and brighten your skin tone ● complement your make up with a natural pinky long lasting lipstick or a lip gloss

Bobi Brown Artdeco Clarins


BRONZE LOOK Marionnaud



Giorgio Armani








● use bronzing powder to highlight your sun tan, or instead of a blusher, for a natural sun-kissed look ● for applying always use a big powder brush ● for a natural effect match the color of your bronzer to your neckline area, not to your face ● for a sexy beach look use the bronzing powder as an eye shadow

“on a bad day there is always LIPSTICK” Schwarzkopf Alterna





● hydrate your hair with some moisturizing hair care products ● protect them with a stylish hat or SPF spray products ● once a week replenish the moisture to the sun-damaged strands with a deep conditioning mask ● prevent split ends by using special serum after every hair washing ● step away from the heat styling tools and opt for frizz-free hairstyles


● experiment with bold or unusual hues, like blue, green, yellow or bright neon



● accessorize your summer wardrobe with some light fragrance ● choose perfumes without alcohol that can react on the sun with your skin and irritate it ● for a fresh feeling for the whole body choose lightly perfumed body sprays ● large amounts of a perfume can make you feel dizzy during the hot days - don’t use too much of it

Calvin Klein



● if possible, don’t use quickdrying polishes - they tend to chop quickly ● try nail art stickers for a fun manicure

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beauty zoom

let the

sunshine in

Enjoy the sunny days with these clever protectors


“every shadow is evidence of SUN”

AVON Anew SPF 50






for eyes

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NUTRITIVE beautifying VICHY SPF 50




anti-acne 48

flight attendant

dream job

Traveling around the world, getting to know new places and interesting people, looking sexy in a suit... Is that really all a flight attendant gets to do? We asked Michaela Kratinová, who works for one of the biggest airlines, what the job of a flight attendant is really about. What did you want to be as a child? I wanted to be a princess, as most of the girls. Later on as I’ve always danced and I did ballet I wanted to be a ballet dancer, later even an actress. I have always been a girly girl so I have been attracted by mostly female jobs. Funny thing is that while at primary school, I went dressed up as a flight attendant for one costume party, and the same happened at the high school where I went dressed up as a flight attendant again at the graduation costume party. What did you study? After the high school I started to study French, but soon I realized I didn’t want to attend school every day, I wanted to experience something different and travel. So I decided to attend a private university with an individual plan. Next year I will finish my bachelor degree in Journalism and social media.

How did you come to be a flight attendant? To work as one and study at the same time seemed like a good option for me. I can travel all around the world, earn good money and still study, but it isn’t always easy. Everything started in October 2011 when I attended Emirates Open Day and they accepted me. What skills must one have to become a FA? There are some conditions for that, it depends on every airline, usually you can find everything on the website of a particular airline. But normally they are looking for people who are friendly, approachable, open minded with good language skills. You have to be in a good health condition too. What is the biggest challenge in your profession? If you decide to work for Emirates and they accept you than you have to move to Dubai. It is always a challenge to start a new life in a new country with totally different culture, where you don’t know anyone. It is also a challenge to change your daily regime, because in this job there is no regime, no body clock. You have to go to work at midnight and operate a 14 hours flight. You have to get use to this life, when you don’t know if you are having a breakfast or dinner. Have you had any bad experiences while flying? There are always good and bad flights. You never know what can happen and who you are flying with. We had a few bad turbulences, medical cases and once we almost had to divert because of a kid who had chickenpox.

Dubai, UAE 49

“women hold up half the SKY”

How does your typical day look like? Every day is different. There are no weekends, most of the time I don’t even know what day or date it is! At the end of the month you will get your flying roster, where you see where and when you are flying, this can be a little bit adjusted by yourself. Usually you are flying somewhere where you stay one to three days, you get your allowance there (these are really good money which cover your food expenses and even some small shopping). You stay at a hotel in the destination and then you fly back to Dubai, where you have one, two days off and after that you do another flight and again and again.

On the other hand, you have to deal with fatigue and the people that are not always nice. Sometime you arrive somewhere and no one of the crew wants to go somewhere or you are way too tired to go out so you just stay in a hotel. Except long flights you also have to do turnaround flights and these can be really tiring.

“ You will see a lot

of places and will have some amazing experiences, but most of the time you will spend in a hotel trying to catch up some sleep.”

