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...with the Draper Therapeutic Dog Bed Our Plush Dog Bed delivers increased circulation and oxygenation to combat stiffness, soreness, and age related ailments, keeping him happy, healthy, and energetic. The removable, washable therapeutic cover has a heavy gauge nylon bottom for durability. The insert offers padding that can be rejuvenated with a few quick fluffs. It is available in charcoal gray. You can purchase this and see the entire line of therapeutic products at or call toll free 1-800-808-7707 to place an order.

...he’ll also feel the benefits from our Dog Jacket!

;I8G<I:8E@E<K?<I8GP KD

visit us at C


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Editor In Chief & Art Director Sheri-lyn Traylor Contributors Leah Bauer Booker Cerissa Dillow Jennifer Fadal Rob Gottron Pamela S. Hogle Dr. Tiffany Rimar Angelica Steinker Dr. Jeannie Thomason Sara Wilson Photography Lisa Presnail - Jennifer Hague - Tanya Sharkey - Web Editor Benjamin Gordon Exclusively Distributed by Source Interlink Companies Cover Photo: “RONAN” Lisa Presnail - Cover dog is “Ronan” a former street dog found full of parasites, a badly healed broken leg and surviving on whatever garbage he could find to eat. Christy Layton, DVM from Timberlane Pet Hospital & Resort in Plant City, Florida found him and gave a second lease on life. Because of her kind heart, surgeries to repair his leg, much love and patience, Ronan became available for adoption. When Ronan’s story broke, he became an instant local celebrity and word spread that he was in need of a loving home. After two years in a veterinary bording facility, Ronan finally found his forever home. He is as happy as happy can be thanks to the loving hearts that guided him to the path he’s on now...forever! Letters to the editor to: For Subscription inquiries: (727) 289-3170 Email: Purchase on the web: Dealer Inquiries BellaDOG Magazine is available at a discount for resale in retail shops and through various organizations. Call (727) 289-3170 BellaDOG Magazine P.O. Box 66406 St. Pete Beach, FL 33736 Phone: (727) 289-3170 • Fax: (727) 289-3905 “I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter...the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. “God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t you do something?” God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly. “I have done something,” He replied. “I created You.” ~Jim Willis Copyright 2011 by BellaDOG Magazine. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, electronic or mechanical, including the internet without the written permission of the Publisher.

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When you get to the Pearly Gate of Heaven, don’t forget to look down to the base for the Doggie Door because all dogs go to Heaven. Doggie Door If you read the last Solid Gold ad explaining the damage that GMO (not God Move Over) but genetically modified organism did to chickens/ eggs and crops, then you know that there are far-reaching consequences. 90% of all corn has been Genetically Modified to be unable to reproduce (called Terminator Corn). This forced farmers to buy new corn every year rather than saving this year’s seeds to plant next year. This Terminator Corn was fed to some chickens in the mid-west, it weakened their immune systems. Their eggs became infected with salmonella poisoning and the eggs were recalled. Soon after, the chickens died of salmonella poison. The farmers ground up the chickens and sold them to some dog food companies. Solid Gold has never had a chicken-based dry dog food. A few years ago, we were going to put one out. But then came the bird/avian flu and chicken-based foods were pulled off the shelves. Solid Gold waited for years for safety reasons. In the spring of 2010, Solid Gold Sundancer chicken-based dog food was being developed. Suddenly, the news warned that chicken-based dry dog foods were pulled off the shelves due to chicken salmonella poisoning. Two well-known American dog foods were banned worldwide. Then, things got worse. Some mills didn’t clean out their machines after they made the chicken-based dog foods. So when the venison, duck or rabbit food became cross-contaminated with salmonella, dogs got sick. They were told to clean out their warehouses and ran big sales to get rid of the food quickly. They couldn’t tell which were contaminated and which were not. If you had a dirty pot in your kitchen, you wouldn’t put food into it until you cleaned it out. But some dog food companies did just that. History – In 1975, Solid Gold produced the first natural dog food in the U.S., Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken (lamb & fish). It had been a top seller in Germany for 20 years. Then, other dog foods copied us. In 1985, Solid Gold produced the first holistic dog food in the U.S. Fish is the only source of protein at 18%. It is called Holistique Blendz and it is suitable for older dogs and dogs with a white coat, who do well on reduced protein due to photo-aging. Other dog food companies copied us. In 2000, we produced the first bison and salmon dog food – Wolf King, Wolf Cub and Just a Wee Bit for the smaller dog. We used only hook and line caught wild salmon. If small salmon were caught, they were thrown back. Other companies copied us. But they used big nets. Soon, Alaskan wild caught salmon were fished out. We were told that only farmed salmon was now available. We said “NEVER.” Farmed salmon are fed GMO Terminator Corn. The corn can’t reproduce. The salmon which were fed this, are sterile and cannot reproduce. The dogs fed this salmon also cannot reproduce. That was the end of wild caught Alaskan Salmon. A lady who raises Pomeranians said that for the last two years, she had not been able to get any litters. She had fed a salmon based dog food, which was fed GMO corn. Solid Gold now gets its fish from the cold-waters of the East Coast- nothing farmed. (Atlantic salmon oil) Some poultry farms sold the chicken manure to farmers. Within a few months, cilantro and celery from these farms were recalled for salmonella poisoning. Some dairy farms bought the chicken manure for their pastures. The cows developed pus in their udders, developed cancer tumors and died young. Whenever Solid Gold feels that chicken is safe to use, you will see our sparkling purple Sundancer bags. We are also introducing Chia/Salba ingredients into the food. Chia is called the Ancient Grain of the Future. Chia is frequently seen as a clay head with green grasses growing out of it. But it is much more than a decoration. Chia has the ability for endurance, and when mixed with water, it heals wounds. It helps with diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions and bone and joint problems. Solid Gold uses hermetically sealed/vacuumed packaged bags, so we don’t use any chemical preservatives. After you open the bag, close it with a clothes pins or bag clips. Do not pour the contents out into another container. Pouring exposes it to air. Solid Gold is the best pet food you can feed your dog. Look for Sundancer this spring. To receive a free catalogue and a list of stores near you, call (619)258-7356, M, W, F 10am to 5pm, California time. NOW FOR A CUTE STORY Farmer Jones was the most negative man in the world. Farmer Smith was his next door neighbor and a very happy fellow. “Ain’t a beautiful day?” Farmer Smith would smile “Huh! “replied Farmer Jones “If it don’t rain soon, the corns going to burn” Next day: Ain’t’ it nice it’s raining? asks Farmer Smith, “Huh! If it don’t stop soon the corn’s going to drown” replied Farmer Jones. One thing the two had in common was their love of duck hunting. They would compete vigoursly every day and took pride in their hunting dogs. Yes, every year Farmer Jones proved to be the best man with the best dogs. Then, one year, Farmer Smith got the best hunting dog he had ever come across.“Just wait until Farmer Jones sees this-he’s gotta say something positive.” And so they went duck hunting. As luck would have it, a flock of ducks flew overhead, Farmer Smith took a shot and a duck dropped right in the middle of the pond. “Watch this.” he grinned at Farmer Jones. “Dawg-go get that duck” he ordered his new dog. The dog ran nimbly to the edge of the pond, and without breaking stride, walked on top of the water, picked the duck up, walked back to shore and deposited the duck at Farmer Smith’s feet, with not a feather out of place. “Well” smiled Farmer Smith “What do you think of my new dog?” “Huh!” answered Farmer Jones “dumb dog can’t even swim.” Solid Gold is the only dog food company that is a member of the Organic Trade Association, the American Nutraceutical Association, the Medicinal Food Association, Nutraceutical Foods Association and the Life Extension Association.

For a catalog or store near you, call or email us at: (619) 258-7356 or (619) 258-1914 (M-F 10-5 PST) or E-mail us at or Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, the Holistic Animal Nutrition Center 1331 N. Cuyamaca El Cajon, CA 92020

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the new generation of dog lovers

Welcome to the 5th edition of BellaDOG Magazine. Welcome also to a new age of the ten thousand year old relationship between us dog parents and our astounding companions. Our evolution has been profound. No longer do we refer to ourselves as “owners.” We own furniture, not dogs. No longer are we content with providing just food and shelter. We’re now aware of the importance of exercise in all its forms. Interaction in all its varieties. The mental as well as the physical health of our furry children. This newly formed commitment has emerged, wonderfully, from a new awareness of what some within our species are doing to our four-legged friends. But their abuse has increased our compassion. Their neglect only strengthens our love. At no time has our culture been as attentive to the needs of our pets. Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Rescue Corps, Dogs Deserve Better, The Whole Foods Journal and so many other incredible organizations have thankfully joined together with a mountain of fire and compassion to reach one goal - to better the lives of our animals.

Leah Bauer Booker

Leah Bauer Booker is a professional dog behaviorist. She has owned and operated Attaboy Dog Obedience and Behavior since 2004. Leah believes that every dog is a good dog. Her services are tailored to give you the knowledge and tools you need to become a Pack Leader to your dog so you’ll have the happy, balanced dog you always wanted! Leah lives in and operates her business in Tampa, Florida with her husband, their daughter, 2 American Pit Bull Terriers and 5 black cats. She offers her animal behavior knowledge to BellaDOG through her writing.

Cerissa Dillow

Cerissa is passionate about 2 things - animals and design and she always strives to be up on the latest trends for life AND our furry friends. At 13 she became the first employee of Salty Paws, a Pet Boutique (Located in Fishermen’s Village, Punta Gords, FL) that she now owns. Cerissa cheerfully dubs, Salty Paws as “a pet paradise for dog and cat lovers.” Cerissa earned her degree in Studio Art from The University of South Florida and has extensive training in retail buying. She adds life to BellaDOG Magazine by being our Product Guru!

Jennifer Fadal

After having worked in both the private & non-profit sector, Jennifer Fadal was drawn back to her one true passion - animals. She has now become The Pet Wellness & Lifestyle expert in the Tampa Bay Area & is the Founder of Wag the Dog, Inc., a Pet Health & Lifestyle Boutique. She is also an advocate for numerous animal rescue organizations & can be seen on FOX, NBC and ABC. She can be seen twice a month on Daytime, a syndicated show watched nationwide Jenn is also a pet correspondent for Better TV. Her articles on pet wellness and lifestyle can be found on many online sites and publications.

Jennifer Hague

Pet Photographer Jennifer Hague’s passion is documenting the innocent and unique personalities of pets. She regularly volunteers and offers her photography services to local shelters and rescues, helping adoptable dogs gain exposure and become adopted more quickly. Jennifer studied Journalism and graduated from the University of Central Missouri. Her photography career began when she offered photo restoration services. She eventually started to offer photography services and quickly learned that photographing pets was her ultimate passion.

And this magazine and its readers stand with them. We will no longer allow those who regard dogs as secondary beings to harm them. We will no longer look the other way as companies profit from the proliferation of unhealthy nutrition. We will do our best to learn what needs to be learned in order to care for dogs at a level previous generations simply couldn’t attain. We promise to feature no product that will not benefit your dog. No service that will not contribute to his vigor and health. We’ll show you the safest toys, the kindest, most effective training tips, new ways to safely treat particular health conditions and In short, everything you need to be the kind of pet parent we know you want to be. This is what we stand for. This is who we are. A new generation of dog lovers. And the best friends our best friends can possibly have.

~Scott & Sheri-lyn Traylor, Publishers 6

BellaDOG Magazine

Pam Hogle

Pam is an experienced writer and editor, with more than 15 years of professional copy editing, technical writing, and marketing writing experience. She holds master’s degrees in journalism and in human-canine life sciences. Her forthcoming book, No Bad Dogma, describes how dogs develop their thinking and problem-solving skills - and how we can improve our relationships with them by guiding them as they learn. The Thinking Dog blog, now part of BellaDOG’s Website, is an outgrowth of Pam’s work on her book. Check it out!

Lisa Presnail

Lisa is especially passionate about homeless pets, and has blended her love of pet photography with boudoir photography to create ‘Little Pet Project, Going All The Way For A Stray’, which is designed to raise interest and generate support for homeless pets. Boutique style photo sessions are custom tailored to her paying clients, while Lisa works tirelessly to provide “glamour” shoots free of charge of homeless dogs so that they might have an edge in an all too crowded marketplace. Lisa’s free time is spent fostering, fundraising and providing marketing material for animal rescues and shelters.

Tanya Sharkey

Avid animal lover, Tanya has worked in animal shelters and veterinary clinics for a good part of her working career. She and husband Michael have two human children as well as ten ‘fur kids’(eight kitties and two pups). A handful? Yes, but she wouldn’t change a thing! Tanya has two great passions in life - photography and pets and has successfully combined them in her “Tails Collection” where she captures true souls of her furry subjects by getting down on their level and having fun with their personalities. She adores animals and they are her favorite subject to photograph. Tanya is our International Photo Journalist!

Angelica Steinker

Angelica has over 15 years of dog training experience, and specializes in: Aggression, Agility, Rally Obedience, Learning and Behavior. She has a Master’s Degree in Educationand has written two books -Agility Success and Click and Play Agility, along with many published articles. She is endorsed by National Dog Obedience Instructors and the International Institute of Applied Companion Animal Behavior and is certified as a Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

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D o g

Puppy Tweets! Puppy Tweets™is the electronic dog tag that sends messages to your home computer, then Tweets to you! Puppy Tweets™ is a tag with a sound and motion sensor that you attach to your pet’s dog collar and connect its USB receiver to your computer.

B i t e s

Ever wonder what your pet is doing while your away? Whenever your dog moves or barks, the Puppy Tweets™ tag detects it and sends a Tweet via Twitter. You can follow your dog’s Twitter feed on your computer or smart phone all day. Puppy Tweets™ is a great way to brighten any pet owner’s day!

P r oj e c t F un ! Build Your Own Four-Poster Dog Bed!

Dogs communicate with their tail. A wag can mean many things. An aggressive dog may wag his tail, but it will be held high and move rapidly. A playful dog will also hold his tail high, but it will be wagging in big arches from side to side. Meanwhile, a dog that is afraid will hold his tail low and may wag it stiffly back and forth.

Dogs will make you healthier - Here’s a few facts!

You’ll need to have your dog’s bed cushion on hand, and build the project to accommodate the cushion’s size. This project measures 16” x 21” for a small dog. To adjust the design for larger dogs, substitute the bun feet and mounting plates with furniture glides, which will shift the weight closer to the ground, and adjust lumber as needed. 1. Add 1 1/2 inches to the width and depth of your dog’s bed cushion. Cut one piece of plywood to those dimensions to create the bed’s floorboard. 2. Position the square end of a table leg in each corner of the floorboard. The outside edges should be flush. Attach the legs to the floorboard using wood glue and 4d nails.

If you want to live a healthier life get a dog. Dr. Deborah Wells a psychologist from Queen’s University, Belfast, said dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Writing in the British Journal of Health Psychology, she revealed how pet owners tended to generally be in better health than the average person. Dog owners have fewer minor ailments and serious medical problems. It’s long been theorised that dogs can aid recovery from serious illnesses such as heart attacks, and it’s now well proven that dogs can spot oncoming illness, even the presence of cancer or an impending seizure. Having a dog can help children develop better social skills. Researchers at the University of Leicester, UK, discovered that children up to the age of six, living in pet-owning families have better social skills, better speech, better co-ordination, more confidence and will be less likely to suffer from allergies by the time they start their second year of school.

IPhone App for the Socially Minded Dog Owner A useful app for the socially minded dog owner is the Dog Park Finder, which puts the content of into a mobile-friendly format. The free version of the iPhone app shows the location of roughly 2,600 dog parks, including those closest to you. Dog Park Finder Plus ($2) adds about 2,500 dog-friendly hiking spots and beaches. (Hey Walkies, a highly rated and free iPhone app, offers similar features, but is limited to New York City users.)

MAKE A MOTION SICKNESS AND TRAVEL STRESS TREATMENT •B-complex, low-potency vitamins (5 to 20 mg) •1/16 tsp. sodium ascorbate powder (250 mg vitamin C) •10,000 I.U. vitamin A capsules (with 400 I.U. vitamin D) •Peppermint tea or capsules Starting two weeks ahead of your trip, give your pet the Bcomplex and vitamin C every day. Give about 5 milligrams of B complex to a cat; 5 to 20 milligrams to a dog, depending on size. Give a single vitamin A and D capsule once a week. Double or triple these dosages for large dogs. If motion sickness begins to occur during the trip, give your pet some peppermint tea (available at many restaurants) or peppermint capsules, which will help to settle its stomach. Use one capsule for a cat; one to three capsules for a dog.

Guinness Book of Worlds Records 2011 M o s t Pl a s t i c Bottles Re c y c l e d by a Dog!

It may not be easy being green, but Tubby is doing his part. The ecominded Labrador has recycled an estimated 26,000 plastic bottles over the past six years by fetching (and crushing) them on walks and passing them on (slobber and all) to his owner, Sandra Gilmore.

3. Measure the distance between the legs (near the floorboard) on the two sides and one end of the bed. Cut a 1 x 4 x 4 board to those lengths. Attach the three pieces to the legs and to the floorboard using wood glue and corner braces. 4. On the remaining end of the bed, measure the distance between the legs. Cut a second piece of plywood to this length to create a headboard. If desired, draw a decorative pattern at the top of the headboard, and cut it using a jigsaw. Attach the headboard to the legs and to the floorboard using wood glue and corner braces. 5. Turn the project upside down, and attach a straight-top mounting plate to each corner of the floorboard. Screw the bun feet into the plates. 6. Turn the project right side up, and glue a dowel plug to the top of each table leg. Allow glue to dry. 7. Fill all holes with wood filler, and sand smooth. Prime and paint the completed project, allowing each coat to dry. For detailed directions:


BellaDOG Magazine


In any city, dog waste is a major problem. A city in Israel, however, has come up with an ingenious solution. The city of Petah Tikva is requiring dog owners to bring in samples of doggie doo to get a city dog license. In the future, if a dog leaves its calling card and the poo patrol scoops it up, they run it against their database and the dog’s owner gets fined. As an added incentive for owners to take in their own dog’s poo rather than that of their neighbors, the owners get pet food coupons and dog toys.

! R E N N I W

Cutest Dog Contest

The Longest To n g u e o n a D o g !

With a tongue measuring 4.5 inches long, Puggy, the lovable Pekingese pooch from Texas, licks the competition clean. He even has his own website to show off his big slab of bologna!


We held a “Cutest Puppy 2011” Contest on the BellaDOG Magazine Facebook Page (any age could enter since they’re all pups to us) and Bailey took the most votes from our fans! Congratulations Bailey!!!! This is what Bailey’s mom Judy says about him: - Bailey’s favorite toy is his rubber piggy that oinks when he bites it. - Since Bailey was a puppy, his left ear has always flopped over making him a very unique and adorableYorkie dog. - When he is curious or excited, he sticks out the tip of his tongue and tilts his head to the side.

D o g

- The noises he produces are quite expressive! it’s as if he wants to talk to us. - He likes to stand up on his hind legs and wave his arms by the sides of his ears when he gets very excited about something that is happening! We call this “Bailey Flippers”. - Bailey’s best doggie friend is his stepsister “Fuzzie”. Together, they enjoy running around Fuzzie’s yard while chasing each other and racing to see who can get to the tennis ball first when it’s thrown. Bailey’s Mom is Judy Failla from Brandford, Connecticut Thanks to Zukes for supplying a terrific gift basket for Bailey to enjoy!

BellaDOG Magazine


B i t e s


Red Palm Oil

The Upcoming “Healthy ” Oil for Your Pets ~Thomas Bankstahl DVM Parkway Animal Hospital, Clinton Township,

E Y E v i e w

cellular function and differentiation. Red palm fruit oil contains beta carotene, alpha carotene, lycopene and phytoene. Beta carotene can be converted to vitamin A as required by the body. Alpha carotene can also be converted to vitamin A and has been found in human medicine to be superior in the inhibition of some forms of cancer in cellculture studies. Many people are aware of corn oil, salmon oil, and flax seed oil.  However, red palm fruit oil is just starting to gain popularity among the human and animal markets.  Red palm fruit oil originates from the flesh (not the kernel) of the fruit of the palm tree, Elaeis guineensis. This oil is not hydrogenated or processed and contains no trans fats. It has a dark orange to red color.  Watch price shopping with red palm oil, as less expensive brands may contain kernel oil which negates many of the positive effects of red palm fruit oil.  Another consideration is the location from which it is harvested.  Some controversy surrounds Malaysian sources as they may be compromising the natural ranges of orangutans.  Organic Brazilian farmed red palm fruit oil has been the standard at our practice.  We use Sunshine Factor labeled under AviX/HealX (Zoological Education Network, West Palm Beach, FL, USA,  Red palm fruit oil is considered to be one of the richest natural sources of carotenoids. The benefits of carotenoids in people include their antioxidant and anticancer effects. These antioxidants scavenge free radicals. The accumulation of free radicals in human medicine has been associated with heart disease, cellular aging, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. Carotenoids are needed for the growth and repair of body tissues, the formation of bones and teeth, the resistance of the body to infection, the development of healthy eye tissues, and for proper 10

BellaDOG Magazine

Red palm fruit oil is also rich in multiple forms of vitamin E, a rich source of coenzyme Q10(CoQ10), benefiting the heart. Many people think there is only one type of vitamin E, but there are actually eight. These include four tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) and four tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma, delta). Most diets only contain alpha tocopherol; however, the tocotrienols are considered to be far superior in their antioxidant effects. ~~~ How Can Sunshine Factor Can Benefit Your Pet? Here are some key points: • Integument, ocular, cardiac and immune systems by strengthening the overall nutritional status • May improve energy level, particularly in geriatric patients • Beneficial for all aspects of the skin and coat/plumage, including dry skin and brittle or dull hair • Has a high antioxidant content (tocopherol and tocotrienol activity of vitamin E) and high carotenoid content (precursor to vitamin A) • Contains a good balance of fatty acids, especially omega-3 and omega-6” • May improve the effectiveness of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs • May contribute to decreased risk of chronic diseases • A vegetable oil that is more stable than flax oil • Animals like the taste • Kosher certified

There is a Difference between FRUIT OIL and KERNEL OIL Sunshine Factor® is red palm oil, but it is made from the palm fruit, not the kernel. Each red palm tree yields more palm kernel oil than fruit oil, which makes the fruit oil more valuable. Many lesser quality red palm oil products are diluted with the more abundant red palm kernel oil. Palm kernel oils do not have the same beneficial properties and will not yield the same health benefits for pets as Sunshine Factor.® CERTIFIED ORGANIC Sunshine Factor® is 100% USDA certified organic by QAI, which means no pesticides, preservatives or other contaminants were used in growing or processing. Organic farming also helps sustain a healthy planet. They import certified organic red palm fruit oil in compliance with human quality consumption importation standards (the very highest). Sunshine Factor® is also naturally-derived using only steam and a mechanical press; no chemical solvents are used in any stage of production. GLASS VS. PLASTIC Sunshine Factor® is thoroughly tested for freshness and purity and shipped to their USDA-approved certified organic bottling facility, where it is bottled in glass containers in accordance with the USDA organic bottling standards. Bottling in glass helps avoid contamination issues and preserves freshness. The oil becomes liquid at 80°F (27°C), and melting is sometimes recommended for proper dosing. Therefore, they specifically do not use plastic containers, as plastic toxins may leach out and be absorbed into the oil during heating.

Does your pet suffer from one or more of the following ailments? Poor Nutrition could be reason for it! FOOD ALLERGIES

Fillers and low-quality grains do not provide a balanced diet for animals. Allergies can develop over time when pets are consistentley fed the same food with common ingredients and/or proteins.


Reasons can include diets containing refined carbohydrates and/or meat by-products or low quality ingredients such as “animal fat”. A lack of exercise is also detrimental.


May be caused by an imbalance of digestive enzymes or parasites


An imbalance of minerals may cause crystals and stones, while inadequate water intake may result in a Urinary Tract Infection.


SKIN ISSUES May appear as hot spots, dry/flaky skin, hair loss, biting, licking, and chewing. Overall “stinky dog smell.”


Low-quality grains, food/environmental allergies, excessive moisture in the ears or parasites such as ear mites could be a factor.


