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S pecial O nline E dition

Put Her Pain To Bed...

put his pain to bed... Cover removes for washing and inner stuffing made from recycled bottles re-fluffs for extended life.

Use Code: BellaDOG for 20% off any purchases made through 1/31/2012

...with ...with the the Draper Draper Therapeutic Therapeutic Dog Dog Bed Bed

...with the Draper Therapeutic Dog Bed

Our Plush Dog Bed delivers increased circulation and oxygenation to Our Plush Dog Bed delivers increased circulation and oxygenation to combat stiffness, soreness, and age related ailments, keeping him happy, combat stiffness, soreness, and age related ailments, keeping him happy, healthy, and energetic. The removable, washable therapeutic cover has healthy, and energetic. The removable, washable therapeutic cover has a heavy gaugeOur nylon bottom The insertcirculation offers padding that Plush Dogfor Beddurability. delivers increased and oxygenation to combat stiffness, a heavy gauge nylon bottom for durability. The insert offers padding that can be rejuvenated withand a few fluffs. It is available charcoal soreness, agequick related ailments, keepinginhim happy, healthy, and energetic. The can be rejuvenated with a few quick fluffs. It is available in charcoal gray. You can purchase this and see therapeutic the entire line of therapeutic removable, washable cover has a heavyproducts gauge nylon bottom for durability. gray. You can purchase this and see the entire line of therapeutic products at or call toll free 1-800-808-7707 to place The insert offers padding that can be rejuvenated with a few quick fluffs. It is available at or call toll free 1-800-808-7707 to place an order. in charcoal gray. You can purchase this and see the entire line of therapeutic products an order.

at or call toll free 1-800-808-7707 to place an order.

...he’ll benefits our Dog also feelfrom the benefits ourJacket! Dog Coat, Blanket and Wraps. ...he’ll also also feel feel the the...she’ll benefits from ourfrom Dog Jacket!

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visit us at visit us at

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2008 Draper Knitting Company, Inc. 28 Draper Lane Canton, MA 02021 (781) 828.0029 Draper Canine Therapy TM is a trademark of Draper Knitting Company, Inc. 2008 Draper Knitting Company, Inc. 28 Draper Lane Canton, MA 02021 (781) 828.0029 Draper Canine Therapy TM is a trademark of Draper Knitting Company, Inc.



BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine




BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine



BellaDOG Magazine


dignity love

It’s what all pets deserve. Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice will assist you in providing end-of-life care for your pet at home. When you are ready, we will ease you into the next step with our in-home euthanasia service. This could be the single, most compassionate thing you’ll ever do for your pet.

happy holidays •Holistic, All-Natural Food & Treats •Wide Veriety of Leashes & Collars •Canine Couture •Hand-Painted Treat Jars & Bowls •Puppia Harnesses •Paws Aboard Life Jackets •Unique Gifts •One-of-a-Kind Treasures FULL SERVICE GROOMING Salon With AWARD WINNING GROOMERs w w w. G o n e To T h e D o g s B o u t i q u e . c o m

& In-Home Euthanasia Please explore our website for additional information on services we provide. We are available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.

T wo Co n ve n ien t B e a c h L o c a tio n s ST PETE BEACH 310 Corey Ave • (727) 363-3200 MADEIRA BEACH 14995 Gulf Blvd • (727) 397-0200 Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM

BellaDOG Magazine

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BellaDOG Magazine

BellaDOG Magazine


A D O G S E Y E v i e w

Holiday No Noâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for Dogs and Tips To Help Keep Them Safe ~Robin Tierney, Volunteer Partnership for Animal Welfare

You can help keep pets safe during the holiday season by following the tips below. For other important, timely tips for cold weather protection, traveling with pets and safety issues, as well as behavior guidance, go to and click the Dog Tips link. Many holiday plants can lead to health problems. Among the plants to keep out of reach are holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies. Snow globes often contain antifreeze, which is poisonous to pets. Pine needles, when ingested, can puncture holes in a petâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intestine. So keep pet areas clear of pine needles. The extra cords and plugs of holiday lights and other fixtures can look like chew toys to pets. Tape down or cover cords to help avoid shocks, burns or other serious injuries. Unplug lights when you are not home.

Anchor Christmas trees to the ceiling with a string to keep it from falling on pets. Do not let pets drink the holiday tree water. Some may contain fertilizers, and stagnant tree water can harbor bacteria. Check labels for tree water preservatives and artificial snow, and buy only those that are nontoxic. Some folks use screens around trees to block access to electrical cords and gifts. Very important: do not put aspirin in the water (some folks do this thinking it will keep the tree or plant more vigorous). If a pet ingests the aspirin-laced water, his health or even life can be at risk. Pets can be tempted to eat tinsel, which can block the intestines. Hang tinsel high and securely to keep it out of reach of pets. Keep other ornaments out of reach of pets. Ingestion of any ornament, which might look like toys to pets, can result in life-threatening emergencies. Even ornaments made from dried food can lead to ailments. And remember, shards from broken glass ornaments can injure paws, mouths and other parts of the body. Put away toys after children open their gifts. Small plastic pieces and rubber balls are common causes of choking and intestinal blockage in dogs. Ingested plastic or cloth toys must often be removed surgically. Avoid toxic decorations. Bubbling lights contain fluid that can be inhaled or ingested, snow sprays and snow flock can cause reactions when inhaled, styrofoam poses a choking hazard, tinsel can cause choking and intestinal obstruction, and water in snow scenes may contain toxic organisms such as Salmonella. Keep candles on high shelves. Use fireplace screens to avoid burns. Hi-tech shooing. The StayAway canister from