What are the best and the worst parts of your job? You have a nice lifestyle with good money and stay in the best hotels at layovers. You see a lot of places, meet a lot of people and grow up as a person. The best thing for me is traveling. I travel all around the world while working, it would have never happened to me without this job. Another great thing in this job is discounted tickets not only for me but even for my family. I can travel with my friend or my family on my days off and it costs me almost nothing to fly home even for a few days. Life in Dubai is quite easy, you have to do your job, but you get a lot of days off, more than you’d get at an office job.


dream job What are the most exotic countries you could visit with your job? Emirates Airline flies to a lot of destination. Everyone loves to fly to Mauritius and Rio de Janeiro.

Is there any career growth possible in your job? Of course there is! In three months I’ll be upgraded to work in a business class. After four, five years of flying for company you can progress to first class or become a Senior Stewardess or later a Purser (person who is in charge of the flight after flight deck crew). In time you can even become a Cabin Crew Manager.

Where did you like it most? I love New Zealand because of the countryside, Hong Kong because of the vibe of the city, I love New York because it is a city which will never stop amazing me, I love doing the shopping there and in Singapore. I love eating and going for a massage in Bangkok in Thailand, a country of smiles. I love coming back to Australia because I always have a good time there. I also love coming back to Europe, because it is my home. There are lot of places where I love coming back and some places where I didn’t like it so much. But I still haven’t been everywhere.

What do you plan to do later? I plan to stay the next year and a half approx. I’d love to save some money and I’d travel a bit still. Afterward I plan to go back to Prague and I love to do something what I was studying for. I’d love to work in magazine or any type of media. I also plan on improving my blog. What advice do you have for other women who dream of becoming a flight attendant? It is a nice experience for those who want to travel and have a nice lifestyle, save some money, big airlines companies provide that. You will see a lot of places and will have amazing experiences but most of the time you will spend in a hotel, and as I mentioned you have to deal with the lack of sleep and a lot of people. As in every job, there is always something good and something bad about it.

How do you cope with a little sleep/jet lag/dry air-skin problems? That really is an issue. I need a regime: eat, sleep, exercise regularly and it is quite difficult. People deal with it differently. I try to plan my sleep, to count hours but most of the time I end up not sleeping for more than 24 hours without even realizing it. There is a really dry air on board so I use good and expensive cosmetic products. I also eat healthy and exercise in my free time. I do yoga and go to the gym, recently I have started to learn how to surf.


“the SKY is the limit”

CARRY me ON! your travel beauty must haves

1. energy point balm The Body Shop, 2. hand gel Oriflame, 3. EdT Diamonds Rose Armani, 4. thermal spring water spray Avène, 5. bronzing beauty balm Stila, 6. cooling foot spray Avon, 7. antiperspirant Nivea, 8. cleansing wipes Bourjois, 9. hydrating face serum Bioderma, 10. dry shampoo Lee Stafford, 11. lip balm Labello, 12. hand cream L’Occitane

1. 2.


4. 3.

6. click 2buy



9. 10.



11. On flight restrictions

Liquid, aerosol or gel products must be in containers of max. 100 ml/g, 1 liter all together. The containers must be carried together in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, and must be sealed for an inspection before you get on board.


better life

19 TRAVEL reasons to

Have you always meant to travel, but just never quite got around to it? Now it’s the time to pack your bags and explore the world. There are plenty of reasons why.

1. Your social skills will improve. You’ll find you’re able to talk to strangers as if

5. You will get a confidence boost, because you are more likely to do things you never

you’ve known them all your life!

tried before while on holiday.

2. You’ll get unforgettable memories. And plenty of different experiences that can’t be

6. You can get away from it all, which is a good start to finding your own niche in life if

bought and they stay forever.

necessary. Traveling is also a great stress buster.


7. Traveling teaches you how to live

It opens your mind. Getting to know various life styles and possibilities abroad will give you the new options.

with less. With just one suitcase you realize you

don’t really need much in your life.

4. You will spend some time out of

8. It will give you the motivation to step away from your daily routine, and teach you how

as a person.

to live for the moment.

your comfort zone, which will help shape you

9. You may learn new skills. Whether it’s kayaking, climbing or crossing a gorge, you’ll certainly have heaps of fun!

10. Your travels will make a great

conversation opener. People will always want to hear interesting things that happened to you.

11. It gives you a sense of fulfillment,

when you finally see parts of the world you have always wanted to visit.