Come visit us. We have a great selection and a knowledgeable and friendly staff! We are happy to help you choose the best diet and supplements for your pet. Get Some!!! Ask your favorite store if they carry Sunshine Factor. If they don’t, tell them to! Here’s who your store owner should contact to get it! Wholesale Only. Dr. O’s Pet Essentials John Olsen, DVM (888) 269-1955

Animals were designed to eat a balanced and nutritious diet We can teach you how!



v i e BellaDOG Magazine 11 w 523 8th Avenue West • Palmetto, FL 34221

A D O G S E Y E v i e w

Ode to the Picky Eater

Taylor recommends a variety of no-grain kibble with mid-range amounts of vegetables and protein. Kibble with higher amounts of veggies and protein require water from the dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s body to process,

~ Jean Scherwenka

Is your dog finicky about his food - sometimes loving it, but other times refusing to eat? Before labeling him a picky eater, you should assess whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on and what may be affecting his appetite. According to Dr. Chris Bessent, a holistic veterinarian in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, many reasons can explain a dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s picky eating habits. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If your dog has been eating well and abruptly stops eating, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a medical issue, and you need to seek veterinarian care. If the dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been eating fine, stops abruptly and has gurgly gut, vomiting, diarrhea, or acts lethargic, there may be medical issues that need veterinarian attention.â&#x20AC;? Dr. Bessent also warns against waiting it out for your dog to eventually get hungry and eat because thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard on his liver. However, if your dog is happy, playful, looks great, yet some days heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just not interested in food, he could simply be a picky eater. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re one of the lucky people whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve found the perfect food for your dog, the one he loves to eat every time you offer it, then you probably wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t

â&#x20AC;&#x153;A varied diet gives your dogs digestive system some exercise and keeps it fit,â&#x20AC;? according to Beth Taylor, Pet Food Consultant and part owner of Natural Pet Productions. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dogs should be able to eat different things every day.â&#x20AC;?

appreciate the following advice: you need to change up that diet now and again. Yes, like humans, dogs prefer and need variety. It gives them a balance of nutrients and a healthy interest in their meals. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A varied diet also gives their digestive system some exercise and keeps it fit,â&#x20AC;? according to Beth Taylor, Pet Food Consultant and part owner of Natural Pet Productions. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dogs should be able to eat different things every day.â&#x20AC;? 12

BellaDOG Magazine

and that will stress his kidneys. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is not natural. Those kibbles are good for part of a rotation, but not the best for every-day feeding,â&#x20AC;? advises Taylor. She recommends adding 15% fresh food - lean meat, ground-up veggies, sardines or canned salmon - to a healthy kibble. â&#x20AC;&#x153;From the fish, they get Vitamins A and D along with really good proteins, and from the veggies, their vital nutrients. I also add probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fatty acids from animal sources.â&#x20AC;? According to Taylor, rotating kibble brands also minimizes the amount of toxins one or more of the available brands might contain. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sometimes your dog wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t eat because his food is bad. I mean actually bad food. If it is bad, then who would eat it?â&#x20AC;? This is another reason she recommends grain-free foods. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They just donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the same spoilage avenues. And those toxic grains can kill slowly, or they can kill fast.â&#x20AC;? For variety and balanced nutrition, Dr. Bessent agrees with Taylor and recommends changing kibble brands from time to time. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You want to make sure heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s getting different vitamins and minerals from different types of food,â&#x20AC;? she explains. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The true scavenger carnivore isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t going to come across a dead rabbit every day. In reality, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s scavenging and finding whatever he can - a bird, a mouse, a rabbit. Because dogs are scavengers, they are survivors, and theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re meant to exist on whatever they can find. But thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s existing, not thriving.â&#x20AC;? As odd as it may seem, overfeeding can also cause picky eating. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As a scavenger carnivore in the wild, a canine eats a big meal and is satisfied for awhile,â&#x20AC;? explains Dr. Bessent. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For a day, or maybe longer, they wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t actively seek out food because



ZXQQ[TbTPb^]X]V by Herbsmith

?TaUTRc U^a cWT _XRZXTbc TPcTa B\X[X]V3^V:XQQ[TBTPb^]X]V PSSbVaTPcU[Pe^ac^P]hZXQQ[T fWX[T_a^eXSX]VPWTP[cWh_a^ cTX] b^daRT B_aX]Z[T Xc ^eTa h^da _Tcbz U^^S P]S cWThz[[ QT bdaTc^b\X[T <PSTX]cWTDB0 =^PSSXcXeTbUX[[Tab ^a_aTbTaePcXeTb <PSTb^[T[h^UUaTTiTSaXTS \TPceTVTcPQ[TbUadXc


0ePX[PQ[TPc\P]h UX]TaTcPX[bc^aTb]PcX^]fXST EXbXc^dafTQbXcTU^a[^RPcX^]b 0[b^PePX[PQ[T^][X]TPc fff7^[XbcXR0]X\P[Bd__[hR^\

fffWTaQb\XcWX]RR^\ '%!#%#!( BellaDOG Magazine


v i e w


they’re not hungry. So overfeeding can decrease your dog’s appetite because he’s so full.” If you’re feeding your dog too much, Dr. Bessent recommends gradually decreasing the amount until his system gets used to having fewer calories.


Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) Jan Blue agrees. She sees overfeeding as the most common cause of picky eating habits. “They’re eating all the time, and they are not really hungry,” she says. For healthy dogs, Blue suggests offering a one-serving portion of food in the morning, and if the dog hasn’t eaten after 15 minutes, pick the food up and don’t offer it again until evening. At that time, again allow only 15 minutes before picking it up. “By the end of the second day, unless the dog is sick, he will have eaten whatever he needed 90-95% of the time,” says Blue. “If any is left, it was probably too much to begin with.” Blue also suggests giving your dog a “weight test.” Stand facing your dog’s side and look for a “scoop” from the chest up toward the back. It should be there. Then looking down from the top you should see a waist just before the hips, and when you touch your dog’s ribs, you need to feel them without having to push through any flesh. Blue’s dogs are all athletes with phenomenal appetites and no weight issues. “Exercise is a way to stimulate the appetite, that’s for sure!” she says.

E Y E v i e w

“With a sick dog, it’s different,” says Blue. “You need to keep trying different tasty treats until they’re finally hungry enough, or maybe feeling a little better.” Dr. Bessent agrees. “It’s really important to get food into a sick dog so he can battle his illness. As soon as he stops eating, he loses the battle.”

“Smiling Dog Kibble Seasoning” a new product on the market developed by Dr. Bessent and her company Herbsmith Inc., offers a solution for picky eaters. Whether your dog is no longer inspired by his food, is simply a picky eater, or in his senior years, has a withering desire to eat, this product will stimulate his appetite. A sprinkle of seasoning on your dog’s kibble not only enhances the appeal of his food, but also raises its level of nutrition with a tempting recipe of freeze dried meats and complimentary fruits and vegetables. For more information about Smiling Dog Kibble Seasoning, please visit: or call Herbsmith at: (800) 624-6429. You can find it at various retail locations nationwide. 14

BellaDOG Magazine

What DogGys Would Eat If They Could Cook!

We specialize in cooking breed-specific, gourmet meal plans for dogs. Our diets are freshly prepared, using only the finest farm-fresh ingredients. All of our diets are prepared by hand, by Chef K9 and our staff.

EVERY natural ingredient is 100% suitable for human consumption


Obesity Skin Issues Food Allergies Digestive Troubles Degenerative Diseases Chronic Eye/Ear Infections

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( 727) 8 9 2 -9 3 0 3 BellaDOG Magazine


v i e w


Go Green This Summer protect your pets from harmful toxins

E Y E Why are pets at risk? v i e w

Pets can ingest tiny amounts of toxic chemicals over a number of years that accumulate and concentrate heavy metals and toxic chemicals in their bodies. These toxins can eventually cause irreversible damage to their organs and add to the risk for cancer and other diseases.

Other toxins to Avoid to keep your pets safe.

Lead - a known carcinogen that can cause damage to the nervous system and brain. It’s often found in products with bright colors or dark pigments and those made from vinyl and other plastics. Lead frequently shows up in pet foods too, even those made from livestock meat and bone meal. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study, titled “Lead in Animal Foods”, found that a nine-pound dog fed on certain commercial pet foods ingests more lead than the amount considered potentially toxic for children.

Cadmium (used to stabilize plastic) is harmful to joints, kidneys and lungs.

TOXIC PET FOOD? Pentobarbital, a drug frequently used to euthanize pets, continues to be found in pet food – this is probably from pets, cattle and horses that have been euthanized using pentobarbital and then sent to rendering plants. You may want to read that again. According to University of Minnesota researchers, the sodium pentobarbital used to euthanize pets “survives rendering without undergoing degradation”. Pentobarbital is known to cause chronic and degenerative diseases. 16

BellaDOG Magazine

“Vegetable Protein”, the mainstay of dry dog foods, includes ground yellow corn, wheat shorts and middlings, soybean meal, rice husks, peanut meal and peanut shells (identified as “cellulose” on pet food labels). These often are little more than the sweepings from milling room floors. Stripped of their oil, germ and bran, these “proteins” are deficient in essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants. “Animal Protein” in commercial pet foods can include diseased meat, road kill, contaminated material from slaughterhouses, fecal matter as well as rendered cats and dogs and poultry feathers. Nice, Huh? Harmful Chemicals and Preservatives are added to both wet and dry food. For example, Sodium Nitrite, a coloring agent and preservative and potential carcinogen, is a common additive. The average dog can consume as much as 26 pounds of preservatives every year from eating commercial dog foods.

Many common pet products contain dangerous levels of these heavy metals and poisons such as:

Chromium (also used to produce pigments) is a suspected carcinogen that can damage the endocrine system (a system of glands, each of which secretes a type of hormone directly into the bloodstream to regulate the body), and has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs and kidneys.

Mycotoxins, potentially deadly fungal toxins that multiply in moldy grains, have repeatedly been found in pet foods.

Flame Retardants: Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) flame retardants are added to some plastics, electrical and electronic equipment, upholstered furniture, non-clothing textiles and foam products. The main sources for your pet are indoor air and dust. Studies show effects on behavioral development, nervous system development, as well as on the liver and thyroid. Whenever possible, choose furniture, carpet padding, mattresses and futons that are free of PBDEs.

are your

PETs feeling groovy? or are they itching, scratching or gnawing?


Miles feels GROOVY all the time because his mom Jamie feeds him premium natural pet food And treats that she buys at Groovy Cats & Dogs.

Carrollwood Center Plaza • 10213-B Lake Carroll Way, Tampa, FLorida

813.2 6 5 . 1 3 3 3

w w w. g r o o v yc at s n d o g s . c o m Teflon: Used in stain-proofed beds. Dogs were found to have 2.4 higher levels of Teflon in their bodies than humans and can cause respiratory problems and may lead to cancer.



• Ask about PBDEs before you make a new purchase • Use organic foods and shampoos when possible.

Rendering plants process decomposing animal carcasses, large roadkill and euthanized dogs and cats into a dry protein product that is sold to the pet food industry. One small plant in Quebec, Ontario, renders 10 tons (22,000 pounds) of dogs and cats per week. The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture states that “the fur is not removed from dogs and cats” and that “dead animals are cooked together with viscera, bones and fat at 115° C (235° F) for 20 minutes”. Fat Stabilizers are introduced into the finished rendered product to prevent rancidity. Common chemical stabilizers include BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) - both known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction - and Ethoxyquin, an insecticide that has been linked to liver cancer and a suspected carcinogen have all been used as a preservative in dog foods. Many semi-moist dog foods contain Propylene Glycol as a fat stabilizer and is the first cousin to the anti-freeze agent, Ethylene Glycol that destroys red blood cells.

Phthalates: Frequently found plastic compound found in toys and food dishes, a suspected carcinogen, can cause damage to the reproductive system. Phthalates are frequently found in products containing PVC.

• Find recycled and organic toys, beds, treats


• Use glass or ceramic food and water bowls that do not leach chemicals. • Several furniture manufacturers now produce furniture, carpet padding, mattresses and futons that are free of PBDE flame retardants. Some fibers such as wool are naturally flame-retardant.

DETOX YOUR PETS! HMD4PETS has been especially formulated to rid our beloved 4-legged friends of those nasty heavy metals and toxins responsible for so many diseases. Now you can finally protect your loyal friends with a 100% natural product that has been proven to work so they can enjoy a longer and healthier life. HMD4PETS is safe for all kinds of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, and horses. There are also HMD products for pet owners too! BellaDOG Magazine


E Y E v i e w

BellaDog_Layout 1 3/28/11 2:22 PM Page 1

A D O G S E Y E v i e w

toxic pest control product ingredients

and cats simply by improving their diets. (Remember the horrible toxins in previously mentioned commercial pet foods?) READ THE LABELS, PEOPLE!

Pesticides - designed to be nerve toxins can cause cancer and damage reproductive organs. The level of pesticides in flea bombs and flea collars may have adverse consequences for pets. Pets can absorb these poisons from lawns and garden products too!

In addition to proper food, frequent grooming is essential to keep fleas away from your pet. Shampooing with a mild organic lotion soap will kill many fleas by drowning. Afterward, a lemon rinse will tone the cleansed skin, leaving a residual citrus odor that will help repel fleas for a while.

Organophosphates and Carbamates are the most common pesticides used in flea control. They are rapidly absorbed through the skin, lungs, G.I. tract and mucous membranes. They are known to cause nerve damage, hormone disruption and cancer. High exposure can cause seizures and may be lethal.

To make such a rinse, slice one whole lemon and drop the slices (peel and all) into a pint of very hot water. Allow the lemonwater to steep overnight, then remove the pulp by filtering or straining. Sponge the lemon rinse onto your pet’s skin and allow it to air-dry (don’t towel). This treatment is nontoxic and can be repeated daily until the skin condition improves.

As fleas become increasingly resistant to the synthetic chemicals science has produced for their control, pesticide manufacturers are making their products increasingly stronger - and more dangerous - in an attempt to keep pace with the parasites. As a result of this unhealthy race, household pets are suffering twice: They’re chewed on by fleas, and they’re used as a battleground for the chemical warfare being waged by their well-meaning owners. In fact, there are many proven cases of severe poisoning in dogs and cats due to the overzealous application of synthetic-chemical flea treatments. And many of those poisoned animals still have fleas! And we still use them on our pets? Seriously? Here are a few SAFE pest treatment & prevention tips, products and home remedies. You may have noticed that some animals seem always to be infested with parasite - fleas, worms, ticks, etc . - while others (even in the same household) have only occasional and relatively minor problems. The reason for this can often be found by comparing the general health of the animals’ skins. Skin is the fastest-growing organ of an animal’s body, with the outer layer of cells being replaced every three weeks. Optimum nutrition is essential for healthy skin; if your pet is not properly nourished, the skin will be the first area of its body to exhibit problems. Dry, unhealthy skin causes itching, as well as more severe reactions to fleabites, the skin sometimes actually falls apart and bleeds. In such cases, the fleas have a picnic. They don’t have to work (that is, chew) to extract their measure of blood, and so appear in huge numbers. If this happens to your pet, it’s important to realize that the fleas didn’t cause the skin ailments, they only worsened a previously existing situation. With this in mind, you quite 18

BellaDOG Magazine

There are several herbal sprays, shampoos and flea collars whose odors repel fleas. You could also make a natural flea collar using essential oils and an absorbent material, like a heavy-duty, woven nylon collar or cotton bandana. Apply 100% pure essential oils of citronella, rosemary, geranium, wormwood and/or neem oil using an eye dropper. Start with one drop at a time to test your pet’s sensitivity to the oils, then elevate to two or three drops once a week on the collar if your pet seems tolerant. These oils can be found at health food stores and lawn-and-garden shops (or ask your veterinarian). If you’d like to go the budget route, simply purchase dried herbs and make your own flea repellents. All of these herbs are nontoxic and can be used daily. (Caution: Any time you use a flea repellent, natural or otherwise, be sure to put the treated pet outside for a few hours so that the fleas won’t reinfest your home as they abandon ship!) FRESH WATER Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) (NOT the kind that you use in your pool) comes from algae and is the only animal-safe pesticide. When lightly rubbed into your pets coat and dusted in their area, it is very effective against fleas, ticks, lice, and other pests on dogs, cats, and birds. DE is also an effective ORGANIC WORMER and will kill any worms or parasites the pets may have. When using as a daily food supplement or as a safe wormer, mix Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with pet food. Higher end pet stores are starting to carry this product but if you can’t find it there, go to www.wolfcreekranch1. or to find it. You can also gather a ton of information on it’s benefits, how it works to kill pest and the proper ways to use it. GARLIC and BREWERS YEAST - Fleas particularly dislike the flavor of garlic and brewers yeast. Mixing garlic and yeast with your pet’s food can render their blood unpalatable to fleas.

The important flea-control ingredient in brewer’s yeast is Thiamine (Vitamin B). A level of one milligram (1 mg) of Thiamine daily for each five pounds of your pet’s body weight is ideal for pest control. For a large dog, you might administer one tablespoon of Brewer’s Yeast supplemented with a B-Complex vitamin pill. Brewer’s Yeast can also be dusted on externally as a flea powder. (If your pet licks some off, there’s no harm done.) You can also use one to three fresh garlic cloves, pulverized and mixed with your pets food daily to make them icky to eat! (keep in mind that garlic will have the same effect on your pet’s breath as it does on yours.) A third important flea-fighting dietary supplement is zinc. This mineral is essential for healthy skin, but is lacking in many pets’ diets. Use chelated (pronounced key-lated) zinc. Use 10mg daily for small dogs; 20mg for larger dogs. These dietary supplements will require close to a month to build up to flea-fighting levels in a pet’s skin. So start your regimin before you actually have an infestation.

              naturally healthy goodness for only pennies a day more.

Of course, nothing is likely to completely eliminate fleas forever. However, you can rest assured that your efforts to eliminate and prevent fleas will directly benefit your pet’s health and happiness. And when it comes to those dangerous chemical pesticides, it’s nice to know that with a little effort on our parts we can live without them for good.

Richard’s Organics 100% Neem Oil



Effective against a wide range of insects as a repellent and provides therapy for fungal infections, ringworm, eczema and lice. Add to shampoos and conditioners or use as a spot-on treatment. External use only. 4oz. $11.39

Flying Basset No Fleas!

No Fleas! is a biodegradable, nonhazardous, natural blend without poisons or artificial ingredients. The essential oils and herbal extracts are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, so it is safe when your animals groom themselves. The soothing herbs and essential oils can help repel fleas. Light soft scent leaves a pleasant aroma. 4oz. $12.95


Flea Free

A natural way to repel fleas and ticks. Flea Free will NOT harm you, your pets, or the environment. Natural Flea Free contains over 200 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and contains vinegar, garlic, citrus and herbs. Flea Free is added to your pet’s food or water. Check your local Pet Store for pricing and availability.

BugGone Insect Repellant Wipes and Spray

These products are free of pyrethrin and other man made pesticides. Made with Citronella essential oil and a proprietary blend of pure natural botanicals. A great way to keep ticks, mosquitoes and gnats away from your dogs. Preferred by holistic veterinarians. Safe for people too! The spray is great for longer haired dogs. $20.95 Short haired dogs do well with the wipes. $18.95 BellaDOG Magazine


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Surgery may fully correct the problem, but it is technically difficult and relapses may occur.

D O G S E Y E v i e w

Wobbler’s Syndrome is a condition of the cervical vertebrae that causes an unsteady (wobbly) gait and weakness in dogs and horses. The term wobbler disease refers to a number of different conditions of the cervical (neck) spinal column that all cause similar symptoms. These conditions may include malformation of the vertebrae, intervertebral disc protrusion, and disease of the interspinal ligaments, ligamenta flava, and articular facets of the vertebrae. Wobbler disease is also known as cervical vertebral instability, cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM), and cervical vertebral malformation (CVM). In dogs, the disease is most common in large breeds, especially Great Danes and Dobermans and is most likely inherited and it’s said that it’s probably inherited in the Borzoi, Great Dane, Doberman, and Basset Hound. Instability of the vertebrae of the neck (usually the caudal neck) causes spinal cord compression. In younger dogs less than two years of age, wobbler disease is caused by stenosis (narrowing) of the vertebral canal. This narrowing of the canal is related to degeneration of the dorsal articular facets and subsequent thickening of the associated joint capsules and ligaments. 22

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A high protein diet may contribute to its development. In middle aged and older dogs such as Dobermans, intervertebral disc disease leads to bulging of the disc or herniation of the disc contents, and the spinal cord is compressed.

“Zena”suffers from Wobblers Syndrome. At one time, not long ago, she was unable to climb or go down stairs. Today, she is a certified therapy dog and gets around like a champ due to a proper diet and continuous acupunture sessions! Photos by Sheri-lyn Traylor

The disease tends to be gradually progressive. Symptoms such as weakness, ataxia (gross lack of coordination of muscle movements), and dragging of the toes start in the rear legs. Dogs often have a crouching stance with a downward flexed neck. The disease progresses to the front legs, but the symptoms are less severe. Neck pain is sometimes seen. Symptoms are usually gradual in onset but may progress rapidly following any type of trauma. X-rays may show malaligned vertebrae and narrow disk spaces, but it is not as effective as a myelogram, which uses a special dye to make pictures of the bones and the fluid-filled space between the bones in the spine. But, the most accurate test is the MRI and has been shown to be more effective at showing the location, nature, and severity of spinal cord compression than a myelogram.

Once correctly diagnosed, treatment is either medical to control the symptoms, usually with corticosteroids and cage rest, or surgical to correct the spinal cord compression.

The surgery fuses the two unstable vertebrae which relieves the pressure on the spinal cord. Unfortunately, this also puts further stress on adjoining vertebrae which can cause instability to recur in them. Another study showed that electroacupuncture (a form of acupuncture in which pairs of acupuncture needles are attached to a device that generates continuous electric pulses between them, restoring health and general well-being. It is also particularly good for treating pain) may be a successful treatment. Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese art of using needles to release the flow of energy in the body. According to western practice, acupuncture can be used to adjust the nervous system, help the body fight disease, and regenerate the nerves and cells. Just as acupuncture works in the human body, it works exactly the same in animals. This technique has been used in veterinary practice in China for over 3,000 years to treat many aliments and to restore balance to the body. It is used when conventional medicine is unsuccessful or too risky or expensive, or is used in combination with traditional medical treatment.

Electro-acupuncture uses wire clips that attach to acupuncture needles and are plugged into an Electronic Acupuncture Unit. It produces a better endorphin release than dry needle acupuncture and has been repeatedly proven to be more effective than any available Western veterinary treatment. Electro-acupuncture also stimulates the release of serotonin and other neurotransmitters which modulate organ function, mood, behavior, and pain on a longer term basis. Pain control by acupuncture is now widely accepted as a valid procedure. Researchers have demonstrated that acupuncture promotes the release of endogenous ‘opioids’ (endorphins - distantly related to morphine), which serve to relieve pain and anxiety. This can explain some of the obvious pain relieving and relaxation effects. Animals accept acupuncture very well, clearly perceiving that it is offered for their benefit. If you do suspect that your dog may have Wobblers, switch from a collar and lead, to a harness and lead, in order to take any pressure off the neck. You can also put rubber backed runners throughout the house to create a safe path so there is no danger of slipping on the floors. (Rubber backed runners can be purchased by the yard at home improvement stores.) ~Information and Editing Sources: Dr. Tiffany Rimar, BS, DVM, CVA, CCRT and


Liquid Health K9 Level 5000 Liquid Health’s™ most powerful formula yet! 5200 mg of Glucosamine Hcl and sulfate forms per fl oz. With a colossal 100 mg of Hyaluronic Acid, 1000 mg of Opti-MSM®, and 1000 mg of Chondroitin, K9 Level 5000 contains exceptionally high doses of the most widely used joint ingredients found in one product. K9 Level 5000 also contains a comprehensive blend of natural, cutting-edge support ingredients to further enhance its effectiveness. These ingredients include Aquamin® Algae mineral blend, enzyme support from Bromelain, antioxidant support from grape seed extract, and Boswellia.


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How Much is thaT How Much is that Doggie in the Mirror? Doggie in the Mirror?

A D O G S E Y E v i e w

Commercial Pet Cloning Would you clone your best friend? Should you? As commercial pet cloning becomes more viable and less costly, the reaction among dog lovers is resoundingly silent. But objections can and should be raised on several fronts. Cloning dogs when millions of unwanted dogs are euthanized in the United States each year makes a mockery of anyone who supports cloning yet professes to love dogs. The number of dogs required to create a single clone and the conditions those dogs live in must raise further concerns about dog welfare and humane treatment of the dogs — all dogs — presently involved in cloning. South Korea is the only place where dogs are being cloned commercially. The donors and surrogates (and many of the clones) spend their entire lives in laboratories or move between supplier farms and lab cages. U.S. universities that use dogs must comply with regulations that, while grossly inadequate for providing even minimally acceptable quality of life to laboratory dogs, guarantee the dogs a far better life than dogs can expect in South Korea, a country where dog meat is routinely featured on restaurant menus. Scientists engaged in cloning cite potential future health benefits to both dogs and humans as a means of justifying their experiments, but they don’t explain what those might be. Several years and tens of thousands of deformed embryos into the dog cloning experiment, these benefits should be clearer than the few dozen live dogs, including glow-in-the-dark puppies with red (or green) fluorescent genes, that cloning has produced. The suffering of thousands of dogs cannot be justified by vague references to unnamed potential future benefits to humankind. An argument for cloning that seems plausible on the surface is that cloning working dogs — 24

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~Pamela S. Hogle

cancer sniffing dogs, drug or bomb detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, even service dogs — would provide a reliable source for these highly talented puppies without the high failure rates that breeders and trainers of working dogs now experience. This has not yet been demonstrated, and the fact is that genetics plays only a partial role in the success of any working dog. Environment and experiences, particularly in early puppyhood, are critical in shaping a dog’s temperament and preparing him or her for work. Also, many cloned animals have developed serious health problems or have had unnaturally short lifespans. These issues make it difficult to justify the expense of cloning working dogs. But the question of whether we should clone dogs goes deeper than whether the process harms certain individual dogs or is cost effective. It goes to the heart of humans’ relationships with dogs and our understanding of what a

dog is. A dog is not just a set of genes or a being with a certain appearance. Our love for our dogs is founded on the recognition that each dog, like each human, is a unique individual with a unique temperament, viewpoint, and set of likes and dislikes. We bond with a specific dog because of who he or she is; we don’t feel the same connection to every single dog we meet.

Is Your Pet Healthy? Is Your Pet Happy? Does Your Pet Wag?

