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Belize Real Estate Investment Advantages When Belize is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind would a Caribbean paradise that is home to the most gorgeous powdery white sand beaches with the cool blowing winds from the ocean, crystal blue waters, gentle rolling waves and the warm sun giving sunbathers a wonderful tan. Aside from a memorable vacation, Belize is also popular for investors since the country offers a lot of advantages when investing here through Belize real estate properties. In Central America, Belize is the leading investment hotspot and people all over the world are lining up like bees in putting down their money in this tropical Caribbean country for an opportunity to invest on Belize real estate properties. One thing’s for sure, the Belize real estate market is very attractive since its properties are incredibly more affordable than vacation homes in North America and Europe. Moreover, the climate is also something that attracts investors who wish to have a vacation home or a retirement home here. Then again, there is an increasing amount of people wanting to migrate in this country for a chance to live the Caribbean dream. One of the advantages of investing in Belize unlike any other place is the taxes, which is something people worry about. Investors need not pay any capital gains tax or inheritance tax, making it a tax haven getaway. Property taxes are also usually very low at 1% of the market price of underdeveloped land. Another great thing is the hassle-free transferring of property titles. Going through the process is a breeze compared to going through the challenging legal procedures in other nations. Investors could gain a lot just by simply buying a Belize real estate property. You can also own a property without limitations or pre-qualifications. Since the federal government of Belize has principles that don’t impede investors and is considerably pretty adaptable, especially during these economically challenged times, it’s relatively easy owning and investing on real estate here. Belize also has a stable government, and their currency is pegged to the US dollars with a ratio of 2:1. You can pretty much relax and be carefree when owning property in Belize. Since the crime rate in Belize is very low, you don’t have to worry about your property being thrashed by punks. Living in Belize can give you a stress free life since the environment induces relaxation and exudes nature’s untouched beauty. Most of the land areas in Belize remain underdeveloped and they are protected from any structural developments, having a number of animal sanctuaries, nature reserves, barrier reefs, mangrove forests, exotic and endangered animals and so much more! When it comes to the perfect place where to own a vacation home that would match your lifestyle then there is no other place than Sanctuary Belize. Just south of Belize City, this community gives residents the opportunity to live in the heart of the

Caribbean without giving up the convenience of urban living minus the pollution, cramped places and overpopulation. Homes here are also very affordable but are very extravagant, giving your money twice its worth! There more advantages and benefits you can have when investing in Belize, so why not invest here?

Belize Real Estate Investment Advantages