injury, fright, illness, travel fatigue, chocolate ingestion and irritation. Put a few drops in the dog�s water bowl or portable water container. For stressed or injured animals, rub a drop on their ear or put a drop on the towel in their crate or carrier. Flower essences are free of harmful effects and can be used along with conventional medicines. Another safe, nontoxic Rescue Remedy-like product is Animal Emergency Trauma Solution, available from www., where you can also get Flee Free to combat fleas nontoxically. Other flower essence sources include and Do not feed your pets fatty meats, gravies, poultry skin, bones, chocolate and alcohol, that can cause illnesses from vomiting and diarrhea to highly serious pancreatitis and other toxic reactions. In addition, candy wrappers, aluminum foil pieces and ribbons can choke pets.

Contech Electronics uses a motion-detection device to sense when a pet approaches some off-limits areas and then activates a burst of compressed air and a one-second warning screech. Other low-tech methods: place sticky mats, crunchy aluminum foil or bubblewrap on or around the area ... tie balloons around the area ... put some pennies in empty plastic drink bottles and balance the bottles on the bottom branches of the holiday tree or plant so that they ll noisily tip over if a cat or other pet jumps at or on the tree. Holiday guests and other activity can be very stressful and even frightening to pets. It can also trigger illness and intestinal upset. Make sure pets have a safe place to retreat in your house. And make sure they are wearing current I.D. in case they escape out a door when guests come and go. Reduce stress by keeping feeding and exercise on a regular schedule. Always make time to care for your pets. Some folks get lax about walking their dogs, and a few resort to letting pets out on their own. This puts the animal in danger, while also leading to nuisance complaints and dog bite incidents. Remind pet owners not to take a holiday from responsibly caring for their pets. When pets are stressed by holiday activity or during travel, they may require more water. Dogs typically pant more when they feel stressed. Keep fresh water available for them to drink. Rescue Remedy, a Bach flower essence available in most health food stores, is a natural stress reliever that many folks keep on hand at home and in travel kits. It can often help both people and animals recover from

Keep pets away from gift packages as well as your gift wrapping area. Ingested string, plastic, cloth and even wrapping paper can lead to intestinal blockage and require surgical removal. And pets have been severely injured by scissors and other items left on floors and tables. Keep pets away from the garbage. Double-check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and other safety devices and replace batteries. Safety, of course, is the key reason -- but here’s another good reason. When batteries run low, the devices often emit alert or alarm sounds at frequencies that can be painful and frightening to many pets. If you’re not home when the alert/alarm sounds, your animals will have to endure that sound until you return, which can be traumatic. So always keep fresh batteries in those devices. * If you suspect that your pet has eaten something toxic, call your veterinarian and/or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour emergency hotline at 1-888-4-ANI-HELP. * If your pet ingests glass, broken plastic, staples orother small, sharp objects, call your veterinarian. In the meantime, you can give your dog supplemental fiber in the form of whole wheat or other high-fiber bread, canned pumpkin or Metamucil, any of which can help bulk up the stools the help the foreigh material pass through the dog s digestive system. Dosages depend on the size of the dog. For Metamusil, try a teaspoon for a small dog, a tablespoon for a big dog. For pumpkin, feed one-quarter to two-thirds of a cup. Some folks recommend feeding the dog cotton balls to help pass the foreign objects, but others in the veterinary field caution against this since cotton balls can compound the problem. BellaDOG Magazine


A D O G S E Y E v i e w


A m e r i c a s To p D o g Mo d e l 20 12 Co n te s t

D O G S E Y E v i e w

The winning theme for America's Top Dog Model 2012 contest is: “Home Sweet Home!” The expression Home Sweet Home originated from the song "Home, Sweet Home that has remained popular for over 150 years. Adapted from American actor and dramatist John Howard Payne's 1823 opera, Clari, Maid of Milan and composed by Englishman Sir Henry Bishop. The famous opening lines are: “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam”, Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home: Americas Top Dog Model 2012 contest wants you to send in photos of your “top dogs” in a home sweet home setting. In addition you’ll be required to share a story about home sweet home with your dog. Contest prizes for the top dog winner are: • The cover of America's Top Dog Model Calendar • The cover of BellaDog Magazine • Coordinating hats for winner and dog owner from Joy Scott Millinery • A Linda Higgins designer "Lille" dress for female winner or "Dusty" vest for male winner • Crystal choker from Lolas for Pets • An autographed copy of Diva Dogs: a Style Guide To Living the Fabulous Life Eleven finalists will be featured in Americas Top Dog Model Calendar. More prizes will be announced in the January 2012 issue of Paw Prints magazine! Contest rules will posted by the first of January on America's Top Dog Model website. Companies that wish to be considered for participation in Americas Top Dog Model 2012 Contest, either as an event host or prize contributor, should send a proposal to: Follow America's Top Dog Model on Facebook to receive contest updates.