No matter what advances are made in the cloning process, cloning does not — cannot — replicate an individual any more than the natural process resulting in identical twins creates interchangeable humans. Furthermore, cloning does not produce an adult copy of the adult donor — it produces one or more infant genetic copies, essentially baby identical twins. These infants, or puppies, must then, of course, grow up. The classic nature vs. nurture argument might never be fully resolved but no one seriously argues that nurture, or environment, has no influence on shaping an individual. This is as true for dogs as for humans. Just as the adult donor is a unique product of the combination of his or her genetics and life experiences, the clones will, as adults, reflect not only their genetics but also their unique life experiences. It is impossible to re-create an individual dog because it is impossible to replicate all of that dog’s life experiences when raising the clone puppies. And, it’s unfair to the new puppies to try. Cloning is reproduction. It is not resurrection. To their chagrin, the first clients of a commercial cloning venture did not get their deceased pets back. Some clones look a lot like the donor animals, others less so. And beyond appearance, the animal is a different animal. The owner of Missy, the dog who triggered the first dog cloning project, didn’t even want MissyToo, the clone. The owner of Booger, a Pit Bull whose cloning produced five live puppies who did not get along with each other or her other dogs, said that cloning ruined her life.

At Wag, we are dedicated to the wellness of your canine or feline and take a holistic approach to the products and services offered. By feeding your pet an all natural food and functional treats you are on your way to enhanced overall pet health!


While bereaved pet owners might see cloning their deceased pet as a tribute to that dog’s uniqueness and important role in their lives, the act of attempting to duplicate an individual devalues the very traits that they celebrate for their uniqueness. They might succeed in creating a flesh-and-blood copy of their pet (or several copies), but they can never re-create the unique dog who occupied a unique place in their life. Even if it were possible to clone dogs without causing suffering to other dogs; even if it were possible to recreate a beloved pet by cloning — we owe dogs more than that. We owe each dog respect for his or her individuality and the chance to reach his or her full potential — a chance that a clone, living in the shadow of the donor dog, would never get.


Jenn Fadal, owner of Wag, a holistic pet boutique in Tampa, FL is a Pet Wellness Expert who can be seen nationally on syndicated networks: Better TV and Daytime, 304 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 813-258-9181 w w w. w a g o f t a m p a . c o m BellaDOG Magazine


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~Jennifer Fadal

dog licking an empty bowl. Rotate protein. I believe that variety is the spice of life and you may have one of those dogs that is turned off by the same dry kibble everyday. - Try warm water or low sodium chicken broth as an additive to their dry food.

Why are so many people in love with their small breed dogs? I have had both large and small in my life and can honestly say I love so much about both experiences. But those small breeds do find a way to snuggle into your heart and stay there forever. It is probably because they can literally be closer to you at all times. They are the true definition of “lap dog,” they don’t take up too much room in your bed and you can take a road or plane trip without much thought or pre-planning. Small dogs can be wonderful companions, and here are many aspects of a small dog’s life that are special and should be thoughtfully considered. The following five categories will shed some light and hopefully enhance your relationship with your small yet mighty dog! Nutrition Small dogs often times are constantly on the go. They like to play with their owners or other family pets, investigate the home…thoroughly and yes, even 26

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“run with the big dogs.” Since the gate of a small dog is much shorter than a large breed and much less so than a human….the number of paces to cross a room, a home or a yard is many times greater. The good news is...your tiny pooch is burning calories! With this in mind, small breed dog food formulas are now on the market. This means that the protein, fat and total calorie levels tend to be a bit higher than the average adult formula….therefore, giving the active small breed what he needs to fuel his energy, support his growth and thrive. Finicky Eaters In my experience, the small breeds can be far pickier than their larger counter parts. This is probably the fault of the human…as small breeds are treated more like a perpetual “baby” and can be given more room to act naughty in the household. I mean really, one look at their tiny adorable face and who could be mad? Whatever the case, if you find yourself with a picky eater, try the following: - Choose a food that offers a smaller bite size. Sometimes this small change will work its magic and have your small

- Add a bit of canned food to their dry food. Trust me, this is usually a winner. Wet food isn’t processed as much as dry food therefore more natural nutrients are preserved. If you add just a small amount, the cost will remain minimal. Feed twice a day and pick up your dog’s food after 20-30 minutes. He should learn that his food should be eaten while it is present and if he doesn’t eat then he will have to wait until the next meal. Lifestyle The wonderful thing about small dogs is that they are portable! Today, many stores allow small pets to accompany their parents on a shopping trip whether it is to Nordstrom or Home Depot! They easily fit into an airline approved carrier and can be your best travel companion. And, many hotels are dog friendly these days! Some resorts have a 30lb pet limit however…but your small breed will certainly make the cut! So, as you make your plans to travel the world....or even just out of town for the night…consider taking your small dog! And, alas, if they must stay home….there is typically a friend or family member who will be willing to watch the

“little guy” while you are away. Exercise and Training Yes, small breeds need both to be mentally and physically stimulated and healthy. Many people are of the mindset that a small dog will lie around the home, be friendly to every passerby and be the epitome of low maintenance! As many small dog owners know…this can be far from the truth! Learn about the breed you have, their exercise requirements and general temperament. All dogs are different even within the same breed but you may find out that what your dog is exhibiting is in keeping with his blood line. If your pooch is acting up, try increasing his walks or playtimes and see if the extra calorie burn makes a difference. Behavioral Problems? Enroll in a puppy or basic manners class and learn training tips from a certified trainer. This will go a long way to making you a happy pet parent and strengthen the bond with your dog. Choose the right small breed for you! They are not all created equal. A Maltese and French Bulldog make very different pets and don’t expect the same things from a Chihuahua as you do a Pug! Learn your breeds and find out the following: Are they child friendly? Will there be skin and coat maintenance? If so how often? What are their exercise requirements? Do they shed? What will their maximum weight be? Life expectancy? Are they prone to a certain disease or disability? What were they bred to do? Finding out the answers to these important questions BEFORE getting your next small breed dog will help you add the right furry BellaDOG Magazine


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Since then, Puppy Bumpers® have been endorsed by dog trainers, veterinarians and other dog professionals as a non-aversive way to keep dogs safely inside a fence. As demand grew, Ann needed to find manufacturing and she wanted to keep it in the United States. In 2009 she began having Puppy Bumpers® manufactured at STEPS, Inc., a private nonprofit in Farmville, Virginia that provides jobs and training to individuals with disabilities.


Puppy Bumpers® are now available in several national catalogs including In the Company of Dogs, G.W. Little, and Whatever Works.


In the past year, due to customer demand, Ann has added larger and tougher “Ultra” Puppy Bumpers® for bigger dogs in active situations and water-resistant “Rainy Day” Puppy Bumpers®. (They’re made of a cotton material with a water-resistant coating so dirt, water and snow wipe right off and are filled with polyester fiberfill so they are light and comfortable just like the original Puppy Bumpers®) Most recently, collars and leashes to match some of the most popular patterns have been added to the line.

v i e w Why dog-proof the fence when you can fence-proof the dog? Puppy Bumpers® (originally called “Condo Collars”) were invented by Ann Price in order to keep her own dog from getting through a baby gate. Initially, Price was making Puppy Bumpers® in her kitchen – just for friends and local shops. In order to make Puppy Bumpers® available to others, a website was designed and a Facebook page started to direct people to the newly launched website. Search engines worked their magic, bringing people to the website when they were looking for solutions for their small dogs who were getting out between fence rails!

NOTE: A portion of every Puppy Bumpers® sale goes to ASK, an organization that gives support to families of children with Cancer. Ann and her Therapy Dogs, Rocky, Izzy and Daisy visit with Pediatric Patients at the ASK Clinic in Richmond, Virginia every Friday morning.

Finding resources to help you spoil your big dog.

Puppy Bumpers come in three sizes: Up to 10” - $23.95, 10-13” - $23.95, and 13-16” - $25.95 based on neck size.


WOW!...there are just not many places or websites that cater to the “big boned”, “larger stock”, “thicker” breed of dogs... AT ALL! So, What’s the deal? Do these giant babies not deserve cool stuff to flaunt around the neighborhood like the “littles” do? Why do all the mini fur creatures get to have all the fun? After scouring the internet with incessant searches for “BIG DOG” stuff, here’s what I came up with....


(please take notice of the miniature section of this magazine that this information takes up....definitely a much smaller piece of real estate than the dogs we’re so proudly speaking of! Hail to the Big Dogs They Need Love Too!)

E Y E - a super cool blog site for BIG DOG lovers to chat, shop and utilize the available resources. (pillow shown is available on 28

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Big Dogs Rule logo Throw Pillow $18.99

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How much do we like to immortalize our pets? Let us count the ways. We can get portraits and pictures, personalized cakes and furniture, even stuffed animals once they’re gone. And now? Well, let’s just say the newest way to commemorate your pet simply … rocks. Witty Wocks, a company started by Florida-based stay-at-home mom Adria Bernstein in 2009, takes your pet’s picture and turns it into a work of art, using mainly rocks, glue and paint. “Rocks are gorgeous in their own natural state, but I wanted to do something more with them,” Bernstein says. “I took it upon myself to glue them together, and realized I had something going on.”


Though Bernstein’s work expands beyond pets — she has created people, mascots, logos and is even working on a guitar for rocker Kenny Loggins customers just love seeing their dogs and cats constructed from rocks (yarn is used for hair and fur). “It’s been challenging, but it’s the most rewarding thing,” she says.

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Bernstein, who gets most of her rocks from a local landscape business, says she’s happy to tackle any artistic test that comes her way. “There was a woman who sent a picture of herself and her dog sharing a cup of TCBY,” she recalls. “She wanted that profile shot of them licking the ice cream together made into a Witty Wock. Stuff like that is exciting.” The creations start at $60, and take about a week to make, depending on the complexity of the request. “It’s tricky putting them together, but it’s fun,” Bernstein shares, adding that she’s learned a lot about rocks since starting her business. “One of my biggest dreams would be to hike in the mountains and go rock collecting.”

O n e o f a k i n d j e w e l r y. w w w. ATa i l o f Tw o . c o m

~Kate Hogan,


A Full Service Companion Animal Hospital With An Eastern - Western Approach


Dr. Shawna Green, DVM Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm Sat: 9:00am - 12:00pm 14995 Gulf Blvd, Ste J., Madeira Beach, FL, 33708

(727) 299-9029 30

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Photos by Tanya Sharkey Photography BelaDOG Magazine


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The Po w e r o f FUN!

Being a “fun” detective pays off huge in dog training

~Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.C.B.C., CPDT

pounces on your hand. But it gets better. With every fun game you invent you are able to use that play to reward your dog for behaviors that you want. Ask for a sit, then play a round of chase. To help you find the games that your dog enjoys consider the following.

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Ga m es that in vo l ve bo dy pa rts Does your dog think it is fun when you attempt to grab her foot? If you playfully reach for her tail does she flash you a big smile? Evaluate your dog’s body language and become a fun detective. If your dog appears stressed, tongue flicking, head turning away from you, or curling her tail, whatever you just did stressed your dog out. Avoid doing things that stress your dog, since stress can lead to dog bites. Instead become a scientist and observe and collect data on what makes your dog happy! Tug shown here is available at

It’s 6AM and while sleeping in your bed, feeling cozy and content, your puppy has pounced on you! If your dog is mentally or physically under stimulated this could happen to you! Is this an annoying situation or a fun detective opportunity? The truth is it can be both. Prevent early morning pouncing by spending more time with your dog. Below are some fun ideas for pounce preventing activities. In general all your interactions with your dog are opportunities to be a fun detective. It’s 10:00PM, do you what your dog thinks is fun? The bed pounce scenario when investigated yields interesting findings! Your dog likes movement under sheets. This information can be turned into a wonderful game of “get the mouse” which consists of you moving your hand under a sheet while your dog 32

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Do you remember playing tag as a kid? How about becoming a kid again and playing tag with your dog? Gently touching your dog in a specific spot can become a signal for her to chase you. Likewise when your dog gently touches a specific part of your body with her nose or paw this can become her way of tagging you. It is easy to teach your dog to touch a specific body part, just rub some food on it and when the dog goes to investigate, say yes and give her a treat. Repeat three times then fade the food and name the trick! Nose or target are common cues. Be consistent about the body part you touch on your dog to start the game and what part of your body the dog touches to “tag” you!

Ga m es that invo lve fo o d Most of us are good at experimenting what kind of food our dog likes. Take it to the next level by doing stuff with

the food. Hide the food and see if your dog can find it. A cheese stick can make for a great toy, see if your dog will chase a cheese stick you drag around on the ground. What about hiding the food under one of three paper cups and shuffling the cups? Will your dog use her nose to find the treat?

Games th at i n v o l v e to ys Most of us get our dogs toys and then we make a huge mistake, we leave the toys laying around. The first problem with this is that these potentially super fun toys are now BORING. They are just lying there and they are always the same. Instead make three piles of all your dog’s toys and rotate them. One week your dog has access to pile A, then the following week pile B and the third week the final pile. This way the toys are always fresh and FUN. Plus there are endless fun games you can play with toys. Obviously fetch is a classic and if your dog does not play fetch there is hope that you can teach him! Most certified dog trainers are fun experts and are skilled at helping you teach almost all dogs to play fetch. Another source of joy can be playing tug, which is a safe game for adults to play with dogs. Researchers actually did a study on playing tug and found that it does not cause aggression. If your dog growls while playing it is probably a play growl. Play growls are soft and in a higher pitch than real growls with are usually low and guttural. Just like with food, you can also hide toys and play hide and seek. Start out with easy hiding places and build up to more challenging ones. Be a truth detective and try to figure out if your dog is using her eyes or her nose to find the toy.

Games that involve solving a p r o b l em Many dogs are mentally under stimulated, dogs are very intelligent beings. Recent studies have found that dog’s fast map, meaning they are mentally capable of the first stage of verbal language learning. So if you use the same words your dog can learn a very large vocabulary. Many dog parents are using these vocabularies to communicate complicated behaviors like “take the blue toy and place it in the laundry basket then drag the basket to me”. With a little bit of time you can teach many dogs to help with your laundry, or making your bed. Many folks have even taught their dogs to clean, probably a highly desirable behavior. And of course, made famous by the Border Collie, Rico, you can teach your dog the names of her toys. Rico was able to learn the names of about 300 toys. Recently, Chaser, also a Border Collie has entered the scene and has learned names of 1022 objects, and can distinguish between verbs and nouns. It can also be a great challenge to teach your dog concepts. Dog trainer Pam Hogle taught

A Natural Pet Market Where Dog & Cat Lovers Can Find Healthful, High Quality Pet Food, Fashion & Supplies!

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(727) 441-8512 her Golden Retriever the concept of being large or being small. As a result her dog could find either the small or large toy and bring it to her when she requested one of them. Alternately, dogs are also capable of learning categories, ie flat round toys are Frisbees and different shaped and sized balls are all part of the category of balls. You could also teach color discrimination, but be aware that it is said that dogs are red/green color blind so the two primary colors they can see well are yellow and blue. Green and red would both look brown to them, so they would be hard or even impossible to discriminate. To train any of these mental challenges simply reward your dog with play for picking up the correct item and ignore errors. If you are consistent, your dog will learn the pattern.

N o w f o r th e g ood st u f f Once you have found the different types of games that really make your dog crazy happy you can use them to train your dog. One idea for crazy happy is to combine games! How about if you play “I’m gonna get your foot”, followed by chase, followed by a high intensity game of fetch. Again, use your experiments and detective work to find what creates mind blowing fun for your dog. Now you have the power to teach your dog anything he is mentally or physically capable of, use it wisely! BelaDOG Magazine


A D O G S E Y E v i e w

~Chelsea P. Gladden,

A friend suggested I cover dogs and kids safety after her Lab that she had owned since he was 8 weeks old and is now 9 years old - bit her 4 year old on the face. Fortunately, the wound was superficial but it did cover half her face and required the work of a plastic surgeon. This dog is a great, great dog and was always very sweet to my three kids. However, as my friend said, “Small children are always at risk, especially ones that have no fear of animals and are extremely attentive…sometimes more attentive than the animal likes.” As their family comes to terms with their daughter’s surgery combined with the loss of a beloved pet, we turned to Joel Silverman, host of Animal Planet’s Good Dog U, for advice for other families to avoid this tragic situation.


Let’s face it - if a dog is a part of the family, there can be times when an overzealous child may do something to the dog - without realizing it - that can have a negative reaction such as biting. How can busy parents keep both the dog and the child safe? The best way for busy parents to keep both their dog and child safe is by simply being aware of signs of aggression in their dogs. Many pets that may have aggressive tendencies, give signs early on. Being aware of your dog’s body language, and how your dog responds to sights and sounds is imperative in knowing how your dog will react to stressful situations - such as kids running around, screaming, and playing.

E Y E v i e w

~Photos by Cerissa Dillow

Should a trusted pet ever be left alone with a preschool aged child? It really depends upon the child and the personality and age of the dog. But I am almost always inclined to not leave a preschool aged child and dog together. At what age is it safe for a child and a dog to be alone? Again, that really depends upon the personality and maturity of the child as well as the personality and age of the dog. When talking about the relationship between pets and dogs, things are not black and white. No one knows their child and their dog better than the parents. What tips do you have for getting a dog ready for when baby comes home? Once again, personality and age of the dog can play a major factor when bringing a new bundle of joy into the household. However, regardless of the age or personality of your dog, it is always best to introduce the baby to the


BellaDOG Magazine

dog slowly. By putting the dog on a leash for its first few encounters with the new baby, you will have better control over the dog, which will be important in the event the dog gets playful or even a bit jealous. What tips do you have for teaching a child once they are mobile such as walking starting at age 1, to be safe with the dog? By the time baby starts walking hopefully your pet will already love the new family member, however I think it is a great idea to have the child periodically give the dog treats so that the pet realizes the toddler is a positive member of the family. My advice would be to use a 100% meat treat, this is what I use as a professional trainer and pets love them. By teaching a dog to do something simple like gently take a treat from a child, can be a great way to get the walking baby and the dog acquainted in the new situation. Remember, be present and active in the training and treat giving. The respect between your pet and child will grow and be a positive thing for the entire family! I’ve heard of dogs nipping at a child because the child has gone for their food. How can parents avoid this situation? The best advice I can give here to tell parents they should never let the child be in the dog’s reach while the pet is eating. Parents should avoid letting a child near a dogs food bowl at all times - whether the pet is eating or not. I cannot express this strongly enough, that it is the sole responsibility of the parent to make sure the child never gets the opportunity to be in that situation. Although it may not happen the first time, and your pet may seem ok with a child being near its food bowl, ultimately dogs, though part of the family, are still animals and the chances of your child being bit are great. At what age is it safe to have a child be responsible for feeding the dog? It all depends upon the size of the dog and size of child. However, once your child understands proper dog safety and your dog and child have properly bonded, it is safe for them to feed the dog. Again, I would suggest that parents always be in the room when a pet and a child are together, especially when food is involved. What age can kids walk a dog by themselves? It all depends upon the size of the dog and size of child. I always get nervous when my kids want to pet a dog that’s BelaDOG Magazine


A D O G S E Y E v i e w

a stranger. The owners always declare,”S/ He is friendly.” But a friend who works in the hospital told me that every time a dog bite victim comes in, she hears the same thing over and over again: “S/He has never bit before!”


How can I keep my kids from being a dog’s first victim? My best advice is don’t let your child pet a dog you do not know. In my opinion, it’s not even worth the chance the dog could bite the child. Realistically, a dog can suffer a lot of abuse with a child who doesn’t know better. How can parents better ensure the dog is safe? Being aware of your dog, its tendencies and comfort levels is very important. Parents need to also be aware of the bond between their child and their pet. It is true that a pet may experience “abuse” at the hand of a child, but when properly built and monitored the bond and love between a

pet and a child can be a wonderful thing. Any other advice or tips for keeping both dogs and kids safe? Be aware of your dog’s behavior. Dogs normally do not just bite someone - child or adult. The chances are there were warning that were missed early on in the dog’s attitude and body language that showed some types of aggression. Signs such as low growling, the way the dog is standing, the way the dog is staring, the way the dog is pacing, shaking, the dog being teased and chased by children.

Breezy Mama is for those women who feel that motherhood doesn’t define them. They love being a mom but have no problem admitting it’s hard. They put their best foot forward to make life raising kids mutually enjoyable. It’s not about sacrificing for the kids, but doing things everyone enjoys together. The Breezy Mama breaks the mold on what it means when one becomes “a mom.” She is smart, sassy and fun.

Chelsea’s Tips: My friend (who I mentioned at the beginning of the article) also offered these tips and



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• If you say “my dog is great with children,” “my dog loves kids!” it could still happen to you. We said all these things, and until recently it was true.


• If you ever say “My dog is so tolerant with kids” you are asking WAY too much of your dog! No matter how sweet, any animal can bite given the right circumstance. • As dogs age, they become less tolerant and more prone to pain-induced, or startle-induced biting. • Your dog should have a place he can go where he cannot be bothered: a pillow, a crate, a doghouse, whatever. This place should be totally off limits to kids and people.


• Small children should be trained how to respect dogs and understand their signals. • Parents should never let small children interact with dogs unmonitored. If you know your child can annoy animals, they need to have restrictions and limited interaction with their dog and others’ dogs. Never leave them alone with ANY pet. • Parents should read all there is about dominance behavior in dogs and how to be the alpha. Never break those rules (e.g., never let your pet roam the neighborhood - no matter how much the neighbors love him, never play tug-of-war, never let your dog go out a door before you, never let your dog lay on you, never let them eat until you have given them the signal, etc., etc.)


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~Photo by Cerissa Dillow

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TO GO OR NOT TO GO - THAT IS THE QUESTION ~Leah Bauer Booker, Attaboy Dog Obedience and Behaviorist


they do not understand some key things about Fido.

WHAT THE SMITHS DON’T UNDERSTAND ABOUT FIDO First of all, a dog should only be put in social situations with other dogs if they are in a balanced state of mind, otherwise they are a problem waiting to happen. As you may know by now, a balanced dog is in a calm and submissive state of mind. Dogs are GREAT at reading body language. If Fido is unbalanced when he enters the park, other dogs will accurately read his energy as unbalanced (in this case excited/submissive or excited/dominant) and may “correct” him in a an attempt to create balance. Fido doesn’t have to pick a fight to start the problem.

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Secondly, the Smiths did not take into account the fact that the Browns, the Greens and virtually every can change what a dog’s needs are, so I can only state other family is at the dog park for exactly the same reason them and hope that people choose to get those needs met. they are - and with dogs in the same excited state of mind! But I feel very strongly that when you bring a dog home So now Fido, Fluffy and Socks are all running around like you have made an oath to take on all the responsibilities lunatics, practicing terrible behavior amongst each other. that come with sharing your home with that dog. Owning Eventually, in all the melee, a dog fight a dog is a privilege, not a right. We must get ensues and perhaps a dog or hapless “Are dog parks a our dog’s needs met if we expect them to be person trying to break it up ends up good place to socialize balanced members of our household; it’s only needing medical treatment . All because fair. my dog?” the Smiths, Browns and Greens do not “Is my dog ready for understand that, if not curbed, all that WHAT IS WORKING EXERCISE? excitement will escalate into dominance. the all the challenges Working exercise is the exercise dogs receive And unbalanced dominance will of a dog park?” daily in a natural pack, and it is the exercise all inevitably lead to aggression. dogs need. Working exercise has three parts:

WHAT FIDO REALLY NEEDS Fido, like all dogs, needs daily working exercise. Dogs are born with a “blueprint” that tells them to work for a leader approximately ninety percent of their waking hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with no holidays. No one

Over the years the recurrent question of dog parks has come up. The main question people want to know is, “Are dog parks a good place to socialize my dog?”. A better question to ask yourself when considering taking your dog to a dog park is, “Is my dog ready for the all the challenges of a dog park?”. My personal experience with dog parks is that most people use them inappropriately. When used properly, dog parks can be a great learning experience for everyone! A typical scenario follows. Mr. and Ms. Smith have been at work all day and all Fido has gotten is a total of two, 38

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• Dogs must burn energy while they, • Recognize a leader (you) and, • Practice a balanced state of mind.


While playing fetch with your dog or letting them race

10 minute walks to relieve himself and sniff the corner fire hydrant. So when the Smiths come home, they are understandably tired and ready to relax for the evening while Fido is understandably crawling out of his skin. The solution? Take Fido to the dog park.


I really do understand the thinking behind this misguided decision. The Smiths want to give their dog some exercise while they relax. Maybe they have even developed friendships with other locals at the dog park so they can chat while Fido “socializes”. They believe this is a good solution for everyone in the household, but I would argue BelaDOG Magazine


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around in the backyard is fine, it doesn’t meet all three parts of the working exercise definition, so it is what I like to call “Twinkie Exercise”. You can give your dog Twinkie exercise after they have received working exercise, and in an appropriately proportionate amount.

You need to be able to answer this question honestly before going anywhere.

key to your problem-solving success! But use common sense, too.

In my opinion, there is no one better at dog handling than

And speaking of common sense, let’s get back to the basics here. Remember to provide your dog with daily working exercise before going anywhere. It’s always best to drain the your dog’s energy before introducing any challenge, especially one as big as a dog park. The dog park comes after the energy has been drained and the dog is in a balanced state of mind, otherwise they are a problem waiting to happen. I will also repeat, ad nauseam, that a balanced dog is in a calm and submissive state of mind. So, (drum roll, please) your dog must be in a calm and submissive state of mind before going to the dog park. It’s as simple as that!



If your dog is not 100% reliable, take a look at your dog’s energy and the energy of the other dogs before you enter the park. Is there a dog with dominant body language? Is he puffing out his chest, standing erect with ears and tail up, targeting other dogs? Is there an especially excited dog, being pushy and obnoxious, all the while ignoring her mortified owner’s pleads to come? Maybe this is not the day for introducing the park to your dog. Or maybe this is the perfect day to practice working on leash with your dog outside of the fenced area, that way your dog will get used to the energy of the dog park while practicing focus. If your dog has pretty good working skills you may want to practice with your dog on leash inside the dog park, taking this time to teach your dog that other dog’s bad behavior is to be avoided and ignored, and that she needs to remain calm and submissive no matter what state of mind the other dogs are in.

