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Why Does Business Website Need Dedicated Server

For majority of business owners running small businesses or personal websites, the shared hosting is definitely the best option. But, if you need security with ability to customize the hosting environment according to your needs, you need to have something more – you need dedicated hosting. Dedicated web hosting is a type of web hosting where the entire web server including all software is leased out to a single client. Once you rent a web server under it, you don’t need to share it with any other websites. You are free to choose the Operating System (OS) that will run on your server. Moreover, you are free to choose your preferred software. It gives you impeccable security coupled with independence.

It is definitely costly than other forms of hosting, but if you compare it on the scale of benefits Vs. cost it works out better. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is another option for you. The physical characteristics of a VPS are somewhat similar to shared hosting. A single web server is used to host many websites. However, virtualization technology is used to make all websites run independently. Even more than one Operating Systems (OS) can be used to run different websites on the same terminal. Additionally, the scalability and flexibility inherent in VPS is simply impressive. You may ask – if VPS with almost same capabilities is available at affordable price, why should I choose dedicated hosting? The answer is those words – almost similar capabilities. Even though it has similar look and feel to dedicated, it is not that much powerful and secure. Irrespective of development in the virtualization technologies, your business website needs more. If your business can afford this kind of hosting, you should go for it.

Following are some reasons why you should choose dedicated hosting: 1. Independence: Your website will run independently over the web server hired by you. It is dedicated for your use only. The inherent independence associated with dedicated server offers lots of benefits. The first is the freedom to choose any Operating System. You are free to choose your own preferred OS. Then, there is complete freedom to use software you want. In shared hosting, you have to accept the bundle of software as provided by the hosting company. 2. Keeping your website ahead: Your online business has something peculiar, isn’t it? It has its unique requirement. During the development phase, you have passed its unique requirement to your developers. But, what about hosting? With shared hosting, you have to accept what has been offered by the service providers. The case is more or less similar with VPS. But, here at dedicated hosting you will enjoy the impressive freedom. You can develop your hosting environment as per your needs and requirements.

3. Security: The biggest problem with shared hosting is security threat. When you are sharing the web server space with many other websites, you can’t expect it to be strong enough to counter a sophisticated hacking attempt. The DDoS attack on shared hosting environment is quite common. The situation is, again, more or less same with virtual private server. You can’t take risk if your website needs security. What if your website is supposed to be a platform for making financial transactions like an e-commerce website? Can you take the risk? It is because of this fact that almost all business websites prefer dedicated web hosting over any other.

4. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process through which the visibility of your website is enhanced in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Google has clearly said that there is no impact on search engine ranking because of shared hosting. But, the question remains because of the very technical nature of shared hosting. First of all the IP address of your web server will also be shared by all other websites using the same platform. Consider a situation where majority of websites sharing this server are spams. Will Google allows so much spam from a single IP address. What if a website blocks the IP address to control the spam and in effect also blocks you. In a nutshell, if you want to remain in the safe side in the online world, you need to consider dedicated website hosting. Though if the online business you are running can afford it. 5. Performance: In the world of hosting environment, the performance depends on the quality of software, hardware, and other accessories. Here with dedicated hosting you can choose everything as per requirement. Almost all hosting companies also endeavor to provide impeccable performance for their dedicated client including high speed, great bandwidth, prudent handling of load issues. These are five top criteria why you should use dedicated web hosting. It is definitely costly, but if your website needs to handle high amount of traffic and also requires security you need to consider dedicated hosting.

Why Does Business Website Need Dedicated Server  

Dedicated hosting is costly, but it is also the best available hosting platform. It provides high security coupled with amazing scalability...

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