DOG BARKERY Delight in healthy baked goodies from the Bistro JACUZZI SPAW GROOMING Ahhh, the experience in the five jet jacuzzi tub! PAWDICURES & FACIALS Indulge with a blueberry facial THURSDAY YAPPY HOUR! 5PM-8PM Pets & their people gather together every Thursday! ~Fashion Couture ~ Sizes xxs - xxl ~Elegant & Functional Leashes & Collars ~Organic, Holistic & All Natural Dog & Cat Food Healthy Treats & Nutritional Supplements ~Original Art & Jewelry of Your Beloved Fur Babies ~Breed Specific Accessories

1425 4th Street North S t . P e t e r s burg , F L o r i d a 3 3 7 0 4

(727) 892-9303

What DogGys Would Eat If They Could Cook!

We specialize in cooking breed-specific, gourmet meal plans for dogs. Our diets are freshly prepared, using only the finest farm-fresh ingredients. All of our diets are prepared by hand, by Chef K9 and our staff.

EVERY natural ingredient is 100% suitable for human consumption


Obesity Skin Issues Food Allergies Digestive Troubles Degenerative Diseases Chronic Eye/Ear Infections

954.270.CHEF w w w. C H E F K 9 . co m 3 35 0 NW 2 2 nd Ter race #40 0 Po m pa n o B e ach , FL 330 69

Actual photo of ChefK9â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Doggy Bistro & Bakery meal BellaDOG Magazine



A Christmas “Tail”

E Y E v i e w

Shags yawned as he stretched and rolled over. The fire was crackling and his family was asleep upstairs. He liked watching the lights on the tree twinkle and reflect on all the shiny objects that hung from it. “Yes,” he thought to himself, “I am a very lucky Sheepie.” Normally, Shags slept next to Amelia. Her father would push her chair to the bottom of the stairs, then carry her to her room and tuck her in. Shags waited patiently until this process was completed before taking his “position” on the bed. Amelia’s father always gave Shags a quick butt scratch and reminded him to take care of “our girl” before leaving the room. This was the time of day Shags loved the most. Amelia would scratch his head and tell him her dreams, sometimes through tears--dreams of dancing, skating, playing or even just walking. Shags tried his best to comfort Amelia by softly licking her fingers or very quietly whimpering, just a little, to let her know he understood. He wished 14

BellaDOG Magazine

he could tell her how much he loved her, as she told him, every night, just before they drifted off to sleep. Tonight was different, though. After Amelia’s mom and dad went to bed, Shags quietly stole downstairs to wait. This was his fourth Christmas with Amelia and her family, but he only started remembering his arrival this past year. He remembered that before he was Amelia’s, there was no one to love him. He wandered the streets of the city with his buddies, looking for food and shelter. Neither of those things came easy. One day, while Shags was off sniffing around on his own, a man approached him. Shags was not afraid of humans like the others were, and so he allowed this man to get close. The next thing he knew, there was a cord around his neck and he was being put into a truck. He was unloaded at a place where there were lines of cages, some of them held old friends and acquaintances. He was placed in a cage with another dog

of no particular lineage, who was very old and very tired. “What is this place?” asked Shags. The no particular dog explained the place to him, which really didn’t sound all that bad until the last sentence was uttered: “They keep you until someone comes for you or your time is up, whichever comes first.” This did not sound good. As days came and went, people would walk down the aisle to choose a pet. Shags always tried to look friendly and willing to learn. It was not easy, though, with so much matted and dirty fur. He did not even have a tail to wag! “Oh, I’m doomed,” thought Shags. “This is not good” he thought to himself. Shags’ time was up two days later. As he walked down the aisle, listening to the others wish him well, something strange happened. A big man with a long white beard appeared before him and said, “This here big fellow is greatly needed, so I’ll be taking him with me.” He was fed, doctored and cleaned up, but the details of that are fuzzy. He also had a vague memory of the bearded man in a bright red suit flying him through the sky to Amelia’s home. This was the reason that Shags was waiting up tonight. He needed to see that man again to ask what happened that night and why he was brought here. Just when he was about to give up on waiting, he heard something. It was in the distance, but it was getting closer. Then the sounds seemed to be all around and in the middle of the room the air started to twinkle and swirl. Shags sat up, and quite frankly, almost let out a nervous bark, but stopped himself just in time. Then, the swirling stopped, and in the middle of the twinkles stood the bearded man in the red suit. “Shags, my boy, it’s wonderful to see you!” said the man, “How are you?” Much to Shags’ surprise, he was able to answer, “I have never been happier.” His look of shock and surprise at being able to say this caused the man to say, “It’s Christmas, and Christmas is a magical time, my boy!” Then Santa introduced himself and asked why Shags was waiting for him. Shags said to him, “There was a time when I felt I was worthless. No one wanted me, no one loved me and because of that I was about to be removed from the Earth. Now, I have a wonderful

home and family. But, most of all, I have the greatest love of a sweet little girl who is happy to have me by her side all the day long. I would have done this sooner, but you see, this only became clear to me recently, that I have you to thank for giving all of this to me. Before you brought me here, I never could have imagined I could be so happy. So, I thank you for giving me this family, but most of all, I thank you for Amelia. But, Santa, why me?” Santa sat down with Shags and said, “For years, from the first Christmas that Amelia could talk, she asked for one thing only. Each year, she would ask me for a friend who would love her even though she could not run and play with them; a friend who would be loyal to her and with whom she could be herself. She wanted that friend to be able to comfort her when she was sad, and sometimes to be goofy to make her laugh. She said she needed a friend who would always be by her side and who would let her love them back with all her heart. I saw that friend in you, so I brought you here to be with Amelia. So, you see, Shags, I thank you for helping me to give this little girl the only thing she ever asked of me - “a true friend.” Shags helped Santa place the presents around the tree. He also helped Santa out with the plate of cookies that Amelia left out for Santa. Then, Santa winked at Shags and was gone in a swirl of sparkles. Shags sat down for a moment to think about everything Santa had said to him. Then he quietly went up the stairs and took his place next to Amelia. He fell asleep as she scratched his head.