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~Photo by Susan Stocker

Working exercise includes things like going for a walk or run, where the dog is required to focus and pay attention. Having your dog run alongside while you ride a bike, rollerblade or ride a skateboard would also be considered working exercise. A dog in a natural pack will practice working exercise approximately 90 percent of their waking hours, anywhere from 20 to 40 miles a day. When you get a dog, you have invited an athlete to live with you! Respect your athlete by providing them with working exercise every day.

SO, CAN I TAKE MY DOG TO THE DOG PARK? Yes, in theory. But only if your dog is ready for the dog park.

IS MY DOG READY FOR ALL THE CHALLENGES OF A DOG PARK? Remember this question from the beginning of this article? 40

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world renowned dog behavior expert, Cesar Millan. In his first book, Cesar’s Way; The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems, he writes, “While I’m running, most of the dogs will be off leash. If a dog needs to be leashed, and dog’s ability to be an obedient pack member, he stays at home, and I exercise him in other ways”. Mr. Millan clearly uses common sense when exposing his dogs to new situations, and so should every dog owner. The lesson to be learned from this excerpt; if you can’t control your dog at the dog park yet, don’t take him to the dog park. Instead, break down the challenge into smaller “exposures” you can work on more manageably with the goal of working up to a visit to the dog park. Similarly, if you can’t trust your dog off leash at the dog park yet, leave her on leash for now and use the leash as a teaching tool. There are no rules! Let your creativity and patience be the

Finally, the dog park is the place to go only when you are willing to pay attention. It is not the time to ignore your dog while you sit and read a book or chat with neighbors. While at the dog park remain relaxed but keep your eye on your dog’s energy, and the energy of other dogs in the

park. A balanced dog will avoid dogs with bad energy and engage dogs with balanced energy. An unbalanced dog will go looking for trouble. Dog parks are absolutely a great place for dogs to be able to experience what it is like to be among their own kind. Just make sure that everything is in place for a successful interaction and the experience will be enjoyable for dogs and humans alike. Remember, when used properly, dog parks can be a great learning experience for everyone!

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A D O G S E Y E v i e w


Stand up paddle surfing


Stand up paddle surfing (SUP), or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he’e nalu, is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. The sport is an ancient form of surfing, and reemerged as a way for surfing instructors to manage their large groups of students, as standing on the board gave them a higher viewpoint, increasing visibility of what was going on around them - such as incoming swell. To begin with, this started with using a one-bladed paddle, whilst standing on a normal length surfboard. The popularity of the modern sport of SUP has its origination in the Hawaiian Islands. In the early 1960s, the Beach Boys of Waikiki would stand on their long boards, and paddle out with outrigger paddles to take pictures of the tourists learning to surf. This is where the term “Beach Boy Surfing”, another name for Stand Up Paddle Surfing, originates.

E E Y Y E E v v ii e e w w

SUP’ing with your dog Shown Above: If you’re a dog lover and are geniunely interested in your dogs happiness you should check out Australian Trainer Chris de Aboitiz of Natural Balance Dog Training. NBDT offers dog training and rehabilitation services for dogs with problem behaviors ranging from anxiety, aggression, nusiance barking, mastering the walk and off lead social balancing. Here, Chris paddles with some of his students and their dogs.

Sup (Stand up Paddling) is very versatile and you can enjoy the sport with or without waves. Pet owners can now experience all the health benefits that this new activity provides and they can bring along their pets for the ride. It’s just another great reason why Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world.

The sport benefits athletes with a strong ‘core’ workout. SUP’ing is popular at warm coastal climates and resorts, and is gaining in popularity as celebrities are sampling the sport, and cross-over athletes are training with SUP. SUPs have been spotted around the globe, anywhere where there is easy access to safe waters, as well as in the surfing lineups of the world. The first “modern” surfer to bring Stand Up Paddle Surfing out of Hawaii and onto mainland USA was Vietnam veteran, Rick Thomas. In 2000, Rick - on a 11ft Muñoz board, and with a Leleo Kinimaka paddle - introduced California to the new sport.

New custom SUP board prices range from US$600 to US$1500, and most use glassreinforced plastic construction using epoxy resin that is compatible with the expanded polystyrene foam used in the core. The boards are generally longer than 9 feet (3m), and up to 12 feet (4m) or more in length, with features such as padded decks and concave hulls; they generally have one or three surfboard-style fins in the stern for tracking.

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The Dog Lovers Fav or i t e Fishing Store! We Carry Emotion Stand Up Paddle Boards! 3113 First Street East (US 41), Bradenton, FL

(941) 746-6020

w w w. d i s c o un t ta c k l e on l i n e . c o m

Surfers have converted because of the versatility of the new sport. Stand up paddle boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets.

As of October 3, 2008, the US Coast Guard classifies SUPs as vessels and as a result SUP riders are obliged to wear a personal flotation device when paddling in certain areas. Whether this will affect the continued take up of stand up paddling in the USA and Canada remains to be seen.


Discount tackle outlet


DD OO GG SS Get Your Own SUP Board and Get Out There! Start with the Emotion Stand Up Paddle Board! The Traverse is a great entry level stand up paddle board with the versatility to go from flat lakes to the small ocean surf. The high nose rocker, thick water shedding profile and well rounded and forgiving sidewalls glide the board up and over waves and drops. This board has deep foot recess areas for increased stability and a textured standing surface to give you traction. It’s equipped with feature like a large hatch to secure gear and a removable fin that you will not find on any other SUP at this price. Prices Start at $399

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A D O G S E Y E v i e w

Lazy Dog is a Key West, Florida based company located at the Hurricane Hole Marina at MM4 on the beautiful Island of Stock! Their dynamic work environment nurtures their adventurous nature and promotes the philosophy that their degree of success is measured only by the amount of fun they have achieving it. Lazy Dog is bound together by a belief in having fun in all that you do. At Lazy Dog, they love the water and want everyone to get out and enjoy the beautiful blue waters of Key West. They have the largest rental fleet of kayaks and stand up paddleboards on the island. They offer eco kayak tours with their 2 hour tour package and their 4 hour kayak and backcountry snorkel package. They also offer kayak rentals where you’ll receive a map and suggested areas to explore. “We are lucky to have a great crew at Lazy Dog and most them have been with us for over 8 years, and a few for 12. We work hard together and play hard together. Working at Lazy Dog is just an extension of our lifestyles,” says Sue Cooper of Lazy Dog. Lazy Dogs are always participating in events in and out of town so be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Prices: Stand up Paddleboard Rentals - $25 Paddleboard Yoga — $20 Paddleboard Tours - $40 Along with your experienced guide you will paddle at a relaxing pace and explore the shallow, calm, blue-green waters of the back country of Key West. You will glide through the winding mangrove creeks and paddle through inches of water, where you can easily view and learn about the geological structure of the Keys along with its inhabitants. Your adventure will give you a chance to view the mangrove environment up close, along with its marine life including tropical fish, crabs, sea stars, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, sponges and various aquatic birds. All the tours are available using kayaks or paddleboards. Lesson includes: •Rental of paddleboard and paddle for 2 hours •We will pick a board suitable for your level of experience •Basic paddle instructions •Learn paddle technique, plus free paddle time with your Lazy Dog instructor •$60/person •Experience the fastest growing watersport! Check Em Out! 5114 Overseas Hwy Key West, FLA 33040 (305) 295-9898

Kaenon Polarized Sport’s holds an Annual SUP for a Pup event in April of every year in Newport Beach, CA. This super cool event was created to bring needed support to the Orange County-based animal rescue called A Wish For Animals.

URBAN DICTIONARY: Sup dog? Short for “What’s up dog?” But which means “What’s going on friend?” or “What’s the latest news friend?” Friend 1: Sup dog? Friend 2: Not much. Sup with you? Friend 1: Not much. Just chillin.

“Dogjam Paddle and Surf Show” is held at the Santa Cruz, California Yacht Harbor each August. Contestants will be vying for the title of “Best in Show”. Proceeds benefit the SPCA of Santa Cruz, and the Animal Friends Rescue Project.

Fort Lauderdale’s Paddles and Boards is attracting many dog owners to stand up paddle boarding. Shown here: Masha taking her 5 month old little “Dude” for his first paddle board introduction. Dude looked pretty stoked… for a beginner Basset Hound. Located at: George English Park 1101 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale Florida 33304


At Supdogs their main goal is to please your face. With over 20 all beef hot dogs, 10 specialty hand packed burgers, and a variety of other grub that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. SUP Dawg Dog T-Shirt. $18.00

44 BellaDOG BellaDOGMagazine Magazine 44

“When you’re in doggie land, anything is possible!” SUP DOGS 213 E 5th St, Greenville, NC, 27858-1821 (252) 752-7682 BellaDOG Magazine


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Not Ready To Stand on The Water?


Check out this sit-on-top modular kayak that’s a snap to transport, stow or change from solo to tandem! Introducing the newest in recreational kayaking... the Tequila! Point 65 launches a fun, versatile and high-performance kayak that, due to its modularity, is exceptionally easy to carry, store, and haul.


“Foolish Fish” Dog Leashes & Collars

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Weather Resistant and Durable No more empty or dirty bowls to fill and clean No more stagnant, germ filled water

1-800-635-3001 Surf’s up DOG Coil Leash and Collar!

The deep and vibrant hues of the Foolish Fish collection feature a fun fish pattern weave. The colors are suggestive of schools of tropical fish riding the gentle currents of the Caribbean. Hand woven by Mayan artisans, these leashes are backed with durable nylon webbing and have solid brass hardware. 100% colorfast. Matching collars available. Leash $29.00, Collars $24.00

Surf’s Up Dog!’s Coil Leash is made in the USA from surf leash material, and includes a soft neoprene-padded handle and double swivels to prevent twisting. The coil never hits the ground preventing dog’s feet from getting tangled, like a “normal” leash. The Coil leashes come in two sizes to fit any size of dog and extends to six feet. The collar features a Velcro adjustment, curved side-release plastic clip and strong steel D-ring, making them incredibly comfortable for the dog’s neck. Collars $19.50, Coil Leash $28.50

Go Solo or Tandem - all in one No need to buy two kayaks. Snap in the mid-section and your single seater is transformed into a high-performance tandem, so you can bring a friend or give the dogs their own seat! Never before has a kayak been so much fun and so easy to own. Designed for comfort and stability, the Point 65 Tequila! is also a nimble, highly maneuverable recreational kayak with plenty of legroom. And whether you paddle the Tequila! as a solo or tandem, this is still one of the faster sit-on-top kayaks on the market. It’s perfect for a day trek or weekend adventure. Load it up the Tequila! has tons of storage! Length: 13’8” Width:29.5” Weight: 77 lbs.

The Tequila! has received numerous awards for its innovative take-a-part solution and design. Popular Science, one of the worlds largest publications awarded the Tequila! with its prestigious “Best of What’s New 2010” Award. ISPO - the biggest sports product show in the world - awarded the Tequila! with “ISPO Brandnew” finalist award. 2 piece solo kayak - $599 3 piece tandem kayak - $999




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M UTTS Just How We Like Em! Mixed Up & Adorable!


The descriptive term mixed-breed is technically a misnomer. Pure breeds have been, for the most part, artificially created from random-bred populations by human selective breeding with the purpose of enhancing desired physical or temperamental characteristics. Dogs that are not purebred are not necessarily a mix of such defined breeds. In contrast, the term crossbreed refers to dogs produced by the intentional crossing of two different known purebred dog breeds. Dogs interbreed freely, except where extreme variations in size exist, so mixed-breed dogs vary in size, shape, and color, making them difficult to classify physically. There is a profusion of words and phrases used to describe dogs that are not designated as a purebred or pedigreed dog. The words cur, tyke, mutt, and mongrel are used, sometimes in a derogatory manner. There are also regional terms for mixed-breed dogs. In the United Kingdom Mongrel is the unique technical word for a mixed-breed dog. North Americans generally prefer the term mix or mixed-breed. Mutt is also commonly used (in the U.S.A and Canada), often in an affectionate manner. Some American registries and dog clubs that accept mixed-breed dogs use the breed description All American. In the rural southern United States, a small hunting dog is known as a Feist.

breedings not supervised or deliberately planned by humans. The term crossbreed is used to describe mixes of known breeds, sometimes deliberately mated like the “Puggle”, the “Goldendoodle” (a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever), “Labradoodle” (a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever), “Goldador” (a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever), “Maltipoo” (a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle),, “Pugapoo” (a cross between a Pug and a Poodle), Etc. etc. Although many crossbreed owners will argue that their “Puggle” is an actual purebred….it really is a mutt labeled as a “Designer Dog” with a huge price tag.

Whether you call them mutts, “Heinz-57s” or mongrels, mixed-breed dogs are truly something special. Understandably, purebred dogs are a big deal to many people. With well over 100 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, there is basically a breed to suit any lifestyle and personality. However, there are millions of mixed breed dogs that die in animal shelters each year because there are no homes available. Before you buy your next purebred dog, consider the magic a mixed-breed dog can bring into your life. I would not trade my mutt for the world - she’s the best thing to ever happen to me. Just remember, as with anything, there are ups and downs to consider.

There are also names for mixed-breeds based on geography, behavior, or food. In Hawaii, mixes are referred to as Poi dogs, and in The Bahamas, the common term is Potcakes (referring to the table-leftovers they are fed). In South Africa the tonguein-cheek expression pavement special A mixed-breed is sometimes used as a description for dog is a dog whose a mixed-breed dog. In the Philippines, ancestry is generally mixed-breed street dogs are often called unknown and “Askals”, a Tagalog-derived contraction of “Asong Kalye” or street dog. In Puerto that has characteristics Rico they are known as Sato dogs. of two or more types

of Slang terms are also common. Heinz 57, Heinz, or Heinz Hound is often used for dogs of uncertain ancestry, in a playful reference to the “57 Varieties” slogan of the H. J. Heinz Company. In some countries, such as Australia, Bitsa (or bitzer) is common, meaning “bits o’ this, bits o’ that”. In Brazil and the Dominican Republic, the name for mixed-breed dogs is Vira-Lata (trash-can tipper) because of homeless dogs who knock over trash cans to reach discarded food. In Newfoundland, a smaller mixed-breed dog is known as a Cracky, hence the colloquial expression “saucy as a cracky” for someone with a sharp tongue. Photo by Sheri-lyn Traylor


BellaDOG Magazine

One-Of-A-Kind Each mixed-breed dog is unique. Even if you meet a similar dog, no two are quite the same. Yes, even purebred littermates are genetically unique, but your mixed-breed dog truly stands alone. It can be fun guessing the breed origins of your


Scientists and scholars usually use the terms mongrel, mixed-breed, or random-bred dog for dogs born of BellaDOG Magazine


A B R E E D a p a r t

A B R E E D a p a r t

mutt. If you really need to know, ask your vet about easy, affordable DNA testing which can identify up to three breeds. Your mixed-breed dog will hold a special place in your heart – you will never find another quite the same.

Worth the Gamble Mixed-breed dogs do not come with a list of hereditary problems. This is not to say your mutt will be perfect, but mixed breed dogs are less likely to possess breedspecific hereditary heath and behavioral problems. If your dog is a Labrador mix, she could still have hip dysplasia, but it may be less severe because the breed is basically “diluted.” Although any dog may have serious hereditary problems, it really seems worth the risk to get a Mutt. However, while the mystery of a mutt can be exciting, it is important to prepare yourself for a few surprises along the way. Whether you decide to get a Mutt or a purebred, please know there is no right or wrong. Follow your heart. However, if your heart says to save even one of those darling mixed-breed dogs from homelessness - good for you! If you cannot decide between purebred and Mutt, consider one of each if your lifestyle is fit for more than one dog. No matter what type of dog you choose, your life will be forever changed! ~Jenna Stregowski, RVT

Barkology “Mutt” Hat

This oh-so-fashionable, dog-centric topper is covered with embroidery (even under the bill), speciallymade brass closure, custom fabric at the brim and over inside seams. This are NOT your ordinary baseball cap! $28.00


Barkology “Mutt” T Shirt

Proudly be a MUTT in barkology’s rendition using decorative characters; a little mutt lifts his leg on the T with tag line that reads born by chance, loved by choice

(repeated larger on back of shirt). $33.99


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Bella DOG Magazine


T r a v e l w i t h H A I R

“Our party is pet friendly.” Atlantic City Showboat Casino

~Donald Wittkowski

PetStay Program

On February 24th, Showboat HOTEL became Atlantic City, New Jersey’s first dog-friendly casino hotel. Introducing the PetStay Program for casino goers that happen to be dog lovers! One of the first four-legged guests to check in was Baci, a 10-year-old male Maltese owned by Phyllis Pette, of Manhattan, New York. “I honestly didn’t think this day would ever come,” Pette

Pette explained that she normally has to leave Baci at home when she travels. “My parents and I alternate. We travel in shifts because we don’t want to leave the dog home alone,” she said. But on Thursday, Pette, her parents and Baci all were together at Showboat for an overnight stay. Pette’s mother, also named Phyllis, lavished attention on Baci and boasted of his good behavior. Baci later ventured downstairs for a walk in the hotel lobby, where he met Precious, a 5-year-old female Shih Tzu owned by Melvyn Meszaros and his wife, Tuesday Murphy, of South Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey. “My wife has been coming to Showboat for 20 years, but we could never bring our dog. We would always have to get a baby sitter,” Meszaros said. “But now we

can all come here. It’s so cool.” The dog-friendly program is known as PetStay, which follows a successful run at eight Las Vegas casino hotels operated by Caesars Entertainment Corp., parent company of Showboat. PetStay may be introduced at the three other Caesars Entertainment casinos in Atlantic City - Bally’s, Caesars and Harrah’s Resort - if the program’s trial run at Showboat proves successful, the company said. Showboat has set aside nine hotel rooms for canines and their owners in the New Orleans Tower. Dogs are allowed in the hotel and public areas of the property such as the lobby. However, they are not allowed on the casino floor, restaurants, bars, spa and retail shops.

~Photo by Anthony Smedile


Guests participating in the PetStay program are greeted by several canine In-room amenities including food and water bowls, pet treat and biodegradable waste ~Photo by Leslie Silver bags, welcome packets that direct guests to outdoor relief areas and dog walking routes. Additional information about dog-friendly items for purchase and nearby dog services (such as grooming, walking and veterinary care) is available upon check-in.

Showboat Atlantic City is a world-class entertainment destination that captures the spirit of Mardi Gras, 365 days a year 801 Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ 08401-7509 (800) 621-0200

T r a v e l

Showboat Atlantic City pet policy

said of being able to bring her dog to a casino.

• Program available to Dogs only • Up to 2 dogs per room • Weight Limit is 50 lbs • Dogs must be crated when in room alone • Owner must leave contact number at desk • Dog must be on leash at all times • Dogs are not permitted in Food & Beverage areas, spa or retail shops. • Dogs are not permitted to walk through the casino and hotel.

Baci was resting comfortably on the bed in Pette’s room on the 18th floor of the New Orleans Tower. When he arrived, the room included organic dog treats, food and water bowls and disposable waste bags courtesy of Showboat.

Hotel room rates for owners traveling with a dog are priced at a $40 per night upgrade for designated petfriendly hotel accommodations at Showboat Atlantic City. Advanced Reservations in a PetStay Room Required. Guest arriving with a dog not specifically booked into a PetStay room will be accommodated based on PetStay room availability.

~Photo by Anthony Smedile


BellaDOG Magazine

~Photo by Erin landrews

w i t h

~Photo by Anthony Smedile

BellaDOG Magazine



T r a v e l w i t h

~Chad Walsh

When Sniff Dog Hotel Owner, Corey Murry ponders the Big Why? - Why did he and his siblings decide to build and operate of all things “a hotel for dogs”? He ambiguously and abstractly meanders a little about wanting to build an easily cleaned and odorless facility or being imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his father before finally coming to rest on the simple fact that he’s a bit of a softy.


Having grown up with on a farm in Eugene, Oregon surrounded by cows and chickens and, of course, dogs, he and his siblings - brother Casey and sister Jamie Mollas - learned to care for animals early on. But it wasn’t until Murry, charged once with the task of boarding his father’s dog, realized that traditional kennels could use a good makeover, not just for the dogs, but for the emotional comfort of their masters, too. When Murry arrived with his father’s dog, they were greeted, he says, “with chainlink fences and a choir of barking.” He peers up and he’s got that look that would melt anyone’s heart and says, “It was awful.”

Around this time, Mollas noticed an interesting trend in the growing multi-billion-dollar pet industry: luxury doggie day care. And having toured the facilities around the country and visiting countless trade shows, the three siblings put their minds to work on planning and building a deluxe hotel for Portland, Oregon’s favorite four-pawed domesticates. But Sniff, which opened its doors on May 25th, 2010, is not so much a dog hotel and resort as it is a neighborhood. There are places to sleep, but there’s also a park, a public bath, a salon and a boutique, or hotel gift shop. If one’s pet has the propensity to be more nerdy and socially awkward, there’s a skylit study-like multipurpose space where dogs can attend a variety of classes or find some simple respite. There’s even a gallery with framed canine photos by local portraitist Lara Blair and, a “café for humans” where masters can grab shots of espresso and quick bites to eat or unwind with a leisurely glass of wine while they wait as their pups are primped and preened. Among the many services the Sniff Dog Hotel staff offers are bubble baths, massages, grooming (including nail trimmings and “paw-dicures”), daycare, daily walks and as many as 17 different types of obedience and training classes where pets learn to simply stay put or learn to shake, jump, speak, and even dance!

54 BellaDOG Magazine

Likewise, Sniff’s amenities ran the gamut, from the practical to the indulgent: A concierge is always present, 24 hours a day. Every room, no matter the dog or the rate at which he’s boarded, includes plush leopard-print cushioned raised bed, as well as raised food and water bowls. Every entrance and exit to the building has dual gates to prevent the more excitable and squirrely pups from escaping outdoors. Every room is wet-vac ready for quick, easy cleaning and each room drains into a central drain that is flushed away into the sewer system several times a day, keeping air fresh and premises sanitary. All suites have their own ventilation systems, eliminating the spread of airborn bacteria. The many deluxe suites are 60 square feet and have large windows that let in the natural light (the penthouse suite is 70 square feet and includes a floor-to-ceiling skylight window). In attempt to re-create the atmosphere of home, all suites include televisions, and some are even equipped with DVD players. BellaDOG Magazine


T r a v e l w i t h H A I R

T r a v e l w i t h H A I R

Sniff has a self-service drive-up dog wash that allows folks to clean and dry their pets before letting them back inside the house. “We wanted to have a plan where anyone could afford our facility,” Murry says about his desire to reach out to customers and pet-lovers across the Portland metro area. “We wanted to have options to attract any pet owner.”

Sniff’s most hyped state-of-theart amenities are its facility-wide HVAC system that filters out any malodorous air several times an hour each day, as well as its K9 grass. Developed with both the dog and his caregiver in mind, K9 grass is a durable padded synthetic turf that absorbs the routine shocks on a dog’s joints and includes a space-age drainage system, so that any “spills” are instantly swept away, keeping the “grass” clean and dry.

But the prized mythic customer whose trust Murry says he most hopes to gain is the one who’s never boarded a pet. “We want to bring in new customers who’ve never used facilities before because they’re not comfortable with existing facilities.” Ultimately, he’s looking for someone whose worries he can ease because he himself has known those same worries. He’s looking for someone who reminds him a little of himself not so long ago.

Why the Name sniff? Corey Murry on naming his inaugural and ambitious boarding facility: “It’s one of the hardest things, really. It’s an emotional decision, I mean, you’re naming your child.” After brainstorming dozens of names and eliminating them all in several rounds, Murry says Sniff just stuck. Since so much planning went into making sure the hotel was as odorless as possible, it was a practical decision, but it was also, he says, a little funny and, in the end, the obvious choice. “(People) shake hands, but sniffing, that’s what dogs do, that’s how they meet each other.”

For customers who don’t need boarding, Sniff also caters to pet owners’ other needs.

T r a v e l

1828 NW Raleigh Street Portland, ORegon 97209 (503) 208-2366

The Blanket ID FundsForever Program Under Blanket ID’s new program, any company, retailer or organization can have their own custom-designed blanket ID tag produced. The tags generate a respectable margin for the retailer and in addition, the charitable portion of the funds raised from the sales and memberships will forever be passed back to their selected non-profit organization. As an example, Sniff Dog Hotel, has created their very own blanket ID tag. This fabulous The FundsForever program dog resort has chosen the charity ‘Fences for Fido’, ( an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare and quality of life for dogs The FundsForever program living outdoors, to be the beneficiary for funds raised from sales of this tag and on-going memberships. An innovative new program that allows companies, retailers and animal welfare organizations to design their own unique An innovative new program that allows blanketID companies, retailers and animal welfare tag, and elect a chosen non-profit organization organizations to design their own unique to be the ‘forever’ beneficiary for funds raised. blanketID tag, and elect a chosen non-profit organization to be the ‘forever’ beneficiary for funds raised.

For more information on Blanket ID’s FundsForever program, please contact them by email at: They also have especially favorable options for non-profit organizations that would like to join this program and create a custom blanketID tag of their own. 56

BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


w i t h H A I R

T r a v e l

amenities that pets and pet parents alike have come to love!”

M y d a y in p a r a d is e !

