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Belize Real Estate Vacation Homes for a Tight Budget Belize Real Estate Grand Vacation Homes Let’s face it. A vacation home isn’t something everyone can afford, rather it is a luxury only those who have money can afford and enjoy. For those who are struggling in the economic crisis we are currently facing, a vacation home out there in the Caribbean is nothing more than a distant dream. The thing is there are always ways where one can get what he or she wants. Believing that one has to spend a fortune on a decent vacation home can be the beginning of your dreams’ downfall. Sometimes, believing in the impossible can really make a huge difference since what you’re about to discover is something hard to believe in. As you may know, Belize is a country in Central America that was only given independence some decades ago by the British and is now trying to stand on its two feet. Considered to be a baby in the Caribbean circles, this country is a popular vacation destination by tourists. Its natural beauty and breathtaking wonders are incomparable, not to mention the diversity of cultures and ethnicities found here. The country has a very comfortable climate that averages 80 degrees Fahrenheit annually, and the beaches are protected and well-preserved unlike any other place in the Caribbean. The Belize real estate industry prides itself with the most beautiful vacation homes that are friendly to your pockets. Without spending a fortune, you can afford a vacation home along the beach or even where you can hear the splashes of water from waterfalls or in a very cinematic place overlooking the ocean. Decent homes are very affordable in this country that is why the number of expatriates in the land has increased significantly over the past years. Also, the government has introduced the Qualified Retired Person program where approved applicants can enjoy a retired life exempted from taxes and even have the benefit of including their spouse and dependents.

The Belize real estate market offers a wide selection of homes. Modest homes can be found in several towns scattered all over the country. It is only a matter of finding one that matches your lifestyle or the lifestyle you want to have. If you are looking for a low-rate vacation home near the beach then you can try homes in Placencia or Hopkins. Both are in the southern region of the country and are near pristine beaches. Homes here are very affordable however, availability of supplies are quite scarce. On the other hand, you can also try purchasing a home in Sanctuary Belize. This is the most complete community in the south where everything you need, want and love can be found in one place. There are hundreds of breathtaking sceneries here ranging from beaches, rainforests and even mountains to choose from for your home location. The amenities will make your life convenient while living in the heart of paradise. Shopping and dining in the Marina Village is available, and the Equestrian Center adds spice to traveling and exploring the land. They have several financial options to help you out on purchasing the grandest vacation home here, so check them out now!

Belize Real Estate Vacation Homes for a Tight Budget  

TheBelize real estateindustry prides itself with the most beautiful vacation homes that are friendly to your pockets. Without spending a for...