A D O G S E Y E v i e w

Happy Holidays I Been Good! Please Give generously this year.....the precious pitties need you more than ever.


BellaDOG Magazine

Dressing her up like a Mexican wrestler wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t help her get home any faster. Her PetHub Smartlinkâ&#x201E;˘ tag will. Starting at only $12.95

Visit us online

Use coupon code BELLA5 at checkout. - Expires 12/31/2011

A Full Service Companion Animal Hospital With An Eastern - Western Approach Dr. Shawna Green, DVM Mon - Fri: 8AM - 6PM / Sat: 9AM - 12PM 14995 Gulf Blvd, Ste J., Madeira Beach, FL, 33708

(727) 299-9029

Ha ppy Holidays! BellaDOG Magazine



Holiday Marketplace! H O L I D A Y M A R K E T P L A C E

l merry e KALA o Christmas CHRISTOUYENNA! N


N y oel p p Ha h a k u n Cha s n o s a e s Nollaig s Fröhliche g n i t e a e n r g Sho W e i hnachten t i u h D J oy e u x Buon e! N o ë l atal N


BellaDOG Magazine

Dogs Make a House a Home Ornament Remember your favorite canine pal with this delightful glass ornament with a heartfelt message on one side and a colorful glitter bone on the other. Let us personalize it with your favorite pal’s name on the bone detailed with paw print ribbon and festive holiday packaging. $21.95

Double Decker Bitesize Treats


More than three dozen yummy treats of varied shapes and flavors are jam-packed into a double decker gift box. Yogurt-dipped bon bons, bitesize crunchies with sprinkles, and half-and-half frosted cookies—all stuffed with flavors that no pooch could resist. $19.95

Bone-a-fide Stocking Super-cute Bone-a-fied Dog Stocking features three plump felt bones topped with festive candy cane ribbon. A perfect keepsake to remember your special pal year after year. Personalization is available for an additional fee. $12.95

Poop Happens Tee! Just pick it up and move on is the humorous exclamation featured on the back of our new graphic tee. This simple yet thought-provoking statement is sure to encourage dialogue between you and fellow dog walkers during your daily stroll. $25.00

NOTE: Every purchase from provides support for The HSUS’s programs - and the animals.

BellaDOG Magazine



Peppermint Twist H O L I D A Y M A R K E T P L A C E

Peppermint Twist Dog Bow Tie and Collar Hand Crochet playful Christmas Dog Bow Tie is the perfect addition to your dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collar! Collar and bow tie sold seperately. $15.00 each.

Peppermint Holiday Puppy Dress Adorable Christmas dog dress- cotton

Plush Peppermint With Chew Guard. 8â&#x20AC;? with 5 squeakers. Supersoft baby fleece. High quality plush. Doubleseamed & extra durable. Machine washable.

lined dog dress in peppermint print, with stripe waist, satin red bow, velcro closure. Very festive for the holidays, great dress for photos, Christmas party, or just shopping during the holidays. This harness dress has a d-ring attachment so you can attach a leash and walk your dog while looking festive and fabulous! $46.99

Starlight Peppermint Christmas Collar with Pointsettia Flower Treat your furry friend to a beautiful holiday collar and flower set. Made with top quality fabric and heavy duty interfacing. Finished with contoured black hardware and a nickel D-ring. hand cut and hand sewn fabric flowers are a removable, durable and super cute accessory and attaches with a velcro strap. $26.00 20

BellaDOG Magazine

Orbee-Tuff Mint Toy Retro candy meets nouveau drool in this new Orbee-Tuff Mint. Doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy and minty canine confection. Makes an incredibly sweet gift for adventurous buddies of all shapes and sizes. Made in the USA! $10.95

Peppermint Bark For People! Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark. This confection is made with custom-blended Guittard premium chocolate and natural oil of peppermint. Starts with melted semisweet chocolate then a layer of white chocolate. Bark is finished with crisp handmade peppermint candy bits. What I love about this is the great reusable red tin with barking Dalmatians. $26.95

Peppermint Swirl Bed Filled with furniture-grade orthopedic foam, this sweet sleeping quarter brings an abundance of comfort and style for your companion to enjoy this winter season. High-loft fill for superior support and comfort Breathable microvelvet repels pet hair, dirt, and moisture Removable cover is machine washable. Made in the USA. Was $129.50 - $199.00 - Now $89.50 - $139.00 BellaDOG Magazine



Holiday Marketplace! H O L I D A Y

Festive House Beds Pamper your pet this holiday season with a gorgeous and cozy dog bed! 100% polyester lining. 100% acrylic shell. Includes boneshaped toy! Tartan pattern.