P4P is designed to accommodate the animalloving, busy traveler by providing more than just lodging for their pet, it gives piece of mind. From the moment you say good bye, your pet is given the four-paw treatment! The 25,000 square foot space offers first-class accommodations, recreation and resort-style service including play yards with indoor grass, adventure jungles, private suites with flatscreen TVs and yes, even a bone-shaped splashing pool!

w i t h

What more could your pet ask for? How about a massage? Or maybe a nature hike? Yes, your fourlegged friend can enjoy these services and more during their stay at P4P.


So c’mon, for your next getaway, give your pet a vacation too!

Want your pet to have the same luxurious getaway that you do this year?


BellaDOG Magazine

In Chicago, travelers can breathe easy knowing their furry friends are having just as much fun while their gone, if not more!

F i t n e ss a n d W e ll n e ss P r o g r a m !

Focusing on the ultimate in luxury and care for your cats and dogs, Paradise 4 Paws (P4P) is the preeminent pet resort in the Chicagoland area. After the successful opening near O’Hare International Airport in 2008, Founder Saq Nadeem decided to expand his concept to Midway, Chicago’s second airport last month. “We’re excited that P4P can now accommodate all travelers in Chicago, making it much easier for pet parents,” says Nadeem. “The Midway location will feature all of the same

Paradise 4 Paws is pleased to offer a fitness and wellness program addressing both mental and physical health. For pooches who need extra exercise to maintain a healthy weight, work off excess energy, or just want more one-on-one time with a Team Member, P4P offers Treadmill Training, Splash / Swim Sessions, Individual Play / Fetch and Nature Hikes. To soothe anxiety or relax after a fitness session, P4P offers a Calming Message. For mental stimulation, they offer a variety of Enrichment Training packages to add on to a Daycare or Overnight stay. BellaDOG Magazine


T r a v e l w i t h H A I R

T r a v e l

Pet Friendly Home Away From Home!

DOG Bungalows Deluxe Suite - $49/night

•4’ x 7’ suite overlooking the play yards, splashing pool and palm trees •4’ x 4’ individual patio •Premium bedding •Nightly tuck-in service

Slumber Party Lounges - $49/night

w i t h

•Large rooms to accommodate dogs who like slumber parties as opposed to private suites •Premium bedding •Flat screen TV’s •Webcams •Nightly tuck-in service •Temperament assessment to ensure your pup is matched with appropriate slumber party buddies


Oasis Suite - $55/night

•4’ x 7’ suite suite located away from other suites in a quieter part of Paradise next to the Top Dog office and Vet Tech room •Ideally suited for guests with special needs •Flat screen TV •Premium bedding •Nightly tuck-in service

Executive Suite - $60 or $65/night (w/ webcam & TV) •6’ x 7’ suite overlooking the play yards, splashing pool and palm trees •6’ x 3’ individual patio •Premium bedding •Flat screen TV’s in select suites •Webcams in select suites •Nightly tuck-in service

Pack Leader Suite - $65/night •Our Pack Leader’s office •Lots of personal attention •Premium bedding •Nightly tuck-in service

P4P Also Offers Overnight Accommodations Daycare Paradise Spa & Grooming Massage Therapy Airport Parking Airport Transportation Pet Pick-up & Drop-off Training Fitness & Wellness Program Vet Visits A-la-carte Services Retail Shop

2 Locations Paradise 4 Paws O’Hare 10516 United Parkway Schiller Park, IL 60176 ~ Paradise 4 Paws Midway 5262 S. Kolmar Avenue Chicago, IL 60632

Rolling Waves Beach Cottages 6351 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Fl 34228 (941) 383-1323

Photo by Sheri-lyn Traylor

T r a v e l

Presidential Suite - $80/night

w i t h

•9’ x 7’ suite overlooking the play yards, splashing pool and palm trees •9’ x 3’ individual patio •Premium bedding •Flat screen TV •Webcam •Nightly tuck-in service

Top Dog Suite - $80/night •Our Top Dog’s office •Lots of personal attention •Premium bedding •Flat screen TV •Nightly tuck-in service


BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine



T r a v e l

bathrooms with oversized showers and spa soaking tubs, flat screen TV’s, ipod docking stations, plush bathrobes and luxurious bedding. Guest rooms surround visitors with warmth in a palette of deep red, cognac and charcoal, maple furnishings and nautical or locally inspired artwork.


w i t h

Well known for its eco sensitivity the Inn worked with a LEED consultant on designing and building the Spa, using recycled rubber for the cardio room floor, low VOC paint, sealants and wall coverings and recycled sheet rock. The salinated pool is heated with solar panels, and an air-to-air heat exchanger saves energy. Guests are wrapped in bamboo towels, use ‘green’ recycled paper key cards and are surrounded by indigenous landscape. The inn’s sheet and towel program donates savings to the endangered monarch butterfly.


The Spa

The Spa at Inn by the Sea offers guests a tranquil retreat with indulgent pampering in two serene sanctuary spaces, one for men and one for women, surrounded by six treatment rooms with an array of services from massage to facials. The Inn’s signature treatments include an Ocean & Oxygen Facial, Deep Sea Soother, and Sea Waves Massage which is complimented with surround sound of soothing surf and the ever-so-subtle vibration of the bed, synchronized to the sounds of the crashing waves. The Spa experience is enhanced with eucalyptus steam rooms and experience showers for the enjoyment of all Inn guests. Not to be left out of the pampering, kid approved spa treatments for teens and doggie massage for VIP’s (very important pets) are on the menu.

Luxury Comes Naturally To Maine’s Premier Luxury Beach Resort Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Inn by the Sea; Maine’s premier luxury beach destination, completed a massive multimillion dollar makeover in summer of 2008. The renovation has seamlessly wed contemporary amenities with traditional coastal charm to capture the allure of the quintessential Maine experience. At the eco-luxury Inn, guests are given a touch of the red carpet treatment the instant they are ushered into comfortable leather chairs for ‘check-in’ in the beautiful lobby, which opens to spectacular Atlantic views. A nautical compass rose detail on the granite floor is repeated beyond an outdoor boulevard of planters, integrating the landscape and ocean view into the interior. The addition of a full service spa and cardio room, Sea Glass restaurant, fireplace lounge and expanded decks for outdoor ocean view dining top the facilities list, but no area of the inn was left without enhancement during the renovation. Set in a location of unspoiled beauty above sandy Crescent Beach the Inn redefines coastal eco- luxury with a combination of modern and environmentally friendly design features.  Many of the 57 rooms and suites feature deluxe 62

BellaDOG Magazine

“Our goal is to offer guests true luxury, and great service while delivering the quintessential Maine experience,” said General Manager, Sara Masterson. “The transformation of the Inn reflects an intimate, relaxed atmosphere that is more modern and upscale, integrating the elements that made this location a standout in the past-  the beauty of Crescent beach and proximity to Portland’s vibrant Old Port. Our aim is to blend luxury, service and eco friendly initiatives with a true appreciation for all things local.”

T r a v e l w i t h

Sea Glass

Sea Glass, the inn’s restaurant, serves up Maine fare with an international flare under the direction of executive BellaDOG Magazine



T r a v e l w i t h H A I R

Chef Mitchell Kaldrovich. Celebrating all things Maine Kaldrovich creates menus rich with the freshest produce available from the sea and local farms. Complimented by panoramic ocean views and rich décor the chef’s signature dishes including pan seared sea scallops with a fennel salad and parsnip puree, and fresh seafood paella are paired with an extensive wine selection on view in the new wine cove. Dining is also available in the fireplace lounge and al fresco on the scenic deck overlooking Crescent Beach. The eco-luxury Inn by the Sea is located on Crescent Beach in the charming coastal town of Cape Elizabeth, just minutes from Portland’s vibrant and historic Old Port. The inn is certified a Maine DEP Green Lodging, and selected as one of Forbes Travel Guide’s Top Ten Green Hotels in the US, & Travel & Leisure’s Top 100 in US & Canada.

Inn by the Sea 40 Bowery Beach Road Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107 1-800-888-4287


BellaDOG Magazine

The VIP (Very Important Pets) Treatment Vacation goes to the dogs as the red carpet is rolled out for man’s best friend. With no additional charge and no size or breed limitations, pets are treated like royalty at Inn by the Sea, with incredible inroom spa services, amenities and over-the-top pampering including water bowls, beach towels, cozy blankets, Maine-made dog toys, a personalized L.L. Bean bed to sleep on and signature treats. If the grooming services and pet massages are not enough, VIPs are treated to gourmet pet menus featuring dishes like meat “roaff” and doggie gumbo. Dog walking and day care are available to make your doggie’s dreams come true. Dogs are allowed everywhere on the beautiful property except the dining room, however guests are welcome to dine with their dogs in the fireplace lounge or on the patio. The Inn also provides a comprehensive list of nearby walking trails, dog friendly beaches and free-range parks you’ll both enjoy. BellaDOG Magazine


Amidst the mystical beauty of Taos, New Mexico, El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa™ offers a secluded sanctuary in harmony with the Earth. Experience exquisite accommodations inspired by Native American and global culture and a dramatic art collection graced by world-famous artists...and it’s pet friendly!

T r a v e l

El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa™ is a well-known as a leader in alternative energy among other New Mexico resorts and hotels. Experience the extraordinary treatments of the Living Spa™ designed to heal mind, body and spirit, or simply meditate in the Sacred Circle among towering trees and waterfalls, and breathe in the tranquility.

w i t h

El Monte Sagrado’s 84 guestroooms, suites and casitas offer a rich, tranquil environment. Behind each door is a unique and uplifting experience awaiting your discovery. Hand-painted walls, the work of local Taoseño (A person from Taos, New Mexico) artists, Kiva fireplaces and natural mountain beauty surround you while luxurious amenities rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Choose from 48 Taos Mountain Rooms, Casitas, or one of their breathtaking Premiere or Global Suites. Concierge service ensures a level of personalized pampering you won’t soon forget.

A Facebook Fan Says: “I just spent the most amazing three nights at this incredibly beautiful resort! I cannot say enough good things about it. The grounds were incredible, the service superb. The spa treaments unbelievable and the food was great. I want to thank all at the hotel for being sooooo dog friendly! My dog Teddy had a wonderful time too. Oh I must mention the Aqua Center, this is one of the nicest pools I have ever experienced. It was all truly wonderful. Special thank you to Shari Marie for my incredible spa treatments!” ~ Randi Gerzofsky Bildner

“The Paw-fect Package” at El Monte Sagrado Two-Night Accommodations • Assorted Pet Treats In-Room • Chew Toy Gift Upon Arrival • Personal Pet Greeting Note *greeting note includes available pet services, dog walking routes, veterinary contacts, pet friendly shops and stores, restaurants Prices start at $179 per night. No minimum length of stay required El Monte Sagrado | 317 Kit Carson Rd. Taos, New Mexico 87571 | 575.758.3502 |Toll-free 888.213.4419

w w w. e l mo nt e s a gra do . c om 66

BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine



, e m i t r e m m u S e m i t r e Summ um, Summertime! S , m u S


Glowdoggie LED Collars

Glowdoggie knows that every dog owner wants to keep their furry loved ones safe, seen and protected – during the day, but even more importantly at night, when they need our care most. It’s what inspired us to find the world’s finest nighttime safety product and bring it exclusively to the dogs of North America. Introducing the German-engineered Glowdoggie™ LED collar the revolutionary safety product that’s changing the way dogs are seen at night. Robust, 100% waterproof and guaranteed to last at least two years, the Glowdoggie™ is premium, German quality that you can trust to keep your dog safe and seen like never before. $44.99 - $49.99

S e c t i o n

The Dogger

The latest in dog stroller innovation The Dogger™ is designed to give you and your older dog the very best in durability, comfort and control. The roomy basket comes with a soft pad for added comfort and an adjustable canopy with mesh windows for maximum visibility.

the G N I K BAR ! n o i sect 68

BellaDOG Magazine

12” air-filled tires and rear shocks provide for the smoothest ride, which is made even more special thanks to its front wheel that can swivel for improved maneuverability; or be locked for jogging or travel across rough terrain. This dog stroller also has adjustable handle bars so you can find the perfect height and offers additional storage underneath. The Dogger comes with a handy rain cover. Drink holder and safety lights sold separately. $249.95

Digital Pet Cam

Designed by DOGTEK, this small video camera fits on your pet’s leash and provides you a birds-eye view of your pet’s activities! See life from your dog or cat’s perspective (literally) and solve that age-old question, “exactly what do they do all day?” The camera measures about 3 inches, weighs a little more than an ounce, and provides two hours of play back. This is thrilling stuff, folks, not to be missed, and available only now thanks to 21st century technology! So strap one on your pet and wait. Then kick back, open a cold one, and settle in for a riproaring playback unlike any other. Because it’s your furbaby’s day. $129.00 BellaDOG Magazine


Way Cool Pet Beds! B A R K I N G

Upcycled Vintage Wooden Suitcase Beds

Laps of Luxury Beds Handmade, one of a kind dog beds for small dogs or cats. Ready-made or custom design that coordinates with your upholstery and every bed is signed by the artist - check the tushie for authenticity! $175

Comes with removable, triple stitched, machine washable fluffy cushion for cleaning convenience. This one (right) is made from a Vintage Towncraft suitcase. It has a brown retro cushion with light blue, green and brown circles. The wood is a dark stain and it has baby blue legs and handle. The legs are sturdy and have been reinforced. Dimensions are 17” x 21” $79.00 This one (below) is a light teal blue shade. It has a fun retro circled pattern with browns, greens & blues. The legs are sturdy and have been reinforced. Dimensions are 19.5” x 15”. $52.00

S e c t i o n

Doggy Snooze


! d e l c pcy

DoggySnooze is a unique dog bed - it doesn’t fit into one category. It is orthopedic, elevated, chew-resistant, with bolsters, can be an outdoor dog bed, comes in three sizes, two different bed cover colors and three different bolster covers. The bed cover is made of durable and breathable cordura fabric and the frame of alu alloy. The bolsters are made of dense foam for optiomal support comfort for the head or to cuddle up against. The bed cover can be easily removed or installed without taking the frame apart! Beds start at $139.00

Snub Beds For small dogs with big canine dreams. The concept is easy, the SnubBed comes with a durable, ultra-soft black faux mink fur SnubFrame, then you pick the SnubPad that most fits you and your dog. Come back for a different SnubPad design every season to match the unique moods of your snub. 4 different pad colors: Fiery Bitch, Silver Spoon, Ice, Ice Baby and Military Brat. $129.00 70

BellaDOG Magazine

Bambu Hammock Give your pets a relaxing place to lay their heads with the Bambu Hammock. This hammock is designed for small cats and dogs and is made out of bamboo. The Bambu Hammock comes with a removable cushion for easy washing and drying. Even if your pet already has his own sleeping arrangement, the Bambu Hammock looks too damn cute to deny. designed and distributed in the United States. Visit the website for more information and for pricing. BellaDOG Magazine


B A R K I N G S e c t i o n

Fun Bags!

to carry stuff!


Rescue Me Totes

S e c t i o n

The Mommy Bus Celebrities don’t show up to the red carpet in a run down, beat-up family car, they show up riding in some serious style. Give your pampered four legged friend the sweet ride he or she deserves and make them the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. For pets up top 15lbs. Easy access top entry, open/close front Window, large uutside storage pockets, zippered wheel compartments, carry handles & adjustable shoulder strap, washable bottom pad cover, interior safety strap. $89.99

Create Your Own Bag Choose your bag, add your photo and enjoy! The Everyday Bag - Why carry someone else’s idea of a design when you can make a statement all your own? This popular Everyday Bag provides that upscale boxy look with a new threecompartment interior and stylish broad weave fabric. Sized at 11” by 8.5”, there’s plenty of room for your necessities and your favorite image on one or both sides. From $95.00

Carry your stuff or carry your pup in these hand crafted bags of coolness! As seen in Runway Magazine, Pupstyle, Doggies & Stuff, and on the shoulders of your favorite celebrities, Rescue Me totes are the “haute tote” for Hollywood’s pet lovers. Its the first and only bag with signature golden purse paws and snap out linings! Every Rescue Me tote comes with two versatile bag interiors. Don’t feel like leopard? Lining soiled? Your pup runs hot? Just snap out the micro mink and snap in your second lining. AND - a portion of proceeds go to animal rescue efforts!!! $210.00

Doggy Baggage Doggy Baggage is a unique, all-in-one, multifunctional pet travel bag and every day pet storage bag created to keep all your pets belongings organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This is not a pet carrier nor is it just for dogs! Its design has proven to be the most convenient and useful pet organizer available. Made of 100% 18oz. cotton canvas, & comes in many fun patterns and colors. Available in four sizes to fit your needs: •Small - Perfect for a day at the beach or around town. $39.95 •Large - Ideal for extended travel or every day storage. $49.95 •Duffel - Great for the family with multiple pets and lots of stuff to carry! $59.95 •Pooch Pouch - Designed for vet records, medications, etc. $14.95


The Bucket Bag - This super cool bag lets you combine your love of style with the loves of your life in this designer-inspired photo handbag. Keep one side black for all occasions, or extend the look from seam to seam with a two-sided photo design. From $80.00 72

BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


S e c t i o n

Bags of Another Nature!

Porta Poo Bags© Load this adorable and Affordable handmade bag with 15 dog poop bags. Clip it to your purse, diaper bag, dog leash, or keys, so that you are prepared to dispose of your doggie’s “stuff” properly. Porta-Poo Bags© are very convenient, light weight, and stylish. 4 1/4” x 3 1/2”. $5.00


S e c t i o n

Olive Dog Poop Bags

Dogbag Duffel Bags The Duffels include 2 rolls of 12 tie-handle bags on a roll, is 3 1/2” wide and 1 1/2” in diameter and includes two different reattaching fasteners to easily secure to your leash, belt or collar. The zipper secures the bags and the opening allows the bags to come out easily. Rolls come in Pink citrus scent, red floral scent, green rainforest scent, purple lavender scent, yellow ocean scent, and black unscented. $6.95 - $15.95

Doodie Pack A canine utility backpack designed to improve your quality of life and the relationship between you and your dog. Supporting the philosophy that dogs need a job, Doodie Pack’s simple and easy to use multipocket design is endorsed by behavioral trainers as an effective tool in the training process. Originally designed to carry bags of dog waste generated during your walks, Doodie Pack’s roomy pockets allow your dog to comfortably carry whatever you put in the pack up to the recommended 25% of your dog’s body weight. Available in 8 colors and 3 sizes, Doodie Pack fits dogs from 8 to 180 lbs. You can even get your personally monogrammed! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! $29.95 - $56.95 74

BellaDOG Magazine

Made naturally from GMO-free corn starch and vegetable oil, are certified 100% biodegradable and compost in as little as 40 days. Poop and parcel can be buried for micro-organisms to consume or combined with yard waste for curbside collection in communities that compost biodegradable waste. Olive Poop Bag Refills are available in two convenient sizes, Unisex (small) and Super Poop (large). Each refill is 50 poop bags. $5.99 - $6.99

Poop Pac The perfect solution to a messy problem. Bag it - Pac it - Trash it! You can now pop the case in your car, stroller, attach it to you backpack, belt, leash etc and relax until you cross a convenient trash can or until you return home. PoopPac has a front compartment with wipe clean lining suitable to contain your ‘package’, an activated charcoal filter to assist in absorbing odors, a compartment to carry and dispense your new waste bags, a compartment to hold small personal items, a built in Belt Clip, a removable Wrist Lanyard, and a removable Carabiner Clip! Manufactured in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. $36.95

Spasso Bella Bag The chic Bella Bag can be attached to any dog’s leash to conceal plastic pick-up bags and Bella wipes. Each Bella Bag pouch is 3” x 4” and is also great for holding treats, credit cards, cell phones, etc. Included 24 refills and 1 shoulder strap. $17.00

B A R K I N G S e c t i o n

Dirty Dogs? B A R K I N G S e c t i o n

Pet Kiss Plaque and Tartar Control

clean em up!

Kiss plaque and tartar good-bye! Pet Kiss Plaque & Tartar Control is a natural formulation that helps dissolve plaque and tartar, whiten teeth and freshen breath It is odorless, tasteless, and simple to use--just add it to your pet’s water dish and watch it work naturally! Made in the USA. $10.99 - $44.99

Soggy DoggyDoormat Super-absorbent, durable, microfiber chenille! The Soggy Doggy Doormat® is made from millions of textured, ultrafine strands woven together, so the surface area of this doormat is much greater than meets the eye! It absorbs more water and dirt than a typical doormat, dries much faster (and remains bacteria and odor free!).

The Brush Buddy

The Soggy Doggy Doormat® can hold 7x its weight in water, yet is velvety soft and gentle under delicate paws and bellies! Great as a crate pad or as a mat in a car - anywhere a wet dog goes the Soggy Doggy Doormat can go too! Machine wash separately, no chlorine bleach, dryer safe on low. No fabric softeners. 26” x 36” $39.99

The Brush Buddy cleans, de-sheds, dries, massages, promotes bonding, stimulates a healthy coat and even removes pesky hair and dirt from your cars and furniture. Designed by a dog lover for dogs and their parent owners, we hope you’ll enjoy the Brush Buddy and shop with us directly or with any of our outstanding retailers. $29.95

Paw Rags

Barktini Blends

Why shouldn’t man’s best friend have a Happy Hour too? Barktini Blends will turn any time into Happy Hour for both pet and pet owner. The great scents and gentle ingredients allow for these products to be used as often as needed. Happy Hour has never smelled this good. “Bathe Responsibly” with Barktini Blends! 17oz. $8.99

Vegan DOG Soap

This soap is made using the Cold process method and combines Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter to get your dog’s coat clean, shiny, and soft. There’s also Tea Oil, Lemongrass and Peppermint Essential Oil, which are A NATURAL repellent & safe and will help repel fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other pesky bugs. $4.95 76

BellaDOG Magazine

12” x 12” in size (perfect for all paws big or small!), 100% cotton, machine washable terry cloth, embroidered with “Wipe Your Paws” in black with our signature paw font, convenient elastic loop for hanging on a doorknob or hook, available in TAN to compliment the wiping of mud & dirt. $7 each or 4 for $25 Customize your Paw Rags with your dog’s name! $8 per rag or set of 4 for $30

Neem and Aloe Shampoo Bar

All natural dog shampoo that is gentle, good for different skin types and all natural with no chemicals or toxins. The concentrated essential fatty acids in Neem help to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin while it disinfects and aids in the body’s natural healing process. Neem is great for keeping pests off your dogs too! $12.00

Hy-Otic Cucumber Melon Ear Rinse Hy-Otic Ear Rinse, with a refreshing cucumber melon scent, is a gentle cleansing solution formulated to promote faster healing of ear infections. Hy-Otic is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial solution made from an antibacterial solution containing Aloe Vera Gel to help treat and soothe. 4 oz. bottle. $6.49


Organic Loofah Dental Toy USDA Certified Organic, 100% vegetable loofah toy. Meat flavored natural teeth cleaner. 2.5” Bone & 6.9” Bone. $4 to $14 BellaDOG Magazine


S e c t i o n

TOYS for the Fur Kids! B A R K I N G

Tipsy Tails Plush Toys The collection of beverage themed dog toys include Bark-tini, Bark-a-Rita, Canine Sauvignon, Howlin’ Dog Beer, Pooch Hooch, and Waggin’ Tale Ale. Your well bred pup may enjoy a glass of Canine Sauvignon with a piece of medium rare filet mignon. But for those who like to give owners the slip and raid neighbors’ trash, Pooch Hooch Sour Mutt Whiskey gets a YIP! So whatever your party animal’s taste may be, Tipsy Tails hit the spot, whether mutt or pedigree. Pooch Hooch comes with detailed embroidery on the outside and a squeaker on the inside. Toys measure 6.5” tall. $7.99

Rogz Molecule Balls Molecules are mode of heavy duty, high quality, unpressurized rubber and covered with a synthetic fiber. This means the ball is harder to destroy and it won’t loose it’s bounce if punctured. Available in Red, Blue and Orange. Comes in four sizes: Gluon (3”), Electron (4”), Neutron (5”) and Proton (6”). $3.99 - $11.99

S e c t i o n

The GoughNut

Eco Saucer

GoughNuts pet toys are designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY. The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. Each GoughNuts pet toy has included in it’s design the GoughNuts patent pending visual safety indicator where Green means “Go” and Red means “Stop”.

The Green Toys EcoSaucer is made in the USA from sturdy recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The EcoSaucer soars with Good Green Fun. $7.00

All GoughNut products are guaranteed. If your dog chews through to the red this is your indication to take the GoughNut away from your dog and return it for a replacement. Made in the USA. $25.68

Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff Recycle BALL

A sleek take on other ball-tossing devices, Wood Chuck bamboo core offers strength and maximum chuck-ability with an ergonomic cork handle for comfort and grip-ability throw, after throw, after throw. Wood Chuck’s 4-pronged claw coupled with the pliant nature of our Orbee-Tuff products make it a cinch to grab and throw. Made in the USA. $24.99

Surf’s Up Beach Ball These classically styled Surf’s Up Beach Balls have a unique twist. Made from neoprene, these brightly colored toy balls are water-resistant. Now fetching games can turn into swimming games easier than ever! Dogs of all sizes will have a ball with these water-friendly toys. Includes squeaker. Small Beach Ball - 4”, Large Beach Ball -6” $3.99 - $7.99

Duradoggie The Beba Toy is the “World’s First all-in-one Treat Dispenser and Squeaker Toy.” The Beba Toy comes in Pink, Blue, Green, and Orange colors. Based on the color you “chews”, they will donate 20% of their profits towards one of four charitable causes: fighting breast cancer, saving animals, saving the planet, or fighting diabetes. Pleasant Scent! Recyclable! Made in the USA! $13.99 78

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Surf’s Up Surfboards Hang ten! Zanies® Surf’s Up Surfboards are the must-have toy for waterside games. Made from water-resistant neoprene, these surfboard dog toys glide across the water, making fetching near water a blast! 11” in length. $4.50 BellaDOG Magazine


B A R K I N G S e c t i o n

For the People! Cuz we like stuff too! B A R K I N G S e c t i o n

Vicktory Dog Wine Club Receive 6 Vicktory Dogs wines each quarter - you get the entire collection over a year. Each Vicktory Dog wine label comes on a bottle of red wine unless otherwise noted. The current red wine is a medium bodied Syrah/Tempranillo blend “Aromas of bright blackberries, slight black pepper, and just a hint of vanilla”. $30.00 plus shippin per bottle. Quarterly Club $168.00 plus tax/shipping for 6 bottles per shipment.

