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Growing Opportunities for Belize Real Estate Investors Investing in an economy that we currently have can be the seed you plant that will grow to be a towering tree someday, but where to sow the seed is the question. Investing involves money, and most of the time a large sum of money, which is why it is very important to scrutinize where you want to lay your eggs. When it comes to investing on real estate, you don’t have to go far since the Caribbean is always a great place to invest on. A particular place in Central America where you should really be looking at is Belize since according to some recent real estate studies this, country has been whipping up sales over the last decade and there has been a steady increase of visiting tourists annually. Belize may be hailed as “Mother Nature’s best kept secret” because of its breathtaking sceneries and glorious surroundings, but that is just part of its secret. The country also has great investment opportunities that put the other Caribbean nations to shame. The great thing about Belize real estate is investors don’t have to worry about taxes such as inheritance tax or even capital gains tax. The country protects foreign investors from these and does not impede shareholders. There are also a lot of developments happening in the country like new roads being paved and additional constructions that include a new airport. Belize may be considered as a third world country, but it is a very progressive country that lies in Central America that leaves its neighbors behind despite being a new addition to the Caribbean belt. The increase of the property reselling value in Belize is truly remarkable, and Belize real estate properties have a very high appreciation rate. Belize is also the expatriate capital of Central America, attracting foreigners all over the world to live in an environment of perfect Caribbean shores, rich rainforests, magnificent mountains and countless natural wonders. Belize’s offer ranges from better well-being through leisure and recreational activities in paradise, lower taxes, cheaper cost of living, real estate opportunities to even a profile business prospective and a whole lot more! The real estate market has grown to a very wide selection that includes prime home destinations from beachfront real estate to commercial lands and business places intended for hotels and resorts. When it comes to retirement homes and vacation homes, the place to invest on should definitely be Sanctuary Belize since this is the only community that has complete amenities and

a matching environment that delivers a life in paradise with the convenience of urban living in the wonderful climate of the Caribbean. If homes aren’t your cup of tea then you can also look at private cayes available in Sanctuary Belize. An exclusive Caribbean island comes in a friendly and reasonable price tag you can afford without having to empty your life savings. Opportunities in Belize just simply keep on growing, and the investors here line up like bees to a beehive.

Growing Opportunities for Belize Real Estate Investors  

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