Reversible Holiday Scarf Made of comfortable cotton with a bit of lycra. Use it to fit your pets mood! $12.00

Penguin Squeaker Mat Kyjen Plush Puppies Penguin with Santa Hat Squeaker Mega Mat dog toy has 16 loud squeakers inside. It squeaks almost anywhere your dog touches it. $8.00

Holiday Naughty and Nice Tennis Ball Rope Toy Pets will have a blast all throughout the holiday season as they tug on and play with these fun dog toys. Strong cotton rope is strung through two tennis balls. Each ball has “naughty” and “nice” printed on it. 22

BellaDOG Magazine

Loopies Holiday Toys Fantastic Holiday Toys. Reinforced stitching, extra squeakers and nothing but the best materials available, Loopies are without a doubt made with the highest standards of quality in mind.


Christmas Loofah Toys This funky style Christmas pet toy can be used as a retriever and a Stocking Stuffer. Each Christmas Loofa Dog has a squeaker for additional interest and all have a fun Santa hat and little boots! Comes in 18”, 12”and 6”.

BellaDOG Magazine



Holiday Fun Wear! H O L I D A Y M A R K E T P L A C E

Woofwear Collars Made from Italian Leather that will last and remain beautiful. The Crystal S is loaded with nail head studs and rows of crystals. Perfect for all our dogs. Truly a classic, well made, durable collars. $Call 813.448.6744

I Woof U Tee Furever and ever! White cotton dog tee with red flock print. Big Dog sizes too! $20.00

The Puffer Coat Warm and cozy for the winter Coated nylon puffer coat with snap close on belly. Stow away hood and side sinching included for an extra touch. $40.00

Fido Fleece Coat Signature collar to tail back, velcro closure ensures easy on and off for removing, even on squirming dog. Each dog coat is made of non pile and top-quality fleece. Fido Fleece dog coat repels dirt, sheds water and is easy to clean. Do not settle for imitation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; there is only one Fido Fleece dog coat that can make your dog look stylish!


Wooflink Wear “My Little Buddy” cool padded winter vest with faux fur on the hood, “Animal Story” Comfortable cotton pants, and “Joy” necklace. BellaDOG Magazine



Holiday Event Wear H O L I D A Y

Tartan Skirt and Matching Bow Tartan kilts of unspecified clanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plaid. Choose from red or blue tartan. Suitable for males or females. Waist is adjustable for size. Matching bow or tie will fit most necks. Comes in Red or Blue.


Fleece Lined Plaid Coat with Hat and Leash Warm and Snuggly Red Plaid Winter Coat is a wonderful combination of warmth and style. It is fully lined with thick warm fleece and comes complete with a matching hat and leash. $25.00


BellaDOG Magazine

Santa Step In Harness By Puppia. Has an adjustable chest belt. Choose from red plaid or solid red. Matching Leads also Available.

Country Christmas Dress With a beautiful fine red corduroy and a Christmas Green corduroy bow has a little snowman button in the center of this cute as a button holiday dress.

Valentino Swirl Tuxedo Vest

Christmas Plaid Tuxedo Vest




Holiday Taffeta and Plaid Dress Individually designed and hand sewn Holiday Dog Dress from re-purposed people clothing.

Scarlet Ballerina Tutu Dress 100% polyester. Sleeveless. Comes with interchangeable velvet sash with circle rhinestone buckle or a black daisy buckle. D ring attached for leash attachment $46.99

Christmas Plaid Dog Dress Sleeveless with floral sequined body and is fully lined in satin. Features a satin ribbon at waist with a oval rhinestone buckle, and a D-ring for easy leash attachment. $79.99

BelaDOG Magazine



Holiday Bling H O L I D A Y

Foxy Metallic Christmas Collars Dazzle your pet this holiday season with a gift of this sparkly collar from Cha-Cha Couture! •Adorned with red and whitewhite crystals •Green/red collar with silver buckle detail •Christmas tree/candy cane collar charm included and hangs from collar.


Crystal Santa Dog Collar Clip

Beautiful clear crystals in various sizes and cuts form the cute doggie while a tiny pink marquis crystal forms its tongue. The red and clear Santa hat has a larger tiffany cut crystal to form Santa’s pom-pom on his hat. Sturdy lobster claw clasp.$18.00 28

BellaDOG Magazine

3 Bell Cluster Lobster Claw Charm Excellent for our small four legged friends that can get under foot. Available in a variety of colors. 2” in length including clasp. Really great quality!

Triple Red Rhinestone Silver Mesh Collar The mesh is lightweight but substantial, flexible, comfortable and very high quality. A two-inch extender ensures the proper fit and makes adjustment easy. A silver paw and rhinestone at the end of the extender dangle at your furbuddy’s neck for extra charm. Also available in pink, blue or crsytal rhinestone bones. $30.00

Jingle Bell Bone Crystal Dog Collar Clip

Crystal Ornament Austrian Crystal Shitzu ornament is 3¼” and comes with a red satin ribbon for hanging. Each Breed is a different size so prices vary. $40.00

This is a very classic look which could also be worn year round. Sturdy lobster claw clasp enables you to interchange this cute charm with various collars. $12.00 - $14.00 BellaDOG Magazine