Hot Joe Jacket

The insulating, reusable, reversible, “green”, ecochic jacket for your hot paper cup. This unique product has a layer of insulating material hand sewn in between two outer layers of cotton fabrics to keep your hot beverage warmer longer. Velcro adjusts to the various cup sizes. Made in the USA! From $8.00 - $11.00

Dog Watering Can

NOTE: The Vicktory Dog Wine Collection is in no way associated with Michael Vick. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Vicktory Dog Wine Collection will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society for campaigns to help strengthen laws against and penalties for dog fighting, and for campaigns against legislation to ban specific breeds of dogs.

Decorative garden-art dog is also a functional watering can - it sprinkles from his smile! Adding to his charm, he is also “all boy” and features a wagging tail and heart collar tag. Handcrafted of iron by Balinese artisans. $49.95

Wine Bottle Holders A world of unique steel wine bottle sculptures. Art & Decor combine to create fun & whimsey. Created by artist Guenter Scholz, each Sculpture has been individually handcrafted by cutting, bending and welding recycled steel to effectively portray the subject. Each sculpture holds one standard wine bottle, sizes vary slightly. Hand made welded recycled steel. $81.00 Each


Paw Print Coffee Press

For the coffee aficionado, few tastes can compete with the freshness of French press brewing. Introducing the Paw Print Coffee Press... a très continental way to delight in the glory of the bean! $15.00

Sugar/ Creamer Bowls

One sugar or two? Flawless stainless steel holds a glass pitcher and sugar bowl in pawsitively regal style. $12.95

Go Fetch- Bad Dog Tumblers

Stuck in the Muds

Capture the follies of training Fido with this Bad DogTM Tumbler set. Four pint glasses depict a lovable pooch doing the exact opposite of the commands being barked. Made in the USA. Exclusive to UncommonGoods. Sold as a set of four. $35.00

Like cheery characters straight from a Saturday morning cartoon, these creative garden fixtures add quirky charm and a personal touch to those outdoor corners needing a touch of inspiration. Artist Hadley Kelly makes each ceramic sculpture by hand, pressing clay into canvas to create the texture and dimension unique to every figurine. An oxide wash and layers of special glaze provides the brilliant coloring for this dynamic duo. Use its steel stake to let these new friends frolic among your flowers--they’re sure to brighten your garden (and your day) every time you see them. Handmade on Tybee Island, Georgia. $44.00


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83 81

S e c t i o n

Tag it for Keeps! B A R K I N G


Geometric flowers and dragonflies on a vast cardinal red setting.

With Metal!

Jeweled Dog Tag Sterling silver pet i.d. tag distinguish itself, is hand engraved and is oxidized in black so the lettering really stands out. Includes your pet’s name on the front of the tag, and up to 2 lines of engraving on the back (the equivalent of 2 phone numbers). Measures just over 1 1/4 inches wide by just under 1 1/4 inches tall It features a 5mm and 3mm accent stone. Your dog's name and contact phone numbers are engraved on the back. crafted and hand engraved, both front and back, in Nevada City, California. $72.00

S e c t i o n

Fetching Tags Every good dog deserves a great tagline. Is she a Wiggle Butt? A member of the Squirrel Patrol? Does he give Free Kisses? Pick from 16 taglines. Fetching Tags are handmade from super lightweight aircraft quality aluminum and stampled with your tagline. Twice as thick as ordinary tags and strong enough to keep your dog tagged for years to come! $30.00

Sasha and Tasha Frolicking characters in the midst of dandelians in a plum and pink scenery.


Sage green, peacock green and canary yellow with floral crests.

Buckle Style Made of Non-magnetic Stainless Steel and bent to fit double-thick nylon and leather collars between 3/16 and 1/4 inch thick. Engraving and shipping included. $10.99



Deep sea blue with accents of glacier lines

ID Bar Tag This handcrafted pet ID tag is tough and durable. Measures 1/4” x 1/4” x 1 1/4”. Beautiful, strong, and lightweight. Available Metals: Aluminum and Copper. Usually ships within 3 - 4 weeks. $37.00


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Custom Tags

This is the handmade, custom ID version of the “With Sprinkles on Top” dog tag. It has tiny bones and hearts sprinkled all over the front and back of this sterling silver dog tag. Your dog’s name is on the front, and your phone number is on the back. 1 1/8” wide and 1” high and comes with a split ring to easily attach to your dogs collar. $94.00

Find out where to buy yep yup stuff by visiting their website!


Designed for pets BellaDOGMagazine Magazine BellaDOG


S e c t i o n

Groovy Neck Wear! B A R K I N G

Pawsibilities Collars These beautiful bands adhere securely to the top of the collars with velcro to assure they won’t fall off even in wet conditions. And, they always remain easy to change when your dog is ready for a new look. More colors available. Collar $11.99, Bands $9.99

Neck Candy Dog Tag Pouch and Collar. Put the bag on your dog’s tags to keep them quiet, and unable to get caught up on things. Both the collar and pouch are made of soft and washable cotton fabric. The 1” width sizes are reinforced with polypro webbing. Pouch $4.95, Collar $20.00

S e c t i o n

Day Tripper • Gypsy • Crimson and Clover These1.5” wide martingale collars feature colorful psychedelic patterns. Sturdy D-ring for attaching tags. Fully adjustable and triple stitched at stress points to prevent breaking and prolong durability. $20.00 each

Handwoven Scarf

Collar Bow Ties An adorable addition to your collar! Meashures 3’’ across. Hand crocheted from 100% cotton yarn. Ribbon wraps around collar and Velcro tabs secure the bow. Washable. Made in the USA. $12.95


Bark n roll Neckties Vegas Rock Dog neckties are so bark and roll. They’re for both boys and girls and no need to measure your dog’s neck as they slide straight onto your dog’s collar! Available in 3 different lengths. $9.99 (check BellaDOG Magazine’s Facebook Page for contests to win these super cool ties)

Yellow Scarf hand woven with fringe for HIM, HER or a PET! Are you ready to share your scarf with your pet? Let’s see who actually wins! And if you love your pet, let him carry himself with style! Alvantine© is a shoulder/neck/head piece that can be worn in a number of interesting combinations as a scarf, shawl, collar, hat. Alvantine scarf has a particular design: the main portion with an opening towards the end and two arms. The best part about this design – it contains endless variations of how to wear it. Included is a custom book with drawings of 30 designs, but you can add your own! $40.00


BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


S e c t i o n


Lil Yorkie Fru Fru Eat Your Veggies Tutu Harness Dog Dress - $75

S t y l e custom made canine fashions with a bold modern twist by Kelly Owens features overthe-top designs, which feature canine couture to fit all dog sizes, including fun and exciting styles such as tutu harness dresses, feather harness dresses, hand crocheted leashes, legwarmers, dog cuff links, trendy beret hats, feather fascinators, and much more.

Grazia Couture Dog Dress - $350

Purple Draping Feather Dog Harness Dress - $110

Vintage Mint Feather Harness Dog Dress - $110

NYC Tutu Harness Dog Dress - $75

Pink Paisley Tutu Harness Dog Dress - $75

Kwanzaa Tutu Harness Dog Dress and Cuff Set - $75


Ring Bearer Tutu Harness Dog Dress - $75 86

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Retro Pink Feather Dog Harness Dress - $110

NYC Tutu Harness Dog Dress - $75

Silver Rosette Feather Harness Dog Dress - $350 BellaDOG Magazine


S t y l e

D O G G I E If you are in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, stop in to Pawsitively Posh Pooch and Classy Cats Too! They exclusively carry several dresses that you see here.1425 4th Street North | St. Petersburg, Florida 33704 (727) 892-9303.

S t y l e Simply Fiery Fuschia Simply B. Collection

“Sun Goddess” Goddess Collection “Purple Flair” Out and About Collection

Lady Tasha Bella “SkyBark 2010” Signature Collection

The Katie Scarlet “Spring Sorbet” Signature Collection Lady Anemone “Sea Creature” Spring Collection

Addie’s Violette Signature Collection “Fuschia Fling”

Beignet’s Out and About Collection

Lady Pomme Verte “Green Apple” Spring Collection

Lady Fleur D’Orangier “Orange Blossom” La Petite Diva Collection


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Ginger’s Pastel Printemps “Springtime Pastel” Signature Collection

Lady Carnaval “Carnival” La Petite Diva Collection

Bobcat “Pink” Wig

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D O G G I E S t y l e

lisa grubb

P A W p r i n t s

Lisa Grubb is a pop artist with a signature style, known for her irresistible characters and vibrant colors. Her paintings are bursting with energy - as if they just jumped out of some fantastic place to brighten our lives. The artist’s sun ripened palette features tangerine, turquoise, crimson, royal blue, yellow, and spring green in offbeat color combinations. Grubb’s uninhibited creations captivate everyone from seasoned art collectors to young children. With elements of pop art and naïve art, Grubb’s work combines playfulness and sophisticated humor. Although her style is completely unique, she has been compared with Andy Warhol and Keith Haring for her bold graphic elements. Her paintings have been shown in numerous galleries from New York’s Soho to the Hamptons to Key West and beyond. Grubb’s customers are worldwide. Many of her paintings have found homes in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and beyond. You can view Grubb’s work year-round at The Happy Dog Gallery in Piermont, NY which is located on the Hudson River about 30 miles north of New York City.

City. The show was an outstanding success. She was also invited to paint her interpretation of Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy again, featuring her signature style.

City. The show was an outstanding success. She was also invited to paint her interpretation of Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy again, featuring her signature style.

Grubb is the creator of Happy Dog and has wri ten and illustrated two children’s books, “Happy Dog!” and “Happy Dog Sizzles!” both published by Philomel Books, a division of Penguin Putnam. She is currently working on her third book in the series.

In 1997, Grubb was asked to paint a 10-foot Spiderman for Marvel Entertainment in the Universal Studio booth at the Los Angeles Art Expo. Stan Lee, who is the creator of Spiderman, was also present and signed her painting.

In 1997, Grubb was asked to paint a 10-foot Spiderman for Marvel Entertainment in the Universal Studio booth at the Los Angeles Art Expo. Stan Lee, who is the creator of Spiderman, was also present and signed her painting.

Lisa Grubb grew up in the New York metropolitan area, spent her early career in Key West, Florida, and then returned to New York to make her mark. When Grubb decided to paint professionally and obtain more exposure in New York, she attracted attention from such luminaries as Barbara Walters and Arthur Salzberger.

Lisa Grubb grew up in the New York metropolitan area, spent her early career in Key West, Florida, and then returned to New York to make her mark. When Grubb decided to paint professionally and obtain more exposure in New York, she attracted attention from such luminaries as Barbara Walters and Arthur Salzberger.

Grubb is dedicated to helping worthwhile causes through her artwork. In 2005, the PETA organization commissioned Lisa to paint the cover art for their 25th anniversary gala

Grubb is dedicated to helping worthwhile causes through her artwork. In 2005, the PETA organization commissioned Lisa to paint the cover art for their 25th anniversary gala

Grubb has appeared on “The Today Show”, “Channel 7 Eyewitness News”, “Fox Channel 5 News”, and “CNBC” with her colorful canvases. In addition, Lisa’s work has appeared in Art Business News, Art Trends, Fine Art Magazine, Dan’s Papers of the Hamptons, and U.S. Art, to name a few. In 1998 Grubb was invited to paint the Looney Tune characters for Warner Brothers, which led to a oneperson show at their gallery on Fifth Avenue in New York 90

BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


P A W p r i n t s

P A W p r i n t s

catalog. Lisa’s painting of a Big Bunny was not only on the catalog cover but also reproduced on T-shirts worn by over 400 wait staff. Sale of Big Bunny and Happy Dog raised a significant contribution. In 1996, she was asked to design the invitation to the prestigious Animal Rescue Fund benefit in the Hamptons, and her painting gained the highest bid during the charity auction. She has also contributed her work for other charities such as Elizabeth Taylor’s AMFAR, The Ronald McDonald House, Touch and Coats For Kids Foundation. In 2000, she painted a “Happy Dog” Absolut Vodka bottle for Center One, an AIDS organization, and celebrated the highest bid at the auction. Future plans include developing her “Happy Dog” family of characters for animation. Grubb plans to continue painting original art and commissions and devoting her talents to worthwhile charities. Grubb is inspired by, and lives in, New York. The Happy Dog Gallery in Piermont is open on weekends, and by appointment on weekdays. Lisa Grubb is often at the gallery herself, ready and eager to talk to any passer-by.

The Happy Dog Gallery 2 Roundhouse Road Piermont, New York 10968 (845) 365-0906 w w w. l i s a g r u b b . c o m 92

BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


P A W p r i n t s

Cathy Dailey Cathy Dailey creates images of dogs, cats, birds and other creatures rendered in colored pencil, oil pastel, acrylic paint, and watercolor, and often incorporates collages and recycled objects into her work. She has been working as an artist since 1990, participating in art festivals, gallery shows, and fund raisers for many animal advocacy organizations. The youngest of five children, Cathy grew up in a family who encouraged respect and compassion towards nature and animals. She lived in a small town in northern California where her mother, also an artist, taught her many things about creativity, design, and composition. Cathy’s father, an avid bird watcher, taught her how to quietly observe and identify birds, a hobby she continues to enjoy to this day. At the young, impressionable age of 13, Cathy and her parents went to live in Saudi Arabia for a year, where her father worked as a physician in the city of Taif. During that year, they traveled through Kenya, Egypt, and many countries in Europe. Her mother, with her artistic knowledge and passion for history, taught Cathy the significance of each place that they visited and Cathy is now able to reflect on those memories and cultural insight through her art. Everyone’s perception of things is different and we are elated with her vision. IGNORING THE CAT Cathy finished college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from 94

BellaDOG Magazine

animals are incredibly expressive and at times hilarious. So, if a client looks at my work and laughs, the result for me is a feeling of accomplishment!” Check out more of Cathy Dailey’s fabulous work at: All prints shown are reproduced from Cathy’s original colored pencil drawings. They are sandwiched between a professionally hand-cut white mat and foam board. Each of them is signed on the mat, sealed in a biodegradable plastic sleeve, and ready for the 8 X 10” frame of your choice.

Goofy Green Dog Sandwiched between a professionally custom hand-cut white mat and foam board. It is signed on the mat, sealed in a biodegradable plastic sleeve, and ready for the 8 X 10” frame of your choice. $20.00 Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi, in 1990. Soon after, she moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where she began painting. Her earliest subject matter was made up of colorful watercolors of imaginary people inspired by her life while living overseas. But those images evolved soon after adopting her first pet, a tuxedo cat named D.J. “She inspired my earliest cat paintings and appears in many of my images from that time,” Cathy said.

Do I hear something? I thought I may have heard something outside. Hmmm. No, I guess I was wrong. By the way, has anyone seen the cat tonight? $20.00

After living in Alabama for 5 years she relocated to Chapel Hill, NC, where she managed an art gallery, continued making her art. In the year 2000, Cathy and her husband moved to Athens, GA where they lived for 10 years. While there, Cathy participated in many art events around the South and was featured in an episode of “Crafters Coast to Coast” on HGTV. Cathy currently lives in Princeton, NJ, with her husband and two cats, Zuki and Sonny, who amuse and inspire her everyday. “It is my appreciation of animals and the joy they bring me that drives me to create images of them. My style has evolved over the years from a serious, stylized look, to a more humorous approach. To me,

AWKWARD SILENCE Cathy says, “I love seeing a tiny dog next to a big one! This chihuahua and bulldog obviously like each other, but seem very nervous on their first rendezvous!“ $18.00

feeling awkward Nobody puts baby in a corner! This sweet doggie is looking a little perturbed as if someone is pushing him just a little too far. $20.00

Sweet Old Dog Tray Also available as a greeting card. $20.00 Little stevie “I was talking to my dear friend Stephen on the phone while I drew this drawing and when I finished I realized it had actually taken on some of his facial features, thus the name.” $20.00

Looking on the Bright Side This cute doggie seems to have a really positive attitude! $20.00


Super Happy cute green dog Greeting card This greeting card is blank inside, measures 5 1/2 X 4 1/4”, and only requires a first class stamp. For just $6.00 more you get 2 more cards with no additional shipping charges. You can mix it up however you like, or choose 3 of the same image. It’s all up to you! $4.00 for one card.

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p r i n t s


y t i C s a s n Ka ! e m o C e W Here P

o u t

ue r Hag ennife J y o c b s. m ry image r nd Sto u a o y y x h fi rap w w w. hotog

In Kansas City, Missouri there is a place called Country Club Plaza where local photographer, Jennifer Hague, owner of spent the day checking out all of the “Doggie Encouraged” hot spots. In the next several pages we’ll follow her to The Three Dog Bakery, The Classic Cup Café, McCormick & Schmick’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Tivol, Hemline Boutique, and The Doggie Style Bowtique where dogs are definitely encouraged! The Country Club Plaza’s popularity and reputation has been recognized around the country. The entire 15-block district, with more than 150 shops and dozens of fine restaurants, makes it Kansas City’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination for people AND their dogs. This upscale open air shopping area is located in south of downtown Kansas City. Your wellbehaved, leashed dog is allowed to join you on the sidewalks of the shopping district at anytime. The individual store owners make the choice whether dogs are allowed in their shops and will let you know if you and your furry shopping partner are welcomed in.

Three Dog Bakery mers ery Custo k a B g o hree D Happy T


In 1989, three dogs, two guys and one 59¢ biscuit cutter joined forces to create Three Dog Bakery - the world’s original bakery for dogs. Thanks to dog lovers everywhere, they’ve grown from a bare-bones tabletop beginning to one of the nation’s leading producers of all-natural foods and treats for dogs. Three Dog Bakery set the standard for producing ultra premium dog food and treats dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our furry friends. They select the best quality all natural ingredients to ensure that dogs are healthy and happy. They are committed to slow oven baking because when food is oven-baked it locks in the flavor and nutrients, which is the key to the success of their products.

are served up a 4 course meal while their person orders off of the restaurant’s normal menu. Appetizer’s include: “chow wow cheese pizzas”, “muttacati” and “corgi canolis”! Pre-registration is required and is $15.00 per dog. A portion of the net proceeds benefit their foundation that helps neglected and abused animals. Find out more by visiting their website.

Three Dog Bakery 612 W. 48th Street Kansas City, Missouri (816) 753-3647

The Three Dog Bakery is a unique experience for dogs and their owners and it’s hard to say who enjoys visiting their stores more! Three Dog Bakery provides a “paw”some environment for people who are looking for all things dog; all natural gourmet pastries, premium dog treats and dog food, toys, and accessories.


At this particular Three Dog Bakery location, there is a special event held called “Dog’s Night Out” where the Bakery shop Bakery shop teams up with a local restaurant that can provide an outdoor seating area for a doggie dinner party! The doggies 96 96 BellaDOG BellaDOGMagazine Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


o u t


Sophia Correnti is the owner of MetroPAWS Kansas City, a neighborhood dog walking and in home pet sitting service that is specifically based on the needs of animals living in urban areas and serves the greater downtown metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri. City life can be fun for people, but can sometimes be rough on our pets. With Sophia’s services, dog owners can come home to a happy, exercised and more cultured dog!

o u t

ie Doggsas

tiqueg w o B r do Style

Premie HUGE City ’s res a n u a t K a e f ashes is t e tha llars and le cal u iq t u bo f co 20 lo ory o than e dress r invent o re to y m u b s e e r a ay ’s mad . They iend in tod le s r e n r desig ordab urry f ut aff best f b r u le o y nab fashio most e! u cout r ty of canine e varie gs id w arry a for do also c and foods y e h T evable ts unbeli n y trea r h a lt h a it e h gw , wate s, alon t containers ve a t a c d a an ea They h ted n of tr selectio d pet beds! s re pec an and a y it il iend c bowls, a r best fr ing f u m o o y o lp r full g er to he og train d pup! d l a c lo te phistica be a so

tique w o B e l oad ie Sty Dogg 3 Westport R 111

64 150 ity, MO 647) C s a s (3 Kan m OGS D 1 6 816-5 stylebowtiq

ie dogg www.


BellaDOG Magazine

The affordable pricing schedule that MetroPAWS KC offers allows all pets in the area to enjoy a stress free alternative to kennel type boarding. Their custom urban services include high energy adventure runs, walks in the park and super fun outings to all of the wonder of the Country Club Plaza’s outdoor eateries. (816) 200-PETZ


Sophia and Nina are shown here at The Cheesecake Factory in the Plaza which has a gorgeous fountain entrance, faux-rustic finishes, and a fabulous patio seating area where you can enjoy time spent with your pooch. Over 200 menu items! The Cheesecake Factory KC 4701 Wyandotte Kansas City, MO 64112 (816) 960-1919 BellaDOG Magazine


o u t

Laurie’s Black Dress from STANDARD STYLE BOUTIQUE 51 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO (913) 685-4464 Laurie’s Shoes from ANN TAYLOR 309 Nichols Road -Kansas City, MO (816) 561-6300

o u t

Laurie Menendez and “Pippy” “I first saw Pippy on a Wayside Waif’s Website ( for animal rescue where her ears and earnest expression immediately won me over. When I met her at the shelter, her fear and anxiety were obvious. I knew she’d been abandoned and the abuse she’d suffered was obvious to me and everyone else who met her. It was heartbreaking. After a few months together, she warmed up to me and now her goofy, playful side is in full force. She’s taught me patience and has given me unconditional love like I’ve never experienced before. Pippy is my four-legged best friend who is always by my side. She has filled my home with laughter. She is the perfect example of what a rescue dog can offer. It’s as if a rescue dog know’s when they’ve been given a second chance at life, and they want to celebrate with you every day.” Now, Laurie and Pippy dine together, shop together and play together at fabulous dog friendly locations in the Dog Friendly atmospheres so plentiful in Kansas City, Missouri! ~ Here they are at McCormick & Schmick’s - Kansas City’s fresh seafood authority and Home of the $1.95 Happy Hour. Dining options include two patios overlooking the Plaza where dogs are always welcome! McCormick & Schmick’s 448 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO (816) 531-6800 100 BellaDOG Magazine


TIVOL Exclusive to Tivol Fine Jewelry, the new doggie cam is a fun way to show-off your pooch while shopping for the good stuff! Dogs who visit the Tivol doggie bar can be seen online every day during store hours.


220 Nichols Road Kansas City, MO (816) 531-5800

Hemline A fresh new woman’s boutique. The storefront adds a touch of femininity to the street with it’s lovely wisteria and lilac color combination. Hemline bring’s a kind of uniqueness to the plaza and offers women, one of a kind pieces.

Laurie’s White Cotton Dress from BANANA REPUBLIC 450 W. 47th Street Kansas City, MO (816) 753-1157

s Laurie’s py matche n Signature ip P , ve o b A r Brow oes with he ollar with brown sh H C A O C gC cquard Do le closure COACH Ja ickel hardware, buck rm. n , cha leather trim ed nickel hangtag ch a tt a d la ck ) an il a b le in B (A ls o a va ITY ANSAS C COACH Kd - Kansas City, MO ls Roa 417 Nicho(816) 561-1771

Hemline KC 610 West 48th Street Kansas City, MO (816) 753-0150

c www.coa

Laurie’s Cowboy Boots by STEVE MADDEN

BellaDOG Magazine




Things WE LIKE!

s reat! f o o W h Crunwcave Dog T

ible irresist is h t , t farmfa low in l 100% a d r n u t a a d no protein e from all n gredient an in h d ig in a H y to e m ght is nly on oofs are eas li o e h d it y dogg s, even ork. W nch W USA p r fillers, Cru reat for dog asy to d e is a t r e o erfect n and vatives e e the p ’re super fu k preser a rowav ic m and hey he m t t T s o e . t it s ig s in d llergie treat ment a with a ust place a amaze y, crispy, h it those J w ! watch crunch re too prepa te and form into a u in m e ns Y!!!! for on nd tra YUMM puff a . t o a t e r s t begin savory

y z e Freups P

o r c i M e h T

New Evanger’s Grain Free Holistic Dry Formula Food This has high protein and low carbs for an optimal diet. This new formula boasts fresh de-boned Chicken as its first ingredient, and uses nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables instead of grains for optimal canine health. AND it’s made in the USA! WOOT!



hwo crunc

Bahama Barry Happy Mon Pet Treats The Bahama Barry™ Happy Mon™ brand embodies the captivating allure of island life while providing the very best product at an affordable price. MADE IN THE USA! No Wheat, No Corn, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, FLAVORS or MSG and 100% All Natural Ingredients!

