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1. The Status of the Tree Kangaroo is endangered. 2. Some of the reasons this creature is endangered is because the people of Papua New Guinea are over hunting it. 3. To stop this creature becoming extinct, the people could stop hunting the Tree Kangaroo, they could set up a natural habitat park or they could put some in a zoo and breed them and then set them into the wild so there will be enough of them and they become extinct for awhile and then they will repeat the whole process. 4. The role of the zoos to help threatened species to breed them so there will be more of that animal and so our children will see them and our children’s children as well.

Legend: = Countries. = Oceans. = Where the Tree Kangaroo lives. (Papua New Guinea)

The Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo Scientific Name is Dendrolagus goodfellowi buergersi and the Tree Kangaroo is a marsupial, which means that it is a mammal that carries their young in a pouch.

By Caitlin Archibald 7C

Goodfellows Tree Kangaroo  

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