Glitter Collars These festive little collars feature a glittery ribbon and is backed with a double layer of matching, tightly woven red webbing. Despite its strength, this collar is still very flexible making it quite comfy for your baby. It has a strong nickel buckle and a D-ring for attaching tags and leads. $18.00 BelaDOG Magazine



Holiday at Salty Paws! All products shown are available at



ON ALL ORDERS OVER $30.00 l typaw s.c om

Ruffle Dress Chiffon dress with rows of ruffles & flowered lace hem. $14.99


Buffalo Plaid Fleece Vest

Pet Tuxedo

Pets will love the comfort and warmth of this Fleece Dog Vest. Features a convenient ripstop chest and Velcro速 from neck to hem. Machine washable. $16.99

This groom tuxedo for dogs or cats makes it easy to include pets in the wedding day fun. White satin shirt is paired with a double-breasted tux coat with tails. $19.99

Puppia Step in Soft Harness

Made of soft, lightweight, breathable air mesh, inner filler promotes superior comfort. Velcro adjusts girth while single buckle provides added security. $23.99 30

BellaDOG Magazine

Winter Waddlers Winter Waddlers are plush and berber dog toys in embroidered designs for Christmas and Hanukkah. Each Holiday Penguin contains a fun squeaker. $7.99

Unstuffies Chipmunk For the doggies that love to tear toys up! These festive, stuffing-free toys are decked out for the holidays in Santa hats. They’re still virtually mess-free. $9.99

Merry Moppies Dog Toys Merry Moppies Dog Toys are great for playing toss with Fido These holiday pals will entertain dogs for hours, includes a squeaker. $7.99

Huggable Crinkle Toys Dogs will love the chunky moppy fabric exterior and the crinkle paper and grunter inside will provide hours of fun. Stocking measures 13 1/2”L; Tree 15”L. $12.99

Moppy Bones A soft, moppy texture and a classic, timeless design makes these bone toys perfect for any occasion. Each toy measures 6 1/2” and includes a squeaker, $4.99

BelaDOG Magazine



Holiday at Salty Paws! All products shown are available at



ON ALL ORDERS OVER $30.00 l typaws.c om


Breed Doorbells Fine crafted pewter dogs mounted on a 4” square stone with an illuminated doorbell button. Backing is natural stone which varies slightly in texture and color, making each doorbell unique. Comes with instructions (chime not included; not for use in wireless systems). Many color options to chose from. $39.99

Breed-opoly Board Game Breed-opoly games are the perfect gift for yourself or for another dog lover! Who knows! You may soon be Best in Show or going in for vaccinations! Whatever happens,keep your wag on! Available in most breeds. $24.99

Dog Treat Cookbooks Treats: Great cookbook with all the recalls on pet foods! With 50 canine-tested, veterinarian-approved recipes. $14.99 Organic: This beautiful 6.5” x 9” hardcover book is 224 pages and features rounded corners, a canvas cover and sewn in ribbon bookmark. It truly is a top-notch gift item. $14.95

Natural Pet Food Cookbook Healthful Recipes to supplement your pet’s primary diet with nutritious meals that you prepare. More than 50 vet-approved, pet-tested recipes, ranging from basic kibble to casseroles to stews. Tips on cooking techniques, food selection, and more. Warnings about potentially harmful foods. $14.99 32

BellaDOG Magazine

Lazy Bone Dog Sleepshirt/ Beach Cover All Our Lazy Bone Dog adult sleep shirt or coverall for the beach is made of super soft 100% jersey cotton fabric! Features a front silkscreen print design with contrast neck tape and trim. One size fits most. $25.99

Silly Doggie Tees Doggie Tees to show off what your pet ust may be thinking! $12.99


Lifesize Stuffed Dog Ruff-Ruff!” This lovable and loyal golden retriever features lifelike details, right down to its furry ruff! With bright eyes and a pink tongue, attention to detail and excellent quality construction this dog is made of super-soft fabrics. Already housebroken, this doggy will be a devoted companion. Most Breeds Available. Dimensions: 36” x 12” x 31”. $59.99

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Big Dog Holiday! H O L I D A Y M A R K E T P L A C E

West Paw Design Organic Bumper Bed Eco-Friendly dog bed made with a removable organic cotton cover, helping our Earth by reducing the amount of chemicals we put into the ground. The cushion used on the inside of the bed is made from 100% recycled IntelliLoftÂŽ, which was previously plastic soda bottles.

Humunga Stache Giant black toy is a ball on one end, and a giant cartoon mustache on the other. Dogs love to hold the ball in their mouth and shake the mustache back and forth like itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prey. Constructed from all natural solid rubber. Great for playing a game of toss and fetch . $10.50

Christmas Bow Ties No one will doubt that you mean Christmas this year, once they see your dog is sporting these fun festive bows, crocheted by hand from easy to clean, high quality acrylic yarn. Fitted with elastic fasteners to allow for a flexible fit on most standard collars. $12.00


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Good Big Dog Bucket! Big dogs need pampering too! Includes: Canine Earth Natural Vanilla Citrus Shampoo, Canine Earth Furry and Fresh Natural Deodorizing Spray, Milkbone or other large toy with Squeaker, Cotton Rope Bone, Bark Bar Natural Treat and the Good Dog Bucket. $64.95