Delicious, make-at-home, frozen dog treats. The Freezy Pups Kit includes one cool bone-shaped tray and a sample packet of four organic recipes (White Cheddar Cheese, Chicken Soup, Banana-Honey and Sweet Potato ?n Maple). Just mix a packet with water, freeze and serve the most refreshing treats your dog has ever had! Refill packets sold separately. The ingredients are human grade quality, preservative free and made in the USA. Each treat has less then 4 calories! Freezy Pups make great treats by themselves or, to moisten dry food and improve its flavor, simply melt a few cubes and pour over your dog’s meal! $19.99 for the Kit; $8.99 for Refills 102

BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine




Stinky Cheese Bacon Balls 1/2 Pound of Chopped bacon 1/2 Cup of Parmesan Cheese 1/2 Cup of Cheddar Cheese 1 Cup of Steamed and Mashed Sweet Potato 1 Cup of Quick Oats Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all the above ingredients in a large bowl. Make 1” balls, place them on a non greased baking sheet and bake for 15 min. or until done. Keep refridgerated in a air tight container. Freeze any that won’t be used within a couple of days.



XcceXkliXc n_\Xk#Zfiejfp]i\\ [f^ ki\Xkj

]jbVciZhiZY!Vc^bVaVeegdkZY 5 Pounds of Ground Meat 5 Cups of Total Whole Grain Cereal 5 Cups of Slow Cooking Oatmeal 2½ Cups of Raw Wheat Germ ¾ Cup of Oil ¾ Cup of Molasses 6 Egg Yolks 5 Packets of Gelatin 2 ½ of Tablespoons Solid Gold Seameal Supplement DX[\n`k_fi^Xe`Z`e^i\[`\ekj 9Xb\[]i\j_`efliYXb\ip`eE\nA\ij\p


Mix up, form balls, freeze, feed as treats or food supplement.


VT__0.*&*(1&,.//i\f\ghfTg UhUUTebfX!Vb`

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly like you would a meatloaf. Roll into balls no larger than 1” in diameter. Divide into at least 6 separate containers or bags. Freeze. Thaw as needed.

Muttzoh FAT


2 Cups of Pureed Tomatoes 2 Cups of Pureed Green Beans l Pound of Pureed Liver 3 Cups of Cooked Elbow Macaroni 4 Cups of Cooked Rice 4 Egg Yolks 1/3 Jar of Honey 1 Cup of Corn Oil 1/3 Jar of Wheat Germ 2-3 Pounds of Raw Hamburger Mix all ingredients and add Chex Cereal or Oatmeal to bind together. Make “meatballs” out of mixture and freeze. Thaw and microwave individual meatballs as needed.


BellaDOG Magazine


1 Cup of Any Natural Dry Kibble 2 Eggs, Beaten Lightly 1 Teaspoon of Polyunsaturated Oil 1/3 Cup of Cold Water Sprinkle of Garlic Powder 1/2 Cup of Chicken Stock OR 2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes Grind dry dog food smooth in a food processor or blender. Lightly beat egg and add oil. Mix all moist ingredients together except stock. Add to dry ingredients. Form into 1/2” balls. In large pan, bring 1 quart water to boiling to which you have added 1/2 cup chicken stock or the 2 bouillon cubes. Drop balls into boiling water. Boil for 3 minutes. Remove from water, drain and cool. Refrigerate.

Peanut Candy

Carob Balls

1 cup Carob Powder 1 cup Peanut Butter 1/4 cup Honey 1/2 cup Peanuts (crushed)


Mix carob powder, peanut butter and honey together well and form into 1” balls. Roll balls in crushed peanuts or additional carob powder until well covered. Place on waxed paper and refrigerate. BellaDOG Magazine



H U M A N E h e a r t s

Fate of Senior Dogs in Shelter Facilities The

~Christa Grunzinger

“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.” ~Sydney Jeanne Seward


Just one voice, with high spirits, can bring astronomical, sensible revelation to people everywhere. As people strolled down the aisles, stopping at nearly every cage, they gleamed at the puppies and the dogs of mid-age one dog wondered what they thought, “Am I too tattered, moreover shattered or just that I neared ten?” Perhaps people assumed he couldn’t scamper about in joy and play. Maybe they thought he wouldn’t mend, as they bowed their heads with pity, eagerly moving along their way; how swell. They haven’t a need for an aching dog in their home to dwell. There was once a period of time when he was loved in his very own settee. But since his fur has speckled in grey and his senses, ever so slowly, began to fail. Who wants a dog exceptionally mature and quite stale anyway? Some time ago, his family unquestionably deemed him as nothing but explicit damage; he must have caused them burdens or acquired an attitude, which was simply too difficult to manage. No matter their predicament, it couldn’t justify their explanation. There’s no rationalization for why he was left in this shelter for extinction. Day after day, he stared through the bars and envied the young dogs who were adopted each day; causing him to grow shyer. He appeared to have lost all his spirit and love for life.


BellaDOG Magazine

Pet owners can still help dogs such as these by adoring their inner beauty and by bringing back their long lost desires; to be loved as much as they will love you. You can see past flaws and uneven gaits and share your own pillow to keep them cozy and warm. Share giggles and grins, whimpers and tears and cuddle-up during every rainstorm. Provide love for as long as they are granted life, but in a life without strife. As the devastation overpowers the reality of adoptability, it’s more difficult to place senior pets into forever homes than any other homeless pet within shelter facilities. Even animals with disabilities, or other types of deformations such as a missing limb, have higher hopes for adoptability than senior animals. A pet considered a senior can vary from each type of animal. For instance, Yorkshire Terriers are not considered seniors until the age 12 or older because their life span is much longer than that of a larger dog, such as a Labrador whose average life span is 10 to 12 years.

Shelters and rescues are constantly flooded with animals of all ages, sizes and breeds, but new adopters, unfortunately tend to choose younger pets and purebreds while ignoring amazingly precious seniors.”’ As many dogs of any age, senior pets have a higher tendency to act more fearful and shy within a shelter facility and understandably so. They behave unnaturally from their usual state, one that they’ve always known, making them appear as unfriendly within their cramped cage spaces. Jeannie Fisher, President of Milagro Senior Pet Refuge (www. in Phoenix, Arizona, feels these awkward

Although many seniors are the first on the list for euthanasia due to lack of space over exceeding their allowable time within the shelter, most shelter workers desperately strive for placement of their senior animals. Phillip Snyder, the Director of the Suncoast Humane Society ( n Englewood, Florida says, “We serve a human population that can appreciate the serene companionship senior pets have to offer.” Private, No-Kill, animal rescue organizations often face the same issues as shelter facilities. These rescues foster their adoptable animals within foster homes, treating the animals as a member of their own family until an adoption can be made. In doing so, they are able to truly get to know the true personalities and flaws of each animal. Shell Brodnax, the Director of Seniors Saving Seniors Animal Rescue in Northern California explains, “We encourage all adopters

to consider a senior pet. They are well established, better trained and more likely to fit into a family permanently, as they need less training and discipline.” Brodnax further explains, “Due to the mortgage crisis currently happening in the entire United States, we find family pets are tremendously affected by this. Many families in crisis lose their homes and leave their beloved pets behind, as they are no longer able to accommodate them.

behaviors have a negative impact on adoption possibilities because their true self is often not seen. She states, “This liberal use of euthanasia by shelters effectively sabotages the ability of rescue organizations, as well as adopters, to help save precious lives that the shelters readily extinguish.” If more animals are given the chance to strut their true selves by further efforts from shelters, such as more out of cage dog handling, using special larger cage spaces for freedom play or special adoption events outside of the facility, these options can considerably increase the adoptability of all pets. Fisher also informs us of the reality of exceeding veterinary costs for seniors in reviving their health, which was once previously ignored. These costs can often become too expensive for owners, especially senior owners to accompany, therefore Fisher works on a program to subsidize veterinary costs for senior pets due to their special circumstances and to increase their adoptability. Practicing veterinarians are able to write off these expenses as donations during tax season, and shelters inevitably save money by placing pets in homes instead of putting them to an early rest. Fisher says, “We truly hope this program will have a rippling effect for shelters and rescues and veterinary offices around the country. This will also help to free more space within shelter facilities, as fewer seniors will remain there quite as long.” BellaDOG Magazine 107

H U M A N E h e a r t s

H U T he T ragic T ruth tragic truth is that every day, dogs in good health with M The wonderful personalities are euthanized. Why? They’re older. And A because they’re older, they’re not considered adoptable by many. N Shelter workers see it everyday: a dog is brought in because E he can’t jog with his guardian h e a r t s

anymore. Or he needs a little extra time to get up the stairs. Or he’s simply not a puppy, or he isn’t accepted at the new place of residence, or there was a divorce and no one wants him, or allergies have become an issue, or this, or that, etc.

“If we had our way, no dog would spend his last days in a cold, dark shelter. There is so much love and joy in these old dogs! Bringing these special creatures into a home is not only good for them, but they transform the quality of life “There’s something special about old, for the people who adopt or sweet mutts - it’s something in their eyes. foster them, too.” says, Sherri.

It’s like you can see their soul.

Sherri Franklin, Founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Well, we’ve found a group that caters to the old guys!

Muttville is the name & old dogs are their game! Muttville is a San Franciscobased senior dog rescue organization that was founded two and a half years ago by Sherri Franklin, a long-time dog advocate who served six years as vice chair of the Commission of Animal Control and Welfare for the city of San Francisco, CA. “I saw so many older dogs languishing in shelters,” says Sherri. “Even when they are in good health, senior dogs are often considered unadoptable.” So, one by one, she started bringing them home to clean them up and find them new families. Muttville has a mission to change the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs. They plan to create better lives for these old babies through rescue, foster, adoption and hospice programs. They reach out to senior and special needs rescue dogs; find suitable homes for those that are adoptable; and offer end of life care for those that are not. These are not 108

BellaDOG Magazine

just shelter dogs; every day, dogs are moved from loving homes to concrete cages because their guardians have died or moved or simply can’t care for them anymore.

Find out more about this wonderful organization by visiting their website at

Recap: Where do Muttville dogs come from? Many senior dogs end up at shelters. Some come from loving homes where someone has died or has become incapable of caring for an animal. Other dogs have been dumped at shelters with little or no explanation. When this happens the majority do not make it into an adoption program. This is where Muttville comes in! They are routinely called on to rescue dogs from euthanasia. They check the dogs health and test their temperaments so they can properly match them with potential adopters. How does Muttville decide which dogs to rescue? Muttville rescues senior dogs, but there’s no strict rule about when a dog becomes a senior. At conventional shelters, some larger dogs are considered too old for adoption at 8 years old, while smaller dogs may be considered too old at 10 or 12 years old. Muttville believes that each dog should be assessed individually. Important factors in their rescue decision are temperament and whether the dog is slated for euthanasia. If a dog will benefit from even a month or a week in a loving home, then they will do their best to provide it for them.

I loved an old, weathered Border Collie. What Muttville Means To Me: The Story of Collette

I truly miss the joy my “hospice” girl brought me. In honor of Collette, I want to share my great experience of fostering and hospicing for Muttville. What I’ve gained because of her is immeasurable.

~Written by Marie Rochelle Macaspac - Photo: Collette and Marie courtesy of Mark Rogers

January last year, she was delivered to my door, having traveled all night via transport from Los Angeles. After receiving heartfelt emails from shelter volunteers who gave her the name Collette and pleaded with Muttville to save her life, Sherri Franklin knew she belonged with us. A scared and unhappy dog, Collette chose to keep to herself and curl up in a bed in a corner of my house for 7 days. Sherri nicknamed her “the saddest face in the world,” and we lovingly described her this way on her profile. Her eyes reflected a lost, displaced dog who could not make sense of why she was here or where she belonged. Collette did not do well at adoption events, always looking around like she was waiting to see someone or something familiar. I later learned that this was an inherent part of her personality. Our first hike together at Land’s End I will never forget. She smiled for the first time, and she began to carry herself with purpose. We didn’t know each other well yet, but she stayed right next to me. If I fell behind, she would slow down and look back at me as if to say, “hey, i’m waiting for you!” In over 20 dogs that I’ve fostered, this was the first time I felt a serious bond. We were yin and yang. And it seemed that she had decided I was her “someone.” Her initial vet check included a biopsy of a large growth on her front paw. I knew it could be a tumor, but I certainly wasn’t prepared to hear our vet say she would only have 3-6 months to live. She had surgery to remove the mass but it tumor appeared again just a few days later. Having masscell cancer and possibly a short time to live, Collette joined Muttville’s hospice program. I committed to learn all I could about caring for a dog with cancer and researched holistic treatments. She started chemo and steroids as well. I shared her story with Pet Nutrisystems (Natural health solutions and remedies), and as a result a majority of her holistic cancer supplements were donated by customers who lost their pets to cancer. Although the term “hospice care” means caring for someone

facing an end of life situation, I decided that I would look at this as an opportunity to beat the odds. Colette’s diagnosis motivated me to take her for special hikes every Saturday. As we were enjoying beautiful views or peaceful spots together, I’d realize how much I needed these moments for my health as much as hers. I knew that I wouldn’t be there if not for Collette and it was interesting, because she never acted as though she was following me. She carried herself like she was “just doing her job”. After a year, it felt inappropriate to call her my “hospice” dog. She was healthy, her coat was shiny, and she had no signs of cancer. I thought she would be with me for years to come, and it was easy to believe looking at her smiling face. I wasn’t prepared for the sudden turn of events that came to pass. It wasn’t even cancer that took her in the end. During the final moments we shared together, she was cradled in my arms. I wasn’t ready for her to go, and I begged her to stay. I stayed beside her and held her paw as she looked up at me steadily, eyes wide open. It was almost 3:00AM and I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I fell asleep as she watched over me. Collette passed away on March 22, 2011. Our short life together lasted just 15 months. Missing her is unbearable still. I think about that January when she entered my world and how I thought I was going to give her more life, but what is truly amazing is how much more life she ended up giving to me. During my time with Collette, I received a lifetime worth of love, loyalty, and memories I will never forget. When my time comes, Collette just might be at the end of my life’s road, looking back at me, as if to say, “hey, i’ve been waiting for you…” BellaDOG Magazine


H U M A N E h e a r t s

H U M A N E h e a r t s

More Evidence of the Love and Wonder that a Senior Rescue Dog Can Bring! O u r readers are happy to share th e i r wo n de rful s tories of sel flessness a n d h ow ado pti ng a senior d og is the be st thi ng s ince sliced bread !

“Champ” and “Girl” Girl is a 12 year old English Bulldog. Girl was found tied up in a driveway with no food or water or shade from the Florida sun. After a knock on the door and some convincing, the owner surrendered the dog a few days later to a local English Bulldog Rescue group. She was adopted a few months later when I found her picture on Champ is an 8 year old English Bulldog. Champ was severely abused and neglected while being used for dog fighting. He was taken to a local high kill shelter where he was later pulled by rescue and I fostered him. He soon became a foster failure and has been with us for over a year now.

“Dickens” We adopted him at age 11 from Vicky’s Pet

Connection (VPC) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is now 15, and is the most gentle and loving creature in the world! We don’t think he had ever been in a house before, as he was not housebroken and was afraid of everything, dishwasher, floors, doorways... HOWEVER, he is very comfortable on the furniture these days. Through the course of some veterinary treatment and x-rays, we also discovered many small bb’s embedded under his skin. It appears he had been used for target practice at one point in his previous life.

Average Life Span for an English Bulldog is about 8-12 years, but we’re still going strong! Champ does agility and is active in Dog Scouts of America. He’s also a therapy dog. And Girl...well Girl does sleep a lot, but when she’s awake she’s as feisty as ever! She runs around and is constantly wagging her lil nubby tail. Her favorite thing is to go with her Grandma to get coffee every afternoon. ~Neely Waring, Coral Springs Florida


(Above left) was adopted from Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles in 2004. She was a puppy mill mom and physically, mentally, and emotionally shut down when the rescue group took her in. She looked like she was 11 at that time, but with good food and lots of love, she gets younger each year. :-)

“I adopted ‘Scooter’, (Above right) a16 year old, blind and deaf Miniature Poodle after his person died in 2007.” ~Robin Skov, Canoga Park California BellaDOG Magazine

“Jazper” Adopted at 12 years old after 2 years of life at a shelter. He is blind, deaf, has no sense of smell, “doggy dementia” and a host of other conditions, but he’ll be our boy till the end of his days.


was adopted at about 8 years old form a shelter. He was found on the street with a baseball sized tumor on one of his rear legs. No one claimed him.

“Gigi LaRue” Adopted at 16 years old after being dumped at the shelter as an owner surrender due to “allergies from the new wife”; She is now free to be the fancy girl that she is!


Adopted at age 10 from the 9th Ward in New Orleans. She was turned over to animal control by her owners just before Hurricane Katrina. hit.

“Blaze” Blaze was adopted at

the age of 14 from a man in South Carolina who no longer had time for her and his family didn’t want to take care of her. ~Gary & Kathy Borland Bryson City, North Carolina

“Onyx” Adopted at 8 yrs old - now 12. His family moved to an apartment where his breed was not allowed so, he ended up at animal services likely to be a resident on death row. Because of his intimidating looks, most folks wouldn’t even consider him for adoption. But, this old guy is a pussycat and a complete gem. He was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and was given 6 months to live but he’s beat the odds and is still enjoying life! ~Ashlie Burke, Tampa, Florida

“Sami”, “George” and “Goldie”

Dicken’s was the inspiration for me to start a program within VPC called “Golden Paws”. We rescue senior dogs who have had the misfortune of finding themselves in animal shelters. We place them in foster care and tend to their physical and emotional needs while we wait for an old dog lover to open their home to them. We have rescued, rehabilitated and placed 18 seniors in new homes since the program began. Visit our Facebook Page “Golden Paws”. ~Shannon Reincke, Grand Rapids, Michigan


“Emo” Adopted at 10 years old. He was an owner surrender due to his age. Aside from a large cataract and being heartworm positive, he is a happy, healthy and loving little man!

“Nico Suave” Adopted at 14 years old and now living in his 16th year of life. “After seeing what spirit he had, though he was covered in matted & stinking hair, I knew that he didn’t deserve to die alone at a shelter.” “Maggie” Adopted at 10 years old. Maggie was the beloved dog of her owner until their death. Due to family circumstances, she needed a new home. “She is completely toothless, has no bottom jaw, and a few other health issues. Aside from that, she is a little SPITFIRE!! I have oved her from the first time I saw her and I couldn’t be happier that she has joined our brood!” ~Christine Scalici, Brandon, Florida

Sami, on the left is 12 1/2 years old, George, in the middle is 10 1/2 years old and Goldie, on the right is 8 years old. George and Goldie were adopted as seniors from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue In Reinholds, Pennsylvania. ~Heidi Shore, West Windsor, New Jersey


“Adopted at 8 years old from a shelter. Redford is the biggest Beagle sweetheart and the most loving dog I’ve ever had.” ~Diana Slater, Los Angeles, California

Did you know that dogs become seniors around age six for larger breeds and eight for smaller breeds? Being aware of the changes that may take place in your dog’s body as she ages, including her changing nutritional and care needs, and understanding how to approach them are key to helping her live a long, healthy life. V i s i t N a t u r a ’ s N e w We b s i t e A b o u t C a r i n g F o r S e n i o r D o g s ! w w w. a s e n i o r d o g s l i f e . c o m BellaDOG Magazine


H U M A N E h e a r t s


“Ever put your life in another man’s hands, ask him to put his life in yours?” - Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men

h e a r t s

“Get me out, somebody please...” Blinded and deafened by the explosion, Kathy scraped furiously at her goggles, trying to clear her vision, but the blood just smeared, soaking her sleeve. Gritting her teeth, she felt her mouth fill with a rusty metallic taste. She spit desperately, trying to clear her mouth so she could scream. No matter how she tried, she couldn’t scream. She had to scream...she tried again. Nothing. The throat microphone she wore felt like a noose tightening around her throat.

Kathy felt a croaking begin at the back of her throat. Pushing with all of her might she finally managed to choke out a sound. Her gurgling cough was muffled in the closed space, but the sound startled her and her eyes popped wide open. She didn’t know where she was in the complete darkness that surrounded her. Buried beneath her bedding, she tore at the blankets as she scrambled backward frantically struggling to free herself. Thrashing wildly she finally broke out of the tangle of blankets. Propelled out of the bed, her back slammed into the wall. She came completely awake. Running a shaking hand through her sweat-soaked hair, she cautiously began checking her extremities; instinctively inventorying her body to be sure that she was intact. Gagging a little, she swallowed the blood that filled her mouth. Her tongue played over the ragged edges on the inside of her cheek. She had bitten herself, again. The night chill set in as the sweat that soaked her pajamas became frigid rivers trickling down her spine. Wrapping a fleece robe around her, she

Heat bore down on her, wrapped around her in waves, while her body armor crushed her chest. She struggled to inhale. The impact had thrown her backward, jamming her into the back of the Humvee. The acrid smell of explosives mingled with the stink of blood pouring from the shattered face of the driver to her left. Bits of her gunner’s legs clung to the gaping hole the projectile had blown through her window. The door was twisted where the shell passed through, welded closed.

~Photography by Lisa Presnail, 112

BellaDOG Magazine

headed into the kitchen, fumbling for the lights with one hand, and reaching for her journal with the other.

Dutifully she sat in her creaky kitchen chair and began writing, as her counselor Connie Johnson, (President of the Board for The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and Best Friends Program Coordinator) with Rocketman (Pit Bull Ambassador from Hillsborhad advised, ough County Animal Services), Kathy Champion with Angel, her personal service dog, and Margie and Duane Mannors (Pitbulls 4 Patriots) with Margie’s service dog, Layla. trying to capture There was no way out. She pushed every detail of upward with her arms, struggling to move the body of her the nightmare. There was little new to write; she had been driver, but no matter how hard she pushed the inert body, having the same dream for the last three months, an it wouldn’t budge. She felt the stumps dangling in front of unwelcome souvenir of her year in Iraq . As she wrote, her as she wrenched herself sideways. The vehicle’s roof she wondered if it would ever end. A single tear slid down sagged downward, squeezing the breath from her lungs. her face dripping onto the page, her shoulders slumped forward, head bowed. She knew the answer. The dreams might fade with time, but the horror of this last year would “Out. I must get out”. There was no way out. live within her forever. BellaDOG Magazine 113

H U M A N E h e a r t s

H U M A N E h e a r t s

Kathy Champion is a patriot and the epitome of why our men and women in uniform serve our country. Even with her disabilities, she strives daily to make life better for the wounded warriors returning home.

foster home, volunteer, trainer, rescue group, psychological professional or in any other capacity, please visit their website to see if their program is right for you.

Kathy Champion served 27 years in the Army, including one horrific tour in Iraq. While she was serving as a lieutenant colonel in a civil affairs unit, five soldiers under her command died during that deployment. After she got home in 2006, life wasn’t easy for her. Champion suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and then found that she was harboring a life threatening virus she contracted in Iraq and it was negatively affecting her optic nerves. Champion was going blind.

Questions Answered by P4P:

In May 2009, Champion became a part of Southeastern Guide Dogs Paws for Patriots™ program and was the first female recipient of a guide dog. She was introduced to a Golden Labrador Retriever Mix that would soon change her life and teach her how to live again. Her name is Angel. The days are better for Kathy since Angel came into her life and she is now on a serious mission. She plans to leave a legacy of comfort, strength and guidance for the patriots that will come after her. She wants to raise 2 million dollars to help other soldiers who are blinded or suffer from PTSD. Once funds are raised, she plans to build a stateof-the-art medical center in St. Petersburg, Florida, not far from the Bay Pines Veteran’s Hospital. Called “True North,” the center will be a place where these wounded warriors can transition out of a veteran’s hospital and back into a normal life with their families by their side and onsite.  To help with her mission, Kathy is bringing together the best of America, including former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, national PTSD medical experts and a wide range of local and regional volunteers and staff to provide a warm and welcome environment when the soldier needs it most. This healing environment will of course, include service dogs. Working with Tampa Bay area Pit Pull rescues and a newly formed organization called Pitbulls 4 Patriots, her plan is to give the veteran a confidant and friend that he or she can personally train, instead of focusing on their own issues.  Kathy chose the Pit Bull breed to focus on because she believes the PTSD soldier and the Pit Bull have a lot in common. Both are loyal and honorable and both carry the unnecessary burden of society’s prejudice. “But together,” she believes, “they can overcome almost anything.” For More Information About “TRUE NORTH”, Please contact Kathy at To learn more about Kathy and Angel, visit the Southeastern Guide Dog site at

Pit Bulls 4 Patriots, a Florida nonprofit corporation, creating a therapeutic program for veterans suffering from PTSD and relies on the miraculous healing power of dogs.  P4P teaches groups of veterans to rehabilitate and train rescued dogs, (primarily but not exclusively, Pit Bulls) to become assistance dogs for their personal needs. Not only will this program benefit the veteran by becoming a personal service dog, but the rescued dog will have been spared and given a second chance at life. The pilot program is now forming in the Tampa Bay Area, in conjunction with the volunteer program at  Hillsborough County Animal Services.   68% of the dogs pouring into this shelter are Pit Bulls.  Trainer, (and Vietnam Marine veteran)  Duane Bryant  has developed a model program with volunteers working daily with these dogs to evaluate and train them prior to making them available for adoption to veterans in their program. Participating veterans will be able to adopt and take home dogs that have been carefully selected for temperament, have been trained for six weeks and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  With their new canine partners they will then attend small classes, twice weekly with other veterans in the program in order to complete  their dog’s training.  Once able to reliably handle the dog in class, each pair will progress to dog-friendly locations off site, wearing a “Service Dog in Training” vest. They will then need to pass a public access test.  Finally, once the dog and handler are certified as “fully trained,” they will be awarded an assistance dog vest and will be entitled to all the rights guaranteed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), thus allowing the veteran and his or her dog to travel anywhere together.