“the world is a BOOK and those who don’t travel read only one page”

12. It will let you see your life from

16. It gives you an opportunity to do things you love, which will make you feel good

appreciate all you’ve got.

about yourself.

13. It prepares you for challenges in life, when you see how people from all walks of

17. You can learn new languages. It still counts if ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ is all you can

a different perspective and make you

life deal with similar situations.

say after your journey!

14. You can explore unique tastes by savoring all the different flavors the world has

18. You will learn to adapt and improvise. While traveling, sometimes you will need to make adjustments in order to get things done.

to offer.

19.the You will feel free, as nothing can 15. You can make friends with the peobeat feeling that the world is all yours, just ple you meet from all over the world - and maybe waiting to be discovered!

visit them after some time again.


click 2buy




all around the

Enjoy the hottest, hippest destinations with these first hand tips and recommendations. If not this summer, then anytime you feel like it!


BEST TIME TO VISIT in the summer, when you can enjoy beautiful beaches and practice a lot of sports outside EAT stop by at Baixo Gávea, a street full of bars where people go before clubbing TRY boat ‘pedalinho' in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, visit local ZOO and the Nacional Museum DON’T FORGET TO PACK light clothes only and some insect repellent

recommended by Soraya M. from

This city is one big cultural melting pot. You can find all and every type of people here, all kinds of music and food too. There are beautiful beaches to enjoy during the day and lots of clubs and restaurant to have some fun during the night.


recommended by Denise L. from

One of the biggest and busiest cities in Asia offers everything at one small place - everything is at your fingertips and if not, it never takes longer than 30 minutes to get anywhere. And the food is just delicious at expensive restaurants as well as on the streets. 55

BEST TIME TO VISIT November, when sales start and the weather is not too hot and not too cold EAT at any cha chaan teng - local fast food restaurants that serve traditional cheap HK dishes TRY shopping at night markets and one day trip to Macau BEST SOUVENIR stylish fashion for a great price DON’T FORGET TO PACK comfortable shoes and lots of money for great shopping

“explore, dream, DISCOVER”

PARIS, France

BEST TIME TO VISIT Paris is the loveliest in the spring EAT try tarte au citron at La Patisserie des Reves, grab a quick meal at Creperie le Minos, have the best ice cream at Amorino TRY rent a bike and take a leisurely cruise along the Seine BEST SOUVENIR Ladurée Macrons DON’T FORGET TO PACK comfortable - and stylish - shoes

recommended by Cee F. from

Walking the streets of Paris is like walking through a museum. Its architecture and stylish women will leave you breathless. Best place to watch it all is from the terrace at Printemps department store.

CEBU, Philipines recommended by Eden V. from

BEST TIME TO VISIT during the summer Sinulog Festival TRY butanding (swimming with whale sharks), island-hopping, trekking in Osmena Peak EAT try the Carcar lechon (roasted suckling pig) at The Bada or Feria restaurant BEST SOUVENIRS dried mangoes, a worldwide hit

Cebu has got everything you might want or need all in one island. A bustling city, incredible beaches and a countryside, warm and friendly people, great hotels, low prices.


recommended by Martha D. from

Lovely weather all year round, cool parties every night, longest white beaches, excellent food, fantastic shopping, nice people. What more do you need? Enjoy the diversity of the city and the vibe that it creates.


BEST TIME TO VISIT February, to escape the harsh winters everywhere else EAT try authentic Cuban food at the world famous Versailles Cafe ENJOY beaches, shopping at Sawgrass Mills, live basketball game, partying in Washington Avenue BEST SOUVENIR bronze tan DON’T FORGET TO PACK sexy bikini


BEST TIME TO VISIT pick your date, as the weather is great all year round EAT great food at The Coastal Settlement, check out The Tiramisu Hero for custom made desserts TRY local delights like Hokkien Mee, Laksa, the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice and durians at Geylang is a must GO to Haji Lane, where all young and hippie crowds go for shopping

recommended by Peggy CH. from

An interesting mixture of culture and races made this city a very unique place to be. It’s also very clean and safe and one of the best for shopping. Find out more about multi ethnic city by visiting places like Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam.


recommended by Bethany S. from

The city of angels isn’t just Hollywood! Every part of LA has a different personality and is worth to visit. Go to Venice, enjoy a picnic at Echo Park, go up to the Griffith observatory. And of course, shop on Melrose!

