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Belize Real Estate Luxury at Low Rates Whoever said there is no such thing as affordable luxury must have never heard of Belize real estate properties. This could be the answer to your vacation home woes if you are looking for one. The Belize real estate market has a wide variety of selections you can choose from, all with low rates that will absolutely fit your budget. Getting a home in this part of the world can be as easy as it gets. Pretty soon, if you are planning on getting one, you can experience a life of luxury in the midst of a thriving natural environment filled with abundant plants and exotic animals while staying in a home that you see in architectural magazines. Widely known as bearing the friendliest prices, Belize real estate properties have a lot of surprises hidden under its sleeve. The place that you would get here will definitely be surrounded by beautiful sceneries and will be within reach of places that you like best such as the beach, the mountains and the rainforests. Other people thought they could never afford a beach house mansion but here in Belize, most of them were able to afford their dream home without spending too much. Here, you can live the life that was nothing more than wishful thinking before. Make your dream a reality by purchasing affordable Belize real estate properties.

Retirees who are working on quite a budget can also make the decision of simply retiring in the country. More importantly, retirees get more than just affordable luxury in this country. They can also apply for the Qualified Retired Person program where they can avail of benefits that can definitely make living here luxurious and in the heart of paradise. They can include their spouse and dependents along with the program and they have incentives such as tax exemptions and faster processing of their citizenship. The requirements for the program are very minimal and easy to fulfill. On the other hand, if you are not of retiring age yet, which is 45 years old and above in this country, you can always live here without so much as spending a fortune. Tax imposed on land here in Belize is not much of a burden, and they also don’t have any capital gains tax. No wonder they call Belize a tax haven. Finding the best homes that are reasonably priced isn’t a problem at all. Just head on south and discover the beautiful community of Sanctuary Belize. Nestled in the midst of thousands of acres of rainforests, the community provides a wonderful experience to their residents. Homes are gorgeous and are designed intricately, fusing functionality and aesthetics at the same time. Moreover, they are just as affordable as the others. The community is secured 24 hours everyday and is gated. You don’t have to worry about anything disturbing your sleep. The amenities here also add to the perfect living experience, leveling

up the luxury of the residents’ already wonderful home at no additional cost.

Belize Real Estate Luxury at Low Rates