The dogs, along with the training program are available free of charge to the recipients.  P4P receives no government funding, and all of their services are made possible solely through the generosity of the caring public. If you are a veteran interested in learning more about the possibility of obtaining a service dog, or if you are interested in participating in this program, as a donor, short-term

Out of the hundreds of thousands of military veterans suffering from PTSD, how many have a service dog? “We haven’t found a reliable statistic, but our estimate which we think is optimistic, is less than 300, or less than 1/10 of 1%. Unfortunately, the traditional way of obtaining a service dog, requires almost two years of handling and training of a specially bred puppy. The typical program costs between $25,000 - $60,000. Legislation was passed in 2009 for a pilot program to provide such highly trained animals to vets and we support that - But this traditional way of creating service dogs is not going to supply the demand for thousands of trained dogs needed right now! We have developed P4P starting in the Tampa Bay area as a more feasable and realistic service dog program. Veterans suffering from PTSD and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) will now be able to obtain a service dog at a much quicker pace at little or no cost. Why Pit Bulls? “Suitable dogs for our program should have a calm demeanor with a strong working mentality much like the veterans possess. Since Pit Bulls share such similiar qualities, we feel the match up is a perfect one. They also make up a large percentage of the dogs in serious need of rescue, so it just makes sense. Both are seemingly in great need of rehabilitation, so together, these afflicted lives can be quite positively improved through this particular program. Media hype has sadly, scrutinized the breed and we aim to provide a better picture of a well-trained, strong and faithful dog under the command of a wounded warrior. Eligible Enrollees Are Limited To:  Retired, Honorably Dishcharged, or Active Duty Servicemen or women from any military branch of the United States that has been diagnosed with PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury. PIT BULLS 4 PATRIOT’s funding depends solely on donations. If you aren’t sure if this program would work for you, or have questions about P4P,  email them at  VeteranDogs@  or call (727)-408-0073. BellaDOG Magazine 115

H U M A N E h e a r t s


ANIMAL RESCUE CORPS Putting Compassion into Action ~Scotlund Haisley, Founder of Animal Rescue Corps

h e a r t s

Two decades ago, I was a young man employed with my first real job as a humane officer in Washington, D.C. I very quickly realized it was not just a job; it was my calling. My sense of personal responsibility grew every day and I was humbled to be entrusted with such an important task – the privilege to serve animals and the people who love them. One beautiful spring day, I received a call to respond to a dog beating in progress in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. My adrenaline kicked into high gear as I raced through the city to the location of the brutality. There, in the yard, I witnessed a tragic scene that will always remain seared in 116

BellaDOG Magazine

my mind. My eyes met the pleading face of a man crying inconsolably as he hugged a lifeless, 12-pound Lhasa Apso to his chest. He fell to his knees as he gasped his plea for me to help his dog – to undo the irreversible. We both knew it was too late and I shared his despair as he continued to cling to her body, unable to accept the unthinkable and devastating truth. Penny’s saga didn’t end there. Authorities had the suspect in custody and the story unfolded through the police and my collaborative investigation: Penny the Lhasa Apso was sunning herself in her fenced front yard when a man and his three-year-old daughter

entered the yard of the house next door. The man left his daughter outside while he went inside to visit a female companion. The daughter walked over to the fence to say hello to Penny and reached her hand through to pet her. Penny nipped at the little girl who then began to cry. Her father came running out of the house and began screaming at the dog.

Animal Rescue Corps ( is a dedicated, professional and mobile team of experienced personnel and trained volunteers that puts compassion into action by rescuing animals, creating public awareness of their suffering and helping others to do the same.

ARC’s foundation is built on collaboration because we see the immense value in bringing people together. Our Penny’s guardian heard the commotion and frantically compassion for animals must extend to each other if called out the window that he was on his way down. By the animal protection movement is to be effective. No the time he arrived in his front yard, the little girl’s father longer can we be held back by our differences in policies, had ripped off a picket, jumped the fence and beaten procedures, philosophies or politics. We must remember Penny to death. The suspect had fled the scene, leaving his our ultimate goals are the same and the need is critical. young daughter behind, when he was Alone, we can make progress for apprehended by police. together, we can end I am often asked how I can animals; animal suffering. This tragic case took two years to go on doing this emotional prosecute but the authorities, Penny’s ARC acts internationally within work year after year. guardian and I were all dedicated local governing systems alongside to justice. The trial lasted for two concerned citizens. We work with “I know this suffering tense days as the media followed the law enforcement, government exists. How can I not do story on the steps of the courthouse. agencies and other animal Penny’s guardian was physically protection organizations to bring something about it?” shaken after giving his testimony, the lasting change from the inside out. loss of his beloved companion still There is an undeclared war on haunted us both. We all sat with our animals and everyone who works hands clenched as the judge prepared with ARC plays an indispensable to read her verdict. The commanding role in the fight, no matter the task. sentence amazed the courtroom: the There are many different ways to man who beat Penny to death was help and we must use our own sentenced to three years in prison, the strongest weapons – our voices, our maximum penalty for his crime. example, our creativity or the many other skills we might personally and The participants in Penny’s story – professionally possess. Penny’s guardian, the police and the court – reaffirmed my belief Unfortunately, there is no shortage that justice is possible through of animal suffering in this world. collaboration and determination. The If humans find a way to profit quality of justice is most powerful from another species, too often when driven by compassion. greed overrides compassion. Huge industries are created and money is the priority, not the animals’ best interests. As you read this, billions of animals Compassion is a gift born into us all. It has are languishing emotionally, socially, and physically. They been my own source of inspiration and are imprisoned in puppy mills and fur farms, tortured strength. Left untended, compassion withers, in research labs, slaughtered for food, and forced into either ridiculed as weakness or smothered by acts of entertainment. People may profit, but the cost is apathy. We learn to express our compassion immeasurable cruelty.

through connections with other living creatures. Compassion grows in the heart of the giver just as it graces the recipient. My most compelling experiences have become my most tender memories.

I believe that compassion is our greatest strength. All of my life’s experiences have led me to this moment of resolution: I have established a nonprofit organization that pulls animals out of the darkness and into the light and works to inspire an important truth: our responsibility to animals is vital and all lives have value.

As mentioned, I have seen this horrific cruelty first-hand in my 20-year career defending the voiceless, as a humane officer, as an executive director of a shelter, as the leader of a national animal rescue team, and now as the president of this international animal protection organization. I am often asked how I can go on doing this emotional work year after year. I reply, “I know this suffering exists. How can I not do something about it?” There is an undeclared war on animals. It is my life’s work to fight for them, and mine is a mission of peace - to bring freedom and safety to the victims of abuse and promise them they will suffer no more. BellaDOG Magazine


H U M A N E h e a r t s

H U M A N E h e a r t s

People also frequently ask whether my work makes me lose faith in humanity. It’s true I see the worst humankind has to offer, but I also see the best. A peacemaking mission of this size requires a veritable army of compassionate soldiers. ARC has many partners as we lead rescues in communities that do not have the resources to address large-scale cruelty cases. Volunteers put their lives on hold to join us on rescues and take the impact of their extraordinary experiences home with them. Law enforcement officials realize we offer a solution to stamp out cruelty, and they hold up a shield to prevent further suffering. Local and national animal protection groups work beside us and stand as a unified force in ending abuse. Supporters spread the word about the cruelty we expose and shoulder the mantle for our continued effectiveness. Each of our partners is motivated by a common outrage at injustice and a passionate desire to make a lasting difference for all living beings.

From beginning to end, Animal Rescue Corps takes compassionate action to promise each animal it rescues that they will suffer no more. Animal Shelter/Sanctuary Assessments: Animal Rescue Corps offers comprehensive, expert assessments of shelter and sanctuary operations. To start, ARC provides a consultation to determine what is needed, and presents the shelter/ sanctuary with a customized proposal package outlining exactly what the assessment will cover. From there, ARC conducts a thorough review of the shelter/sanctuary’s proposed enhancements. A written report detailing all findings is then given to the shelter/sanctuary to be implemented on their own timeline and by their own means. It’s ARC’s commitment to make sure all details covered in the assessment are understood and manageable by the shelter/sanctuary – recommendations for both “what” is needed, as well as “how” it can be done. It is also important to note ARC understands budgetary constraints and tailors all assessments to the financial challenges the individual shelter/sanctuary faces.

Wendi Kenya and Tinkerbell Los Angeles, California

We must use our talents and work together to create a compassionate world for animals everywhere. We must refuse to support industries that profit from suffering. We must hold individuals accountable for their participation in cruelty. We must rescue those in need and educate the world in the process. Peg Petrelli, Community Liaison for Animal Rescue Corps with Reilly Joe Hendersonville, Tennessee

Animal Rescue Corps services include: Investigation, Rescue and Relocation Clearly, Animal Rescue Corps supports the rescue of any animal who is suffering. They are well equipped and specialize in rescues involving large numbers of animals. Their greatest focus, however, is to target industries that profit from animal cruelty, by exposing their activities and shutting them down (e.g. puppy mills, animal fighting, animals in entertainment, laboratories, animal agriculture, exotic imports, etc.) Animal cruelty cases come in a wide variety of forms, but learning about such cases can also come in many forms. Two of the most common are reports from others who have conducted investigations and self-generated investigations. Regardless, ARC practices due diligence to determine the full scope of the case and its needs, in order to bring the abusers to justice.

Animals are suffering now. Animal Rescue Corps is putting compassion into action to end that suffering. There are various ways to support ARC and get involved with their life saving efforts. Please Join Them!

Join the Animal Rescue Corps online community.

Be the first to see the exciting video of the next rescue mission. Take part in the action as they confront the forces that profit from animal abuse and neglect. And let them share with you heartwarming updates as rescued animals receive compassionate care and find loving homes. Visit: Manuel Perales with his doggie Niece, Shadow - A Rescue Dog Italy, Texas

Karla Goodson, Director of Outreach for Animal Rescue Corps


BellaDOG Magazine

Join Animal Rescue Corps’ Mobile Network:

Sign-up by texting “ARC” to 22122 Receive occasional Corps Alerts and calls to action on your mobile device. (message and data rates may apply)

The greatest need in a cruelty case is to stop the suffering of the animals. ARC has the unique expertise and capability to physically rescue any animal (and any number of animals) within the legal system. They accomplish this through a variety of methods: efficient investigations, strong partnerships with other animal protection organizations, government and law enforcement agencies, dedicated volunteer support, choreographed rescue operations, emergency sheltering (when needed) and safe placement with sanctuaries, shelters, rescue groups or fostering networks. Through an elaborate and strategic protocol, a wellorchestrated series of steps are required to execute a successful rescue. One of the most important steps is making sure the animals have a safe place to go to after being relieved from a life of fear and loneliness. ARC also leads removal, transport, emergency sheltering and replacing of all animals it rescues.

Shelter/Sanctuary Set Up Consultations: Through a similar process as the Shelter and Sanctuary Assessments, Animal Rescue Corps can work with a shelter/sanctuary group starting from the ground up. ARC’s expertise can help ensure success for both the animals, as well as the shelter/sanctuary itself, at any point during the stages of planning, building, opening and operating. ~

Two More Ways to Support Animal Rescue Corps: The need for animal protection has never been greater and… We Need You! Everyday, thousands of individuals and corporations profit from the exploitation and abuse of animals. The greatest hope these animals have is that you will take action today:

1.Get a friend to join the Corps! Think of someone you know who

cares about animals and tell them about this organization, share a video, and ask them to sign-up.

2.Invest in our next life-saving rescue operation with the most generous tax-deductible donation you can make today! Emily Lynn and Buster Gaithersburg, Maryland

Monica Ailey, Community Liaison for Animal Rescue Corps with Bailey and Maverick Fort Worth, Texas BellaDOG Magazine


H U M A N E h e a r t s

H U M A N E h e a r t s

stand. She laid next to me on the couch for belly rubs. She laughed at funny movies with me. That week, Annie was special. That week, Annie was home for the first time in her life.

and the story of Annie & how love came a callin for this once severely broken death row dog.

~Ashley Owen Hill

I was asked by some other animal advocates to share the story about what I do for special case shelter dogs on death row. I do realize that this might not be the most popular idea for some, but I’m hoping it will inspire others to walk in the same footsteps i’ve been taking. For me, these dogs have changed my life. Here’s my mission: When there are terminally ill dogs on death row, I’ve made the decision to do something very special for them. Because treating these dogs for their fatal conditions would cause them immense suffering, I choose not to treat them. However, I do choose not to leave them in the shelter to be euthanized without love or dignity. In short, I bring them into my home for their last days. I adopt them into my heart. I love them with all that I have. And then I do what’s best for them... and then let them go.

Annie’s Story, September


Annie had never known happiness. She had been beaten, neglected, and starved all of her life, and then she was dumped at a shelter to die. Annie waited on death row, terrified and lonely, crying every night for someone to help her. She was very ill, and the shelter asked if I was willing to take her. “Yep”, I said, “I’m on my way”. When I saw Annie, it was obvious that she was very sick. She was underweight, coughing, having trouble breathing, skin and eye issues, an advanced case heartworm disease, congestive heart failure, and several other severe medical 120

BellaDOG Magazine

Every day, Annie and I sat on my special bench by Rudy’s (a previously rescued Pittie that was also loved by Ashley in his final days) grave and talked to him. I told Rudy that he would have a new friend in Heaven soon, and asked him to take care of her. I told Rudy all about Annie, and Annie all about Rudy. Annie loved our talks with Rudy. She loved anything that involved love... she’d clearly never had it before. When Annie got so weak that it was painful for her to live, I took her to the vet to end her suffering. I stayed with her, comforted her... and Annie wasn’t afraid. She was happy, because I was there with her. Her mom was by her side… the only family she had ever known. The only person who had ever truly loved her. She was finally safe. I truly believe Annie knew it was time. The look in her eyes told me that she hurt too much to go on. I was there to hold her, to love her, to say, “It’s okay. You can go now, baby girl.” And as they stuck her with the needle, I whispered into her ear: “Know that I loved you. Know that you mattered. Know that you finally belonged to someone - you were everything to me. You will never really be gone, because you will live forever in my heart. Thank you for sharing your last days with me. It was truly an honor to love you.”

conditions. It was highly unlikely that she would pull through any of the possible treatments, and would suffer tremendously throughout the process. The vet asked me if I wanted to go ahead with euthanasia. “No”, I said. “I’ll bring her back next week. Before she leaves this earth, she needs and deserves to know love.” That day, I brought Annie home with me. I looked at her… so broken, so sickly, so unsure of whether she could trust anyone and I cried. I sobbed uncontrollably for Annie. I cried over the sad life she had led, the abuse she had endured, and now the life she would never have, thanks to the worthless people who never cared for her. And while I was bawling like a baby, Annie walked over and licked my tears, as if to say: “Don’t be sad. It’ll be okay.” This precious, wounded soul was comforting me. This girl, who had never known compassion in her life, was consoling me. And so, I got up, stopped my crying, and vowed to give her the best week of her entire life. No more crying. Not around Annie. She deserves to know only happiness now. That week, Annie slept in the bed with me. She ate the best food. She played as much as her little heart could

As the drugs entered Annie’s veins, she looked up at me one last time, and her eyes looked at me as if to say, “Thank you for not letting me die without knowing love and trust. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for showing me what life could be like... for giving me a family. I always wanted one. I love you.” And before she closed her eyes forever, I said: “When you get to Heaven, ask for Rudy. Tell him I sent you.” And then… she was gone. I buried Annie in my backyard next to Rudy. She died on September 14, 2010. But I will always know in my heart that the week before her death, she finally got to live.

ABOUT PET PARDONS Pet Pardons is a new facebook app designed to do one thing, find someone who will Pardon A Pet from death row by adopting him or her and giving them a forever home until it’s time to part. Every single day of the year, about 10,958 animals are put to death at shelters across the country. Now you can help put a stop to this once and for all. The Pet Pardons app offers you 2 ways to help: 1. Easily and quickly post photos and info on animals from your local shelter to facebook 2. Browse and search present listings to find an animal you’d like to promote on your facebook wall. Start helping terminally ill death row dogs in your area by downloading the Pet Pardon App here:

Ashley Owen Hill is an animal rescuer in Meridian, Mississippi and gives her time to these amazing animal organizations: Lucky Dog Rescue (President) www.luckydogrescueblog. Pet Pardons (Marketing/ Communications Director) Animal Rescue Corps (Mississippi/Alabama State Liaison) Dogs Deserve Better (Mississippi Area Rep.) BellaDOG Magazine


H U M A N E h e a r t s


Help Arrives on DEAD DOG BEACH

h e a r t s

a follow up story

Greetings from Dead Dog Beach ~Ellen La Torre

On a brilliant, sun-filled Thursday morning in June, 2009, I was in the beautiful island paradise of Puerto Rico. I was riding in a van driven by Adrienne Galler Lastra (Adri), President of Amigos de los Animales (ADLA). As we turned off the highway and drove down the long stretch of road that would lead us to Dead Dog Beach in the town of Yabucoa, I spotted a deserted structure and sensed the eerie quiet. Then, as we spotted the first Sato (“Sato”: a slang term, roughly translated meaning mutt or street dog), I could feel the transformation inside of me. I emerged that day with an unsettling sense that my life was headed in 122

BellaDOG Magazine

a different direction. It was also strangely peaceful.

plus a dose of kindness.

Reading Stacey Thomas’s “Dead Dog Beach” story in BellaDOG Magazine’s Holiday 2010 Issue, reminded me of those feelings from that June morning that now, looking back, seems like ages ago.

Immediately, one of the smaller dogs started running towards Francesca. Stopping about ten feet away, the dog abruptly sprawled out on the sand and began to crawl on her belly over to Francesca. When she reached Francesca’s feet she looked up and rolled over. Francesca picked her up and did not put her down that day. Sandra informed us the dog in Francesca’s arms was named “Molly.” She was approximately seven years old and had been living on Dead Dog Beach for about three months.

As our two vehicle caravan carrying eight of us continued the drive towards the beach, we spotted a couple of other dogs. We parked and walked around. We were meeting Sandra, the person caring for the dogs on this beach. When she pulled up in her pickup truck she beeped her horn. Suddenly about fifteen to twenty-five dogs appeared from nowhere; walking, running or limping towards her. They knew they would now be given food and fresh water,

We then proceeded to walk back towards the pier area where we first drove in, and went over to a

small, emaciated black dog resembling a poodle. Her fur was completely matted against her body and we could scarcely see her face. We put down some food and Kathy announced she was taking her with us. “Lucy,” as we later discovered, was only days away from starvation. As Sandra continued feeding the dogs, I noticed a white Sato with brown spots devouring her portion of the food, and then politely stepping back to allow a larger, male dog to eat. The male was missing fur and his skin looked burned. Adri thought he might be too aggressive to take in with her twenty-five “foster” dogs that lived with her until they were adopted. Isabelle Joglar (ADLA’s current Vice President) argued for “Kramer” and demanded he be given a chance - it was obvious he had suffered and was not in good shape. Adri agreed. Meanwhile, Sandra told me about the dog I was observing. Her name was “Cherry” and, like Molly, she was living on Dead Dog Beach about three months. She looked to be about six months old. She became the fourth dog we rescued off the beach that day. Holding Cherry in the van ride back, I noticed that she relaxed on my lap and I was struck by how tired she and the other Satos appeared. One could only imagine how little, if any, peaceful sleep they were able to manage to slip in. This look of exhaustion was one I would see in every Sato we rescued since that first day. On the ride to Rio Piedras, where we were headed to see veterinarian Dr. Ernesto Casta, I changed Cherry’s name to “Maize” and declared she would be coming home with me. We saw many dogs roaming Dead Dog Beach that day. At one point, a car pulled up and a young couple with two little girls got out. They planted themselves on a grassy area and had a picnic. I was astounded. How was it possible for people to use this beach as a recreation area when the atrocities of animal cruelty were all around? It was difficult for me to comprehend. Molly and Maize returned with us on the flight home a few days later. Kramer and Lucy stayed for three months at Dr. Casta’s office before they were declared well enough to travel. Both of them suffered from mange, heartworm, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis (two tick-borne illnesses), as well as internal and external parasites. When it was finally safe to travel, Lucy flew to New Jersey to live with Kathy. Her transformation was remarkable. Kramer remained in Puerto Rico for another four months until we returned, whereupon he accompanied us on the return flight home. Ok, so readers are likely to think, what are these women from the New Jersey shore area doing combing the sands of Puerto Rico picking up “satos?” For me it began earlier that year. My friend, Kathy Miles, runs a New Jersey rescue organization that takes dogs from high-kill shelters in the southern United States and brings them to New Jersey for adoption. Due to a successful spay/neuter movement over the last ten years or so, Northeast United States animal shelters rarely have puppies available for adoption. Puppies and young dogs in Southern shelters that are about to be euthanized are transported to shelters and rescue BellaDOG Magazine


H U M A N E h e a r t s

H U M A N E h e a r t s

groups in the Northeast for adoption. Adopters who are looking to do the right thing by adopting are, for the most part, looking for young dogs. If someone comes to an animal shelter determined to adopt a puppy, they’re not going to leave with a 4-year old 75-pound Rottweiler. Rather, they will head to the nearest pet store that will happily sell them whatever puppy they can, regardless of lifestyle or health, perpetuating the puppy mill cycle. Kathy began bringing dogs up from Puerto Rico for adoption when she learned about the 2007 Pet Massacre where residents’ dogs were seized and killed by government appointed animal control officers. When Kathy asked me to foster a small, terrified Jack Russell Terrier/ Chihuahua mix named “David” who needed some extra attention, I agreed.

David had been rescued from a San Juan municipal shelter by a member of Amigos de los Animales. He was born in the shelter. His mother was euthanized and his siblings were all adopted. It was not difficult to see why this frightened little dog was not adopted. He shied away from any person that approached him. David came to live with us and over the next two months he followed and mimicked our dog “Otis,” a 9-year old funny, goodnatured Wire-Fox Terrier. Otis taught David how to be a dog. All the while, David avoided my husband and me. It was too scary for him to look at us. I would come home from work and David would peek to see who was walking in the door and then run away. By the third month, I came home one night and David ran up to me, stood on his hind legs and greeted me for the first time. I fell in love and David became “Monito” and joined our family. During this time of fostering Monito, I became engrossed in

what was going on in Puerto Rico. Through Kathy, I would learn of one horror after another. This did not sound right. A U.S. territory where animal welfare was stuck in the 1970s? I would see the dogs that Kathy picked up at Newark airport and marvel at how gentle and sweet they all were. What was really going on? I needed to see for myself. So in June of 2009, four of us traveled from New Jersey to San Juan. Adri picked us up at the airport. It was pouring rain that day, our flight was 2 hours late, and there was Adri, walking out of her van with the largest umbrella I ever saw. We had been speaking on the phone with Adri for months, Kathy especially, but it was the first time we had met her in

person. It was like we had known her all our lives and we instantly became friends. Project Animal Worldwide is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 2009 upon our return from that first trip to Puerto Rico. Our mission is to develop

spay/neuter programs, assist in animal rescue and implement humane education in areas of the world where the homeless cat and

dog population is unmanageable. Since that first trip to the island in 2009, we have met and spoken with many wonderful people in Puerto Rico. There are countless citizens who rescue and care for these abandoned dogs and, after our last trip in October 2010, we were awestruck by all the people we met wanting to help the Satos but not knowing how. They were all excited to hear what Project Animal is attempting to accomplish, and recognize that true progress needs to be achieved through education and legislation. The expanding network of people who are adamant about helping the approximately 150,000 homeless Satos will soon be a force to be reckoned with. Project Animal President, Dr. Keri Garcia, was interviewed on Puerto Rican radio and television last October. Subsequently we received numerous emails and phone calls from residents of Puerto Rico already helping the animals, or wanting to help. You could hear the hope in all of these messages.

At home in New Jersey, one of the questions we most often get asked is “why are you saving dogs in Puerto Rico when so many dogs here need help?” Our answer is simple. “Why not?” All homeless dogs deserve a home no matter where they are. For me, to not help these animals is unimaginable. The expressions on the faces of those dogs left behind on the beaches keep me focused. Project Animal’s VicePresident, Francesca Alexander, puts in this way: “If you aren’t upset about the situation, you haven’t seen it.” There is so much to be done and each trip to Puerto Rico brings us new experiences, new friends and a renewed commitment to give help and hope to Puerto Rico’s 124

BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


H U M A N E h e a r t s

H U M A N E h e a r t s

•”Sato” is a slang term, roughly translated - “mutt” or “street dog”. •Throughout the world there are millions of homeless cats and dogs. •In Puerto Rico alone these orphaned dogs, known as “satos”, number upwards of 150,000. abandoned dogs and the people on the island who care for them. We have tremendous belief in this cause and are working to facilitate a spay/neuter/vaccination/adoption program for Satos. The Sato is held in high esteem in New Jersey. Each weekend there are several Satos playing at the dog park where I bring my two Satos. Project Animal hosted the first annual “Sato Reunion” last August in Asbury Park, New Jersey. We had forty Satos and their families come out to enjoy the bright summer day and meet Adri Lastra, who flew to New Jersey to celebrate. Adri, who always sees the “before” pictures, was able to see the happily ever after pictures that joyous afternoon.

•Only 3% of animals in Puerto Rico’s municipal shelters get adopted. For every one hundred dogs in the shelter, someone must make the agonizing decision which three dogs will live.

•Satos make excellent canine companions. •Satos are charming, playful and most get along well with other dogs, people and children. •Once you adopt a Sato you are hooked for life!

So, I ask you, “why are we saving dogs in Puerto Rico when so many dogs here need help?” Our answer is simple. “ Why not? “

For more information on Project Animal Worldwide please visit our website:

These Satos still remain on Dead Dog Beach along with thousands more. Please help save a Sato!


BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


H H U U M M A A N N E E h h e e a a rr tt ss

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