Orbee-Tuff Bulb with Treat Spot whimsically-shaped all-purpose toy is doggie-durable, buoyant and minty. The Bulb has a Treat Spot for stuffing, well, stuffing and other great leftovers. Burp! Made in the U.S.A. Recyclable, non-toxic and rinses clean. 6.5â&#x20AC;? long. $10.95


MuttLuks Belted Coat Tough coats for tough winters with three layers of warmth and versatile fit. Nylon exterior with lofty inner core & faux sherpa interior. 3 layers of warmth. Versatile fit. Machine wash & dry. For accurate sizing, measure in inches from the back of the collar, along the dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s back, to the base of the tail. The length is the appropriate size. Available in 14 different sizes ranging from size 8 to 38. $90.00 BelaDOG Magazine



Happy Hanakkah! H O L I D A Y M A R K E T P L A C E

Handmade Yarmulke Your little furry friend will look extra lovely this Hanakkah with their very own yarmulke. Cute little curls are attached to the hat so your little one has their very own payot. Perfect for Bark Mitzvahs or other Jewish holidays. Hat ties onto dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head with strings. Hat fits almost all dogs. If you have an extra large dog leave a note when checking out and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll make hat a bit larger. $15.00

Hanakkah Bone Toy

Talking Gefilte Fish Toy This Hanukkah toy will make your pet a real happy mentsh! $11.95

Perfect for Hanukkah & New Years. $8.95

Hanakkah Velvet Tank Luxurious velvet tank with ribbon trim. $28.00

Hanakkah Cape 100% cotton with velcro neck closure. $34.00

How To Raise A Jewish Dog!

An in depth look at techniques for dog rearing within the Tribe. These techniques are effective when used on goyum members of Canis lupus familiaris as well. ;)

36 BellaDOG BellaDOG Magazine Magazine 46

Loews Hotels Hanukkah Recipe: Lassie Latkes This recipe, courtesy Loews Hotels, was provided as part of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Houndly Holidaysâ&#x20AC;? package. The recipe is courtesy Loews Hotels Executive Chef Mark Ehrler. Please Note: This recipe is for treats and not intended for daily consumption. Additionally, this should not be fed to pets with special dietary restrictions. Ingredients 9 sweet potatoes (peeled and grated) 1/2 cup honey 3 tablespoons grated fresh ginger 2 tablespoons walnut oil


1 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper Instructions: Preheat oven to 400F degrees. In a large bowl, toss together the sweet potatoes, honey, ginger, walnut oil, cardamom, and pepper. Transfer to a large cast iron frying pan. Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven. Stir the potatoes to expose the pieces from the bottom of the pan. Bake for another 20 minutes, or until the sweet potatoes are tender and caramelized on the outside. (Photo courtesy Loews Hotels)

Hanakkah Velvet Scarf Luxurious Stretch Velvet Scarf with metallic silver fringe. Metallic silver embroidered star of david Machine Washable & Made In USA! $18.99

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Uncommon Goods!

All products shown are available at


Hello Fido! Greeting Sign! Doggone hilarious, this welcome sign will provide visitors with a laugh and a sigh of relief that humans don’t greet each other like the rest of the animal kingdom does. Handmade by Stacey Lamothe from powdercoated steel, these two friendly dogs are a wonderful and humorous way to welcome guests, including four-legged ones. Made in California. $65.00

Dog Door Knockers Guests will get a lift in their spirits when they lift Wilson or Scrappy’s leg to announce their arrival at your home. Handmade by Stacey Lamothe of powder-coated steel, these humorous dog knockers (named after the artist’s dog, Wilson, and her friend’s dog, Scrappy) catch two pups in the act of marking their territory. Perfect for owners of big and small dogs, these door knockers will be a lighthearted addition to your front porch. Available in Wilson the Retriever (left) or Scrappy the Terrier (right). Made in California. Sold individually. $65.00

Buster Bowl Artists Jo-Ann and Gerald Warren show off their puppy love by hand crafting these stoneware dishes, which can serve up either food or water. Handmade in Canada. $45.00

Cork Trivets The fetching surface protectors come as three separate pieces that can be arranged to accommodate dishes of any size or shape. They’re made from solid cork, a sustainably harvested, renewable material. Set of Three. Made in Canada. $30.00 38

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Personalized Pillow Inspired by Charlie, her two-year old Labradoodle, artist Lori Blum designed these customizable pillows as the ultimate creature comfort. Warm yet modern, each design is handmade from eco-friendly cotton-linen canvas and water-based ink. Its personalized collar lets you curl up with your pal anyplace, anytime. Spot clean. Handmade in New York. $150.00


Pet Scoops These hand finished creations, though, are carved with whimsy and spark out of completely lead-free pewter - a perfect gift for anyone with a pet to call their own. Designed by Jim and Deborah Chapman. Hand finished in Oregon. Dishwasher safe. Mounting hardware included. $38.00

Dog and Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers A playful must-have for the pet lover or the hostess looking to shake it up. Handmade in Iowa. $50.00 BellaDOG Magazine




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Holiday Goodies! Holiday Biscuits For Doggies

Preheat the oven to 300°F. Lightly grease a couple of baking sheets, or line them with parchment. Put the following in a mixing bowl: 2 cups King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour or Premium Whole Wheat Flour


