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Digital Design - Module 01 Semester 1, 2019 Isabella Cincotta 994637 Junhan Foong + Studio 6

Week One

Reading: Zeara Polo, A. 2010. Between Ideas and Matters.

According to Zeara-Polo, the diagram does not play a representational role in the design process but provides an organisational and can have a performative quality depending on how it is deployed. Explain how Diagram is different from Signs and Symbols? (100 words Maximum)

According to Zeara-Polo, a Symbol (monument, trophy, or word) is a sign that alludes to its “dynamic object” and does so through a “formal representation.” In a Sign, however, the relationship between form and content is believed to be “arbitrary and immaterial.” In opposition, Diagrams don not have a representational role, instead, mediating “between physical constructs and concepts.” Zeara-Polo believes Diagrams are just organisational tools that function to communicate different ideas, hence is a tool that “prescribes performance in space,” with the main quality being the diagrams “reductive nature.”


Week One

Precedent Analysis

Fig. 1. Section of 3D Rhino Model Fig. 2. Elevation of 3D Rhino Model Fig. 3. Plan of 3D Rhino Model

Gollings, John. MPavilion. Photograph. 2018. Accessed March 17, 2019.

In modelling Carme Pinรณs MPavilion, it was necessary to begin with the typography. The altered plane provides the foundation of the pavilion as well as simultaneously adding to the connection to nature the pavilion aims to provide. Following, the typography, the multiple layers of the ceiling was a significant step as the origami styled wings provide the main structural shape of the pavilion. Once the layers of the ceiling were stacked the two geometric wings were angled correctly, adding the two almost mirrored walls came next, followed by the small details within the three mounds. 3

Week Two

Reading: Hertzberger H. 2005. The in-between and The Habitable Space Between Things, from Lessons for Students in Architecture.

Herzberger discusses how design should not be extreme in its functionality. Use your precedent study to explain how the pavilion allows for an appropriation of use. (100 words Maximum)

Carme Pinós 2018 MPavilion, sees an inviting open civic space that provokes interaction with those who use the space as well as encourage a flow of creativity and knowledge as Pinós puts. She aims to provide a space for people to feel connected to not only each other, but to nature as well as the city of Melbourne, which the oragami shaped timber wings open to view. Whilst creating a space in which the pavilion interacts with nature, Pinós aims to design structures where “movements and routes intersect and exchange.”


Week Two


Carme Pinรณs MPavilion 3D Rhino Model The isometric was taken at a South-West angle in order to highlight the most significant section of the pavilion, being the two geometric angled wings. As there are only three possible entrances and exits, the all stand to be thresholds, however, arguably, the main threshold can be seen to be the far right opening as it is enclosed by the titled ceiling of the structure as well as two of the mounds which provide a clear pathway to the point of attraction (middle of the pavilion), as well as the main area of circulation.


Week Two Diagrams



As there are three entrances and exits the pavilion controls the main areas of circulation for people. Furthermore, as the area within the pavilion is not one of large space, it provides more room for sitting, standing or talking.

As Pinรณs aims to socially interact with her designs, she aimed to reflect the nature of the park and the garden in which the pavilion sits. Hence the three mounds that typify the environment give entering the pavilion a feel of their natural surroundings and encourage people to recognise the pavilion is sensitive to the change of nature, also reflected in the timber material used and the gaps purposefully left around in the structure to allow the light to enter and for those inside to remain aware of their surroundings.





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