BEST TIME TO VISIT spring or summer, when there’s is the most fun to enjoy EAT try dip ramen at Ikemen in Hollywood, or go to In-N-Out for a traditional hamburger. TRY to catch a movie at the Hollywood cemetery. It’s always a fun experience to go with friends BEST SOUVENIR a picture with some famous celebrity DON’T FORGET TO PACK your camera - the sunsets are the ones you won’t want to miss

BEST TIME TO VISIT June, so you can celebrate Santo António with all the locals ENJOY have a drink at Pensão do Amor or Pavilhão Chinês, and then go to LUX, definitely the best place in town to go out at night TRY wine testing and a typical beverage called ‘ginginha’ BEST SOUVENIR a traditional cock ‘galo de Barcelos’, a beloved symbol of Portugal

LISBON, Portugal

recommended by Pépa X. from

The capital of Portugal has got it all - enjoy beaches and sunset walks by the river, explore the old center, discover flea market Feira da Ladra, try typical food, go to Sintra, have dinner with Fado music...


“every person is a new door to a different WORLD”


BEST TIME TO VISIT spring time or fall when the city turns the most beautiful EAT my fave is ‘Alcaravea’ near the university, but there are a lot of good restaurants like Miyama Castellana, Zalacaín, Casa Botín,... TRY on Sunday, you have to go to the ‘Rastro’ market, to discover a lot of lovely vintage things or just get lost in the picturesque little streets of the ancient Madrid

recommended by Elena V. from

Best known for its beautiful architecture, every building in this city is a piece of art. The bigger one is the Royal Palace, the largest palace in Europe. If you prefet to relax, go to any of its large parks or taste traditional ‘tapas’.




far far away


girls Two sisters, two different countries, one love for traveling. Alla and Marianna Boguslavsky share their experiences and some great tips for lovely holidays.

I never travel without

The best garment to wear on the plane

my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

is maxi dress.

My last holiday

After a long flight

in South Africa with my family.

I do yoga.

My dream holiday destination

My best discovery abroad

Santorini, Greece

Sentosa Island in Singapore.

My favorite type of holiday

My ideal travel companion

is a mixture of beach and sightseeing.

my husband.

My best holiday memories

The passport stamp I’m most proud of

unexpected moments, new discoveries and the people I’ve met along the way.

is from Thailand.

My packing tip Take comfortable shoes only!

On holiday I like to discover little restaurants with phenomenal food, chill by the pool with cocktails and wander around a new city.

The best thing about living in Dubai I love how culturally vibrant it is

My favorite place to eat in Dubai Salmontini at Mall of Emirates - they have the best sushi and salmon in the city! The mosque, Emirates palace, The corniche, The creek, Bur Dubai, Dubai shopping mall

Marianna ates Dubai, The Arab Emir 59


Musts see in the Arab Emirates

“the EARTH is what we all have in common”

Alla Africa Cape Town, South I never travel without my camera, GHD, and Clarins tinted moisturizer (those long flights leave you looking weary).

My last holiday was a three-week trip across Italy with my friends.

My dream holiday destination either New York City or a Ski Austria holiday.

My favorite type of holiday where I’m exploring a new country, a new culture, and new food.

My ideal travel companion

My best holiday memories the unplanned adventures that you least expect.

someone who is easy to travel with and up for some fun and adventure.

The best garment to wear on the plane

The passport stamp I’m most proud of

comfortable shorts, a loose top, and open shoes.

is from Yugoslavia (I traveled to compete in the Karate World Championships).

After a long flight

My packing tip

I do some exploring around the hotel and then try to catch up on sleep.

If you’re traveling in summer, pack dresses – they don’t take up a lot of space and you can pull out a dress each day and have an outfit ready immediately.

My best discovery abroad authentic Italian gelato (especially the gelato at the Venchi chocolate store in Florence).

On holiday I like to do what the locals do, not just the tourist activities and sights.

The best thing about living in Cape Town All the special events, festivals, and food markets – there is always something exciting happening there.

My favorite place to eat in Cape Town Sevruga at the V&A Waterfront is my favorite place for sushi, dim sum, and cocktails.

Musts visit in South Africa In Cape Town, the must see sights are Table Mountain, wine farms in Stellenbosch, the V&A Waterfront, and Camps Bay beach.





Best books to enjoy by the pool, in the plane, on the road...