1 cup rolled oats, regular or quick


1 tblsp dried parsley or 2 tblsp chopped fresh parsley 1/2 cup Baker’s Special Dry Milk or nonfat dry milk 1/2 teaspoon salt Stir to combine. Add 2 large eggs and 1 cup peanut butter - crunchy or plain. Stir to combine; the mixture will be crumbly. Add 1/2 cup + 1 tblsp cold water for dough. Drop in walnut-sized balls onto a lightly greased or parchment-lined baking sheet. Flatten to about 1/4” thick. Roll the dough about 1/4” thick. No, it’s not pretty; it’ll develop cracks all over, and very ragged edges. No worries; trust me, your dog won’t care about looks. Cut with a 3 1/2” cutter (or the size of your choice). Gather and re-roll the scraps, and continue to cut biscuits until you’ve used all the dough. Lay the biscuits close together on the prepared baking sheets. Since the biscuits don’t include any leavening (baking powder, yeast, etc.), they won’t spread much. Bake about 40 to 60 minutes, baking the smaller cookies for the shorter amount of time, the larger biscuits for the longer amount of time. The biscuits will be dark golden brown, and will be dry and crisp all the way through. And yes, it’s OK to break one open and taste it. If it’s good enough for Man’s Best Friend, it’s good enough for you! BellaDOG Magazine



Dante and Sierra’s Peanut Butter Biscuits


2 3/4 cups Whole Wheat Flour 2 3/4 cups All-Purpose Flour 2 Tsp Brown Sugar 1 tblsp Sea Salt 3 eggs 1cup Peanut Butter 1/3 cup Vegetable Oil 1cup Water


1. Combine flours, brown sugar, and salt in a mixing bowl. Add eggs and peanut butter and mix until incorporated.


2. Mix in oil, then add enough water until dough is smooth and workable. 3. Cover the dough and set aside for 15-20 min. to relax. preheat oven to 375º & line a couple sheet pans with baking paper 4. Roll out dough to about 3/8”-1/2” thick. Cut to desired shaped then put on sheet pans. 5. Bake for approx. 40 min. or until biscuits are slightly browned and fairly hard (they will harden a touch more when cool.) Set aside to cool then treat the pups liberally.


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Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Feel Like Baking? Buddy Biscuits are the BOMB!


Buddy Biscuits


No salt, sugar, corn, preservatives, artificial flavors, or byproducts are added. Buddy Biscuits contain only healthy and wholesome ingredients. They only use ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen! BellaDOG Magazine



me tag

specializing in the comfort, happiness and security of your treasured pets.

The new, hip and unique pet tags that make a statement!

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Retired K9 Heroes is a non-profit organization that provides food, funds for veterinary services, and supplies for retired K9 dogs

w w w. r e t i r ed k 9 h er oe s . or g 44

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Count on us to care for your pet. Providing a friendly environment with dedicated caring professionals. Your pet’s health is our priority.

FREE First Exam*

Wellness and early disease detection & prevention Q Extended evening and weekend hours Q State of the art medical, dentistry and surgical equipment Q Climate controlled boarding Q


All backed by the nation’s largest and most trusted animal healthcare network, giving you access to over 275 board certified specialists for complex cases. VCA Carrollwood Cat Hospital 13305 Orange Grove Drive Tampa, FL 33618

VCA Noah’s Place Animal Medical Center 2050 62nd Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Emergency Care

(813) 915-6181

(727) 362-6376

VCA Gulf Bay Animal Hospital

VCA Oldsmar Animal Hospital

(727) 475-2785

(813) 343-2793

125 South Belcher Road Clearwater. FL 33765

7 Days A Week 365 Days A Year

3898 Tampa Rd. Oldsmar, FL 34677

VCA Little Animal Hospital

VCA Riviera Bay Animal Hospital

(727) 279-5970

(727) 362-6382

11014 Little Road New Port Richey, FL 34654

VCA Tampa Bay Animal Hospital 8501 La Due Lane Tampa, FL 33614

(813) 639-8666

2228 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. St. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33704

*FREE First Exam is for new clients only. Not to be combined with any other offer. Up to 2 pets per household. (FFE Cashier code: 700.500) Expires 06-30-12. (Florida residents only):The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursedfor payment for any other service, examination, or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee service, or reduced service, examination or treatment.


Happy Holidays!

Ruff! Ruff!


Ruff! Ruff!

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I’m a rock star inside and out. (Itching and scratching just isn’t good for my image.)

Introducing Iams Sensitive Naturals.™ Works inside for healthy skin and coat. Itching and scratching could be a food problem. That’s why Iams Sensitive Naturals has protein-rich ocean fish as its first ingredient and limits other ingredients that may cause problems with sensitive dogs. You’ll like what’s in it, and love what’s not.

I am more than just a dog.

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All Natural Freeze Dried Pet Treats • NO CORN, WHEAT, SOY, GLUTEN OR SUGAR! • NO PRESERVATIVES, ADDITIVES OR FILLERS! • NOTHING ARTIFICIAL, JUST 2 SIMPLE, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS! • High in vitamins A, B and C. Also high in minerals and Retinol, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Thiamin, and more! • All Ingredients are produced to human grade standards in USDA certified facilities! • Proudly based and operated in the USA!

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BellaDOG Magazine Holiday Marketplace 2011  

BellaDOG Magazine Holiday Marketplace 2011

BellaDOG Magazine Holiday Marketplace 2011  

BellaDOG Magazine Holiday Marketplace 2011