An insider’s look at an Asian jet-set; a perfect depiction of the clash between old money and new money - and a fabulous novel about what it means to be young, in love, and gloriously, crazily rich. The follow-up to the sensational #1 bestseller The Devil Wears Prada is here! Andy has met the love of her life and with her friend Emily started a wedding magazine. Yet everything isn’t as perfect as it seems...

An epic trip filled with fun, heartbreak, and friendship, that explores what it takes to conquer your worst fears . . . so you can start again after the perfect marriage and living your future. A touching journey into the heart of marriage revealing the days leading up to the wedding, love will be questioned, scandals will arise, and hearts will be broken and healed.

Three half-sisters. Three months. One summer house. Story of relationships among the girls scattered across the country — and their grandmother determined to help them rediscover their family bonds. Grace Stanton’s life as a rising media star and beloved lifestyle blogger takes a surprising turn when she catches her husband cheating and torpedoes his pricey sports car straight into the family swimming pool.


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“books are a hard-bound DRUG with no danger of an overdose” All four women are desperate not just for a reunion, but for an escape: And an all-expense-paid week at a luxury villa in Jamaica is the invitation of a lifetime for a group of old college friends. A totally perfect beach read with some superficial drama, happy endings, and glimpses into the privileged lifestyle of three sisters forced to confront the past over one event-filled summer on the island.

A quick, light-hearted, funny contemporary romance with a sympathetic heroine and a super-hot hero gives a great illustration of how someone goes from a bitter divorce to being in love again. A fun, sassy, southern, sexy tale about friendships and accepting people for who they are and are not, involves a bit of mystery, but love and romance can’t be missing too.

Sharp and witty story brings an unforgettable sneak peek into an exclusive behind-the-scenes drama that occurs over the course of one TV development season. A deeply involving story of a gifted designer whose talent and drive have brought her everything—except the ability to erase her past and trust relationships.

The story of three former best friends is set among the sunsets and dunes, where reunited at the beach town of their past are encouraged to explore new experiences they would never otherwise attempt. Experience the sultry Southern atmosphere of Atlanta and the magic of the Carolina Lowcountry in this funny and poignant tale of one audacious woman’s quest to find the love she deserves.




“enjoy LIFE now, this is not a rehearsal”

things to do in

to enjoy it fully



Get lighter during the ‘fruits only’ weekend. Enjoy the fresh taste of raw meals and feel better.


Visit your local ZOO and adopt or sponsor an animal you like the most.


Learn how to prepare a mojito or other summer cocktail and invite your friends for a drink.


Ignore your TV. Beautiful weather and people outside make much better entertainment.


Protect your hair against the sun rays with the right hair products with SPF.


It’s a flower season! Bring some home to make it more beautiful and fresh.


Enjoy long summer nights with a great friend or a book (see p. 61-62).


Try some new water sport, like paddle-boarding or kite-surfing to get in shape and have fun.


Replace your foundation for a light version of BB cream. Feel the music and have some fun at an open-air music festival.



fashion horoscope

“not all who wander are LOST�

23. July - 22. August

Your powerful and dominating personality likes luxurious, rare, exclusive designer pieces and has a flare for fur, leather, gold and animal prints. Image means everything to you and only the best can satisfy your very sophisticated taste. Your style is dramatic, fashionable and of top quality, but you simply have the talent to look perfect by nature. Style: knee-length skirts, tailor made jackets, long wide trousers, glamorous dresses, daring patterns, gold jewelry

Colors: gold, bronze, warm hues of yellow, orange and red, any bold color combination Beauty: expensive face creams, bath oils, red lipstick, bright colors, high quality hair products, metallic nail polishes, self-tanner, romantic sexy perfumes Miss Selfridge


La Mer


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J.Crew New Look

New Look




fashion horoscope

“stars can’t SHINE without darkness”

23. August - 22. September

You have a wonderful eye for detail and combining beauty and functionality, you like neat, and feminine look even when wearing the most casual outfits. You have the ability to look stylish just by sticking to the basics and most of your closet contents are high quality timeless pieces. Yet, there is always a place for one of a kind whether it’s shoes, bags or purses. Style: long, light dresses with cardigan, office suits, Greek style sandals, timeless classics, refined watch, simple and functional accessories Colors: black, white, dark-blue, pink and orange, browns, earthy greens, cream

Beauty: natural cosmetics, neutral eye shades, mineral make up, translucent lip gloss, olive oil hair products, floral fragrances t

River Island


Estée Lauder

Miss Selfridge




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River Island


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Bella Magazine Summer 2013  

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